Therapy 101

By SmallPenisMo.

Jay was in the bathroom at his home, staring at his limp circumcised dick in his left hand and the tissue containing his ejaculate in his right. On a stack of clothes to his left, a porn video was playing on his phone, starring one of his favorite blondes, Kenzie. Sighing, he flushed the soiled tissue and started to clean up. You see, Jay had a problem. A sexual problem. An addiction. And it was warping him.

Jay was a 25-year-old engineer living in Leeds. He was addicted to porn and masturbation. Initially, pictures of mostly naked women would make him ejaculate easily. But his tastes evolved. Despite his South Asian origin, he became obsessed with his ideal woman: a blonde white woman, slim, with big breasts and, more importantly, a big, juicy, but firm round ass. He had grown to become an ass man. Not only that, he soon discovered that his circumcised penis was tiny. It was only 3.5 inches long when fully erect. So he started to jerk off to small penis humiliation, CFNM (Clothed Female, Naked Male), JOI (jerk-off instruction), and other female domination-related pornography. By his current age, he had spent thousands of dollars on paid porn sites and buying gifts and sending money to his favorite porn stars and clip actors. He was barely making by.

He was wanking to porn daily, often being sleepy at work due to long, late-into-the-night edging sessions until finally having a huge ejaculation. He got off on the idea of addiction, of submitting his worthless cock to these beautiful women online so much so that he spent his hard-earned money on them. He paid cam girls online as well as phone sex girls to insult his small size, his addiction, his obsession with sexy ass and anal, and his virginity. However, despite this submissive mindset, he had also developed slightly disturbing behaviors outside the privacy of his bedroom. Whenever he saw a sexy girl in public, especially a nice ass in a tight dress, he had often gone to a public toilet to jerk off and blow his load. Sometimes he had stared at women’s cleavages and asses in public, despite his embarrassment at being caught, sometimes with a visible erection in his pants.

All this led Jay to think he should see a therapist, so he booked in with a private clinic, which itself was expensive and was assigned to Dr. Jane Taylor. Seeing a female name itself gave him excitement, but Jay reminded himself he was there to seek help.

Waiting in Dr. Taylor’s office, Jay fantasized about spilling all of the above secrets to a woman, face-to-face. He had, of course, communicated these facts to cam girls and phone sex girls, which had always made them giggle and mock his lack of manliness and inability to delay gratification like most healthy adults, but this was the first time he was telling someone face-to-face.

The door opened, and in walked Dr. Taylor. Jay took a silent gasp as he saw the busty blonde walking into the office, wearing a red top that showed enough cleavage to be mildly arousing and very close to the border of professionalism. His penis began stiffening in his trousers as the therapist turned around to close the door, showing how her tight above-knee length black skirt exposed the fatal (to a red-blooded male of the species that is) curves of a large juicy ass!

“Hi, Mr. Kumar! So sorry I am late,” said Dr. Taylor, speaking quickly, “I was busy at a grand round.”

“That’s…that’s all right Dr. Taylor,” remarked a flustered Jay, leaning forward in his chair to hide a painfully hard erection he had got over the young blonde doctor, “and please call me Jay!”

“Only if you call me Jane,” retorted Jane, laughing as she took a seat in front of Jay.

Jay was slightly surprised by the informality but laughed and said, “Alright.”

“Alright, Jay, as we both know, this clinic treats people with sex and porn addictions. And I want you to feel absolutely comfortable discussing anything with me at this preliminary session. The patients I’ve seen are mostly men your age, and so you should know you are not alone, neither should you feel embarrassed to tell me anything. I won’t be shocked, and an honest relationship is important in therapy. Now, in your application, you simply stated you are here for porn addiction. Could you tell me more about this?” inquired Jane.

Jay was impressed that throughout her speech he had looked into her beautiful green eyes and not at her cleavage or her bare legs in high heels, which she had crossed right in front of him.

“Um…to be honest, Jane, it’s impossible for our discussions to be embarrassing, and this will always be difficult for me. However, I…well…I rather wrote a description of my problem in detail, documenting my behaviors. I hope you won’t mind taking a look? I put a lot of thought into how to describe the gravity of the situation.”

