Glory Hole Gone Wrong (Gay Themes)

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Glory Hole

Unzip, Unload, Leave.

Good looking guy, Great Skills.

No conversation, No Reciprocation.

The ad caught my eye on the local MfM chat board, with a four day back up and no prospects at hand (well other than my hand) for some one way pleasure my interest was piqued. I read and re-read the ad, my bloated balls clouding any reservations I may have had…I clicked the link and sent off an inquiry.


Good looking guy, 38, tall and athletic, hung average and cut. Looking for some quality service with no reciprocation. Tell me about your set up.

Ok, so it was mostly true. Well, with one glaring exception. I like to say I am hung average, I like to say I’m about 6 inches. Every ruler in the world will tell you I am closer to 4 than 6. And like it or not, size matters. Put yourself out there saying ‘4.5 inches cut, thin but well shaped’ and you end up on the wrong end of a no reciprocation deal every time. But whatever, I really need a blowjob and alls fair, Right?

Within the hour my email dinged…

Hey, here’s the deal let me know if you are interested- High quality glory hole, wooden panel in a door frame in my home, quiet residential area. This isn’t some hole in a sheet operation. We never meet, we never talk. You come in, drop your pants, put yourself through the hole and enjoy the ride, I like to take it real slow, quality, not speed. Clean up and zip up, and out the door you go. I’m about 40, fit, muscular, shaved head. When were you looking for?

My dick was half hard, and already leaking a little. I was climbing the walls I was so horny.

His neighbourhood was in a good part of town, punctuation and grammar were good. For god’s sake, I’m looking for anything to say this is clearly the guy who should be sucking me off today.

Sounds great, tell me where…4:00?

Two hours later, two hours of discomfort courtesy of my half hard dick, I was pulling in to the driveway of a pleasant looking cape house on the other side of town. I got out of the car feeling very self conscious…certain that I was being sized up by an unseen muscular bald man…a man I would never see according to his concise instructions…

Come in the front door, don’t bother knocking. You will see the wood panel on the doorway in the front hall. Instructions will be on the panel. I will be behind the panel, don’t talk to me, I won’t answer, just follow the instructions.

The front yard was well cared for, the house exterior was neat and attractive. What on earth was a glory hole doing in this perfect suburban home? Each step to the front door was measured, finally my hand was reaching for the door handle, time to decide if this was all a little too strange.

The cranberry red door opened to a hallway/ foyer of gleaming hardwood floors, freshly painted walls…and a doorway about 10 feet down the hall completely filled by a plywood panel.. The panel was well constructed, nicely finished, and fit the door frame perfectly. As I walked closer it showed no light where it met the frame. One hole was visible, but it was about 18 inches off the floor. Roughly waist high on the wall was a piece of paper.

Do Not Remove This Sheet of Paper

Until You Have Followed All Instructions

Pants and Underwear Around Your Ankles.

Whole package through the hole behind this sheet of paper, cock and balls.

I have condoms on my side of the wall, do not look through the hole.

My dick was fully hard, the tent would have been plainly visible if anyone had come in the door behind me. While I was nervous about putting my private parts through the hole, the nice house and my desperation to cum had me undoing my belt.

I dropped my pants to the floor, and slid my jockeys to my ankles as well. My dick sprung straight out, and had a clear drip at the tip. I carefully pulled the piece of paper off the wall, and revealed an identical hole to the one closer to the floor. It appeared to be dark on the other side, and despite my curiosity I didn’t dare try to peek. My completely rigid cock was bouncing with need…I took a deep breath and aimed it toward the hole.

The hole was at a perfect height for me, but even with my undersized cock it was challenging to follow the explicit instructions. I moved my cock about half way in to the hole, but had to tuck and push my balls through one at a time. By the time the second nut popped through they both ached a little from the tight squeeze. It also became immediately apparent that they weren’t coming back through as long as my dick was hard, at least not without a great deal of discomfort. My hips and groin were pulled snugly against the wall by the tight fit, and I felt a little foolish pulled up to the wall with nothing to look at but the plywood grain. It wasn’t really clear what was going to happen next, and I began to get nervous.

