My Voyeuristic Neighbour

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I recently moved after graduating from college into a house all to myself. The first person I met in this new neighbourhood was a single mother that lives next door. She isn’t someone you’d consider gorgeous but at least she was tall, slim, and had a rack I could only imagine was modestly a D cup. For weeks after meeting her I watched when she went outside or tanned half naked on her deck masturbating to the thought of how incredible an older and more experienced woman would be like in bed. However there was one issue that I knew would stop me from ever finding out, since I have an unusually small manhood.

When I was born there were some complications with a double hernia operation, and when I went through puberty with the voice changing and hair growing like all other guys, my penis never grew much. So there I was at 22 with barely 3 inches fully hard and having no problem rubbing one out whenever I felt the need. It wasn’t until over a month after meeting this single mother, Diane, when I ran into her again for the first time in two weeks, when we had an eye-opening chat.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you around Diane” I noticed she kept glancing below my waist as I approached and she said “I’ve been pretty busy, but I see you all the time from my bedroom window upstairs.” She seemed to giggle slightly but I didn’t think anything of it. We small talked a little longer and then I made my way back inside the house.

That night I began wondering why she laughed a little after saying she had seen me from inside her house, and then it hit me what was happening. I ran over to my bedroom and looked up the cracks in my shades only to realise her second story bedroom window had a perfect view down my tilted shades into my window and right on the spot I stroked myself at.

A million thoughts ran through my head as I realised she had seen me naked while I slept and even watched me masturbate without realising I was thinking about her as she watched.
Honestly though, the thought of this woman watching and even her playful laughing to tease me about what she saw, I felt my cock stiffen just imagining it.

So turned on knowing what she had be doing, I had to go to my bathroom and splash my face with some cold water before I came where I stood. But the surprises only kept coming when I looked up after striping off my clothes and jumping into the shower to cool off. I never bothered to put shades up in the two bathroom windows since they were both high enough that no one on the ground could see in. What I just then noticed for the first time however was that Diane’s bedroom window not only could see into my bedroom but also was high enough to see through the window opposite the shower. She could see EVERYTHING that was possible to see in my bathroom. This was the point in which the only thoughts on my mind were what I could do to make her peep show as fun, interesting, and shocking as possible. After all, if she really had been watching me for two weeks or more, it made no sense to be embarrassed and hide from her voyeurism.

I thought hard about the situation stroking my cock under the shower when I came across an idea to have fun with her. It was too late for me to pretend I had even an average sized dick for her to look at. On top of that I realized that even though she clearly had a perfect view in both my bedroom and bathroom, her window was far enough away that there had to have been times she couldn’t even see that my modest inch and a quarter limp dick existed in front of my balls(yes they are much bigger than my limp manhood). For some reason my exhibitionism turned me on full speed and I wanted to see how much I could shock this woman. Grasping my cock with ideas floating around in my head, I finally noticed that Diane had taken her spot looking out the bedroom window.

I climbed out of the shower, walked up to my bathroom window to signal that I knew she was watching and then motioned that I would be right back. I grabbed a piece of paper and a marker from my room, wrote on it I had a surprise for her more shocking than anything she saw so far. Putting my note against the window until she motioned that she read it, I then climbed back into the shower.

After all that happened this day, I wanted her in my house to personally carry out the fantasies I had about her every time I jerked off. I knew after what “little bit” of me she had seen over and over that she had fun watching but had no reason to initiate anything sexual when she could tell she wouldn’t get much from fucking me. I had to do something to make her at least come in even if for curiousity only.

For the first time in my life, I purposely turned the shower to cold and made sure my back was all she saw. Now I may seem like I have a over-active interest in my cock being small, but when you can’t impress girls like other guys, it helps to make women as unimpressed as possible, then when all of a sudden you grow to three inches, they look at it like it’s massive. So in other words, I ran the cold water enough for shrinkage to kick me down to the point that I had no shaft. I turned around at my worst with nothing to see but a half inch of mushroom tip. Believe it or not, it worked because when she watched me turn toward her and saw nothing, her curiosity got her to come “visit”.

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