Saying that Jay held out a letter in front of her, essentially describing his problems as previously mentioned (second para).

“Of course, I will read that. Whatever helps you communicate, but you should know I will try to get you to openly talk about things because that would be a huge sign of progress.”

Dr. Taylor took the letter and read all the details. Jay noticed her try to hide a smile on her lovely face at certain points, which didn’t help his throbbing stiff cock! It seemed like an eternity, as Jay realized he was spilling his darkest, dirtiest secrets to this gorgeous babe before Dr. Taylor folded the letter and inserted it into his patient file. She then was silent for a while, remaining lost in thought.

Jay was suddenly nervous. Was the level of detail inappropriate? Of course, it was, but he didn’t know how she would respond.

Finally, she remarked, “That was a very comprehensive list of your sexual problems, Jay. I have a better idea of what you are struggling with now.”

“Thank you, Doctor.”

“So you say you engage in this daily. When was the last time you did masturbate to porn?”

Jay was aroused by this question, and embarrassed, so he gulped before answering, “The night before last.”

“Why not last night?”

“Um…I’m not sure, I guess I had other stuff to do and wasn’t in the mood.”

Jay was struggling to read Jane’s face; he couldn’t tell how she was reacting to his story.

“Well, Jay, when did you start fantasizing about women laughing at the size of your penis?”

Jay was internally moaning because this beautiful woman had just referenced his penis!

“Well, Jane, I guess around when I was 19, I measured myself and realized I actually was small, and this fetish stemmed from that.”

Jane had a slightly disbelieving look as she replied, “So you’re 3.5 inches when erect?”


“Have you ever tried to lose your virginity, Jay?”

“Hmm…I was too shy to approach girls in clubs and stuff, but I did call some prostitutes,” admitted Jay.

“Oh, really? How would that conversation go?”

“Well, I would ask the women about their rates, but I was always too scared to go?” replied Jay.

“Three questions, Jay: what did you normally request from these women? How did they respond? And what exactly were you scared of?”

“Well…” Jay took a deep breath to calm himself, before proceeding. “I asked how much they would charge for an hour, blowjob without condom, vaginal sex, rimming, licking their pussies, in addition to being able to have them masturbate me until I ejaculate on their breasts. Sometimes I would also ask if they knew how to do small penis humiliation, and whether they’d be happy to spank me, and slap and kick my penis and scrotum. They often laughed at my virginity and my lack of experience, but they would just give a price and say this is what they can do. But I was always scared of dealing with STDs, being robbed, or what if I spend a significant amount of money, only to then prematurely ejaculate as soon as I saw an actual naked woman in front of me or as soon as I felt her lips around my penis?”

There was an awkward silence.

“Sorry, Jane, I sort of may have been explicit.”

“Don’t worry, Jay, I am glad you are comfortable talking. But what did you mean by rimming?” Jane inquired, to Jay’s embarrassment but also arousal.

“Oh, basically kissing their buttocks and licking their anus before penetrating it with my tongue.”

“So you have an anal fixation. Let me ask you, Jay, can you stand up for me?” Dr. Taylor asked with a mysterious look in her eyes.

Jay froze. He couldn’t stand up. He had a bloody erection in his pants! While his penis may be tiny, his slightly overweight body and his tight trousers meant there would be an obvious bulge.

“What’s wrong, Jay? Please, I must insist that you stand up.”

Dr. Taylor looked at him with such a stern expression, Jay slowly stood up, with hands clasped in front in an attempt to hide his erection.

“Hands by your side!” said Dr. Taylor, nearly shouting. Immediately, Jay dropped his hands due to his innate submissive nature. A small part of him was aroused, but he was mainly a bit scared of Jane.

Jay dropped his head in shame as Jane’s eyes went to his bulge. She had somehow realized he was aroused. But despite his shame, he was also excited, wondering what was going to happen.

“Jay, don’t look so ashamed. Do you know why I’m doing this?”

