Nudie Nightmares 4

By username55.

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Part 4…

“Ughhh…great, now what?”

Diego looked around and saw that he was on a small rowboat in the middle of a large body of water. The boat had no oars and there were no other means of propelling it. There also seemed to be no land masses within miles of where he was.

He stuck his hand in the water and tasted it. It was salty. “Am I out at sea?” he asked himself.

The water was completely placid, so it couldn’t be the ocean, but he knew of no saltwater lakes that were this massive. There was quite literally nothing in the distance besides a cloudy, gloomy sky and an endless expanse of saltwater.

As he was taking all this in, he felt a breeze. He looked down at himself and he realized he was naked once more. “Of course.” he said with a sigh. “Why wouldn’t I be naked at this point?”

As he took all this in, he wondered what the point of this one was. “So far every one of these had me naked in public in some fashion…but there’s no one for miles here. I don’t see the point of-”

Suddenly, he felt the boat move slightly in the water. He could see ripples in the water, as if there was something swimming around him. He looked and only saw a shadow of some fish like creature. “Oh god….what could this be?”

He looked down at this creature as it swam. It looked humanoid in appearance but was swimming around like a fish. As he was trying to figure out what this creature was, he felt something splash him. He turned around and saw something dip back into the water before he could register what it was.

As he was soaking wet and somewhat cold, he realized that whatever was in the water, wasn’t alone. Soon enough a few shapes could be seen in the water. That’s when he saw one of them pop their head out of the water.

It was…a woman? A beautiful redhead with blue eyes and a fair complexion. She could be a dead ringer for a certain Disney princess. Diego was stunned. What was a woman doing swimming out in the middle of the lake/ocean/undetermined body of water?

That’s when she started to giggle. As he stood up, he wondered what she could be giggling at. He traced where her eyes were looking at realized the small mistake he made in standing up.

Ducking back down in the boat to cover himself, he blushed as red as her hair. “Hehe, hey there, Diego!”

“Uh…hello. How do you know my name?”

“I just do…”

“…right. Uh, so what’s your name?”

“I’m Ariel.”

“No you’re not! Trust me, legally, you are not!”

“But I am.”

“No, because considering how everything has gone so far, you’re far too young to be here!”

“Maybe I’m an older version.”

“Maybe! But trust me when I say the powers that be will not take that as an excuse. I do not want to take that chance. Besides, I heard Ariel was black now.”

“I sure am!” said a voice behind him.

“WHAT!?” he said turning around to see who said that.

Behind him, in the water, was a woman with a black skintone, also with red hair, but it was a more darker shade of red.

“You’re Ariel as well, then?”


“Ok…I haven’t seen the live action movie, but I’m sure you’re the same age as her and therefore both of you need to go. Besides, I swore that you both were married at this point.”

“Maybe, we never met him.” said both “Ariels”.

“Maybe, I don’t care! Now unless either of you know where the nearest island or bit of civilization is, leave me alone so I can…I don’t know, die of dehydration or something.”

“Why would you want that?”

“Cause this is a dream and dying is how I escape it….I think.”

“Well then wouldn’t that mean that since we aren’t rea-”


Both Ariels suddenly looked rather upset. “Hmmph, well it’s not like we didn’t try.”

“Oh well, time for plan B.”

Suddenly both Ariels turned into a puff of smoke and in their place were two very familiar performers.

“I knew something was up!”

“What gave it away, Teenie Weenie Boy?” said Demona, who looked like a standard sea shell bra wearing mermaid. Her tail seemed to have glowing light-like lures on them.

“Yeah, I thought you had a crush on Ariel!” added The Unpronounceable One. Diego assumed it was her. He recognized her voice, even if she looked like a kraken like octopus woman rather than a mermaid.

Diego stammered and blushed at bit before responding. “I…uh…when I was younger sure. But you know…I think she’s cute but that’s as far as I’d go. She’s a cartoon character anyway so, its not like she’d ever kiss me or anything…like that. Not that I’d accept cause I’m much older now. ”

“What if you were still younger?”

“If I was younger….” he said, blushing redder and getting a blissful look on his face thinking about it. But then he heard them chuckle a bit and snapped out of it. “Shut up! What was the point of that whole thing anyway!?”

“We wanted you to jump in the water.”

“So turning into both versions of my childhood crush was your big plan there?”

“We thought you’d jump at the chance to catch a mermaid with that little piece of bait.”

“Well, I have a bit more restraint than that, so there!”

“Fair enough, looks like we gotta do this the hard way.”

That’s when both Demona and the Unpronounceable One whistled and suddenly a bunch of mermaids popped their heads above the surface. “Drag em down, girls!”

They all made a beeline for the boat and and started trying to flip it over. He tried to fight them back but there were far too many and the boat flipped, sending him into the drink.

He flailed as he tried to keep his head above the surface, but that’s when a few of them grabbed his legs and pulled him under! He held his breath as he looked around. The water was so deep he couldn’t see the bottom. As the mermaids swarmed him he tried to push them away.