The first contact, lips, mouth, tongue engulfing my dick right to the base, was knee buckling;. I gasped loudly, and moaned gutturally as the warm mouth drew so slowly back the length of my shaft. Finally at my super sensitive ridge the mouth stopped, stopped and did nothing for several long seconds. Then the lips began massaging my ridge as a tongue started working my slit ever so lightly. In less than 20 seconds I was gasping and panting, and would have humped his mouth if I could move. Perhaps a full minute of this had me approaching the danger zone. The mouth sensed this, and moved back to sliding down my shaft. Slowly, ever so slowly. I felt my finger nails digging in to the wood, my hips were pushed as hard as possible to the hole. The mouth made it to the base of throbbing cock and once again stopped. The tongue flicked forward again and swirled my head, again targeting the super sensitive ridge.

I moaned and fought to keep from falling to the floor, knowing I might rip my balls off in the process. Again I could feel my balls tightening, and again the mouth knew what to do. Glacially slowly, the mouth started working back up my shaft. I threw my head back with my eyes screwed shut, my mouth involuntarily open emitting a silent primitive moan. Again the lips went to work on grossly swollen ridge, I humped desperately against the wall, only able to move a millimetre. The mouth allowed my cock to spring upward as it let me out, I heard a low chuckled as my erection bounced and flinched in desperation. It had only been a couple of minutes, but I was more desperate for the relief of orgasm than ever before. My knees wobbled, but the tug on my trapped balls reminded me to stay on my feet or pay a horrible penalty.

The mouth went to work on balls at this point, sucking and soaking them in saliva. I realised I hadn’t been breathing as I focused only on my need to cum. My breath was ragged, and the sucking on my balls kept me desperately turned on, but I was able to regain some control. Still, my swollen cock was unrelenting and my aching need to cum kept building and consuming me. Somehow the mouth sensed that I was out of the danger zone, and my saliva soaked balls were allowed to drop free. The mouth returned to the tortuously slow treatment on my cock, masterfully changing movements and areas of focus in a way that kept me panting, humping and finally begging for that one extra lick or stroke that would free my load from my aching balls.

The cycle repeated over and over, insanely skilled and slow ministrations to my throbbing cock, ‘rest’ periods of ball sucking that only enable further cock teasing torture. I unashamedly begged the anonymous mouth on the other side of the wall for mercy, pleaded for the shattering orgasm that was so close. My only focus was my trapped swollen cock, I lost all contact with the room, the house, the wall…I only knew my dick was trapped on one side of the wall, my hands and masturbatory relief trapped on the other side.

I was choking and gasping out my pleas for the release I so desperately craved…needed…pleading pathetically.

Suddenly, it all stopped.

The mouth, the tongue, the lips all broke contact, and I was left to spasm and dry in the air. ‘Oh god please…please’ was all I could croak out.

For the first time a hand, strong fingers, took hold of my balls and lifted them away from the wall surface. I felt an odd smooth line slide up behind my scrotum, then close quickly around my cock behind my balls. An odd clicking noise accompanied this new sensation, but I couldn’t identify the sensation.

The hand now grasped my shaft at the unbelievable sensitive ridge. I moaned and sagged slightly, but the hand didn’t move and seemed to have a purpose other than the teasing pleasure of the mouth. Suddenly the same clicking noise preceded a tight noose closing around the base of my dick, a painful, constricting grip that took firm hold of my grotesquely swollen shaft. I barked out a mix of pain and need and screamed out at the anonymous mouth and hands….’hey, what the fuck are you doing..”

