Depantsed In Front Of Daisi 2

By Redolph.

Read Part 1 Here.


Part 2…

After being exposed for my shortcomings to my girlfriend’s bratty college daughter, my girlfriend, Lisa, had a new plan in store for me.

She had initially told her daughter, Daisi, that she was in the room and recording video because we were going to record our sex. Well, that became quite different, as it became about exposing my little hairless package to her daughter’s ridicule at my expense and the pleasure of sweet humiliation.

So, since the filming of actual sex didn’t happen, my girlfriend had another plan.

Lisa’s girlfriend had been single and celibate for years but just recently did a 180 and went full “Baskin Robbins” (of the 31 “flavors.”). So Lisa knew she could trust her friend, Lennette, and with her new mindset, figured she would be game.

Lisa was a curvy girl. A little extra here and there, but all good to me. Lennette had even more “extra,” so a little more than my ideal curviness, but still a turn-on as a witness!

So, we were assembled in the bedroom, just the three of us. I was looking forward to having my first video of an entire sex experience!

We were all fully dressed. Lisa always liked me to go first. “Action!” She indicated to Lennette to start filming. “Off with your shoes and socks,” she directed me. “Then, I’ll take over.”

Lisa always had a fun, bossy side for these situations, and I was game to play along. She removed my shirt and dropped my pants.

“Bikini! I like it,” Lennette commented about my tiny bikini underwear.

The suspense was rising! It was hitting home that my girlfriend’s girlfriend and her bratty college daughter were getting ready to see my equipment. Her daughter, Daisi, was full of teasing and giggling, so I figured more was on the way, this time from her girlfriend.

Lisa turned her back to the camera. “Butt first!” She jerked my little bikini down. So, I knew Lennette had a plain view of my ass.

“Cute little butt!” Lennette shouted, indicating her approval to Lisa, on her conquest. I was relieved but nervous about the front! “Let’s see the other side! What’s your man packin’?”

Lisa looked me deep in the eyes. “Are you ready to show Lennette what you have?”

“Uh-huh,” I mumbled timidly.

“Come on, now! Show some enthusiasm! Tell me you want it! Beg me!” she corrected.

“Oh please, Lisa,” I tried again. “Turn me around. Please show your best friend what I have in my pants! Please!”

Lisa rotated my hips to cause all my goods to face Lennette directly. No more secrets there. No reaction.

Lisa asked Lennette, “So, what do you think about what my man has?”

“Oh. It’s ok,” Lennette replied as a good, loyal friend.

“Come on now, Lennette! You know we have talked. You have been with a lot of guys recently. You have seen lots of types and sizes. It’s ok. You can speak freely with us. He does have a little dick. I know it. He knows it. Now you know it too. You can be honest. Actually…I have found out that he LIKES it when I tease him about how small his little pecker is! It excites him! So, don’t be shy! Say what you think!’

“Uh, yeah,” she responded. “I just wanted not to hurt his feelings, but ok. It is the tiniest penis I have seen recently! Not even close! But it is a cute little dick, though! It is just a little guy, that’s all.”

“That’s more like it, Lennette!” Lisa affirmed. “He does have a little one! You know it, don’t you!” she directed at me. “Lennette, see how hard his little cock is getting! I told you he likes it! Isn’t that hilarious!”

“So, he doesn’t like pubic hair?” Lennette queried.

“Oh no! That’s my decision!” Lisa replied. I don’t allow him to grow any. Incredibly as small as he is, hairless seems appropriate. It has become a deep part of our relationship, where I regularly shave him bare. Every time he sees his bald, hairless package, he can remember me and the control I have over his very manhood. He knows he is hairless at my hand.”

For further evidence of control, Lisa encircled my nut sack tightly, wrapping her thumb and index finger tightly around the top, forcing my helpless little nuts to bulge outside her grasp.

“See these, Lennette? Tiny balls, too! He loves it when I squeeze his little grapes this way, don’t you, baby?”

