The Smallest in the Family (Gay Themes)

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by anon

My name is Robbie and I’m 18 years old and live with my Uncle Alan, and my two male cousins (Tom 17yo, and Ben 15yo) because its close to my High School where I am in my senior year. I really liked it here and I got along great with my cousins until a week ago when my Uncle got a new hot-tub installed.

Coincidentally my little brother (Jimmy 15yo) was over at the same time to visit me and he and my cousins were helping me set up the fire-pit we’d just bought. My Uncle was keen for us all to try out the new hot tub and my cousins didn’t seem to mind the idea too.

I told him my brother and I didn’t have swim trunks with us so we would have to pass. But he just laughed telling me that since we were all guys we could get in naked. “It is better anyway..” he told me warmly, “…to be naked in a hot tub!”

I just responded by saying. “I am not sure my mom would like the idea of Ben and me being naked with them in a hot tub anyway!”

“Who’s a mammas boy then!” my cousin Tom teased me.

“What are you chicken or something? It’s only us guys!” Ben followed up with.

“Look if mom finds out I will really cop it! She is like a freak about this stuff!” I said hoping like hell they would back down.

“I wont tell her that’s for sure. Come on stop being such a baby!” my little brother said pouting at me.

I knew I was fucked as to refuse would just make me look like an idiot in front of everyone so I had to relent and finally I agreed.

So we finished what we were doing and then started to undress on the porch. I was the last to get into the tub and as I climbed over and stepped into the hot tub I noticed my youngest cousin’s unbelieving stare. But it was too late to back out now so I acted like this was an every day event and jumped in thankful when the bubbling water covered my nakedness.

It was kind of nice in the hot tub and even though Ben had stared at my cock he didn’t seem to make an issue of it. So we all just carried on as normal joking and teasing each other and I had to admit I was having fun.

After a while my Uncle decided he should go and get some dinner for us and climbed out to start dinner. My cousin Tom also jumped out and laid on the grass as if to get a tan but we teased him the sun was going down and it was hopeless anyway. I was sure he just wanted to display himself to us which he was known to do.

I had noticed my uncle had easily a 4inch flaccid cock and my cousin Tom had an even bigger one. Like 5 inches flaccid. Any wonder he was showing it off like a strutting peacock. I mean to be only 17 and already hung better than your Dad that’s an achievement.

But this was Tom for you and I knew because I had to share a room with him. He was always poking it in my face to show it off and he even jerked off when I was present teasing me because he knew I like to watch. But I knew that monster was over 9 inches when hard,

Now I’m the oldest guy on the swim team by a few years since I was the only Senior to qualify for it. Something my coach wasn’t too pleased about but he liked me because I was a very good swimmer and could win half a dozen races in my own right at most meets.

But I had seen the other guys in the change rooms and I knew nearly all of them had bigger cocks than me even though the next oldest was like 16 years old. But I managed to change in a manner in which they didn’t see me and I never showered with them.

Given the size of Tom’s cock which was staring us all in the face I realised two things. Firstly, Tom was bigger than anyone I had ever seen before; and secondly, by comparison my cock was fucking tiny. I mean really tiny.

My uncle came out a bit later and served dinner on the porch table. He called us to dinner and said it was alright if we didn’t dress yet in case we wanted to go back in the tub later. Besides it was also quite a balmy night so being nude was no problem. My cousins and brother all hurried to the table splashing me with water in their wake as they jumped out of the hot tub.

Both my youngest cousin and my brother both had easily 2-3 inch’s of flaccid cock each. Their penis’ flopped about as they ran for the table making me gulp. I hesitated feeling suddenly self-conscious and after my Uncle called me over again I climbed out of the hot tub and walked over to the table.

They all stared at me.

As I approached my seat my youngest cousin nudged his brother who was brushing grass of his hair. Tom burst out laughing staring at my cock so I just played it of like I didn’t know what was going on. But it seems they didn’t want to let it die.

As I sat Tom said to me in a mocking tone, “Hey Robbie, you must have a hard time finding that dick when you have to piss!”

“Ha! Ha! Very Funny!” I said sitting trying to ignore him.

“I always wondered why your speedos always looked baggy on the front. Guess I now know why!” Tom said again making me blush.

“Come on Tom, leave your cousin in peace and eat your meal!” my Uncle said sternly trying to help me out I guess.

“Ohh come on dad we are just curious. How else are we gonna know if we don’t ask?” Ben replied sticking up for his brother.

“It’s OK Uncle Alan, I am OK with it really!” I said hoping my gesture of courage would impress them all to leave me alone.

“Good for you son!” Uncle Alan smiled at me and then scowled at the other boys.

“So how big is it when you get a stiffy?” Ben asked all of a sudden making his father lean over and slap him on the back of the head.

“Ben! I warned you!” he said angrily.

Jimmy (my Brother) suddenly piped up and said to the others, “I have seen him when he has jerked off and I reckon it is no more than four inches. Maybe even less than that!”

