The Torture Chamber!

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I was driving back to the city after visiting some friends. I was listing music and thinking at the football match I was going to watch that night. Suddenly, on the road, I saw a woman hitchhiking. It was late afternoon, but quite hot and she must have been all sweaty waiting for someone to stop. Suddenly, I slowed down, and eventually stopped the car just after passing her. I opened the right door window and asked:

“Where are you heading?”

“Just to the next village,” the woman said with a pleasant voice.

“All right, come in, I’ll give you a ride,” I said.

She opened the door and got in. At that point I didn’t know it, but that was the beginning of some interesting times for me.

“Thank you,” she said fastening her belt. “I thought no one would stop.”

She was a beautiful woman in her mid thirties; brown hair, fat lips — just as I liked, and quite a large chest. Her cleavage was wonderful and she most likely noticed my eyes gazing at her tits for a moment. I put the car in the first gear and started driving.

“How come you are on the road, alone, on this time?” I asked.

“I was… exploring,” she said. “Doing some photo shootings.”

“You did hitchhiking on here too?”

“Yes, I did,” she said. “I live next village.”

“Are you a photographer? Or that’s just a hobby?”

“It’s a hobby and a living,” she said smiling to me.

“I see,” I said watching a car passing us.

“Do you make good money, being a photographer?” I asked.

“In my area, yes, you do,” she said.

“What’s your area, what are you photographing?” I asked.

“People,” she said.

“People,” I asked a little bit surprised. I didn’t know one can make good money photographing people.

“Naked people,” she continued. “Especially young men like you.”

That surprised me to point I was speechless. She, of course, noticed that — actually it was most likely her intention to produce that kind of effect.

“You look like a good model,” she said pushing it and making me blush.

“A… I do?” I asked her, feeling a little bit uncomfortable.

“Especially if you have a small cock,” she said looking straight at me.

“What?!” I exclaimed looking back to her for a moment.

“I like photographing men with small cocks. Are you a man with a small cock?” she asked again.

“A… what is small to you?” I asked.

“Small is small, dear,” she said.

The next thing I saw was her leaning towards me, putting her left hand in my pants and grabbing my cock. She moved swiftly, it was almost impossible for me to react before it was too late, as she was holding my cock and balls in her hand.

“What are you doing?!” I exclaimed slowing down the car.

“Just keep driving,” she said squeezing my cock and balls. That didn’t feel good at all; in fact it was quite painful, so I hit the gas again.

“I’m just checking your cock,” she said dominant to me. “And just as I hoped it’s a small one. And I feel some foreskin here,” she said pulling my skin. “Is that so?” she asked.

“A… yes…” I said trying to keep my attention to the road.

“Small cock with long foreskin, that’s my favorite,” she said. “I think you should come to my studio. You’ll never regret this experience.”

I didn’t say anything, just looked at her for a moment.

“What do you say?” she asked.

“A… I don’t think…” I started but she squeezed my balls again with her left hand.

“What were you saying,” she asked dominant again.

“All right, I’ll do that ma’am, just leave my balls alone,” I said hoping she would release me.

“You promise then?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am, I do,” I said and then she released my cock and balls and retrieved her hand.

I drove the last kilometers in silence, wondering how did I get into that. All that I realized was that she was quite dominant. When we entered the village she directed me towards her house, which was located at the margin of the village, next to the shallow woods, a little bit isolated from the other houses.

“Here we are,” she said. “Let’s go in.”

She unfastened her belt and waited for me to do the same until she opened the door and left the car. I followed her submissive, and I knew I wasn’t going to pull back. And she knew the same. I was in her grasp for that day. She led me in her house, to the living room.

“Please wait here for 5 minutes,” she said. “I need to take a shower first.”

She was very confident in leaving me there alone. I could have left while she was up, showering, but she knew I was going to sit there and just wait for her to come back and master my cock. And that’s exactly what I did, though it took her 10 minutes to return.

“Good,” she said. “You’re still here, as I expected.”

“Yes ma’am,” I said.

“That is a good start for us. Now, follow me,” she said.

