Making a Baby

By Joancdnj.


John had just arrived home from the office to find his wife Rosemary getting ready for their dinner that night. They were going to the home of some new friends they’d met at Newcomers Club, Sam, and Barb. Sam was the head of a big medical practice, and the couple lived in a ritzy neighborhood a few miles from John and Rosemary.

“Oh honey, I’m so excited about going to Sam and Barbs tonight. I hear their house is fabulous,” gushed Rosemary. “I think I’m going to wear this new flowery print dress I bought,” she concluded.

She was braless and wearing a cute pink thong as she dropped the dress over her head. With firm 36C breasts with puffy nipples, she loved flaunting the way she looked.

“Wow, baby, I may need to fuck you before we leave,” John said enthusiastically as he moved closer and started to kiss her.

“No time, honey, and I just put on my lipstick, so no kissing until later,” Rosemary chided.

“Well, why don’t you drop the thing so I can play with your pussy on the way over,” pleaded John.

“You are such a dirty boy,” said Rosemary, but she still slipped off her thong, “I hope I don’t shoot too many beavers!”

“Well, if you do, folks will just be treated to your amazing pussy lips with that sexy landing strip above,” retorted John.

“OK, let’s go,” said Rosemary.

In spite of John’s attempts to cop a feel on the way, Rosemary made him do with an occasional glance at her bare pussy as she rode with her dress pulled up to her waist.


When they arrived at Sam and Barb’s house, they were introduced to Chuck and Cindy, who was quite obviously pregnant.

“How far along are you,” Rosemary asked Cindy.

“The baby is due next month, and I can hardly wait for the little boy to arrive,” responded Cindy, “we’ve waited so long for this.”

Chuck looked a little uncomfortable but didn’t say anything. John just assumed it was new daddy jitters.

The couples laughed and joked as they drank their way through dinner. Sam had grilled some delicious steaks, and Barb had made a great salad to go with it. They were already on their 4th bottle of wine and were feeling no pain.

“Listen, guys, we have to go so I can get a good night’s sleep,” said Cindy.

“Yes, definitely want to make sure our little boy is strong and healthy,” said Sam as he followed that statement by kissing Cindy full on the mouth.

John thought it looked like they also French kissed before they broke off. He wondered why Chuck didn’t intervene but guessed again it was just new baby jitters.

“Take good care of my little boy,” Sam said to Chuck as they were about to go out the door.

“Yes sir,” replied Chuck in a subservient tone.

John really wondered at that but couldn’t figure it out.

“Let’s move to the family room and dance,” suggested Sam after they had cleared the last of the dishes.

“Oh great, I love to dance,” said Rosemary, “but John’s usually too timid to try.”

“Well, I’ll solve your problem,” said Sam as he took Rosemary in his arms and danced to a slow waltz.

“Looks like your wife has solved her problem,” laughed Barb as she sat down on the couch and watched the couple transition from the waltz to a foxtrot that allowed Sam to hold Rosemary close and rest his hand on her butt.

John was shocked by what happened next as Rosemary tilted her head up and kissed Sam on the mouth. Sam responded, and they were soon passionately kissing with Barb and John only a few feet away.

Taking that as a cue, John moved closer to Barb and moved to kiss her.

“Sorry, honey, I’m not into that,” said Barb, “I just like to watch my husband seduce other men’s wives.”

“What, you don’t mind,” asked John incredulously.

“No honey, when you’re married to someone with a cock like Sam’s, you just know you need to share. He wants to father four children, but we didn’t want to have more than 2 of our own, which as you know we already have,” said Barb, “besides, with his stamina, he’ll fuck your wife and still have some left for me.”

“Rosemary’s not going to fuck him,” fumed John.

“Don’t be so sure, honey,” responded Barb pointing at Rosemary and Sam.

No longer dancing, they were locked in a passionate embrace with Sam’s hands cupping her butt under Rosemary’s short dress as he pulled her firmly into the huge bulge in his pants.

“Well, she’s definitely not going to father his third child with my wife,” insisted John as he stared in horror at his wife, giving in so easily to Sam, remembering that she wasn’t wearing panties.

“No honey, not his third, Cindy already has that honor. Rosemary will be the mother of his fourth child,” smirked Barb as she looked at John hopelessly watching the seduction of his wife.

“Just sit back and watch honey, there’s nothing you can do. Your wife is about to experience a cock that, from the look of your pants, is about twice as big as yours,” laughed Barb. “She’s going to experience the first real fucking of her life.”

At that point, Sam pulled Rosemary’s dress over her head and pantiless and braless. She stood there naked in only her high heels and pearl necklace.

John was rubbing his cock through his pants as he watched the scene unfold. Barb reached over and pulled the zipper down on John’s pants, and his 4-inch prick poked out.

