Succubus’s Plaything

By PenaltyStunning.


I nearly collapse on the ground as I walk through the door after an exhausting day at work. My asshole boss decided to make me stay late to train the new girl, and he figured there was no need to give me any sort of warning beforehand. To make matters worse, she hadn’t gotten her uniform yet, and she showed up in a pleated skirt, so every time she had to climb the ladder to stock, I was given quite the show. I felt like a creep whenever it happened, but that didn’t stop me from staying horny all day from my little glimpses. Now all I want to do is rub one out real quick, relieve some tension, and then head to bed.

After a quick shower, I settle into bed, reach into the drawer, and grab the bottle of lotion I keep for just these such occasions. I keep it in the drawer out of sight of any fortuitous encounters that might end up back in my room, but considering the dry streak I’ve been on recently, I suppose I could just keep it out. But I like the little sentiment of optimism that comes with hiding it, so I’ll likely keep it there to let the fantasy live on. Just as I begin to pull down my pants and start going about my business, I hear a knock at the door. What fantastic timing. I begrudgingly readjust my pants and go see who could be here at this hour.

As I approach the door, I hear what sounds like subtle giggling outside. I figure it’s probably some kids from a different floor going around playing pranks, but might as well check anyway. I open the door and am met with a slight gust of wind, but an expected absence of anybody there. I guess I was right about it just being some annoying kids. I relock the door and head back to my room to finish what I started before I was interrupted.

I walk back into the room looking down at my phone, trying to find some inspiration for the upcoming deed. I’m so engrossed in my search that I don’t notice my visitor, and nearly have a heart attack when I hear a soft and sensual woman’s voice.

“Good evening,” I quickly follow the sound to see the most beautiful woman I have ever seen sitting halfway in my open window. She lets out a small laugh at my obvious surprise. “Did you like my little trick?”

The sight that sits before me would be enough to leave anybody slack-jawed. The woman has rather short brown hair, not quite shoulder-length, swept to the side, and perfectly framing her stunning face. She wore a lacy black bodysuit, covering most of her figure save for her pale and pristine shoulders, though the design of the outfit still manages to show a generous amount of skin elsewhere. She sits with one leg up, pressed against her chest with her arm leaning on it, and her other leg casually draped into my room, swinging slightly. She wears no shoes, though her outfit fully covers her feet. However, my eyes are quickly drawn between her legs, where her bodysuit opens up to reveal a neatly trimmed triangle of hair, though due to the position of her legs, I can only see a hint of it. The sight of her is so alluring that it doesn’t even occur to me that she somehow got into my window on the 18th floor.

“Weren’t you taught that it’s rude to stare?” Her words snapped me out of my surprised stupor.

“I…oh, I’m, uh…I’m sorry. Err, hi, I mean. Sorry.” I can hardly formulate the sentence, and I don’t even think of asking for an explanation for her presence. She gives another little giggle, then jumps down from the window sill into my room. She seems unnaturally light, almost as if she floats down from her perch. As she gently graces the ground, the space between her legs comes fully into view, holding my focus like a magnet.

“It appears you’re quite distracted, so I guess I’ll just take the lead in our little conversation,” she says, not fully able to draw my attention away from the sight before me. “I’m sure you have a lot of questions for me, so I’ll just skip straight to the answers. I suppose the best word that you might know to describe me would be ‘succubus,’ though, in truth, your quaint human legends and myths don’t paint a full picture. But we’ll go with that anyway, to make this easy for you. After all, my motivations for visiting you tonight do align rather well with what you might be imagining.”

I somehow manage to collect my thoughts and process the words coming out of the mouth of the apparent goddess slowly approaching me. Her status as a succubus certainly does explain away many of my questions, though simultaneously adds so many more.

“How did you get to…” I attempt to ask further questions, but I am swiftly silenced by her finger gently touching my lips.

“Don’t get too hung up on details, they’ll seem unimportant soon enough,” she says as her hand slowly caresses around my face. “What is important is whether or not I managed to get here on time. So tell me, did you already expend your energy for tonight, or am I going to be able to get what I came here for?”