Some of them looked like the standard sea-shelled bra type of mermaid but there were also ones that looked more like sirens, others looked more like a female creature of the black lagoon type deal or a female octopus like woman.

One even looked like a kappa. She in particular taunted him about the tasty little mini-cucumber between his legs. He was slowly running out of breath. But that’s when he remembered. “Wait, drowning is dying. YES! Time to get out of here!”

Ignoring every single self-preservation instinct he had, he deeply inhaled water and filled his lungs with it. As his face turned a dark shade of blue, he started to black out. “Y…es….fr…ee…d…om.”

But just before he completely gone, he heard someone scream out, “OH NO YOU DON’T!” and not even a few moments later, felt someone give him a big long kiss. His eyes snapped open to reveal that it was the Mistress, locking lips with him. He felt the water leave his lungs and as soon as he was conscious again, she disappeared in a puff of smoke.

He flailed a bit trying to get her away before inhaling again. Only this time, he felt fine. After breathing deep a few times he realized, he could now breathe underwater! This would normally be pretty cool…if that didn’t mean that he was stuck here for longer now.

He looked around and saw several of the mercreatures swimming back towards him. He swam as fast as he could but they caught up easily and dragged him down to the sea floor.

As they held him down on the sandy floor below, so far down that he couldn’t see the surface anymore, he noticed something happening to him. His legs were slowly being forced together. He saw that the skin on his lower half turning blue and scaly.

His feet were becoming thinner, almost as if they were turning into fins. That kiss didn’t just make him able to breathe underwater, it was turning him into a merman. He struggled to get free but they were too strong. It felt weird, not too painful but weird.

Still, this forced transformation was not something he wanted. Without legs, how was gonna walk from place to place? He didn’t even like to swim that much but that’s all he’ll be able to do now. At least his lower half being obscured by the scales meant that his dick was no longer visible, even if he was still naked.

At last, his transformation was complete, his legs were now conjoined into a single blue tailfin. But they still didn’t let him go. He grew terrified. Were they gonna eat him? What could they all want with him!?

Before he could have that question answered, a bright light shone from behind him. The various creatures looked frightened and swam away from it, leaving Diego behind.

As he looked around wondering what was so frightening that it scared them away he saw a massive shadow. It looked like a massive anglerfish-like creature with razor sharp teeth. It roared as it got closer. Diego tried to swim away but he didn’t know how to swim without the use of his legs.

He tried waving the fin but he had no clue how to move it. “Well, at least I’ll be out of here, hopefully this is gonna be quick!” he thought to himself as he covered his eyes.

But as the fish got closer it was revealed that while the shadow was massive and scary…the fish wasn’t. It was a rather small but strange looking white anglerfish type thing with glasses. As it swam to Diego, it tried to get his attention.


“Make it quick, fish. I don’t think I can take much more of this…”

“Diego!” he said again as he gently bumped into him to try and get him to look at him.

“Wha…?” he turned to look at the fish.

He chuckled as he saw this small fishy. “Oh…heh. It’s a little fish. Thank you little guy, you sure looked all big and scary for a moment.” He said while gently patting the fish on the head.

“Please stop doing that.” said the fish.

That’s when Diego recognized the voice of the fish. “…Old man?”

“I’d prefer if you called me The Elder.”

“The Elder? Alright then, thank you, uh, Elder, sir.”

“You’re welcome, now follow me.”

He swam away, but Diego yelled after him, “Wait, I don’t know how to swim yet!”

“Just move your body in a up and down wave like motion.”

He did so, while it was tough to swim in a straight line at first, soon he was swimming like a seal. A rather slow one, but still.

Eventually The Elder swam back and said, “Just grab my esca and hold on.”

…”Your what?”

“The light. The lure. Whatever you want to call it, just grab it and hold on. They could be back at any moment!”

He did so and off they went to a nearby cave.

“Thanks again for saving me….so…Can you kill me now?”

“What? No!”

“Why not? You said it yourself, I need to die to wake up.”

“If I do that, the Mistress will definitely know something is up. She and her minions caught up with me after I let you escape the vet. I need to be as inconspicuous as possible to truly be able to help you.”

“Well, ok. What can kill me around here?”

“Not sure.”

…”Some help.” he said, pouting.

“Look, I haven’t found anything yet. If I left you there, you wouldn’t have died. She needs you to be asleep and living within your dream.”

“Wouldn’t that mean I’d be safe if I did nothing?”

“No! Because note that I said you need to be living. You can live through a lot of things, even some really traumatic and horribly painful things. Besides, once she gets bored, she’d just take your soul then and there.”

“My soul…?” Diego said, shuddering at the thought.

“What would she do with it?”

“Really, Diego? Take a wild guess.”

…”Uh…she’d eat it?”

“Not quite. She doesn’t feed on souls, she feeds on the emotions of said soul. Once that soul loses its will to live, she sends it straight down to you know where.”

He gulped audibly, “…you know where?”

“She’s a succubus. A demon. Where do you think it’s going?”

His blood ran cold with the thought. “How do we stop her!?”

“I’m working on that, honestly you’re the first one to get this far. Not sure what it is about you, most others just give up as soon as possible.”