“Oh, yes!” I breathlessly reply. “I love having my little hairless balls in your hands, under your control! It feels so good the way you hold onto me! Thank you for taking my pubic hair from me! I love to be bald there for you! Oh, yes!!!”

Not fully satisfied, Lisa adds, “And whose tiny balls are these?”

“Oh, they are YOURS! They belong to you!” I’ll make sure to reply as soon as I can.

Whatever respect Lennette had for Lisa suddenly tripled to see the dynamics of our relationship.

Lisa, still fully clothed, instructed Lennette, “Here! Clamp onto his little nuts while I get undressed! He won’t be able to go anywhere, and it will keep him hard.”

I felt another strange hand latch onto my tiny sack and could see my little balls bulging out. She was a bigger, strong girl, and I was secure in her vise-like grip. I wasn’t going anywhere for sure now.

The spotlight then turned to Lisa. Shoes and socks off. Then she seductively removed her blouse. She had lots of curves, and I loved them!

Her poor bra was doing its best to restrain her luscious full breasts. They were overflowing the cups. Her generous belly was spilling over her jeans in a way that drove me mad! And her sides bulged over her jeans, creating the sexiest muffin top, which I also love! And that sexy large belly button!! Oh, yes!

But, alas, Lennette was entirely locked down on my little package, so ravishing her would have to wait.

Then the jeans…oh my!

As she unbuttoned and unzipped, her beautiful, sexy, generous belly came to life. She was always very self-conscious, apologizing for the effects of child-bearing, but her beautiful, voluptuous, generous stomach was one of my favorite parts! I couldn’t get enough of it!

And then, her shaven pussy! Oh, yes! So, while I was hairless by her control, she was bald for pleasure. She frequently teased me for my little package but appreciated my tongue work and wanted to feel EVERYTHING there.

I was ready to go to town but still restrained by Lennette’s hold on my little balls.

“Let him go!” Lisa commanded. “Come eat me!”

I knew exactly what to do! I plopped on the bed. Just then, I was surrounded by luscious plump thighs covering my face. I had a beautiful, generous belly right in my face. I had a generous handful of powerful ass for each hand to grasp and squeeze. Oh, and yes, there was a juicy hairless pussy right at my mouth! I was in heaven!

I felt another clamp on my little sac. It was behind her body so that I couldn’t see. I couldn’t tell where her hands were, but I wasn’t asking any questions.

I lapped up her heavenly juices, and when I had consumed them, there was always more! I could feel her twitch every time I got a good lick on her clit. The more I felt her twitch, the more I attacked. I was merciless. She moaned in ecstasy! Over and over again! Until she couldn’t take it anymore.

“I want you to give me your little dick! Stick that little penis inside me!” she ordered.

I eagerly began to comply. As Lisa dismounted my mouth, I saw what was latched onto my little nuts, keeping me hard while I was focused on Lisa’s pleasure alone…

It was Daisi! Somehow she had slipped into the room to give her mom a hand! She was keeping me hard while I put her mom’s needs first.

“Wow! I have never heard my mom like that before! I have never heard her come so many times! You got it! Fuck her with your little dick! Give it to her hard!” Daisi encouraged.

I mounted Lisa and thrust as hard and as long as I could. I could feel the eyes of the camera and the eyes of my girlfriend’s best friend and college daughter. They wanted me to give her every pleasure I was capable of. I gave it all until my little rod emptied the load from my little testicles. I gave her all the seed I held, collapsing from exhaustion.

“And that’s a wrap!” Lennette called, reminding us that this evening was captured forever. “I am out of here. See you! Well done!”

Lisa then realized that Daisi had entered the fray. “What are you doing here, sweetie!”

“I heard all the commotion and wanted to help. I always want you to be happy, mom. I can finally see that he helps you be happy. I finally get it. I understand. I am sorry for the way I have acted. I love you, mom! Good night!”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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