I stood up and followed her to a basement. She opened a light on the ceiling, but it was not very bright and the basement, that looked like a studio, was mostly in the dark. There was a workbench on one side, with a computer and photo cameras, albums and other stuff. I could also see light projectors in the corners, some cabinets and other things.

“Now it’s time to take off your cloths,” she said. “All of them,” she added.

I started to undress, removing my t-shirt, pants and then my underwear, and stood naked in front of that beautiful, dominant woman.

“Lovely,” she said looking at my cock.

She then went to a cabinet and brought something from it. I saw it was a mask and some straps.

“Put this on,” she said handing me the leather mask. I put it on and it covered half of my face.

“Today’s theme will be the punished slave,” she explained. “Now, off to that wall,” she said pointing to the wall on the left. “Now spread your legs a little bit… yeah, that’s good.” She leaned down and put leather straps around my ankles, fastening them tight and then anchoring them to some metal rings nailed into in the wall. When she finished that it was impossible for me to move too much without losing my balance. Then she took my wrists and did the same, hanging my hands in the air, tied to the wall. She completely secured me to the wall.

“Very good she said,” looking at her work.

Sitting there tied like that, completely naked and most of all exposed and vulnerable, I felt humiliated. I was wondering what else she had in store for me that day.

“I hope you know that your small cock belongs to me now,” she said, smiling dominant. I didn’t say anything, but she expected an answer from me.

“Isn’t that so?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am,” I said.

“Yes ma’am what?” she asked, prompting for more.

“Yes ma’am, my cock belongs to you,” I said realizing what she expected me to say.

“I’m glad you feel the same,” she said, turning her back.

She went to the light projectors and switched them on, one by one, turning them to me, so that I was well lighted. The room also filled with light. Then, she went to her workbench and prepared a camera and came with it to me. She started shooting pictures, moving in different angles, and exclaiming a “yes” or “good” from time to time. It looked like she entered her role as a photograph. She same closer and took some closeups of my cock from above and below. Then, she grabbed my cock and pulled back my foreskin. After that she continued taking pictures. After taking a few dozens shots she put the camera down and went back to the cabinet she used before and brought something else. Shereturned to me and grabbed by cock again, and restored my foreskin and pinched it with a clamp.

“What are you…” I started to ask.

“Shut up,” she demanded. “Your cock belongs to me. I’ll do whatever I wish,” she said.

She then hanged a weight on the clamp that pulled my entire cock down. It didn’t feel good at all, in fact it hurt. She backed off and started taking pictures again.

“Very good,” she said. “Show some pain… show some humiliation.”

That wasn’t hard at all. Neither the pain, nor the humiliation. My cock hurt as it was pulled down and clamped hard on my foreskin. And the situation I was in felt like a complete humiliation. But I was tied to the wall, impossible to move. She was in complete control and was showing that in her attitude. The only thing I could do was obey. After a few minutes it looked like she was satisfied with the results. She put the camera on her workbench and returned to me.

“Do you want me to take this off,” she asked grabbing the weight hanging on my cock.

“Yes!” I answered.

“Yes, what?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am, please unhook it from my cock.”

She pulled it down slower, stretching my cock even more and making it hurt more. She kept it like that, stretched as much as it could me, until I cried.


She then released it and un-clamped my foreskin.

“I’ll give you some time to refresh,” she said heading to her desk. She worked on the computer and the camera for 10 minutes, time which I spent in the same position, tied to the wall, but at least with my cock free. When she finished the work she was doing she went to the cabinet where she stored her toys and came to me with yet another device. I was looking curious at her and noticed some plastic device, like a tube in her hand.

“You know what this is?” she asked showing it to me.

“No ma’am,” I said.

It looked like small plastic tube, having holes, but most important, having the curved shape of a cock. The closed end of the tub was clearly looking like a cock head.

“Well, this is a cock cage,” she said. “For you,” she added and smiled malicious to me.

She grabbed my cock and put a plastic ring, detached from the device around my cock and balls. Then she fit my small, soft cock in the plastic tube, and then connected the tube and the ring together and secured them with a small lock with key.

“Beautiful,” she exclaimed. “I just love to see this on a cock.”

