Julia’s Reputation

By zpolymer

For three and a half years I’ve been the school slut. Or at least, that’s what you’d hear if you asked around. Every school has its “mean girls” clique and mine was Vicky, Leslie, and Miranda. They’re the ones who started this rumor about me having sex with any guy who looks my way. They always have a short list of insults to throw about my weight and my looks too, even though I’m not very fat and I definitely look better than Vicky with her disgusting snaggletooth.

Despite the rumors, I’ve never actually had sex before. In fact, believe it or not, I never even knew how to masturbate until three or four months ago. Sure, I’ve spent a lot of time since then soaking my bedsheets, but a couple of fingers or an old magic marker aren’t the same as being with a real guy. Even virgins know that. Anyway, I wasn’t interested in living up to my reputation; I wasn’t really planning on having sex until college, or maybe this summer. That is until William, and I started talking after health class last Friday.

“Julia’s so loose down there she probably can’t even have a baby. I bet it would just fall out of her.” Vicky cackled on her way out of the classroom, followed by Leslie and Miranda, who repeated the same insult down the hallway.

“Why don’t you ever fight back when it comes to those three?” William looked at me with a raised eyebrow, half-heartedly trying to put the rest of his things away. The substitute bolted out of the health class as soon as the bell rang, so it was just the two of us.

“What the hell do you expect me to do, smash their skulls with my huge ass?”

William and I don’t know each other very well, and I’ve always had a mild irrational dislike for him. I guess he just had one of those faces you wouldn’t mind seeing get punched. He’s a nerdy type who rarely speaks up, especially to girls. One might guess that he’d even look attractive in a few years. Either way, I wasn’t exactly in the mood to talk about the mean girls.

“Dude, you have to know that you’re not as fat as they say you are,” William said through a nervous chuckle. I was getting upset but saw he was beginning to sweat already; this might be the first time he’s spoken one-on-one with a girl who wasn’t his mom.

“What the fuck? You call a girl ‘dude’ and then say that and think it’s supposed to make me feel better or something?” I shoved one of my binders hard into my bag for effect.

“That’s not…I’m…” William was turning beet red, and I started feeling a little bad about disliking him for no reason. “Look, I’m sorry…I just say ‘dude’ because I guess I’m just less nervous when I talk like that. And I didn’t mean to call you fat, either!” I gave him a bit of the stink-eye at that again.

“Well, what was it you did mean to say to me, then? Am I fat or not?” I sat still with my arms folded across my chest, waiting for him to eke out a coherent response.

“Man, I’m sorry…again, I mean. I don’t mean to say fat or anything. It’s just…well, I know those girls make fun of your weight a lot, but I think you’re…” He wiped the sweat from his forehead, pushing back his hair in the same motion. I leaned forward with my hands held out, waiting for him to finish. “Well, what I mean is you shouldn’t worry about that; you’ve got perfect proportions. Way better than Vicky or Miranda, anyway.”

I tried not to smirk. I tried not to feel flattered at his clumsy compliment, but I was beginning to look past his punchable face, and I was seeing a dumb, shy sweetheart. Surely he’s heard of my reputation around school by now, but maybe he didn’t believe the rumors. Or maybe he just didn’t care. Either way, I got a wild idea, or rather more of an urge, to tease William a bit before heading home.

“You really think so?” I left my bag and walked across the room to stand directly across from William. I lifted my baggy hoodie over my head to reveal a plain blue t-shirt that fit me just tightly enough to accentuate the curves of my hips and breasts. “I never liked these,” I said, grabbing one of my love handles. “What do you think?” William’s eyes were fixed to my torso; I’ve never seen anyone gawk at my body like that, and it made me feel good. I think for the first time, I felt both confident and sexy.

“I uh…I like those.” I smirked again, turning to glance out the window into the hallway. There was no sign of anybody; the school had been quickly emptying for the weekend, and the teachers who remained usually stayed in their classrooms with the door closed. I walked over to close the window blinds, quietly close the door, and turn off all but one row of fluorescent lights.

“William, I have a question.” William just stared blankly at me while I walked back in front of his seat. “Do you like Rubenesque women?” My question made him blink as if waking him up from a trance.

“I uh…I don’t really know what that is.” I took his hand and guided him out of his seat and to the other side of the table, next to me.

“Well, it sounds like it’s about time you learned. I’ll show you.” I slowly lifted my shirt above my head, the single row of lights faintly illuminating my pale skin as I leaned down to slip out of my jeans as well. I stood there, in my mismatched underwear, arms folded, smirking yet again at William’s dopey look of bewilderment. I could see his hand in his pocket; he was clearly trying to hide an erection. I gently held his wrist and pulled it back out of the pocket. “Hmm, looks like you’ve got a thing for curvy girls after all.”

William let out a soft, nervous chuckle, glancing around as if to be sure we were truly alone. In an uncharacteristically bold move, he placed both hands high on my hips, letting out an almost inaudible “wow” fall from his lips. At this point, I simply wasn’t thinking. I didn’t care about my reputation as a slut or how much worse my life could be if we were caught. All that was on my mind was getting together with a real guy, not just a marker and my imagination. I took William’s hands off me and quickly took his shirt off for him before undoing my bra.

