Asian Guy and Cheating Girlfriend

By FreshFire.

My name is Justin and I am dating a girl called Anna.

We met in college and started our relationship as we graduated and started working. She is a rather conservative asian girl: 5’4 (165cm) tall, slim waist, small b-sized breasts and long black hair. I am also asian, 5’11 (180cm) tall and muscular. People often say our looks and physiques compliment each other.

The relationship was a lot of fun at first, and we had sex regularly. I loved thrusting inside her tight pussy as it swallowed my penis whole, grinding inside her. However, I had never made her cum. I tried communicating about what made her feel good, gave her oral and a variety of different methods, but it never happened.

In the end, I suspected that it was because of the size of my penis, as it is smaller than average. She has only had one other guy before me and he was average; she also let slip that she had cummed before from sex.

As the months passed, the frequency of sex has dropped significantly. We got used to everyday life.

Anna recently started at a new company, one where a culture of drinking and partying is encouraged. She often went to socials after work, and came home late after a night of partying. I slowly grew suspicious and insecure of what’s happening during those nights.

I heard from Anna that they are going clubbing on one of the nights, and decided that I want to see what happens there.

I got the location from Anna’s phone, and snuck into the club looking for her. I’m not used to clubbing, so I stand around the dance floor, swaying awkwardly, waiting for her to show up.

After a bit, I catch Anna dancing with her co-workers. She’s wearing a tight little black dress, barely covering her upper thighs. I don’t think she’s wearing a bra either, as her nipples stood out from her dress. I move myself so she cannot spot me, and watch.

Soon she starts moving into the crowd, and a white guy approaches her, grabbing her hands to dance.

Anna refuses and pushes him away, crossing her arms to show disapproval. However, he grabs her hand and drags her onto his chest, while placing his other hand on her hip. Anna relents, and starts dancing with the stranger.

As I feared, the more they dance, the more sexual it got. His hands run up and down her body and chest. Anna tries to push his hands away, but he is too big and simply shrugs off her attempts or moves right back onto another part of her body. He leans in and sucks on her neck and ears, making Anna shudder.

Taking this opportunity, his hand goes up her dress and between her legs, while the other goes down her cleavage and against her nipples. Anna tries to run away, but the stranger simply pulls her in via his grasp on her breasts and crotch.

Anna shouts no, but it is not heard by anyone over the loud music and I only see her mouth form the words. A strange urge rushes over me. I decide to do nothing.

Her hips are pressed into his crotch, and I can see the bulge in his pants. Beginning at the root of his crotch and spanning down his pant leg. It is already much bigger than mine could ever be.

Anna felt this bulge, and looked down. Her eyes widen as she realizes how big it is. Her hand instinctively reach out and touches the bulge, rubbing it.

The stranger takes his hands out of her dress, and I can see it is covered with her juices. He starts leading her away from the dance floor and to the washroom. While Anna tries to run, it is not a half-hearted effort. She slowly walks behind him into the washroom. I immediately follow. Once into the washroom, I can hear clearly now. They apparently got into one of the stalls.

“Stop. Oh my god what the fuck are you doing?!” Shouts Anna’s voice.

“Don’t be coy. I know you want this cock.” Says the stranger.

“NO I DON’T! I HAVE A BOYFRIEND. Let go of me RIGHT NOW!” Responds Anna angrily.

“Does he know you are dancing at a club bra-less and looking for dick? And what about how wet you are?”

“You.. urghhh.. let me.. ahhh hmmm..” Anna let out a moan.

I enter an adjacent stall. Finding a crack in the wall, I can get a minimal glance at what’s happening on the other side.

The stranger is kissing and licking her all over, while his hand is inside her dress again.

“I bet your boyfriend would looove to hear this. Why don’t you call him right now?” The stranger taunts.

Anna is silent except for the soft moaning.

“If you won’t call him, then get down on your knees.” The stranger commands.

Anna slowly got onto her knees.

“Take it out.”

“NO! I will not cheat on my boyfriend and touch another man’s cock. I’m loyal to him, and a good girl..” Anna responds.

“Take it out you asian slut.”

Anna shivers at the word slut, and starts to unbuckle his belt and take out his cock. As she does, his erect cock springs out and smacks her in the face.

Anna is stunned.. and she whispers out: “it’s.. HUGE”

The stranger laughs and replies “You’ve never seen one this big? I don’t blame you, it is much larger than average.”

Anna says nothing.. instead, grabbing onto the huge cock. She stares at it in awe, then slowly starts to lick it.

“Do you know how big it is? Come on, take a guess” Says the stranger.

Anna shakes her head.

He takes his cock away from her, “if you don’t answer my questions, then you don’t get to touch this cock.”

Anna looks distraught, then she slowly says,

“..8? 8 inches?”

“Wrong!” The stranger says as he slaps his big cock across her face again.

“It’s 10 inches. And it’s all going inside your pussy”. The stranger announces.

Anna takes a sharp breath, flustered.

She then swallows the head of his cock. Less than half of his cock is fully in her mouth.

“How big is your boyfriend’s cock? Slut.”

Anna remains silent.

As the stranger starts to withdraw his cock, Anna wraps her hand around the base of his cock, stopping him.

She points to where her point finger is, “This is how long my boyfriend is..”

My cock grows hard at the mention of my size.

“Wow hahaha, that’s like, one third the size of my cock. He’s asian isn’t he?” The stranger asks.

My girlfriend nods without saying anything.

“Of course hahaha. That’s what you get for dating an asian guy. Although isn’t it a bit too small even for asians? That’s almost like a micropenis. You should go back and measure him to make sure haha.”

Anna chokes as he pushes his cock deeper into her mouth.

“But it does explain why you are such a cheating slut, and why you love big white cocks so much hahaha. You’d never be satisfied with his small asian cock.”

Anna says nothing as her mouth is filled with the huge cock. Her hands are busy touching herself between her dress.

The stranger strips her dress off half way, revealing her small breasts, groping them harshly and teases her nipples.

I am overwhelmed with shame, yet the sight of my girlfriend sucking on a big white cock is making me as hard as I’ve ever been. I say and do nothing as I start stroking my cock with my fingers.

The stranger suddenly starts slamming his cock hard into Anna’s throat, making it hard for her to breathe. After a bit of pounding, he pulls out his cock and Anna makes use of the chance to take a big breath.

While Anna catches her breath, her small breasts rising up and down, the stranger grabbed his cock and slapped it hard across Anna’s face. The length and width of it made his cock quite heavy, and the slap slightly stunned Anna.

“So, what do you think of this white cock? Is it better than the asian cocks you’ve had before?” The stranger says, as he drags his cock across Anna’s face, smearing his precum all over her beautiful mouth.

Anna’s tongue instinctively reaches out to lick the cock. However, he quickly withdrew it.

“No no no, you don’t get to touch this big white cock by remaining silent. When your white master asks you a question, you, as an asian slut, will answer.”

Anna shivers again, and slowly says “, sir”

The stranger slaps her across the face. “Well? What do you think?”

Anna covers her face, but instead of getting angry, she looks even more aroused. She starts speaking: “I.. I’ve never had a white..cock. before.” She seems flustered about saying the word cock. “I never knew they were so big. It’s so hot to look at.. and touch.. and suck on.. ”

“Never? Well you’ve been missing out. I’ll make sure to feed you a lot.” Anna starts touching and licking the white cock as if it’s a treasure.

