The Ex’s New Toy (Gay/Sissy SPH)

By Urtoy2be.

I am a divorced man of sixteen years. I still see my ex-wife a lot as we have kids together. A short time ago at a function for one of the children, I had to see my ex-wife. Her name is Dana and to be honest we have not been very close since the divorce. She moved away to another town about two hours away. It has been sixteen years, but I still have not forgotten how much I enjoyed having sex with her.

On this occasion, she was her usual self, dressed sexy in tight jeans, low heels, and a white linen top that did very little to conceal her 36D tits. She has long auburn hair that extends halfway down her back. Her green eyes and come fuck-me-smile can make almost any man melt if she chooses.

We did not sit together as we never do at these functions. This time, however, she arrived with a new boyfriend. I was later to find out his name was Rick. She was exuberant. I haven’t seen her hang on a man like the one she did today ever. It actually made me feel jealous, which I did not understand. I looked Rick over and tried to figure out what it was about him. He wasn’t an Adonis by any interpretation, but there had to be something.

He isn’t tall; I would say about 5’9″ and probably around 175 lbs or so. He has short brown hair accented by a well-trimmed mustache and goatee of the same color.

I didn’t want to stare, but there had to be something, and it bugged me so much that I just had to keep looking to figure it out. Why was she hanging on him in ways she never had me. What did he have that I didn’t? I am an attractive man, and I have a good job. I am not fat, and I have very good hygiene. What was it? I had to know. Then he stood up to go to the restroom, and I saw something. He had a very large bulge in the front of his jeans.

Was that all cock? Holy hell, it looked fat and long. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it as he walked past me, heading upstairs.

He finally turned a corner and was out of sight. I looked over at Dana and realized I was busted. She was smiling a big smile, and it was obvious she had seen me staring at Rick’s cock. She gave me a little nod and a wink, reinforcing that I knew she had caught me cock watching.

Why had I done that? Why had I stared at Rick’s cock? I was extremely embarrassed. I decided immediately I would avoid both of them for the remainder of the function. I could not face her, and what if she told Rick. I was filled with mixed emotions that I did not understand. I did not want to be married. I did not lust for Dana. I did not like or want cock. Why was the image of Rick’s huge bulge stuck in my mind?

The function seemed to drag on forever. I managed to avoid talking to Dana, but I did see her looking at me and grinning several times. I caught myself trying to steal glances at Rick’s bulge more than once. It seemed even bigger than before. What the fuck is wrong with me? Why can’t I stop looking at his cock? Why do I want to see it, to see if it is as big as it looks? If it is, I don’t blame Dana for hanging on him like she didn’t me. I am nowhere near as big as Rick’s appears to be.

Finally, the evening was winding down, and I said goodbye to my daughter and snuck out the back while Dana was busy in the front. I climbed up into my truck and sped away as fast as I could. I had to get out of there before Dana confronted me. Why was I still seeing Rick’s cock? Why was I now thinking about it as his cock instead of just his bulge?

I had been driving for about ten minutes when my phone chirped, indicating an incoming text message. I glanced at my phone to see who it was, and there was Dana’s face smiling at me. My phone uses pics for caller ID. Ugh, what could she want? This can’t be good. I pulled off the road and stopped to see what the damage would be. Reading the text, I began to shake. I knew it wouldn’t just go away. I was in a spot. It said, “We need to talk. I saw you checking out Rick’s cock. It looks tasty, doesn’t it?” Tasty? What the fuck would she say that to me for? I don’t want to taste Rick’s big fat cock. Wait, what? Big fat cock, why did I think that way? I subconsciously licked my lips then caught myself. What is wrong with me? Why am I licking my lips thinking about a cock?

Trying to shake the image of Dana smiling at me and Rick’s big cock out of my mind, I continued with my drive home. Try as I may, I couldn’t stop wondering what Dana wanted to talk about. It was a long fifteen-minute drive the rest of the way home.

Walking into my house, I headed straight for the fridge and helped myself to a cold beer. I popped the top and sucked about half the beer down in one drink. Another drink, and it was gone, so I grabbed another. Then, sitting down in my recliner, I clicked the TV remote; maybe a movie would help me get the images out of my mind.

