Jezebel’s Magic: Becoming Josephina

by twiddershins

Jeff was just a regular dude when he met Jezebel. They had lived together for a few months and at first they seemed satisfied with each other. They got along fine and would have appeared like any normal couple in public, but that was now long ago. Even then, Jeff had felt lucky to have her because of his tiny penis!

One Saturday night, Jezebel came home late. Jeff had already stopped staying up for her and went to sleep. It was so late. She stumbled into the bedroom anyway with no care for stealth, almost urgently, and collapsed on the bed. The bottom of her skirt on her minidress rode up, exposing her thong on her thick butt.

Her boyfriend startled awake in his male underwear (that was all he had back then!). He’d spent the night rehearsing to himself how he was over being mad or worried that she stayed out so late. For maybe two seconds after waking, sleep still called to him, so he bristled with annoyance and a will to return to dreaming. It took Jeff about two seconds to realize his girlfriend had come home begging to suck his cock, something that never happened before!

Jezebel took hold of her boyfriend’s dick in one hand and pressed her other against it in a certain way… but her lips wrapped around Jeff’s most intimate inch before he could see what she was up to, and he instantly forgot about it. Instead, she took his full length easily. She bobbed her head on him a couple of times, and he came in under a minute as usual. She moaned about him being a cutie quick shot before she nodded off. Jeff lingered before drifting back to sleep, feeling like a champion.

But Jeff’s feelings of security were misplaced. His girlfriend had been out late doing something very bad. She got wasted at a bar out of town and met with an incubus named Johnny. Jezebel confided in the demon that she secretly hated her boyfriend Jeff and wished she could take away his little dick. She didn’t believe this incubus at first when he said he would give her magic powers to shrink her boyfriend’s dick every time she sucked off another man. Still, she sucked the incubus off in the parking lot anyway because his huge, hard cock made her feel inexplicably horny. Unfortunately, she could barely deepthroat half of it.

Since using her hand on Jeff, Jezebel knew her magic had to be real. So she used her hand to measure him, and the numbers don’t lie. Every dick she sucked would shrink her boyfriend’s by another inch!

In the morning, Jeff used the toilet. He noticed the effect of the spell immediately. A whole inch had disappeared from him! He tried to think nothing of it, but the sight of his now three-inch, little peener- HARD- made him blush so fiercely that an involuntary tear dropped out of his eye and into the toilet. Crazy suspicions nagged him, but he wouldn’t figure out Jezebel had done it to him until too late- and even then, he didn’t say anything. The subject was too awkward for him to bring it up.

Jezebel, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to make her boyfriend’s dick disappear and tell all her friends about it. She got so horny just thinking about it. That was another effect of Jezebel’s new magic: using her magic made her horny, and her shape changed slightly every time she got horny, becoming a perfect bimbo body. The transformations also made her horny. She wanted sex badly, needed it. The cycle would never end for her, and things were still just beginning…

Sunday mornings, Jeff and Jezebel always worked out together at the gym. While doing yoga, Jezebel couldn’t clear her head of dirty thoughts. In her horniness in a downward dog position, her breasts grew until Jeff, and even people across the gym could see how they stretched the spandex fabric of her sports bra. Jeff just smiled politely at her, but he couldn’t hide the tiny tent popping up in his sweatpants while everyone stared at his hot girlfriend.

Later, doing squats, Jezebel imagined squatting down on a huge, fat incubus dick, taking it inch by inch until it filled her completely so that she felt empty inside her ass almost to her stomach every time she stood up. It turned her on so much that she started getting wet and her booty grew with every squat. She had sore legs and a giant swaying booty held up high in tight spandex by the time she finished. She used it to keep her F-cup titties from throwing her off balance while she walked off somewhat desperately to the showers.

All eyes fell on Jeff, expecting him to follow his gorgeous babe girlfriend to the showers. Jeff played it cool, humbled but confident. After all, she begged for him! So, of course, he went into the men’s showers, and she went into the women’s… or so he thought!

Jeff didn’t notice the guy who came into the showers behind him, which was funny because the guy was so tall and built. His name was Adonis. He was at least a full foot taller than Jeff. Jeff passed right by him in his towel and paid him no mind. When Jeff had to take a shower in public, he noticed nothing but how much of himself he had covered, how close his towel was, and how he could best keep his little problem exposed for as short a time as possible.

The water got steamy quickly. Jeff jumped in, carefully keeping his back to the rest of the locker room. He didn’t exactly hear Jezebel pressing herself against the bodybuilder’s sculpted, towel-clad form, not over the water of the shower, and he didn’t hear Adonis whipping the towel out of the way either. But Jeff knew something was wrong when he looked down at his accidental post-workout shower stiffy and saw his throbbing erectionette shrink in tiny pulses from only three inches to just two.

The beleaguered boyfriend shut off the shower… then he heard the telltale sounds of a sloppy, slobbery blowjob. Jeff turned around to find the bodybuilder leaning against a locker with his head back in ecstasy. Though he was getting his head pretty much in plain view, Adonis held his towel in front of whoever was polishing his kielbasa to shield her from view. Her head batted against the towel when she bobbed up in her eager slurping at the other man’s long shaft.

