Nudie Nightmares 2

By username55.

Read Part One Here.


Part 2…

Diego woke with a start. What in the world was that dream? Something about being naked on stage or something? How horrible. Thank goodness that’s over. But looking around, he noticed he wasn’t in his room.

He appeared to be in a security office, with a massive wall of CCTV monitors in front of him, each displaying a view of several museum exhibits. He looked down at himself and was wearing a security uniform. Before he could ask himself how he could’ve even gotten here, an alarm started to blare!

He looked at the monitors to see what was happening, and a few thieves attempted a brazen statue robbery. He started running into the museum to try and stop them. He found them with ease despite needing to learn the museum’s layout.

It’s not exactly hard to hear a helicopter lowering a cargo hook into a museum through a broken glass ceiling to take an entire statue with it. It had a net at the bottom to lift the statue right up in its grasp. He got there just as they were about to hoist it up but thinking quickly, he ran up and threw himself right onto the statue.

Having now added extra weight to said statue, he realized that he didn’t weigh enough to make a difference in raising the cargo hook. He was being taken too! Thinking even quicker, he started to unhook the ropes attached to the net. After a bit of work, he did it. He unhooked the hook as the helicopter took off!

Unfortunately, he thought a bit too quickly there. He’d have realized two things if he had taken a bit longer with said thinking. One: He and the statue were about 20 feet in the air, and Two: with nothing holding them up, there was only one way down.

They crashed onto the floor as they both fell through the broken ceiling. Diego was holding onto the statue’s leg for dear life. Amazingly, he was unharmed. Dazed but unharmed. But he did it. He saved the statue’s leg.

He was holding on to its leg as the rest of the statue had shattered into many pieces.

“Well, at least some of it is safe,” he said to himself, just before the leg he was holding crumbled to dust. Nothing remained of the statue except a fine marble powder.

“Maybe they won’t notice…?”


Looking around the room for that scream’s source, he realized it was his walkie-talkie. He answered it. “Uh, hello?”

“Report to my office, NOW!” said a very angry female voice on the other end.

He walked into the office of the museum’s owner. She was a woman with a somewhat dark complexion wearing a business casual outfit with white leggings. Her black hair was done up in a wavy ponytail, and her eyes were done up with bright blue eyeliner.

She looked almost like she could be a supermodel. He could’ve sworn he’s seen her before but couldn’t quite place her. His thoughts were interrupted by the ice-cold stare she was giving him.

“Do you know why you’re here?” she asked him.

“Uh, to guard things?” he said, genuinely unsure why he was a security guard at a museum he was pretty sure wasn’t even in his town.

“I meant, in my office right now, smart-ass.”

“Uh, ’cause I did my best to save that statue, and you want to promote me?” Her brow furrowed as her icy cold stare turned into what appeared to be white-hot rage.

‘It was worth a shot,’ he thought as he braced for the worst.

“You’re here because your incompetence has cost us millions in damages! I reviewed the security tapes. That whole hook thing they did took HOURS to set up. When I got the alert, I realized something needed to be fixed. WHERE WERE YOU.”

He stammered, trying to find an answer that wasn’t him, apparently asleep the whole time.


“N-no, I was, guarding the paintings in the museum’s west wing?” He sheepishly smiled, hoping she bought that.

With the most unamused expression, she turned her computer monitor towards Diego to reveal a hidden camera in his security booth. Sure enough, he was fast asleep on duty from when they started their heist preparations to just before the alarm went off.

He audibly gulped at this new piece of information. Then took off his hat and badge and placed them on the table.

“Heh, I’ll see myself out now.”

“Not so fast, Diego. That’s not your entire uniform.”

“Right, I’ll just head back to my locker and-”


“Right here?”

“Yes, Diego.” But just as he started to unbutton his uniform, her phone rang. “La Succube museum, Administrator Demona speaking. Really? Hmm, now that’s an idea. As it so happens, I have the perfect candidate for such an art piece. Come in as soon as you’re ready. He’ll be waiting.”

She hung up and turned her attention to Diego, who was waiting, hoping her call would save him from stripping in front of her. It would turn out that it did, but not how he’d wanted.

“Change of plans, Diego. You get to keep your job!”


“Yes, but I’m going to need your help with something. Just follow me.”