“I am so sorry Dr. Taylor, please don’t cancel the therapy. I just couldn’t help it.”

“I know, I know, Jay. You are an innately submissive man, and that hinders you from having girlfriends. But what I realize is that while some part of you does want help, you’re also aroused by your own shame, which is why you jerk off to humiliation porn and spend so much money on these women. You also like to be financially dominated as a way of demonstrating the depths of your submission and the height of power the naked female body has over you via making your penis erect.”

Jay was slightly taken aback by her bluntness but gulped and remained silent.

“There’s a reason why you chose a female therapist, Jay, because you perceive this as being humiliated by a woman. I’m also not so stupid as to not see that I match your ideal woman. I’m impressed you didn’t stare during our discussion, but I know you glanced at my breasts and buttocks when I entered the room. I know that I caused your penis to become erect and me talking about it with you is just keeping it harder in your pants. Don’t worry, I have noticed a lot of my male patients sporting a bulge in their pants during our conversations, and as for the rest I’m sure they were aroused but hiding it well.”

“Everything you have said is correct, Jane,” Jay replied, finally lifting his head to look at her beautiful face, his penis throbbing from the sheer arousal at the way Dr. Taylor was talking to him.

“Am I also correct in stating that you didn’t masturbate last night because you were planning on doing so after our session, probably in the clinic toilet, while you fantasized about, I don’t know, kissing my buttocks and licking my anus and vulva?”

Jay stammered before finally admitting, “Yes, Dr. Taylor.”

“Well, Jay, if you are aroused, you aren’t thinking straight. I want you to strip off.”

Jay was shocked, “W-What?”

“Are you not aroused by the idea of stripping off in front of me and showing me your tiny erect penis?”

Jane had chosen her words carefully to have the maximum impact possible on Jay’s throbbing penis.

“Look, Jay, your penis really looks like it wants to get out.”

Knowing that she was right about him, and that she now completely understood his psychology but that he still couldn’t understand her, and aroused by this information asymmetry and the imbalance of power, Jay, began by removing his shirt, exposing his fat, unattractive body to the goddess in front of him. He then undid his belt, dropped his trousers and stepped out of them, standing in front of Dr. Taylor with his underwear being stretched forward by his erection.

“Wow, Jay, I can already see a wet spot on your pants. Is that pre-cum?” asked Jane, laughing at his humiliation.

“Yes, Dr. Taylor.”

“Remove your underwear too, Jay,” Dr. Taylor said in a calm but authoritative voice.

Drunk from arousal and instinctively a submissive, weak, beta male, Jay took off his underwear, finally exposing his penis to the goddess of a therapist.

Dr. Taylor immediately burst out laughing, “Jay, I know you have a fantasy of women laughing at your size, but this is a reality, and you do have a pathetically tiny penis. It’s weird that the shaft is a lot darker than your brown skin, and then your bell end, above where they’ve circumcised you, is extremely light in color.”

“What gave you the erection at the start, Jay? What part of my body?”

“Your cleavage, Doctor, but then when you turned around your buttocks had the biggest impact on me.”

“You are right, Jay, about what you wrote in that letter. You are unlikely to ever have a girlfriend, you are fat and ugly and have a pathetic penis. How does it feel when I say that?” asked Dr. Taylor.

“It arouses me, Dr. Taylor,” shuddered Jay as his penis throbbed and released some more pre-cum, getting more excited than he’d ever been in his life.

“Yes, I can see that from how much pre-ejaculate you are secreting. Come closer, Jay.”

As Jay moved closer, Jane leaned forward and grabbed the shaft of his erection with her right hand, which caused him to gasp.

“Calm down, little boy!” Jane exclaimed, laughing.

“Can you see how the shaft of your dick and the head as well is slightly tilted? What that tells me, is you have been masturbating very regularly using your left hand since you were a very young boy, around 12 as you told me. Masturbating so much so that your wanking habits have influenced how your penis developed as it grew throughout your teen years from ‘very tiny’ to ‘tiny’” remarked Dr. Taylor, giggling as she mentioned its size.

