Nudie Nightmares 1

By username55.

Pitch blackness. That’s all he could see. He had yet to learn how he got there or where this even was. All he knew is it was dark. Just as he got his bearings, a bright light shone on him. He couldn’t see anything at first, but as his eyes adjusted to the light, he heard cheers and laughter. He saw thousands of women laughing, pointing at him, and taking pictures and videos.

He stood there confused and felt a slight chill wash over him, all over him. Why was it so cold, and why were all these women laughing at him? At that point, he noticed two women to his left and right. The one on the left of him was a woman in a purple crop top and daisy dukes, while the one to his left was clad in a black tank top with red shorts.

They both had lapel mikes on their respective tops and then spoke into them, alternating with each line. “Ladies! Please give a big round of applause for our little friend here.”

“Yes, our adorable little tiny friend here.”

“You know him, love him, need a microscope to see him, give it up for…”


A banner behind him dropped down that said the same thing as they both simultaneously announced the star of their show. As the crowd started chanting “Teenie Weenie!” at the boy on stage, he looked around, wondering where this boy was.

He was the only male on stage or in this theater, so, “Oh no.”

As he looked around the crowd and the two ladies beside him (who were also giggling), one of them pointed down.

With how cold it was and how many people seemed to be staring and laughing at him, and both women beside him seemingly relishing his confusion, he did not want to look down. He knew already what he would see and did not like where this was going. But who knows, maybe it’s a massive coincidence that he feels cold, that everyone is staring at him, and that he can’t feel fabric anywhere on his body.

“Oh god, please let me be wrong.”

He slowly looked down at himself; his worst fears were confirmed. He was indeed NAKED on stage in a crowded theater filled with thousands and thousands of screaming, laughing, giggling women. Most looked young, but a few older women were scattered around. He estimated that they were all between 18 to 50 years old. He was 20 years old, with rather unkempt black hair and a somewhat tan skin tone, though he had never gotten a tan. He never liked being naked in the slightest, and yet here he was. Completely bare naked and exposed on a stage, with a small, flaccid, hairless dick!

He looked back at his audience and covered himself. He tried desperately not to scream, but all this humiliation made him cry in terror. This caused the audience to laugh even harder and start taunting him harder, with those in the front row waving their pinkies, blowing him kisses, pinching their fingers together, and filming his humiliation.

He was in full panic mode. “How did I get here? What happened to my clothes? Who are these two ladies? WHY CAN’T I MOVE?”

He tried to run, but his feet were stuck to the floor for some reason, and his legs couldn’t move. He couldn’t, despite every cell in his body wanting to escape this naked nightmare.

The one on the right looked at him as if she knew what he was thinking and said, “Aww, were we trying to escape? But you’re going to miss the fun part.”

She then pulled out what looked to be a pair of handcuffs. Diego’s eyes went wide. He tried to reason with her, but for some reason, his voice kept giving out, becoming too hoarse even to be heard.

He begged, “Please…no…let me…go.”

A pinch to his buttcheek by the one on the left quickly shut him up. “You’re covering up the star of the show.”

“Yes, let that little dick breathe. Raise those arms up.”

He didn’t budge. He had a death grip on his weenie, much to the disapproval of the audience, who started to boo. They grabbed his arms and started pulling up with all their might. To his credit, he put up a bit of struggle. However, a few tickles to his side made him lose his grip, exposing himself to the crowd again and allowing the girls to cuff his hands together. With his hands bound like that, he couldn’t lower his arms to cover his, rapidly shrinking due to fear, weenie.

With each bit of laughter and camera flash, it was getting even smaller! He looked around for any hint of a way out, a sympathetic person, or a chance of escape. All he saw was a sea of ladies making fun of him! The two hostesses talked to the audience once more to rub salt in his metaphorical wounds.

“Isn’t it hilarious, ladies? Such a tiny little nubbin, and yet…” They both grabbed his waist and spun him around with almost no effort. “And yet, such a huge ass!”