“Now, how does it compare to the other cocks you’ve had? A hot girl like you must have had a lot.”

“I’ve.. I’ve only had 2 other cocks, and they were both asian. And small. The first guy was about half of your size.” Anna says as she licked up and down his shaft, kissing the head and swallowing it.

“Hahaha that sounds like it’s above average for an asian dick. Were you ever satisfied with it?” The stranger says as he shoved Anna’s head further.

“Well.. hmmp. I was never really fully satisfied.. mmm. There were a few times.. I imagined I was being fucked by a big white cock, ahh.. and I was able to cum. ” Anna says between breath as she struggled to swallow his big cock.

“And.. with my current boyfriend, even imagining a big white cock doesn’t do it.. he’s just too small.”

I stroke faster and harder hearing Anna say that.

“And now you finally get to suck on an actual white cock, you asian slut.”

Anna moans as her fingers dance across her pussy and her tongue dances around his cock.

The stranger pulls out and lifts Anna up like she’s nothing, pressing her against the wall. His big white cock presses against her tight pussy. Anna yells in surprise and grabs onto his big frame.

She then presses her hands against him, saying “No.. This.. this is for my boyfriend only..”

After a moment of hesitation and lip biting, Anna says, “Ok.. just.. just this once to try it. But we should use a condom.. do you have one?”

“Fuck condoms. You need to beg me for this big white cock to fuck you raw, you asian whore.”

Anna looks like she almost came right there, then she says “I’m sorry sir.. Please fuck me raw with your huge white cock sir.. please.. this asian slut needs your white cock deep inside her, not her asian boyfriend’s.”

As she did, the stranger rams his cock HARD into her pussy, and Anna screams. Her body twitches. Only about 2/3 of his cock went inside her, and she’s grabbing onto his body tight.

“FUCK, you are so fucking tight. It feels like you are a fucking virgin.” The stranger says.

“Well.. I am kind of a virgin for you sir.. The dicks I’ve had are much thinner than yours, so I am extra tight for you. And they’ve never reached the bottom, so the deeper parts of my pussy are all for your white cock sir.” Anna answers.

“Hahaha, too bad for those asian guys that don’t have a big enough dick to properly use a hot piece of ass like you. Now let me teach you what a real cock feels like.”

The stranger starts thrusting, pounding hard into her. His huge cock hitting all the way into the bottom of her pussy with every thrust. I can see the bulge his cock makes in her stomach as he thrusts, and Anna is moaning loudly with every push.

The stranger asks Anna, “Do you like big cocks?”

Anna breathes, “Yes!”

“Asian girls love big cocks, don’t they?”

“Yes.. we.. do..” Anna says as her pussy is pounded

“Why do you keep fucking asian guys and their small dicks then?”

“We.. we shouldn’t.. asian girls.. should.. only fuck.. white guys..”

The stranger spanks her hard.

Anna continues, “belong to white guys.. and belong to big white cocks”

“Good girl. And that’s why you asian sluts belong to white men. You all love big cocks too much. Now say it again.”

“I’m.. I’m an asian slut.. and I love big white cocks.. soooo muchhhhh fuuuck”

Anna drags on as his 10 inch cock is now fully buried inside her pussy, pounding through her.

” Yes.. yes.. fill my tight asian pussy with your huuuuge white cock, sirrrr.. I.. I belong to you.. to your big white cock.. all asian girls belong to white cock..” Anna is screaming words that I’ve never heard her say, showing a face of ecstasy I’ve never seen her make, as she is filled full of a stranger’s cock.

“fuuuuck you are sooooo deeeeeep.. and soooo thick fuckkkk.. sooo much bigger than my boyfriend ahhhhh.” Anna starts shaking, gripping onto him.

“I.. I.. can’t.. ahh fuck I’m cumming sir… your big white cock is making me cummmmm.” Anna shakes violently, her muscles spasming as she cums hard.

This is the first time I’ve seen my girlfriend cum, and it is with another man’s huge cock inside her pussy.

As Anna recovers, she realizes that the stranger had his phone out and pointed towards her. Before she could get angry, he rams hard into her pussy, making her unable to suppress her moan.

“You have something to say about your white master filming you, asian slut?”

“No sir.. of course not.. I’m.. this asian slut is just your property. Please use me as much as you want…”

“Good slut.” The stranger says as he started slamming into Anna’s tight pussy again. “You will take my cock whenever I command, and you will fuck all the cocks I command you to.”

“Yes sir.. I’ll be happy to.”

“And you’ll break up with your pathetic small dicked boyfriend.” As the words left his mouth, I froze.

“I.. I.. I’m sorry sir.. I can’t do that… He’s still.. my boyfriend..”

“Surpringly loyal, huh? In all the wrong areas haha. Ok. You don’t have to break up, but you will start making fun and humiliate him for his small cock until he breaks up with you. And bring up how much you love a big white cock as often as you can. I wonder how long he’s going to last hahaha.”

“I.. o.. ok.. I’ll do it sir..”

“Alright, I’ve had enough fun. I’m going to cum inside you now”

“No! Please sir.. please cum outside!”

What Anna got was a slap across the face, and the stranger starts speeding up. Anna yells as she approaches climax again: “Nooo sir please.. I.. I can’t be filled with cum from a white cock.. I’m a good asian girl.. I.. I can’t cum to a big white cock.. I can’t.. I can’t.. I.. I can’ttttt” Anna screams as she cums, and the stranger cums inside her at the same time, filling her tight asian pussy with his white cum.

“You’ve been a good cum dumpster. What’s your name?”

“…Anna” She spits out.

” Here’s my number, you better write it down if you wanna get fucked like that again.”

Anna stumbles trying to find her phone, noting down his number.

I sneak out of the bathroom, grabbing an uber to get back home before Anna does.


Part 2…

I get home from the club and hide in bed, pretending to be asleep. Soon after, Anna opens the door and comes stumbling in.

She enters the washroom and starts to shower. Is she just taking her regular shower? Is she trying to wash off the scent of sex? Should I join her in the shower? I toss and turn wondering what to do and decides on waiting for her to come back.

A short while later, Anna climbs into bed and wraps herself around me. She seems to be in heat, and her lips found mine in the dark. After some heavy kissing, Anna’s hand finds my hard penis. Stroking it, she slid down my body, kissing every part of it on her way down.

“Turn on the light baby”, Anna says, “I want to see it clearly.”

As I do, I see Anna’s hand grasped around my penis, covering it completely.

Stroking up and down without much slack quickly became difficult, so Anna switched to holding the head with 3 fingers, going up and down.

She starts to really stare at it.. then seems to measure it with her finger. My penis turns out to be about as long as her middle finger.

Anna’s gaze then moves up.. to where that white guy’s cock might have been.

She says, “Give me one moment baby..” And runs out. In a few seconds, she comes back with a ruler.

“I wanna reallllly get to know your little guy tonight baby”, Anna says with a wicked smile. I grow harder as I hear her call my penis “little” directly for the first time ever.

Anna places the ruler by my penis. My fully erect penis stands at just under 9cm, or 3.5 inches. Of course I have measured myself before, giving it some extra length.. but Anna shows me the reality.