“If I gave up after every humiliation I’ve ever faced, I’d have been dead before The Mistress even met me.”

“Well, that’s the spirit.”

“Is there anything else you know about her that could help?”

“Well, she can only affect you if you’re tired. If you’re incapable of sleep, she can’t get you.”

“How in the world am I not gonna s-”


“Good luck, Diego.” and with that the Elder quickly swam away.

“Wait, do that shadow thing again! Chase them off befor-WOAH!”

Too late, the Unpronounceable One caught up with him and pulled him by the arms using her many black tentacles. She dragged him out of the cave and to a nearby pipe. It was in a rocky wall. They both shoved him inside and closed a grate, sealing him in the pipe.

He tried to push the grate open but couldn’t budge it! “What is this!?”

“Just a one way ticket to stardom.”

“Yeah, you’re about to become the next great performer for a special kind of show.”

“What do you mean? I don’t want to perform for anyone!”

“Too bad.”

“Farewell, Teenie Weenie Boy!” said Demona as she hit a button on the outside of the pipe.

All of a sudden, Diego heard the sound of a machine start whirring and the pipe started to suck him in. He grabbed onto the grate, trying to keep from being sucked down the pipe. The Unpronounceable One, swam right up to the grate and pulled off her face once more.

The sight of her monstrous form caused Diego to try and cover his eyes, but with nothing holding on to the grate, he was sucked down the pipe. He bounced around the twisting and turning length of the pipe, screaming as he was forcefully brought to wherever this was taking him.

It got dark as he got further from the grate but eventually he saw light again. As he went head first into what he assumed was the other end of the pipe, he was dropped from about a few stories into a massive tank of water.

He swam back to the surface of the tank and looked around. He was in a massive pool, with about a thousand spectators cheering loudly! “Where am I?”

That’s when he heard someone announce, “Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the Merman Stunt Spectacular! We here at Oceanland hope that you enjoy the show and remember, those of you in the splash zone will get wet.”

He tried to find a way out of the tank but with his legs gone, he would not get far on land with his fins. “Please put your hands together for Diego! Our brand new merman!”

Diego waved to the crowd, albeit reluctantly. But that’s when the lights went out and a spotlight was cast onto a diving board 20 feet above the pool. “And of course give an extra round of a applause for his trainer! The incredibly lovely and talented, Missy!”

He noticed that she was wearing a skintight wetsuit. All of a sudden, she dived from the board and landed right on Diego! He got the wind knocked out of him and sank a bit before going back to the surface. She wrapped her arms around him and said, “Swim around.”

He did so, hearing some exciting yet whimsical tune start playing. She held on as Diego swam faster than he’s ever swam before. As he glided along the surface, she stood on his back, posing for all the spectators. They cheered as she balanced perfectly, like she was on the back of a killer whale.

He noticed that either he was slightly larger than normal or she was slightly smaller. Either way, he didn’t feel any strain on his back. Something about this water made him faster and stronger. She snapped her fingers and several hoops appeared in mid-air. “Jump through them!”

He did so. As he did, Missy jumped off of him with each pass through a hoop. She landed back on his back like her feet were magnetized to it. Despite being forced to do this, Diego started to showboat, with him spinning around after the last few rings.

After the rings, she had him dive under the water as deep as he could go. As he did, she snapped her fingers and a column of hoops appeared directly above where he dove. It was about as high as the diving board.

“Jump through them all!” she said, somehow while they were both underwater.

“How am I gonna-?”

“Just do it!”

He focused all his energy and with all his might swam to the surface with Missy on his back and leapt into the air. He cleared the rings easily with Missy then leaping off Diego’s back onto the diving board. Diego hit the water, causing a massive splash to hit all those in the splash zone, just as the announcer promised.

As he heard the cheers of the crowd, Diego, for the first time in a long while, felt proud. He flexed his arms and did peace signs as the crowd chanted his name. All his concerns about his predicament were gone. But that’s when Missy talked into a water proof lapel mic and asked, “You enjoying yourself, Diego?”

“Actually….kind of. I mean, I’d rather be back home but this is kind of cool.” he said, with both Missy and the audience hearing him somehow.

“I’m surprised you’re enjoying your humiliation.”

“I mean, this is degrading, being treated like some sort of aquatic circus performer. But I wouldn’t call this humiliating.”

“Really? Well then.” she snapped her fingers and in her hand was a hoop. She held it out in front of her from atop the diving board.

“Jump through this one.”

He dove back under the water, focused once more and jumped from the pool. He was just about to clear the hoop when Missy grabbed onto his fin. She dangled him from the board as he struggled to get free.

“Hey, what are you doing!?”

She chuckled and snapped her fingers once more. All of a sudden Diego felt himself slipping from her grasp. He looked down and realized that was a rather long fall.

“Uh…wait a second, Mistress. Maybe you could put me down gENTLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!” he screamed as he got free from her grip and plunged into the waters below.

As he rose to the surface, he noticed a few things.

One: The music came to a screeching halt.

Two: Everyone in the audience gasped and went silent.

and Three: The water was suddenly, very chilly.

