High School Initiation

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Growing up, I was like any other white kid. I had a mom and a dad who loved me very much, and a few pets. We lived in a somewhat nice suburb, with modest furnishings. I had never been a very “sexual” pre-teen or teen for that matter, but I did get erections constantly. And then, when I started high school, everything changed.

James. A. Lott’s High School was about a 10 minute walk from my house. I remember my first day of high school clearly, for a few reasons. I woke up around 7:00, sporting a small morning wood, perhaps 3 to 4 inches. I thought nothing of it. I proceeded to go into the bathroom and shower up, after packing my backpack for the day. I looked into the mirror, and saw a pretty normal kid: dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, somewhat charming smile, and a good complexion. I had never been a confident or outgoing child, for reasons unknown to me at the time. But, I told myself, high school will be different. In high school, everybody wins, I told myself.

I disrobed in my bedroom, and pulled on some boxers and a pair of jeans. I wore my favourite “Stars Wars” t-shirt, because today was going to be a good day, I kept telling myself. As I lightly stepped down the hall, I heard my mom come out of the kitchen and inquire whether I would be bringing a lunch or not. I told her no, because I had some money for a school-cooked lunch, and she consented.

She walked up to me, in her silky blue bathroom, and grabbed my face in her hands. I hate to say it, but my mom is definitely a sexy woman. She’s got perky C cup boobs, dark brown hair, with thick brown eyes, and a caramel complexion to die for. Honestly, I hated myself whenever I thought these things, but by god, she was beautiful.

“You’re growing up, honey. I love you so much, Will.” she whispered tearing up.

I wasn’t going to have any of this, “Mom, I’m just starting high school, I will be okay, and I’m not leaving the house any time soon, okay?”

“Yes, yes, dear. Have a good day, then!” she sighed as she let go of my face. She swiftly spun on her slippers, and glimmered back into the kitchen, a star of radiance.

Good, I thought to myself, now that that’s over with, I can go to school and become a winner.

I walked outside, and breathed in the fresh morning air. It smelled like fall, the scent of pre-school stress and last minute grasps for freedom, away from the establishment that would dictate how well you later did in life. I started down the path, noting the grassy knolls of our front yard, and I turned left, down the side walk that basically led right to school. As I passed the house next to us, a girl who looked about my age walked out, wearing a short lace skirt that flitted in the wind, revealing all too much thigh that I was comfortable with, considering how easily I got erections these days.

She had long, flowing, dark red hair, the colour of autumn sun, or a red star that gleams in the night. Her eyes were a mischievous shade of green, with a twinkle that said, ‘I’m here to fuck shit up’. I gulped as she walked up to the side walk where I stood gawking and sporting a miniature 2.5 inches semi hard on. Luckily, it was not noticeable, because of how small it was. She appraised me with those gleaming eyes, and said

“Hi there. I’m Sadie. You going to Lott’s High School today also?”

I nervously gulped, desperate for the confidence I had told myself would come magically, “Yeah..I’m a freshman. You?”

“Sophomore as of today, woohoo!” she exclaimed.

I smiled at her blatant disregard for social customs, and said, “My name is Will. Nice to meet you, Sadie.”

She looked at me for the first time, then said “You’re a bit on the small side, even for a freshman….” and then she smirked, as if she already knew something that I knew nothing about.

“Well I’m only 14, plus, my mom says I’ll grow out eventually! So there.” I countered.

She just laughed, more of a dark chuckle, and stepped ahead, her white lace skirt flipping around, offering a view of her toned, somewhat tan thighs that shone with an intensity of the sun. I quickly gulped. This wasn’t good. I had a MAJOR hard on now, and in my mind my 3.5 inches was huge. I struggled to hide it in my jeans, stuffing my hands in my pockets to puff out the material, so my small stiffy wasn’t noticeable to her glassy eyes.

We walked for awhile like that, the sun bearing down upon us. Neither of us said a word, it was as if she had already judged me too irrelevant to alter her life in any way.

When we arrived at school, I avoided looking at her long enough to let my raging erection subside to an inch long mushroom head in my pants. Again, I thought that was normal length. I asked her,

“What do we do first, Sadie?” casually.

She responded nonchalantly, “Go into the gym, all freshman have PE first period. See you later, short stack.” with a playful smile tearing at the corners of her smooth pink lips.