“Oh my godddd baby.. it’s like 8cm long. That’s soooo ehm… perfect. haha” Anna blurts out.

Her gaze then travels up.. to where 10 inches is. I can see her licking her lips, obviously thinking about that huge cock she just took.

“..holy shit that’s like 25cm long… like 3 times the size of..” I hear her mutter under her breath.

“What’s that?” I ask.

“No sorry nothing baby! I was just calculating, 8cm is like 3 inches long, right?”

“Yep it’s pretty small haha.” I laugh at myself.

“No baby, it’s not small, it’s perfect.”

“It’s ok baby, you can be honest, I don’t mind!”

“Ah.. well, it is a little small haha. But it’s cute! I like it a lot!” Anna says as she plants a kiss on my penis.

“And I don’t think it’s considered small for an asian dick haha.” Anna sticks her tongue out at me.

I felt even more blood rushing towards my small penis.

“How big do you think an asian cock is usually?” I ask.

“Ehm… I think 5 inches? White is 6, Black 7.” Anna answers without hesitation.

“Ahh.. I guess you are small for an asian guy too haha. You are like half the size of an average white cock.”

I’ve never really heard her say the word cock before.. and now hearing her say white cock..

“How big was the biggest cock you had?” I ask.

“Ohhh my god it was soooooo b.. ehm, it was like average, baby. It was my ex, and he was like.. 5? maybe 4 inches long.” I could see Anna thinking back to the big cock she just had less than an hour ago.

“Don’t worry baby.. I love your cute.. little.. 3 inch.. asian.. dick.” Anna says between every lick of my penis.

“It’s so tiny baby.” Anna smiles and swallows my little penis whole. She moves it around her mouth, her tongue twirling around the shaft and head. The head doesn’t even reach the back of her throat as I move it inside her mouth.

“I can deepthroat you all dayyyy.” Anna says before going back to sucking on my penis. “Well, maybe not deep haha. It’s not really reaching my throat either.”

After some more sucking, Anna stands up and pushes me down. “It’s so short baby.. and thin.. I need it inside my pussy.” She says with a smirk.

“Yes… Let me find a condom.” I say.

“Forget the condom.. I want to feel your tiny cock raw inside me baby..” Anna whispers.

She straddles me and slides my small cock easily inside her.

“Hmmm are you inside yet baby?” Anna says with a wink.

I don’t know what to say. My tiny cock shakes inside her.

“I’m just kidding haha! I can feel your little cock inside. It just feels small. Like when I play with myself using one finger.”

Anna starts grinding back and forth, my little cock slides inside her.

“Ahhh I love your little cock baby. I love the feeling of it inside me. I love it when you slide it in and out of my pussy.. ”

“And I love you so much baby.” Anna says as she kissed me deeply.

“I love you too baby.” I reciprocates the kiss.

“But as much as I love your little cock.. it’s just SO small baby. It feels good, but it could never make me CUM!”

“Doesn’t matter how hard you tried, your little cock just.. isn’t BIG enough baby. It’s not satisfying enough. It’s TOO SMALL!!”

Anna speeds up as she rants, and so do I. She looks more and more flustered and excited, pinning my arms against the bed.

“WHY babyyy whyyy is your cock so smallll” Anna is hovering over me now, having full control of my body and my cock, leading me whichever way as she moves.

“I don’t know.. Be.. because of my genes?” I answers, hoping to lead Anna in a certain way.

“YES! Because of your asian genes! That’s why you have a smalllll tiny asian cock baby.”

“Well.. I don’t think we are ALL small..” I protests.

“The asian average is smaller than the other races. They are known to be small and you are definitely WAYY smaller than the average asian guys. So yours has to be extra small.”

Anna bents down and sucks on my ears, heightening my stimulation. I move with her body, thrusting my hips up and down.

Suddenly, my cock slips out of her pussy as we are both moving.

Anna pouts, “SEEE.. Your little asian cock just popped out because of how short it is. I’ll bet you that can’t happen with a big cock haha.”

“Now lie back and let me do the fucking baby. Your little cock is too short and thin to fuck my pussy. It can only get fucked by me.” Anna starts moving furiously, grinding her hips up and down my small cock.

She is absolutely dominating me as she speaks. “Fuuuck baby you are sooo small. Your little asian cock is sooo short and thin hmmmmm. Come on baby, make me feel your cock! Go DEEPER pleaseeee deeper baby.”

“I can’t, baby.. I’m going as deep as I can” I gasp.

“Ahhh damnit baby.. you and your 3 inch asian dick. Damnit your dick is sooo unsatisfying baby..”

Anna is speeding up, she looks like she’s going to climax.

“Fuck baby.. fuck fuck fuck.. your tiny, short, thin, little, asian cock.. is.. not enough for me.. ahhhh…” Anna’s body starts to convulse. “I.. I need.. a BIG, LONG, THICK, WHITE COCK to FUCKING FILL my pussy!!”

As she says that, her pussy tightens and she starts cumming. This causes me to cum as well, shooting my sperm deep inside her. Reaching places my cock could never reach.

Anna collapses on me, catching her breath. “Woww baby.. that was the first time I came with your cock.. it felt sooo good!”

She then starts panicking. “Oh My Godddd baby I don’t know what I said.. I’m sorry I didn’t mean any of it.. I’m just drunk and it seemed like you liked it.. You know I would never do that, right? You are not mad, are you?”

“It’s all good baby.. I enjoyed you being in charge haha. And if you enjoyed it too. We can do it again next time.” I let the words leave my mouth, even though I didn’t want to. But maybe my heart did want it.


Part 3…

fter that night at the club, Anna and I have been having lots of sex. Most of it consists of Anna telling me how tiny my asian cock is while playing with it or fucking it.

And I have to admit, it is such a turn on for the both of us. We came more intensely than we ever did in all our relationship.

However, I start to see her spend more time on her phone, presumably texting the stranger she met at the club.

As the weekend approaches, I sneak a peek at Anna’s phone while she’s in the shower. I find his conversation hidden, telling Anna how he’s going to use her tight asian pussy with his huge white cock this weekend, at a party he’s going to.

When the weekend arrives, I watch Anna get ready for the party. She wears a short black skirt that shows off most of her legs, with a white blouse that is transparent in quite a few areas. I grow hard watching her in that wardrobe and start kissing her.

I whisper to her, “You are making my little cock so hard baby.” I take out my cock and move her hand over it. “Feel how easy it is for you to wrap your hand around it.”

Anna gets visibly aroused, and starts to stroke my little penis with 3 fingers. “It’s so small that I can’t use my whole hand. I have to use only 3 fingers. That’s how small you are baby.”

I reach down and move my fingers up her skirt. Touching her, I realize that she’s not wearing any underwear. My fingers slide into her wet pussy right away, squirming.

Surprised, I say, “Oh, why aren’t you wearing underwear to the party baby?”

Anna hesitates, then says, “Well… because I want it to be really easy for me to take a big cock while at the party haha.” She flashes me a joking smile.

“Haha just don’t fuck all the guys at the party.” I joke back.

Anna bends down and starts sucking furiously on my small cock. Without her words though, I am not going to cum easily. Anna switches to her hand and starts berating me.

