Nudie Nightmares 3

By username55.

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Part 3…

Diego woke up once more. “Ugh…what fresh hell awaits me now?” He looked around and noticed he was in….a prison cell? But there was no toilet or bed or much of anything. Just a blanket and a….dog bowl? He looked down at himself and he saw that he was naked from head to toe.

After covering up with his hands he looked around the bars of this cell and realized that it wasn’t so much a prison as it was a kennel. He also noticed that he wasn’t the only one here. Various people were yelling out and angrily cussing out the various people who were passing by.

Every single one of those people in the cages were as naked as he was. They seem more concerned by the people walking around then their state of dress. A few of the caged ones were even women, but most of them were men of varying ages.

He noticed that the people who were occasionally walking around outside the bars, were about twice his size. That’s when he heard something. “Ah, good you’re finally awake.”

He turned to source of that sound and saw an older gentlemen in the cell next to him. He then asked him, “Uh, sir? What is this place?”

“Not sure kid, this is just where we end up when we’re bad. Whenever I try to escape, I end up back here. Waiting for my owner to come back for me.”

“Wait, your owner? You can’t own people anymore…right? I’m pretty sure that’s been outlawed since sometime in the late 1800s.”

The old man laughed. “You must be new here. Actually, you are new, I haven’t seen you before and that cell was empty just a few moments ago.”

“Wait, I just appeared here?” Diego thought hard about this and realized, “Of course! This is another stupid dream. I just gotta wake up and everything will be ok. Say, old man, do you know a way out of here?”

“Well, kid there are only two ways out of here. The left door and the right door.” The old man pointed to his left and right ends of the hall.

“The door on the left leads to freedom, someone will take you and will give you a good life, or at least that’s what they say anyway, honestly, I’d rather just roam around without any worries, foraging for food and stuff but that’s not allowed, I guess.”

If this is a kennel then Diego hypothesized that the door he’s talking about leads to you getting adopted by someone. He didn’t really like the idea of being someone’s pet.

“What about the other door?”

The old man suddenly looked rather solemn as he said, “You don’t want that door…I’ve seen many people go through that one…they never come back out.”

“W-what happens in there?”

“….I don’t know and I’m hoping that I can escape once more before I find out. Don’t have much time left, but I’m banking on my owner realizing I’m gone.”

“So if the left door is for adoption, then the right door would be for…”

Diego shivered as he realized the implications of said door. He hoped he could find a way to wake up before he was put to sleep. But just as he was wondering how he was going to escape, the door to his cell opened and there stood a women in what looked to be scrubs. Was she a vet of some kind?

“Congratulations, little guy, you’re going to your new home!”

“Wait, little guy!? I’m not an animal, I am a human and- Hey!”

With that she grabbed his hand and lead him to the left door. He covered himself with his other hand and followed her, if only on the grounds that it least wasn’t the other door.

As the kennel employee lead him to a room with a desk and some paperwork on it, he tried to plead his case with her again.

“Look, I think there’s been a mistake. I’m a normal human being like yourself. I’m not some kind of animal.”

“Hehe, I’m aware of that.”

“Then why are you treating me like an animal?”

“Because, humans are pets here!”

“But, you’re human too….right?”

She chuckled and then said, “That’s adorable, Teenie Weenie Boy.”


“Nope, I’m the other one.”

…”The other one? What’s your name?”

“Oh, I don’t have one. At least one that is pronounceable in any language or text format.”

“But you look human.”

“Well, of course I look human. If I was in my true form, The Mistress would be super upset with me, on account of the fact that any mortal who lays eyes on it would have their mind shattered and their very soul erased from existence.”

He stared aghast at her as she had a big smile after saying that, like it was some kind of joke.

…”I’ll take your word for it.”

“You don’t believe me do you?”


Before he could object she pulled off her face like it was a cheap rubber mask and Diego saw what could only be described as a multitentacled monstrosity with razor sharp teeth and eyes that were the color of blood.

He screamed as the visage was burned into his mind, all he could think about was that monstrous form and every cell in his body started to feel like it was on fire.