My phone chirped again. Oh no, Dana again. “It wouldn’t be good to avoid me; do you want me to tell the kids you were cock watching? I am going to call in ten minutes, and you better answer, or I will tell them.” Fuck, this isn’t going to go away. Cock watching? I was not cock watching; I was just trying to figure out why she hung all over Rick. But in all honesty, I guess I was ogling Rick’s big fat cock. What the fuck, again, with the big fat cock thoughts? What is wrong with me?

I downed my beer and took another from the fridge. Then, I headed for my shower. I knew I had to wait and take Dana’s call even though I did not want to. I needed a shower, but I would wait. I sat down on my bed and sipped my beer, turning on the bedroom TV. My phone rang.

There was Dana’s smiling face looking at me again through my phone. Why did I have to set her ID with a smiling pic? With shaking hands, I pushed the phone button and said hello. “Hello, it’s a good thing you answered,” said Dana. “What do you want, and why are you accusing me of cock watching your boyfriend?” I replied.

Her laughter coming through the phone started to infuriate me. “Why are you laughing,” I asked her. “It is simple now. Just listen to what I have to say,” came her reply. “I am not going to entertain your little notion of humor here, and this is not funny.” I forced out.

“SHUT UP, BOY,” she yelled. “You WILL listen to me or else,” said Dana.

“OK then, what do you have to say,” I conceded. Dana went quickly into her story, “Look, you were staring at Rick’s cock. He saw you, I saw you, and you know you were. I saw you looking when Rick got up to go piss, and you watched him all the way across the room. I bet half the people there saw you practically eating his cock as he walked by. I even hurried and filmed it on my phone, so I have proof. Hell, Matt, you were even biting your bottom lip as you ogled his meat. I captured that on video too. When did you become a cockslut boy? Never mind, I think you always were. I had suspicions even when I was married to your little dick ass. Matty boy, you were practically sucking his cock as he walked by right in front of everyone at the party. So here is what is going to happen. Tomorrow you are going to go shopping and tomorrow night Rick and I are coming for a visit. You will have drinks for us, and we will talk about your desire to see Rick’s big fat cock. And yes, it is very big and fat. Is that clear?”

“Look.” I started to reply before Dana cut me off. “I am not done, boy. You will buy in your size pink panties, pink bra, and pink stockings when you go shopping. You will shower before we get there and shave your legs and chest and under your arms. And shave your little dick, boy. You will be wearing the items you buy when you answer the door, and you better be wearing a nice women’s perfume. We will be there at 7:00 PM, boy. If you don’t answer the door, I will show the video to your children.” Dana stated. I was beaten, and I knew it unless I wanted my kids to see what I knew was on that video. And I sure did not want them to see it. My reply was simple, “Ok.” She hung up and was gone.

What was I going to do? I could wait for them to arrive and try to kick Rick’s ass and take her phone and destroy it. How would I explain that to my children? That was not an option. Then I realized I was sitting there with my small cock as hard as a rock. Why had her words excited me? Did I really want to taste Rick’s now confirmed big fat cock? She had suspected long ago I wanted to suck cock? What did they want from me and why did she want me in panties? Could I just play it off and get her to delete the video and forget this whole incident? Yes, that is what I would shoot for.

I finished the beer I was drinking and stepped into the shower. Thinking about tomorrow, I thought maybe I should shave my legs, chest, and armpits tonight. I stepped out of the shower and got my razor and shaving cream before stepping back into the warm spray.

My cock was still hard and sticking up. I was lost at why I was hard. Did I really want this? To be sissified, and then who knows what else Dana and Rick had in store for me? Unable to stop myself, I stroked my little four-inch dick hard and fast. It was only seconds before my cum sprayed all over my hand and the shower floor. On shaking legs, I stood there in the shower, my cock still hard and cum all over my hand. Looking down at my hand, I saw it covered in cum, and unable to stop myself, I put it to my mouth and licked. The taste was acrid, but I still licked until all the cum was gone. I just ate cum. What is wrong with me? I am not into that, and I am a man that likes women.

