The Girl Scouts!

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“Mr. Jenkins can you help me with my tent pole?” I looked over to see 18 year old Amy Deckwalter bent over in her skimpy shorts barely concealing her shapely buttocks as she struggled with setting up her tent.

I just finished helping MaryBeth Walters with her tent and believe me it was a struggle. MaryBeth is also 18 and refuses to wear a bra, so it was all I could do to refrain from reaching out and grabbing her luscious breast, revealed under her t-shirt as she bent to nail in the tent peg.

How did I come to “chaperone” five beautiful teens on a weekend camping trip? Well, I am good friends with their mother who could not accompany the Girl Scout troop on a promised outing, so being the 5’4″ 129 pound outdoorsman that I am, I volunteered to take them to Green Valley for the outing.

All five Girl Scouts were Seniors in high school and all five were taller and heavier than I am, and in far better shape since most of them were into athletics of some kind. Amy and MaryBeth were co-captains of the Cheerleading squad. Stacy Dumpfries and Julie Sexton were on the track team, and Stephanie Barlowe was of all things a state qualifier at 140 pounds on the boys wrestling team.

I slowly approached Amy whose legs had parted enough to reveal jet black pubic hairs stemming out from her shorts. Something about a full bush always got to me, and I walked slowly to savor the site, feeling an expanding penis in the process. When I reached her, I quickly knelt down to hide my 3 ½ inch erection. Yes, I said 3 ½ inches. I am very small, but I still have incredible orgasms, so I guess even though it is lacking in size, it still works very well.

We were able to get the pegs all set and one of the poles standing, then we crawled inside the tent together to set up the back pole. Amy was in front of me kneeling with her ass in the air pushing on the pole and as she moved back, her beautiful tight ass moved into my face so I could smell her sexy body. I was frozen in place, not wanting to move as I savored the beautiful young cheerleader’s feminine scent.

She pushed the pole in place so her tent was finished and she turned to look at me and her eyes went straight to my crotch. She gave a knowing smile and stoked the side of my face with the palm of her hand, then exited her tent leaving me blushing and winded.

“Get control Dave,” I whispered to myself.

I allowed my erection to die down to its flaccid 1 ½ inches, then I exited the tent and saw Amy whispering something in MaryBeth’s ear, then they started slapping each others’ shoulders and laughed as they stared at me.

Maybe it was just my paranoia working overtime, but I had always taken abuse over the size of my small penis, so I instantly came to the conclusion that Amy shared that I had gotten an erection, and what a small erection it was.

We finished putting up all the tents, then the girls wanted to take a swim in the lake so we all changed into our suits. I was the last one to finish changing and I met the young teens down by the bank at the water’s edge. Never had I seen five more beautiful young women in my life.

Four of the girls were dressed in the tiniest of bikinis, and only Stephanie wore a one piece scooped neck and back racing suit to hide her muscular bulk. I could see tanned flesh with firm shapely thighs and calves, and nipples clearly evident poking the silky material of their tops.

I took off my shirt and my pale underdeveloped 38 year old body could not compete with their beautifully formed teenage bodies, but it drew catcalls from all five girls, making me blush a deep scarlet.

We swam, played Marco Polo, raced each other and were having a marvelous time when Stacey suggested we have chicken fights in the water. The two young cheerleaders paired up, along with the two track athletes and that left Stephanie, the powerful wrestler, and me.

She bent down so that I could hop on her shoulders, and I felt a little strange taking the upper position, but I hopped on and the contest began with lots of yelling and laughter.

Stacy and MaryBeth were the other girls on top and all of us were going after each other to unseat our opponents. Stacy, excelling in the discus and shot put had the advantage in upper body strength over her cheerleader rival and over me to, but Stephanie was incredibly strong and was able to hold on to my thighs to keep me from falling and going into the lake.

Stacy made a grab at the cheerleader’s arm, but missed and accidentally grabbed her top and pulled it off exposing her beautiful young breasts.

“You little cum slut. I’ll get you for that,” and MaryBeth yanked Stacey’s top off. Concentrating on getting even though left her vulnerable and Stacey was able to grab the young cheerleader in a headlock and send her sprawling into the lake.

That left Stacy and me to fight it out, so we advanced on each other with menacing scowls.

My hands wrapped around Stacy’s arms several times looking to throw her, but her bulging biceps offered too much resistance and I found myself nearly thrown from Stephanie’s shoulders.

The site of Stacy’s beautiful naked breasts freely swaying as we fought, plus the way my small cock was rubbing into Stephanie’s neck was making me horny as hell and it was obvious to Stephanie that I had an erection.

This did not deter the young scout from using her superior bulk and strength from conquering her foe. I knew there was no way I had the strength to pull Stacy off, so I just wrapped my arms around her neck and held on for all I was worth. This allowed Stephanie to use her massive leg strength to move backwards and pull the topless track start forward and into the water.