I looked down, curious, at my imprisoned cock. It was completely secured in that plastic, locked, cage.

“Do you like this?” she asked.

“A… I don’t know ma’am,” I said.

“You’ll better like this one. Wait to see what’s next.”

Having said that, she went for her camera. I was wondering what she meant, and I realized she had other devices prepared for me. She took pictures for nearly 10 minutes, probably covering all the possible angles, and doing lots of closeups. The good thing, I thought, was that at least it wasn’t painful like the first thing she put on me.

“I think we’re done with this too,” she said going to the desk. “Let’s see if I can find the key,” she joked, giving the impression she was actually searching for it. She came to me with the key and removed the cage. My cock was semi erect and filled the entire tube. She took it out carefully and stroke the shaft twice.

“Nice boy,” she said and left with the plastic device.

Seeing her going to the same cabinet, and remembering what she said when she brought the plastic cage, I knew she was planning to use some other device. And it turned to be true. She returned to me a minute later with yet another cage. This time it was a metal one. It was similar, except that the tube was of a shinny metal, and both ends were open. It was curved down, and it also had a metal cuff to she put around my cock and balls. She grabbed my cock in her hand and she stroke it a little bit, just for it to grow bigger. Then she poured a lotion from a small tube on it. Heaving it greased, she forced it into the metal cage that accommodated the entire length of my shaft; only my cock head was free. Because of the curved shape of the tube, my semi erect cock was forced to bend. She then put the metal cuff around my cock and balls, and secured it together with the tube with a lock. The cuff kept my cock semi erect.

“I just love this device,” she said. “It looks so good on your cock.”

Saying that she took the camera again and started to take lots of pictures. I think she was enjoying both taking pictures and torturing men, because it looked like she would never stop. Eventually, after tens of closeups, she was satisfied with her work. But that wasn’t the end of my suffering. The hard things were just about to start. She put the camera away and brought a leash that she tied to the top end of the metal tube, which had a small ring there. With that secured she said:

“We’re done here. I’m going to remove your restrains.”

Finally, after one hour of sitting in those chains, tied to the wall, barely feeling my hands, she released me. I felt lots of stings into my arms when I put them down, and I rubbed them to make the blood flow again. She walked out of the room, pulling me with the leased. I followed her, obedient, but I asked.

“Where are we going?”

“Hush, hush,” she said and led me to another room in the basement.

When she entered, she switched on the lights. I saw a small room, with only a table in the middle, and a camera on a tripod behind the table.

“What is…” I started to ask but she pulled the leash very hard making my cock and balls hurt.


“Just lay on the table,” she said.

“Ma’am please,” I said.

“Remember that your small cock belongs to me now,” she said.


“Just shut up, or I will gag you,” she said. “Now, lay on your back on the table.”

Saying that she pointed to the table, and after looking for a moment at her, and realizing there was no other way, I obeyed, and laid on it. The table had restrains for legs and arms, and she put them around my ankles, tights, arms and wrists, and a last one around my abdomen. It was nearly impossible for me to move. After she secured me like that she went to the camera behind and turned it on. She returned to me and opened the lock of the cage on my cock and removed the metal tube from my shaft and the cuff around my balls and cock. She left with it to the other room, leaving me there on the table. One minute later she was back, and this time she was holding a cock pump in one hand and a lotion tube in the other. It had the shape of a cock, with the pump attached to the top of the cylinder. She put them on the table, and grabbed my soft, small cock.

“Now, it’s time to reward the little one,” she said gently playing with my cock.

She opened the tube and poured some lotion on my cock. Then, she greased my cock with the same gentle moves, making it grow bigger and harder. She then took the pump from the table and gently pushed my erect cock into the plastic tube. My cock filled just a little more than half of the tube. It didn’t reach to the bulge that was made to accommodate the head of the cock. She used the pump to start vacuum the air, sucking the blood into my cock. She did it gently, but as my cock grew it started to hurt.

“Ah…” I moaned, but she pumped again.

“Please stop,” I begged her.

“I stop when your little cock fills this up,” she said and pumped three more time. Eventually, my cock filled the entire tube and she stopped. Then, without saying anything she stood up, and walked out of the room, turning the lights off.