“Baby your dick is soooo small. Its only 3 inches. I can wrap my hand around it easily haha. I guess it makes sense since you are asian, but then even asian guys have like 5 inches average. You are a full 2 inches below average.. soooo tiny baby. Such.. a…. tiny.. cock.. come on cum for me baby. Cum with your little penis that can never reach deep enough into meeee.”

I cum hard as she humiliates my penis, all over her hands and arms.

“Hmmm that was hot baby.” Anna licks up all of my cum on her hands and arms, then sucks my soft penis clean.

She then plants a kiss on my lip, “Ok, I’m headed off to the party baby!”

“Have fun baby!” I say.

Once Anna left, I start waiting. A bit into the night, I call a cab to get to the party.

I spot Anna in the crowd of people, and make sure I avoid her. Hard as I try, I can’t stop looking over.

Anna is surrounded by a bunch of white guys, and drinking liberally. By her side is the guy at the club, getting quite touchy. His hand is sliding on her exposed leg and back. Her hand is also around his crotch, with something hard bulging out. After a while, it looks like he is leading her away from the crowd.

I head upstairs, looking for a comfortable room to hide in the closet. After I settle in, Anna and the stranger enters the room. They immediately start making out, and the stranger pushes her around, taking off her shirt.

“Wait.. no, Frank. We shouldn’t. I can’t do this to my boyfriend..” Anna pushes him back.

“Sure. It’s your choice whether you want it or not.” As Frank speaks, he takes out his semi-hard cock, and starts to stroke it.

Even at half mast, his cock is twice the size of mine.

“Ahh..” Anna let out a word, and stares at it.

“Just.. just a blowjob, ok? Nothing more..” Anna starts stroking his semi-hard cock.

“Strip first, bitch.” Frank says as he sat back onto the bed.

Anna froze, then sheepishly start stripping herself piece by piece.

“You didn’t even wear underwear, huh? What a slut.” Frank says.

Anna says nothing and starts sucking on his cock, licking and stroking, working hard on it.

“How do you like this big white cock? You asian slut.”

“I.. I love it.. sir.”

Frank grabs her hair and pushes her head into his cock.

“How is it compared to the cocks you had?”

“It’s sooooo much bigger than the cocks I’ve had.. they were all just asian cocks that were tiny as fuck. I can’t really go back to them.. I need my big white cock sir. I can’t live without it.”

“Ahahah you are such a cock slut. Are you still thinking of your asian boyfriend? Of your boyfriend’s asian cock?”

“No sir.. His asian cock is too small. It’s only 3 inches. Yours is like 3 times bigger. I was never satisfied with his cock, but yours made me realize that I’m made for big white cocks sir.”

“Ha. You actually measured him. Good girl. Now spread your pussy for me.”

I watch as Anna gets on her back, spreads her legs open, and stretches out her pussy with her hands.

“Beg for my cock.” Frank commanded.

“Yes sir.. Please use your big white cock to fuck my asian pussy, master… Only your big white cock can satisfy my tight asian pussy. No asian cock can satisfy me and that’s why I belong to your white cock, pleaseeee master.”

Frank thrusts hard into Anna’s pussy, bottoming out with less than half of his cock inside.

Anna screams, then starts moaning, as Frank’s big cock start to slowly move inside her pussy.

The more they fucked, the deeper he went, until his 10 inch cock is entirely all inside her pussy.

“Fuck, this is a tight asian pussy. Definitely the tightest I’ve had.”

“Fuck… sir, your cock feels sooo good. It’s the best cock I’ve ever had.. Fuck me sir.. asian pussies are made for white cocks.. just use it as much as you want..”

“I will then.. you’ll be my cum dumpster.”

A few more thrusts.

“Now get ready to be filled by my cum.”

Frank came fairly quickly this time.

“Wait no don’t cum inside.. ahhhh.. fuckkkk! YES! Breed me my white master!!”

Anna collapses onto the bed after Frank pulled out, cum slowly leaking out of her asian pussy.

Frank says: “I’ll be back”, and walks out of the room. In moments, he comes back with five other white guys from the party.

“Wha.. what? What are you guys doing here?” Anna starts to cover up, apparently gaining some common sense back after cumming.

“They are here to use your asian pussy, slut.” Smiled Frank.

“This isn’t what I signed up for, Frank!” Anna shouts.

“You were pretty happy sucking on my white cock just now, what’s wrong with a few more?”

“I’m not a slut that will just suck anyone’s cock.”

One of the other white guys speaks up. “You don’t have to deny it. We all know it’s true. After all, all asian women love white cocks and hate asian cocks.”

“That is NOT TRUE!” Anna shouts back. “We are NOT that sexual and we are fine with asian cocks.”

“Did you hear that? Just ‘fine’ with asian cocks hahahaha. I bet you’ve never been satisfied by any asian cock.” Responds the other white guy.

Frank chimes in, “Why else do you think she’s here sucking my cock and not her boyfriend’s tiny asian cock? Apparently, it’s only one third of my cock.”

Frank’s voice becomes commanding, “How much did you measure him to be, slut?”

“I.. I measured him to be only 3 inches.” Anna answers, revealing my shortcomings.

“Hahahahaha” laughs everyone in the room. “I can’t believe he’s actually that small!” Someone chokes out.

“I bet all asian guys are that small. So pathetic haha.” Another says.

Anna retorts weakly, “No! They can be big! Probably..”

“I don’t see you sucking a bunch of asian cocks.” Says Frank.

“I’m not sucking a bunch of white cocks either!” Replies Anna.

“Looks like she needs some motivations, boys. Let’s show her what she’s missing out then.” Frank answers.

The other five white guys all take out their cocks, each other bigger than the last, all of them fully erect. All the cocks are huge, even the smallest stands at 7 inches, the largest at 9 inches.

Anna swallows hard, licking her lips. She drops her clothes and starts crawling towards the circle of cocks.

Kneeling in front of the cocks, Anna reaches up to touch one. Just before she does, Frank swats her hand away. “I thought you are not sucking a bunch of white cocks.”

“Sorry sir.. I.. I’d like to suck them now.” Anna apologizes.

“What an asian slut, lusting after white cocks. But you don’t deserve any, so you’ll have to convince us to let you have them.”

Anna looks very flustered and begins her rant. “Please.. please my white masters. Let me suck on your big white cocks. They are all so big and hot.. I only belong to you. Asian girls only belong to white cocks. I would never suck on small asian cocks. They would never satisfy me. Asian guys don’t deserve asian girls.. asian girls only belong to white cocks. So please.. let me suck on your white cocks! And FUCK me with them! I want to FEEL your HUGE white cock spread my tight asian pussy apart the way no small asian cock could! Fill me up with all your white cum! Breeeeed meeeee masterssss!”

“Holy shit girl you got some issues haha.” Says Frank. “But that was good. Dive in.”

Anna pounces on the white cocks, swallowing one whole and grabbing two others.

She aggressively sucks on the one in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down, taking the cock half way down. Her hands stroke up and down the other two furiously.

Anna then takes a deep breath and shoves the entire 8 inches of the cock down her throat all the while staring up.

Frank pulls out Anna’s phone, unlocking it with her cock sucking face, and started recording her choking down cock.

“I’m going to record you like the slut you are. Then I’m going to send this video to your boyfriend.”