For the first time I sensed another person on my side of the wall. Still consumed by the ache in my shaft, the odd sensation around my balls, and my desperate blue balled lust I spun my head to the left. Average height, muscular in a snug t shirt, bald head, jeans and a knowing smirk.

‘Who are you, and what have you done, get me out of this thing, DO YOU HEAR ME, get me out!’

The bald guy showed absolutely no response, no surprise, no real interest in what I had said.

‘I said get me out of this thing you bastard…’

Again no reaction. I began to slam my body against the wall, but now realised that the millimetre of play I had earlier was now gone, by cock and balls appeared to be secured to the other side of the wall. My grunting and thrusting only caused my cock to slap against the wall painfully.

The bald guy finally spoke…’Let me explain to you what is going on here, or would you prefer to keep humping the wall?’

I was raging with anger, and honestly desperate for some kind of renewed attention to my dick, but chose to listen.

The bald guy held up a zip tie, a thick professional looking zip tie, and began to speak in dispassionate tones…

‘One of these zip ties is around your cock and balls, and is secured to the wall on the other side. You can’t pull out of that hole without leaving your package on that side. ‘

He waited a minute to let that sink in, I sensed that the bad news was only beginning.

‘Another one of these zip ties is pulled tight, real tight, around the base of your cock. It will make sure your dick stays hard, real hard, for a very long time. It also makes sure that very little blood flow goes in to your dick. You will be ok for a good while, but eventually tissue damage begins. I think you can imagine what that means after a while…’

I was furious and scared but chose to not say a word, the utter calmness of this man terrified me.

‘Let me tell you how this is going to work…you are going to take off all of your clothes, every stitch, and kick them over to the corner by the door. You then are going to put these on…’ he slid a pair of handcuffs across the floor to my feet’ with your hands behind your back. Then we will get you out of that hole so we can move on to the rest of our fun.’

Neither of us moved, neither of us said a word. My trapped cock and balls made it clear that my bargaining position was weak, but I somehow felt like I had some kind of leverage if my hands were free. I was angry and scared, but I also was still was desperate to cum. The zip tie around my cock was working exactly as this guy predicted, my dick was achingly hard and I badly needed some friction on my dick.

Somehow, once again this guy knew what I was thinking…

‘You seem like a smart guy. We can stand here, or you can get those clothes off and put on those handcuffs. You can do it now, or I can go back over to the other side of the wall and use your balls to persuade you.’

His voice was eerily calm, no anger, no emotion. He and I both knew he didn’t need to be angry, he was right, the outcome was inevitable.

I kicked off my shoes, and stepped out of my pants and underwear. I kicked the pile of clothes and shoes toward the corner. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see a slight smile as he enjoyed my capitulation. I couldn’t look at him as I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and tossed it in the pile, the undershirt followed. I now had to remove my socks, I tried bending backwards to do it but an immediate tug on my trapped balls made that impossible. I struggled to remove each sock with the opposite foot, finally kicking both over to the corner.

The handcuffs lay next to my right foot. Hooking them by the connecting chain with my right foot was simple. Somehow transferring them foot to hand was another matter. I tried bringing them straight up, but my anchored cock and balls wouldn’t allow that. I again tried bending my leg backwards, but dropped the cuffs on two attempts. On the second drop they slid out of my reach.

‘Interlock you fingers behind your neck’, the mystery man ordered.

Seeing no option, I complied.

He walked over and picked up the cuffs, but rather than cuffing me, he put them in my right hand and stepped back. It was clear what I was supposed to do. I brought the cuffs around in front of my face, and after some fumbling, secured one to my right wrist. They felt hard and uncomfortable. I brought my wrists behind my back, and floundered for a good while before finally figuring out how to grip the other cuff just right to attach it to my other wrist. With a sickening series of clicks, my wrists were now secure behind my back.

And still, my erection was unrelenting, aching. I was angry and scared, but I still badly wanted the mouth to finish the job it had started, relieve the frantic state it had put me in.

