Virgin Fix

By UltimateHomeBody.



Chris joined the queue to exit the pool by the ladder as he always did, not wanting to swim another 400 meters. Tonight’s training had been enough to wear him out, without the added penalty for exiting straight over the pool edge. Nearing the ladder, he was nudged aside as someone pushed in front of him. About to make a complaint, he noticed who it was and buttoned his mouth. Seems tonight was going to be a bonus with everyone’s dream girl, Sally, climbing the ladder in front of him. Her fantastic hourglass figure could not be hidden, even by the tasteless one-piece bathing suits, the girls had to wear at training and club events.

The overly modest swimsuit had managed to be pulled up over her butt, and as she climbed the ladder, those heavenly cheeks were exposed for him to ogle. If he was lucky and quick enough, he could even get a view of her crotch. This almost happened, except at the critical moment, the guy behind him nudged Chris telling him to hurry up and stop hogging the ladder. Hearing a voice, Sally turned her head to look down, giving Chris a smirk as though she knew what he had tried to do. Chris began to wonder at her barging in front of him, as this was the fourth time this week she had pushed in.

After leaving the pool, he bumped his leg into a bench seat from not watching where he was walking. He was still thinking about the ladder incident and watched Sally bend down from the waist, with legs straight, to grab her towel. He even thought she had given her hips an extra wiggle as she bent over, with her face peering around her legs looking back at him. Sally saw his collision with the bench making her smile brightly, then laugh as they all headed to the change rooms. Chris rushed to the rooms to avoid a further mishap, his face crimson red in embarrassment at having been caught twice staring at her.

Being in the change rooms was the worst part of any training session for Chris, so he tried to be as quick as possible. He had become the target of jokes from the other guys around his age. He thought they were humorous at first about a year ago, but after a while, the fun was lost with them just putting him down at every opportunity. His shorter height and slight stature compared to the others his age was enough to set him apart, but they saw he had a much smaller dick than normal while taking showers. He was embarrassed enough to have a smaller flaccid dick totally hidden within his pubic hair, to the point it was almost nonexistent, without it being mentioned all the time.

They took every opportunity to make fun of him, to the extent of calling him ‘Cliss’ instead of Chris. It was a mispronunciation of his name to point out his ultra-small dick was like a female clit. To make matters worse, the younger kids were joining in even though they had no idea what the game was about. Chris had previously tried to tell them it grew to near average when erect, and that they were all smaller after training in cooler water, but this just sent them into hysterics over his attempt to stop the ridicule.

He had thought of leaving the sport but had committed to his parents to keep going till the end of school. They were on the club committee and loved the status they thought this gave them. His dad was club president and mum the secretary until the end of the year, coinciding with his finishing high school. So he had to put up with the ridicule and badgering. Making it worse was that some of the swimmers also attended the same school, and thus the treatment had carried over to there as well. He knew he couldn’t skip school or transfer elsewhere, so he suffered in silence. He had even tried to get some advice on how best to handle the problem. That was useless when his coach had a belly laugh at the story and walked away, shaking his head. His father had simply advised him to ignore them, and it would make a man of him or some such bullshit like that.

One time he tried fighting back, but even though he was strong from his sport, his antagonists were larger and just as strong. He was only one person to their two or more, the end result was a beat down which miraculously did not leave him too badly hurt. He guessed they wanted to humiliate him further than physically harm him, just to prove the point of the sissy taunts. The lesson worked to the point he had to learn to ignore it all the best he could and concentrate on his own life and well-being.

He kept swimming because it made him feel good. For the most part, a swimmer is alone looking at the bottom of a pool with just your own thoughts as company. Only occasional glimpses of the outside world were possible as you took a breath. The only variation was backstroke, where your view was a patch of sky or roof above the pool. To see more meant turning your head, which could slow your stroke some. Chris enjoyed this part of it as he could escape from his real life and into a fantasy existence where he’s accepted as normal. Even his dreams could not take him to places where he was the best at everything and the most popular.

Any potential social life disappeared with his increase in notoriety, with both guys and girls treating him like a misfit. His only real solace was that his grades were really good, being able to put so much of his time into studying.

Two years ago, after turning sixteen, he had earned his driver’s license and was allowed to borrow his mother’s car to get himself to training. Mother had already bought a new car, so he could use this as often as he needed. Swimming training was twice a day, five days a week plus any swim meets, and transporting himself helped a lot. It saved him from putting up with his parents grumbling at having to be up early, leave work early, or rush out near dinner time to get him. He always considered it odd that they wanted the kudos of heading the club committee without putting in the effort to keep him there. Now he was eighteen and happy to have, at least, this level of independence.