But then she just put on her normal face again and everything went back to normal. Diego shivered and he breathed as he felt the pain and terror slowly leave his body. Surprisingly, despite feeling like he just witnessed an eldritch nightmare beyond mortal comprehension, he was actually ok.

As he calmed down, he felt confident at having no-selled what was apparently something no other mortal survived.

“Hehe, oh whoops, that wasn’t my true form. Would you like to see my real true form?”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” he screamed as she went to take off her face again. But just before she could she was smacked in the back of the head by Demona.

“Stop doing that! She needs him alive!”

“Come on, he deserves it after what he did to my hair.”


“Heh, not as sorry as you’re gonna be.”

At that point, the door to the office opened. Both Demona and her unpronounceable cohort greeted her.

“Welcome to the Demane Society!”, they both said in unison. With Diego facepalming at that very weak attempt at a pun.

“Ok, maybe it won’t be so bad being a pet. I mean, it’s better than being an immobile statue, right?” thought Diego to himself.

At least that’s what he thought until he turned around and saw who was adopting him.

“Hello, my new pet.” said a woman in orange dress with snow white hair and suspiciously yellow eyes.

Diego looked like he saw a ghost. No, that couldn’t be her, right? She couldn’t possibly-

“Yes…yes I am her.”, she whispered to Diego before he could even ask the question.

“Well, all the paperwork seems to be in order. You be a good pet for The Mist- er, for Missy. Ok, Diego?”

She then patted him on the head and handed “Missy” a blue dog collar. It had his name engraved on the tag and on the back it said, property of the Mistress.

“Well, pet, let’s get this collar on you and I’ll walk you home.”

Diego backed away from The Mistress as she approached. He noted that much like the other two, she was twice his size. In fact everything around him was bigger than normal. It’s as if, compared to them he was the size of a mid sized dog.

“Hang on, Mistress. I know what’s going on here. This is a dream. I remember everything so….that means none of this can hurt me and quite frankly, after what you put me through last time, I’m not going to be your pet. In fact, I’m not going anywhere.”

Demona then piped up and said. “Well, not that you have a choice in the matter, but if you want to be difficult and be a bad boy, then you’ll just be sent back here, where you’ll get adopted again or just stay here until there’s no more room and be taken to the other room to…well you know.”

So it’s true, this isn’t a no-kill shelter. That definitely made Diego very uneasy.

“Do you know how we do it?”

Diego shook his head.

She pointed back to the unpronounceable one, who simply mimed the act of taking off her face again and then said “and the soul is completely gone.”

He gulped as he was very sure she wasn’t lying. “Is there an equivalent to the ASPCA in this hellscape?”

That’s when Missy walked toward him. He closed his eyes and expected the worst but then she gently patted his head and tickled his chin lightly.

“Aww…don’t be scared puppy boy, I promise to take good care of you. Trust me, Diego, you’re going to love being my pet.”

He opened his eyes to look at her, but rather than the rather evil look she had when he was awake, she looked, somewhat normal. In fact, she had a smile on her face and seemed to be genuine in her actions.

Still, he did not trust her, I mean after all this, no one would. She then lightly scratched the back of his neck. For some reason, the sensation of her nails made him feel excited.

“Every pet has a spot they love to be scratched and I’m well aware of yours. Hehe.”

As he was distracted with the feeling of her scratching his neck, he felt something get wrapped around it. It was the collar. He reached to try and take it off but before he could, she whistled.

For some reason, he immediately stopped and looked at her. She then snapped her fingers and in her hand was a one of those retractable dog leashes. The actual leash then magically connected to his collar.

“Well, time for us to go home, Diego.” and with that she started leading him to the door.

“Wait, but I’m still naked! Don’t I get anything to wear!?”

“You already got a collar, what else do you need?”

She retracted the leash as she went through the door, choking him and forcing him closer to her.

As his eyes adjusted to the light he realized he was outside in what looked like a normal neighborhood. A bright breezy sunny day, perfect for walking your pet.

Despite the fact that apparently humans don’t wear clothes in this universe, Diego still felt embarrassed.

He was essentially walking around naked, while being pulled along on a leash. As he saw another demon (he assumes it was a demon, much like the Mistress as it was twice his size despite their human like appearance), he threw his hands over his crotch as it turned to look towards him.