“Ma’am?” I asked, but there was no answer.

“Ma’am… please,” I shouted for her, but she didn’t say anything.

I stood there in the dark for a long time, tied to the table, with my cock more erect than ever in my life, but prisoner in that plastic tube. Once in a while I shouted for her, but she didn’t answer. It took probably about an hour until I heard her footsteps and she returned to me.

“All the good things happen to those who wait,” she said, smiling while she sat near me. She grabbed the plastic tube and started to caress is gently. She pressed it, trying to make it mobile, and eventually she removed it from my cock. It felt so good. She put it on the table and grabbed my cock in her hand. She started to stroke it gently, up and down, with the clear intention to jerk me off. She used lotion again to make it easily to stroke. With one hand she caressed my balls, and with the other she played my shaft, especially the head. She did all that almost in slow motion, not rushing at all. The pleasure in my body grew stronger, and I started moaning, but could not move at all.

“You like this?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” I answered.

“Do you want me to stop and let you go?” she asked.

I was so turned on and I needed to cum badly. All I wanted was that she finished what she started.

“No! Please make me cum!” I said.

“That’s what I thought,” she said smiling to me.

In a very short time I had a powerful orgasm and moaned very hard while shooting several loads of cum on her hand and on my belly. She didn’t stop, but continued for a while to rub my cock, keeping me moaning. Then, she stopped and took a small towel and cleaned her hand and my cock. At that point I was certain she was going to release me, but instead, to my surprise, she took the pump again and put my cock back in it.

“No, ma’am, please,” I cried.

She didn’t say anything, just smiled and sucked the air again, hardening my cock again to fill the entire tube.

“I’ll let you go when I know you are ready to go,” she said.

Having said that she left again, leaving me in the dark. I shouted a couple of times for her, but she didn’t bother to come back. I wondered what she said for some time, but could not figure it out. I spent probably another hour waiting there, and every minute passed like an entire hour. My cock was rock hard under the sucking pressure of the pump. It was only after I lost the sense of time that she came back.

“Please ma’am, let me go,” I said the moment she returned.

“Is that all that you have to say she asked?”

“Pleaseee,” I begged.

Without saying anything she took a gag from her pocket and put it in my mouth.

“Make me a sign when you’re ready to say something meaningful,” she said.

After that she took my cock out, with the same patient moves and started to jerk it slowly, not rushing at all. It caressed my cock and balls and rubbed my shaft for almost ten minutes before I had an orgasm again, in a mixture of pleasure and pain. But my torture was not over, for she put the pump back and sucked my cock hard. I desperately moved my head and she leaned to me and removed my gag.

“Please ma’am, I do anything,” I begged. “Have mercy!”

“You’re on the right track,” she said. “But I’ll let you meditate on this.”

She put the gag back in my mouth and left the room. I was in darkness again and could not shout any more. The only think I could do was, as she said, meditating on what she was expecting from me. All that she did that afternoon and evening was showing dominance, and asking obedience. She liked to have me under her control; her total control. She liked to play with me and humiliate me. I was nothing more than a slave that day. And maybe that was what she expected. Those thoughts were running through my head when she returned, after a while. She run her fingers over my body, until she reached my mouth and removed the gag. I though some deep breaths and she said:

“Anything you want to say?”

“Please ma’am, I beg you,” I said. “I do anything you for you. I can pose for you any time… I can be your slave, if that’s what you want, just let me go.”

“So, you took the time to meditate,” she said smiling. “You think you can be my slave?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am,” I said.

“Then you should call me Mistress,” she said.

“Yes, Mistress,” I said.

“And you know what slaves do?” she asked.

“A, yes,” I said. “They obey they masters.”

“That’s right. They obey. They do their master’s will.”

She run her fingers down on the pump and started to remove it slowly.

“Do you know what my will is, slave?” she asked, stressing on the word slave.

I thought for a moment, and though my body said I could no longer take it, my mind said I should asked her to jerk me again. I was completely under her control. I could do anything she asked.

“I think you want to jerk me off,” I said.

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