Still stunned, I am unable to answer her question. She pats my cheek, just hard enough to feel the force behind her hand, and steps back. She sniffs the air. “I’m going to go ahead and guess that I succeeded in stopping you in time. That’s good news for both of us. Who’s to say what might have happened if you had inconvenienced me by finishing before I got here? That would not have been pleasant for you. And believe it or not, I would have found no pleasure in punishing you, either. I intend to make this just as rewarding for you as it will be for me. Fear and pain might do the trick, but they tend to to…sour the flavor.”

She pauses, allowing me the chance to speak, though I am still unable to form a response. “Not very talkative, are you? You are allowed to speak. I simply told you to not fret the little details. Well, that’s fine, your words are not what I’m here for, though I do hope your mouth won’t prove totally useless,” she says, smoothly gliding over to the bed. “But for now, let’s close that mouth of yours and get you over to the bed. I’m starting to get impatient.” I realize that my mouth has been agape since I last tried to speak, so I close it and crawl onto the bed.

“That’s a good boy. I had started to fear that I might have overdone it with my appearance and fried your brain completely,” she says, giving a little laugh at her own joke. The bottle of lotion from my earlier preparations catches her eye, and she reaches for it. “I can assure you we won’t be needing this tonight. I prefer more…natural alternatives.” With that, she tosses the bottle over her shoulder, but it seems to vanish before hitting the ground. “Now, let’s finish up getting you ready. I can smell you’re already nice and clean for me, so we can just move right along.”

She stands over me on the bed, straddling above my crotch. From this angle, I have a clear view of her pussy, and I can see why she was so confident that we wouldn’t need any lotion. A single drop begins to run down her leg before falling onto me. She snaps her fingers, and her outfit vanishes with a small plume of smoke, leaving her fully nude, looming over me. Her perfectly perky medium-breasts are now on display, another aspect of her flawless body to further draw me in. “Those clothes were simply to get you going, and I trust it did the trick. You, human men, are so simple, you like to have your treat teased and dangled in front of you first. But the rest is easier with nothing in the way. Speaking of which…” She quickly plops down, pressing her crotch into my leg. She reaches for the collar of my shirt and drags a single finger slowly down over the fabric. When she removes her hand, there is a clean slice down the shirt, which she quickly tears aside. She slides further down my leg, leaving a slick trail, and begins to undo my pants.

“I’ll do this the old fashion way. My prey tends to enjoy that.” My mind does not question her use of the word prey. She slides my pants down my legs, leaving me in nothing but my boxers. “Hmm…perhaps my display hasn’t done as good of a job at putting you in the mood as I expected. Curious. This might take more work than I thought.” Her words confuse me, knowing I am definitely about as aroused as I have ever been. She brings her face to my crotch and bites the hem of my boxers, pulling them down with her teeth. My cock springs to attention as it is released, though she has not yet noticed it. She pulls my boxers over my feet one at a time and turns to throw them.

“Now, let’s move onto the…oh dear. It seems my show did have the intended effect!” She takes no effort to stifle her laugh as she notices my cock. “I must say, this is definitely a first for me. I’ve never had prey be quite so…poorly endowed before. I wonder if such a tiny little cock will even be able to feed me?” With that, she gives it a flick, causing it to wobble slightly. “But oh, despite its diminutive stature, I’m sure it will be able to provide quite a healthy meal. I can already smell how ripe and ready you are to blow a big load from your tiny twig for me. But unfortunately, I don’t think my traditional methods will do the trick for you, little one. After all, I want to enjoy this as well, and I doubt I’d even feel that inside me. I’ve been looking for an excuse to use this trick again…”

She crawls off the bed, standing facing away from me. I see her reach her hands down to her crotch, though I cannot tell what she’s doing. A light seems to shine on the wall in front of her. When she turns, my mouth goes agape once more, as between her legs now hangs a cock of her own, despite its flaccid state easily twice the size of my own, likely more. “This is what a real cock looks like. I suspect you’ve never seen one up close and personal like this before. It’s not often that I get to bring it out like this, though in this special case with your unfortunate size, I think this will be better for both of us. I’m sure you have so much running through you’re mind right now, don’t you? You could never be with somebody who has a cock like this, you’re straight, aren’t you? You want to slide that small stub of yours into my pussy which you were so blatantly ogling mere minutes ago, don’t you? Well, I can assure you, little one, all that doubt will wash away soon, and you’ll learn to love a real cock. Why don’t you drop to your knees for me now? Really observe it up close.” I hear her words, but I am frozen with a blend of emotions ranging from abject terror to morbid curiosity. She sees my pause and is clearly no longer amused by my hesitant demeanor. “I said on. Your. Knees. Now!” With each word, I can feel an intense heat emanating from her, and by the time she finished her sentence, the room is almost too hot to bear. I obediently drop to my knees.