Anna sucks harder.

One of the guys walks behind her and lifts her hips up, revealing her wet pussy to him.

He then thrusts hard into her pussy, and Anna yells out in pain. His 9 inch cock spreading her tight pussy apart, much wider than what she’s normally used to.

As he pounds away rhythmically into her insides, Anna stops deepthroating the cock and starts licking it.

Frank gets a close up to her licking and sucking the big white cock and says, “Well Anna, say hi to your boyfriend, and tell him what you think of his asian cock compared to these white cocks?”

Anna says in between licks, “I’m sorry Justin, your asian cock is just toooo small. It’s already small compared to asian cocks, so it is extra tiny compared to these.. big.. thick.. white cocks.” As she says those words, her focus shifted onto the cock in front of her, and she starts deepthroating the cock a bit more.

“These are real cocks. This big white cock tastes so good and feels so fulfilling in my mouth. Filling it all up. Not like your thin little asian dick.”

The guy behind her started to speed up, gaining her attention.

“And this cock inside my pussy.. It’s soooo big. It feels so good and hot. It makes me feel full. In a way you just cannot.”

Anna gasps, and starts moaning.

“I’m sorry baby.. you can never satisfy me.. I need my big white cocks.. yessss.. fuck me.. fuck me with your big white cocks!!.. breed me masters.. asian women are just meant to be bred by white men!! FUCKKKK”

Anna cums just as the white guy behind her came, shooting his cum raw all inside her pussy.

Before Anna could collapse onto the floor, the next guy comes up behind her and starts using her pussy. As his huge cock penetarts Anna, her body shudders. At the same time, the guy she has been blowing came right into her face, covering her with his thick cum.

Frank goes outside again, while the other guys line up to fuck her pussy or her mouth. Anna just starts rambling about getting fucked by white cocks when her mouth is not being filled by one.

Frank comes back to the room, and left the door open. Then people starts to stream in. More and more of them start queueing up behind or in front of Anna.

Her eyes widen, but she does not stop sucking or fucking.

Her phone records everything.

The night goes on, and it seems like every man at the party has been in the room fucking Anna’s pussy or mouth. Every man except me.

They were all white, they also all had big cocks. Even the smallest was 6 inches.

After what seems like hours, they all finish up. I counted 42 cocks had been inside Anna.

Anna is now covered with cum, both inside and out. She finally lies down on the floor, resting.

Frank comes over and take a bunch of pictures with her phone. He then fiddles with it a bit and throws it in her lap.

“I’ve sent the pictures and videos to myself, so you better do what I tell you, or I’m going to send it to your boyfriend and everyone.”

“Of.. of course, Frank..” Anna mutters. “Can you drive me back home? I’m not in the best condition right now haha..”

“What? Fuck no, you’ll just get cum all over my car. Figure out your own ride home.” Frank replies coldly.

“Yes..” Anna walks to the bathroom to clean herself up, and probably calling an uber.

After Anna left, I sneak out the back, also calling a cab.

Getting home, I hear Anna coming out of the shower. She looks tired but clean. Her slim and pale body looking delicious in the light.

“Where were you baby? I thought you would be asleep by now.” Anna asks.

“I couldn’t sleep since you weren’t here haha. So I took a walk.” I answers.

“Awww baby.. I’m here now and I love you.” Anna kisses me on the lips. The same lips that were just sucking a bunch of cocks.

“Love you too baby.” I kiss back deeply.

“Let me help you sleep.”

Anna pushes me down, stripping off my clothes like she can’t wait to fuck me.

As she takes out my cock, she says, “Ohhh I’ve missed my little guy tonight.. my little 3 incher!”

Anna’s hand wraps around my little cock, stroking it up and down. “Hmm.. look at it, a very stereotypical asian cock haha. The head is fully covered with foreskin.. let me peel it back.. and get a taste..” Anna swallows the head of my cock, and it feels like heaven.

Then she takes it deeper, putting the rest of the 2 inches into her mouth. She’s still looking up, staring into my eyes. In my imagination, I overlay an image of Anna sucking a huge cock onto the view, and my cock grows harder.

“Ooh you twitched haha. It’s so fun sucking your small cock baby. Although it doesn’t quite fill up my mouth.”

“It’s.. not big enough for you baby?”

“I mean.. it is.. but to be honest, it’s not really. I want something that can really fill up and make me full. A big cock that just looks impressive and hot.” Anna says as she licks my short shaft up and down.

“Like.. maybe a cock that’s 10 inches long.” Her hand hovers far above the top of my cock. “And this thick.” Her hand expands to 3 times as thick as my thin cock.

“It would just look SOOO hot. It would MAKE me want to suck it just by being in front of me..”

“Wouldn’t a cock that big really hurt you?” I ask.

“Nooo. Well maybe at first, but I would get used to it really soon.”

“But you couldn’t know for sure.”

“What if I do? Hmm?” Anna smiles a wicked smile, daring me to say something.

“Someone you haven’t told me about in the past?” I grasp onto a last straw.

“What if I told you.. It’s someone.. from tonight’s party?” Anna’s smile gets wider, and her face more flustered.

“I.. well, if it’s true.. I would want to know.. how it happened.” I take the step towards allowing her to do this.

“Wellll IF it happened.. I would have been drinking heavily at the party.. and some white guy would be dancing with me. He would run his hands all over my tight body.. under that dress that you like. And I would enjoy it. I would grind my ass all over his hard bulge.” Anna stops to suck on my small cock a little.

“Why would you let him do that? And why would you enjoy it?” I ask.

“Because. I want to experience a big white cock, baby. I’ve only had small asian cocks, and when I see that a penis could be so much bigger, I want to try it! White guys are also hotter than asian guys and I want to fuck one!”

“Ahh.. is this guy hotter than me then?”

“Yep. He’s taller and more muscular and better looking than you baby. My pussy got wet just looking at him.” Anna licks her lips, recalling back to a specific scene.

“I felt up that hard bulge so much while we danced. Then he took me to the bathroom to show it to me. And let me tell you, it was MASSIVE. It’s as big as I was telling you. Three times the size of this little cock haha.” Anna’s lips twirl around my thin shaft, her tongue licking the back of the head.

“As cute as this little thing is.. it just doesn’t compare to a BIG white cock. When I shoved that cock in my mouth, I couldn’t even breathe. It filled my mouth and throat. And that was sooo hot mentally. He was also so aggressive, using me like a fuckdoll.. fuck.”

Anna looks like she is craving cock bad, so she straddles me, sliding my small cock into her pussy.

“Fuck. Your small cock is inside but I can’t feel it, baby. It feels much smaller than the big cocks that I was just fucking hmmm.”

“That one was so much bigger.. fuller inside me. He fucked so hard. It was the deepest a cock has ever been inside me. A long thick white cock.. it felt so much better than your short thin asian cock.”

Anna starts riding my small cock. Her hips moving, her chest heaving. I reach up to tease her nipples.

“Fuck baby.. I wish you have a big cock like that. Yours just isn’t big enough. I wish you can watch me take that big white cock.. I’ll moan for you while my tight pussy is stretched by his big cock.”

Anna leans forward and kisses me deeply. “And I’ll make out with you.. while his big white cock is pounding me. And then I’ll suck on your cock so I can have two inside me at the same time.”