Looking straight ahead as he saw demon after demon stare at him, some were confused, while some others were amazed at what they saw. Most of them thought he was adorable.

As Missy and her new pet waited at a nearby crosswalk, she turned to look at him and saw his discomfort. “Something wrong?”

“T-t-they’re all s-staring at me…” said Diego.

“Well of course they’re staring at you, they’ve never seen a pet walk on two legs before. They probably won’t give you a second glance if you walk on all fours.”

“On all fours!? I’m good. I’ll just endure the stares, I guess.”

“Oh come now, puppy boy. Lay down and walk on all fours.”

“No, I’m not going to crawl on my hands and knees, this is degrading enog-*ack*”

Before he could finish that sentence, she pulled the leash down, almost slamming him into the pavement as he was forced to the ground. He shakily got up on his hands and knees.

“Good boy! Now come along, we’re almost home.”

Somehow being forced to crawl naked while someone pulled him with a leash did not make this any less weird or humiliating.

“Well, this still isn’t as bad as the statue. Maybe if I play along with this, I can find a way out of here.” thought Diego to himself, as he was forced along like he was a dog.

That’s when a group of female demons walked towards them. Their eyes lit up when they saw Diego crawling towards them.

“AWWWWW…Such an adorable little guy!”

“Such a cutie.”

“Can we pet him?”

Missy thought about it and said, “Sure. I’m sure he won’t mind. Right, puppy boy?”

“Uh…actually, I would mind if they d-*ack*”

A tug on the leash put an end to his argument. With a heavy mixture of fear and excitement he allowed them to pet him. Thankfully they were gentle, with them gently stroking his hair, scratching his chin, neck and back. One of them even patted his butt, which he’d normally take umbrage with, but for some reason he was liking this.

He felt warm fuzzy feelings emanate through his body as he felt their hands and heard them cooing over him. He was practically drooling with happiness. But then he remembered that he was basically being felt up without his permission and snapped out of those thoughts.

He shook off their hands and hid behind Missy, with a blush creeping up on his face. They started giggling at his reaction as he wiped the drool from his face.

“Sorry about that, girls. I just got him from the shelter. Still haven’t trained him yet. He’s a little shy.” with Missy loudly whispering that last part.

“Heh, can we go home now, Missy?”

“Sure Diego, but first, why don’t you roll over and let them give you a belly rub?”

“I….WHAT, NO! I DON’T REALLY-” She didn’t even need to tug on the leash to send the message that what she said wasn’t a request. All she did was look at him.

He looked back the female demons, hoping they wouldn’t expect to him to show them his front.

With a massive blush on his face, he looked back at Missy hoping the same thing. Both parties seemed to have him outvoted on the manner. With a gulp, he proceeded to slowly lie on his back, with his arms and legs in the air.

With all of them staring down at him, he felt like his face was as hot as the sun. All rational thought seemed to get cloudy as he was gently scratched and petted on his chest and stomach.

The only thing that went through his head as he tried to ignore the feelings that he had was “This is so wrong….I shouldn’t be enjoying this.”

But as one of them scratched his inner thigh, his leg started to move. “WHY AM I ENJOYING THIS!? STOP!!” he screamed internally.

With all those female demons staring at him as his “tail” started to wag, he immediately sat up and covered himself. Breathing heavily he then said, “Look, I’m sorry, but I’m not comfortable with this. Just let us go home, ok?”

“Fine, Diego. It’s getting late anyway.” said Missy as she lead him away from the group.

“Bye, Diego.~”

“Maybe I should adopt a pet too.”

“Hehe, I think he was excited to see us.”

“Yeah, did you see it wiggle? Hehehe~”

He then got back on his hands and knees and they went on their way. At this point, he hoped he could get out of this somehow. Though he had no idea where he’d go or what he’d do once he got there.

Soon they reached Missy’s house. From the outside, it looked like just a normal suburban house, in a normal suburban neighborhood. What horrors would he find in a succubi’s house, now that he was forced to be her pet? She opened her front door and he saw…an ordinary living room.