She was correct in her guess that I had never seen one up close before. As she said, I’m straight. I never had a desire to see another penis before. Or so I thought. On the floor, kneeling in front of her with her new cock mere inches away from my face, I am able to see all the details. Despite its size, it is not intimidating in the slightest. Rather, it seems smooth and soft as opposed to the veiny and rough cocks you would see in porn. As strange as it might sound, it almost seems feminine, especially when attached to her beautiful body. Beneath her impressive shaft hangs two large testicles, far larger than my own, just like the cock itself. I can smell a faintly sweet scent when I lean in close, a smell that almost beckons me to explore further.

“I see you’ve taken quite a liking to it. That’s good. It’ll make this go much smoother if you don’t have to fight it. Feel free to touch it. I’m sure you’re curious as to what a real cock feels like in your hand.” I timidly reach up and gently brush my fingers along her shaft. As my hand glides along, I feel an almost electric charge, compelling me to wrap my fingers fully around. It is large enough for me to easily fit both my hands comfortably and has enough girth so that my fingers just barely close around it. It’s soft, the skin feeling like silk in my hands. The skin on the tip smoothly slides back and forth with my motion, revealing and concealing a soft pink head. I can feel it begin to grow firm and long in my grasp, increasing to an even more absurd size. As I get further into the rhythm, mesmerized by the first cock I’ve ever touched other than my own, I realize that now I’m less than an inch away from the tip, my lips almost touching it. Without thinking, I lean forward and let her cock touch my lips before taking the head of her now erect cock fully into my mouth.

“You really are being a good boy now, aren’t you? I was going to tell you to give it a taste, but I see you just couldn’t help yourself. How does it feel, having a cock slide in and out of your mouth? How does it feel, knowing that all the women you’ve been with before have been hoping for this feeling, that fullness, but you just simply couldn’t provide? I imagine they were all too innocent and sweet to let you know how much of a disappointment you turned out to be, feigning pleasure while your clit struggles to even reach their throat. Maybe you’re better suited to be in this position, rather than having that minuscule little cock of yours touched.”

Her words rattle through my mind as I timidly twirl my tongue around her head and under the skin, finding a flavor to match the sweet smell. I can feel my mouth filling more and more with liquid, though I cannot tell if it’s my own body’s reaction or the fluids coming from her cock. Seconds pass, feeling like hours, and before long, she gently places her hand on the back of my head. She begins to apply a subtle pressure, pressing my head forward and allowing her cock to slide deeper and deeper into my mouth. I suspect my gag reflex will kick in soon, but to my surprise, I find that her cock gently glides into my throat with no resistance, almost as if it were made to be there. She holds my head there, my mouth and throat full, until I begin to struggle for air, upon which she gently tugs my hair to unsheathe her cock. She removes her hand, and with no further prompting, my head begins to move on its own, sucking her passionately.

“You better be diligent because the better you suck, the easier the next step will be for you. But I can tell you won’t let a single inch stay dry. You’re a natural at this. And besides, you seem to be enjoying yourself even more than I am.” She lifts one foot and lightly taps the tip of my penis, suddenly making me aware of its presence once more. Despite its aching and leaking, begging to be touched, I cannot bring myself to remove my hands from the base of her shaft as it bobs in and out of my mouth.

“In fact, I think I’m going to have to take your new favorite toy away from you so we can move on, or else I suspect we’ll be here all night. Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll like this just as much.”

I could hardly comprehend her words; my mind is too engrossed with the object in my mouth. However, I quickly snap out of it when she pulls herself away, causing me to instinctually lean forward to try to keep my mouth full. She walks over to the bed, appearing weightless on her feet, and I crawl behind. I don’t know what has come over me, but having her cock in my mouth has seemingly cracked the shell of my free will, leaving me almost helpless against her.

