The New Job

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James had spent his 31st year globe trotting; something he had wanted to do ever since he left University. However, due to many commitments in his personal life he always put it off. It was a great year, visiting South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Central America and through South America. He met some fascinating people and some of the wonders of the world.

However, the fun of the trip would come to a sudden halt the moment he stepped off that plane at Heathrow. James had left a very comfortable job, earning good money working for an Investment Bank in the City of London. Times were good back then, earning huge bonuses, eating at the finest restaurants and living the fullest life a single lad could in Central London. How things changed in the space of a year. Instead of waltzing back into his old job, James found the landscape somewhat different upon his return. His bank had collapsed and no longer existed and was a major victim in the global recession; which in turn meant his job was no longer there! To make matters worse, there were hundreds of people in the same boat as James, seeking work and struggling to make ends meet.

James was forced to move home, while he looked for work and live off his savings. One month turned into two turned into three and after five months, his savings almost gone and his optimism to find a job was disappearing rapidly. The ambition to return to Investment Banking slipped, as jobs were virtually non existent. He started looking at jobs local to home and not in the finance sector. However, the recession had really hit and there was nothing out there at all. Perhaps a complete career change would be needed and a degree of lowering his sights was required as a temporary measure.

Now, away from work James, had had an enormous desire to serve. Not serve in Starbucks or McDonalds, but serve a Mistress. He loved Kink. Being dominated by a woman, ideally by one older than him. In his mid-twenties James was introduced to BDSM, via renowned specialist website, by a wonderful Mistress somewhat his senior. He loved serving her and being her toy whenever she visited London and the craving to do something similar again was really burning in his heart.

One day, while job searching, he spotted a rather curious advert on a website. It went like this:

Lady of leisure seeks live in cleaner to carry out house cleaning chores, shopping runs and managing the general upkeep of my house. Previous experience is not necessary, as full training will be provided, but an enthusiastic open mind and a desire to please is essential. The applicant will be obedient and demonstrate an ability to work on his/her own initiative. A room is available to the successful applicant with food, and full lodgings catered for. It’s a long term position and references will be sought. No time wasters wanted. Email CV and covering letter.

“Wow,” James muttered. This was amongst similar cleaning adverts on that web page, but there was something fascinating about the line “The applicant will be obedient…” Not only was it intriguing, but James found the usual flutter and stirrings in his jeans. James put the ad to the back of his thoughts and carried on his job search. But, no matter what he did that day, he found himself constantly going back to the ad.

The intrigue finally got the better of him and initially as a joke, sent his CV. He did not ever expect to hear back, but sent it regardless. Sending the CV was almost a thrill in its own right. It was not even work he had experience of, other than keeping his old flat in London clean. Which, to be fair, he did rather well for a bloke. Nor was it work he wanted to do. It made little difference: as if, anything would come of it anyway.

A few days later, James phone rang and he answered it.

“Hello, is that James?” asked the caller

“Yes, that’s me.” Expecting it to be a new fruitless job agency.

“You replied to my advert on Monday and I’d like to call you in for an interview and see if you’re what I’m looking for. I’ve vetted a few candidates, but none of them have come up to the mark but there was something about your covering letter that caught my eye.” she continued. The voice was of a lady that sounded quite formal, assertive, but had a lovely velvety softness to it too. Now James had replied to nearly 20 odd jobs on Monday and was struggling to recall which one she was referring to.

“Forgive me, but I applied to a few jobs on Monday; which one are you calling about?” He responded politely.

“That’s ok, I know it isn’t easy out there. My advert was the one for a live in cleaner. I put the advert on gumtree. Are you available next Monday morning for an interview? I live just outside of London.”

James froze. Blimey, she took my application seriously, he thought. “Err…ok.” he replied, whilst wracking his brain to see if he was free.

“Don’t sound too enthusiastic,” she laughed and joked, which put James at ease “I’ll email my address and I’ll see you Monday at 10am. No need to dress formally, come as you are.” “Oh my god,” thought James. “I don’t really want to clean her house, or even lodge there! What the hell am I doing?!” But the reality of the matter was that James had no work, no prospect of work and his savings were drying up rapidly. His circumstances were dictating the fact that he would certainly be at the interview.