Without another word, she leads him to another room. It was filled with paint supplies, large canvases, half-finished statues, and other art pieces.

A large marble pedestal and a short girl with a beret and glasses were in the room. She must be the artist he had heard about. “Oh, is this our model for the new statue?” she said as they walked in.

“Yup, he’s our newest art piece in your series. He fit the description for the model you needed perfectly.”

Diego then asked, “What exactly am I modeling for?”

“Why, a replacement for the statue you so carelessly destroyed.”

“Would you rather that I’d let it go?”

“I’D RATHER YOU HAVE DONE YOUR JOB!” screamed the Administrator as Diego backed away from her.

He backed into an unfinished sculpture, almost toppling that one to the floor. Still, just before it hit the ground, the artist caught it before it hit the ground and pushed it back upright.

“You see? He’s a menace to the artwork! I should strip him of his badge right now.”


Diego was practically on his knees begging at this point, but then he thought, “Hang on, I’m not married or have any kids. Why did I say that?”

It was as if something made him say that…he even believed himself for a few seconds.

“Well, if you’re serious, it’s time to get ready to model.”

“OK, what do I have to do?”

The artist looked him up and down, measured him both in height and width and then said, “All you gotta do is just hold a pose for a few hours and let me mold you into a fine new art. Can you do that?”

All he had to do was stand for a few hours. Well, given his track record thus far, surely even he couldn’t mess that up, right?

“I’ll give it my best shot. I’m surprised I’m even attractive enough to be a model.”

The Administrator and the artist looked at each other with amusement. “Yeah, attractive. Let’s go with that, ” said Demona, chuckling as she said it.

“Well, now that everything is squared away, we need you to hold a pose just like the statue you “saved” from being stolen.”

The Administrator then handed Diego a photo of the statue. As he looked at it, he was shocked to discover what it was. He was too preoccupied with trying to prevent the theft that he didn’t realize that the statue was of a man, dressed and posed exactly like the statue of David, titled “The Statue of David 3.0”

“Wait, why is it 3.0?” asked Diego.

“Some other museum already did a statue of David 2.0.”

“Yeah, they even made it out of the likeness of a security guard, funnily enough.”

“Rumor has it he also clumsily broke a statue and had to replace it, so he painted himself white and stood in place of the statue. It was such a hit among the crowd that I was commissioned to make a statue out of him.”

The artist then got a bit of a blush as she recalled the model she used for that one. “I don’t quite remember his name. It started with a W, that’s all I remember, but boy, was he hung!”

“Yeah…hehe. That’s why I brought you in for this one. Maybe you can mold this useless little boy into a nice hunk of marble for us.”

The two were practically drooling over the thought of the previous model as Diego started getting uneasy, having to be compared to him. But what made things worse, as he looked at the photo again, was that the statue already looked like him, with two notable differences.

One was that it was a lot more muscular than his somewhat scrawny physique, and two, the worst part was that the muscles weren’t the only thing on him that was bigger.

That thing was rocking an obelisk between its legs! He realized he would have to strip naked to model for them properly. He had to get out of this somehow. “Uh, excuse me, ladies, but I’m starting to have second thoughts about this.”

“That’s too bad, Diego. Cause it’s time for you to get ‘dressed.'”

“Yeah, or rather undressed. Hehe.”

He went pale as he realized that he’d have to bare himself in front of not just these two women, but the finished product would permanently be on display here. A permanent reminder that he had a tiny penis. Much like the first David.

“Isn’t there something else I could do? I could be demoted to the janitor, or maybe I could buy the statue’s remains so you don’t lose any money?”

“Do you know what that statue cost us, Diego?” Demona asked as she brought out a piece of paper from her suit pocket and handed it to Diego.

He looked at it, and it was a receipt from a mysterious ‘Miss M’ who originally made the statue. Diego felt his heart almost stop as he looked at the price. He’d never seen that many zeroes in his life! He thought it was made of marble, not diamonds! How could anything be that pricey?

“So I’m going to assume by the look on your face that you don’t exactly have the funds to replace the statue.”

He shook his head.

With a smirk, Demona said, “Well, that’s too bad. Guess you gotta show us your nightstick, my clumsy little security guard.”