Considering who Missy really was, he was expecting a torture chamber or some type of bdsm dungeon. He was relieved that it wasn’t those things. But still, he looked around the place for some kind of escape.

She then lead him to a bed, it seemed like it was made just for him as it was smaller than all her other furniture. With a dog bowl right next to it with his name on it. Guess she was expecting him. She took off the leash and left him there.

She then got the dog bowl and then left the room, entering what he assumed was her kitchen. He looked around. As far as he could tell there was no way out. He tried to stand up so he could walk around the house, but his legs felt wobbly. Maybe crawling for that distance did something to him.

“Better let my legs rest.”, he said to himself as he looked over his pet bed. It kind of looked like his actual bed, complete with a blanket and some pillows. There was a squeaky toy shaped like a game controller.

He squeezed it and it squeaked. He wasn’t sure what else he expected it to do, but it was still strange that it was here all the same. She then saw her walk in with the bowl again. It had some sort of brown slop in it. She really is going all in on this dog thing, huh? She couldn’t expect him to eat this, right?

She looked at him expectantly as he stared at it. “Go on, Diego. It’s good for you. It will keep your coat nice and shiny. Hehe.”

“Play along and you’ll find a way out. Just stomach this for now.” he thought to himself as he forced himself to take a bite of this strange brown goop.

As he chewed it, he actually found it to be…quite good. It tasted just like a cheeseburger. Huh, that was unexpected. He gobbled the rest of it like he hadn’t eaten anything in days.

“Good boy, Diego. It looks like you enjoyed that. Well, my sweet little puppy boy, it’s time for bed. We’re going to have so much fun tomorrow. Nighty night.”

She then warmly smiled at him and gently scratched at his neck again, before leaving the room and leaving him alone again. He then crawled into his bed. As he pulled the covers over him he actually felt…happy. He then mulled over this entire situation as he drifted off to sleep.

“This is actually pretty nice. Much nicer than that….other thing. Yeah, I’m honestly shocked at how nice Missy is. I mean, of course she’s sweet and nice. Why wouldn’t she be? I mean, imagine, me, a random stray getting lucky enough to be adopted by the sweetest woman in the world.”

He sighed contently as he imagined all the fun they could have together now that he’s out of that awful kennel. “Yup, this is the life. I can’t wait for tomorrow.”


“WHAT AM I SAYING!?” he screamed as he shot up right in his bed, realizing what ludicrous things he’s been thinking.

“I GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE. THIS IS GETTING TOO WEIRD FOR ME, I GOTTA…I got to…” He trailed off as wondered what he was so worried about. I mean, this place was so nice. So big and so roomy. Free room and board and nice squeaky toys.

What more could he ask for? I’m sure what ever he’d want, she’d get it for him.

“What? Who’s saying that?”

That’s when he noticed that the collar he was wearing was glowing. As he looked at it, he realized that it was the collar that was making him think these thoughts.

He tried to rip off the collar but he just couldn’t, it was like it was stuck on him. There were no buckles or clips of any kind. It was just tight around his neck, but not too tight. It was very comfy and he shouldn’t try removing it under any circumstances.

“Stop that! I’m not some dumb animal. I am human! I am a human being! NOT A PET!”

As he continued to fruitlessly remove the collar he saw it glow even brighter.

“I AM HUMAN. I AM HUMAN. I AM A MAN. I AM A Boy….I am a boy. I am a good boy who loves his owner very much. She is kind and loving and she CAN GO TO HELL BECAUSE I’M NOT A PET. THIS IS JUST A DREAM. THIS IS NOT REAL. I-”

That’s when Missy walked back in the room. “Something wrong, my pet?”

Diego just looked back at her as he tried to bite the thing off of him.

“Aww….do you not want to be my pet?”

He shook his head.

“Well, I’ll tell you what, if that’s the case then I’ll wake you up right now and leave you be. How does that sound?”

He was surprised, she really was a lot nicer than before. Though he looked at her, tilting his head slightly as he was confused by this sudden act of kindness.

“If you truly want to leave and go back to your normal life, all you have to do is tell me. So tell me, do you want to leave?”

He nodded.