Today it took longer than normal to extricate himself from the change rooms after he was forced to search for his missing towel. He finally managed to leave, now almost the last person remaining at the pool, to get a surprise to find Sally leaning against his car. She put her phone in her shorts pocket, straightened her singlet top-down where it had ridden up a bit. Standing as he neared, giving him a large smile.

“Hi Chris,” giving him just enough time to nod in reply as she continued, “Look, I hope you can help me. My mum can’t pick me up tonight, so I was hoping you could give me a lift home, as I just live the next street over from you.”

Chris was dumbstruck that this goddess was actually talking to him, nicely. He could only stand there and mumble some unintelligible noises. Sally smiled even brighter at his seemingly affirmative answer, thinking that he hadn’t actually said no.

“Great, thanks,” and she waited while he unlocked and opened the door for her. She looked straight into his eyes as she climbed into the car, gave him a giant grin, “Oh boy, you are such a gentleman. Thank you very much, kind sir.”

Closing the door behind her, he quickly ran to the driver’s side and was soon driving off. Not believing his luck at having a drop-dead gorgeous woman alone in the car with him. Sally chatted non-stop as he drove, and after a short while, he managed to make short responses to her. He kept taking quick looks at his passenger as she talked to show she had his attention. Each time he looked, his eyes drifted to her cleavage visible above the neckline of her shirt. Her enormous boobs really stretched the fabric giving a great view between her breasts. There seemed to be a fair amount of movement inside the shirt whenever the car found a bump in the road, making it seem like she wasn’t wearing bras.

‘Wow,’ he thought, ‘her boobs are sticking out without any support, and they must be natural. So much better than any of the false ones in the internet videos. Those porn boobs seem to have no little wobbles at all as these have. Shame about the swim bag on her lap, her legs in those shorts would be quite a sight.’

“Okay Chris, we are in my street now, I am at number 65. I know you are at 62 so we could almost be neighbors with the back yards next to each other.”

Chris could only be amazed that she knew where exactly he lived. Plus she was correct, his backyard did share a short stretch at the back corner with each house. Further amazing him were her next words, and he stole another look at her. Her head was now lowered, looking toward her lap as though embarrassed.

“Chris, can you pull over for a mo’ before we get to my house? There’s something I want to ask you.”

“Okay,” he replied as he stopped at the curb and looked at her. Sally turned herself at an angle in the seat to face him as much as she could with the seat belt on.

“Look, I don’t quite know how to say this as I normally don’t have to ask anyone,” taking a deep breath and slowly exhaling she continued, “But, I, er my folks are having a party tomorrow night. A really big affair with loads of people coming. I wondered if, maybe, perhaps, you could come as well?”

It seemed to him that he was always unable to speak around Sally, and this was another normal time. A moment later, he did manage to croak out some words.

“I’d, umm, err, do, um, do you, err, I mean. Would this, err, is this like a …um…”

Sally beamed her happiness at him as he gave his reply. Although again, she had to guess he was saying yes and decided to answer what she thought his question could have been.

“Great Chris, thanks so much for saying yes. And yes, I guess it would be like a date, but only half official as this is just a parent’s thing I have to be at, and I need someone to be my partner. These things can be so boring at times, and worse if I am the third wheel. You know, the only one without someone to be with.”

He gulped as his brain took this in, stopping himself from screaming for joy and pumping his fists in a happy dance. He had a date, his first. If you ignored having to be with his younger cousin at a family wedding. He heard it was not really an official date, but his virgin mind only heard what it wanted to hear. He was going out with this goddess.

She pulled her phone out of her pocket as he moved back on the road and asked him for his phone number. Sally entered it into her phone and with a few clicks sent him a message, hearing the ding dong sound from his phone as it arrived.

“There, you have my number, and I added some info about it. See you at about eight tomorrow night. Just a warning, it isn’t really formal or anything, no suits or ties, but you need to wear neat casual clothes. You know, like a shirt and pants type of thing. My folks would throw a whoopee fit if anyone wore jeans or anything. Is that okay?”

Another smile brightened her face as he agreed that it would be fine. They stopped outside her house, and she started leaving, thanking him for the ride and for saying yes.

He had a horrible thought, ‘Why would this girl be asking me when she could have the pick of all the guys. She was always being chased at school and at the pool. I am the least likely of anyone to be asked. Is this a try at making more fun of me?”

Unable to work out how to un-accept her offer, he just blurted out the first words to come to mind. He couldn’t even look at her as the words poured out. He was really scared his idea might be true.