I wandered into the school, looking around, at the trophy cases, wondering if I might become a sports-star one day. Anything is possible, I reminded myself, as I shuffled into the gym down the main hallway, to my left. As I filed into the gym, I noticed many freshman were already there. Most were boys and girls about my size and build; kinda short and kinda thin. I walked up to the bleachers and asked a kid next to me what we were supposed to do. He mumbled something about changing into athletic shorts immediately and running 10 laps. I thanked him when I realised that everyone around me was walking into the boys locker room.

Inside was a large room with a medium height ceiling, with green and yellow lockers alternating, covering the walls. School colours, the hornets, I figured. A tall man, perhaps 6’5″ or so, with broad shoulders and an athletic build walked in, wearing athletic shorts and a t-shirt. He had a thick brown moustache, and a whistle around his neck. His name tag said “Coach Barnes, PE Instructor”. He started off with,

“Hello, class. You are all freshman, I assume? Good. All freshman have PE this period. It’ll last for 1 and a half hours. You can spend that time at your own pace, but you have to finish what I assign. Understood?”

We all responded “Yes, Coach Barnes!” and began to undress, then redress in athletic shorts. After we got dressed, Coach Barnes said: “The ladies also use this gym; their locker room adjoins this one, so keep the noise level down, alright? There’s a solid hour left in class without counting the showers afterwards, and today’s assignment is simple: run 20 laps, then do what you want.”

We all sighed in reluctance and walked back into the high ceiling gym. Everyone began their laps immediately, sprinting to see who was the fastest. I had never been competitive, so I just walked. I figured that I would finish in time.

About an hour later, as I was finishing lap number 20, I realised that all of the other boys had already showered and left gym to go buy some water bottles from the cafeteria. I worriedly looked about, and realised that even the Coach was missing. Strange, I thought to myself, “I guess I had better shower up…”

I walked into the dim locker room, and took off my clothes, pausing on the boxers, but I decided if no one was here, I could be naked and feel fine. I saw my inch long stub of a penis, thought it looked fine, since I had never seen another penis, and walked into the adjoining shower room. It was bright, with green walls and about 15 shower heads on either side of the rectangle room. I walked up to one and turned it on, feeling the cold water splash across my thin frame. I did not notice, but my inch long stubby had quickly shrunken to a half inch nub, barely poking out of my pelvis, and my balls had risen up, tight against me, small as peanuts. As I lathered my shoulders, I heard laughter, and the sounds of many feet slapping the floor.

I turned around to see about 9 girls (freshman, I assumed, since they were in gym) walk into the shower, talking amongst themselves, butt naked, glistening with sweat. I quickly told them that this was the boys shower, and covered my privates, asking them to leave. They responded,

“The girls shower is messed up, and none of the nozzles work. Coach Barnes said to use this shower today. So just, don’t look at us okay?”

I grudgingly replied “The soap is in the far corner.”

The girls walked to the other side, giggling and talking, constantly glancing at my naked butt and back, as I tried not to get an erection, hopelessly. Really, the situation was helpless. With my record of boners, and the fact that I and they were naked, in a shower, soaping up, was a formula for desperate horniness.

Among the nine were 3 blondes, presumably triplets, with large, tan breasts that dripped with water, sporting thick pink nipples. Their bodies shone with water and bubbles. There were 5 brunettes, of varying shades, with pale or light skin, large or small breasts, but they had one thing in common: they all had very sexy faces. Thin noses, piercing eyes, pixie haircuts, and delicate hands. Finally, there was a redhead who seemed rather shy, and smiled at me discreetly from across. She had a dark fire-crotch, and dainty B cup breasts, but as she turned around, I saw the most wonderful ass I had ever seen. It was heart shaped, with large white cheeks that slipped across each other with soap and water.

That was it, my penis was rock hard. It was at full mast, a solid 3.5 inches, straining for a release, but I had never jerked off before and so knew nothing about how to cure these “things” I had been getting all the time. This is bad, I told myself, “REALLY BAD”.

I heard the most voluptuous of the blondes say, “Hey, little boy. Toss us that bottle of shampoo on your side, would you?” and she smiled, showing dazzlingly white teeth. I gulped.

I responded, “Suuuree…..just don’t LOOK!” and ran across to pick up the shampoo, but, as I did, I slipped on a bar of soap on the floor, falling face first. I heard hoots and giggles as the girls must have watched my endeavour, and as I turned over to get up, I did not realize how cold the water on the floor had been, because my small penis had shrunk to a minuscule 1.5 inches, though still somewhat hard.

