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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader lets women walk all over him…

I’m a tall guy with a small penis. I’ve had 2 experiences hearing about short guys who were hung and how some girls correlate this inverse proportion.

The first one was in high school. I was in the bus sat with another guy by my side, when the 2 girls from the seat in front, who were close friends, turned around to talk to us. One of them, F, who I had a light crush on, had tan skin, long hair and a beautiful butt, the other one, K, was incredibly pale with pitch-black shoulder-length hair. They were giggling and asked us if we would tell us our dick sizes. F said, “Charlie told us he has 18cm”. This shocked me then because this kid Charlie was really underdeveloped for his age, really short and prepubescent looking. The other guy immediately frowned and said this was stupid, leaving the bus as it had just reached school, leaving my 2 female friends with me. F insisted I told her my size, to which I just nervously declined, until K said that my shyness proved the “inverse L rule” she heard – she made an L with her thumb and forefinger, and said “tall guys are like this”; then she inverted the L, this time with the forefinger sticking out, and raised her eyebrows with a smile, saying that short guys “are more well-endowed”.

They both giggled and asked me if it’s true with mischievous smiles. To my dismay, F said she would just assume my dick is small from then on due to my refusal to admit it. They teased me sometimes in class after that, once when I asked K for a pencil she broke it in half and said “here, now it’s in your size”, with F nearly losing her shit from laughter.

The second time was at work. Two of female coworkers (L and C) were chatting before the shift started and C mentioned she lost her balance in the train coming to work and brushed against a male coworker’s (A) crotch, and that his dick was “gigantic”. He’s another super short guy. When another girl, (B) arrived, L told her, “did you know that A has a big dick?”. B was taken aback by the suddenness, but quickly became interested, when C confirmed “he’s well-hung – *really* well hung”. When A was around later on, C showed him 2 rulers stacked together to imply she’d need both to measure him, but he felt awkward about it and just laughed it off.

Girl B really disliked me, she was quick to anger and argued with me a lot, I would try to dismiss it and sometimes teased her about being short (she could fit inside the boxes we carried office material lol), but she never took it lightly and was on my case. After A left feeling uncomfortable, C came up to me still wielding her ruler and joked about my small hands to imply something. Seizing the opportunity to torment me, B mentioned the “inverse L rule”. Feeling a bit panicked, I said that it’s not right to judge a guy by something he has no control over, but they instantly picked up on the clue and told me laughing that I had just admitted I was unhung. C and L both laughed, but B especially took delight saying that I joked about her height because I was insecure about how small I am, and that since I’m not a “real man” I should wear panties, but she bet if I wore her panties they’d still be too loose for me.

From then on she always had the upper hand whenever she started bickering with me at work, bringing up my small penis size if I contested her.


Another reader is ‘turning Japanese’ instead of doing it…

Amaya was a gorgeous Japanese student. Only 5 feet tall, slim with disproportionately large breasts, big eyes, high cheekbones – perfection! And I was the classmate who had pulled her much to the upset of all the other male students including my flat mate.

I was butt naked, Amaya was just in her little thong panties massaging me sensually from behind. She had started at my neck, worked her way down to my ankles and was now working my butt. All along she was praising my athleticism and then she slowly moved her hands to my groin. “What the fuck!” she shouted, spun me round, and punched me in the balls!

I screamed in agony but she was shouting even louder she was looking forward to some big fat Caucasian cock but I was smaller than her boyfriend back in Japan! She punched me again when the door burst open and Alan my flat mate asked what was happening.

“Your friend has a fucking tiny noodle dick,” she shouted. “LOOK!” She rolled me over, slapped my face and grabbed my hands as I instinctively raised them. She held me down with my 4 inch boner and now-retracted balls exposed to Alan’s disbelieving stare. “It’s so disappointing,” she shouted. “I wanted my first big European cock!”

To my growing horror, Alan dropped his sweatpants and said, “Like this?”

A six-inch floppy cock and balls like kiwi fruits fell down his thigh.

“Yes, like that,” she said and smiled and asked him to do the helicopter dance.

Alan started shaking his hips and his long fat cock was swirling around so fast it was a blur. When he stopped it had grown to 8 inches and was rock hard. Amaya made me sit up and got Alan to slap me across the face with his hard on. They both found this hilarious, and then Amaya slapped me again and sent me to the corner of the room. I then had to watch her play with her dream cock and the noises she made as she let Alan ease it into her from behind were ridiculously loud. He fucked her hard and fast for about 15 minutes during which she came about 3 times and then he shot a massive load all over her back which she loved.