“No Diego, you have to tell me. Now speak, boy. Do you want to go home?”

Finally happy to escape this weirdness, Diego took a deep breath and said, “BARK!”

His eyes went wide as he could of sworn he just barked, like a dog. He tried to tell her that he wanted to leave but all that came out were a series of barks. As he kept trying to say anything, in a language other than dog, Missy started to laugh at his increasing panic.

“That collar really works wonders doesn’t it? Controls the mind of even the most stubborn pets, so they’ll be on their best behavior. First they lose the ability to walk on two legs and then their ability to speak in any human language. Pretty soon, they lose all memories of their previous lives.

sn’t that just wonderful?” she said with unrestrained glee in her voice as he frantically barked and whined at her.

“Well, I guess you like being my pet, I’m not hearing any objections. Have a good night, puppy boy!”

As he heard her laugh while leaving the room, Diego sat in his bed and started to howl until he eventually tired himself out. Tears started forming in his eyes, but he started to forget why…


Diego woke up. What a strange set of dreams that was. I mean, being lead out on stage and being turned into a statue? That was pretty freaky. But the weirdest one was where he was some kind of creature called a human.

Human. What a strange word. What is that, something you eat? Something you play with? Eh, doesn’t matter. Because today was going to be a great day. Today was the day that Missy decided to surprise him with a trip to the nearby pet park.

It was a place where pets and their owners could mingle and make new friends. After having a hearty breakfast of delicious pet food, he got into Missy’s car and they set off for the park.

He never rode in a car before. He was a little scared but Missy assured him that no harm would come to him. He felt like he could trust her with his life. As they drove, Diego stuck his head out the window, feeling the breeze on his face as he took in the sights of this neighborhood.

But finally they made it to their destination, a park made for all the pets to play around in. While the owners could sit back and relax, the pets could play and mingle with their own kind.

As Missy parked the car, she attached the leash to his collar and lead him out to the entrance to the park. It had a special gate that allowed pets to go in, but not to run out without their owners. As soon as they crossed the gate, she unhooked the leash and Diego started to run around.

So many fun new friends to play with! So many toys! He was having the time of his life, playing fetch and Tug of War with all the other pets and their owners. It was so much fun! But that’s when he saw…her.

This pet was different from all the others. Most of the others, while friendly, didn’t really pay too much attention to him, but this one was staring right at him. It was a female pet, that was obvious, due to the fact nothing was hidden, but as she stared at him, Diego started to feel funny.

Something about her made him feel…something. She then got closer to him. Unsure what to do, Diego just sat there until she was right up in his face. She then gave him a small lick, right on the mouth.

Despite this being a completely normal thing at pets did to signify friendliness with one another, this made him blush completely red. Not only that, but it made him think of a dream he had once. He’s seen her before…on a beach somewhere.

Before he could think about this any further, she tackled him and they rolled down a nearby hill. As the reached the bottom, she barked at him in a sort of mocking way and ran off. He chased after her, playfully barking at her in response.

Finally, he caught up with her and tackled her to the ground. With him laying right on her back. It was at that moment that instinct that all animals had in the back of their mind kicked in. You know that one. That need to procreate.

After all, he was just pet with only the most basic instincts, right? He positioned himself just right and then proceeded to-


The leash lead magically formed around his collar, allowing Missy to pull him back off this other pet before anything could happen, thankfully. She was very much not willing to have him father a litter of pups this soon.

“BAD BOY! THAT’S NOT WHAT THIS PARK IS FOR.” she sighed and then added, “I knew it was too soon to take you here.”

That’s when a lead was attached to the other pet, with her owner angrily marching over to Missy ready to give her a piece of their mind. “Just what does your mutt think he’s doing to my poor sweet baby!?”

“I-I’M SO SORRY. I just got him yesterday. I thought the collar would prevent this from happening.”

“Clearly you’re new to pet ownership. Nothing, not even the mind control collar will prevent them from doing that. You need to get him fixed first.”

“Oh right, I forgot that was a thing I needed to do. Guess I skipped a step.”, she said, taking a notepad out of her purse.