Jezebel popped her head up over the towel when she heard her husband whimpering. She tossed her hair back, looked right at him, and made an evil sneer.

“Finally,” she said, thrusting her tongue in her cheek with an orgasmic moan. “I get to suck real, big dicks!” And she went right back to work on it.

Jeff’s jaw dropped open and closed in search of words, but his mind blanked on him completely. Why did she say dicks, plural? His cheeks flushed hot with blood, and his ears burned, but the rest of his body felt totally impotent. He couldn’t believe his girlfriend would do this to him… and he could do nothing!

Adonis clenched his teeth and thrust his hips. He looked like he was shouting or laughing in absolute pleasure, but no sounds came out. This was another magic power given to Jezebel, but not the final power Johnny granted, that she could control the volume of a man’s voice if her tongue touched their testicles. Maybe it was all that practice gobbling demon meat, but Jezebel somehow managed to deepthroat the bodybuilder’s massive, mortal member. She had him on mute.

Suddenly she wrapped her pillowy boobs around the other man’s hard shaft, sucked at his head, and he came in geysers over Jezebel’s forehead, hair, tits, and the floor. Jezebel smiled wickedly, turning to Jeff while Adonis slouched into a ball of pride and orgasmic afterglow. Then, Jeff’s cheating girlfriend pushed him, and he fell backward over a seat on a bench. He trembled but couldn’t move, not even to pick himself up.

Jezebel lowered herself to her knees with a sensual exhale and a lick of her lips, never breaking eye contact with her helpless cuck boyfriend. Instead, she put her finger on the underside of his urgently rigid hard-on, frowned into his eyes, and said, “It’s just a widdle wee-wee.” Her finger was longer than his prick.

A thousand thoughts of embarrassing apocalypse overwhelmed Jeff’s brain, but she locked her lips around his puny privates. Her tongue touched his tongue, but she wasn’t going to mute him. She turned him all the way up, and he screamed: “HE’S SO MUCH BIGGER! I’LL NEVER FUCK YOU SO GOOD! I HAVE THE SHORTEST DICK! I HAVE THE LITTLEST FINGER DICK! I HAVE THE SMALLEST- TWO INCHES!” Then he came out of shame and laid there crying softly to himself over his involuntary self-incrimination. No doubt the entire gym heard him shouting about his lack of endowment.

While he wept, Jezebel spat his cum into a shower drain. There was only a drop of it, anyway. Then, on her way out, she stopped by Adonis (still smiling stupidly to himself), tugged at his semi-flaccid large tool with both hands, her huge boobs pressed together and big butt sticking into the air, still eager to be stuffed.

“I’ll see YOU later,” she moaned to the bodybuilder and kissed his cock once more. Then she turned to her boyfriend with an exaggerated ‘small penis’ gesture. “Later, loser…”

After recovering what he could of his brain from the haze of sex, Jeff hurried out of the gym ready to beg Jezebel not to leave him. When he got to the parking lot, his car was still there even though they rode together. Jeff didn’t realize until he got on the road that she had decided to walk home.

Jezebel flushed with erotic heat, strutting with her swelling J-cup tits held high, obscenely wagging her oversized booty in her yoga pants. Jeff rolled down his passenger window and tried to talk her into the car, but other men kept calling at her and groping her. She made fun of Jeff, calling him a wussy pants, babydick, pinky sissy two-inch bitch in front of all of them until he drove off. Jeff spent the rest of his day with a magnifying glass, hoping she wouldn’t suck anybody’s dick.

When she came home later, miraculously, he hadn’t shrunk. Still, Jezebel told her boyfriend she wanted him to feel that insecurity always, constantly worrying if she might suck off anybody on the street and take away his dick. Jeff didn’t understand, but she told him all about the incubus and her new magic powers. She would become a femdom mistress succubus in the end, and he would just have to deal. Jeff looked like he was gonna cry again.

“But don’t worry, you got a power, too,” said Jezebel. This was the last part of the demon’s magic. “Johnny said you could grow back an inch for every cock you suck.”

“But- but-” Jeff lay helplessly. He couldn’t do anything.

“Tomorrow, we’ll do something special,” his girlfriend said. “Besides, I only fucked like eight more guys after the gym. You’re SO lucky I didn’t suck any of ’em! They ALL wanted my tits and ass, and they fucked them good…”

Jeff had a nightmare that she kept one of his fingers in a cage and poked it for fun. He had no idea what his girlfriend had in store for him or the full extent Jezebel’s magic would change their relationship. When he woke up, Jezebel was gone, but she left a baby blue thong on the bed with a cartoon picture of a tiny, smiling erection wearing lipstick and saying, “I <3 DICKS!" On top of it was a little note in Jezebel's enchanting handwriting: "Wear this. I'll know." At work, all day, he kept thinking he'd get caught in it as women could see through his pants. He worried he might fall out of the thong, but his eensy weensy pee-pee fit in it with no problem. He wiggled his butt when the string wedged up against it. No doubt, Jeff thought, some of the women at work knew what was up. Driving home, he thought, "That was Jezebel's test for me. It's over."