Monday came round before he knew it and James headed towards Michelle’s house. Her email to him was very friendly, but had undertones of authority. He was expecting a great big mansion, as surely, only someone with wealth could afford a live in cleaner, whilst being a lady of leisure. Moreover, what of the husband? Or the kids? There was no mention of either in the email and James just assumed the husband had given her the money to find the cleaner.

It turned out that the house was an old farm house, just outside a small village in Hertfordshire. It was a very nice dwelling and the upkeep to the exterior was very well maintained. It wasn’t a large house in anyway, but very desirable nonetheless. There was, what seemed to be a swimming pool out in the back garden and a large amount of land at the back. James drove onto the double driveway and made his way to the front of the house. It was on a main road that left the village before, with similar houses dotted along the road, but still rather private and incredibly peaceful. Certainly a contrast to his old flat in busy London.

Bizarrely this was James first interview for over a month, and while he was not taking it wholly seriously, there was an air of nervousness around him. Was the nerves a result of being exposed as the charlatan cleaner that he really was, even though the advert indicated a lack of experience was not an issue or was it down to a nervous excitement? Again the phrase “The applicant will be obedient…” rang round his ears.

James knocked at the beautiful wooden door and stepped back as he waited for it to be answered. Now James was a useless judge of age, but he guessed that the woman who just opened the door was probably late 30s, early 40s. There was no way he could pin point an exact age. He would either offend or sound like he was being creepily smooth! Michelle was a striking woman. Very pretty face, long dark hair, about 5 foot 4, with some striking heels on that pushed her height up a few inches more, quite voluptuous and a very ample bosom – there was no way James could avoid it. He was certainly a breast man. She dressed rather casually, but sort of sexy at the same time. Understated would be the word.

Michelle lead James into the hallway and he was struck by how tidy the place was. “This would be a walk in the park,” if ever did need to get the vacuum cleaner out! They exchanged small talk and immediately chit chatted without any awkward silences. They initially ended up in the kitchen and to James surprise, she ordered him to make a cup of tea! A cup of tea? Well maybe this was the start of assessing his ability to make one of Michelle’s life pleasures – a cup of tea. Once the brew was made, James was lead into the lounge where they sat down on the sofas and Michelle started the interview. At first James went through what he had been up to, his travelling, his previous work, past relationships and commitments. None of this was relevant to the job on offer, but she wanted to know out of a genuine interest.

Then Michelle took over.

“So James, given your background why do you want to come and clean for me? A bit of a step down, don’t you think? But before you answer, I want to tell you more about the job on offer. As the advert alluded to, it’s a live in role and I want you to basically do everything to maintain the upkeep of this house. That’s not just cleaning, it’s cooking, gardening, general DIY, ironing, the whole lot. You see, I’m rather lazy and I like everything done for me and to a high standard. I’m not expecting wonders straight away, but as long as you show enthusiasm and then that will do for me initially. That’s the basic element of the role, but beyond that I want a little more.”

James was taking it all in, and was finding himself strangely attracted to Michelle. She had that dominant way he had seen before in his former Mistress. Surely this was not what she was about? The idea of salary hadn’t even crossed his mind, or anything else. He was just captivated by her. Working for Michelle would be as good a bonus as he ever earned!

“You see James, what I really want is someone to own. Someone to care for. Someone that can keep me happy…” “A husband…” he interrupted. This didn’t please her, but she reacted in a cool manor.

“James, when I speak, I do not expect to be interrupted. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Ma’am.” Ma’am? Where had that come from? She had this formal way about her where James couldn’t resist using it for the situation he found himself in. It seemed the most natural way of responding to her.

“Right, I’ll carry on. No I don’t want a husband, nor even a boyfriend. I don’t need one. What I want is for someone to be at my beck and call. To go beyond the list of chores I mentioned, and to cater for all my needs. I mean all of them. I will take the successful applicant under my wing and to all intents and purposes own them. They will wear what I want them to wear, eat what I want them to eat and do as I say. All ok so far James? Because if not, you can leave at anytime. No one will force you to stay.”

“Yes it’s all clear so far Ma’am.”