His butt was now facing the audience. While he felt a small relief that he was no longer facing that crowd, that relief didn’t last long. Both girls reeled back and smacked one cheek each. With a yelp that was louder than any vocalization he could make thus far, Diego tried to fight back the tears.

“How do you have such big buns and yet such tiny meat?”

“It’s unbelievable how much of a difference there is between those big red cheeks and that tiny little dickie.”

They went back to talking to the audience. “Thank goodness for the jumbotron showing off his little acorn for all the people in the back.”

They then made him look up. Sure enough, he saw a screen that looked like it belonged in a football stadium showing a live feed of his behind. It zoomed out to show him looking at the screen, causing him to turn around and see what appeared to be a drone about a few feet from him.

At this point, the girls spun him around, and the drone flew in a bit closer. They each grabbed his hips and shook him around, making his weewee dance for the camera. The crowd went crazy, with most ladies almost falling out of their seats from laughter.

“Oh, and let’s not forget that we’re live-streaming this to everyone worldwide, with 20k viewers and rising!”

“Do you have anything to say to our viewers, teenie weenie boy?”

The drone focused on his face. The camera’s lens reflects his frightened and humiliated visage at him. He could only scream, “I WANNA GO HOME!”

The hosts laughed at his desperate plea. “Awww, but teenie weenie boy, you ARE home!”

“Yeah, this contract you signed means you’re ours now.”

They then shoved a piece of paper in his face, and sure enough, it was a legally binding document saying that they owned him now. In that exact phrasing, too, with his signature, in his handwriting. But not only did he not remember signing anything, the only thing he remembers is just going to bed and waking up here. Nothing in between.


One of them got close to his ear and whispered, “Doesn’t matter. You’re ours now.”

“Yeah, we got you from a very special woman who was adamant that we put on this show for everyone.”

He asked, “Who?”

“Save your breath, teenie weenie. You’ll meet her soon enough.”

At this point, he thought, ‘Well, I’ve been enslaved by these two horrid women. Every other woman in the world has seen my wee—my penis. Oh, who am I kidding? My weenie and I’m stuck here naked on this stage. What else could they do to me if everyone has seen me naked already?’

“Alright, ladies. You ready for the grand finale?”

The audience started cheering at the mention of this finale.

“Are you sure? You don’t sound ready.”

They cheered even louder.

He said, “I’m…not…ready.”

One of the hosts grabbed him by the cheeks (the one on his face) and angrily whispered, “No one was asking you.”

The lights appeared in the theater at that moment, revealing a hitherto unnoticed catwalk.

“Now walk forward!”


“Do it, or we’ll make you.”

He tried to walk forward but still couldn’t move his legs. He tried to take even one step forward but couldn’t. It did cause his hips to move around and shake his weenie, much to the continued amusement of the audience.

“Alright then, guess we gotta pull you there.”

Before he could ask what that meant, he felt her grab him by the love handle and yank with just enough force to pull him but not hurt him too badly. Oh, it still hurt, but it did send the message to his legs that it was time to move.

So with one lady pulling him by nature’s leash and the other grabbing his cheeks (not the ones on his face) and pushing him, he walked out into the middle of the catwalk. All those women, staring right at him with unbridled glee on their faces, with phones capturing his humiliating walk, caused most of the blood to rush to his face. I say most of it because there was one other place that blood was rushing toward. That woman wasn’t so much pulling him anymore as she was rubbing him!

“OK, Teenie Weenie Boy, hold your arms out!”

He did as he was told, and the instant they were out, the shackles separated, and his arms were pulled above his head. The remains of the shackles then magically turned into blue and pink chains, bounding him in place.

He looked up to see what was holding him, and the chains seemed to go on for miles. He couldn’t even see where they were going but couldn’t escape. The woman pulling him by the pinky parts finally let go, as did the one holding his cheeks (though not before giving him one more squeeze). The second they did that, his teenie weenie performed its own standing ovation.