Sensing his nervousness, the artist tried to calm him down. “Don’t worry, Diego. In the art world, nudity is quite natural. No one is going to make fun of you for this. Just strip and pose, and we’ll both be out of here in no time, OK?”

He breathed deeply as he prepared to bare himself before these two women. One was his boss, unambiguously taking immense joy out of his nervousness.

As he stripped down to his boxers, he looked at them again. “Maybe, this version of David could have boxers? He’d probably have fought Goliath in shorts if they invented them back then.”

The artist shook her head and told him, “It’s going to be OK. I’ve dealt with models of all shapes and sizes. It’s not like you’ve had anything we haven’t seen before, OK? Just take them off, and we’ll get through this.”

He brought his hands to his waistband and was about to pull them down when she added, “Besides, it’s not like you have a tiny dick or something, right?”

He stopped as his eyes widened, and his face turned a bright shade of vermilion as he looked at them both. Demona’s face formed a big smile as she realized why he hesitated about stripping.

“On second thought, I quit. Goodbye,” and Diego attempted to walk away.

“GET BACK HERE!” Demona grabbed him by the waistband and pulled on his boxers with a force that ripped them off!

Diego brought his hands to his crotch and stood there shivering.

“You’re free to go, but you’re going home like that if you do. Plus, I’ll send you the bill for the replacement statue. I’m sure your wife will be thrilled hearing how you lost your job and everything else.”

He gulped audibly, “Right, of course.” he squeaked as he walked to the modeling area.

He stood on a pedestal under some spotlights and waited for further instructions from the artist.

“Hold the same pose as the statue you broke, OK? Like this.”

She then posed with one hand on her hip and the other on her chin. Her legs were slightly apart.

Diego thought, ‘OK, grin and bear it. You can do this. It might be humiliating, but it’s better than walking home with nothing but a very expensive bill to cover you up, right? OK, one, two, two-and-a-half—’


His mind screamed, ‘Three.’ He did the pose, uncovering his little one in front of them.

Not even a few seconds later, Demona burst out laughing. “Why am I not surprised? Of course, this incompetent fool has the smallest dick I’ve ever seen. It might even be smaller than the original statue of David! HAHAHAHAHA”

But the Artist had a different reaction. She rushed right to him and looked him up and down. Her face mere inches from his one incher.

Diego was very uncomfortable with the fact that she was so close he could feel her breath on it. “U-uh, miss artist, ma’am? What are you doing?”

“It’s beautiful.”

“What?” said both Diego and Demona simultaneously.

“It’s like he was sculpted by one of the great Renaissance artists themselves. You’re going to make a fantastic statue. Now hold that pose as I get started.”

She then brought out a can of white paint. “Uh, I thought you were making a statue,” said Diego, confused.

“She is, but the actual creation of the statue will take a week. Until then, you’re going to stand in for it.”

“I’m going to paint you from head to toe and then take pictures of you from every angle. That way, I can create an identical statue to display here.”


“Yup.” said the Administrator as she added, “All our guests are going to see you completely naked. Maybe you’ll be more careful with priceless artwork once this ends.”

The thought of all those people staring at him, standing stock still as an actual statue with his nub fully on display, made him sweat profusely under these spotlights.

She continued to taunt him, “Good thing this paint is waterproof, wouldn’t want it to wash off in the middle of the day and reveal that our incredibly lifelike statue of a man with an itty bitty weenie was not a statue at all.”

He started to shiver as he thought of everything that could go wrong and revealed himself to the museum patrons. But a tickling sensation on his foot interrupted those thoughts.

“Please hold still. We got get this paint dry by the time the museum opens.”

She was coating him in white paint. It seemed to be mixed with some gritty substance. He tried his hardest to stay as still as possible, but the feeling of the paintbrush on certain parts of his body made him wiggle around a bit due to his ticklish nature. She went from the bottom to the top. So first was his legs, and then came his lower parts.

Demona made a rather crass joke about getting another paint bucket to coat his backside.

Diego was not amused, “My butt’s not that big.”

“Are you kidding? I’ve seen pillows that are smaller and soft than that. If only some of that went to your little weenie.”

Though the artist was too busy covering his ass with the paint, Diego couldn’t help but notice that she seemed to be spending a bit too much time moving his cheeks to paint them. He swore she grabbed a fistful of cheek and even spanked it once.