“Umm, Sally. I know you’re a great person, but you know what everyone calls me and how I am, like, an outcast. This isn’t a joke or anything, is it? The guys are always pulling shit on me. They haven’t put you up to this, or anything.”

Sally stopped suddenly and looked back, wide-eyed with a cross expression appearing on her face. She then realized what he was referring to and why he was speaking up. He was the butt of a lot of crap from the guys on the team and at school. Some were funny, she had to admit, but this was the first time she paused to think what it would be like to hear those things if they were said to her, all the time. Her heart actually melted at the realization of what must be going through his head at the moment. She slid back into her seat and leaned over to be closer to him. Her hand rested on his bent elbow. He was holding the steering wheel with both hands, causing him to look sideways at her, allowing his arm to form a barrier between them. She stared into his eyes and responded from her heart.

“No, Chris. I am not punking you or anything nasty. I have seen how you treat others, even those who are dickheads towards you. You are a fantastic guy, at least I think you are or hope you are. I want to get to know you better, and I think we could help each other a lot. Okay?”

He was a little confused at her last words but thought she meant that this was for real and not another bad joke against him. She looked serious, so he relaxed, nodded, and smiled.

“Sorry, Sally. I didn’t mean to be weird towards you. I’ll see you tomorrow at eight.”

Sally nodded back, gave him another huge smile and confirmed everything with a quick kiss to his cheek, and closed the door as she left. He sat there a moment longer as she did a quick turn to wave to him and send an air kiss. Giggling at his expression of awe, she entered her house as he finally drove away to his own home.



Saturday night couldn’t come fast enough for Chris. His father had barely noticed he was unusually dressed in good clothes, and his mother smiled as she did a little flutter around him. Harry and Bronwyn Carpenter were older parents at near sixty, and Harry especially was a stickler for the ‘right’ thing. Chris grew up with them being at best, ambivalent towards him unless he was doing something that made his father appear more important. Worse if he became an embarrassment in front of others. He even called them father and mother, as mum and dad were not polite forms. Mother tried to be a mum at times but really had little idea and was frowned at by her husband.

Tonight Chris suspected she was just curious about why he was dressed up and actually going out. Mother did not have time to pester him too much tonight as father got impatient waiting for her. He wanted them to get to the theatre early in case an important person was there they could schmooze up to. They had Chris later in life, and he had the opinion it was an accident. Tania, his sister, is thirty and living across the other side of town. Her demeanor towards Chris is not quite as remote as their parents, but they had never been very close.

Finally arriving at Sally’s front door and pleased to confirm that there was indeed a party. It was a big one judging by the number of cars parked up and down the street. Chris followed an older couple to the door where they just walked straight into the house. He hesitated, not quite confident to just stroll in. He had seen Sally’s parents at various swimming events, but as he and Sally had never socialized before he had never met her parents. Still deciding whether to try knocking or enter the house, his decision-making proved moot as his half date came out to meet him.

He didn’t even know how to greet her having never been on a real date before, even if this was only a half date. He almost put one hand forward to shake with her, but again it seemed Sally knew what needed doing and gave him a loose hug and thanked him for coming. As she backed off from him, he managed to look from her smiling face down to her body. As usual, she was stunning, but this time, even more than he was accustomed to having only been at school and swimming. Even special events at the swimming club tended to be extremely casual affairs for the kids. For this party, she was dressed in a spectacular white summer dress that left her shoulders and almost all of her thighs almost bare.

Strappy shoes had sexy heels and were very different from the usual sneakers or sandals. Even her hair was framing her gorgeous face, and if he was not mistaken, she had make-up on. He chided himself about being stupid as it is impossible to wear makeup while swimming. She was so beautiful that he made a highly intellectual comment without thinking, “Wow.” Her grin became a beaming smile lighting up her entire face.

Grabbing a hand, she pulled him to follow her, “Come inside, Chris. Sorry, but you have to first meet my parents. They sort of order that you ‘present yourself for inspection’ when you got here.”

Seeing his surprise then worry she hastened to add, “Don’t worry, they’re not that bad. I think they just want to welcome you after all this is the first date for us, and they can be a little traditional about things. They are happy I have a guy who I wanted to invite.”

The smile never left her face as she talked non-stop until they were in the kitchen. Her parents were setting out food and drinks while entertaining some guests.

“Mum, Dad, this is Chris, who I told you about.”