“Hmmm, maybe I was wrong,” laughed Barb, “I think he’s more than twice as big as you.”

Rosemary continued to be under a spell as she looked up at Sam and allowed his hands-free access to her body.

“Oh,” Rosemary said with a sharp intake of breath as Sam pinched her nipples and then bent down to kiss them and bite them.

While kissing Rosemary’s nipples, Sam reached his right hand down and flicked her clit, causing another sharp intake of breath followed by a low moan. He then slowly began to insert his finger into her pussy. John watched helplessly as Sam inserted his finger all the way in. When he withdrew it, John could clearly see how wet it was from Rosemary’s juices.

John wanted to yell out and stop things but instead found himself helplessly drawn to get up from the couch and move closer to see the continued seduction of his beautiful wife. Barb got up with him and stood beside him as he watched Sam continue to fuck Rosemary with his finger.

As John continued to stroke his small cock, Barb unbuckled his pants, saying, “I think you need to get these pants off so you can really stroke that little thing.”

Helping him to get his shoes and pants off, Barb laughed as John stood there in only his shirt and socks while stroking his small cock, “I don’t think your wife ever got off when you poked her with that little thing.”

John blushed as he thought of the big dildo that Rosemary used after each time they fucked. She’d always said that she just needed to have another orgasm, but now John realized that she’d needed the dildo just to have an orgasm. While John was having these thoughts, Sam continued to fuck Rosemary with his big finger.

“Oh, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, oh, oh, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” Rosemary screamed as Sam found her “G” spot and tapped it with his finger.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she continued to moan and cry out as she thrust herself down against Sam’s rigid digit.

Sam’s hand was coated with Rosemary’s secretions as she continued to cry out and moan as wave after wave of pleasure swept through her.

Reaching up and putting her arms around Sam’s neck, she longingly looked into his eyes as she said, “I love you. I can’t live without you fucking me. Please fuck me with your cock. Please let me be your mistress and have your baby.”

In spite of his arousal, John’s little cock went limp as he heard those words.

“It’s not just about you,” Sam said, “I’ll fuck you anytime you want, but if you want unprotected sex to make a baby, John has to agree to love you forever and take care of our child.”

“Oh honey, please say you’ll love me and take care of Sam’s and my child,” Rosemary begged.

John couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but evermore he couldn’t believe his answer.

“Yes, I’ll love you forever and take care of you and your child,” John said softly.

He expected that Rosemary might reward him with a kiss or a hug, but instead, she turned to Sam and said gleefully, “Let’s make a baby!”

With that, Sam swept Rosemary into his arms and carried her, saying, “I think making a baby requires a real bed.”

The master bedroom was as magnificent as the rest of the house with moonlight streaming in through the large picture windows. Sam placed Rosemary on the bed, and she lay there with her legs spread for all to see. John could see her cum still streaming down her creamy thighs. She lay there with a dreamy smile on her face as she looked adoringly at Sam.

Turning to Barb, Sam asked, “Well, my darling, are you ready for me to fuck our new slut Rosemary?”

John’s little 4 inches started hardening, thinking of his wife as a slut for this powerful man.

“Yes, darling, I am,” responded Barb, “would you like me to undress you so she and John can see what’s in store for her.”

“Yes, my love, let’s begin,” Sam said as he pulled Barb to him and kissed her deeply as they held each other lovingly.

John watched as Barb then began to slowly undress Sam. As she pulled his shirt off, John couldn’t help but note how muscular Sam was and how chiseled his upper body was.

“John, come here,” Barb commanded.

Not knowing what she wanted, John nevertheless did as commanded and walked obediently to her. Barb removed John’s shirt, and he pulled off his socks to stand naked before them all.

“I want your wife to realize how fortunate she is to have Sam and me as friends and how she won’t ever have to put up with your pathetic excuse for a cock. You both are about to behold a magnificent cock, one that will give your wife hours of pleasure and, most assuredly, make her pregnant,” Barb said with relish.

“John, help me undress Sam,” Barb commanded as she pulled the trembling John forward and pushed him to his knees in front of them both.

“Unfasten Sam’s belt and pull down his zipper,” she demanded.

In spite of wanting to rebel, John found himself unable to resist this powerful woman. His hands trembled as he gazed at the huge bulge in Sam’s pants, but he obeyed and unfastened Sam’s belt and pulled the zipper down.

He was shocked to realize that Sam had no underwear on as his enormous cock sprang out, almost hitting him in the face. He was also shocked at his reaction as he looked longingly at the magnificent cock and started to drool.

This was not lost on Barb as she laughed and said, “Not yet, little guy, you may get a chance to clean up, but I’ll get him ready.”