“OW, be gentle back there!”

“Sorry, couldn’t help it. It really is soft.”

She punctuated that with a pinch. As Diego winced, he tried not to move. Once she was done, she moved to the front part. His heart felt like it would beat out of his chest as he realized she would have to paint him down there too!

It took every bit of willpower not to coat the artist herself in his white paint as she was very thorough with her brushstrokes. Her skill with the paintbrush did not go unnoticed by Diego, who unfortunately responded the only way he could, and Demona, who immediately noticed this and taunted him for it.

“Diego, how dare you! You’re supposed to pretend to be a statue, not be as hard as one!”

The Artist, however, was very unamused with both her and Diego. “Shame on you both for trying to make this sexual. There’s nothing sexual about my art. This is naught but an artistic nude, so calm yourselves down this instant.”

“But I didn’t do anything. It just happened on its own,” said Diego as he defended himself.

“Oh, lighten up. It’s not like that thing is big enough to be considered sexual. It’s small enough to belong to a cherub if it doesn’t spurt. No one will know if the “extended” version is the one they get,” said the Administrator as she wiggled her pinky at him.

“Oh shush, both of you! Just let me do this, all I gotta do is paint this bottom part here, and the genitals will be done. Gotta lift the appendage and-”

As she lifted it to coat the bottom, her gentle touch on his smallness was too much for Diego to handle. Lucky for the artist, she had the presence of mind to block the shot with her hand after the first shot coated her glasses.

He tried to pretend that nothing had happened. Still, it was hard to do so when your boss was on the floor rolling around in laughter and an artist tried vainly wiping off her glasses.

Good thing they weren’t prescription glasses, just fake aesthetic ones. Still, she gave Diego quite a dirty look and needed to be more gentle with the remaining paint job.

Thankfully there were no further problems as she coated the rest of him with the paint. His back, front, face, and even his hair were coated in white. You’d think he was a statue if you didn’t know better.

“TA-DA! It’s complete. What you think, Miss Demona?”

She circled Diego, eyeing him up and down. She turned to the artist and said, “He’s perfect. A much better statue than a security guard.”

The artist then took all the pictures she needed to take and then took her leave. “You’ll receive your payment once the real statue is complete. Thank you for your time.”

“No problem, Miss Demona.” She then walked off, but not before giving Diego another death glare.

“Heh, my bad. I’m sorry about your glasses.”

“Hmph.” She turned with her nose in the air. It’s hard to forgive someone for face-painting them without permission.

“All right, Diego, it’s time to put you on display.” She then led him to the room where the first statue was. While it was mostly cleaned up, there was still a bit of marble residue everywhere.

She had him stand on a marble pedestal under some more spotlights. A plaque with the words ‘David 3.1’ on it.

“Why the point one? Shouldn’t I be 4.0 or something?”

“You don’t have enough going on to justify more than a point one. Frankly, if I were naming it, you’d be David 2.9.”

He sighed and climbed onto the pedestal. “Now, hold that pose until tonight. All right? Not a single inch of you can even move, right?”

“Got it, but what abo-”

Demona’s cell phone then went off. “I gotta go take this. The museum opens in a few minutes. Good luck!”

“But when do I get to—” She left the room before he could finish the question. “Take a break?” he finished to no one.

He then steeled himself for the many potential eyes that would see him like this. “It’s just an art museum, right? Who visits one on the weekday anyway? I’m probably overestimating the crowd size.”

That’s when Demona walked back in. “Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention. This week is the museum’s woman’s appreciation week. All female patrons get in at a reduced price to celebrate women in art. So expect much female attention. Especially since this exhibit that you’re standing in is brand new.”

‘Of course, why would I expect otherwise?’ Diego thought as his heart sank.

She got close to him and added, “That David 2.0 was such a massive hit, so I’m sure many women will get a thrill at our 3.1 version. Try not to disappoint them. Not that I’m sure you aren’t used to doing so.” She brought her thumb and forefinger together with that line.

She then left him to start his shift as a statue. He wondered how much he was even getting paid to do this anyway. Probably nothing considering this was a punishment.

For the first few hours, there wasn’t much of anyone. ‘So far, so good,’ Diego thought, but then he heard a massive crowd start walking in.