Chris found himself the center of attention of the six adults in the room, although all but two soon returned to their conversations. He was caught like a rabbit in the headlights not quite knowing what to say or do. This meeting, the parents of a girl, on a date, was a totally new experience. Even their smiling, friendly expressions could not soften his awkward fear. Fortunately for him, Sally’s parents knew what to do, recognizing his nervous hesitance. They both tried to make him feel at ease by putting warm smiles on their faces. It was obvious to everyone that Chris was a bit shorter than the normal man, with Sally’s father towering over him and her mother able to look him straight in the eyes, if maybe a bit taller. Sally herself was only slightly shorter than her mother.

The tall blond man stepped forward with his right hand forward, “Welcome Chris.”

Chris managed to move and make some noise, shaking the hand in front of him and almost whispering, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Mason,” then being released from the handshake he turned to the beautiful woman next to this man, keeping his hand extended for her to shake, “and nice to meet you too Mrs. Mason.”

June smiled at his manners. Instead of shaking his hand, she stepped up to him to give him a quick, friendly hug while saying, “It’s wonderful to meet you too, Chris. Please call me June, and my husband is Peter. We don’t like to stand on ceremony here. Relax and enjoy yourself tonight. I’m sure Sally will look after you. Get yourselves a drink from the sideboard, and I think your friends are out the back somewhere Sally.”

As she finished talking, they returned to the food and drink preparations. Sally passed a drink to Chris and grabbed on herself then quickly led Chris out of the kitchen and to the back yard wherein the back corner, her friends, and their dates were talking. The two girls were facing them, and two guys had their backs to their approach. As they neared, Sally introduced them although they did all go to the same school.

“Chris, you probably already know the others, but these are my friends Corrie and Dar. At which Corinne and Darlene responded with a little wave and “Hi Chris.” Chris nodded back, saying, “Hi,” to the two girls. He, of course, knew their faces and names from school, although never actually had much of a conversation with them before. At this introduction, the boys turned around, and both had smirks that nearly turned to laughter. Chris felt his stomach drop, and he went hot and cold, although luckily there was little light in this corner of the garden to see his expression. Any light available shone into the faces of the friends.

Sally continued her introductions, unaware of the change in atmosphere, “and these guys are their boyfriends Trent and Joe.”

Trent spoke first, “Well if it isn’t our best buddy, little Cliss. How come no-one said, we were babysitting tonight.”

At this, Joe burst out laughing, joined quickly by Trent, along with snickers from Corinne and Darlene. Chris stood there for a moment fuming and feeling totally embarrassed by this turn of events. His mind took a moment to catch up with his feelings, then with grim determination faced his tormentors to show their barbs had no effect. Chris recalled all the advice he had received, and normally, it was easy to follow. Tonight the digs were unexpected, and he had to work to control his reaction.

It would have worked if it had stopped there, but Joe added his ‘jokes’ to Trent’s, and it spiraled out of control, each trying to outdo the other in their ‘fun.’ Soon even their dates became embarrassed and tried to stop the flow. Sally stood there unmoving with her mouth wide open, not believing the crap these two were saying. The comments changed in nature to become vulgar and grossly insulting, the two boys thought themselves to be smart and funny. The volume increased as the content got worse.

It felt like hours to Chris, even though likely only minutes. He stood perfectly still and quiet as the verbal assault continued. The boys did eventually wind down after running out of new things to say. They were laughing with each other, totally ignorant that they were the only ones finding any amusement. Chris took a deep, slow breath when it was finally over to maintain control of his mounting temper. He did not want to make a scene here in front of all these people. He stared at the two boys, before glancing at Sally, who was still unmoved.

Chris spoke through clenched teeth, “Well, I’m glad you have all had your fun for the night. Sally, thank you for inviting me. If only to provide the night’s entertainment for your friends. I’ll be off now, bye.”

At that last word, he turned and left them, making his way back through the house to the street to go home. He had not noticed that the noise of the group had gained an audience, including that of the hosts June and Peter Mason. Sally was slow in reacting after Chris’s comments. She looked around the yard, but by that time, Chris was walking through the kitchen. Trying to follow where she guessed he had gone took her close to her parents. Peter gently grabbed her arm and, bending down, putting his mouth close to her ear.

He whispered, “I’m really disappointed that this,” at which he waved a hand around trying to find the right words to describe what he had heard, “was done to a guest in our home. I really hope that what Chris said was not why he was invited.”

Sally had tears running down her face by now, “I’m really sorry daddy, I have no idea why they said those things tonight. I really like Chris and wouldn’t do anything to hurt him.”

June was standing beside them and quietly added, “It’s not us you should apologize to. That boy will be hurting really badly.”