“Look boys!” My Uncle interjected again. “Some men are just slow to develop in that area and I sure Robbie will catch up with you all in no time!”

He smiled at me again and I could see he was just trying to help me but he just made me feel even more humiliated by confirming to them I was small, and I will grow later. I knew that to be rubbish and I knew Uncle Alan didn’t believe it either.

The dinner went on quietly after that but my cousins and brother were laughing and elbowing each other the whole time. I knew it was about me and my small penis and I just blushed each time which made them laugh harder under their breaths.

At the end of the meal Uncle Alan suggested we all put on bathers and said Ben and I can borrow some off the boys. After I had thankfully covered up my tiny cock I helped my Uncle carry out the dishes and when we were alone he tried to apologise.

“I am sorry Robbie about the boys behaviour tonight,” he told me.

I shrugged, “I can’t help the way I was born Uncle Alan. So what can I do?”

“That’s the attitude son, make the best with what you got that’s the secret to happiness!” he told me. “But if I had of known I wouldn’t have insisted we all get in the hot tub nude. You understand that?” he asked.

“Sure I understand!” I said thinking it was stupid for him to think that somehow he should have known.

Like as if I would tell him something so personal anyway.

“In fact I am surprised your little secret hasn’t got out before tonight given you share a room with Tom and you’re on the swim team,” he said as he took a rinsed plate from me and loaded it inside the dishwasher.

“I don’t make a habit of displaying myself to everyone Uncle Alan so I don’t understand why you’re surprised?” I said starting to feel annoyed that he couldn’t just let it go.

“I knew a guy in the Army who had a tiny dick like you. We nicknamed him ‘Slug’ because…well you know why,” my Uncle laughed.

“I don’t see how that is supposed to make me feel better!” I said looking at him angrily.

“Oh sorry Robbie! I am being a little prick aren’t I?” he said winking at me. “What I am trying to say is that Slug learned to go with it. I mean he was a terrific soldier and the kind of guy you’d want backing you up in a fight any day. But he accepted his lot as small dick guy and embraced it.” My Uncle said.

“How do you embrace it?” I said disbelieving.

“By going completely the other way. Instead of skulking about hiding it and then getting all torn up when someone finds out about it. Be open and free about. Let people laugh at it, and use it, and talk about it, and look at it whenever they like. Slug knew that no matter what people said about it, he was not defined by that. Just like you, look at what a great swimmer you are! Some say you have the potential to make the Olympics!” Uncle Alan spoke warmly.

“Yeah I have been invited to train with an Olympic Coach that’s true!” I said.

“Well there you are! Do you think that it makes any difference what size your cock is when you are out there swimming your arse off?” he asked.

“No I guess not!” I answered.

“You can do something that few other people can do!” he said.

“Lot’s of people can swim, Uncle Alan!” I laughed.

“Yeah but not like you. You’re a god damn fish in that water!” he laughed.

“A dickless fish?” I said seriously and then smiling.

“Good lad, that’s the spirit!” he said and grabbed my hand and pulled me down the back of the house and into his bedroom for reasons I did not comprehend. “Now pull those bathers down and let me look at it!” he said suddenly turning top face me.

“Err what?” I asked shocked.

“Come on, get it out! Remember what I said about embracing it?” he said sternly.

I shrugged remembering my Uncles words to go with it and so I tugged my bathers down and took them off. My uncle sat on the bed and said, “OK let’s take a proper look at this thing!”

He pulled me close and started to fumble around in my pubic hair grabbing my cock and pulling on it. “Uncle this is not right! I mean it’s illegal or something isn’t it?” I said.

“Shut up! Robbie, if you want to find true happiness with this tiny cock then you have to learn to make it available to anyone, at any time. Even if it is so they can have a laugh, you do it. Understand?” he said looking up at me.

“Yes Uncle!” I nodded.

“Hmm a baby dick like this should never have hair too. I want you to go into my bathroom and shave all your pubes off, even on your balls. You are to keep it shaved from now on just like you do for the rest of your body. Clear?” he said letting go of my dick which had hardened a bit with his fondling.

“Yes Uncle Alan,” I said and turned and walked into the en suite bathroom connected to his bedroom. It took me about 20 minutes to shave off all my hair around my cock and balls and when I returned to the bedroom I found my Uncle and the bathers were gone. Instead on the bed was a pair of panties with a note on top saying, “From now on you wear these!”

I walked out of the bedroom in pink cotton panties and nothing else and was met in the hallway by Tom. He looked down on my panties and nodded as if this was exactly what he expected.

He looked up at me and said, “I like your panties, they suit you!”

I blushed.

“Don’t worry dad told us all about your little chat with him. We are all cool with it. I always suspected something anyway given the way you always stared at my cock. I thought you were a fag but I guess it was just penis envy!” he laughed.

“Tom I…” I began but he cut me off.