“Good. You have good manners and I like the fact that you call me Ma’am without my prompting. Now in exchange for this, I will pay you a modest weekly wage and provide full board and shelter. I doubt it’s what you’re used to with your City Boy Bonuses, but you can’t put a price on the work you’re going to do. Should you accept, of course! You will have Saturday and Sunday evenings to yourself, unless I say otherwise. Essentially I will control your life: A human pet if you will. This will be a vocation rather than a job. The rewards will be numerous.”

Was this really happening, James thought? It sounded too good to be true, but also quite scary. That said, deep inside, his inner submissive self was bouncing around like crazy and the urge to shout “Give me the job!” was surfacing.

“Whilst I don’t wish to have a husband or boyfriend, I do have needs and that’s why I wanted a man to apply. My needs are many, but I’m particular in what I seek in that respect.”

The idea of these fringe benefits made the role seem even better than James had originally thought. But before he could allow his dirty thoughts to wander further, Michelle added a caveat.

“Before you start thinking that you’ll get your wicked way with me, think on. As you can see, I’m a woman who likes to get what she wants and does not settle for just anything. Therefore, I have exact requirements in that respect. We’ll come to that later though. As it stands, in terms of the basic chores, I like you.”

“How does it sound so far, James? Can you give me an indication as to whether or not you wish to take this forward? If so, we’ll proceed.” Michelle asked, in a way that she expected a yes.

“I’d love to proceed, if you’ll have me!” James answered without giving any thought to the real situation. He would have to move, albeit not that far from London. He would have to have to give up his independence, by the sound of it, and do work he was totally unfamiliar with.

“Great. Now you can leave at anytime, but if you stay I don’t want any back chat or disapproval of what I order you to do. You do it without any question. Ok, now for the second part. Stand for me in the centre of the living room.” She ordered.

James stood right where he was told to. Never daring to question her.

“Good. Now, take off all your clothes, all of them and put them on the chair neatly. No mess. If I’m going to own you, I want to know exactly what I’m owning.”

Jesus Christ, strip? James knew he could leave if he wished, but he wanted this so bad. Without any hint of protest, he did as he was told. Michelle sat in the armchair, legs crossed and a mischievous grin spread across her face.

James started to undress. First he unbuttoned his shirt, whilst trying to avoid her gaze. He felt so self-conscious, but loved it really. Then off came his shoes, socks and jeans leaving on his boxer shorts. When she said remove everything, he did not think she meant his underwear too. However, Michelle did mean literally everything. He folded everything neatly, as instructed, in complete silence as Michelle watched his every move.

He stood motionless waiting for the next command. Michelle rose and walked towards him and without any warning pulled his boxers to his ankles and told him to step out of them. “When I said everything off, I meant just that. Now, stand up straight. Shoulders back, head up and hands by your sides. Be proud to be my slave.”

James felted so humiliated and exposed, standing there naked like that. In front of a woman who he’d only met no more than 30 minutes ago.

Slowly she walked around him, occasionally casually dragging her perfectly shaped finger nails across his body. It felt heavenly to James. As she returned to face him, she grabbed his now hard cock.

“Is that it?” she mocked him. “Is that all you’ve got? Well, I own it now. This small cock, or should I say dinkle, belongs to me now. Is that clear?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Yes Ma’am what?” she thundered.

“Yes Ma’am, you own this little cock. I mean dinkle.” He blushed. To make matters worse, his previous flaccid state was replaced by a throbbing erection.

“Look at it. Look at all this hair. That will have to go for starters. I want you trimmed. It’s like a small button mushroom poking out. There is no way I can let you fuck me with that. So get that thought out of your head right away. But don’t worry, I’ll be catered for in that department. You like me abusing you, don’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“There was no way you could say otherwise, it’s all excited. Is that as big as it gets? It really is a little dinkle. Cute, but at the end of the day, a dinkle. My dinkle.” And with that she slapped it so hard it bounced up and down.

“Do you like to play with it James? Stupid question really, you don’t need to answer it. Of course you do. Well no more. I decide when and how you get rid of your load.” Her presence was so powerful around James. He could not help but be aroused by her. Michelle had, unbeknown to James while he struggled out of his jeans, undid her top button on her top, making her cleavage tease James even more.

