Adele Makes Me Her Cuckold

by Wifesboy.

I met Adele 10 years or so ago at BDSM Munch. We were each with other partners, but it was evident we both were drawn to each other when we first met. She wore a black, tight dress, mid-thigh, black nylons and cherry red high heels. Her breasts were small, maybe a 32B (though a few years later that changed!) and I can’t say the dress was cut to show any cleavage, but her eyes were big and a deep brown and she had classic lips that were polished the same colour as her shoes.

I shook her hand and held on to it while I complimented her sexy shoes and matching lips. She seemed shy and lowered her head as I talked to her. But, of course, this was a BDSM event, and I was clearly Dom, and she was submissive, or at least that’s what I thought. So I figured she lowered her gaze out of respect for me.

For the next six months or so, we ran into each other at events. I was lucky enough to have over a spanking bench strapped to a St. Andrews Cross at a few dungeon parties. She refused to get naked but eventually was comfortable topless, wearing a skinny thong. I loved spanking and flogging her ass. It was full and round, without any blemishes.

My style of spanking was erotic. I alternated between lightly stroking her ass cheeks, lower back, thighs, and heavier impact play. Sometimes I would feather touch one cheek while slapping the other with as much force as she could take, and over time she could take a lot. I warned her that hard spanking could cause bruising. She wiggled her butt. “So, what’s your point?”

Spanking made her wet, and her thong couldn’t hide that. She was clear about her limits; she said I could not remove her thong or pull it to the side or finger her, but she also shared I could touch her pussy over her panties, which of course, I did any chance I could. I would even push my fingers against the fabric so that I was, in effect, inside of her, but she never stopped me. In fact, the third time I played with her, she came and squirted, soaking her panties and thighs.

Our mutual attraction was obvious to our friends and our partners, but we were both loyal. As BDSM relationships often go, however, about a year later, I was single again, and a few months after that so was she. So, I asked her out, and on our first date, we made out in my car like teenagers. I had her naked and was fingering her, and that night, I learned just how talented Adele is with her mouth. She didn’t lose a drop when I exploded in her mouth.

As she dressed, she kept looking at me with her big eyes. “That was yummy, Matt.”

I kissed her. “You are yummy.”

Our courtship was full of BDSM play: hot wax, spanking, flogging, nipple clamps, knife play, and fire play. We did it all, and when we went home, we fucked like crazy people. Short story is that we moved in together a year later, and shortly after that, we got married. Getting married was her idea. I resisted it because, in my experience, marriage changes things and often, for whatever reason, results in less passion, less kink, and more mundane struggles and tensions.

Adele’s personality was quite Domme in her normal life. She was a boss. She had lived on her own for years. She had her ways, and she had her own ideas about what constitutes a hot sex life. We were maybe 18 months into our marriage when she sat me down for a conversation.

In life, when someone said, “we need to talk,” I knew I would hear things I didn’t want to hear. This time was no exception.

“Matt,” she began. “I feel bad because I haven’t been candid with you.”

“Is there someone else,” I blurted?

“Nothing like that,” she assured me. “Please let me get this out. You can talk after I am done, okay?”

“Okay…but you are making me nervous.”

“I know, but bear with me.”

For the next half hour, she blew me away. First, she told me she wasn’t really submissive but played the role of satisfying me. “I also don’t think you are really a Dominant either, though, Matt.” Then she confessed that the first time she saw my cock, she was disappointed and how fucking her never got her off. “You are just not what I have been used to on that front,” she said.

I looked at her, my eyebrows raised.

“You are too small, Matt. I have always been a size queen, and all men have been much larger and thicker. Actually, you have the smallest penis I have ever seen. I don’t really feel it when you put it inside of me. except when you are in my ass, but even then, barely.”

“Jesus, Addie.”

“I know. I love you for sure, but fucking you is boring. I don’t even like sucking your cock because it’s so small, and lately, I have noticed you can’t stay hard, so it’s even worse.”

“It’s that medication I am on for high blood pressure.”

“I figured, but whatever the reason, I need to be fucked good and hard, and when I suck cock I want it to be a challenge to get it in my mouth and down my throat. So it takes no effort on my part to deep throat you.”

Needless to say, I was feeling demoralized and heartbroken. It felt like Addie was going to break up with me. I even asked her so, but she insisted I wait until she was done talking.