As he looked around the stunned audience, he noticed that a few of them, mostly the female members of the audience were trying to stifle a laugh. He heard a few murmurs of the crowd and eventually they all burst out laughing.

“Huh, what’s everyone laughing about?”

That’s when he heard Missy whistle. He looked up at her and saw his tailfin still in her hands. “Wait, I can feel my legs, they’re back!” he thought to himself.

He then realized, with dread that if his legs are back, then that would mean that he was now….

He looked down at himself and sure enough, Oceanland’s new merman now looked like he was neither mer nor man. He tried to look for a way out of here and realized that there was a jumbotron that was broadcasting the entire show throughout the stadium-like arena that the pool was in. It had a perfect zoomed in view of a very small object attached to a certain guy floating around in the pool.

Diego covered himself as he treaded water. A bright red blush creeping on his face and he had an embarrassed smile. Missy laughed as she then said, “Aww….is the water cold, Diego? Or is it just really, really, really small!?”

“C-c-can I have my fin back or at least something to cover myself?”

“I’ll let you have it back on one condition. You swam off before you let me do what I was originally planning to do with you. You’ll get your fin back and a lot more, if you go through with the torment I was going to put you through. Deal?”

“Deal! Just toss it down!”

“Hmmm….nah, come get it from up here.”

“From up there?”

He groaned as he realized he was going to have to exit the pool with his shrunken little fin sticking out. With no stairway into the pool, he had to hoist himself out with both hands.

The announcer decided to taunt him as he climbed out of the pool. “Look at that, folks. Teenie Weenie Boy’s little pool noodle seems to be out in the open for all of us to laugh at. It’s so small that it doesn’t hang, it just points forward!”

He looked at the jumbotron and saw a slow motion replay of him exiting the pool, with his shrunken, bald shriveled little thing not only visible but with the camera zooming in on it so it filled the screen. He covered himself, running to the diving board ladder and started climbing it.

He unfortunately had to uncover once more as he climbed up the ladder to the diving board where the Mistress had his tailfin. The ladder was directly in view of the jumbotron. He saw a view of his butt as he climbed up the ladder. He looked behind him and saw nothing with a camera.

How it was being captured was unknown, but it was still embarrassing all the same. “Ever see a full moon during the day, folks? Well, now you have! It’s about the size of the one from Bruce Almighty! Look at it jiggle!”

He was halfway up the ladder when he realized a fall from this height onto the pavement could kill him, but as he looked back down, he saw that there were a series of inflatable cushions that would absorb the impact of his fall. They weren’t there before he started climbing so he knew she thought of everything here.

As he got to the top, he saw her laughing at him. “Is this humiliating enough for you?”


“Mostly, I thought it was funny, but also I feel like the audience really wanted some good ol fashioned small penis humiliation.” she said, winking to said audience.

“Here’s your tailfin.” She said, dangling it over the edge of the platform.

But just as he got closer, she tossed it back into the pool. “Oops, clumsy me.”

He ran to the edge and saw the tailfin floating in the pool. As he heard the mocking laughter of the crowd, he covered himself and realized just how far down the pool was.

“Hehe. Have a nice fall, Diego!” she said, kicking him off of the board into the pool below.

Landing with a bellyflop that not only hurt, but once again splashed the people in the splash zone, he scrambled to try and get the fin back on him. It looked and felt like a cheap costume. “Was this fake the whole time?”

“Nope. I just needed it to come off for this moment. You’d better put it back on.”

She then snapped her fingers and just as Diego put it back on, a massive whirlpool appeared in the pool. The water was draining. It was like he was being flushed down a big toilet. He tried to fight the currents, but down the drain he went.

As he was forced through yet another long and winding pipe he was shot out back into the salty lake/ocean, (lotion?…nah that’s stupid.) and onto a soft red thing.

With his tailfin now reattached to his body and his legs gone once more he looked at the thing he was on and saw it was a…heart shaped bed? It was completely underwater, in the middle of the sandy lake/ocean bottom. Why was a random bed here?

That’s when the Mistress appeared in a puff of smoke, right on top of him. Diego screamed in surprise as her face was suddenly mere inches away from his. She then sat up with her legs wrapped around his fin.

Her hand then went to her wetsuit. She traced along the zipper and with a wink slowly started to unzip. He thought to himself, “Oh god, is she gonna….? No, she said she wouldn’t do that to me. Not that I’d want her to. She’s pure evil. I’d never let her…”

“Well, don’t worry. I just wanted to get more… comfortable.”

With the zipper all the way down, she snapped her fingers disappearing and leaving the wetsuit to float down without her in it. She then re-appeared in the same spot. She looked completely nude, but her naughty bits were shielded by light. The light seemed to be slowly disappearing as he tried not to stare at her.

Just as he swore he saw a hint of nipple, she pushed herself off of him and the light formed around her, giving her a purple mermaid tail and some scales covering her chest.

As he had a blush on his face and would’ve got a boner if he had his human half still, he just had to ask, “WHAT-”

“-was the point of that? Does everything need a point with you? If you must know, I just wanted to tease you as I prepare for the main course.”