Trying to clear my head and recover from the disgusting act I had just committed, I soaped and washed my body. Squirting some shaving cream in my palm, I rubbed it up and down my right leg. Leaning over, I began the slow process of shaving my leg completely smooth. Once done, I repeated the process on my left leg, my chest, and both armpits. Then I carefully shaved around my dick and my balls. I didn’t have much body hair. To begin with, now, I had practically none.

Stepping out of the shower, I toweled off and shaved my face as close as I could. Slipping into my pajamas, I climbed into bed. Maybe if I sleep, I will wake up, and today’s events will just be a bad dream. But deep down, I knew this would not be the case…

I woke the next morning, and yesterday’s events began running through my mind. I knew today was going to be a long day, and I already wished it over. As I lay there thinking about Dana and about Rick, the image of his big cock kept playing through my mind. My little four-inch dick was hard before I knew it. Hard at the thoughts of Dana calling me a cock watcher and the thoughts of wearing pink lingerie and having no idea what they would make me do tonight.

Reaching down, I started to stroke my stiff little dick, trying to think about a sweet young woman sucking it for me. Try as I may, the image that kept popping up was Rick’s big fat cock. Dana standing over me as I was kneeling in front of Rick. His big cock right in front of my face. I shot a huge load of cum all over my stomach. Damn, I am losing my mind. I am not gay; I don’t want cock. But I just shot a huge load thinking about big cock that I could not deny even to myself.

I cleaned myself off and headed to the kitchen to make myself some breakfast. After eggs, toast, and coffee, I set about trying to figure out where to go and buy the items Dana told me to get. I decided Wal-Mart might be my best shot because of the self-checkout registers they have. Yes, that would be good, so I could try to get them without having to explain why a man is buying panties, a bra, and stockings.

I dressed and drove myself to Wal-Mart to buy panties. I wasn’t even there yet, and I was already embarrassed. Luckily, it was still very early in the day, and the store would not be crowded.

As I was, walking around the women’s underwear section of the store, I was lucky to find everything requested and hurried to check out. I had only received a few weird looks from one female employee while making my selections and trying to guess my sizes—a matching pink bra and panty set. Size 7 panties looked about right, and 36B I thought would make it in the bra size. I found pink thigh-high stockings, and from the size chart on the package, I guessed medium. Only $29.00 and a $12.00 bottle of perfume, and I was out of there.

I raced back home suddenly excited about the prospect of wearing panties and a bra. I felt weird, but I knew I wanted to try them on as soon as possible. Back in my house, I stripped as fast as I could and slid the panties up my legs and over my hips. My cock was as hard as it could be. Then I put on the bra and was happy it had a front clasp as I don’t think I could have gotten it closed in the back. I had some trouble with the thigh highs but managed to get them on and straight. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked ridiculous, but I felt sexier than ever. I removed everything and laid it on my dresser to keep it ready for the coming evening.

The day seemed to drag by until early afternoon, then all of a sudden, it flew by, and it was 6:00 PM. I hurried and showered, then dressed in the pink panties, bra, stockings, and finished it off with a few spritzes of perfume. It was almost time, so I rushed to the kitchen and mixed three rum and cokes. I didn’t know what Rick liked, but I knew it used to be Dana’s favorite drink.

It was 7:10 PM, so I put the drinks on a tray and headed to the front door to see if they had arrived. Just as I walked into the foyer, the doorbell rang. I sat the tray down on a small table by the door, took a deep breath, and looked down at myself. Wearing nothing but a pink bra and panty set with pink thigh-high stockings, I willed myself for what was to come and turned the doorknob. As I opened the door, a small bit Dana pushed it and said, let us in cock watcher.

I stepped aside and let them in, picking up the tray with the drinks. Dana and Rick each took one, and I took the last one sitting the tray back down. “I told you this Sissy would dress as I told him,” Dana said to Rick laughing. I followed Dana as she led Rick and me into my living room and sat down on the couch. Rick sat beside her, leaving me standing in front of them.

I stood there feeling very exposed, sipping my drink. I was unsure of what to do next. Dana answered that with a simple command telling me to kneel in front of them, which I did. I thought the best thing to do is just get this over with and try to get her to delete the video.