It felt red hot to the touch, with all the ladies starting at it like they were trying to burn a hole in it with their minds. Though he couldn’t move from that spot, he could spin around with the chains holding his arms up. Rotating around to allow him a complete 360-degree view of all the lecherous ladies in the audience. The horrible hosts then walked back to the stage as the pathway from the catwalk to the stage went back to the floor. He then noticed that there were now staircases leading up to him around the section he was still on. As he wondered why the stage was changing for this grand finale, the hosts spoke up again.

“Having a good time, ladies?”

Loud cheering was the response they got.

“Well, have we got good news?”

“Our gracious benefactor, the only one who helped us put on this show in the first place as allowed all of you in the audience to come up and play with our star.”

“That’s right, girls, he’s yours to play with for the next 30 minutes! First come, first serve!”

When she finished, the view on the jumbotron was replaced with a 30-minute countdown. EVERY SINGLE WOMAN in the audience rushed right towards him! His heart was about to burst out of his chest as about a thousand women rushed him like a wave. Just before they reached him, he did the only thing he could do now. He closed his eyes. But he could hear and feel these women while he couldn’t see them. Oh, he felt them. Every touch.

Every pinch.

Every kiss.

Every poke.

Every prod.


Some were gentle and quite clearly liked what they saw. With one woman sensually whispering into his ear, “You’re so sexy. I want to take you home and eat you up.”

He then kissed him on the cheek a few times. Others were not so nice, with one, in particular, going, “Hey, you pimple-dicked loser, I bet it only takes three strokes to make that little thing squirt out those cummies,” and then proceeded to test that theory!

She was wrong, though; it was five. But to be fair, it’s not like she was the first one to do that, and at the rate this was going, it wasn’t going to be the last. But the strange thing was that, after every release, it just returned to being rigid and ready to burst. His refractory period kept getting shorter until it was ready to go off every few seconds.

It was like some force was causing him always to stay hard! It was torture, yet he couldn’t tell if this was heaven or hell. He lost count of how many times he came after about the 25th time. His mind was hazy then, and he couldn’t think of anything else.

But before anyone knew it, an alarm started ringing! It was the timer signaling the end of the 30 minutes. As the disappointed ladies returned to their seats, he took this opportunity to catch his breath. He’d have collapsed from exhaustion if not for the chains and whatever kept his feet stuck to the floor. He looked down at himself for the first time since he was on stage. Every part of his body was covered in various colored kiss marks. Those ladies did a number on him, but at least it was over, right? But as the audience returned to their seats, another spotlight was cast on the stage. The catwalk rose again. The crowd went wild as a lone woman walked toward him. What was so special about this woman?

The two hosts answered that for him. “We hope you enjoyed the show, but now it’s time to end this with one final bang.”

“Yes, our gracious benefactor, the one who set all this up and brought us this teenie weenie to play with, is now going to show you what she can do.”

As she sashayed closer, he saw she had a skintight yellow-ish gold dress and white boots. She had snow-white hair and a face that could only belong to a supermodel. As she was mere inches from him, she grabbed him by the face and cheeks to make sure that he was looking her dead in the eye, and once he was, she gave him a forceful kiss. Her tongue was practically wrapped around his, and when she broke off from the kiss, he was breathing like he had run a marathon.

That’s when she said something to him that sent a chill down his spine. “Hello, Diego.”


“Know your name? I know everything about you, Diego. I know your wants, desires, fantasies, and fears. Everything in that head of yours is something I know.”

He stared back at her. How did she know his name? Who was she?

She continued, “Don’t worry. You’ll learn more about me soon. All you need to know is that all this. All these ladies look at your naked body and laugh at your little weenie. Well, that’s just me giving you exactly what you want.”

As he stared at her in wide-eyed panic. “I… I…”

“Please don’t worry about saying anything. You’ll only say two phrases from here until I tell you otherwise.”


She immediately slapped him in the face. “That wasn’t part of one of the phrases!”

He immediately shut up as he could not defend himself from that or anything else. He was scared about whatever she had planned for him, even more so as he saw her kneeling before him.