“YES! But before you attempt to escape again, remember that I feed on emotions. Your fear was quite delicious until that weird fish scared off those mermaids and of course that bit of public nudity at the pool was the most delectable embarrassment I’ve had in a long time.” she said with a blissful smile on her face.

“But those were mere appetizers compared to the amount of lust I just had. You’ve been quite pent up with it since the stage thing, huh? Admit it, this has been sort of fun for you, right?”

“NO! I just want to wake up! Please, let me go!”

“Oh come on. What if I let you pick who you can release all that lust with?”

“…release all that lust? You mean…?”

“There’s a bed here, you’re horny as hell. Do I have to spell it out? CHOOSE A MATE!”

The Mistress then snapped her fingers and over 100 mermaids appeared around him. Each of them had a strange look on their face, as if they were in a trance. “Now, give it to me! All that lust you have inside you!”

This had to be a trap. Why would she want him to have sex with someone? That was a good thing…right? At this point even he wasn’t sure. “If you feed on emotions then why can’t you feed on your own lust? What you’re proposing here is very lusty.”

“I can’t feel lust, I can only create it. I also can’t feel fear or embarrassment. Everything else is fair game though.” she said with hint of frustration in her voice.

“Now pick who you want! Or I’ll pick for you…”

He looked through the crowd of mermaids and while they were all beautiful in their own way, he saw one in particular that caught his eye. “Ah, I see you have a thing for that one with the pigtails.”

“Wha….but why is she-?”

“For the record, they aren’t real. They’ll feel real, once you get started but its not who you’re thinking of…”

“So that’s not R-”

“NOPE. Not her in the slightest.” she said, darting her eyes back and forth.

“Wait, but if she’s not real then why would I bother?”

“What do you mean, why would you bother!?”

“I want it with someone in real life, so I can feel her love, not just lust!”

“You have a chance to get your little rocks off with no questions asked and you’re STILL FIGHTING ME ON THIS!?” she said, starting to turn that demonic shade of purple.

“Well, it’s not just that…it’s also the fact that….I…uh…”

That’s when the Mistress realized something. He had no clue how sex worked. Or at least how mermaid sex worked. She went back to her human-like skintone and dryly chuckled. “Just let her do all the work, ok Diego?”

“But what if I want to do things to her?”

“Listen, all you have to know is this. They mate via the same sort of methods humans do, the genitals just appear once they’re ready to mate. So just get close to her and your merbody will do the rest.”

“Is that true?”

“As far as you know.”

As the mermaid got closer to Diego, The Mistress added, “The only major difference between mermaid and human reproduction is that they have children through the same methods as fish. It’s different for all of them, but in your case, your biology is more related to that of the seahorse than any other fish.”

“Well, that’s real intersti-” at that moment he remembered a fun fact he once heard about seahorses and realized that this was not going to end well…

“Heh, but don’t male seahorses usually-?”

“Yes…they do.”

He audibly gulped as he started to inch away from the mermaid, “I take it that mermaid condoms don’t exist?”

“Of course not, that’d be silly! Besides, didn’t you want a family?”


He flailed a bit and accidentally slapped the mermaid with his tail, sending her back a good few feet. She hit her head somewhat hard on a rock causing her to scream out in pain and then disappear in a puff of smoke.


“Woke her up?….WAIT SO THEN THAT WAS R-*ack*”

Before he could finish his accusation, The Mistress grabbed him by the throat. As he felt himself being choked out he felt scared, until he realized that she could kill him. He chuckled a bit as he felt himself being unable to breathe. That’s when she realized what she was doing and let go of him.

“You’re trying to piss me off, aren’t you? Trying to get me to kill you myself! Well, I’m not falling for that. I will get that lust from you” she then snapped her fingers once more and the other 99 mermaids had their eyes suddenly glow red.

“GET HIM!” And with that, a horde of mermaids descended upon him. He swam away as they approached. He had no clue where to go. They tried grabbing on to him, but he slapped them away with his tail. Most of them were easy to slap away but that’s when The Mistress approached.

She caught his tail mid swing and ripped it off, once again reducing it to a cheap costume. Now with human legs once more, he was defenseless as she held him down. A creature from the black lagoon type looking fish woman swam up as she licked her lips at the little grub between his legs.

He struggled as she brought her head (and razor sharp teeth!) to his crotch. But before she could do anything. A flash of light blinded everyone involved. Before the lagoon woman or The Mistress could react, both were slapped away by Diego’s disembodied tail. The Elder had swam into it when The Mistress wasn’t looking and maneuvered the tail to do so. He then put the tail back on Diego as his vision started to return.

“This way, quick!” he said as Diego felt his legs disappear once more.

He saw the Elder swim away and followed him. Once the Mistress got her vison back, he saw Diego swimming away. As he did, she snapped her fingers and a massive octopus appeared. The Mistress’ minions then appeared in front of it with The Unpronounceable One tearing off her face causing the octopus to ink the surrounding area, as Diego was swimming through it. It became pitch black.

