A Cuckold Husband!

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She’d been controlling her husband during their whole marriage. First just laughing at his little 4″ dicky. Then forcing him to use a penis pump to try to make that little tiny thing big enough so it didn’t slip out when he fucked her. That didn’t work, but the look of pain on his face while he was pumping away was so amusing she had him do it anyway. Measuring it afterwards and then telling him to pump it again, and again.

He thinks she doesn’t know about the little sex dolly he keeps in the attic, but she does. She tells him, much to his surprise, to bring it down and show it to her. She comments on the tiny little holes it has. He confesses he had to ask for one with extra small holes. She makes him strip naked and fuck it for her entertainment.

He’s humiliated, but he knows his wife and he knows he must obey. She laughs and taunts him the entire time. Telling him the dolly got about as much pleasure out of his little dicky as she does. Then she tells him he’s cheated on her. He’s been fucking his little dolly behind her back all these years and now it’s her turn to do a little cheating of her own.

“You’ll help me dress for my evening out.” She makes him go out and buy very sexy clothes. Instructing him to be sure and tell the salesgirl it’s for his wife to wear out on a date with another man. The half shocked, half amused look on the girls face is etched in his mind. Then the giggles from the back while he waits to have them wrapped. He must bath her, put on her makeup, her new sexy perfume, then the slutty clothes he bought her.

Just before she leaves out the door, she tell him she’s got a surprise for him on the bed. “I expect you to be wearing them when “we” get back. His heart pounds as he opens the box. It’s black lacy lingerie! A black lace bra, panties, garter belt, stocking and, Oh God, fake boobs to stuff in the bra!

Feeling strangely aroused as he puts them on and checks himself out in the mirror, he wonders what she’s doing? He’s a little jealous, but oddly turned on at the same time. He looks down and the little bulge in the front of the panties and starts to stroke it. Did she say when we get back? Is she going to bring him back here? Is she going to fuck him while he watches like she watched him with his little dolly? She’s going to make him a cuck!

He knows he mustn’t cum. He’s been forbidden. He has no right to pleasure since he can give her none.

Several hours and many hardons later, he hears a car door, then laughter. His heart pounds as he hears her key in the door. He races to the door, slipping in his stocking feet to greet her like he knows he always must. As he enters the foyer he sees them. Door wide open to the curious neighbours. She’s pressed against the door with her mini skirt around her waist and a huge man’s hand between her legs, his tongue down her throat, her blouse open.

He suspects they must have started in the driveway for things to have advanced this far so soon. Jealousy, humiliation and, yes, lust rush through him all at the same time. She notices him and chokes with laughter at the site of him. Tiny little dick making the lace stick out. “Let me show you what a real man has between his legs!” and with that she pulls her lover into the house and leads him to the bedroom. All he can do is follow.

She sits on the edge of the bed, legs spread wide, licking her lips as she unzips his pants. “Look at this you little sissy! If you’re a good little cuck I might even share.” His cock looks like a fucking arm! She can barely get her mouth around it, but relishes in the attempt, fingering her pussy while she does. Slipping her hand into her panties just as he slips his hand in his panties and strokes his little angry dicky.

There’s no way she can fuck him, but she does, and she loves it. He can see her pussy stretched by the massive cock like his never could. Hears her moans of pleasure. She encourages her lover to humiliate her pathetic husband.

“Tell him you’re fucking his wife like she deserves to be fucked”, “Tell him how much I love that big fucking cock”, “Make him lick your ass while you fuck his woman”, “Tell him how you’re going to cum in me and force him to lick it out. (Laughter)”. “Fuck your little dolly for us while we rest for another round.”

“Do you see what I have to put up with? Do you see why I deserve a real man?”

He squirts his cum in his little dolly then cleans his wife and her new lover then curls up at the foot of the bed, a cuckold.

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