“The two phrases I will allow you to say are ‘Yes, Mistress’ and ‘No, Mistress,’ is that understood?”



“Yes, mistress!”

“Good boy. Now, as I was saying, this is everything you wanted. To be dominated and humiliated by women all over, right?”

He shook his head. He felt another slap to the face, but this time he didn’t see her raise or even see a hand.


“Yes, mistress!”

“Would you please answer the last question? IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?”

“No, mistress!”

She started to chuckle. “You sure about that? Cause one small part of you seems to like this.”

He knew what she was referring to, partly because, much like that part, it was rather HARD to ignore. “No, Mistress. I mean, Yes, Mistress. WAIT, NO!”

He braced himself for another slap, but none came. Instead, she just started laughing.

“Well, to be fair, I might have helped a bit with that hardness.”

She then showed him one of her hands. It glowed slightly and moved slowly up and down in the air. Suddenly, he felt something stirring in his loins. It was as if someone was rubbing him off. But her hands were nowhere near him.

“Heh, like that? You’ve been hard this whole time because of me. You should’ve run out of spunk by now, but I’ve kept you ‘stocked up’ so that all these women could have fun with you before my turn.”

‘She must be a witch or something,’ he thought.

“Well, I’m not. But you’re in the ballpark somewhat. I have magic powers, but I”m not exactly human.”

He thought, ‘How did she?’

“Hear your thoughts? As I said, I know what’s in that mind of yours. As well as the thoughts of everyone watching and reading this!”

Diego looked around, wondering what she was talking about. ‘Who was watching?’

“The live-stream, idiot. I didn’t break the fourth wall!”

‘Oh, that makes sense. Wait, what?’ he thought.

“Anyway, it’s time to begin that finale finally. We promised everyone! HOW ABOUT IT, LADIES? ARE YOU READY FOR THE GRAND FINALE?”

The audience cheered in anticipation.

She then made a cupping gesture with one hand and continued that rubbing motion with the other. He felt his balls fill up with his seed, and his little pole got as rigid as steel as she did this. He started to groan, and his hips started to move. After all the orgasms he’s had tonight, this one felt like it would be the biggest one he’s ever had!

But just before he shot out again, the hand she mimed that ball-cupping gesture with stopped, and she held it out as if she was gripping something. All that pleasure he was feeling turned to pain as his balls started filling up more and more. It suddenly had nowhere to go!

He yelled, “AH! Oh. Ow! What’s happened?”

Yet another slap went across his face. “I’ll tell you what’s happening. I’m helping you stock up on more seed for the big finish. You’re going to have a big climatic finish, for sure. But if I keep doing this for long enough, your balls are pretty small, so I’d wager that eventually they’d get so full that they’d probably pop.”

He tried desperately to keep his pained yelps from coming out of his mouth, but as his balls started swelling, he started to scream. “AAAAAAAH! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM MEEEEEEE?”

He was in such intense pain that he ignored the slaps to his face.

“I want just one thing from you. Your consent. I’ll gladly relieve the pressure in your balls right now, but in exchange, I get to toy with you some more.”

He was reduced to tears as he felt his balls grow to be the size of golf balls.

“Ooh, those are quite hefty. Too bad we can’t do the same for your teeny weenie, huh?”

As she and the audience laughed, Diego felt like he would explode.

“This pressure will go away if you just answer one question properly. Do you want to cum?”

He struggled to talk or even think through the pain but got out the words, “Yes, mistress.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t quite get that.”

“Yes, mistress!”

“One more time for the audience, sexy, with some passion! DO…YOU…WANT…TO…CUM?”


The words caught in his throat with a gasp as she honored his request most unexpectedly. With both her hands still full due to making those magic motions, she decided to go hands-free with her relief of him. The only thing he felt at that moment was all that pain, which suddenly reverted to wet, slippery pleasure. She was giving his hard little penis a very thorough tongue bath.