“Elder? Where are you?” he called out as it was so dark, he even couldn’t see the Elder’s lure, let alone his own hand in front of his face. That’s when he felt something wrap around him. It was a tentacle. Once he registered what it was, he someone whisper in his ear.

“Did you miss us?”

It was The Unpronounceable One who was holding him in place with one of her many black tentacles. He then saw a blue glow. It was Demona, whose tail had lures like the Elder, but many of them. They started to glow, letting Diego see their faces. Both of them had sadistic grins on their faces as they called The Mistress over to them.

“Well done, minions.”

“We prefer the term co-stars.” said Demona.

“Whatever. Anyway, my…ugh…co-stars, maybe he’d rather have you two help him release that lust.”

“Wait, us!?” both “co-stars” said simultaneously.

They both looked at Diego and back at the Mistress and simply said, “Ew.”

“Yeah, well the feeling is mutual!” snarked Diego before The Unpronounceable One wrapped her tentacle tighter, almost crushing him.

“STOP THAT! YOU’RE KILLING HIM!” shouted The Mistress.

She relented. “NOW DO IT! WHATEVER IT TAKES! I have to go hunt down a certain fish…”

As she swam away, Demona bemoaned what they both had to do. “Figures. Only in your dreams would women like us have sex with you.”

“Trust me, I really don’t want this either!”

“Too bad…” they both hissed as Diego felt something slimy on his neck.


“That’s not a tentacle…that’s my tongue.” whispered The Unpronounceable One, licking his ear before having it travel downward once more.


“I’ll tell you what we gain from this. Star power!”


“We’re about to be Hell’s most famous celebrities. This is just a springboard into bigger and better prospects. Soon, we’ll be running the show, we will be the ones who can torment our own victims.” Demona explained.

“What’re you talking about? Is this being televised?”

“Well, not as of yet. But soon it will be.”

“So you weren’t kidding when you both said co-stars huh? Certainly explains a bit, like that whole stage thing.” said Diego, hoping that this conversation would distract them from the whole tentacle rape prospect.

“That was our idea.” said Demona.

“A pretty good one, I might add.” said The Unpronounceable One

“Yeah, The whole naked on stage thing is a classic.”

“What I don’t get is why you both aren’t running things.”

The both had their eyes go wide as they heard him say that. “I mean, you both have done the most work thus far. You both were on the stage, you both trapped me in the statue, you not only gave me to the Mistress as a pet, but did the most work in attempting to capture me, and you both even did that whole Ariel nonsense and the sending me to the aquarium thing.

What has the Mistress done? You both should be the stars, not her. Or at least ask her for a raise or something.”

Demona simply responded to that by bring her face close to his and whispering, “Nice try.”

“Wha-what do you mean?”

“You’re trying to pit us against her.”

“NO I’M NOT. I’M JUST….SHOCKED THAT YOU BOTH AREN’T SHARING THE SPOTLIGHT.” he said, smiling to try and throw off the fact she was right.

Demona then sighed and took off her seashell bra. “Let’s just get this over with. I get the front, you get the back. Ok?”


Diego panicked trying his hardest to break free as Demona wrapped her arms around him but before she could go any further, The Unpronounceable One pulled Demona off of him with one of her tentacles.

“Why do you get the front!?”

“Because he has a lot more to work with back there…”

“So you get to coast by and do nothing, AS USUAL, while I get all the hard work!?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You sat on your butt while I had to paint this dingus and his even smaller dick. You barely did anything while I drove you around looking for this son of a bitch and I’m the one who has to stick my tentacles up his-”

“Look, I’m not having this conversation again. Let’s both do the front if you’re going to be like that.”

“No, I demand more out of this. I know for a fact once we get our own gig, it’s still going to be “Demona and The Unpronounceable One” and not “The Unpronounceable One and Demona”!”

“Considering you’re also one of the main reasons he escaped last time, it’s amazing you’re even still part of this whole thing!”

“Listen you get spunk in your hair and you’d want to run him down with a truck too.”

“For the record, I am still very sorry about that…” interjected Diego.

“SHUT UP!” she said as she attempted to crush him once more.

Demona then smacked The Unpronounceable One in order to get her to stop. “WE NEED HIM ALIVE!”

“NO, SHE NEEDS HIM ALIVE! SHE’S GETTING ALL THE CREDIT FOR THIS AND WE’RE JUST HER “MINIONS!”” she said, making air quotes with two of her tentacles.

“She values our work! She helped us set up the stage thing. I’m sure we’ll get our big break.”

“The only big break you’re gonna get is in half, IF YOU SLAP ME AGAIN!”

“Oooh, I’m so scared. Bring it then, I’d be glad to do a solo act!”

“Yeah, well I could beat you with 4 of my tentacles tied behind my back!”

“Of course you need extra arms to beat me.”

“You’re just jealous because I can change into something other than a Hispanic woman with a ponytail and blue eyeshadow.”

“It’s called branding! People need to know its me or else I’d wouldn’t stand out!”

“Yeah, right. You just can’t do it.”

“Oh yeah? Behold as I change into myself but with my hands wrapped around YOUR THROAT!”