Not that it looked like Sam needed any more to be ready as his cock looked rock hard with the veins standing out in his rigid member. John stared in awe as Barb opened her mouth wide and plunged down, engulfing Sam’s magnificent penis. In and out, she sucked Sam, and indeed he grew at every stroke. This was clearly the largest cock John had ever seen, and he had peeked at a few in locker rooms over the years. Even on porn, John had never seen one this large. He couldn’t believe that his petite wife could ever take something this big.

“You only get to drool, for now, little boy,” Barb said as she stood and pushed him into a heap on the floor.

Sam pulled Barb to him and gave her a deep kiss. As they broke the kiss, Barb said, “Fuck her hard baby, make a baby tonight.”

Sam walked to the bed and lay down beside Rosemary, who was still lying with her legs spread. Pulling her to him, they kissed deeply as they held each other closely. Rosemary reached down and stroked Sam’s cock. Her small hand couldn’t even close around his enormous member.

“Fuck me, Sam, I want your baby. I love you so much!” Rosemary pleaded softly.

With that, Sam rolled between her legs and pulled them up over his shoulders as he positioned his cock at the entrance to her wet pussy lips.

“Oh my god,” John moaned as he watched his wife take Sam’s enormous cock inch by inch.

In spite of, or perhaps because of what he was seeing, John’s little cock was as hard as he could remember it ever being. He stroked it as he watched his gorgeous wife being split by Sam’s huge penis. He knew he should be angry and do something, but he was powerless to intervene. Something inside him wanted to see his wife impregnated by this god of a man. He wanted to be their willing slave and do whatever was commanded of him.

A low moan came from Rosemary’s mouth as Sam inched his engorged cock into her. When he was about halfway in, Rosemary wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him into her while thrusting up with her pelvis to grind Sam’s dark public hair against her blonde landing strip.

“Eiiiiii,” she screamed, “fuck me, Sam, make me your pregnant whore. Eiiiii, don’t stop fucking me.”

Rosemary kept thrusting her hips upward while Sam pistoned his cock in and out of her at a breathtaking pace. Sam would pull his cock out until only the head was inside her and then plunge downward, knocking the wind out of Rosemary.

Rosemary continued to scream in almost animalistic fervor as she begged Sam to make her pregnant and never stop fucking her. Without realizing it, John had moved to within a foot of his wife as he watched in awe as she took all of Sam’s large penis as it slammed in and out of her.

“Ohhhhhh, I’m cumming, cumming,” cried Rosemary as she lifted her pelvis up to meet Sam’s thrusts and held herself there as Sam fired his rocket launcher full of sperm into her waiting womb.

Sam held her as she clung to him with her arms and legs wrapped tightly as if to absorb every drop of his potent sperm. Their passionate kiss at that point was proof that this was no mere mating of animals but a pair mating with the intention of bringing a child into this world.

John realized that his little penis had spurted at the same moment that Rosemary orgasmed as if sharing her moment of ecstasy with her. Wondering where that left him, he watched as Sam continued to kiss Rosemary while she came down from her euphoric high.

“Oh Sam, I love you,” sighed Rosemary as she continued to cling to his strong body, “I can’t wait to start showing that I’m pregnant with our child.”

“Barb, come here,” said Sam.

Barb seemed to know exactly what Sam wanted as she lay down in bed so that Sam could reach over and kiss her as he continued to impale Rosemary with his still hard cock.

“What would you like next my love,” Barb asked Sam.

“I want you to take Rosemary and welcome her to our family,” Sam responded.

Sensing what he wanted, Barb pulled off her dress and tossed it on the floor, showing that she’d been braless and pantiless the whole time. With that, Sam lifted himself off Rosemary and slowly withdrew his cock from her tight pussy. As he pulled away, Barb slid in and held Rosemary tightly as she tenderly kissed her lips.

“What about me?” asked John.

“Oh, I almost forgot Cucky Boy, on your knees and cleaned up Sam’s cock. Taste your wife’s love for another man,” said Barb commandingly.

John obediently got down on his knees in front of Sam, and gingerly lifted the heavy cock to his lips. Licking slowly at first and then faster, he ultimately sucked 6 inches of Sam’s cock into his mouth.

“A few more months and you’ll be able to take it all in, Cucky,” giggled Barb.

“You were fabulous,” said Barb to Rosemary, “I can tell by how hard Sam came that you two really love each other, and I love you so much for satisfying my husband. I can’t wait for our next dinner when you and Cindy will both be pregnant with Sam’s children!”

Knowing that she had served her purpose for the day, Rosemary took John’s hand and led him out of the bedroom and down the stairs, picking up their clothing as they went. After they were dressed, Barb kissed Rosemary passionately again, and then Sam held and kissed her goodbye at the door. John stood by obediently while waiting for Sam and Barb to finish their goodbye with his beaming wife.

Sam and Barb remained naked, so, as Barb said, they could “celebrate another baby coming into the family and another cuckold to serve when needed.”

John drooled at the thought!

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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