Sure enough, most of them were female! He stood as still as he could, but his heart was pounding. So many women, all looking at him. He looked straight ahead, hoping that no one saw through this ruse.

A few of them did look at him. Some even took pictures! Most were normal pictures, but a few took pictures holding their pinkies up in a very obvious comparison. A few of the more immature ones even giggled at him.

Other than that, it is working. No one paid close attention. Until a group of women, who were quite clearly tipsy, walked in. They looked close to their 40s and were loud and boisterous. They seemed to be there for the nude sculptures and art because they didn’t pay attention to the other exhibits. They made a beeline for him and made their presence known.

“Ooh, look at this one.”

“Such a cutie pie.”

“Those Greeks sure were small, weren’t they? Hehe.”

“I feel so sorry for their women if that’s what most of them were packin’ down there.”

“I thought an Italian made that statue.”

“Oof, he must’ve hated the Greeks.”

“Yeah, wasn’t his name Leonardo DiCaprio or something?”

“No, it was Da Vinci.”

“That’s the ninja turtle, idiot.”

“I knew that. I was fooling around.”

“Could’ve fooled me.”

‘Great,’ thought Diego, ‘The real intellectuals have come out today. At least I know that they wouldn’t be smart enough to—’

“Hey girls, did that statue just roll its eyes?”

Diego looked shocked but quickly looked straight ahead again. Thankfully he didn’t break the pose. He must be getting good at staying in that one spot.

But as the women stared closer at the statue, one of them even used her phone camera to zoom in on his face. He started to shiver slightly, and a blush spread on his face.

“I bet this thing is a real guy.”

“Maybe it’s an animatronic.”

“Or perhaps, it’s cursed. OoOoOoOo!”

“Don’t be ridiculous. This is some pervert who coated himself in paint and displayed himself, like that other statue we saw.”

“But that guy was hung as a horse. This guy is hung like a grain of rice. Why would he be dumb enough to do that?”

“Well, there’s only one way to find out if this thing is alive, one of us has to touch him.”

They tried to reach him, but none of them were tall enough to reach even his feet due to the height of the pedestal he was currently on.

He breathed a sigh of relief (that he hoped they didn’t hear). Relief lasted until he heard one of them say, “Give me a boost.” then one of them climbed on the other with just enough height to reach his legs!

He felt like he was going to scream. If they touched him, they’d realize that he was just some guy painted white and standing naked on a pedestal. He breathed as the woman took her hand and flicked at his leg.

“Huh, yeah. This is just a statue. It’s hard as a rock.”

‘Wait, what? How?’ Deigo thought.


At that moment, an old man started walking towards them. He looked to be a guard as well. ‘He must work the day shift,” Diego thought. As he angrily chased away the women disrespecting the artwork, Diego took the opportunity to take a breath during the excitement finally. That was too close!

But then the other guard turned to look at him. He stared as if trying to deduce if this was a statue. He looked him over and then asked himself, “Was this him? I hope not…”

He shook his head sadly and walked off. What in the world was that about? But before he could ponder that further, an announcement rang over the PA system.

“Attention, the museum is now closed. Please make your way to the nearest exit. We hope you had a great time. Thank you for visiting the La Succube Museum of fine art.”

Phew, finally. Maybe now he can take a break from this mind-numbing statue job. He looked around to see if anyone else was around, .or at least he tried to. He couldn’t turn his head!

He couldn’t seem to move much of anything. That’s when Demona walked in. “So, how’s my newest work of art holding up?”

“Uh, Miss Demona, I can’t seem to move,” Deigo said.

“Yeah, statues aren’t supposed to move, are they?”

“But, the museum is closed! I haven’t eaten or gone to the bathroom since last night!”

“Do you need to, Diego?”

He thought about it and realized that he hadn’t felt hungry or needed to pee since the painting. Come to think of it. He hadn’t felt much of anything. He hadn’t even felt sleepy despite getting very little rest.

She then climbed up on a stepladder to look right at him. She patted his cheek. “Still soft? I guess the paint’s not completely done working its magic. But most of you is now pure marble.”

“Wait, is that paint turning me into an actual statue?”

“Yup. I wasn’t being metaphorical when I said you were replacing the statue. Maybe being one of the exhibits will teach you to be more careful.”