When James cock had stop bouncing around she gripped it once again.

“I think you’re a bit of a pervert. I saw you steeling the occasional peek at my chest. I’m your owner. Do you think that was appropriate behaviour?”

“No Ma’am…I’m sorry.”

“Oh look, your cheeks have gone all red. How cute. Embarrassed?”

“Yes. Very.”

Michelle laughed “Well, it’s expected from little sluts like you.”

“Some days you will do your chores, as you are now – naked. Some days I will have you wearing sexy girly underwear. Sometimes, in normal clothes – although that will be rare. It really depends on my mood. Now, despite your lack of cock, I want to take you on. There is something I like about you. I want you to start next Monday. Do you have any issues with that?”

“None whatsoever Ma’am.”

“Good. Now turn around and face the wall for a second.” Michelle pulled off the panties she was wearing and walked round to where he was facing and dangled them from James hard member. They were a lovely lacy pink pair, which he imagined could not have been too cheap. “Now put these on. When you arrive next Monday, you are to be wearing them and I want them cleaned before then. Understand? Oh, and James, don’t dare play with my little dinkle. It’s mine after all.”

“Yes Ma’am,” He felt strange wearing them, but it did little to lessen his arousal.


James had spent the remainder of the week challenging himself about whether or not to take the job. Who was he kidding? He was more excited about this job, than if his former boss rang him up, offering him his old job, a £100k pay rise at half the hours! This had benefits way beyond the odd magnum over lunch on a Friday.

Having gathered all this belongs, he set off to the new chapter in his life. What would it bring? Who knew, other than Michelle, but suffice to say James life would change forever. Whilst he was only moving around 30 miles outside of London, it felt like he was moving to another country.

James drove to Michelle’s house with his clothes and personal possessions. As he had only just got back from travelling, this did not amount to much. James dressed casually in jeans and trainers and of course the pink panties given to him by Michelle at the interview which she insisted he wore. James found the house without needing to refer to the map again and parked on the drive. He had a nervous excitement about what might unfold and the keys to the car shook in his slightly trembling hand.

Michelle answered the door and opened it slowly adding to the suspense. To James it seemed like an eternity. She stood there wearing a tight white blouse and a black pencil skirt. Very sexy, but with a slight business look. Her hair was swept off her face, so that it was clear. Michelle had quite pretty features: soft face, dark eyes and matching dark hair. She wasn’t slim and clearly revelled in her curvy form.

“Good morning Ma’am.” James said pleasingly.

“So you are here James and on time. A good start” there was a slight pause. James stood unsure what to do next. “Don’t you know how to greet a lady?” putting out her hand out to James.

James leaned forward to shake it. But straight away she pulled it back “No. Kiss it.” She scolded James. James became flustered but took Michelle’s hand again and kissed it softly. Her skin smelt of body lotion and was really soft to James lips. She certainly was a woman that took great care with her appearance.

“So, are you ready James? Ready to start?” Michelle said with a smirk.

“Yes Ma’am. I can’t wait.”

“Well leave your belongings there. Enter and follow me.”

“Yes Ma’am.” James left his bags by the front door porch and entered the house following Michelle. James followed the same path to the kitchen, as he did last week.

“Tea, James.” James thought she was asking if he fancied a cup, but she wasn’t.

“I’d love one Ma’am – I’ll make it.”

“Not for you! That wasn’t a question. Just for me. You can have yours later.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Michelle sat at the breakfast bar opposite to where the kettle was situated and where James started to make the cup of tea. She sat on a high stool with her legs crossed. James did all I could to avoid looking at her legs and concentrated on making the tea. Even though he managed to avoid looking at her legs, it meant that James also had to make sure he didn’t stare at her rather plentiful cleavage that was teasingly on display. No matter how hard he tried to avert his eyes from her legs and cleavage, it was virtually impossible.

“Focus on me, not on my body!!” Luckily for James she laughed rather than get cross about it.

“How do you like your tea, Ma’am?”

“Milky, no sugar.”

“Ok Ma’am.”

James handed Michelle her tea; hoping, praying it was up to her exact requirements. He didn’t know whether to stand or sit and stood awkwardly awaiting his next instruction.