At that point they both went at each others throats. They both where flailing about under water as they resolved their differences the only why these two knew how. Insults, hair pulling, smacks to the face and arcane demonic curses that cause various maladies in any being they’re directed towards.

But as they were tussling, Demona noticed something and stopped the fight. “Wait a minute! You’re using all your tentacles to fight me!”

“NO! I have 4 behind my back, just like I said.” said The Unpronounceable One, sticking her tongue out like she was a child.

“Ok then…how many of those tentacles are still wrapped around Diego?”

She looked at all of her tentacles and concluded that not a single one had Diego on it. As she looked around, he was nowhere to be seen. With him gone as he swam away the minute that The Unpronounceable One let go of him, she realized the error in judgment that occurred here.

Demona looked at her tentacular twit of a co-star with rage on her face. “YOU ARE THE BIGGEST IDIOT I’VE EVER HAD TO WORK WITH!”

They then both went back to fighting each other as Diego was miles away by this point. “I can’t believe that worked…” he thought to himself as he searched for the Elder.

That’s when he saw a glow coming from a nearby cave. It matched the glow of the Elder’s esca. Diego swam towards it and found that it was indeed coming from the Elder’s esca….currently in the Mistress’ hand.

It looked like it was ripped right off of him. With a smug look on her face she bought out from behind her back, the Elder’s glasses. “Looking for someone?”

She then crushed the glasses in her hand as Diego floated their, paralyzed with fear. She then teasingly stroked the remains of the Elder’s esca to try and get Diego’s lust back up. He was too scared to be horny, luckily, though Diego noticed that more she stroked it, the brighter it became. It let off a small flash once she stopped.

As she slowly swam closer, he tried to back away. But eventually he hit a wall. She was mere inches from him now as he wondered what she was gonna do. “Uh….y-y-you know…you should probably pay your co-stars a bit more…of what ever you use for money in hell. Heh….”

She then gently grabbed Diego by the face with both hands and stared into his eyes. Suddenly. he felt his heart start to race, he started to feel the blood rush to his head and he found himself unable to look away from her.

“I can feel it. Your lust. I didn’t want to do this, but I guess I have to take this…” she gestured downwards at Diego’s penis, now outside his merbody as she said would occur should he prepare for sexual intercourse.

“…into my own hands.”

Diego couldn’t think of much of anything aside from The Mistress and how much he wanted nothing more than to be her plaything for all eternity. To dream endlessly about this demonic white haired goddess before him.

All rational thought was leaving him. But that’s when he tried to reach downward to try and find something, anything to defend himself with. He felt something long and stiff and briefly looked down to see what it was.

It was the elder’s esca. Just as he felt the mistress start feeling him up he started to rub the antenna part of the esca as fast as he could. Somehow he knew if he came, in her presence at this point, that was it. He didn’t know how that would work, but he didn’t want to find out.

She noticed him start to struggle, despite staring into her eyes this whole time. She looked down and saw him stroking that thing, With her not looking into his eyes, he looked down to see it glowing bright. That’s when he closed his eyes and let go.

It was like a flashbang went off in front of them both. With the Mistress blinded yet again Diego swam off, feeling the effects of her gaze slowly start to fade away. As his penis once more retracted into his body, he knew he was safe.

But that’s when he heard her let out a roar and with her in that purple demonic skintone once more swam toward him as fast as a torpedo and gripped his tail once more. She spun him around and flung him into the side of a sunken pirate ship.

She then hit him with just enough force to send him through the hull of the ship. He landed onto of a pile of treasure. He looked around trying to find anything that could either kill her or himself and saw a skeleton. It was dressed as a pirate, clearly someone who tried to go down with the ship to protect all that treasure without realizing you couldn’t take it with you.

But in its hand…a cutlass. Diego ripped it from its hands and got it to stab himself. That’s when he saw her approach once more. He tried swinging it wildly towards her to keep her away. He had no clue how to sword fight and she knew that, floating there amused at his frantic sword flailing.

Pissed off and fearful of what she could do next he charged at her and swung the sword at her head. She caught it with the palm of her hand and then slapped it out of his hands. It then flew backwards into a support beam to the ship.

Diego looked at his hands stunned that she did that. She then showed him the hand she used to do that with. It had a bloody gash on it. But then she simply closed her hand into a fist for a brief second and opened it to reveal that the wound fully healed, like it never happened.

Diego tried to pull out the sword but wasn’t strong enough to do so. He kept trying as The Mistress got closer and closer. But try as he might, it wouldn’t budge. She the grabbed him by the shoulders and slammed him into the treasure covered floor.

As she prepared to have her way with him, she noticed that he still had one hand on the sword’s handle. She tried to yank his hand away from the sword but instead took the sword with her. Since it was embedded so deep into the support beam, however, a chunk of it went along with it.

That’s when they heard a creaking noise. The beam was struggling to keep up the ceiling up and as Diego looked up, he realized why. This ship was so full of treasure that it was threatening to crush the ship under its own weight.

