Laundry Mishap Ends Kinda

By Jake.

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Laundry Mishap Ends Kinda…

I woke up from an odd sex dream. In the dream, my wife and I were fingering each other. When I opened my eyes, that was precisely what my wife did to me. She was one knuckle-deep where my dick should have been.

“I had you sleep in the nightie so that everything could drop back out after you recovered, but there’s still nothing showing,” she said. “You did get drained. I planned on giving you a blowjob for going along with my strap-on yesterday, but there’s nothing to suck. I’ll let you recoup since you’re still drained.”

“No, please don’t stop. I don’t know if I can get off, but it feels so good, please,” I said.

“I’m okay with that. I can feel the head in here, and I know you will react when I touch it like this.”

“Oh,” I moaned.

It was both an odd and incredible feeling. Her fingers were somehow under the head even though I was inverted. She slowly made circles there until a huge orgasm hit me. When I came down, she removed her finger and smiled that wicked smile.

“It doesn’t quite look like cum,” she said. “At least not a man’s cum. I guess you can’t cum like a guy without any semen, but you can still ejaculate like a girl when someone rubs your clitty just right.”

She wiped the fluid onto my crotch and said, “Go put on your penis, babe. I’m ready for my turn. No need for panties with nothing poking out to irritate. Here there’s a pouch for a clit vibe in the front. A little extra fun for you.”

It wasn’t long before she moaned for me to go deeper and harder.

“You like that?” I asked.

“Fuck yes, you’re so much bigger than my husband. His little clit barely tickles my pussy lips,” she said.

Wow, that wasn’t the reply I was expecting. Between that and the vibe, I felt another jolting orgasm that caused me to fuck her harder.

After she orgasmed several times, we slowed down, realizing we had to go to work. I went to get cleaned up, and my wife offered more embarrassing advice.

“Babe, you’ll want to go pee and make sure you clean up well inside, or it’s only going to get irritated. There are wipes for it under the counter. Use those,” my wife said.

Sure enough, there were after-sex feminine hygiene wipes. I used them after peeing, and now my crotch smelled like flowers.

She said, “Alright, bring the panties that started it out here so I can help you with the other fix for leaking.”

I, of course, got the reference. My panties for the day would be the pink panties I’d thrown a fit over days prior. I’d already slipped them on and was mortified that, in my current state, my crotch wasn’t just flat but even had the feminine curve of a women’s mound.

“Pull your pretty pink panties down to your thighs. I initially thought you wouldn’t need this since you were drained, but since you’ve proven you can make a mess like a girl, you will need them,” my wife said. “Yes, these are pads. No, stop before you start. This is to keep you from ruining your panties and will probably cut down on the sensation. Here’s how you position it in your panties. You’ll want to take a few to work and change it every time you tinkle. You will also want to use one of these each time to make sure you stay fresh.”

With that, she handed me a box of period pads, and feminine hygiene wipes meant for that time of the month.

“So, how do I carry these around?” I asked.

“If you want to borrow a handbag, just ask already.”

“That’s a no. I’ll figure something out.”

So I packed period supplies in my laptop bag.


On my first restroom run, I decided I was a man (in pink panties with a pad in them and a still internal penis and balls, but a man, dammit.) So I didn’t take my supplies. I peed, of course. Given my state, it trickled down the front. I wiped and pulled them up.

Before I needed to pee again, I itched something fierce. So I made an excuse to go to my vehicle with my laptop bag and suddenly required to use the restroom. As soon as I pulled my panties down, I saw the culprit between the pad and my hair starting to grow back. It was irritating. Of course, I remembered reading the wipes packet and how they help all skin irritation in that area, so I tried one out.

It smelled feminine, but the relief was immediate. I also noticed I had leaked into my pad some. Even with the pad, the soft feeling and tightness still had me on edge. So I had to change my pad too. I admitted defeat and spent the rest of the day using the private restroom to avoid accidental exposure.

By the end of the day, I smelled like a garden meadow and was out of supplies. My only consolation was remembering that my new underwear should be in today.


When I got home, my wife was ready and waiting. “So, how was your day? Was your situation okay?” she asked me.

“It was fine,” I said. “I’m embarrassed to say I did continue to leak, so they were good.”

“Oh, yay. Your new underwear came in. I’m sure you’re ready to try them on, so drop your panties again, girlie.”

I eagerly dropped my pants and panties. A string of precum trailed from the pad to my crotch on the way down.

“Oh wow. Are you that excited? Hehe. I see everything is still drawn up inside. Is it just going to stay that way now?”

I blushed and wiped the pre-cum up.

“Babe, you need to use a wipe,” she ordered. “I can’t return these if they don’t fit if you’ve rubbed ejaculate on them.”

So I cleaned up one more time.

“Alright, I wasn’t buying any more of the ones you had given how easily they got messed up, so I have two different cuts. Whichever fits better, we will keep it. Try these on first. I know the colors aren’t optimal, but it’s what I could get quick.”

They were what appeared to be jockey-style briefs, but my options were lavender, white with neon green stripes, or, we will say, salmon-colored. I slipped on the white.

“Oh, those won’t do at all. What an awful cut for you. All this extra fabric in the front will just wad up, and you’ll be back with a rash,” my wife said.

I couldn’t argue. Given my meager package, I usually had extra room, but these looked cut for a very large man. Of course, they were. I didn’t know then, but she had specifically bought these with that extra room to make this next step easier.

“Alright, well, drop those and try these,” she said, handing me the next pair.

I immediately liked these better. They appeared to be short boxer briefs in neutral colors like grey, black, blue, and tan. I took the tan pair and slipped them on. They felt incredible.

“Wow, you look hot in those,” she said, “and they look like the right cut for what you’re equipped with. I think it’s settled. I’ll order you some more.”

“Yeah, it’s kinda weird they don’t have a fly,” I said.

“Don’t get your feelings hurt, but how would you go about using that anyway?”

“You’re right. Thanks for ordering these. I’m so ready to get out of panties.”

“Yeah, I bet you keep up with your laundry now. Now let’s get dinner so we can go have some fun. I can’t wait to see you eating me out in your new undies,” my wife said.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story was submitted directly to this website.

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