“I never knew you were this slutty baby.” I answer.

“You don’t know the half of it..” Anna’s eyes gleans. “I want to fuck all the white guys and all the biggest cocks.. and I want you to watch it all baby. I will compare each every one of those cocks to yours.. and the big white one I had feels soooo good and sooo much better than your cock baby. It’s so much thicker than yours, and stretches me out wiiiide. And it hits the deepest parts of my pussy. The parts your tiny dick never touched. The parts no asian dick ever touched. Only a big white cock is allowed there.”

Anna pops out my cock and holds it with two fingers. “Baby. Your cock can’t do that. It can’t stretch me or hit the deepest parts. You are too small to fuck me properly.”

Anna continues, “And I’m going to cum on that big cock while you watch. I’m going to cum using this random white guy’s cock because your small asian cock can’t make me. It could never make me cum, not like that. Only big cocks can make me cum and your little cock just isn’t enough for me.”

Anna is being super aggressive now. Raising and slamming her hips onto my small cock.

“What if.. I asked you, baby, if I can fuck him raw. Have this stranger’s huge raw white cock all inside me. While you sit there and stroke your little dick.” Anna sounds like she is desperate to be fucked.

“Yes. Of course, baby. You can fuck him raw.” I admit defeat.

“Yesss baby thank youuuu. I screamed so loud when his raw cock filled my pussy. I loved it so much.. it’s so much better than your small asian cock baby. It’s three times as big as yours and makes me cum three times as hard.”

She continues, “I thought about watching you stroke your tiny cock and thought about how much better he fucks than you baby. I told him to fill me up with his cum, begging him for his white cum. Begging him to breed me.”

“And when he did, he came allll inside me. Filled me up. He came way more than you too baby. Your small dick can’t please me anymore. I only need big white cocks now.”

I’m left speechless, but manage to mutter, “That.. was quite the night at the party..”

Anna speeds up, humping my cock even faster, “There’s even more that happened baby.. ALL the white guys came after me.. and they ALL had huge dicks. I’m pretty sure the average white cock is twice the size of an asian one haha. They made me suck on all of those cocks.. and made me say all these things..”

“What are these things?”

Anna answers, “Well.. maybe I wanted to say them too. Something like.. sorry baby, your asian cock is just too small. It’s already small compared to asian cocks, so it is extra tiny compared to those big thick white cocks. They taste so good and feel so fulfilling in my mouth. Not like your thin little asian dick.”

Anna moves even harder and her breathing intensifies, “I.. I called them my white masters. I wanted to suck on their big white cocks. They are all so big and hot.. I only belong to them. Asian girls only belong to white cocks. Baby, your small asian cock would never satisfy me. That’s why you don’t deserve my pussy, my body. Asian guys don’t deserve asian girls.. asian girls only belong to white cocks. FUCK baby I’m trying to imagine a big white cock fucking me, but your little asian dick makes it so hard to imagine. I want to FUCK a big white cock! I want to FEEL the HUGE white cock spreading my tight asian pussy apart the way no small asian cock could! Fill me up with white cum! Breeeeed meeeee masterssss fuuuck!”

Once again, Anna cums on top of me, thinking about white cocks.

“That was so hot, baby.” Anna breathes hard on my chest as she collapses.

“You know that was all fantasy and made up, right baby?” She suddenly looks up. “I would never cheat on you, baby.”

“Of course, baby,” I answer, running my hand through her hair.


Part 4…

For the next few weeks, Anna has been out more often at night. When she comes back, we often have sex where she humiliates me. She would tell me about the experiences she had during her night out, the guys she met, the cocks she sucked and fucked, the cum that filled her. Of course, she always says that it’s all imaginary and we continue on as if she is not fucking other guys.

Anna would also tease me in everyday life. When we go out shopping, she would see a small banana, then point to it and tell me that mine is smaller than that. Which it is. And I would get hard in the middle of the grocery store. Anna would smile at me devilishly, and ask if I’m hard. When I said yes, she would reply that it’s ok because it was so little that no one would even notice.

One of the nights when we had sex, Anna suggested that we watch some porn to get our minds in the right mood.

I happily agreed, and we got into bed naked, opening a porn website.

On the front page is a girl sucking a massive cock. I absent-mindedly click on it.

The sound of cock sucking fills the room. The girl in the video is trying her best to shove an 8 inch cock down her throat.

We both become aroused, and I start fingering Anna while she starts stroking my little cock with her fingers. If she uses her whole hand, it would have covered it entirely, and hurt my balls as she strokes down.

“Fuck, it looks so hot and big,” Anna says.

“Yea.. ehm yea she’s really hot too.” I say sheepishly.

“Yea, look at how long and thick it is. I’m really impressed she can take all of it down.”

“Let’s watch something else.” I clicked back on the page. “What do you want to watch? I’ll search.”

“Hmm I mean.. maybe search wmaf? It stands for white male asian female.” Says Anna.

I type in the words and a page full of asian girls sucking white cocks appears.

“Oh ehm.. wow.” I say.

“Yeaaa it’s so hot isn’t it baby?” Anna replies.

“It is.. so.. you like white guys?”

“And big cocks.” Anna laughs, “And those two tend to go hand in hand.”

“What about.. do you look at asian guys in porn?”

“Ehm.. very rarely. They almost never have big cocks.” Anna smiles teasingly, “I like picturing myself in the video and it’s always hotter with a white guy and a big white cock. Asian guys usually have small dicks, don’t look as hot, or don’t fuck as good.”

“Well.. how would I compare to them then?”

“You are an exception baby! I love it when you fuck me!” Anna gives me a kiss on my cheek, then looks down, “Your penis is pretty stereotypically asian though.” She laughs again.

“Hmm.. what about compared to these white guys?” I point to the videos.

“Pppf They are porn actors baby. Obviously, they’ll be hotter and have bigger dicks. Don’t compare yourself with them.”

“What about with regular white guys?”

“Oh my godddd baby. Ok they are white, so obviously they’ll have bigger dicks than you. And probably hotter too. Here click this one.” Annoyed, Anna asks me to watch one of the videos.

Anna points to a video titled “Asian girlfriend cheats by sucking BWC at party”. I open it, asking Anna, “What’s BWC?” even though I know what it means.

“Oh, it means Big. White. Cock.” Anna says it out word by word. Then she points to the screen, “like this one right here.”

In the video, a small petite asian girl is wearing a tight shirt and shorts. She is being dragged around and shoved against a big white cock.

She starts sucking on the cock after admiring it. Her mouth and lips working tirelessly over the head. Her hands stroke up and down the shaft. Her eyes glittering and looking up at the camera.

The man grabs her and slaps her. Then shoves her head deep onto his cock.

Anna is staring intensely at the screen, one hand on my small cock, lightly stroking, the other hand between her pussy lips, rubbing furiously. She licks her lips in a seductive fashion, almost in a trance.

We continue watching it until the guy cums all over her face.

The guy in the video says, “Lick it all up you asian slut.”

Anna silently cums, her body tensing up and shakes. Her hand closes around my small cock.

I wrap myself around her and kiss her.

Anna let out a sigh, “Baby, I wish asian cocks are not so tiny. Then I would have a lot more fun with them and not be disappointed.” She makes a sad face.