‘Ok, now lets make sure we understand what’s going to happen here. I am going to go unhook you from the wall, and you are going to pull yourself out the hole. It will probably take a while, it’s a pretty uncomfortable process with no hands and your dick hard. Take as much time as you need, but let’s not make a day of it.’

His perversely friendly tone was strange, but gave me enough reassurance that he wasn’t a total madman that I spoke.

‘Why are you doing this, why don’t you just let me go. Let me just jerk off and leave. I won’t tell a soul about this.’ I couldn’t believe I was still thinking about how badly I needed to get off, but I couldn’t help it. This obviously struck a cord, because his reply was quick and firm.

‘Let’s get this straight, you are not going to cum in my home. Guys like you who think they can go in to another guy’s home, blow their load and show no consideration for his needs disgust me. You are just going to have to figure how to deal with the discomfort of that hard-on. And don’t get me started on guys like you who lie about their dick size. What did you think, I wouldn’t notice the difference between four inches and six inches. You deserve to have the tables turned on you. Get used to it, before you leave here you are going to learn what it’s like on the other side of the hole.’

I had no idea what to say to this guy…why was he posting ads for a no reciprocation glory hole if he is irate at guys who enjoy that kind of thing. There were so many strange and conflicting parts to his rant I had no idea where to start to reason with this guy. But he wasn’t finished…

‘That zip strip on your dick is going to make sure you stay good and hard, those handcuffs will make sure all you can do is look at it. Kind of funny, huh.’

This guy was getting stranger by the minute, but it was clear he knew what he was doing. My hard-on was relentless, and I wanted to cum so desperately. He continued.

‘Let’s be clear right now, I will not touch your dick again. If you are cooperative, and like I said, you seem like a smart guy, you get out of here in plenty of time to cut that thing off of your dick before you have any problems. If you aren’t cooperative, well, all bets are off. If necessary, I won’t hesitate to use your balls if I have to…’

I was dumbfounded…this guy was clearly a lunatic. I was terrified for the fate of my dick, for my terribly vulnerable balls, and could see that this guy was full of rage for reasons that made no sense to me. My shoulders slumped, and I leaned my forehead against the wall in defeat.

The guy walked down the hall and disappeared, I heard him on the other side of the wall and wished I could see what fate he had in mind for my trapped package. His hands roughly grabbed my balls, I gasped in fear and from the sensation in my aching neglected dick which jerked and flopped. I felt something cold and metallic against my scrotum and winced, but before I could scream in terror I felt the strip around my cock and balls come loose, and suddenly felt some slack in the hole. I was no longer secured to the wall.

‘Now pull yourself out of the hole,’ came the voice from the other side of the wall.

I pulled back from the hole a couple of millimetres, but quickly realised that this was not going to be easy, it certainly was going to be painful. Going in my dick had been fairly limp, and I had used my hand to work my balls in one at a time. Now my cock was swollen to its maximum, and without use of my hands I could only try to pull everything back out. I tried bending my knees, hoping it would get my dick to pull through, but in its engorged state there was no hope. I tried sliding side to side, it only began the process of crushing my balls in to the hole. Standing up on my toes wedged them in a little further, the nauseous ache spread in to my abdomen.

‘Shame your dick won’t deflate, it would probably be much easier if you were limp.’

Why on earth was this guy doing this to me…what is the cause of this bizarre rage?

Again, it was like he could read my mind…

‘I didn’t make you put your dick in there, I didn’t force you to put those handcuffs on, I’m only asking you get your puny cock out my hole. Do it now, stop wasting time.’