I saw the eyes of 9 girls wander to my shrivelled penis, my tight balls, and my utter exposure. Immediately, they burst into the loudest, most glorious laughter that only goddesses could create. The blonde triplets were screaming “It’s so tiny! It’s so LITTLE! IT’S LIKE MY PINKY, oh my, honey!” and the brunettes had been making the small penis sign, a thumb and forefinger together to show an inch or so space to represent how small my penis was. The blondes were still gasping for air at how hilariously small my little penis was. Only the redhead smirked, a superior smirk of someone who has you by the balls.

I screamed at them to shut up, and asked why they were laughing, as they quickly advanced to me, their smooth, bubbly bodies coated in slick soap and water, breasts swaying, hips sauntering, and feet sliding. Not to mention, their mouths still laughing. One brunette said, “It’s the smallest penis in the word, kid. I can barely see it. Is that a joke?”

“What?!” I exclaimed, utterly humiliated, because she said it with such conviction that I knew it had to be true, that my penis was little, itty bitty, and could never function to please any women, or these soapy girls, for that matter.

“Honey,” the alpha-triplet with blonde hair said, “Look down.”

I did. My penis was a mushroom head that held a little coin purse below. I was shaking, even with the warm water from above on my back. I started crying, as they moved in, making a circle around me, 9 beautiful faces, mere inches from my baby penis. The redhead sat in the middle, directly ahead of my, with a sarcastic smirk on her face, her cute lips pursed together, as if she were barely holding in her laughter.

The brunette with green eyes on my side grabbed a bar of soap and said, “Hey, honey. Since you’re so upset, how about we clean you up, and make you feel better, alright?” She seemed motherly, and had been laughing the least of them all. She seemed to treat me as if I were 4 years old, because my penis was the size of a 4 year old’s.

“Okay, thanks…” I mumbled, as she daintily rubbed a bar of soap all across my groin, smoothly pushing my nub back and forth, at the hysterical laughter of the rest of the girls, I might add. 2 of the girls on my right side kept holding their pinkies up, motioning to them, saying that my penis was the funniest thing they had seen in a while. I was horrified to notice that the redhead was openly laughing now, while her smooth stomach sported a sexy belly ring, just above her dark red bed of pubes, nestled against her dainty vagina.

My penis soon got thicker and longer, to it’s maximum girth and length of 3.5 inches, and I somehow knew what happened was going to happen. The blondes shrieked and screamed with bright smiles and laughing eyes as they realised that was how big I got, and they screamed “OH MY GOD. BECKA! Look at how little it is!” Their tan bodies were writhing, smoothly rubbing bubbles across their bellies and thighs. The redhead, presumably Becka, was giggling, and the brunettes, were providing verbal abuse, making various small penis signs.

I felt a strange tug in my balls, as if a metal hands was squeezing them, and I quickly asked the girls what was happening. Becka, sopping wet, covered in soapy residue, stood up and declared “He is mine, ladies! Let me finish the baby dick off!” and she proceed to take the brunettes warm, lathering hands off of my little genitalia. She turned around, and I once again saw the beautiful, smooth, round, heart shaped, soapy ass that had originally given me a little erection.

She promptly sat down on my little stiffy, pushing it downwards, against the way it’s supposed to go. Her ass was like heaven. It was warm, smooth, wet, slippery, and best of all, it covered my whole stiffy in her big butt cheeks. She giggled cutely, brushing her pixie cut crimson hair out of her eyes, and said to the brunettes, “I can’t feel a thing, ladies! It’s that small!” and laughed innocently.

“In fact,” she said, “My whole bare butt covers his tiny stiffy!” and the room erupted into laughter. I felt my small penis slide up and down, as she proceeded to press her butt cheeks up against my groin, or back below, rubbing my balls on the insides of her thighs. Soon, it was too much, and I felt my rock hard small cock erupt in something new and magical, all in between her wonderful ass cheeks!

I felt their thick, warm embrace as I came repeatedly inside them, over and over, until my small dick had lost its life, and fell down, exhausted. I heard her laughter, in the distance. I felt her slide across me, pressing my small dick up on the small of her back, and she turned around and kissed me through giggles. I felt her hair on my face as I blacked out, in utter bliss, to the sound of laughter and the feel of slippery bodies all upon me.


I knew I was dreaming , but it was still scary. I was naked, standing on the edge of a cold, icy bridge, overlooking the bleak frost land before my eyes. I was scared, and I started to cry.