She then asked Alan to leave, came over to me, and said I could have a pity wank. She rubbed my cock with her thumb and two fingers until I came after about 30 seconds. She laughed, picked up her clothes and said she was off to Alan’s room. I could hear them fucking all night as I cried tears of shame.


This reader gets squashed in the sauna…

After a hard-fought victory on the squash court, I was enjoying a well-deserved rest in the sauna when Gary, the guy I had defeated, joined me. It was too late to cover myself up without making it obvious I was embarrassed so I braved it out and greeted him legs akimbo with my skinny two-inch shriveled cock on display.

Gary grinned at me, removed his towel and revealed a massive 6-inch fat cock, and said, “Guess it’s my turn to be the winner,” and started to laugh.

Weirdly, instead of covering up in shame, I got an almost instant boner which was still smaller than his soft cock! This really amused him as you can imagine…he must have told his wife about it. She in turn told her friend who told my wife and now I am the butt of constant disparaging remarks and threats to find a ‘real man’ as well as lots of jokes when we are out with Her friends and their husbands. My tiny size is now common knowledge and my standing within our social group is rock bottom


This Reader displays his small dick on purpose…

My wife and I have been social naturists for the past 15 years and have practiced the liberating lifestyle at naturist resorts, clubs, beaches, and waterfalls in over 10 countries to date. We continue to enjoy the exhilaration that naturism gives and the privilege of meeting like-minded people of many nationalities, ages, and persuasions.

We cherish the memories of naturist incidents and the emotions that they evoke which we discuss as two broadminded adults.

One such incident took place while we were at a Naturist Lodge in Oregon USA. We had hired a cabin in the lodge. The camp offered a naturist forest trail that we set out to do one morning. Following the map instructions, we both walked naked down the row of permanent naturist accommodations to the end of the road where the trail should have started. The forest was very overgrown and we could not find the designated start.

A clothed man of about our age came out of the last cabin and asked if he could help us. We said we were looking for the start of the forest trail. He replied that due to a landslip and overgrowth that this was now closed and that we best join the trail from the pond.

We continued to talk, us naked, him fully clothed. He asked where we were from, how long we had been practicing naturism etc. We asked how long he had lived here and are there other naturist opportunities in the area that he knew of, etc.

All of a sudden I became aware that here were my wife and I, both totally stark naked, talking to a total stranger that was fully clothed. It wasn’t the total stranger part that caught my interest as much as the totally clothed part.

Despite naturist convention where one is only supposed to look a fellow naturist in the eye, all red-blooded men will check out the assets on show of fellow naturist women and size up the male competition. Likewise, I know that my naked wife checks out all the naked males and will often point out to me or say Whoa there’s a good sized cock on that man or just look at the beautiful tits on that woman. It’s only natural.

Well the “Clothed Man” was certainly checking us out as visitors to the lodge. Not much to check out on me with my small white cock so his attention was diverted to my naked wife, her tanned bronzed body, large 38C cup tits and shaved pubis. She stood naked in almost humility before him as he looked and we continued to chat about this and that.

I suddenly found the situation most arousing and hoped that it wasn’t showing in my naked state. My mind imagined an ancient slave market, my naked wife having her assets on view for potential buyers to see and examine. An Arab slave dealer was showing off today’s wears, a naked white female slave. All my wife lacked was a slave ankle bracelet. How my imagine can run away with me to erotic benefit.

As we walked along the found forest trail I discussed my emotions and feelings to my wife and told her how raunchy I found the incident and asked her how she felt. She said that there was definitely electricity at the naked couple clothed man scene but she did not feel aroused more humbled in the “Clothed Man’s “ presence as if he had the high ground and she the low ground, that she was in supplication to him.

Now you’re probably wondering why I told the above incident and the feelings it aroused in both my wife and I. Well, that was a good ten years ago and just the other day we had the inverse situation. We were staying in a naturist lodge in New Zealand and had spent the morning in and around the swimming pool, tanning, swimming, reading and talking. At 11am we decided to go into the camp kitchen and make ourselves a cup of coffee. Both totally naked we were alone in the kitchen busy making ourselves a cup of coffee.

The female caretaker/camp cleaner came in and she was dressed in a floral halter top and skimpy shorts. She was well tanned, tall with a full body and good sized tits under that blouse. She was about half our age. Again we got chatting. Where are we from? That she was getting married in a few months with the ceremony at the naturist camp.etc.

