Decision Time

By bbspnker.


Mistress was running late. Bill had dinner ready and is keeping the food warm. He had made a shepherd’s pie for her, one of her favorites. Finally, he heard her open the door and come in. She was a little flushed and had a wicked grin on her face.

“Hello, mine,” she said. “I have a surprise for you and even a treat if you earn it.”

His head lifted up, and he almost grinned. Treats were rare for him and earning them meant he was going to have a difficult task first.

“First things first, what have you made for dinner, it smells yummy.” She pondered aloud.

“I made shepherd’s pie for you, Milady, your favorite,” he replied.

“Mmmmm, I love you mine. I shall eat it in the dining room.”

Mistress grinned happily. She was very happy to have him here tonight. He was turning into a great pet, learning her needs and wants and doing it without many stumbles. She was beginning to think she finally found a diamond in the rough. Tonight was going to be his biggest challenge. One of her favorite sights was of her sub sucking off a big cock. This test was where most other subs had failed, unable to get past the masculine ego and fear. She hoped this one would be the one that would prove himself. He had passed all her other tests very well, and if this one should go well, she had decided to offer him a full collar.

Bill was worried; he knew she meant to challenge him tonight. How was she going to do it would it be painful? Would it be mean? Would he be able to endure it? So many questions to answer. He decided he would try to ignore the questions in his head. He heard her finish her dinner and asked, “Would you like some more Mistress or perhaps a glass of Sherry?”

‘Ahhh, Sherry,’ she thought, ‘what a perfect choice to watch him perform for her tonight.’ “Yes, boy, Sherry, I’ll have it in the study…now.”

He heard her command and poured a glass of sherry and taking it to her. “Here you go, Mistress. Will there be anything else?”

She smiled a wicked smile at him. “Yes, mine. Tonight, as you know, my bull is coming over and I need you to perform a special service for me.”

His thoughts went in a wide variety of ways. When she is with her bull, he normally is asked to do nothing but lick her pussy and give her an orgasm or two getting her ready for him and then listen to how he pleases her with his big cock. What could she possibly want him to do besides pleasing her orally?

“A chore, what do you need done Mistress?”

She smiles her winsome smile. Now she’ll discover whether he even has a chance. “Tonight, I need you to show special reverence to my bull and show respect to him in a very specific way. Tonight I expect you to service his cock with your mouth and show how special it is for pleasing Mistress so beautifully.”

‘Now,’ she thought, ‘the moment of truth.’

He wasn’t certain he heard her right. He thought she said he was supposed to give a blowjob to her bull. “Pardon Mistress, do you want me to give your bull a blowjob?”

She smiled, he didn’t flat out refuse, that’s a start. “No pet, I want you to love me by giving pleasure to the cock that serves me so well with your mouth, which also serves me so well.” She leans forward to see the reaction.

He is a bit stunned. He never bargained on this. He searched his feelings, can he do that? All his life, he was told it was evil to do, especially for him to do, not in so many words, but the message got through very well. He thought about it for a few seconds, aware that her eyes were on him, her thoughts were about him and his answer. She was so very marvelous. She treated him with respect, he had seldom felt, even as she used him. Could he really break down those old strong feelings… How much is he willing to give her. He felt he was at a boundary. Can he push this boundary or will it break him?

She watches carefully as she can see he is struggling, realizing, she has hit a difficult boundary for him. What will he decide?

A dozen thoughts go through his mind. The most obvious thought is a question. How much will he do for her? She is such a lovely Lady. He tells himself at least twice a day every day how much she means to him and how lucky he is to serve her. He comes to a decision. “Yes, Mistress, I will show the reverence to his cock that he deserves for pleasing you so much.”

Her inner self jumps with joy, but she knows he has just passed the first test. It has happened before where her pet would say yes and then decides that at the last minute he can’t do it. She hopes this one can.

“Very good mine. Now go fix my bath and prepare for his arrival,” she orders.


He goes to start the water, a little apprehensive, yet a little excited too. He stops short, recognizing he is excited. He feels his small cock getting a little hard inside his cage and winces a bit as it gets stopped by the boundaries of its metal walls. He resumes his task and puts it out of his mind for the time being. The water ready. He helps her get undressed and into the tub and washes her completely using her favorite soaps. He helps her out of the tub and wraps her in a big soft, warm towel drying her body completely, following her to the bed and knowing what’s next.

“Mine prepare my pussy for him.” as she spreads her legs, opening herself up for his tongue, fingers and lips.

He begins by kissing her feet, trailing long slow kisses between licking and sucking on her soft skin. Finally, he reaches her treasured spot. He plants kisses on her soft lips before he begins by sliding his tongue between her lips slowly drawing it from her opening to her clit. He swirls his tongue across her clit, then slides it back to her opening. He dips his tongue inside to taste her warm juices and savor her scent. Then he lightly sucks on her soft lips using his tongue to stimulate them. He releases them and begins to let his tongue dance upon her clit in the way she loves. He slides one finger tentatively inside her knowing she doesn’t always want penetration but tonight she sucks him in and moans loudly. Hearing her moan, he slides a second well-trimmed finger inside her and begins to stroke her inner walls while teasing her clit.