As he saw the ceiling start to crack and a few coins start to leak out, he started to smile smugly at the Mistress. She looked at him, still holding the sword with the piece of support beam in it.

As she wondered what he was so happy about, she felt a coin drop on top of her head. She looked up just in time to see a massive crack in the ceiling. Not even a few seconds later the ceiling gave way, causing a mountains of gold, gems and treasure chests to fall on top of them both.

Neither had time to get out of the way and both were crushed under the pile of treasure. While the Mistress was tough enough to survive being squashed under all that gold, Diego…was not.

Diego woke up, soaking wet and coughing up water. He was on the floor of his kitchen, which was also soaking wet. He quickly got to his feet and shut off the facet in the sink. “Ugh. My water bill is gonna be sky high after this…”

That’s when he realized, he was awake! “YES! HAHA! I DID IT! I EVEN TOOK HER OUT WITH ME!”

He was positively ecstatic. At least until he felt someone grab him by the shoulders, turn him around and slam him onto the floor with enough force to crack the tile underneath him. It was the Mistress and she was in full demon mode.


As she got the dust out of her dress once more, he tried to struggle free, but there was no use. That’s when Diego decided that there was only one thing he could do now that could hopefully make her go easy on him.

“…I give up!”


“I give up. I don’t know how long I can keep this up. Whatever you plan to do with me, I’ll go along with it. I ask just one thing. One request before my soul is dragged down to hell or whatever.”

She was stunned, none of her previous victims ever lasted this long. Yet after everything, he just gives up? Her skin slowly turned back to her human skin tone as she asked, “What is it?”

“I have been thirsty since the statue thing. If I am truly about to be sent into what is essentially a demonic coma, I’d like to partake in my favorite beverage, one last time.”

She thought about it for a bit and snapped her fingers disappearing and reappearing in front of him, allowing him to get up. “Make it quick. Whatever it is.”

“It’s actually in my fridge right now.”

“Drink it. In front of me. If you try anything funny, things will get even worse for you.”

“No tricks. Just one last drink. I promise.”

He opened his fridge and got a can of his favorite drink. He popped the top, hearing that hissing sound that he was gonna miss wherever he was going. As he looked at the silver container of brown carbonated liquid that always got him through the toughest of times, he hoped somehow it could do it again.

He looked at The Mistress, somehow expecting her to grant him mercy and just leave him alone, but there was no mercy. Not in those pirecing yellow eyes. He started to drink, slowly feeling the carbonation burn his tongue. He usually drank it a bit faster than this, but he savored the feeling.

Halfway through the can, he felt like he was gonna cry. This was the last time he’d ever be awake. He burped as he took a breath, tasting that hint of cherry as he did so. He shivered as he took everything in. “You finished, yet?”

“No. I’m not done yet…” he said trying not to burst into tears.

He was 75% done with the drink. He doubted that whatever The Mistress had planned for him was going to involve this. It’s funny…usually he drank this stuff to stay awake….but now he’s drinking it before bed. It’s probably going to be a long endless night now.

As he got to the bottom of the can, he tried to get every last drop. Like an hourglass that just ran out of sand, this last drop meant that his time was up. With one final burp, he then said, “Excuse me. Heh….”

She looked at him, unamused. “You finished, now?”

“Now I’m finished…” he said, handing her the can.

“Good.” with that her eyes started to glow yellow once more.

“NOW DIEGO, PREPARE TO-” Suddenly her hands started to glow. Then her arms, then the rest of her body.

WHAT!? WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME!? I-” That’s when she took a look at the can he gave her.

“OH YOU, SON OF A-” and she disappeared in a bright light. The can clattered to the floor rolling to Diego’s feet.

“What? What just happened?”

That’s when he remembered what the Elder said. “If you’re incapable of sleep, she can’t get you.”

He picked up the can and realized what just happened. “OF COURSE! I CAN’T BELIEVE I DIDN’T THINK OF IT SOONER! CAFFEINE!”

He started to kiss the empty can of diet cherry cola. “AND THEY SAID MY CAFFINE ADDICTION WOULD KILL ME! HAHAHAHA!”

He did a little happy dance as he thought he finally won. She was finally gone! That’s when he heard something that brought his dance as well as all those good feelings to a halt.


“What!? Where are you!?”


She laughed evilly as Diego reached into the fridge and popped open another soda. He downed that thing in an instant, hearing her laughter get quieter and quieter with each gulp.

He sighed with relief. Now he has a way to keep her at bay. At least until he finds a way to stop her for good. Unfortunately, since the Elder seems to only appear in his dreams, he’s on his own here. But for now all he had to do to stop her was to stay awake…for the rest of his life.


“I’d better stock up on these…” he said, heading to his computer to place a grocery delivery of every caffeinated soda they had. As he did, he heard a faint voice in the back of his head.

“Hehe…he really thinks this is gonna work? Well, this won’t affect him until he falls asleep, but I might as well get it prepared for him.”

You might think you’ve gotten away

But now you’re truly gonna pay

What you’re doing will cause nothing but pain

I’d go as far as to say, it’ll drive you insane!


To Be Continued…?


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