“Dude…wait, I don’t think I can do this. I’ve never uh…had sex before.” He said, looking at my tits the whole time. In a move that came off way more slutty than I wanted, I put a finger to his lips and, with a little shush, gave him an ‘I know.’

“Take off your pants and let me see what you’re packing.”

I was getting a lot more assertive than I imagined myself ever being, but I loved the feeling. William obeyed, and while he was struggling out of his jeans, I slipped out of my panties and sat on the long wooden table at the side of the classroom. William eventually kicked his pants aside and made his way to me, completely nude save for his socks. I tried not to stare at his erect penis; I had never seen one in person before, and it looked different than expected. I could tell from our health textbooks that he was circumcised, but he looked much, much smaller than the sizes other male students boasted about having. I pulled him close to me so that his stiff member was nesting on my pubic hair. I leaned in, gave him a quick, soft kiss on the lips (my first kiss as well), and whispered for him to fuck me. William brought his hands back to my hips, slowly moving one up toward my breast to clumsily grab at it while he let his dick slip down to try and find my opening.

After what felt like a frustrating eternity of him missing the mark, I reached a hand down to help guide him in. As soon as I felt his warmth inside me, I knew something didn’t feel right. I didn’t say a word to William, but I was certain that he was smaller than the magic marker I use at home; maybe about the same size around, but definitely shorter. It was still an interesting new feeling, but not exactly a satisfying one.

William panted softly as I guided him as far inside of me as possible. Once he reached the hilt, he began thrusting enthusiastically into me. He was much harsher and quicker than I am when I’m alone, and after a paltry five thrusts, he began to cum without warning. I felt a single warm burst of seed inside of me before his super short dick slipped out, and several more long spurts landed on my thighs, himself, and the ground. I simply sat at the table, looking at William and thinking what to say.

“Oh man, I’m so sorry…I don’t…I mean, I didn’t mean to do that,” he said.

He was blushing again, staring at his cum slowly trickling out of my pussy. I think he could tell that I was expecting something a little more thrilling. His dick was already going soft, his glans still glistening from its short excursion.

“That’s okay, don’t worry about it. You’ll just have to finish what you started another way,” I said with an audible sigh of disappointment. He gave me that stupid, bewildered look again, so I firmly pushed his head down until he got the hint and kneeled, nestling himself between my legs. “Just lick until I say to stop.”

He was clearly hesitant, but I kept my legs wrapped around his back, encouraging his obedience. I felt his tongue dragging up the length of my pussy, his hot breath washing over my most sensitive area. It was another new sensation, although one far more pleasurable than having his unimpressive dick inside me. I started getting wet again, closing my eyes and simply enjoying the ride.

William was starting to come around to his new task, grabbing my thighs and pulling himself closer to my warm pussy. As soon as I started to feel like I could get close to an orgasm, he began trying to thrust his tongue into me as if he were fucking me. I could have been more understanding considering we were both virgins, but at the time, that was just two disappointments too many. I put my foot on his shoulder and pushed him back a few inches, my other leg still wrapped around him.

“Here, let me finish this. Maybe you can learn something about how to please a girl.” I knew how that sounded, but by then, I wasn’t concerned with his feelings or anything other than getting myself off. William remained kneeled, staring wide-eyed at my pussy while I reached a hand down to massage my clit.

Somehow, as unsatisfying the whole experience had been so far, it was a real turn-on to have someone watch me masturbate. I hugged my legs around William, his face mere inches from my pussy. I could still feel his breath falling over my swollen lips, and I knew he was transfixed; he wanted to see me get off, even if he wasn’t able to do it himself.

I made quick little circles around my clit, then tugged at it, pulling the small hood back and forth before returning to circles again. I could feel myself tensing up, my juices trickling down the curve of my ass, and William’s hot breath cascading over my nether regions. I began tugging hard at my clit again, reaching my free hand up to tease my own breast.

The moment my fingers pinched my nipple, I began to shudder. My legs tightened around William as my pussy throbbed, and I came all over the poor boy. I continued tugging at my clit hood, muffling my own moan as I squirted onto William’s body. He never said a word, but through all my cumming I could still feel his breath between my legs.

I couldn’t resist continuing; my slick fingers swirled around my pulsing clit, letting myself gush onto William a second time and then a third. As my orgasms subdued and my breathing slowed, I opened my eyes to see William kneeling in front of me, soaked from his nose to his thighs in my cum. His little fella standing straight at attention again.

“Well, that was fun, wouldn’t you say?” I asked.

William simply nodded his head, watching me clean up between my legs a bit with his shirt. I wasn’t lying, either; it really was a lot of fun, despite William’s tiny dick. I just hope not all guys are like him; when I’m really ready to start having sex, I’d like to meet a guy who has a dick capable of pleasing me and not premature ejaculate. William’s tiny dick is simply not up to the task.

The End.


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