Peter released her arm, and Sally went quickly to chase after Chris. She did not know her dad then asked her friends to leave the premises. Sally’s girlfriends were really embarrassed now at the way their boyfriends had acted towards Sally’s date. They had heard what had been said about and to Chris before and even joined in at times thinking it was all a big joke, and no harm was done. Tonight opened their eyes that it wasn’t funny and actually was a spiteful way to act towards another person.

Trent and Joe were amazed at being asked to leave, thinking it was just because Sally had gone off somewhere. They weren’t all that disappointed because it had been boring until the ‘sissy’ had arrived making that the highlight of the evening. They were actually surprised the girls dumped them once they made it to the street, not even wanting to get in the car with them and go find a good make-out spot. The girls walked to Darlene’s house, which was closer. Trent and Joe drove off fuming at losing their girlfriends and adamant that little ‘clit dick’ was somehow to blame.

Chris had made it home quickly running after he reached the road. At the first corner, he thought he might have heard his name, but ignored it. Arriving at his bedroom, he vowed to never let anyone do that to him again. Putting earplugs on and music volume up loud, he stretched out on his bed and tried to not think about how he had trusted someone, and it turned out to be another trick to put him down. His phone did ring a few times that he ignored, and eventually, he just turned it off. As far as he was concerned, Sally had shown she was just another person wanting to make his life a misery.

With a huge sigh, he knew he had to just battle through for now and hope it all stopped soon. If it didn’t, he couldn’t do much about it. There were too many to fight over it, and besides, he was no fighter. Swimming had built his muscles and toned his slim build, but it could not add height or magically make him a fighter. It wasn’t his fault he was shorter than everyone else or introverted enough to not easily fit in with the others. His quiet nature, he guessed, made him the natural target so they could make themselves feel better.



Sunday, Chris managed to convince his parents that he was not well enough to go to swimming training on Monday. It helped that, while he was a good swimmer, he was possibly the slowest overall and only required as a relay filler where four members were needed to fill the spots. He rarely got any individual swims during inter-club competitions. Now that he was eighteen, he only had the open age group events to qualify for.

His mother had questioned him about Saturday night, and he was able to satisfy her curiosity with the plain ‘it was okay’ answer. Not being greatly interested in her son’s activities in any detail, she was happy with his response. Neither parent noticed he was unusually quiet and hidden in his room all day. Only once did he switch his phone back on, and when it buzzed with five text messages and three phone messages from Sally, he switched it back off. In a normal week he only ever really needed the phone available near five o’clock when his mother would ring to let him know when she would be home. Otherwise, he used it for internet access to watch the only sex he thought he would get, internet porn.

What he did not know was that Sally had walked past his house a few times that day without getting up the nerve to approach to talk to him. She was miserable, not knowing how to fix things when he wouldn’t even answer her calls. Her mum tried to help by giving advice, but unless Sally could actually talk to Chris, not much could be done. Corinne and Darlene talked with her by phone apologizing for the way things had turned out the previous night.

Monday morning arrived, and Sally was again upset when Chris did not go to training. It was unusual for him to not be there, so she knew that she had caused him to stay away. Trent tried to talk to Sally in the hope she would go out with him now that he was available. He did not understand her angry response and thought he would try another day again, as it was probably her time of the month. Being the overall fastest swimmer in the club, handsome, and best built physically he knew all the girls wanted to date him. He just had to catch Sally after her time was over and in a better mood.

Sally waited at school that morning before classes, but Chris turned up at the last minute to get to classes, so she was foiled in that attempt as well. Morning break was too short for any meaningful conversation she wanted to make, so she conspired with Corinne and Darlene to help find and corral Chris at lunchtime. She hoped to get him to forgive her for the way the two idiots treated him on Saturday. She found comfort that her friends agreed that he was unfairly treated, not just then but for such a long time. They were impressed with how he reacted. Instead of getting angry and fighting them, he seemed so mature by calmly taking their vile commentary, then after it was over walking away coolly and calmly. He certainly didn’t behave like a child by throwing a tantrum or whinging and whining.

They found him sitting under a tree near the school oval, alone as usual. As planned, they approached from behind and settled on the ground with Corinne and Darlene to each side and Sally in front facing him. Flanking him before he realized they were there, and Sally’s friends each had a hand gently resting on an arm restraining him from standing and leaving. Once he settled back down, the girls smiled, nodded, and proceeded to eat their own lunches. Chris watched them carefully until concluding they would let him know why they were here in their own time. Sighing, he resumed his own meal.