“But.. maybe they aren’t all so tiny?” I bargain.

“Nooo they are. Here, I can prove it to you.” Anna takes over the computer and opens a website that is full of asian porn only. She does searches for blowjobs and pulls up a page full of asian girls sucking on asian cocks.

“Now.. look. Look at alllll these asian cocks baby.” Anna scrolls and points to them, smiling, “They are all so small. Mostly like 5 inches. And like an inch thick. Oh! This one might be 6. But these are like 4.”

As Anna points, she also compares them with my cock. “Well.. it looks like none of them are quite as small as yours though, baby.” She says with a cheeky grin.

“Nooooow.. let’s compare with the other side shall we?” Anna opens the other wmaf tab side by side, scrolling through the page of asian girls sucking on white cocks.

“Oooh this one looks to be 8 inches. 7. 8. Oh a 6. And they are all so thick too. Oh wow this one’s gotta be a 10. How can that little asian girl take it?” Anna says as she clicks on the video.

“Oooh. She’s really good at deep throating. I couldn’t take all 10 inches like that.” I look over, and Anna adds, “I think.”

A bit more sucking, and Anna says, “Hmm.. I wonder if I can find her sucking an asian cock.”

She searched for the porn actress’ name on the asian website and got a hit. In the video, she is sucking on an asian cock. It was only 5 inches. Anna pulls the videos side by side.

“Look at that baby. She is sucking and stroking that big white cock and she’s barely sucking on that small asian one. That big white cock is twice the size of that asian cock. And THREE times the size of your little asian cock!” Anna laughs and pats my little penis.

Both videos show that the man is about to fuck the girl. “Ohhh look, they are gonna fuck her. Which one do you think will get the bigger reaction?” Anna asks excitedly.

As the giant white cock penetrates her pussy, the actress screams and shakes, holding on tight against the white guy’s body. She claws at him and screams about how good it felt to have such a huge cock tear apart her pussy. The camera briefly focuses on the huge bulge in her stomach as the big cock pounded against her insides.

On the other side, the asian cock slides into her pussy, and the actress moans. She gently wraps her arms and legs around the guy, and stays still while the small asian cocks thrusts in and out of her. She continues moaning at the same pace and speed.

“See? I think she enjoyed the big white cock way more than the small asian dick. And to be honest, so did I,” Anna says.

“Ok baby.. I admit, white guys do have bigger cocks.” I say in defeat.

“Hahaha there you go, finally accepting the truth!” Anna replies.

“Ehm.. how about we look at.. amwf?” I venture.

“Huh? Does that actually exist?” Anna questions.

She opens a third tab, searching amwf on the first porn website.

“Color me surprised. There are a few. Far less than wmaf, but a few nonetheless.”

Anna clicked on one. The tall blonde girl strips off the asian guy’s pants to reveal.. a 4 inch cock. It might even be slightly smaller, just barely larger than my own.

“Ohh my god baby. This cock is so tiny it’s like yours! Maybe just a little bigger than yours though.” Anna excitedly points at my cock and the one on the screen.

The blonde bend down and started sucking the small cock. It is difficult as she holds it with 3 fingers only and it often slips out of her mouth. I find this incredibly hot, but so were the others.

“Do you find this one hot baby?” Anna asks.

“Well.. yes.. it is very similar to my size.” I answers.

“Ha, well, if you think a white girl like her will take you with your tiny asian cock, don’t bother. It’ll never happen! You haaaave to stay by me and only I can touch your little dick, understand?” Anna demands.

“Yep. I understand. Yours only baby.”

“Now come on baby! Cum with that little cock!” Anna strokes faster and occasionally licks the head as well.

“Which one are you going to cum to? The asian girl sucking a small asian dick? The asian girl sucking a big white dick? Or the white girl sucking a small asian dick?” Anna says, going even harder and faster.

As she does, I cum hard. Anna catches it all in her mouth. She then swallows all of the cum.

“I saw you look at the white girl baby. The correct answer was to look at me. I’ll have to punish you sometime.” Anna says with a wink as she leaves the room to clean up.


Part 5…

During one of the nights when Anna was out, I receive a phone call from her.

Anna says, “Heyyy baby. How are you?”

I’m confused and ask, “Aren’t you out at the party baby? Is everything ok?”

“I’m ok baby. I just missed you. And wanted to call you.”

“Oh.. well, I’ve missed you too, baby. How is the party?”

“Oh it’s great.”

I suddenly hear a wet licking sound coming from the other end. And then the sound of sucking.

“I’m enjoying this party so mummhhhmm.. ahh.. ehm, yea, it’s a great party. Lots of cool white guys here. And they are taking real good care of me baby.”

“What is that sound baby?” I ask.

“Oh.. they ehm.. hmm.. they gave me some lollipops, and I’m just sucking on them right now.” Anna laughs. “These are very big and tasty lollipops.”

“You are not doing anything with the guys there, right baby?”

“Of course notttt baby. Hmm ahh.. I would neeever cheat on you. Wait.. wait no you can’t just go in raw!.. ahhh fuuuck.”

“What was that baby? What’s happening?” I panick a little.

“Oh.. don’t.. worry.. baby.. we are.. just doing.. a little exercise.. ahhh.. soooo.. full…”

“It.. it sounds like you are having sex baby.”

“I would neverrrrahhhh.. ahh… but.. you are making me.. kinda horny.. baby”

“You shouldn’t be horny.. at the party baby.”

“I.. I want to.. suck on your.. small asian cock baby.. I want it so bad.. that I’m touching myself.. fuuck.. it feels so good.”

“Wait.. are you touching yourself baby? At the party? Won’t people see?”

“Yes.. they will.. and.. they are coming.. to fuck me baby..”

“No.. get out of there please baby!”

“It’s too late.. they caught me.. I’m going to be fucked because of you baby.. You made me horny and made them fuck me..”

Sounds of her fucking other guys is coming through the phone, while I masturbate furiously to it.

“It’s ok though baby.. I’ll only think of your little asian cock.. their big white cocks wouldn’t make me feel good. Yours is the only one I need. I won’t obey anything they say.”

I don’t know what to say so I keep stroking myself.

“They are on top of me baby.. so many.. big cocks.. so long and thick.. I can’t stop myself from sucking on them..”

The sound of Anna sucking cocks come through. Several of them at once.

“These cocks taste so good baby. They are so much bigger than yours.. they look so much more massive and hotter.. I’m going to suck them dry..”

I sit and listen to her sucking sounds.

“Oh baby.. they.. they are going to fuck me. It’s ok I’ll stay loyal to your little dick baby. Oh wait.. they are not. They are not going to fuck me baby..”

“That’s great news! Get out of there!” I answer.

“But..” Anna hesitates. “I.. I kind of want to.. I won’t get another chance at fucking big white cocks like this baby..”

“Is my size not enough, baby? Do you really want big cocks that much?” I ask.

“I’m.. I’m sorry baby. I need this. I need to try them at least once.. So please.. please fuck me.. fuck me with your huge white cocks!”

Anna yells, “FUUUCK ahhh fuck baby.. this big white cock feels SOOOO FULLL.. it feels sooo much better than your little asian dick.. I.. I think I’m made for white cocks and not asian cocks, baby.. I can’t go back to only having your cock baby.. I need my big white cocks regularly now..”

