Depantsed In Front Of Daisi

By Redolph.

I had been living with my girlfriend Lisa for some time, and all was going well until her college daughter Daisi returned for the summer. Daisi was beautiful but a spoiled brat. Everything she did screamed entitlement and “princess.” Eventually, I dreaded coming home if she was there.

It was getting to the point where I was ready to move out. It would end our relationship, but I couldn’t take Daisi showing up anymore.

But my girlfriend Lisa had an idea. Something to make my being around Daisi more “interesting” for me.

So, she told her daughter that she needed her to video us having sex, that it was something she wanted to do, and that her daughter was the only one she could trust. Initially, her daughter protested, but she loved her mother and figured she could tolerate it.

Except, “sex” was just a pretense. That wasn’t exactly what she had in mind.

So, we waited until we had some privacy, and the moment was right. Lisa closed and locked the bedroom door. All three of us were fully clothed, with Daisi ready with her phone, willing to video the proceedings.

That’s when things took a turn… It wasn’t long before my ‘girlfriend’ Lisa stripped me down to my underwear. So there I was, in nothing but my underwear, with my girlfriend and her hot but bratty college daughter both fully clothed, looking on at my predicament.

Lisa then placed each thumb inside the waistband of my underwear. She asked, “What do you want me to do now?”

It dawned on me that I would soon be the only naked person in the room, including that I would be fully exposed in front of this girlfriend’s daughter, who had given me so much grief. She was ready to see precisely what I had to offer. And, it hit me, from that moment on, that every time I saw her, she would “know.”

So, realizing that, I knew that there was no turning back. She repeated more forcefully, “What do you want me to do?”

I sheepishly said, “Pull my pants down?”

She said, “Oh no. That’ll never do! You’ll have to BEG for it if you want me to pull your pants down!”

So, I said, “Please, pull my pants down!”

Not satisfied yet, she said, “Louder! Show me you mean it!”

“PLEASE pull my pants down!” I tried again.

Not done yet, she continued, “So, you want me to pull your pants down? But then Daisi will see you. Do you want me to pants you in front of her? You’ll always know she knows what you have hereafter.”

I knew I had to do more. “PLEASE! I want you to pants me! Please pull my pants down!”

With one quick jerk, my underwear, and the last of my dignity, was at my ankles.

Spontaneously, Daisi let out a giggle. Lisa asked her daughter, “What is it, Sweetie?

“But, it’s so little!” she giggled. “It’s so much littler than my boyfriend’s!”

Lisa replied, “Yes. He does have a little dick, doesn’t he!” Turning to me, “You do have a little dick, don’t you!”

I sheepishly mumbled, “Uh-huh,” but that would not cut it.

She commanded, “Come on! You know it’s true! Admit to both of us that you have a baby dick! Let me hear you!”

My embarrassment rose. To be naked in front of this thorn in my side and further be forced to ADMIT it in front of her, all while the whole thing was being recorded!

“Ok. I admit that I have a baby dick!” I tried.

“But wait…” she said, “and you are PROUD of having a tiny little dicklette.”

“OK, I know my penis is tiny, and I am proud of having a tiny little dicklette.”

Daisi was relentlessly giggling throughout this humiliation. “And, one more thing… where is his pubic hair?”

Lisa said, “Oh, that’s simple! I removed it! As small as he is, surely you can understand that he shouldn’t have any hair down there! I keep him shaved bald there. He’s my hairless little man! He tries to grow it back, but I don’t let him. Off goes the pubic hair!”

Tears are streaming down Daisi’s face from all the giggling.

When Daisi has digested that, Lisa then takes her index finger and thumb and wraps them tightly around the top of my sac, as tight as she can, leaving my little nuts bulging out.

Lisa then added, “Sweetie! Look how little his balls are! Look how tiny his hairless nuts are! This is all he has in his little nutsack! They are like a couple of grapes!”

I knew what was next!

“Honey, I want to hear you admit that you have little balls! Tell me! Tell us! And that you are PROUD of having little hairless balls! Come on!”

Having no dignity left, again, I had no choice. “I know that I have little hairless balls. I am proud that I have such little nuts! I am glad that you take my pubic hair from me too! I know my pubic hair belongs to you and is yours to take from me.” I hoped that an extra little bit would help end my humiliation sooner.

But there was one thing more.

Lisa still was TIGHTLY encircling my little balls with her finger and thumb. She said, “Daisi! Come here! Grab ahold of his little nuts like I am! Hold on tight, and he can’t get away. When you have ahold of him like that, he is yours! You can lead him anywhere! He is in your control!”

As I looked down and felt the tight grip encircling my poor little balls, I realized she was right. This thorn in my side was fully clothed. I was naked and hairless, and she could not stop giggling at my predicament. She kept comparing me to how much smaller I was than her boyfriend and how virile and hairy he was, while I was not. And she tried hard to lead me around the room by my tightly gripped little hairless nutsack. I had no choice in the matter. I was literally ‘in her hands.’

Embarrassed as I was, the whole experience was an incredible turn-on. I knew that every time after that, whenever she saw me, I would know that she ‘knew.’ Any wink, pinkie wiggle, or two fingers close together would remind me in case I would ever forget.

So, with that on my mind, it didn’t take long after those foreign fingers choked off my little hairless nuts, with her relentless giggling and teasing, and I felt myself under her control, that I let loose.

Daisi thought that was hilarious, too, and she added, “Oh, I got EVERYTHING! I’m sending this video to mom, of course, and ALL my girlfriends will love it too!”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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