“So Matt, when you finally admitted to yourself that you like cock?” asked Dana. “I don’t like cock. Why do you say that?” I replied. Dana laughed and pointed at me. “If you don’t like cock, why were you staring at Rick’s BIG cock yesterday, and why are you kneeling before us now wearing panties like a little bitch?” asked Dana. She had a point.

Rick was rubbing his cock through his jeans, and I couldn’t help myself but look at it. I really wanted to see if that cock was as big as it appeared to be. Dana saw me and said, “Look at you. Even now, you can’t take your eyes off Rick’s fat cock.” There was no point in arguing anymore, she knew, and I knew I wanted to see it.

As Rick slowly massaged his big cock, it was growing and growing in his jeans. Dana put her hand on it and began rubbing it also. It was getting hard, and it was bigger than I had previously thought. I subconsciously licked my lips, my eyes growing wide, staring at them, stroking his man meat.

Dana laughed and said, “This is why I left you; your small cock could never satisfy me like this BIG FAT MAN COCK can. I get it anytime I want, and that is a lot. Rick fucks my pussy every day with this monster. I cum all over it as you could never make me do.”

I couldn’t believe it, but her humiliating words were making my little dick hard and stick out the top of my panties.

Dana continued to say, “Rick fucked me real good just before we came over. He filled my pussy to overflowing with his man cum.” To prove her point, Dana lifted her skirt to show her red lacy panties. She spread her legs, exposing her crotch. I could see her panties were wet and sticking to her well-fucked pussy. Dana went on to say, “I know you want to see Rick’s cock. I think you even want to taste it. Well, before you get that privilege, you are going to have to lick all of his cum out of my pussy, boy.”

I was putty in her hands, she knew she had me. She knew that now I would do anything she said with or without the video. She knew me, and she could see the lust in my eyes. Dana knew I would lick all the cum from her pussy. She knew I wanted to suck Rick’s big fat cock.

“Come over here boy, if you want Rick’s huge cock you have something to do first,” Dana commanded. I crawled over to her and knelt between her silky, sexy thighs. As I leaned in, she lifted her ass and slid her panties down, and kicked them off, careful to cup her hand over her pussy and hold all that cum inside. Once her panties were gone, Dana again opened her thighs. “OK, boy, come and get this cum, lick it all out of me. Clean me good, and maybe, just maybe, I will let you taste the cock it came from,” she said.

I wasted no time pretending I didn’t want this. I wanted it more than anything ever before. I leaned in and ran my tongue up her pussy slit from her taint all the way to her clit.

A huge glob of Rick’s cum hit my tongue, making me gag and try to pull back. Dana was having none of that and grabbed my hair, forcing my face into her cum soiled cunt. I licked and sucked like a starving man. I sucked hard at her opening, pulling all the cum into my mouth and swallowing it down.

I licked all over her smooth shaved pussy, giving her a thorough tongue cleaning. I licked between her pussy lips. I licked her cunt hole. I even licked lower, making sure no cum was around her puckered asshole.

As I was licking Rick’s nasty cum from Dana’s sweet bare pussy, she didn’t even try to hide three orgasms. Her moans and soft screams made me proud that I could at least make her cum with my sissy tongue. After her third orgasm, Dana pushed, me away making me fall back onto my panty-covered ass. Catching her breath, she looked down at my face covered in her pussy juice and Rick’s cum and laughed.

As Dana composed herself, I saw that Rick had opened his pants and was openly stroking his cock. The sight of me licking his cum from Dana had apparently been all it took to give him a raging hard-on. My first time to see Rick’s big cock. It was larger than I had imagined. Fully hard, it had to be a solid ten-incher. I sat there on the floor, staring up at the cock in front of me. Rick was bigger than most porn stars.

I no longer cared if I was bisexual, heterosexual, or an outright faggot; I wanted to feel that incredible cock in my mouth. I wanted to suck it, lick it, taste his precum, suck his balls, and swallow his hot cum. I couldn’t think about the outside world or what anyone would think of me, and I was mesmerized by the huge specimen of cock flesh before me. I now understood why Dana hung on this man. His cock could enslave anyone.

Dana had recovered enough now that she saw me staring at Rick’s huge meat. “Do you want that cock boy?” she asked me. All I could do was nod, being transfixed on the glistening head shiny with precum.