“You’d better hope that he didn’t plant any seeds if you catch my drift.” this demon then turned their attention to their pet, “Did the mean ol, puppy boy hurt you, my dear?”

She responded by attempting to jump into her owners arms, completely unharmed and unbothered by the whole debacle. “I’m glad. Lucky for them you’re ok. Now, come along Rina, let’s go someplace where you won’t be bothered by that mongrel.”

At the mention of that pet’s name, Diego’s eyes went wide. He looked back at her as she was carried off. Deep sadness seemed to be etched on both of their faces, at least until their collars started to glow for a bit. Causing them to forget each other.

Something about this made him sad. Maybe cause he made a new friend and now he might never see her again or maybe because he knew that his actions heavily disappointed Missy. Whatever the cause, he sure felt broken, maybe being fixed will make him feel better.

As they both left the park, shunned by the others for their actions, Missy drove him to a nearby vets office. Thankfully, they took walk-ins. Diego felt somewhat uneasy about this place. For one thing, as they walked inside all the other pets in there looked scared.

Missy signed him in and they waited. He looked back at her as they sat down ant waited. “It’s going to be alright, puppy boy. Soon you’ll be able to go back to the park. Although, it might be a while before you can do much, you’ll still have me.”

Yeah, things will be ok. He was sure. She’d never lie to him, right? “Diego?”

One of the vet-techs then got the leash from Missy and lead him into another room. After he was weighed, had his eyes, heart and temperature checked (ouch), it was time for the vet to do what needed to be done.

“Ah, so Diego is finally here. Well, aren’t you a healthy one?” After that somewhat invasive procedure, Diego inched away from this strange man.

“Don’t worry. You’re in good hands now.”

He picked him up and put him on the examination table and said, “Let me just get this collar off so I can get a better look at your neck.”

As the collar was removed from Diego’s neck he felt like all his problems were gone, though he wondered why he was even there at the vet in the first place. He felt fine. More over, how did he get here? Why was he at a vet? Vets are for animals and he wasn’t an animal. He was a…was a…a…a HUMAN.

Diego was a human! No, not was a human. He IS a human! “There we are, Diego. Now hold still, you won’t feel a thing.” said the vet, bringing a needle towards him.


At that moment the vet covered his mouth, silencing Diego. Diego tried to scream out in panic but then the vet put the needle down on the table and tried to calm him down.

“Diego! Listen to me. You’re ok. You’re going to be fine. I’m here to help you. ”

Once Diego stopped trying to squirm out of his hands, the vet removed his hand from Diego’s mouth. “I don’t know if you recognize me, but I’ve been trying to help you out of here for a while.”

Diego looked at this man’s face and then remembered something. That other guard from the museum. He looked just like this man! Not only that, but that other pet from the kennel. That was also him!

Diego tried to say something, but the old man stopped him. “They can’t know that the collar wasn’t effective. If anyone hears you speak now, they’ll put it back on you. This is your only chance to escape.”

Diego then whispered, “But who are you? How do I know I can trust you?”

“Diego, I know how to easily wake you up. All you need to do is suffer a sudden shock or jolt that will knock you back to reality.”

“I need to electrocute myself?”

“That could work, but I mean more in the general sense of-”

Before he could elaborate any further, a vet-tech walked into the room with a tray of supplies. It was a set of scalpels, scissors and a small tray designed to hold two round objects. “Ok doctor, is the patient ready for his procedure?”

Diego put two and two together, immediately realized why he was here, screamed and covered himself.

As both he and the vet-tech stared at each other he tried to play it cool.

“Uh….bark? Heh.”

She just shook her head and said, “Oh dear, let’s get that collar back on you.”

“Don’t worry, I have this under control.” said the old man. “Uh, you go get a much better one, I’ll hold him down.”

“Ok, doctor.” as she left the room, the old man closed and locked the door behind her. “Diego, run.”

“Thank you. But who are-”

“There’s no time to explain. Let’s just say I’m someone who knows what the Mistress is capable of and I want to put a stop to it all.”

“But where do I go? What do I do?”

Before the old man could answer, she tried to open the door. “Hey, doctor? Why did you lock the door?”