“You have never had a woman even touch your penis like this, have you, Jay?”

“No, ma’am,” Jay breathed out. He couldn’t believe he was standing naked in front of this gorgeous woman, his hard penis in her hand, totally under her influence. This was fantasy coming true!

“Well, this will probably also be the last time!” said Dr. Taylor as she slowly started to stroke his penis, “So live in the moment. I can’t have a useful discussion with you while you are aroused, and I definitely am not aroused by you, so we need to sort your erection out.”

“Yes, Doctor, anything for you, baby,” said Jay, realizing too late he probably shouldn’t have insulted a dominant woman holding his crown jewels in her hand by calling her ‘baby.’

Jane removed her hand and before he knew what was happening, landed a very hard slap on his penis, and as he was bending down in pain, her other hand landed a punch right on his ball sack.

Jay saw stars as he shouted in pain, landing on his knees as he clutched his hurt cock and balls.

“No one’s gonna hear that, Jay, and that’s the last time you insult me like that. You will refer to me only as ‘mistress,’ is that clear?”

“Yes, mistress,” Jay groaned in pain, “I am sorry, mistress.” But deep inside, the fact that a woman had brought him to his knees was just adding to his arousal and excitement. He loved how Dr. Taylor was treating him and hoped she would “escalate” it. Jay certainly was a masochist!

“Now, kneel before this coffee table, Jay,” Mistress Jane ordered as she moved the table in front of him, and placed the letter Jay had written on the table on Jay’s right side.

Jay did as he was told and kneeled, and stopped clutching his smarting, now flaccid penis.

Jane took out a new pen, clicked it open and started writing something in her notes. When she looked up, she started laughing again, “Wow, after that punch to your dick its soft now, I can just see your bell end. There seems to be no sign of your shaft, how pathetic is that!”

Hearing Mistress Jane talking about his pathetic penis caused it to become semi-erect. And as Jane gave the command, “Stroke now!” Jay started to stroke it. First with two fingers, then as it reached it’s maximum length, he wrapped his left hand around the shaft and continued stroking in front of the fully clothed Dr. Taylor.

“Slow down, stroke slowly now, and as you do so, read out loud that confession of your dirty secrets.”

Jay was a bit confused, but he found obeying this goddess arousing, so he read his ‘confession’ aloud, basking in the humiliation as he felt his cock and balls inch closer and closer to spurting his spunk.

“Stop stroking and extend your left hand towards me, you pathetic addict.”

As he complied, Jane leaned forward and spat a lot of saliva on to his hand.

“Now use that spit of mine to lube your pathetic penis, like the submissive, beta male you are.”

Jay was so happy, as he knew this was the closest a weak guy like him could get to a goddess like Mistress Jane. He happily smeared her spit all over his throbbing cock and continued wanking.

Dr. Taylor then carefully put her pen down on a stand and placed it on the coffee table, and then started taking her top off, revealing her big tits held in a bra.

“You like my breasts, Jay?”

“Yes, mistress, I love them!”

“What would you want to do to them?” asked Mistress Jane.

“I would love to kiss them and lick your nipples and rub my cock in between them!”

“But do you deserve that, Jay?”

“No, mistress,” Jay replied panting, “Because I am a weak beta male who can’t please any woman with my tiny pathetic penis.”

Jane laughed aloud at his statement, “Men like you are so desperate. But I pity you, Jay.”

As she said that, she proceeded to take off her bra, revealing her big breasts and her lovely pair of pink areolas and her pink nipples, which were not erect.

“My nipples aren’t erect, Jay, because a pathetic man like you don’t arouse me.”

Jay gasped in arousal at what she was saying and started stroking his penis faster and faster until he could feel the ejaculation about to begin.

“No, no, you only cum when I say so, you useless fool!” shouted Mistress Jane.

“I’m sorry, Mistress!” Jay exclaimed, quickly slowing down and taking his hands off, and with some groaning put in the effort to stop a ruined orgasm. The pain was visible on Jay’s face, but he was also feeling intense pleasure from the extreme control Jane was exerting over him, including her absolute control over his ejaculation.