The three girls chatted to each other about normal topics of interest, ignoring the male within the group. He even began to enjoy being surrounded by three beautiful women, as it was not every day he had such lovely company at lunchtime. Correcting his own thoughts, he never had any company at any time; good, bad, or even ugly. Made his simple ham and cheese sandwich taste better, even if they were going to make life hell for him in one way or another. This brought a scowl to his face as he recalled the last time they had been with him.

Food finished they sat quietly for a minute listening to the other kids playing various games on the oval. Chris gave another sigh as he decided this was enough of this nonsense and prepared to stand and leave. Again he a hand on each arm keeping him in place.

Corinne quietly spoke to him, “Chris, we’re really sorry for the other night.”

Darlene butted in, “And for how you were treated in the past.”

Corinne nodded and continued, “Yes, for the past as well. Those two meatheads showed just how horrible it can be to be spoken to like that. Please, Chris, I know that we can’t make up for the past, but we want you to know we are sorry for everything. You showed just how great a person you really are for the way you acted then. We are ashamed that we didn’t help them to shut those idiots up. Just to let you know, we dumped them that night.”

Darlene took up the commentary, “Chris, can you forgive us for how you have been treated?”

Chris sat there dumbfounded looking from side to side at the girls as they nodded agreement to the words spoken. All three had a pleading look as they stared back at him, waiting for his response. He took a minute as it all sank into his brain. This had not gone at all like he expected, although there was yet time before the siren sounded to return to classes. He remained cautious in case this became another attempt at belittling him.

With a deep breath, he answered, turning to each after a few words and as he spoke their names, “Thanks Corinne, Darlene, Sally. I really don’t know how to respond. Nobody’s ever said that to me. I am still worried you will all laugh like you have sprung an April Fool joke on me, except it’s only February.”

This last bit gained what sounded like a sympathetic sound from the girls, and they actually each put a hand to rest gently on his arms with Sally touching his knee. Sally even shook her head to let it be known; this was no joke.

He smiled and continued, “Okay, I will take a gamble then that you are sincere, as I really really hope you are. Thank you for your words, they mean a lot to me. I do forgive, although I don’t think any of you have actually done anything directly to me. It would be nice to have someone who I know who is not laughing at me.”

The girls each gave a sigh of relief at being believed and knew it was confirmed that he really was a nice guy. They now just had to un-believe everything they had ever heard spoken negatively about him. Something they were each determined to do. With big smiles that brightened their whole faces gave him a quick one-armed hug across the shoulders, bearing in mind the school rules on fraternization and physical contact. Darlene and Corinne left the other two under the tree, so Sally could speak privately.

Chris watched them go and returned a quick wave to them. Turning back to his remaining visitor, he noted she still had a hand resting on his knee. They had gained some interested onlookers from various groups around the grassed area, and Chris warily looked about for any teachers on yard duty who would give them a hard time for being touchy. Sally saw his worried-looking around, and with an “Oh,” she pulled her hand back from his knee. This movement drew his eyes back to her, and they quietly looked at each other for a few moments.

“Chris, look, I am very sorry for what happened to you Saturday. I never intended that to happen. It didn’t even cross my mind that something like that could even occur.”

She watched his face for a moment until he gave a small nod to show he was listening, then kept talking, “I have been watching you for a while,” then she laughed at his raising of eyebrows, “not stalking I promise. Just you have had me intrigued at the way you act so controlled and mature compared to the other boys in our year. I listened to the comments made, and they didn’t compare at all with what I could see of you.”

He then gave himself a look from his chest down to his feet, making her smile. “Okay, the short jokes were a little true, but completely rude,” at which he smiled, acknowledging she was not putting him down. “I add that it does not bother me in the slightest that we are about the same height,” at which she gave him a sexy leer. “In fact, I think it could make some things even better if you get my drift.”

Chris was amazed at how far this was going. Not only had they made friendly overtures towards him, he thought he was now being propositioned by a gorgeous female. At least with his total lack of experience, he thought, and hoped, that was what was happening.

“Sally, umm, I don’t want to seem like a moron, but what exactly are you trying to say?”

Sally had a quick look around her to see if any teachers were close, leaned forward so that with both hands grab his right hand. She looked into his eyes with a serious expression.

“Chris, I’m serious. I’m attracted to you and want to go out with you. This isn’t a scam or attempt to make fun of you. I’m deadly serious.”

Chris’s mouth went dry, and he had to swallow to open his throat to speak. He had never been on any dates in his life, well except for that cousin. Of course, that also ignores Saturday night as well. His brain was jumping all over the place until he concentrated on Sally’s scared face looking directly at him. He became lost in her eyes. If his mouth hadn’t been dry, his gaping lips would be drooling.