Like any red blooded female she checked out the two naked visitors in her kitchen. A quick check out on what was on offer with the naked white male, a small white cock, nothing to get excited about the look of derision said.

As we continued to chat she discreetly checked out my naked wife with her bronzed all over tan and 38C cup tits. That took longer as there was more to see and admire. I noticed my wife became more animated pushing out her tits and casually opening her legs as she continued to chat to the clothed female caretaker who was checking out her naked body.

What was I experiencing? My small white cock shrunk back into the protective folds of my foreskin, I was not aroused but more humiliated being totally naked in front of this young clothed female. Was she the Arab slave trader and I was today’s wears? In this incident should I have been wearing the slave ankle bracelet?

Back at the pool it was my wife who raised the subject. She said she had found it extremely arousing to have a young clothed female check out her husband’s assets in no uncertain terms and that in her naked state she became very moist and hoped it did not show. She said that she did not want the erotic kitchen scene to end as she was becoming so horny.

When she asked me how I felt I said inferior and humiliated and not at all aroused. “I noticed by your retreated foreskin,” she said. In this case, the clothed caretaker definitely had the high ground, I had the low humiliated ground and my wife enjoyed the sensual ground.

Just all in a day’s experience for a practicing social naturist.


Another reader had a birthday he’ll never forget…

My friend and I were having a joint fancy dress 16th birthday party. We were upstairs getting changed into our costumes when my friend says, “You’d never guess we were the same age looking at our dicks.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

He then started whirling his massive dick around and challenges me to do the same. Sadly my two fingers take up most of my skinny little dick and there’s not enough left to twirl.

“You’ve still got a baby dick,” he laughed, I got angry and we started to fight.

The noise brought our mothers running into the room who separated us and asked what we were fighting over. “Peter says I’ve got a baby dick!” I shouted indignantly and they both burst out laughing.

“Boys and their willies!” Mum said. She then told me to take a good look at myself and then Peter. “I’m afraid Peter is much farther down the road to manhood than you,” she said.

Peter’s mum chimed in by telling me not to worry as I would soon catch up. They made us shake hands and makeup but Peter was smirking the whole time and started to get hard. My mum said to him, “Put that thing away before you have someone’s eye out!”

And both women left the room laughing. Peter said, “Let’s get dressed, shrimp,” and started dropping hints about my small dick throughout the party which was a nightmare

After my joint 16th party with Peter was over I was in bed when my Mum came in. She asked if I had calmed down and was worried about what I’d seen.

I asked would I always be small and Mum assured me no. “What are you wearing in bed?” she asked.

She then told me to get out of my tight undies and sleep naked. She smiled as she saw my little dick and said I was to give him room to grow and not worry if I got a hard-on during the night. You’ll grow – honest she assured me. I asked if I would be as big as Peter and she laughed. I was then amazed to hear her say Peter was unusually large, already bigger than my Dad from what she saw and maybe I should lower my ambitions. She then assured me that Dad wasn’t little it was Peter being bigger than most!

I became obsessed with Peter’s dick and would often talk him into getting it out at sleepovers. He never took much persuading and he loved teasing me over being small. He got a girlfriend a few months after the party and told her about me being little and pantsed me in front of her to prove it. I pretended to hate it, knowing they would tease me even more, but I had well and truly developed an SPH fetish by now!


This reader gets a view of the neighbors box…

I was always embarrassed by my small cock till a widowed neighbor lady ask me to help her get some boxes out of her attic she told me to come over on a Saturday. When I got to her house she was wearing a duster type dress and she said she would go into the attic because she knew what boxes she wanted. So I stood below as she went up the ladder. I looked up and saw that she didn’t have any panties on. I could see her big hairy pussy with big fat lips. She looked down and I looked away real fast and she said, “Do you see something you like?”

Without thinking I said, “Yes, I do.”

She said, “Good, would you like some?”

I said, “Oh hell, yes.”

She then came down the ladder and took my hand and lead me to the bed room and she pulled the duster off over her head and started taking my pants off. Wen she pulled my shorts down and saw my small dick, she dropped to her knees and started sucking me. Then we got on the bed and she straddled my face. She was playing with my dick and saying what a nice compact cock I have and started sucking me again. I started eating her hot wet pussy (69).

I continued to go to her house and enjoyed our suck/fuck sessions not ashamed of my small dick anymore. As a matter fact, I am now enjoying other guys who have small dicks. So bring them small dicks on guys.

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