“You seem to be in pain, Jay?”

“My penis is aching to ejaculate, Mistress!”

“Calm down, Jay, now before you can think of cumming, I need some pay for my services.”

“Of course, Mistress, anything for a goddess like you,” Jay exclaimed, extremely drunk on arousal and obsessive obedience for this goddess he could never even hope to fuck.

“Unlock your phone, log in to your bank account and pass it to me.”

Anxious to please Mistress Jane and make his penis spray his semen, he complied and passed the phone over to her. After a few taps, Dr. Taylor returned his phone to him. Jay was shocked to see the few thousand pounds he had cleared!

“Mistress, you took the remaining £5000 I had!”

But as Jay looked up, he saw Dr. Taylor had turned around and was caressing her ass.

“But isn’t this ass worth it, Jay?” she replied in a seductive whisper.

Jay lost all rational thought as he put his phone away and got back to slowly stroking his dick, taking care to not prematurely ejaculate. He was happy to give up anything for his ‘Mistress Jane.’

Dr. Taylor proceeded to take off her skirt, revealing that she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Jay gasped in shock as he saw her luscious naked big ass and her sexy pussy lips. She was hairless down there, just like his ideal goddess of a woman!

“Oh my god, you are a goddess mistress, you are so perfect!”

Mistress Jane laughed as she said, “Hands off your cock, boy! I want you to look at what you can never have, and now, I want you to elaborate on something.”

“What is it, mistress?” Jay forced out, gritting his teeth at his sexual frustration of not being able to empty his ballooning ball sack yet.

“Tell me more about how you would harass women, Jay!”

Jay found this odd but stared at Dr. Taylor’s perfect goddess ass and pussy as he explained how he would deliberately stare at women to make them uncomfortable in public. How he would phone up customer service lines and abused female workers by talking about his small penis. Masturbating to porn, about what size their buttocks and breasts were, and how he would sometimes jerk off in public toilets and leave his semen all over the floor.

“Now, start stroking as fast as you can, Jay, and don’t stop!” ordered Mistress Jane.

Jay happily grabbed his penis and began pumping it rapidly, staring at the naked goddess reclining in front of him. Soon, he couldn’t help it and started moaning loudly.

“Shoot that load you pathetic bastard!” ordered Dr. Taylor.

Jay couldn’t take it anymore and groaned loudly as he started shooting thick ropes of semen across the coffee table, with so much force due to his extreme arousal that most of it landed on the other side of the table. Some spurts hitting the pen, some falling over the letter, and some even splashing on Mistress Jane”s legs.

“Keep stroking, Jay, until you’ve got it all out.”

Jay grabbed his still erect penis firmly and stroked the last few drops out, moaning, “I love you, mistress, I am your beta slave!” aloud repeatedly. He finally stopped as the cum stopped coming and his penis began deflating until it was flaccid again.

Dr. Taylor took some tissue to wipe her legs and got dressed, before retrieving and cleaning her pen too. Jay was still kneeling like a naked fool in front of her until he was brought to his senses by the painful feeling of her pointy heel pressing into his soft cock and balls.

“Yes, mistress?” he gasped, reeling from this unimaginably pleasurable experience.

“Take this tissue box, slave, and this cleaner and sort this mess out. I will come back soon. Also, once you’ve finished, please also wipe your penis properly. I don’t want cum dripping everywhere.”

With that, she left the room and Jay hurriedly cleaned up his semen off the table and the wooden floor, disposing of it all in the toilet in the room.

He was standing up, hands behind him, still naked, his flaccid penis and scrotum wiped clean of spit, pre-cum, and cum when Dr. Taylor came back. Jay was taken aback to note that the pretty brunette receptionist, who had a nice figure, medium tits and a nice ass from what he remembered, as well as another colleague of Dr. Taylor’s, an older woman who was still a bit pretty, followed Dr. Taylor into the room.

Jay was very embarrassed as he rushed to cover his penis with his hands.

The three women laughed at his embarrassment, before Dr. Taylor said, “Take those hands apart and sit down, Jay, we need to talk.”