“OK, boy, crawl over and take off Rick’s boots,” commanded Dana. I was quick to obey, no longer being under the pretense that I didn’t want to be their willing slave. Pulling on the heels, I helped Rick pull out of his boots and set them aside. That big cock just inches from my face.

“Now his pants boy,” Dana continued. Reaching up, I took the waistband of his jeans and pulled them down his legs and off his feet. I folded them and set them aside. Rick was commando, so now his huge cock was standing proudly in all its glory. And it was glorious. Rick has a magnificent cock. His shaft is smooth, the head is nice, and round the hole was weeping precum. His balls hang low, and each one is the size of a plum. I just knew already they could produce copious amounts of hot MAN cum.

“You want that cock boy? Do you want to taste that precum? Do you want Rick to gag your sissy faggot throat?” asked Dana. All I could do was nod my head without taking my eyes off that big fat cock. “Well, ask Rick, you silly bitch boy, if you can have the pleasure of servicing his beautiful cock,” Dana responded.

Looking up at Rick, I pleaded, “Mr. Rick, may I please have the pleasure of pleasing your big fat man cock with my Sissy cocksucking mouth? May I please suck your cock and gag on it as you push it into my throat? May I please, please, please, have your hot cum on my sissy mouth?”

Rick pushed down and out on his cock, making it a point right at my face. He motions for me to come forward. I crawled over between his legs. Rick holds my forehead out so that I can’t lick or suck his huge cock. Holding my head there, Rick starts slapping my face with his huge man meat. As he pushes back on my head, it forces my mouth to open. Rick then rubs his leaking cockhead over my tongue, squeezing out even more precum. Savoring in the warm salty taste, I realize I am tasting cock for the first time, and my ex-wife is making it happen.

Rick releases my head at the same time I feel Dana push my head forward. Suddenly I have a cock in my mouth. I feel the smooth underside slide across my tongue as the head pushes against the opening to my throat. I gag, but Dana does not stop pushing. She lets me gag three or four times before letting me rise up and take a breath. I take a quick gasp of air just before Dana pushes me back down onto Rick’s engorged cock. It is huge in my mouth but being wet now, it slides in easier, and when it hit the back of my throat, I start to gag again. Dana doesn’t stop this time and pushes harder. I feel the bulbous head enter my throat and cut off my air.

Looking up, I see Rick grinning at Dana, and he gives her a nod yes. I feel Dana apply more pressure to the back of my head, forcing me down even more. Rick’s fat cock is now literally in my throat. I can’t breathe, and I start to push back. Dana is unrelenting and pushes down even harder. I have never sucked a cock in my life, and now my EX-WIFE is trying to choke me to death with a huge one.

Tears are coming out of my eyes and beginning to run down my face. I can feel myself gagging, but my throat only convulses around the fat cock shaft now buried in my throat. This only makes Rick start moaning in pleasure as my gagging throat muscles massage his cock. I start to gag, and cough makes spittle and snot and precum shoot out of my nose and down onto Rick’s cock. Dana laughs and makes one last push. Suddenly my nose is buried in Rick’s pubic hair. I have ten inches of big fat hard cock in my mouth and throat. I am a deep throating cocksucker.

I cough again, and more slime comes out of my nose and runs down my face. Dana releases her grip, and I come up fast off the monster that is choking my life away. When Rick’s cock clears my throat, and only the head remains in my mouth, what seems like a gallon of slobber and drool floods out of my mouth and down my chin onto my pink bra-covered tits.

Dana strokes Rick’s rigid shaft a few times and takes a large glob of the drool, and spit, and rubs it all over my face. “Wow, you deep-throated TEN-INCHES of fat hard cock on your first try. There is no way this is your first cock, you sissy faggot.” laughed Dana.

As I take a deep breath, Dana shoves me back down on Rick’s cock. I knew she was going for it all, so I was more prepared this time as the fathead pushed its way forcefully into my cock-swallowing throat. Even making myself ready, it was too big and made the gag repeatedly. As I neared the bottom, I again coughed, forcing a slimy mucous of drool, precum, and snot to burst out of my nose. Dana just made me suck right on past it.