“Now James, I have printed off a rota of chores for you to do. I will take you through the house and the rest of the property and we can discuss your chores as we go.” James took the list from Michelle and scanned his eye over it, whilst at the same time listening to what Michelle had to say. James knew that it would not be wise to miss anything vital.

“Are you a good cook James?”

“Yes, I love cooking.”

“That’s good. You will be responsible for all the cooking. Sometimes I dine out but I will let you know. There will be a menu for you to follow and provisions will be delivered on a weekly basis.”

“I don’t need to go and buy them?”

“Not generally. But there will be times when the menu has to be changed or extra items will be needed at short notice. So in which case, you will need to do the shopping on those occasions.”

“The Kitchen will be kept spotless at all times. I will always be checking on you, be sure of that. The times I wish to take my meals are at the top of the menu. Make sure you are punctual.”

“Ok Ma’am. I love cooking. I’m looking forward to this.” So far Michelle was keeping the exchanges quite formal, as if James was starting employment in a normal work atmosphere. She did this to make James falsely believe that he was more employee than the slave. For now. Michelle finished her cup of tea and handed it to James to wash.

“I’ve had better cups of tea.” she remarked dismissively. “Right. Let’s move on.” James followed, too scared to disagree. “Ahhh. Before we go upstairs, there is something I need to show you.” Michelle opened a door next to the kitchen. It was a utility room, with a washing machine, tumble dryer and associated cleaning products. “You will do my washing when needed. You must hand wash all my underwear. I want you to keep them nice for me. I don’t want my silk ruined.”

“Yes Ma’am.” James noticed a basket full of underwear. Some very sexy, some more day to day wear.

“This is my dining room. You will set the table for all meals except breakfast at the weekend, which you will bring to me in bed.”

“Yes Ma’am.” James felt he was responding like a robot, but quite enjoyed it nonetheless.

Michelle then walked towards the foot of the stairs and went to put her hand on the cupboard door. But under her breath, but loud enough for James to hear, she said “I think I will leave that for later.” She obviously said this deliberately, as immediately James mind was racing as to what was in that cupboard. Maybe it lead somewhere? But he said nothing.

“This is my lounge.” Entering a long room with very big windows which let in a lot of light. Decorated subtlety with a traditional feel but maintaining in a modern feel.

“It’s a very nice house, Ma’am.” James commented.

Big leather settees, classy ornaments and actually spotless. There were also a few very arty type paintings on the wall. At first glance they appeared to be of courting couples.

“Nice art collection, Ma’am.” James continued to praise.

Upon closer inspection they were actually pictures of men worshipping women, in a very erotic way.

“They please me” Michelle said, with a cheeky grin and a small laugh escaped her lips. James kept looking back at them, fascinated by what he saw. The pictures added a further layer of mystery and attraction to Michelle. “Your daily chores for the living room and the hallway are on your rota.”

“It seems straightforward so far Ma’am.”

As they left the living room, they came to the foot of the stairs by the front door. Underneath the stairs was a doorway, which Michelle pointed to. “This is my private study. I will let you know when I want you to carry out chores in there for me. Otherwise you will never open that door. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Ma’am” James replied nervously. Crikey – what was in there?

“You are not to enter without specific permission from me only, do you understand?”

“Yes. I understand Ma’am”

We then started to climb the stairs. James followed behind her and couldn’t help but admire her calf’s, underneath her black tights. Michelle felt his gaze and loved the fact that James could probably now see the tops of her stockings. The stairs ended on a large open landing. The first room was Michelle’s.

“This is my room.” Michelle announced. It was huge. Michelle’s bed was in the centre of the room and it was fairly minimalistic and like the living room, spotless. The bed was a four poster bed, very opulent covered in beautiful white sheets. On the far side of the bedroom, was an open doorway leading to Michelle’s en-suite bathroom. In keeping with the rest of the house, it was immaculate. Large shower and bath, and all the usual mod cons. “Wow – it’s lovely Ma’am.”