“I do like being kinky with you, Matt. But for this to work, things must change. You can’t change your cock size, I know. But, you do suck pussy like no other man I have experienced, and you are the only man who has ever rimmed me, and I love that. But afterward, I need to be fucked by …” She hesitated. “This may hurt, Matt, but I need to be fucked by a real man.”

“What do you want?”

“Well, I can’t see how a man with a small, soft penis can really be a true Dominant, and outside of the BDSM play, you are really not very dominant at all, not even assertive, are you?”

“Yeh, I guess.”

“So, starting tomorrow, here is how I want things to be. You can say no to it all, but if you do, I am not sure we will stay together much longer. So tomorrow, I want us to switch roles. I will be your Mistress. You will be my boy. Not only that, but I am going to cuckold you. I need big cocks, and I know where to find them, and if I can’t find them, you will look for me.”

She paused to see if I had any response. My head was full. This was a lot to take in. I wasn’t adamant about monogamy. In fact, while we were married, I went to massage parlors for hand jobs, but this was a complete lifestyle change, and it frightened me. It was bad enough to hear my wife tell me I disappointed her sexually but add that sad truth to her now cuckolding me and fucking and sucking other men, and I was beside myself, visibly trembling. But I didn’t say anything.

“I no longer will suck your cock, Matt. Sometimes I might give you a hand job, but I don’t really enjoy doing that. On the other hand, you will continue to suck my pussy whenever I tell you to, and I want you to learn how to worship my ass better. I want you to make out with it, especially because I will no longer kiss you. Instead, my asshole will be a surrogate for my lips, and you will French kiss me there, lick me there and suck my hole.”

“I don’t know … what… to say.”

Addie smiled and took my hand. “Matt, what is your little penis telling you right now.”


“Is your penis hard?”

“Yeh,” I mumbled.

“Harder than it gets when I suck you?”

I nodded.

“That says it all, doesn’t it, Matt?”

“As my cuckold,” she continued, “You will be allowed to watch and sometimes participate, but there will be times I will not be home, perhaps for several days, because I will be with other men. I know that will be hard for you, but it’s what I want and needs.”

“Will you use condoms.”

“No, Matt. I like cum inside of me, but I will ensure the men are tested.”

“That’s no guarantee, Addie.”

“I know, but I need men to cum inside of me. I want to be – oh, this will likely shock you, Matt – I want to be a cum dump for men.”

Addie poured us each a glass of wine. “There’s more, Matt. “There will be rules and rituals you must abide by.”

I wanted to get up and run away, but Addie was right. My penis was rock hard, a rarity these days. “Okay, like what?”

“You will never repeat my name except at social and family gatherings. You will address me as Mistress. Also, I will control your orgasm. You cannot cum or even touch yourself unless I allow it. I might even put you in a chastity device because I know full well you have been getting hand jobs at that massage parlor you like to go to.”


“I could smell the oil and the perfume. And…because I really see your penis as nothing more than a big clit, I will want to dress you up as a girl.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No, Matt. I am not. You will wear panties starting tomorrow. I already bought you some and a few nighties and a chemise or two you will wear around the house and to bed. Not only that, if you want to watch me get fucked by a real man, you will have to dress like a girl to have that honor.” Adele took another sip of wine. “I think that’s all for now, though please know there will be more for you to take in overtime. But, the bottom line is you will be whomever I want you to be, and you will live by my rules, or at the very least, you will be living in the basement on a cot. Is that clear?”

“Uh-huh. I guess.”

“You guess?”

“I understand.”

“You understand, what?”

I started repeating what she said, but she stopped me. “No, I mean, how are you supposed to address me?”

“You said tomorrow.”

“I want that now.”

“Yes…yes, Mistress.”

“Good boy. Now we are going up to the bedroom, and you are going to suck me off while I talk on the telephone with another man.”


The next morning, Mistress has me suck her again and lick her asshole for at least an hour. While I sucked her, she informed me that Bobby – the fellow she talked with on the phone the night before – was coming over later to fuck her. Actually, what she said exactly was, “He is coming over to use all of my holes.”

That’s when it hit me that while she was going to dominate me, as a cum dump, she was submissive to any man with a big cock.

“You can watch, but you have to wear panties.” She pointed to the top drawer in my dresser. “I threw out all of your underwear and replaced them with girlie clothes.”

