Nude Beach Humiliation

By slavejames. I’d been serving my Mistress for a few weeks when she suggested that maybe we should go away on holiday. We had met via a UK BDSM website. I’m 30, five-feet eight inches, and have a thing for mature dominant BBW. Mistress Viv totally fitted the bill. She was in her late 40s, about five feet seven inches, big all over, and very voluptuous. We found a lovely villa with a pool on the island of Fuerteventura. The

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Succubus’s Plaything

By PenaltyStunning.     I nearly collapse on the ground as I walk through the door after an exhausting day at work. My asshole boss decided to make me stay late to train the new girl, and he figured there was no need to give me any sort of warning beforehand. To make matters worse, she hadn’t gotten her uniform yet, and she showed up in a pleated skirt, so every time she had to climb the ladder to stock,

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Decision Time

By bbspnker.     Mistress was running late. Bill had dinner ready and is keeping the food warm. He had made a shepherd’s pie for her, one of her favorites. Finally, he heard her open the door and come in. She was a little flushed and had a wicked grin on her face. “Hello, mine,” she said. “I have a surprise for you and even a treat if you earn it.” His head lifted up, and he almost grinned. Treats

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College CFNM Society

MissKateKees Chancellor Leo Nilsson of Athena University sat at his desk sifting through the records of funding for the Universities’ student Societies. Unlike most Chancellors who left the day to day running of the facility to their Vice-Chancellor, Leo was an interfering busy body who practically lived in his office since his divorce four years ago. Now, 52, slightly overweight and balding, Leo had nothing much in his dull life other than his Chancellorship, whose mandate he had expanded into

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College Medical

MissKateKees I should have read the requirements! Simon mused angrily on his situation. Just three weeks after moving from his American hometown to Stockholm, Sweden to begin a prestigious sports science degree, he had been handed this ultimatum. It was his dream to get into professional sports in whatever capacity he could, and a qualification from a top European school was a far better start than anything he could have got back home, particularly as he’d got in on a

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  by AlexBird22029   “What have you been measuring?” Tess asked me innocently. My heart-felt like it skipped a long beat and my stomach felt like it suddenly dropped in terror. I tried to keep my face straight as I turned back around and saw her laid across the bed, her slim figure alluring even under her clothes. In her hands she was examining a small plastic ruler, the kind you get in any stationary set, which I remembered using

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