The rest of the floor had three other guest rooms, served by a general bathroom. There was also a spare room, which, unlike the rest of the house was full of boxes and spare clothes. James had not noticed a further flight of stairs, at the end of the hallway. It lead to a single room and Michelle took James into it. The room was a small bedroom within the loft space of the house, with a sky light. It was the smallest bedroom in the house, very functional with a single bed, a bedside table, plain lamp and a single wardrobe. There was also a small toilet and shower cubicle in a room just off it. It was not far removed from a prison cell.

“This is your room James. I know you men don’t like too many frills. So you can have a nice plain functional room. This isn’t a hotel, after all.”

“Yes Ma’am I think I will be happy here.”

Michelle then opened the wardrobe. “As you can see there are a few outfits, in particular underwear, that you’re not familiar with. Generally you can wear what you like, however there will be occasions when I want you to wear, or not wear, what I tell you. You can bring up your own clothes later.”

“Now James, do you agree that I own you now?” She asked as she sat back down on the bed. “But you are free to leave at any time. I’m not forcing you to stay; you’re here of your own free will.”

“Yes Ma’am I understand.”

“Stand in front of me.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Strip for me James.”

“Yes Ma’am.” James nervously took off his t-shirt, followed by his shoes and jeans. James followed Michelle’s order to wear the panties that she gave him at the interview and stood there in front of her wearing them.

“Ahhh, there are my panties!” Michelle put her hand out and rubbed it over the material, over James crotch and then reached behind him to feel his bum. “I bet you love every minute of wearing them, don’t you James?” James just nodded. “I hope you followed my other order: that you didn’t touch your little dinkle. Have you?” she asked as she ran her nails over the front of the panties.

“No Ma’am. I promise I haven’t.” James felt his cock stiffen, in the panties, to Michelle’s touch. With it being over a week since he last had a wank, he felt so aroused.

“Of course you haven’t James. Your little dinkle belongs to me now, not you James. It looks pleased to see it’s owner anyway.” Michelle laughed. “Now I will leave you here for fifteen minutes so you can read over your chores and get acquainted with your room in your new home. I’ll call you down shortly, when I can show you some more instructions.”

James sat on the bed for a moment in a trance like state. He was in just pink panties and filled with such a nervous excitement; he really could not describe the emotions going through his mind. Michelle, after all, gave him the option to leave at any time. Yet, right now, he had no intention of leaving. He had fantasised about this scenario all his adult life and James was prepared to give it his best shot! So to speak.

James couldn’t believe how sexy he found Michelle and already was developing a crush on her. Michelle was more sexy in the way she carried herself, than the way she looked. There was an aura and deportment about her, that James found captivating. Maybe she felt the same. But James was naive to think that. Michelle did not fancy James in the slightest. Not in the conventional boyfriend/girlfriend sense anyway.

While James sat on the bed slowly facing the reality of the situation, downstairs Michelle was thinking about James and whether or not he would cut the mustard. Michelle was not new to Femdom, having been part of the scene for a number of years already. Like James she often dreamt of having a house boy, cater for all her needs and James, so far, was fitting the bill: young, obedient, keen to please but best of all mouldable. Almost like a young small cute puppy dog.

A big smile broke on her face. James, so far, had seemed to take everything on the chin and did everything he was told to. She loved his naivety and his cheekiness. But more than anything she loved the fact that his cock was always aroused and she knew he was ripe for training; even if he was finding it all a shock right now.

Michelle was a strict yet caring Mistress, who would tell it how it is and would not mince her words. She wanted James to carry out chores in and around the house, to use him as a play thing and humiliate him whenever or wherever possible. At this stage she did not know what exactly she wanted to do, but time would tell. Initially she would start James off with household chores and to put him through his paces. Perhaps build him up a little as a false comfort.

Michelle was not sure whether or not to keep their relationship discreet, or indeed perhaps she would have friends, male or female, pop round and display James to them. Clearly she would not do this with people that would be uncomfortable about the set-up, but to her more broadminded friends she would be happy to proudly show off her ownership of James. Maybe not today, tomorrow or next week — but most likely in the future. James was reading through the list of chores. It looked fairly straightforward, with specific times given for various duties. It was clear that every minute of his day would be accounted for. He did notice a few blanks, but did not know what this meant. James looked around the room and caught a glimpse at himself in the fall length mirror. My god it was a complete departure from his pin stripe suit he so often wore to work in the city. But, the sight of him standing in frilly pink panties excited him more than anything had since returning to UK from his travels. He was a little unsure what to do next, whether to actually start or wait for the next command.