It felt great being the Chicken Fight champions, but when I hopped down, my small erection was evident to all five Girl Scouts. I don’t know what was the most embarrassing to me; the fact that I had an erection, or the fact that it was only 3 ½ inches, and was producing giggles from the young nubile ladies.

Just then they huddled up and began to whisper amongst themselves as they occasionally looked my way and continued to snicker. Breaking the huddle, all five advanced towards me with sly smiles on their faces.

Before I could blink, Stephanie bent over and picked me up at the knees and hoisted me over her shoulder. In a panic feeling like I was going to land on my head, I grabbed anything I could, which happened to be the bottom of her swimsuit. The material quickly slipped over her shapely round buttocks and my nose was immediately buried in the crack of her ass.

“Oh, you’re going to pay for that Mr. Jenkins. Come on girls.”

Stephanie quickly hiked back to our camp site with the other girls in tow. Once we reached the clearing of our site, Stephanie put me down and pulled the material back up to cover the beautiful globes of her ass.

All five girls formed a circle around me and I was scared to death with what they had it mind. I didn’t have to wait long to find out what was in store for me. While Stephanie put me in a full nelson, Stacy and Julie pulled my bathing suit down over my legs, leaving me standing in just my jock. Both girls grabbed a side of it and the jock joined my bathing suit at the base of my feet, so I was held captive, totally naked.

“Please girls. This has gone far enough. You’ve had your fun, so please release me.”

Amy and MaryBeth had disappeared into their tent, but returned with a large chord of rope. Stephanie moved my body to a small sapling and twisted my arms in back and around the tree. As she held my hands together, MaryBeth and Amy quickly tied my hands together.

I yelled and screamed but Stacy immediately gagged me with one of her Girl Scout neckerchiefs. I kicked out with my free legs, but Julie and Stephanie each grabbed a leg and spread me wide in an agonizing split so my dangling 1 ½ inch penis and tiny balls were open for all to see and abuse. I was hopelessly humiliated and at their mercy.

Satisfied that my hands were secure, Amy and MaryBeth moved around me and began to exam my tiny cock.

“God, he’s about a quarter of the size of my boyfriend. I’ve never seen one so small.”

“You’re right, but I think it’s kinda cute.”

“I agree. It’s just so amazing that they make them that small.”

All five girls got a big laugh at my expense and I was feeling like I was two inches tall, helpless and unable to even speak. I tried to beg and plead for release, but all that came out were feeble grunts.

Amy and MaryBeth then decided to have a contest to see who could suck one of my balls the hardest and longest. Each teen brought their mouth to my crotch and both of them took a ball in their mouth and began to suck with all their might.

I was in extreme pain as they crushed my balls with their cheeks and tongues, but all I could do was scream into the gag and try to fight back the tears as they tried to break free from my eyes.

This went on for 5 minutes before Amy let go and withdrew claiming her jaws were starting to ache. For the next full hour, I was tortured in every possible way, with every inch of my body probed, pinched and spanked.

I thought it was over when I felt the ropes being removed and my legs set free, but the sadistic young scouts weren’t through with me. Julie retrieved a sleeping bag from her tent and placed it in an open space, then I was roughly shoved to my back and spread eagle.

Stephanie easily held my arms pinned above my head as Stacy and Julie each grabbed a leg and bent me up into a “V” so that my ass and penis were up in the air and totally exposed.

“Look at that cute little puckered asshole. Looks to me like it needs filling with something. Perhaps a finger or two.” With that, Stacy plunged two fingers deeply into my virgin anus causing me once again to scream into the gag. Never had I had anything shoved into my buttocks and the shock to my system was incredible. As her fingers continued to thrust into me, A now naked Amy removed my gag and replaced it with her buttocks and moist fur covered pussy.

The smell of this young vixen in heat was intoxicating and I was once again becoming erect. Stacy and Julie lowered my legs and and held them firmly once again as MaryBeth mounted my small cock. There was no gentleness to her movement as she banged away at my little member, banging into my already aching balls with a fierceness which was unbearable.

Held captive, I was no more than a human dildo as all five Scouts took their turn fucking me and having me lick their moist pussies and tender assholes.

I had never felt more drained or exhausted in my whole life, and after three hours of abuse of servicing them, they had to carry me to my tent to recover. I immediately passed out and slept through the night, only to be greeted by a group meeting in the morning. I was instructed that I would be the little mascot for their Troop and I would meet with them once a week at whoever’s house where the parents were away. If I didn’t agree to their arrangement or terms, they threatened me with bodily harm, and also the threat that they would report me as a rapist when they returned home.

The rest of the weekend involved yet more abuse and every muscle as well as my balls, cock and ass ached as I drove the young scouts home in silence. I knew I had no choice in my future and knew that this weekend, I had become the possession of five oversexed Girl Scouts until they tired of me and tossed me aside.

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