With a hand full of my hair Dana very forcefully started driving my mouth up and down Rick’s hard cock. I would gag when it entered my throat, but she didn’t stop. I was forced to deep throat that monster cock about every other downstroke. Once in the groove, Dana released my hair. I heard her say to Rick, “Look at that Sissy Faggot Bitch, I let go, and she just keeps on sucking and gagging her own self.” The humiliation of being feminized by her words made me want to die of shame, but it also made me suck even harder. I couldn’t believe how much it made me want Rick’s cock when Dana talked about me like that.

Content that I would keep mouthing and throating Rick’s masterful cock on my own I felt Dana move away. I wondered where she went, but I couldn’t turn to see with this big log in my throat. I felt my pink panties being pulled over my ass and halfway down my thighs. Oh no, surely Dana isn’t going to take my ass too. She already turned me into a cocksucker. A willing cocksucker at that. Now she was going to turn my asshole into a pussy. I hoped not, but even as I hoped, I felt a cool liquid being poured into my ass crack just above my nether hole. As the cool slippery liquid hit my anus, I felt Dana start rubbing it around with her finger.

Rick slapped the back of my head and said, “Don’t stop sucking that man cock, you sissy bitch.” I realized I had stopped sucking and just had the head of Rick’s cock in my mouth as Dana began to lube my boycunt. I quickly started sucking and slobbering on the thick shaft that was penetrating my throat.

Dana shoved her finger all the way into my asshole with one swift push. I yelped around Rick’s cock, but his hands in my hair held me down and forced me to keep sucking him. Dana rammed her finger in and out a few times before adding more lube and a second finger.

I wiggled as the pain in my ass began to subside. The relief was to be short-lived, though, as Dana soon added a third finger to my now gaping boycunt. The pain was excruciating, but there was nothing I could do but take it. They had me right where they wanted me. Rick was holding my head firmly. There was no way I was getting that cock out of my mouth and throat until he was ready. Dana had one arm around my waist, holding me tight as she plowed my asshole with her other hand.

I heard Dana laugh and say, “Baby, I think this gurrl’s pussy is ready for you.” Oh, My God, they expect me to take this MONSTER of a COCK in my asshole? He will rip me apart.

I begin to buck and try to get away. Dana immediately started slapping my ass very hard. After about twenty or so rapid slaps to my ass, I started to relent. My ass was on fire. I wasn’t sure what would be worse, a continued ass beating or this fat pile driver plowing into my dark hole. I couldn’t take more beating, so I mentally accepted the latter.

Dana snatched my head up off Rick’s cock forcing spew from my mouth to run down my chin and make my face and chest even slimier than it already was. She spun me around on my hands and knees, presenting Rick and his monster cock with unfettered access to my lubed and open hole.

Rick wasted no time and got on his knees behind me. Grabbing both ass cheeks and applying extra pressure to the very red cheek, he spread me wide open. Dana lay back on the floor and, with hands full of my hair, drove my face into her very wet pussy. I started licking like a crazy slut trying to explore every millimeter of her sweet juicy pussy.

Just as I was getting lost in Dana’s perfect pussy, Rick pushed the fat head of his invading cock into me. My asshole felt like it exploded from the pain. I literally screamed into Dana’s pussy and tried to scramble away. Dana had been expecting this. However, she had both hands firmly attached to my hair and refused to let me escape even one inch. She held my face in her pussy as my asshole slowly grew accustomed to the huge cock, now trying to own it.

The pain started to become bearable, and just as I started to relax a tiny bit and continue licking Dana’s sweet pussy, Rick drove his big cock all the way home. I all but collapsed into Dana’s cunt. I couldn’t lick; I couldn’t suck; I just lay there with my face in her juices.

Rick just sat there with all ten inches of his pulsing cock buried to the hilt in my asshole. Dana stroked my head and whispered to me, “Take a breath and just breathe. The pain will pass, I promise. You will love this gurrl.” Her brief moment of tenderness was put away by one word, and she called me gurrl. The humiliation of having a cock in my ass and her calling me a gurrl somehow turned me on and made me want to please this invader of my boycunt even more. I pushed back onto Rick’s cock.