Pulling himself back together, he answered her, “Sally, you’re so beautiful I don’t understand any of this. But I’m not that much of a fool to say no either,” at which Sally’s relief could be plainly seen on her face followed quickly with her beaming smile.

“In that case, Chris, you must come to my place for dinner tonight, after training. My folks want to say how sorry they are for what happened because it was their party at their house,” and she held a hand up to stop what she knew he was going to say, “I know they didn’t do anything and had no idea it would happen, but they still feel bad about it. What can I say,” rolling her eyes, “they are old and do weird things.”

They both laughed at this, and Sally quickly pulled her hands away from him as she spotted a male teacher walking around a building corner near them.

“Thanks, Sally, I’d love to come. Just to make your parents feel better,” at which they laughed again as the siren blared to end the lunch break.

They both stood, had another minute of staring into each other’s eyes, and departed back to their classes, with a “Bye,” and, “See you later.”

During the classes that afternoon, Chris got the feeling that he was being watched. Occasionally he would look around the room and catch a girl move her head as though she wasn’t actually facing his direction. Every now and then he would notice a couple of girls glance at him and then face each other and snicker as though sharing a personal joke. Not being paranoid about his status within the student hierarchy, he knew he was not even considered a part of it, he could have sworn a new wave of crap was coming his way. He almost got his suspicions confirmed when a couple of guys jostled him in the corridor between classes, one being Trent from that Saturday night.

Training that night wasn’t much better except he got to see Sally and her, at least was happy to see him. This gave him hope for something good in his life. Then he got swam over, sandwiched, and head bumped while swimming. Some contact was inevitable as faster swimmers had to pass others by slipping down the center of the lane. Tonight was much more than expected. Trent was at the center of the attention given to Chris. Chris found himself with trouble breathing after an elbow accidentally made its way into his abdomen. He kept quiet, deciding that making a fuss would be worse for him in the long run. Looking up, he even saw that the coach had caught the act and ignored it, just telling the group to get moving for the next swim. Sally did catch it and if looks could kill Trent, and the coach, would have stopped breathing immediately.

He had a little revenge at the end of the session, well not him exactly, when Sally pushed into the line for exiting the pool. This time, though she moved in behind Chris after noting that Trent had maneuvered to be behind him. This could have foiled anything Trent was planning, but she even managed to make him squirm when as she was stepping onto the ladder, in a loud, clear voice, she complained, “Hey get your fingers away from my arse whoever is behind me.” Of course, those around all looked to see Trent, red-faced, spluttering that it wasn’t him as he quickly moved away. Sally scowled at him, then gave Chris a quick smile as she passed him.

This was one night Chris decided to risk his mother’s ire and not shower and change before driving home. She was paranoid about her precious car seats being damaged by chlorinated water. He managed to make it home, through a shower, and dressed without any parental problem. His parents were surprised at his going out that night. He had left a note to them and also sent a message to his mother’s phone. He never went out, and even his father queried him about it.

Chris liked them being speechless when he advised it was to a girl’s house who he knew at school. Chris didn’t want the swim club connection because he knew that Mr. Mason was a very important man in business circles in the city. His father, and mother, would then want to muscle in as well, hoping it would be a status improvement for them. Chris wasn’t sure about the details of Sally’s parents, but they lived on the upper side of the area, even though it was only a street over.



Tonight was quiet at the Mason house with only Chris being expected instead of a large party. Sally was quick to open the door after he pressed the buzzer, usher him inside and close the door behind him. The smile and tight hug from Sally made Chris feel right at home, having never known this type of physical closeness before. He couldn’t help but feel the large breasts being flattened against his chest, or that his hands on her back felt no hint of bra straps. There was actually bare skin between her skirt waistband and the bottom of her top.

Her skin felt so warm and smooth under his hands, her muscles moving as they held each other. His trip to heaven was complete when her lips pressed against his. He was a bit slow responding, but they soon had a good suction going. Sally broke the contact with a sigh giving him the signal they had to leave the heaven train at the station. Grabbing a hand, she pulled Chris further into the house to meet her parents.

Her mum was finalizing dinner preparations while dad sat on a stool across the island from his wife. He poured a soft drink for Chris as the younger pair took places on vacant stools. Peter welcomed their guest together with a hello from June. He apologized that Chris had been subjected to poor treatment while in their home at the party, and Chris tried to gracefully accept it and suggest it wasn’t their fault.