James got off the bed and took a peek in the wardrobe, before unpacking his bags. In the wardrobe was a closed bag with a note stapled to it. It read:

“Inside this bag you will find underwear that you are to wear at all times. There is also a black bin liner, and into which I want you place all your male underwear.”

Inside the bag was a selection of women’s underwear: conventional panties, lace, frilly, cotton, thongs different colours and patterns. James was stunned. It was one thing wearing panties right now, but to wear them forever and give up his Calvin Kleins was quite another. But rules were now rules and if he did not like it, he could always return to the dole office in London. With that in mind, James emptied the bag on the bed and reluctantly replaced them with his boxers and other male underwear. Once this was done, he finished unpacking the rest of his belongings.

Not long after, Michelle called James to come to the living room. James headed downstairs, still wearing only the panties and he found Michelle sitting sprawled out on the sofa, like the Queen of Sheba. James was behaving perfectly, ever so keen to impress.

“Come and sit here by me James.” she says pointing to the floor by her feet.

“Yes Ma’am” James walked over and sat at her feet.

“Mmm I do like you saying Ma’am, James… feels natural to you doesn’t it?”

“Yes it does.”

“And now you have seen, well, most of the house what do you think? I know you have yet to see the outside, of course there are chores for there as well.” she continued while she absentmindedly stroked his hair.

“It’s a beautiful house,” James praised as he felt her hand on his head. “So peaceful compared to Central London.”

“Why thank you James…and are you happy with your room…..close to mine in case I need you in a hurry?”

“Yes it’s lovely – nice view of the country side too.”

Michelle laughed “Do you think you will have any time to appreciate it James?”

“Probably not, Ma’am.”

“You looked at the rota; any questions?” Michelle asked.

“Seems straight forward enough. Cooking, cleaning, ironing. But there are some blanks. What do they mean, Ma’am?”

“Ahh well they are to be filled in later. When I can see how long you take to carry out your chores, and as I get to know you better, there will be other tasks added as you become more competent James. Some will be to your liking, some might not be. Either way, they will be for my pleasure — which of course is paramount. Don’t you agree, James?”

“Of course Ma’am. What sort of tasks?” He asked innocently.

“Now now James. I think you will find out soon enough. And I think you will be happy to carry them out.” Michelle added, with a great big smirk. A smirk that had a touch of the devil about it. James did not have a clue what she meant. He still naively thought, that eventually she might seduce him or something.

“I notice my little dinkle is pleased to see me and seems very happy, little man.” Michelle grinned even more, as she tickled it.

James looked down at his crotch, totally unaware he was hard! He was in such a daze, brought on by the situation, that he was blissfully unaware of his arousal, or even the fact that he was still in panties!

Michelle slowly slid her hand down his chest belly and then into his panties. James felt her perfectly manicured hands on him. It had been a while since a woman touched him, let alone one touching his penis. He suddenly became frightened with the thought that he might actually cum there and then.

“James, you’re not really showing much control are you?” raising an eyebrow and continuing with her smirk. She gripped it hard “This little cock is mine now and only spurts when I say so. Isn’t that right Jamie boy?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“I was hoping for a servant, with a real cock, one that I might actually use for my pleasure. Unfortunately, this dinkle could never be used for my personal pleasure. So, while you’re under my wing, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be having sex. Certainly not with me anyway. Do you have any objections?”

James was stunned. But he was practically hypnotised “No Ma’am. I’m here for your pleasure, not mine.” Michelle removed her hand and patted him on the bum. “Good boy. Enough about your penis. There really isn’t much to talk about and more importantly it’s getting on for my lunch time, I believe. So off you go.

James stood and looked down to see his cock poking up in the panties. Lunch for Michelle consisted of rolls or sandwiches. “What do you want in your sandwiches?”