He was wrong.

When he got home, Jeff found his girlfriend had opened up their kitchen. She had two hot friends with her and one mutual friend from their work. They shared sloppy, post-coital hair and grins. Jezebel was pouring drinks and telling them loudly, “He was never much in the penis department, to begin with. At four inches, he was already the smallest I’d ever even heard of.”

All her friends went “Aww” and made cute frowny faces at him.

Another friend said, “Four? Definitely the smallest ever.” They all agreed, giggling.

Jezebel approached Jeff, who was stuttering, blushing mess, and wrapped her arms around him to comfort and control him… for a second until she pulled his pants down. Then, the room burst into laughter again.

“A thong!” shouted the hot brunette from work. “I knew it. Ooh, it’s SO cute!”

“But now, look!” Jezebel whipped Jeff’s panties down and grabbed his wee-wee with two fingers, then made a comparison. “He can’t even get it to pinkydick level!” She spoke truthfully; her pinky was actually a little bigger than his pathetically puny erection.

Before the laughter subsided, four guys came out through the door to the bedroom, naked, muscled, and at ease. The ladies squealed in delight.

“The main event is here…” Jezebel told the room. “Steve, LeRon, Rick the Dick, meet…!”

“I get it!” Jeff got all cocky. He grinned at someone having a funny name like ‘Rick the Dick’ and started unbuttoning his shirt. He was nodding slowly. “Four men, four women… we’re gonna… yes!… we’re…”

The women giggled behind their hands. Jezebel put her finger on Jeff’s chest. “No, you’re gonna.”


“And I’m gonna. See, you and I are gonna have a little race to see who sucks cock the best. With three guys, you stand a chance of getting out of this bigger than you started, little man.” Her tone left no room for argument. The whole room watched them expectantly. “You start on the right. I’ll start on the left.”

Jezebel shed her clothes casually, unveiling her bountiful bosom swelled with arousal. Her ass glistened with oil, red from a hard spanking by one of the strong men earlier. The other ladies, unable to control their giggles, pulled and prodded and disrobed Jeff until he stood amid a crowd in his own house in nothing but a baby blue thong. His precum stained the tiny cartoon lipstick-wearing gay dick right in the mouth. One of Jezebel’s friends smacked his ass, and Jeff tumbled forward onto his knees, eye-level with Rick’s dick. Flaccid, it was bigger than Jeff’s quivering, sissy hard-on… of course!

“Go!” shouted the women. Jezebel took off, deepthroating Steve immediately. Jeff looked imploringly up at Rick. ‘The Dick’ just looked back down at him and raised his eyebrows questioningly.

“You heard her,” said Rick. “Put your mouth on it. It won’t-”

Rick made a sharp inhale as Jeff popped his cock head into his mouth. Rick’s legendary dick was so big, the head alone almost filled Jeff’s whole mouth. Jeff had no idea how he could suck this man off. He took Rick’s dick out of his mouth and gave it an experimental lick, suddenly finding himself turned on by the smell.

Meanwhile, Steve’s big cock came prematurely from Jezebel’s hot deepthroating. Jeff’s mini-dick twitched wildly and shrank to one single inch! Everyone busted out laughing but Jezebel, who immediately moved on to LeRoy’s nine-inch black cock. She teased her tongue across LeRoy’s head.

“You still have a chance, Jeff…” Jezebel purred before deepthroating LeRoy completely, bobbing fully up and down twice and then coming up for air. “Chance as tiny as your dick!”

Jeff tried and tried while everyone around him laughed at him. Finally, Rick got hard at his fervent kisses and licks, but he was just too big for Jeff to take in his mouth, no matter how badly he was starting to want it. Finally, after another minute, LeRoy shuddered and shot a giant load almost clear across the room.

The cocksucking sissy closed his legs together to hide that he had no dick. With nowhere to be stored, the precum built up in his shaft spilled all over his inner thighs, making them wet and sticky. Jeff had milliseconds left before his girlfriend would close in on Rick’s epic dick and make him cum, stealing her cucked-out, humiliated sissy boyfriend’s size 1 widdle wee away forever. Thinking fast, Jeff jammed two fingers up Rick’s asshole in desperation. A streamer of cum shot up from his huge dick.

Jeff’s poked out its little inch head and pumped out- yahoo!- just one little drop of cum.

All involved laid around spent for a minute (some tired from sex, some from shrieking with laughter). Then all the ladies went around taking pictures for a bit.

“We’re totally doing this again!” Jezebel said, and they all agreed. “Next Saturday! Boys, tell all your friends about my sissy… Josefina!”

Their sex life was never the same after that. Jeff’s underwear drawer slowly overfilled with thongs, and every day was a struggle just to keep his last inch of dick. Most days, he lost.

Eventually, it ceased to matter whether a tiny dick or nothing hid between those sissy legs or what thongs the dresser hid. Eventually, everybody knew Jezebel’s boyfriend as Josefina, and they knew she loved wearing thongs and sucking cock with her girlfriend!

The End.


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