Brainwashed! (Gay Themes)

By Anon. Slowly his eyes opened, bringing the room before him into focus. It was not the most well-lit room in the world, but as he adjusted to the gloom, he began to notice two things. One, that he was nude, and two, that he was secured into a chair by steel manacles on his ankles, thighs, waist and neck. His arms, oddly, were free. “Awake at last, I see,” Purred a feminine voice nearby. He moved his head about

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The Tiny Twink (Gay Themes)

By Anon. I was minding my own affairs, just taking a leak in the men’s room in the park, when it came to my attention that I had an audience down at the other end of the long through urinal. I glanced over, and saw that it was a guy that had been sitting on the side of the hill watching us work. The guy was staring at me while I relieved myself, so I gave him a thrill by

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The Change Room Incident! (Gay Themes)

By Anon. This is the story of something that happened to me while I was still in our local swimming team. I was 16 at that time. I was running late for practice, so no one was inside when I arrived in the changing rooms. Everyone had already left for the swimming pool. Being the only one there, I quickly undressed to full nudity. Normally, I always left my t-shirt on while changing into my speedos because it would hang

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True Stories: Boydick on a Man! (Gay Themes)

By Anon. Here is a true online chat transcript between two guys discussing the sizes of their cocks: Me: I was looking at your Twitter feed and noticed some comments about penis size, including “Do you think 4 inches is small? If it’s 4 inches erect, yes.” Him: LMFAOOOOOO yes! Hahahaha, but you cannot tell me that isn’t sooo true. Me: Yeah, it’s true. Out of curiosity, how big are you? Him: A little over 6.5″ I love it, haha,

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Meeting Mr. Smith! (Gay SPH)

By Unknown. “He’s an acquaintance of mine,” William explained to me as he ran his hand over my chest while I looked at the ceiling fan while it rotated above the bed. “It seems weird, though,” I replied. “When did you become so straight-laced?” the love of my life asked, and it was hard to deny that at that stage of my life, at 19, I was pretty much up for anything. William was well aware of that, and in

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