She climbed back down halfway and tapped him on his groin. “Hmph. Rock hard, and yet still flaccid. That paint works wonders, doesn’t it, Diego? After a few hours or a few minutes under those spotlights, the paint turns whatever it covers into a statue.

“Don’t worry about hunger, drowsiness, or, pretty soon, even breathing. All those needs will be gone very soon. All you’ll be able to do is watch and think. Watch all these women looking right at that little pebble between your legs. Never moving, never feeling. Just watching.”

Diego started to panic. “HELP! SOMEONE! I DON’T WANT TO BE A STATUE!”

“I wouldn’t yell out if I were you, not that you can for much longer. But you needn’t worry. Once your week is up, the artist will return with the replacement statue and cover you in a special paint remover that will turn you back to normal.

But if you do anything to reveal that you’re not a real statue before then, you’ll be put in storage. Maybe we’ll bring you out again…or maybe we won’t. Who knows what will happen to you.”

She then climbed back down and started to walk away. “Demona, this is inhumane! Please, don’t leave me like this. I promise to be more careful, please. I’ll do any—mph-mph-mph!”

At that point, Diego’s mouth stopped moving, though if you listened closely, you could hear vague mumbling from the statue. Diego was now trapped in the statue, or maybe he was the statue. He couldn’t tell. He thought to himself, ‘It’s only for six more days. I’m sure they’ll go by quickly. Then I can quit this job and never look back. No matter what they paid me before this, it wasn’t worth it.’

So he just stood there for the rest of those days. Nothing else happened besides the many giggles and pictures from the amused female patrons. Diego was in complete agony, however, unable to feel anything. Time seemed to blur together. When all your senses go numb, it seems so does your mind. He hated to say this, but he preferred being on that stage to this!

At least he felt something there. Granted, it was completely against his will, but it was at least a feeling other than existential dread. But that’s when he was snapped out of those thoughts by Demona.

“Hey! Can you hear me? Blink twice if you can.”

He did so. “Great, well, I just wanted to tell you you have one more shift to go! Hang in there, and you’ll make it through this. Good luck!”

Then she left, leaving him confused at her much happier demeanor. Still, one more night, that’s all he’d have to endure. He felt happy for the first time in days.

At least until he heard a crashing noise, and a group of people dressed like ninjas started rushing into the room. He recognized them. They were the thieves who were trying to steal that other statue!

But Demona needed to hire a replacement guard. So that would mean that with him guarding the museum, they could take art, including him! He tried to scream for help, but nothing but his eyes could move. He stood helplessly as they prepared a net to hook him to the helicopter. He could only hope for one thing, that they’d realize he was gone and try to look for him!

Soon they were ready for launch, and that’s when that old man from earlier tried to save the day. “Hey, get away from him. That’s not a statue!”

He tried to rush over to him and unhook him from the helicopter, but this time they were too fast, and it took off before he could get there!

Though the roar of the helicopter engine was loud, the old man shouted after him! All Diego could make out as the ground got further away was the phrase, “Break the stone and you’ll—”

‘I’ll what? Also, what stone?’ Diedo wondered. These questions went through Diego’s head as he saw the city below him. This wasn’t the small coastal town he was living in. It looked like a massive city. He recognized no landmarks or anything. How did he get here, and how will he get home?

That’s when he saw where he was being taken to. It looked like a massive penthouse. Some incredibly wealthy person lived here, no doubt. It had a big rooftop garden with many other statues. As the thieves landed with their ill-gotten gain, he saw that Demona and the artist were waiting for him! ‘Yes, they’ll save me,’ he thought.

“Careful with him. We don’t want our good friend here to get broken,” Demona shouted.

Ahh, what a relief. She does care about him, after all.

“They always fetch more money when all in one piece.”

And the relief is gone.

‘Is she selling me to the highest bidder?’ Diego wondered. He tried to scream out once more, but of course, no noise came out. It felt like that story about the evil computer that turns that guy into a jelly without a mouth, and Diego wants to scream but can’t. Though Diego forgot the name of the story, he truly sympathized with that jelly guy at this point. The other thieves wheeled Diego in on a dolly to a room filled with other statues. They, too, looked human. ‘They couldn’t all be? No, I have to be the only one alive, right?’ he wondered.

As they set him down, he saw Demona and the artist talking with a third person. She was dressed like one of the thieves, but something about her was familiar.