I don’t think I need to tell you that with a dick that small, Diego is a virgin, and before tonight, he knew no one’s hand but his own. But several hundred women have made his little one cry tears of joy, and this woman is licking and sucking it like it was his favorite popsicle!

The audience had not ceased their cheers and jeers when this happened. They were cheering on this domineering woman and making fun of his teenie weenie.

“Lick his clit!”

“Go for it!”

“Suck him dry!”

“Look at the faces he’s making!”

“Try not to swallow that tiny thing whole!”

So many cheers were directed at this woman, clearly enjoying his tiny sausage. The jeers were directed at the owner of that tiny sausage. But he heard none of them. He was only aware of the amazing pleasure of her sucking and licking his little dick. As the audience made fun of his guttural moans and panicked whimpers, he genuinely wondered if this was his life’s worst or greatest day.

That’s when he looked down at her as she fellated him. As he did, he saw her wink and raise her hands which were still glowing. She then stopped those hand motions and slowly let her hands stop glowing. Whatever magic was keeping him hard and full of cum was slowly going away, along with any and all of his stamina.

Because the exact second they lost all their glow, he immediately felt all that built-up pleasure shoot forth from his dick! She then grabbed and held him by his lower cheeks to keep him from squirming around too much as she hoovered the seed from his cock. As his balls drained and returned to their former tiny size, he let out a scream that somehow was louder than the cheers of everyone in the theater!

He had no clue how long it took him to empty his balls, how they could store that much cum, or even how she was swallowing it like a champ. Still, he just only felt the feeling of ejaculating and no other sensations. It was as if she was draining the life out of him. By the end, he had tears and felt like he would pass out. Eventually, though, he squirted out the last drop. His vision was blurry. Every inch of him was covered in so much sweat that the lipstick marks started to run. He was panting like he had run a marathon.

As he stood there, bound to the chains trying to catch his breath, he heard the crowd roar as they cheered on what had just occurred. It was all a faint blur to him as he slowly started to regain his vision. As he did, he saw that woman standing before him, laughing her head off. But rather than being a joyful laugh, it was a rather malicious one.

Furthermore, something about her appearance changed somewhat. She still had white hair, a yellow-ish skintight dress, and white boots. But now she seemed to have horns on her head, her eyes were bright yellow, her smug yet seductive smile seemed to transform into a fanged grin, and her skin was now a light shade of purple!

She got mere inches from his face, savoring the newly developed terror etched upon it, and said, “YOU’RE MINE NOW!”

The chains holding him up disappeared at that point, and he collapsed to the floor. The combination of fear, humiliation, and exhaustion caused Diego to lose consciousness.

As he faded, he felt his arms dragging him across the floor. He was being pulled back on stage by those two hosts. Again, they addressed the audience: “We hope you enjoyed the show, everyone. Thanks for coming. The next show will start in 30 minutes.”

“Ooh, look, hes’ passing out.”

“Good, he’ll need time to prepare for the next one. See you soon, teenie weenie boy.”



With a startled scream, Diego woke up. But he wasn’t on the stage or anywhere around those women. Diego was in his bed. He felt his body, and he was wearing his pajamas. It was around three in the morning. He breathed a sigh of relief. That was the most terrifying thing he’s had to go through.

“Ah, it was only a dream. Thank goodness,” Diego said to no one in particular.

“You sure about that, Diego?”

His heart leaped into his throat as he turned to see that woman LYING IN BED NEXT TO HIM! As soon as he turned, he started to scream at the sight of this nightmare woman, apparently being real this whole time. But that was all he could do. Cause at that moment. She blew some dust right into his face.

As soon as he inhaled it, he started getting sleepy and passed out. As he was snoring away, the demon woman said, “I told you that you were mine. This nightmare is just getting started, Diego.”

She then let out an evil laugh, and her eyes started to glow yellow again as she recited some incantation.

“I hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes of fame.

As we paraded you around on the stage.

But now it’s time to embrace your new part.

As a museum’s newest WORK OF ART!”


To Be Continued…?


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