Diego hopped off the table. He had a bit of trouble standing at first but then he started to run towards another door. He jumped to reach the door knob and luckily he was just tall enough to reach it and turn it.

Unfortunately, that door lead back to the waiting room. Confronted with all the demons who were waiting there along with their pets, he covered himself once more out of embarrassment. But that’s when he remembered that Missy was there too!

“Aw…did someone slip out of their collar? Well, lucky I brought a spare.”

She took an identical collar out of her purse and tried to bring it to his neck. But this time he was ready. Just before she got close, he bit her leg, making her drop the collar!

“Ow! You son of a bitch! How dare you!? COME HERE!” She lunged toward him but he jumped out of the way.

He tried to find a way outside and as luck would have it, someone was walking in with one of their pets. As they pushed open the glass door that normally you’d have to pull in order to leave the vet’s office, Diego ran out!

“NO, DON’T LET HIM GO! STOP HIM!” Too late. He was running full sprint down the sidewalk.

Everything was pitch black, it was bright and sunny when they drove up, but now it was like it was in the middle of the night. He could barely see where he was going but it seems like he escaped, until he heard something. A siren!

A massive armored truck was driving down the street. On the side of it was the words “Pet Catcher” in big letters and sitting inside it were Demona and the unpronounceable one! It parked next to him as they started to taunt him.

“Come here, puppy boy!”

“Yeah, we’re not going to hurt you.”


Diego immediately started running away, because of course.

“Ha, that always makes them run!”

They peeled out and started driving after him. Diego decided to try and lose them by going away from the sidewalk and into an alleyway, but not only did that not lose them, they drove the truck after him! However said alley was a dead end.

They stopped the truck, blocking him from the entrance of the alley. “Nowhere to run, now! HAHAHA!”

They both tried to exit the truck, but they couldn’t. The truck was just wide enough to drive through but not for them to open the doors. Diego laughed at this turn of events. But that just pissed off the unpronounceable one.

“You’re not getting away that easily!”

She hit the gas and drove right towards him.


“No stop! YOU IDIOT!” said Demona as she tried to take the wheel from her.

With no way out of there, Diego just laid flat on his back and accepted his fate. But amazingly, the truck drove right over him. The suspension was just high enough to avoid running him down.

But with the pedal to the metal, the truck crashed right into the wall behind him. Demona smacked the unpronounceable one upside the head once more as Diego ran out of the alleyway, wondering what he could do to “shock” himself.

This made him wonder, how did he get out of those other two dreams? “Let’s see, I woke up from that stage dream when The Mistress finished sucking me dry and I woke up from that statue dream when I shattered into a million pieces.” he thought to himself as he ran.

“Wait, that statue thing was pretty shocking. I shattered into dust. I died. But, I just passed out in that stage one, right? Or did I also die?”

The more he thought about it, the more he realized, that was a death. He suffered death by snu-snu. That means in order to escape the dream, he had to die. He very much did not like that idea, but he had no other theories. But how was he going to do it? Aside from that truck, he saw no vehicles on the road, so being run over wasn’t an option.

Not that he wanted that, he can definitely feel pain so he knew that whatever method he chose, this was going to hurt. But just as he was thinking about how he was going to do it, saw Missy running towards him with the collar in her hand.

“There you are, my pet. I was so worried about you. Ready to go home?”

He backed away from her. “Yeah, I’m ready to go home all right!” and he took off running once more. But as he was running something whizzed by his head. It was a dart.

He looked to where it came from and it was Demona and her unpronounceable cohort who were holding tranquilizer guns. “Hold still!”

“It’s not like we don’t have a big target to hit anyway, at least from the back!”

He saw a nearby trash can lid and held it covering his butt as they shot at him. Thanks to his much smaller size, majority of him was covered by it. Guess though he was much shorter, he was just as strong as his normal self, cause it wasn’t heavy at all.

Realizing this wasn’t working, they both took out nets and ran after him, trying to catch him. He kept running and running, but he didn’t know how long he could keep going. He was running out of breath. Maybe he could die of exhaustion?

Doubt it, but then he crossed a sign that said danger. He didn’t read all of it as he ran by but danger is what he needed. He also noticed that Missy’s minions stopped following him.