I was shocked this was going to all happen right away, but I kept sucking her pussy. My face was dripping by the time she orgasmed for the third time. Once sated, she had me follow her into the bathroom. She took a pee with me standing there, and when she was done, she stood up and pointed to the floor. “Kneel and lick me clean.”

When I hesitated, she said, “I have already made a place for you in the basement, Matt.”

I knelt and licked her pussy clean. Her piss was sweet and bitter at the same time, but I discovered I rather enjoyed it.

Over the next few hours, I learned I was to perform most domestic duties. So I made breakfast and did the dishes, vacuumed and mopped, all the while wearing a pair of white panties with bluebells dappled across the fabric. Bobby was due at 4 pm, and around two, she sent me to the liquor store for wine and scotch, the latter being Bobby’s favorite.

I was home by three, and then I bathed her and helped her get dressed for Bobby. I helped get into a powder blue negligee with matching nylons and a garter. When she was ready, she looked in the mirror. “Matt,” she whispered. “I want bigger tits, and I want you to buy them for me.”


“Yes, mine are too small.”

“How much bigger.”

“Huge,” Addie responded. Maybe 42 triple D. You know, bimbo sized tits.” As if she anticipated my next question, she said, “I looked into it and have a plastic surgeon lined up. It will cost 10 grand and I want to get this done this month.”

“Addie… I…”

“You mean, Mistress.”

I sighed. “Mistress, I don’t have that kind of cash lying around.”

“I know, dear. So, you will have to take it out of your retirement fund.” She said it as someone might say, it’s sunny outside. She was just matter-of-fact about it. “In fact, boy, I expect I will be expensive, so you might want to figure out how to make more money.”

Before I could really think about that, “Yes, Mistress,” sneaked out of my mouth. Oh my god, I thought, what is happening?

At 4 pm, Bobby arrived. Addie made me answer the door with a black nightgown with thin straps and lace all over the top. I knew I was had to do this, but I dreaded it. Especially when I had to say, “Welcome, Sir, Mistress is hungry for your cock.”

Bobby was a black man, completely bald, and stood well over six feet. I held out my hand, but he ignored it. “So, you are the wimp, husband,” he said as he walked past me into the living room. I followed behind and then stood there to watch my wife, my Mistress, kneel, unzip him, and start sucking his cock and licking his balls. She motioned me over so I could get a better look. She didn’t look at me, except once when she held up Bobby’s massive cock and said, “See, Matty, this is what a real man looks like.”

Bobby laughed. “Is he really as small as you say, slut?”

“Show him, Matt.”

I didn’t expect this. “Really?”

“Do you want to watch?”

I nodded and resigned myself to the humiliation. I pulled down my panties.

“Fuck,” Bobby chuckled. “That isn’t much of a dick, is it?”

I thought he was talking to Adelle until she looked at me and said, “You should answer Sir when he speaks to you, boy.”

“Yeh,” Bobby said, grinning. “You have a tiny dick, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir, I do.”

The next two hours were non-stop sex. My wife sucked Bobby, deep-throated him so hard that spit streamed from her mouth and left long strands of saliva dangling from her chin and his balls. She sucked his balls and licked his ass, stroked him with massage oil in ways I had only seen in porn movies. Upstairs, he fucked her ass while she used a dildo in her pussy, and then they switched. He came once on her face, once in her pussy, and the last time he came, Mistress made me lay beneath her and suck her clit while he pounded her ass. When he finally came, he pulled out and shot his cum into my mouth.

It was the most humiliating experience of my life, and yet I was constantly hard. I loved hearing my wife moan and slurp, and god, the mouth on her. She cried out, “Fuck my hole, eat my cunt, take my ass, harder, harder, make me your whore, dump your cum…” It all turned me on, and as flabbergasted as I was, I knew this new life was going to be hotter than hot.

That night I slept better than I had for years. Adele curled up in my arms. I was now her cuckold, her panty-boy, her pathetic boy, and as far removed as that was from how I thought my life was going, I told myself I had to be good at this, or my marriage would be over.

Just before we fell asleep, Adele whispered in my ear, “Tomorrow, take me to that swing club on the south side. I want to get chain fucked.”

“Yes, Mistress, I will.”

The End.


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