Then I slowly awoke, to the sound of choruses and choruses of laughter; I was lying in the nurse’s office, wearing a nurses gown that had been flipped aside to give full frontal exposure, and every girl from the showers was sitting in front of me, fully clothed, rubbing ICE all over my small, shrunken cock and balls. I stared in horror as my penis slowly shrunk from 2 inches, semi-erect, to 1 inch, still a bit erect, but much thinner as well.

“Stop! Stop!” I screamed as the beautiful, young freshman girls before me piled around my dainty testicles giggled and chuckled and smirked and made the small penis sign. The redhead, Becka, spoke first, and I saw the sunlight from the window shades glimmer across her smooth skin. She cooed, in a motherly tone,

“Baby, we’re just rubbing ice over your little dicky because the nurse said that my bare butt had bruised it a bit…” and she giggled, and swept back her dark red hair, streaked with sun.

I was beyond mortified, I was petrified. I could not even get an erection, even with 9 beautiful, sexy, curvy, giggling girls all around me, because of the ice they just kept pushing back and forth, across my small, dainty penis and light balls. One brunette with long, flowing wavy hair and a sweet smile said, “Honey do you shave your little pee pee?” and she smiled at me, the corners of her moist, pink lips turning up, starting a tingling in my balls that I knew all too well.

“What?…No, why??” I exclaimed as the girls erupted into laughter. Another brunette, with large breasts on display through her low cut top giggled and said “Even Johnny, with his baby penis of 4 inches, he HAD pubes at least!” and the girls just smiled and laughed, while Becka smirked, and made the small penis sign at me.

“What?? No! I’m still growing!” I pleaded, wondering why the nurse was gone, why I couldn’t just have a normal sized penis, so that these beautiful girls would stop teasing me, stop humiliating me, and stop giving me the most embarrassing erections.

The nurse walked in, a tall blonde woman of perhaps 28, with huge breasts, and rosy red lips. Behind her, followed another freshman girl, perhaps her daughter, because she looked strikingly similar, with already developing C cups displayed from the skimpy cyan-blue bikini she was wearing. Her hair was platinum blonde, and her eyes were a striking blue. She immediately burst into laughter when my minuscule, shrunken privates came into view, and she made the small penis sign, between her forefinger and thumb, her amusement clear in her eyes, as my small penis shrunk even more into nothing because of the liberal doses of ice the girls around me were applying.

“OH MY GOD. THAT’S THE SMALLEST PACKAGE I’VE EVER SEEN.” she brutally burst into laughter, as she really noticed how small my balls were as well.

I retorted, “HEY! stop it! I have feelings, you know, and if it weren’t for all this ice, I’d be a lot bigger!”

She calmly asked the nurse if she could take over, and then instructed Becka and the rest to stop rubbing ice on “the tiny boy penis”, much to my humiliation as the girls giggled, and scooted back around me a bit. The blonde girl leaned forward, her cleavage from the low cut, silk halter top shirt increasing my sexual arousal by the second.

As the girl began to roll her sleeves up, a smirk on her cute dimpled face, I felt dizzy, very suddenly.


When I woke up, I was at home, in my bed. I was in my star wars pyjamas, with all of my thick blankets pulled up to my chin. The room had a vague air of sweat and worry in it, and I knew that my parents must have heard about what happened, immediately “rescuing” me from “the terrible world of high school”. I wondered what the nurse told my parents, whether they found out that I was essentially reverse gang-banged in the shower.

But even more, I wondered what the cute nurse’s daughter did with my small, shriveled cock and balls. That silky sky blue halter top she had worn was amazing. It was smooth and shiny and soft, and I remembered the way that fabric felt on my light little testicles, rubbing up on them, ever increasing the tightness. I remembered her wondrous breasts that had been on full display from that low cut top. They were so smooth and round, and the line they formed in the middle, when they touched, was so much that even lying in my bed, I could feel the beginnings of another tiny erection, standing a proud 3 or 4 inches.

I felt the smooth hand of someone brush my cheek, and I knew I wasn’t alone; someone was behind my bed, watching me sleep. I couldn’t move though, because I was too sore and tired from the day’s events. I felt the night’s grace drag me down, and I slept once more.

Bolting awake, remembering everything in a flash, even my night-time intruder, I sprung from my bed like a cat, across the room. I looked out. It was Tuesday morning, nearly 7am. The sun was shining, the grass was green. Everything seemed to be okay. I was hesitant to make any plans of actually going to school, because of the girls.