As felt proud of this, he then saw that directly in front of him was a long stretch of nothing! Not even ground. He stopped at the cliff’s edge and looked down. That was a long way down. Was there even a bottom? He couldn’t see it.

As he looked back, he saw Missy running full sprint at him, with the collar in hand and the leash already attached to it. He looked back at the demonic duo and saw them smiling with the unpronounceable one miming the act of cutting something off with a pair of scissors.

Yeah, if he was caught now, that would spell doom for his chances of starting a family. But what if he was wrong, what if this pit was bottomless? Or what if this dream was a “You die here, you die in real life” scenario?

Well then, it would also a be a “You lose your balls here, you lose them in real life” scenario as well and he did not know which was worse! So with Missy, just a few feet behind him and a sheer cliff drop in front of him, he knew which one he preferred.

Smacking his face to psych him up for the absolutely idiotic thing he was going to do, he dove off the cliff, head first. As Missy looked in absolute astonishment at what he just did, she saw him disappear into the darkness below. As he fell, he started to scream. Though he couldn’t see anything, he not only shut his eyes but covered them with his hands.

This prevented him from seeing the ground rushing right towards him. Though he didn’t see the impact, he sure felt it. Followed swiftly by not much of anything else…


Diego started to scream once more and he was spinning around on the floor in a panic. At least until he realized that all the furniture around him was normal sized and he was back in his room. Of course, he still wasn’t alone.

“Hehe, it’s always so cute when they move their legs while they have a bad dream.”

Diego scrambled to his feet and went to get a baseball bat that he keeps near his bed in case of intruders. “Stay back!”

“HAHAHAHA! You’re adorable! You know that? You really think you can stop me with force? Well go on then. Take a swing at me, I dare you.”

Scared out of his mind and also really angry with her, he did so. Screaming and charging straight at her with bat drawn, he took a swing right at her head. It would have connected too, if it didn’t go right through her!

He practically spun around with how hard he swung the thing. But she stood there, unharmed. “Everyone thinks they can intimidate me, or otherwise outsmart me. Better, stronger and much smarter beings than yourself have tried and failed.”

“Yeah, then how did I escape that last one, huh?”

The Mistress’ response was to grab him by the collar of his pajamas and growl at him, her skin turning that demonic shade of purple.


She then lifted him by the collar until his feet didn’t touch the floor.

“N-no I didn’t, that was all me, honest!” he said, not wanting to expose his newfound ally, just in case he falls under her spell once more and has to break free again.


“Even if there was somebody, which there wasn’t obviously, I’d have no clue who their name was or why they’d help me. So there.”

After giving him an icy stare she tossed him, like a bag of garbage, towards the bedroom door. Dazed and a bit sore, Diego got up, frantically opened the door and ran out of the room.

He ran straight to the kitchen. Obviously, he was still asleep, so he just needed to splash some water on his face and she’d go away, right? Surely, even if her slamming him into the door hurt like hell, he was obviously dreaming, RIGHT!?

So he turned on the kitchen sink and splashed some water on his face. He even put his whole head under the faucet. With his entire head soaking wet, surely now he was awake. At least that’s what he thought until he heard his bedroom door slam and saw her slowly walking towards him!

“MORE WATER, NEED MORE WATER. GOTTA WAKE UP. THIS IS NOT REAL.”, Diego started panicking as she walked closer to him. He then decided to use the detachable sprayer on his faucet, maybe spraying her with the water would work.

But just as he switched the settings, she snapped her fingers, causing the water to stop flowing. “Huh? What’s with this thing? Why did it stop?”

That’s when the whole faucet started to shake. Diego looked into the sprayer and out came a puff of dust, right into his face, followed by the stream of water. He sputtered and coughed as he fell to the floor and soon was once again fast asleep.

“You want water, huh? Well, then get ready for one HELL of a wet dream!”

Her eyes started to glow once more as she then said:

So you didn’t want to be my whelp?

Fine, but now you’re beyond help

You’re not clever, if that’s what you think.

Now the question is: will you SWIM OR SINK?


To Be Continued…?


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