I decided that my best approach, or maybe my only approach, was going to be like taking off a band-aid. I tried to convince myself to give it one hard tug, just throw my hips backward and hope I slid right through. I couldn’t do it. What if I only managed to wedge myself in, then stuck. Would I be throwing my whole body weight on my balls? What if I did succeed, would I go flying backwards with no way to break my fall…

I began a very, very gentle process of working my hips side to side. Each tug worked my balls in to the vice like hole a little more, first the left, then the right. At most I had about a third of each testicle in to the hole, and the pain was deep. Each tug took my breath away as the new ache radiated through my abdomen. I knew if I stopped I would want to push back through to relieve the pain, so I kept rocking side to side. Finally I was nearing half way, the pain was knee buckling. I put my forehead against the wall, leaned my hips back, and raised up on to my toes as fast as I could.

Involuntarily I let out a long, low wail, my entire world was the pain in my balls. For the first time I could see scrotum on my side of the wall. I repositioned my feet, and tried raising on to my toes again. As the nausea washed over me I coughed and fought back the urge to be sick, but could see about a third of my left testicle. With all of the pain I was in, the zip tie denied me the benefit of my dick shrinking, and for the first time I could see my shaft beyond the zip tie. My dick was deep red, a horrifying sight. I thrust backward mightily, and my whole package popped free sending me staggering backwards and dropping me to my knees.

I knelt on the floor coughing and drooling as wave after wave of pain flowed over me. I had no doubt that some kind of damage had been done to my squashed balls. My forehead rested on the floor as I prayed for relief from the relentless pain.

I felt a hand take hold of my balls, and instinctively tried to squirm away. The hand tightened only slightly around my battered balls, immediately incapacitating me. I wailed as my face mashed to the floor. I tried to look back between my legs, and saw a zip tie being pulled tight around my scrotum just above my balls. There was a long cord attached to the zip tie. My balls were now leashed.

The guy spoke, still utterly calm, unnervingly dispassionate.

‘Ok, now we are ready to move on to stage two, now that you are…more amenable shall we say. It’s amazing how receptive a guy is when he is wearing handcuffs with a hard dick and aching balls.’

I had dragged myself to my knees, and to my horror my dick was still fully engorged, and obscenely jutting forward. The leash trailed from behind my scrotum to my still unnamed tormentor. His superior status was quickly reinforced with a sharp tug on the leash, punishing my throbbing nuts. I coughed and moaned.

‘Follow me, get up.’

I awkwardly scrambled to my feet as the slack disappeared from the leash. He walked down the hall, I followed closely on the too short leash, desperate to avoid any further abuse to my balls. We turned the corner, and I found an empty room saving a single chair in front of what was apparently the other side of the wall. Clearly he had been seated in that chair when he administered the debilitating cock teasing blowjob that had put me in this predicament. Now the chair was pulled roughly from the wall.

‘Get on your knees, put the head of your dick through that hole.’

He was gesturing to the unused lower hole, the one about 18 inches from the floor. This hole appeared to slightly bigger than the other hole. I dropped to my knees, and shuffled up to the hole. Satisfied I was in position, he leaned down and threaded the beginning of the leash through the hole, carefully avoiding any contact with my hard shaft.

‘Don’t move, don’t move or your balls will hear about it.’

He stepped back and looked at his handwork, I was completely broken, no thought of resistance in my vulnerable state. He slowly made his way back down the hall, and over to the other side of the wall. I could hear him approach, then there was terrifying quiet.

The leash began to disappear through the hole, but didn’t stop when it had fully played out. Instead it tugged my cock and forced my balls through the slightly larger hole. The leash tugged until my hips were snug against the wall, then I could feel some tugging and adjusting. Once again I was snugly secured to the wall, only now I was on the other side with the hole that originally held me captive directly across from my face. It didn’t take much imagination to figure out why I was secured here.

Now the voice spoke to me through the hole in front of my face.

‘Simple deal. Guys come in, you suck them off. You can see how the working side of the hole works for a change. Just for your information, there are two signs on this side of the wall. Above the upper hole it says “No condoms needed”. Above where your dick and your balls are sticking out it says “Slap these balls if you don’t like the service.”.’

‘Your quota is six tonight.’

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