“Oh James the menu is in the kitchen, remember? I will let it go this time, as you have had to take on a lot of information all at once. But I don’t expect to be bothered with trivial questions again. Do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good boy. Don’t take too long. I’m hungry!” Michelle was loving it more and more. Bossing James around and him being so compliant.

It did not take long for James to make the lunch and present it to Michelle at the table in the kitchen. “This looks very nice James.” Leaving James standing at her side. “Hands behind your back dear and stand up straight. And stand back a bit. I can’t see my lovely garden with you in the way. Where is my glass of wine?”

James ran off to the fridge and poured Michelle a glass of white wine and immediately stood back, out of the way and to attention.

“How is your lunch Ma’am?”

“Now James. Have I asked you to speak? No. I’m trying to enjoy my lunch. Remind me of this transgression later.”

“I’m sorry Ma’am.” He stood in silence and watched as she totally ignored him while eating her lunch. As soon as she finished the last bite and down the remainder of her wine, Michelle got up and walked away telling James to clear up and to make himself a sandwich. But to be quick about it.

By the time James had finished, the kitchen was once again spotless. For the rest of the day, James set about the list of tasks and then made Michelle her dinner. Once again clearing up and making the place pristine. The next chore on the list was one of the blank spaces that confused James, when he first looked at the list.

James entered the living room, where he found Michelle once again reclining on the sofa.

“Ahh James, there you are. Stand by that table.” Michelle wanted to give James his first experience of punishment with a view of “start as you mean to go on.”

“Yes Ma’am.” He replied as he stood obediently, still in the panties.

“Now James, I know it is early days but you must realise that I will not put up with any nonsense or mistakes and you need to know I mean business and what the consequences are. So, can you tell me your mistakes so far James?”

“Talking when I shouldn’t have.”

“Yes James, and what else?”

“Not getting you a drink like you asked.”

“Yes James. I have stated I do not want to be bothered with insignificant details and it is your job to ensure I am not. Now, bend over and touch your toes or hold onto the table James.”

James did as he was told, ready to take his first punishment, less than 24 hours before arriving. He bent over the table in front of him. Michelle pulled down his panties got James to step out of them. “Naughty boys must be punished don’t you agree? How else would you learn James?”

James felt so exposed. He was used to his old boss barking demands at him, but not like this. “I’m sorry Ma’am, for not following the correct orders.”

Michelle took a crop from a draw in the cabinet at the side of the room and walked towards James menacingly. She ran it by his face, to put some fear into him. Then she ran it over his naked body, loving every moment of it. James was like a statue, unable to move.

Michelle then playfully flogged it in her hand. “So James how many strokes for each transgression? I think five, for now. You realise I am being kind as you are still learning? As time goes on, I’ll be less accommodating to your transgressions.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Right, five for each transgression James. You will count them and say thank you Ma’am after each stroke. Do you understand James?”

“Yes Ma’am.” James gritted his teeth, waiting for the crop to land on his bare bum. James felt the first crop land. He counted and thanked Michelle. On the fifth stroke Michelle asked “Will you talk out of turn again boy?”

“No Ma’am!” James cried out. Taking the remaining five whacks from the crop. On the tenth James whimpered “TEN! Thank you, Ma’am!”

” Now, you will check the menu thoroughly in future, won’t you James?”

“Always Ma’am.”

“Good boy. Now stop that snivelling and pull up your panties That was your first punishment. If ever you fail me, you will receive a punishment. Sometimes you might get the crop even if you’re good. You need to know I do this because I care for you and want you to be the best you can be. You want that too, don’t you James?”

“Yes, I want to please you.” Relieved that punishment was over.

“Good boy. Now a nice cup of tea I think James.” James did as he was told and returned to sit at her feet, like he did earlier in the day. “Is my dinkle getting excited again James?” she laughed.

“Yes Ma’am. I can’t help it.”

“I love that it already knows it belongs to me James and you will soon as well, won’t you?” They both sat back and took stock of what had happened today. Michelle was impressed and pleased with how James had reacted to his chores, tasks and punishment. James was thinking the same. He knew he could leave, but this was too good to give up! Bizarrely the buzz from the situation had numbed the stinging from his bum. Unsure of the rewards yet, he loved it all so far.

Michelle sat back and wondered what the future would bring.

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