“Keep being a good boy and hop up on the bed for me. And spread your legs, I think you know what’s coming next.” I take my assigned position, and she finds her way between my legs. Once in place, she grabs her cock and drops it on top of mine, further emphasizing the disparity. She was correct before, whereas hers is a real cock, mine seems to be nothing but a little clit, now more than ever. She clearly takes notice as well and begins to gently rub her cock on mine. “From this angle, it actually looks quite cute. I might get used to somebody of your size. It’s a fun change of pace. And based on how eagerly you were just sucking on it, I’m sure you’ll end up doing all the work for me like the good boy you are. Now let’s finish getting you ready.”

She spits slightly in her hand and begins to rub it into her own cock. “I know you tried you’re very best to get me nice and wet, but I figured I would add a little extra to make this even easier for you as a reward for being so cooperative. My saliva has a few special properties that will make this all the more enjoyable, too.” With that, she spits on her hand once more and gently reached down to massage it into my anus. “I can feel you keep yourself nice, clean, and shaved. That’s good. I like my prey to be neat and tidy. It’s almost as if you had been hoping for somebody to play with you down here, but surely that isn’t the case, is it…? A boy like you just wants a cute naive girl to play with your cock, if you can even call it that, and treat you like the man you are, right? Yet here you are, eager to accept my big cock into your ass and become my little bitch. Well, you won’t have to wait much longer. Just one more final bit of preparation for you…”

She leans forward, her cock sliding up my body, and kisses me, a deeper kiss than I have ever received. As her tongue intertwines with mine, her saliva entering my mouth, my mind begins to feel a euphoric high, unlike anything I had ever experienced. Her kiss removed all doubt in my mind, any trepidation quickly melting away, and I was now fully prepared to submit to her and become her possession fully. She breaks her kiss and leans into my ear. “Now you’re mine…”

She takes her position back between my legs and strokes her cock a few times as if to make sure she’s ready though I suspect it’s to put on more of a show for me. She aims it between my legs, and I look down, glancing past my little throbbing penis to try and see the main event. Gently she begins to push, taking her time to ease her head into me, a kindness that seems counter to her previously commanding behavior. Where I expected a sharp pain, I am instead met with subtle warmth, pulsing through my body from our point of contact. She softly rubs my sides as her head finally pops into me, breaking the barrier. Once she feels that she’s in, she gives a small smirk before plunging the remainder of her cock deep into my ass. The feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced before, and as she smashes past my prostate, I feel an orgasmic level of pleasure, yet I produce no cum. She pauses to let my spasms die down before speaking.

“I see you even cum like a girl. How cute. This really is a more fitting role for you. I’m sure you’re going to have a lot to think about after tonight. You may never be able to cum the same way again. Wouldn’t that be nice? If you could only cum with something in your ass, thinking of me? You would never have to touch your little clit again. Not that it ever deserved to be touched anyway.” Her words twist in my mind, prolonging the euphoria of my dry orgasm. Before long, I begin to calm down, settling into the warmth stemming from her cock. This feeling of fullness quickly becomes a new normal, and the novelty transforms into a bizarre comfort.

“Is my good boy finally beginning to come down from that high? That’s good. I’m proud of you. You took my whole cock so well. I’m going to start moving again; you may have had an orgasm, but you and I both know I need your cum. Let’s see how long it takes your little clit to work out a load without being touched, hm?” With that, she begins to pump her cock in and out of me, slowly at first but gradually gaining speed. Before long, she is repeatedly pounding into me, the head clashing with my prostate with each thrust, sending waves throughout my body. The warmth and intensity caused me to sweat, like a wild animal being used at her leisure. I look down and see my little clit flailing around, seemingly harder than it has ever been despite facing the greatest emasculation of my life. I look up at her, at this moment, my queen, the object of my pure devotion, and I see her smiling down at me. She seems to be enjoying my submission just as much as I am.

“You’re so tight. I can tell this is the first time you’ve ever taken something, let alone something this big. And yet you’re so accommodating, allowing me to easily slide in and out as I please. And since your body is so accommodating in that regard, I’m sure you’ll be willing to accommodate me in more ways than one. I don’t want you to cum until I tell you to, once I decide it’s time. I know it’ll be difficult to hold yourself back, don’t think I don’t notice how hard your little cock is. But I trust you to follow my orders. I don’t think you want to see what happens if you don’t…” As her final sentence ends, she thrusts into me more aggressively than she had before, hitting depths that I have never even been aware of before. However, when she withdraws from that thrust, she stops moving entirely, leaving just the tip resting inside me. Without thinking, my body begins to thrust itself, making up for her sudden lack of motion. I look up at her again and see her smirk grow, knowing she received exactly the response expected. Before long, I am plunging her into me just as firmly as she was, unwilling to let the sensation stop.