Very embarrassed at this trio, but still in love with his ‘Mistress Jane,’ Jay complied and sat down, getting aroused.

The three women stood in front of him, behind the coffee table, all taking a moment to stare at his pathetic penis. Involuntarily, it started to become erect, which caused the three to start laughing.

“You are pathetic, Jay,” remarked the receptionist, Natalie.

“What’s this about, Dr. Taylor?” Jay asked, secretly happy that his tiny shameful penis was being exposed to three supreme women.

“Did I allow you to call that, bitch?” Mistress Jane replied sternly.

“Ss-sorry, what’s happening, mistress?” Jay stammered, to the laughter of all three woman. His penis was sticking up now, but Jay thought it was still sore from its recent treatment to be of use again. Nonetheless, he found it rather stimulating to be treated like this by three women!

“You’ll see, Jay,” Jane remarked as she took a laptop and placed it facing Jay. As the camera wasn’t covered, the rational, post-orgasmic Jay quickly covered his erect, shameful penis.

“Oh, this laptop camera is the last of your worries, you fucking wanker,” stated Dr. Taylor’s colleague, Dr. Alana Morgan, or at least Jay was pretty sure that was her name.

Jay, confused, kept his penis covered nonetheless as Jane took the pen she was using earlier and unscrewed it. To his surprise, he saw a USB connection. Dr. Taylor proceeded to insert it into the laptop and clicked on a video on the USB.

Jay watched, anxious, as he saw the video play. The pen had a hidden camera, and it had recorded him but had been positioned so that Dr. Taylor wasn’t visible. His ‘confession,’ his remarks on his treatment of women, and his shame, his ugly naked body, him wanking like some maniac and then ejaculating, was all caught clearly.

Jay dropped his hands, sweating profusely at what he was seeing, his penis now soft again. In a rather déjà vu-like way, he was brought to his senses again, by Natalie raising her high heels and planting them painfully on his limp cock and balls.

“You want your parents, your two sisters, your employers, your co-workers, the entire fucking Internet to see this video of what you really are along with all your personal information, which you gladly handed over to us, posted online?”

“No! No! Please, I’m sorry, I’ll do anything! Please delete this! Please!” Jay begged and cried, still grimacing in pain as Natalie had not lifted her heel from his penis and scrotum. But the pain only got worse, as he realized his penis was now hardening again!

“You should have thought of that before you treated women like this before you decided to become a pervert before you decided to walk in here hoping for cheap sexual thrills,” replied Jane.

Natalie let go as Dr. Morgan leaned in and grabbed his now fully erect penis in a tight vice-like grip in her left hand and gripped his scrotum in her right. As Jay moaned in pleasure, she said, “You are ours now you fucking wanker, our slave. You do as we say, even if it’s illegal, you pay us what we demand, and you belong to us. Do you understand?”

Jay nodded, slightly scared but feeling a thrill at this turn of events. Dr. Morgan withdrew her grip, then out of nowhere, landed a powerful punch right on his penis.


“Aaaahhhh! Yes, yes! I understand! I am sorry, so sorry, I’ll do whatever you say, please don’t tell anyone or show the video,” Jay screamed as he rubbed his penis and scrotum which were hurting immensely, hoping the pain would decrease.

“Look at you! You are still hard. Now I know you will really do everything we say, because not only are you scared of this video, but you enjoy being blackmailed, you pervert!” exclaimed Natalie. Jay smiled in return.

“Well, Jay, now you can leave. Remember, if you go to the police, we can send this lovely video of you being the perverted pathetic beta male you really are long before they arrest us, and we will destroy your life without ever regretting it. We’ll be in touch…Mr. Jay Kumar,” said Dr. Jane Taylor.

Jay, who was simultaneously worried and aroused, grabbed his phone and clothes, rushed out naked, running all the way back home as people laughed at him and his bouncing erect penis on the way. Jay realized his life was about to be very different, but while there was a part of his mind that worried, there was a bigger part that kept his cock hard over the thought of being controlled and blackmailed by three goddesses.

The End.


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