“So, is the statue ready?” asked the mystery woman.

The Artist replied, “It sure is, Miss M. OK, guys, bring it in!”

Another group of thieves was wheeling in a statue resembling Diego. Every inch was identical, especially that inch.

‘Huh, I guess I am that small,’ thought Diego as he was confronted with absolute proof.

Miss M looked over the other statue and gave it a thumbs up, they then wheeled it to the helicopter, and Diego heard it take off. As the rest of the thieves, minus this Miss M, left the room, Demona addressed Diego.

“Well, how’s our star holding up, huh?”

“Yeah, how do you like being permanently encased in stone so everyone can look at that hard little bean between your legs?” said the artist, enjoying his plight uncharacteristically.

It’s good that Diego couldn’t speak at this point, as he would’ve let lose an epic tirade of epithets and insults at them had he could. However, the fact that his eyes had nothing but pure anger in them told them his response.

“Oh, relax, Diego. Remember, we still have that paint remover, don’t we?”

“I got it right here, actually.” said the Artist, holding up an open paint bucket.

“All right, let’s just get you out of there, and—” Just as she got close to Diego, she tripped, spilling the bucket’s contents all over the floor. “Oops. Clumsy me. Hehehehe.”

Diego stared at the stain on the floor of the penthouse. His only hope of moving again was now just a spill to be mopped up.

“Well, guess you’re a statue permanently now. I mean, we could order more of the paint remover, but here’s the thing, we don’t want to.”

Both Demona and the Artist got evil grins and chuckled as she said that.

“Aww, what’s wrong? We thought you’d prefer this over being naked on stage.”

His eyes went wide. How could they have known about that dream he had?

“Oh, I see. You need to recognize us. Maybe this will help.”

They both looked at Miss M. She then nodded and snapped her fingers. Those two hostesses from the stage replaced Demona and the artist in a puff of smoke!

“Surprise! We hope you liked our performance, Teenie-Weenie-Boy!”

“I know you thought I was so friendly and cute, but staying in character was hard. I felt like I would laugh as I painted your little dick.”

“Meanwhile, I burst out laughing when he burst out on you! I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE HE DID THAT. HAHAHAHAHA!”

“Don’t remind me. Do you know how hard that was to get out of my hair? It takes more than magic, you know!”

The former artist said, “Speaking of people you might know, I think we’ll leave you with “Miss M” here so she can have a little one-on-one chat with you.”

“See you around, Teenie-Weenie-Boy!” They both started cackling as they left the room as well, leaving Diego in the company of Miss M.

She removed the hood of her ninja-like outfit to reveal her true identity.

“Hello again, Diego.”

Diego felt intense panic. It was ‘The Mistress!’

She snapped her fingers and started floating. She then rose just high enough to look him in the eye. “You’re quite the work of art, Diego. A scared little naked boy, just on display for my pleasure. You can’t look around, but you’d probably have noticed all the other statues here if you could. You might’ve guessed this already, but they weren’t all statues at first.”

The Mistress smiled cruelly at him, relishing the terror in his eyes.

“All of them were once people I’ve visited. They wanted their naked bodies displayed to the world, so I gave them that wish. So while the real deal gets to be part of my collection, I have an artist create a replica, so they can still be on display in multiple places at once.”

She then tapped on his eye. It surprisingly didn’t hurt.

“Completely stone. Yup, you’re rock hard, and yet, still flaccid. Wait, we made that joke already. Ah, whatever. I’m sure you can appreciate it better now that you have nothing else to do besides stand there and look pretty. Anyway, my good ol’ Statue of David knockoff, I’ll see you later. You keep enjoying yourself. You are enjoying yourself. I can never tell if those are tears of joy or sorrow. Not that it matters. Bye.”

She kissed him and snapped her fingers again, disappearing in a puff of smoke. As the smoke dissipated, he heard her cruel laughter echo through the room.

Diego tried to look around the room for any method of escape, but there was no one or nothing he could see that would free him. Back at the museum, that old man was the only person who could help. He had no clue who he was, but all Diego could think of was what he said: ‘Break the stone, and you’ll—’

What did that mean? There were no stones around him. Just him. A big stone statue that was currently sobbing at his predicament. Tears formed in his eyes, and fell to the ground. They formed into little teardrop-shaped rocks and broke upon hitting the ground.

