My Microdick Housemate

By Live-Significance220.

In college, I lived with three other girls and two guys. I was close with one of the dudes, though I didn’t think it was anything except platonic at the time. I loved that we had this ‘close and cuddly’ relationship where we could spoon and snuggle, and it never turned sexual (even after I tried to take things that way a few times early on).

The night in question, Neil and I had known each other for about six months and had gotten into the habit of watching movies and smoking weed in his room. After a few hours, we’re in his bed spooning, watching Superbad. It’s the summer, and I’m in a skirt and a tank top, but my bra is starting to get super uncomfortable, so I ask if it’s cool if I take it off. I should mention that I have pretty big boobs and most guys give them a lot of attention, even if we’re ‘just friends.’ I should also say I am *intensely* stoned. So I get up, turn away from Neil, take off my top, take off my bra and then get back into bed topless, without noticing I’m half naked. Neil is a gentleman, though, and points out what I’ve done, resulting in me spending the next ten semi-naked minutes searching for my top, including a fair amount of time leaning over the bed to look behind it, during which I later realize I am motorboating Neil.

By the time all that’s done and I’m back in bed, the film’s over, so I say goodnight and head to my room. I’m in there for about 10 seconds when I remember my bra, do a 360, and walk back into Neil’s. Neil’s bed is right by the door, so I’m standing right over him when I walk in. He has his pants halfway down, and his eyes shut tight, listening to music in his headphones. And, between his thumb and forefinger is the smallest dick I have ever seen. It was less than the size of my thumb, and he was jerking it so fast it seemed like his fingers were barely moving. I found it weirdly mesmerizing. I kept waiting for it to get hard. I’d watched him pinch it between his fingers for over a minute when it squirted five quick, runny strings of cum. Not much, but more than I expected from such a tiny dick. I couldn’t help but laugh. It must have been loud enough for him to hear the music because that’s when he opened his eyes.

“Sorry, I didn’t want to interrupt. Can you see my bra anywhere?”

He was going bright red, unable to say a thing, even as I tried to act as if nothing had happened. I pretended to look around for a minute, then said, “Let me know if you find it,” and got out of that awkwardness.

Here’s the part a lot of people don’t get. When I got back to my room, I was super wet. Knowing that I was the one he was jerking off over, plus thinking about how small and ‘helpless’ it looked, got me going. I learned from Neil’s mistakes and locked my door before rubbing my clit while imagining making Neil beg to fuck me, beg to eat my pussy, beg to kiss my feet. I see this now as the very start of my awakening as a Domme. I wish I’d been less ignorant then – we made many mistakes, as you’ll see. But overall, I am lucky I met Neil and his tiny dick.


The next day I woke up to a text from Neil: ‘Please, can we talk?’

I took a shower and put some makeup on, along with some ripped tights, a tartan skirt, and just about the smallest top I owned. I was trying to look hot ‘by accident,’ a skill I’ve always been pretty decent at, assuming the target’s a guy.

I eventually text back: ‘Sure, I’m free now, come over.’

Two seconds later, Neil’s sat across from me on the bed, me in the chair by the door.

“I wanna talk about last night.”

“What about it?”

“Please promise you won’t tell anyone. Especially not Kirsty, Alicia, or Nat [Our other housemates],” Neil begged.

“But they’re my friends and just as likely to walk in on something like that as I was. Do you do that every time a woman leaves the room?”

Neil explained that I was the first woman to be close to him like that, to touch him much at all and that he often got hard when I was around. Last night things got particularly bad.

“Not just because I saw your boobs but because you acted like it didn’t matter at all that I saw them. Like I was just a girl. Or a pet, even. I feel like I’m not a man a lot of the time.”

I almost say something mean before he explains he had a condition where his body’s testosterone production got suppressed for a big part of puberty. It was also why he was shorter than most guys and less muscular. In high school, when people found out, he got bullied so bad he dropped out. His dick was also incredibly sensitive compared to most men’s, which made him horny a lot.

“I jerk off 5-6 times most days,” Neil confessed. “It rarely takes more than a couple of minutes.”

“So, you have a clit. Hey, me too! High five!” I joked.

He gave me a look of weakness that told me I’d just made him hard. I was shocked and turned on. It was so easy.

“What’s the matter? You don’t like having a clit?” I asked.

I told him to pull his shorts down and rub it for me.

“Such a cute little clit. Is it gonna cum? Is Neil’s itty bitty clitty gonna cum?”

I grinned as he came all over his hand. On a whim, I grabbed his fingers and licked the jizz off them. It tasted surprisingly good, rich and thick. I kissed Neil on the lips to share the flavor.

As he left, I said, “I’ll keep your secret, hon. But let me know when you wanna play with that little thing, and I’ll join in.”


I don’t mind saying I was fascinated by Neil’s dick. I’d never felt that way about a partner’s package before. I’d been with big guys who made me wet but none who had me daydreaming of ways to tease and torture them.

The next time we watched films in bed together, I made him strip naked first. Then we made out, and I groped his butt real rough, slapping and spanking it.

“Do you mind if I take off my bra?” I ask cheekily.

He nods.

“But you’re not allowed to look at my tits. I decided these are for real men only.”

I pull off my top and remove my bra, staring him dead in the eyes as he tries not to look. He lasts about 30 seconds before peeking. I punish the first offense with a spanking. After he peeks the second time, I take off my panties and help him into them. I’m a little shocked at how well they fit. Then I remember him saying his condition gave him more feminine hips too.

“Do you feel that? Do you feel how wet they are? How wet teasing you made me?” I lean in for the next part. “I wonder if having your clit bathed in my wetness is the closest to fucking a pussy you’ll ever get, you pindick virgin?”

A critical synapse snaps somewhere in Neil’s brain, and I’m treated to my first encounter with subspace. For the rest of the night, Neil’s like a doll: calm, pliable, my sweet, obedient pet. It freaked me out that first time like I’d said, his CIA activation phrase or accidentally reset factory conditions. I’m not so freaked out, though, that I don’t take the opportunity of his obedience to make him eat pussy for the first time.

Guys are bad at eating pussy. If you tell a guy, he is terrible at eating pussy. He will keep eating your pussy till you tell him he is good at eating pussy. Whereas, if you fake an orgasm and never ask again, he’ll stop and think he is fantastic. The second reason is that if you tell a guy how to eat your pussy, he thinks you’re saying he’s terrible at eating pussy. I’m delighted to say tiny dicked subs don’t come with these issues. I made Neil do the alphabet method on me for an hour. I played on my phone when it just felt good and not amazing. When it felt terrible, I snapped a little and yelled at Neil. And during the times it felt amazing, I came three times.

It was the longest anyone had ever gone down on me, but I didn’t tell Neil that. Nor did I tell him it was some of the best I’ve ever had. I let my little virgin friend think this was normal and that he should keep reaching for the stars to please me.

Eventually, I could feel his lips giving way to exhaustion, so I brought him up for air and kisses. If anything, he was even more dazed and subby, so we hugged for a while. Then I told him he’d been a very good boy, so he could look at my tits for a bit if he wanted. I can’t decide if how he stares is sweet or pathetic, but either way, I pull his head into my breast and let him suck on my nipple. Then I reached down between his legs and gently rubbed his clit. My first time, I probably wasn’t great at it, but he came on my fingers after a few minutes. I paint his load around his lips and let him lick it off, then we both drift off to sleep.


To Be Continued…


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