Becka, the adorable, crimson-haired freshman, with those milky white ass cheeks; she was simply intoxicating. I remembered how smooth and soft her big, bare butt had been when she ground on me in the showers. I simply couldn’t believe it. Why would they laugh at me? Why, would all those wet, soapy giggling girls laugh at my cock, just because it was (supposedly) “small”? That was something I would have to find out on my own.

I quickly decided that to do anything, I would first have to confront my parents in whatever way I could. I changed out of my pyjamas, briefly seeing my small, smooth and hairless 2 inch soft dick hanging on top of soft little balls. Why would the girls laugh? It seemed like a normal penis to me. I put on jeans and a striped t-shirt, walking out of my room.

Downstairs my mother was in the kitchen, robed in a silky blue gown, with magenta lace across the edges, satin and smooth. He back to me, dark, long hair flowing down a bit past her shoulders, wavy and thick. I could see the outlines of her ample ass, round and tempting, even to her own son! Man, I needed to stop staring at my mom’s ass. It was just so inviting…I just wanted to rub my cock in between those big butt cheeks. Regardless, I walked up to her and said, “Mom?”

“Oh, MY BABY!” she exclaimed, turning around, grabbing my by the shoulders and giving me a fierce hug. “Are you okay? I don’t know WHY, but the school nurse only told us that you slipped and fell in the showers! She really wasn’t any help. She just told us you had passed out, and needed your rest. How are you, Ryan?”

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but my name is Ryan Jennings, my mom is Sherri Jennings, and my dad is Joseph Jennings. I probably should have said that before. But, regardless. I was surprised that the nurse had not even told my mom the truth! It’s as if the girls had never humiliated me in the showers. It’s as if I never woke up to a chorus of giggles and cold ice on my junk. The humiliation! But, I decided I should leave my mom out of the situation. It would only complicate this, and now that I was thinking clearer, I needed to make a plan. “Mom! I’m feeling better. I don’t remember too much, honestly. I just need to go to school, okay? I think I’ll be a-okay, alright?”

“Oh, honey…you know you can tell me anything, right?” she cooed and brushed my sandy brown hair from my face.

“Yes, I know mom…I don’t know what happened, okay?” I pleaded, inwardly begging the gods of mercy to make her stop asking about my “incident in the showers”.

“Well, okay, baby. Eat up! I made eggs,” she said, gesturing to a plate showing scrambled eggs, bacon and some toast.

“Thanks mom, I love you!” I exclaimed, knowing she made my favourite breakfast.

After eating and brushing my teeth, I walked out the front door feeling taller than ever before. My mom had told me there were no assignments from any of my later class periods, however she said that they did miss introducing themselves to me. I carried on, down the side walk, and just as I passed Sadie’s house, next to mine, she walked out, like clockwork.

Sadie had bright orange hair, wavy with loose curls that dangled around her collarbones. She was a sophomore at James A Lott’s High School, and I was a freshman. We met yesterday, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her pale, milky thighs displayed by a cute white lace skirt, flitting about her smaller frame.

Today she was wearing jean “booty-shorts” as my friends have described to me before. They were almost non-existent, barely covering her cute little tushie. They were tight, light blue, with frilly edges. She wore a bright smile and there was a twinkle in her lime green eyes.

“Moooorning, David…heheh.” she giggled with a small wave, and a knowing wink as she walked up to my position on the side walk.

“Oh, uhm…good morning, Sadie! What are you laughing at?” I asked, immediately wondering if she knew about the shower incident.

“Oh, uhmm…nothinggg, just something really SMALL and TINY and it’s totally not a BIG deal! Hahahah!” she burst into laughter and made the small penis sign at me, right there, on the side walk, in front of the whole neighbourhood.

“What?! Nooo! I, uhm, no please, stop, Sadie!” I said as I reached for her hands, to stop her cruel jokes and gestures to my under-endowment.

“Mmmmhmmm, what’s this?! Hah!” she said as she twisted in my embrace, and placed one small, white hand, directly underneath my little smooth balls, and the cupped them completely, in one hand. “Seems like SOMEONE, has a LITTLE secret, hmmm David?” she teased and cooed in a little voice, giggling and smirking, with those moist pink, full lips of hers, and bright twinkly eyes.

I felt a tug in my balls, and knew I was getting aroused. Why was her laughter and humiliation of me turning me on? I didn’t know. All I knew was that somehow, the dream-girl next door knew my penis was tiny, and she was currently cupping my little junk, making hot blood-flow to that region increasingly hard to stop.