As I pound against her, I reach up to hold onto her, again an instinctual action. All I knew at that moment is that I felt the need to embrace her fully rather than simply squeezing her cock. She returned the gesture ten-fold, reaching under me and lifting me up as she started to pound herself into me again. Despite the fact that I’m much larger than her, a size that a typical human woman of her size would greatly struggle to lift, she held me with ease as if I weighed nothing. As she bounces me up and down, she begins to kiss my neck, causing a source of pleasure with each kiss almost as strong as the pleasure caused by her cock. The dual assault quickly brings me to the edge, and it takes everything in my power to stop myself from unloading my cum. I reach down to grab my little clit for the first time, but rather than jerking it, I simply squeeze, trying to physically restrain my cum. She clearly takes notice of my struggle.

She lays me back onto the bed and changes her rapid pounding to slow, deep thrusts. She pushes into me smoothly, her cock hitting my prostate with each motion. She leans in close, putting her lips to my ear; “You can cum now, my good little boy.” As her sentence trails off, I let go of my little cock and cum immediately. Rather than spraying, I instead start leaking like a faucet, releasing far more cum than I ever had before. As it pools on my stomach, she reaches down and gets some on her fingers, bringing it to her lips. She tastes it and immediately begins thrusting harder and faster, not allowing me the chance to recover.

“You taste absolutely delicious, what a good boy! I can tell you’ve been keeping a healthy diet! But unfortunately, I can’t exactly stop now, especially after getting a taste of you. I haven’t had the opportunity to cum with a cock in quite a while. I think I’ll have to bring myself to completion as well. But I’m sure you don’t mind, you’ve been such a good boy for so long that I know you’ll let me keep using you as long as I want. Don’t fret, though. I won’t be too long now…” She continues to thrust into me with no regard to my increasingly sensitive state. She reaches her hands forward and pushes me deeper into the bed, her obvious strength impossible to combat. As she pushes me down, my cum begins to slide further up to my chest. I look down and see my cock deflate, now fully depleted and shriveling up even more than before, still releasing the last drops of cum. With each thrust, she seems to pick up speed, obviously approaching her own climax.

Without any warning, she removes her cock from inside me and starts jerking it, pressing the head into my now fully flaccid clit. Within seconds she begins blasting me with her cum, far more than I produced despite it being the largest load I’ve ever had. Her first few shots cover my cock, totally encasing it. The rest she shoots up my chest, mixing in with my own pool, and some reaching my face and into my mouth. The flavor was divine yet indescribable, almost as if it was designed to suit my pallet on the deepest and most psychological levels that even I don’t understand. Once she finishes, I’m now a cum-covered wreck on my bed as she begins to settle down. She reaches for my chest and scoops some up, bringing it to her lips once again.

“As expected, I shouldn’t have let it mix with my own. I suspect it has ruined the nutritional benefit. What a shame, I was quite looking forward to dining with you tonight, especially after I was given that little preview of how good you taste. I suppose I simply lost control, seeing your little clit bounce so eagerly while you accepted my cock. That doesn’t happen often. You’re some very special prey. It seems I’ll have to come back tomorrow and get another pure load out of you.” She scoops up some more cum, brings it to her mouth, and then leans in to kiss me once again, depositing her cum and saliva directly into my mouth. My cock grows hard again as she pulls away from the kiss. “I know you’ll be waiting for me. For now, I suppose I should let you clean yourself up. I know that’s what you’re eagerly waiting for.” She stands up off the bed and snaps her fingers again, causing her outfit from before to reappear and her cock to disappear. She walks over to the window and sits on the sill. “Same time tomorrow. And who knows, if you keep being such a good boy, maybe you will earn a chance with this.” With that, she spread her legs, fully displaying her pussy. “Though I don’t know if you’ll want to after what you experienced tonight.” She falls backward out of the window, disappearing from my sight.

I lay in awe for a minute, covered in cum, still not entirely believing what just happened. I soon snap out of my stupor and get to work cleaning up the mess, savoring each and every drop, looking forward to tomorrow. I walk over to the window and sitting on the sill is a small slip of paper, scorched around the edges.

“You can call me Kai. ❤️”

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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