Taking that push as a sign, Rick slowly began to withdraw his throbbing cock from me until only the head was left in me. I resumed licking and sucking Dana’s hard clit, trying to get her pussy to cum on my face again. I heard Rick ask, “Ready for this bitchboy?”

Before I could muffle a reply, Rick drove into me full force. This time, he didn’t stop when he hit bottom. Rick started to fuck in and out of my hole with abandon. It was hard to concentrate on Dana’s clit with the pile driving Rick was doing. I did my best to the sound of Dana yelling, “Yeah, Rick, fuck this bitch, turn my LITTLE DICK EX-HUBBY into a sissy cock loving whore.”

Dana’s humiliating words not only enforced my feminization but they drove me over the top. My little dick started spurting shot after shot of hot cum all over the floor under me. I dove harder into Dana’s cunt, determined to lick her to another orgasm. And I did. I am not sure if it was Rick fucking the life out of her little dick ex or my tonguing and sucking her hard clit or if it was a combination of the two, but she came. Dana came so hard she actually prayed my face. I had never seen her squirt before. I loved it. I licked and sucked all her sweet nectar. As Dana was still in the throes of her gut-wrenching orgasm, Rick slammed into me one final time and unloaded a huge load of hot MAN CUM into my sissy cunthole.

As Dana came down from her orgasmic high, Rick pulled his still semi-erect cock out of me and sat back on the couch. Dana was quick to inform me that I had to clean Rick’s cock with my mouth. On hands and knees that were so shaky, they barely supported my weight. I turned around and took Rick’s cock into my pussy covered mouth. I sucked it down, licking around the shaft, cleaning my ass, his cum, and remnants of lube from his softening member. This had to be the most humiliating part of this entire escapade. I had never dreamed I would suck cock or are fucked in the ass, but to go ass to mouth that was even more than I could imagine.

Once Rick’s cock was cleaned to her liking, Dana still wasn’t done with me. “Get over here and lick up this mess you made on the floor, little gurrl,” she said. I crawled over and basically fell to the floor on my stomach and started licking up my own cum from the dirty floor. Was there no end to her humiliation of me? Somewhere inside, I secretly hoped not.

“We are going to shower, gurrl,” said Dana. She continued to say, “You stay on the floor and make sure you lick up everything, your mess, and my mess. Do not pull your sissy panties up, and do not roll over off your stomach. Stay on your face on the floor until we return.”

About what seemed to be twenty minutes later, Dana and Rick returned? Before I could look up, I heard her snapping pics with her phone. Oh, God, even more, to use against me. But I really didn’t care. I was now their willing slave. I was probably addicted to Rick’s big cock. She knew it too. Dana knew I would do anything she said to get to experience Rick’s cock again.

“We are leaving now, gurrl, but we will be back in town next Friday. I expect you to be ready to entertain us again. Who knows, we may bring a friend.” Dana said as they were walking out the door.

I slowly got up from the floor and sat on the couch. I was exhausted. Who knew pleasuring a real man’s cock could be so much work? I hadn’t even tried to talk Dana out of this or to delete the video. I was now faced with a realization that I liked what had happened tonight. What did this mean? Was I now their slave or her cuckold? What did she mean they might bring a friend?

I slowly started walking towards the shower. As I walked, I noticed my little dick was hard again. I couldn’t believe that being a cuckold slave turned me on so much. Wearing panties and lingerie. Sucking cock. Getting my ascent pounded and gaped open.

I stripped off my panties, bra, and stockings while waiting for the water to get warm. I stepped into the shower and under the warn relaxing spray. I couldn’t help but stroke my little dick once more. It took only a couple of minutes of tonight replaying through my mind before I was ready to burst another load of cum out. This time, however, I cupped my hand and shot it all into my palm. With no hesitation, I put my palm to my mouth and licked up all the cum. I noted to myself, it’s official I am a panty-wearing cum loving cock whore now, and Dana owns me.

Finishing my shower, I dried myself off and slipped into the soft comfort of my sheets. My head came to rest on my pillow. My last thoughts before I faded into the darkness of sleep were, “Today sure turned out differently than I had hoped. I am now a cocksucker, and I like it. Where is this going? What will next Friday bring?” Sleep.


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