He reaches for, finds her g-spot, and is rewarded with another moan as he strokes it while he loves her clit with his tongue. Matching the rhythm, pace and pressure he has learned over his time with her, he can tell he is on the right pace as she begins to moan constantly. His tongue danced across her clit in rhythm with his fingers stroking her inner walls. He feels her climax building smells her fragrance and notices the increased wetness. He works hard for her climax and is rewarded as she spurts her juices this time in orgasmic bliss moaning and bucking. He keeps licking as she cums again, his tongue lavishing her clit, fingers stroking her g spot. She bucks again and climaxes once more before he slows down to see if she is finished still licking but more tentatively so as not to make her too sensitive. She settles down and he smiles. He stops licking but stays close if she should tell him to continue.

“Ohhh god, that was amazing tonight, mine. You have done well so far,” she praises. She looks at the clock and sees it is almost time for him to arrive. “Help me with my robe and go get his drink ready now,” she orders.

He helps with her robe and goes to mix the drink. He just finishes the drink when the bell rings.


Her bull smiles at him as he opens the door, “Thank you, cuck,” he says in a friendly tone.

Bill was a little surprised at the warmth tonight in her bull’s tone. ‘I wonder if she told her bull what was planned,’ he thought. “She is in the study, sir. Please follow me.”

When they arrived, it suddenly hit Bill that the time of challenge was here. ‘Oh god,’ he thought. ‘What shall I do? Can I do this?’ His stomach began to flutter a bit but at the same time, he noticed he was getting a little aroused again.

She told Sam, her bull, to get undressed as she had a treat for him tonight. She loved watching him get undressed his hard lean body and his big cock slowly being unveiled just for her. She was getting so aroused by what she hoped would happen tonight. Sam removed his clothes seductively for her, he loved her body and he worshiped the time he had with her. He left his sexy briefs for last and played with it before he removed it for her his semi-erect cock bobbing for her to see.

“Bill, come here,” she commanded. “See how big his cock is? It’s mine and gives me such pleasure. Show me how much you wish to please me. Show me your reverence, to this tool that gives me such pleasure.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he speaks quietly.

Bill moves over to Sam and kneels beside him. His big cock inches away from his mouth. He slowly reaches out for it and tentatively touches the first cock other than his own he has touched. His mind is racing.

‘Oh my god, I’m going to suck a cock,’ he thought.

Slowly he moves his mouth to the giant head and gives it an experimental kiss. It is soft and warm, he discovers. He opens his lips and carefully guides the head to them. It presses against them and he opens wider feeling the head slide inside his mouth. His first thought is to gag but he breathes through the instinct and holds the head in his mouth resting on his tongue. He is surprised when he notices his cock is rock hard inside its tiny cage so hard it hurts.

He carefully slides his tongue over the mushroom head. “Watch your teeth.” he hears his Mistress say.

He pays close attention to his teeth opening wider so as not to touch it with them. He slides his tongue around the head and is rewarded with a moan from Sam. Boldly, he decides to try sucking on it. He sucks and Sam moans again. The cock in his mouth starts to harden as he feels it get bigger. He feels Sam grab his head and slide it further in his mouth. Bill relaxes and lets it happen. Then on instinct, he begins to move his head up and down on this hard cock. His tongue massaging the underside as it slides in and out. Sam starts to moan and Bill feels liquid leaking from the head…pre-cum.

‘I hope Mistress doesn’t want him to cum in my mouth,’ Bill thought.

He lets the cock slide out of his mouth and looks at Mistress for approval. He absentmindedly finds himself stroking the length of Sam’s cock.

Mistress smiles at her boy and says, “Very good, boy, so far. You have shown good reverence tonight, but you have tasted his cum mixed with my pussy juice before and not shrunk away from it so tonight you will let him cum in your hot mouth and taste it straight from him. Do you understand?”

She waits for what seems like forever as her cuck weighed his options. “Yes, Mistress,” he said as he realized there was no option. He loved her and would do anything for her.

He opened his mouth, and this time really began to treat this cock as if he imagined he would like to have his cock sucked. He slid his tongue all around the head and began to slide it in and out of his mouth sucking hard then soft. His tongue caressing the soft underside. Then he puts the head inside a little way and finds the sweet spot just below the soft head underneath and begins to lick it, teasing it, loving it. He hears Sam’s moans of pleasure and feels the urgency as his cock starts to twitch. Bill knows it will be soon as he feels the spongy head grow larger in his mouth and feels Sam’s legs begin to shake.

Sam shouts, “Oh God, ooh, fuck.”

Bill felt the head expand and then a shot of warm liquid spurts out of the head onto his tongue, hitting the roof of his mouth. It spasms and spurts as Sam moans. His hot seed spilling and splashing in Bill’s mouth. Then twice more, it spurts before oozing the rest onto his tongue.

Bill was startled at first when it happened then was concentrating on not spilling any as he was sure Mistress would disapprove of him if he did. He decided at the moment to just swallow the seed spilling into his mouth the taste so salty and so hot. He looks at his Mistress, the softening cock still in his mouth and was rewarded with the sight of Mistress in the throes of a violent orgasm. He releases Sam’s cock and see’s Sam smiling too.

When Mistress finished her orgasm, Bill meekly asks, “Did I do well, Mistress?”

She smiles at him and says, “Yes, but I think you can do better next time.”

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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