“You love my cock I know. So why don’t you show it sissy boy. Show me how much you want it!” he said taking my hand and leading me into our bedroom.

He pushed me down onto the bed and then pulled his bathers off making his big cock spring out at me. “Come on sissy man, do your duty to a proper cock!” he chided.

Inside I felt such shame and guilt but I just couldn’t stop myself as my hand reached out and grabbed it and began stroking it. Once it was semi hard I started to suck it off.

I could barely fit it in my mouth it grew so big. I had watched him stroke it many times and I never realised until now how much I wanted this. His precum was salty and and his hot cock slid in and out of my mouth filling me with his tastes.

Eventually I felt his cock stiffen slightly and he grunted as my mouth filled with his delicious thick cum. He made me milk and drink every last drop.

“OK get it out jerk it off. I wanna see that tiny cock cum!” he ordered.

So I slipped my panties down and lay on the bed. To my surprise my Uncle, Jimmy and Ben entered the room at that time and just stood there looking at my bald boy cock. I began to work it and they all silently watched when after only a few minutes I shot a big load which spurted at least 50cm in the air.

“”See I told you he had a tiny cock!” Jimmy said looking up at my Uncle.

“Yes, you did well Jimmy to bring this to my attention,” he said patting him on the head.

I looked at Jimmy and realised I had been set up tonight and my little brother was behind it in collusion with my Uncle. They now owned me and god knows what I would have to do next. Just then my Uncle slipped off his bathers and looking down on me lasciviously he said, “Time to suck my cock now Robbie!”


  • Terry L Hand

    I had to show my tiny
    cock to some older cousins too!

  • Marko

    Awesome story!!! Did you ever write other stories like this one??

    • vici

      Paul. it is a shame we are not closer as i would love to teach you and bring another sisi fag cuckold into the wonderful world of cock sucking, this brings so much pleasure to a fag cuck.
      I am happy to hear that your wife keeps your useless little dic in panties, this is how it should be. I am a firm believer that us little limp dic fags should never wear what real men wear, as we should know our place in society
      take care

      • Paul

        Vici it is something I dream of to serve a real man in the only way I can with my mouth
        My limp cock is useless to anyone if I take viagra and work really hard I can get a erection of sorts but it’s not up to much and because it’s taken so much effort I cum in seconds
        As a result I haven’t had penetrative sex in 5 years
        I am a useless man and should be treated like the sissy I am no real woman would ever want me
        No wonder my wife encourages me to wear such feminine underwear and my limp dick does look really pretty in them

        • vici

          Paul, that’s hot , i have worn panties for over 20 yrs now my wife thinks it’s best for a little limp dic fag cuckold to keep there useless dic in panties, i agree with you it’s looks so much better, course with only 3inches i don’t have much of a bulge.
          i have not been able to have penetrative sex with her in 15 yrs now. she has had many lovers , and has one sexy BF she dates regular and vacay with 🙂 life as limp dic fag cuckold is GOOOOOD

      • bambiegirl

        Vick, I agree with you. I started sucking cock at 9. All my friends are bigger than me and they loved getting off everyday. Now I’m married and she doesn’t get satisfied with my dick so I use my tongue. Her friend Duane has a nice thick 8 inch cock that keeps her happy. I wear female lingerie and neutral sex clothes, all with ladies clothes tags. I’m a sissy cuckold for the last 8 years.

  • Anonymous

    Very good story it made my tiny disk hard just wish you would continue more of the story
    Sissy Jessie

  • Paul

    What a beautiful story it feels right to wear panties when you are so under endowed and not a real man
    It’s surely just the next step to suck cock and have cum in your mouth

    • vici

      Paul… so totally agree with your comment

      • Paul

        Vici…’s my honest belief I’m not a real man so I must be a sissy and prepared to act in this way

        • vici

          Paul.. i totally agree with your thinking as i DO NOT consider myself a real man.
          I am am a total sisi fag cuckold. I have been sucking real men’s dic for years and i would suggest you take this next step also, do no deprive yourself of this pure pleasure of sucking dic… please go and embrace this dic sucking of real men , you be glad you did

          • Paul

            Viki I would love to take this next step shame we are not closer so that you could teach me
            I spent most of my time with my little limp useless dick in panties and my wife openly encourages me to wear very feminine tanga type pants especially pink ones which I adore

  • vici

    wowo what a hot story.. as a 3incher myself i love the SPH… nice story
    thank you for sharing it

  • Anonymous

    Incredibly hot! Love the tiny cock guy embracing his sissiness!

  • boc

    panties forever.never an unsightly bulge.big cock guys love my tiny.they always want me to hold their cocks and suck them.

  • stubtail

    omg its so much fun beating off looking at well hung guys, I just hate showering with other guys, everyone seems to have such big dicks. I think small dick guys are supposed to be the bottoms and suck dick and get fucked in the ass like a woman. I love swallowing loads then rubbing my fat, pale belly, I can feel the fat tailed male sperm thrashing in my belly…….


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