I squeeze tighter, stroking my dick as fast as I can.

“Fuck they are fucking me so much better than you ever did baby.. I’m going to come and get fucked by them every day now.. fuck.. I love big white cockssss!! Asian girls only fuck white cocks fuuuuuck I’m cummming babyyy!! I’m being filled by these big white cocks instead of your little asian dick ahhhh!!”

I cum at the same time as Anna presumably cums.

Only the sound of Anna’s breathing was on the phone..

“That was so hot baby.. you didn’t actually fuck any guys did you?” I asked.

“Hmm, did I?.. No haha of course not, baby. I’ll send you a picture of myself.. to prove.. to you..” Anna says.

Anna hangs up. And was silent for 30 minutes. Afterwards, she sends me a picture of herself in the bathroom. Naked and sweaty. Her clothes were nowhere to be seen though. And I think I see a trail of cum under her chin.

As always, Anna came home that night and climbed into the shower, then into the bed and onto my small cock.

Amid the grinding of her wet pussy on my cock, Anna’s phone chimes.

Anna reaches over and reads the message. Then she stops grinding and reads it some more.

She moves up to beside me, and opens a video to show me on her phone. “This is from a few weeks ago.” Then she slides down and begins to suck on my cock.

The video showed Anna with several men standing around her. All with their huge white cocks out. Anna is sucking furiously on one of them. The cock sliding down her mouth is bulging out her throat. Her two hands are on the other two, stroking up and down as well.

I look down at Anna’s beautiful face sucking on my small asian cock, and look back at her slutty face sucking on this huge white cock. The sheer size difference is evident. The thick white cock is spreading her lips apart, and being shoved deep down her throat, making her uncomfortable. While my thin asian dick is easily contained within her mouth, and Anna has no trouble licking and sucking on it.

Then I hear a man’s voice say, “I’m going to record you like the slut you are. Then I’m going to send this video to your boyfriend.”

Anna takes my cock out and says, “That’s Frank.. he already fucked me once that night.”

The Anna in the video starts sucking harder. So does the Anna on my cock.

Another guy walks behind her and lifts her hips to fuck her. Anna comments helpfully, “That guy had a 9 inch cock baby. It’s 3 times your small cock and it went soooo deep.”

I feel like my 3 inch cock is melting inside Anna’s mouth with pleasure. After some fucking and licking, the camera focuses on Anna’s face while she’s trying to lick that huge white cock. I hear Frank’s voice again. “Well Anna, say hi to your boyfriend, and tell him what you think of his asian cock compared to these white cocks?”

“I’m sorry Justin, your asian cock is just toooo small. It’s already small compared to asian cocks, so it is extra tiny compared to these.. big.. thick.. white cocks.”

“And I meant every word.” Says the Anna that’s currently devouring my little dick.

The Anna in the video continues, “This big white cock tastes so good and feels so fulfilling in my mouth. Filling it all up. Not like your thin little asian dick.”

Real life Anna holds my cock out with two fingers, “Yea. Look at this 3 inch little dick. So short and thin. Like my finger haha. It’s so small even for an asian guy.”

Video Anna makes a cute and sexy noise as something enters her, “And this cock inside my pussy.. It’s soooo big. It feels so good and hot. It makes me feel full. In a way you just cannot.”

Real life Anna reaches down to her pussy and starts fingering herself, “Fuck.. this is making me miss those big cocks.. I need a cock.. I guess I’ll have to make do with yours.”

Anna sits down on my little cock, feeling it enter her and touch her insides.

Video Anna moans, “I’m sorry baby.. you can never satisfy me.. I need my big white cocks.. yessss.. fuck me.. fuck me with your big white cocks!!.. breed me masters.. asian women are just meant to be bred by white men!! FUCKKKK”

Real life Anna chimes in, “Yessss fuck that’s so hot baby. Asian girls should just fuck white guys and not asian guys.. Your little dick doesn’t deserve my pussy baby.. I’m only fucking you because there’s nothing else around here..”

In the video, the white guy inside her pussy suddenly speeds up, and cums violently inside her pussy.

“Did.. did he just come inside you raw baby.” I ask.

“Yes.. Yes he did baby. And it felt SOOOO good. His cock was all the way inside, and his cum hit all the way in and it was soooo satisfying.” Anna answers.

The next guy in the video starts to use her pussy. More cums over her face, making her look extra slutty. Even more walks into the room, lining up to use Anna’s body.

“How.. how many guys did you fuck that night, Anna?” I ask.

“Oh.. I lost count, baby. It was just a blur of big white cocks and cum all over me.” Anna laughs.

“Did you also fuck guys tonight?”

“Yep! All the while when I was calling you.” Anna smiles thinking back to it. “I also didn’t count, but it was under 50 I think. Basically all the white guys at the party.”

“What if they had small cocks though?”

“Hahaha don’t joke baby, white guys don’t have small cocks. The smallest I’ve seen is 6 inches, which is bigger than the biggest asian cocks.” Anna recites it as a fact. “So as long as I don’t fuck asian guys, I’m good!”

Anna then looks down at her pussy that’s wrapped around my asian cock.

“Well.. you are an exception baby. I enjoy bullying your little asian cock. I still enjoy fucking you because.. I love you baby.”

“I don’t know what to say to that baby.” I say, flabbergasted.

“Tell me that you love me too, baby,” Anna demands.

“I love you too, baby.”

“Tell me that you forgive me for fucking all those white cocks.”

I hesitate.

Anna’s pussy tightens and she speeds up.

“Tell me!” She demands again.

“I.. I forgive you.” I mutters.

“What do you forgive me for?”

“I forgive you for fucking all those white cocks!” I shout.

Anna grins, riding and grinding on my small cock.

“Now.. apologize to me baby.” Anna says with an evil smile.

“Apologize.. for what?”

“Apologize for having such a Small. Asian. Cock. Apologize for not being able to satisfy me. Apologize for not giving me a real cock. A big white cock, to fuck.” Anna’s eyes glint in anticipation.

“I.. I’m sorry that I have a small asian cock baby. Sorry for not being able to satisfy you with how short and thin it is.. And I’m sorry for not letting you fuck a big white cock sooner.” I say.

Every sentence I utter, Anna shudders and speeds up. Her pussy tightens more and more, making even my thin cock feel amazing.

Anna looks like she’s going to cum, and she asks, “And you will be there when I fuck the next batch of white cocks. I want to see you beside me when I fuck those long thick cocks, I want to play with your tiny asian cock while I have a thick fat one inside my pussy. I want you to film me fucking those cocks. I want them to fill my pussy full of white cum while I look into your eyes, and kiss you baby..”

Anna’s pussy squeezes even more. Her eyes lock onto mine. A crazed look in them. “Will you baby? Will you?? Will you watch me fuck every white cock?!”

I whisper in the heat of the moment. “I will baby. I’ll watch you fuck them all and be filled by their cocks and cum. I’ll watch you become a cum slut for all the white guys out there!”

Anna cums, and her pussy tenses up, making me cum as well. I shoot my entire load into her pussy, and we collapse onto each other, breathing heavily.

We hold onto each other, saying nothing. And slowly drifts into sleep.

The next morning when I wake up, Anna is gone.


The End.


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