“Unnfff….mmmmmhhhhh, uhh Sadie, mmmmmhhh, pleeeeaaaase stop!” I moaned and groaned as she rubbed her small hand across my small cock and balls through my jeans, pressing the little guy up and down, all around. I felt as if my world was collapsing. I felt the air slow, and I heard Sadie shriek in delight.

“Awww! You got a hard on, didn’t you, David?” she giggled, and all I could do was nod, the humiliation of the day had begun. She looked around, and quickly grabbed my right hand with her free hand, and dragged me behind her bushes, into a secluded little wooded area on the side of her house, with large trees on the sides, hanging over, and bushes all around, enclosing us.

She smiled and pulled me into her, pressing her boy against mine, her scantily clad hip up between my legs, pressing my balls and hard penis up, past their natural positions. She placed her long, milky white arms around my shoulders, and pressed her soft, wet lips on mine. She stared tonguing me, and then placed my hands on her ass cheeks. She whispered, between kisses, “I know you’ve got a tiny penis, David. I wanna see it, mkay, baby?” All I could do was groan and promise her I would do whatever she wanted.

She stepped back, smoothing her hair. “Drop them, honey.” she commanded.

I was taken aback, confused by the abrupt end of the make-out session, but did as I was told. I dropped my jeans and threw them to the side. “Get completely naked, David. I wanna see you, NUDE, in front of me, babe.” she pleaded, with a little sexy smirk on her pink lips.

“Uhmm….okay, Sadie, but please DON’T laugh, okay?” I asked, as I threw my shirt, and shoes and socks across the clearing. She approached me, a goddess of red hair, freckles on her face, swaying hips in mini jean shorts, smooth hands reaching across. She knelt down in front of me, and looked up, green eyes sparkling with mischief. “David, I’ll do this,” she whispered.

She grabbed the shorts of my boxers, and in one swift motion, yanked them downwards! There I stood, completely exposed to the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, boxers at my ankles, and that wasn’t the worst yet. My small, rock-hard penis had popped straight up, swinging a bit up past her nose, my little circumcised head resting even with her eye line. I was dripping pre-cum, stiff as ever, my smooth dick maybe 3.5 inches long, facing a fully clothed girl in the beautiful, sexy face. She burst into laughter, echoing across the tree covered enclave.

“Ohhhh David! When Becka told me that your penis was tiny, I thought she meant just that you were a little under-endowed! Oh, awwwww…..baby, your penis is minuscule! Like, I’ve never seen one so small!” She giggled and laughed as my dick twitched in front of her smiling face.

“Uhmffff…..Sadie–” I started, as she began to shush me.

“David, your pee-pee is tiny, and so smooth! It’s just so little and small! Ohh haha!” she continued.

“No, for real, Sadie–” I began as she looked up at me, green doe eyes shining with mirth; she interrupted me

“David. Stop. I think you’re cute, okay? Your pee-pee is cute too. It’s small and little and hairless and your balls are cute, mkay? I’m going to do you a favour, if you promise to just keep your mouth shut and let me help you out, okay baby?” she said.

I moaned in response, as I felt a familiar tug in my little dick’s base.

She pulled out a tube of lipstick from her purse at her feet, bright pink, and spread it out around her full lips which had previously been on my lips, only minutes ago. She curved her lips in a small little “O” and began to incline her mouth across the distance between us, placing her smooth, wet, pink lips over the tip of my little, stiff as ever cock.

I felt the warm wetness spread across my cock’s head as she began to work her magic lips across my 3.5 inch boner. “Unffff….Sadie….oh my god….I don’t think I can…–” I began as I felt her engulf my entire short dick in her mouth, and her smooth, strong tongue that began to work its way around my shaft, around one side, warm and wet, around another, strong and pressurised.

I couldn’t help it any longer when she began to suck with her whole mouth and lips too, a perfect symmetry of not really moving up and down, since my whole tiny penis fit in her mouth, but more of a contraction of her tongue and lip muscles; I came the hardest I had ever cum before. I came inside her cute little lips, on her milky white face as she bent back to receive it, smiling sweetly. My cum flew across her white collarbones, and down into her huge breasts’ cleavage, shown off by a silk tank top. I felt the long white ropes of cum shoot out of my penis, pure ecstasy. She smiled and giggled as my little dick throbbed up and down, still pulsing with pleasure at the magic of her work.

All I could do was moan, and bend down to kiss her smack on those cum covered lips as she embraced my naked body, placing her strong hips against my little, quickly softening cock and balls, giggling and whispering that I was welcome for that, and that even though my dick was tiny, that she thought it was cute.

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