‘Wait. THAT’S IT! I’m the stone I needed to break! If I can break the stone around me, maybe I can escape!’ he thought.

But all he could move was his eyes. He focused and tried to move. He tried to find and focus any remaining muscles in his body to even wobble in place. Eventually, he did a small hop. It moved him less than an inch, but it was something. He focused and did it again and again. It took hours, but he was almost off the pedestal. He was wobbling and about to fall off. One more ought to do it!

With one final hop, he toppled over! YES! He was about to hit the floor.

As he did, he felt the stone shatter and nothing else after that. It seems he was more stone than a man then, and all that was left was a fine marble powder. Diego was dust and nothing more.


“Ow! Ugh, that hurt. What? Wait, I’m alive?” Diego said.

He was. He was also back in his bedroom, fully able to move, breathe, and speak! Though he was on the floor. Guess he fell out of bed.

“Oh, what a relief. Haha. That was terrifying.”

But then, something occurred to him. The Mistress! He reached over his bed to see if she was still there and found nothing. His bed was empty. He laughed.

“Thank goodness that’s over. I mean, two nightmares in a row, three, counting that bed thing. What are the odds?”

He checked the clock. It was 4 am. He was still pretty tired but went to the kitchen for a drink.

“I’m glad I never have to see her ever again.”

He opened the door to his room, and she was standing there.

“Aww, Diego. I thought you liked me,” said The Mistress just before Diego slammed the door in her face and locked the door.

He then blocked the door with his body as he trembled in fear.

He said, “OK, OK! Get a hold of yourself. This isn’t happening. You’re still reeling from that other dream. Or maybe you’re still dreaming. Yeah, this is still a dream. You are asleep, and you have to wake up again.”

He pinched himself a few times and smacked himself across the face hard enough to leave a red mark on his face.

“Ow, OK! Get a grip. Now you’re wide awake.” He then heard laughter from the other side of the door. “Right?”

He took a deep breath, unlocked the door, and opened it just a crack to reveal no one.

“Phew,” Diego said.

He then felt someone tap his shoulder. He shut his eyes.

“Nope. Not gonna look behind me.”

He then heard her whisper, “Then look in front of you.” He opened his eyes to find her mere inches from his face. “Boo.”

He screamed and jumped backward, almost falling over as he backed to the other side of his room. “Leave me alone! What did I do to deserve this!”

“HAHAHAHAHAHA. Nothing! Or at least I don’t think you did anything. Not that I’m here to punish you. I’m what most of you would call a succubus. But before you get excited, I’m not here to fuck you. God, no, not with that little thing between your legs. I’m more of an emotional eater type of succubi.”

She then started walking closer to him, backing him into a corner.

“I specifically feed on three emotions. Lust…” She started to trace her nails on his pajama top, unbuttoning one of the buttons as she said this. “Embarrassment…” she said as she noted the blush on his face. She leaned close to his face, her lips almost touching his. “And of course, I mainly feed…on…FEAR!”

As she said this, her face transformed into a demonic fanged version of herself, causing Diego to grip his chest as his heart nearly popped out.

She laughed at his panicked reaction and continued, “And you, my sweet, delicious Diego, are full of all three. It’s like an all-you-can-eat emotion buffet, and I’m nowhere near full!” She reached into her dress and pulled out a handful of dust. “So hold still, this one I think you’ll enjoy.”

He pushed her to the ground and tried to run, but she was having none of it as she grabbed his leg to trip him. She then got on top of him, holding him in place.

“Stay still. You’re going to go to sleep, and you’re gonna stay there this time!”

“No, I don’t want to! Let me go!” Diego wailed.

“Stop struggling. You’re gonna sleep, and you’re gonna like it! Better yet, I’m going to make sure you do!”

She then blew the dust right in his face, and despite all his struggling, he still succumbed to the dust and was soon sawing logs.

“Good boy. I was too harsh with you in that last one. A gentler touch may keep you under. Hehehe” Her eyes then glowed a bright yellow once more, and she said, “Much like your hopes and dreams, you were shattered, and yet you escaped, not that it mattered. But you won’t want to leave me now, I bet. Not once I make you my little dick pet!”


To Be Continued…?


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