Dinner was an eye-opening experience for Chris as the family talked openly together about various topics, drawing him into the conversation as well. This type of discussion never occurred at his house as his father considered flippant talking as bad for digestion. Only suitable topics were talked about, and this seemed limited to the father expounding his thoughts without the need for input from the others. This meal went quickly, and after the dessert was finished, Chris offered to help with the dishes but was thanked, and his assistance denied. Seems dishwashers weren’t just there to take up cupboard space. He did manage to help clear the table before he and Sally were sent off.

Surprising Chris even more, he was lead to Sally’s bedroom where she closed her door to give them privacy. As she was turned to the door, he noticed her room was what would be expected for a teenage girl to have, except maybe the queen size bed. He was no color expert, but the walls were painted a pale lavender, purple and white quilt on the bed and white bedside cabinets and chest of drawers with mirror. A large flat-screen TV was mounted on the wall opposite the bed. There was the expected worn clothing scattered around the floor, and a shelf unit with her books, swimming trophies, and an assortment of stuffed animals. Two doors led off on one side to what he guessed were a wardrobe and maybe an en-suite bathroom.

“Wow,” he thought, “Only my folks have a bathroom of their bedroom at home!”

Aloud he asked, “Umm, is this okay with your folks? I don’t want to get in trouble with them for being in your room.”

Sally chuckled as she sat on the side of her bed closest to him, and she answered, “It’s no probs at all, Chris. We are both adults and mum ‘n dad respect that. I try not to do anything really dumb, like drugs or stuff. That would get them riled up.”

“Wow, I doubt mine would even allow us to sit in the living room alone. Not sure how but they think it would embarrass them with the neighborhood, their friends, and work colleagues if they found out I was alone with a girl in the living room,” at which they both laughed at the absurdity.

Sally patted the bed beside her, “Chris, come and sit with me, we can put the TV on.”

He carefully sat beside her, making sure there was enough clear space, so they didn’t touch, while Sally leaned forward to grab the TV remote and turned the TV on.

Turning to face Chris she said, “I do not really want to watch TV, but the noise of it will give us a bit more privacy, and we can honestly say that we had it on.”

His lack of experience showed through with the next query, “What’ll we do then?”

She was about to laugh, thinking he was funny but looked at him, and his naivety was plain in his expression. It actually made her heart jump as she realized again that this great guy had no experience with girls. This realization made her very mad at the idiots in the club and school to treat him so badly. Having talked to him, it was plain his parents had really screwed up his life, which was unfortunately compounded by his shorter stature. Something, she was pleased to say, that did not bother her in the slightest. She had planned to take things slowly with him, but her crotch was damp at just having him in her room. His actions and personality added to that dampness, admitting to herself that a man like him was exactly what she wanted and needed.

Deciding to go for broke, she responded to his question with action, by bringing her face to his and kissing him. It was a soft kiss at first to let him know what was expected. On the third repeat, her kiss deepened, and she brought her arms around him, pull his body closer. It was a thrill to her that he did respond to her kisses and then her hug. He even had one hand down on her lower back gently caressing her bare skin. This touch sent her libido rising, and she allowed her lips to start moving as her breathing became heavier.

Chris was astounded at the suddenness of the kissing and the bolder physical contact. His arms automatically returned the hug and surprised himself with how he kept contact with her bareback. The movement of lips and heads really got his hormones flowing, and he tightened the hold on her. Then when she pulled back to be lying on the bed with him on top, he thought the world had stopped spinning. His whole awareness was centered on this wonderful woman and what she was doing with him. He had not noticed that his penis was now hard and pressing into her crotch until her hips rocked against him. He began dry humping as his right hand moved down to her bare thigh and followed her leg back up under the skirt. When his fingers touched the lace of her panties on her hips, his hormones went into overdrive.

He panicked and released his lips and rolled over onto his back to be beside Sally on the bed. He was breathing heavily, trying to count to one hundred in his mind. He thought of what he had read online or seen on TV shows, but had no idea what baseball stats were even if he could remember any at the moment. He had never even watched a baseball game.

He was still trying to stop his cock from bursting when Sally rolled over on her side to face him. Seeing the bulge in his pants, she correctly guessed her attentions were a tad too much for him to cope with. It was overly obvious that their experiences were vastly different. Liking him too much to over tease him or make him embarrassed, but still needed to have a little fun.

With a look of concern, she asked, “Are you alright, Chris. You look a bit flushed. Do you need a drink of water or something?”

Not wanting to appear like the inexperienced dork that he was, he answered as his breathing slowed down and he relaxed, “No, no I’m okay. Just needed some fresh air, had trouble breathing for a moment.”

She then reached over to run her hand down his chest to his abdomen, reversing direction before she reached his pants. Her hand stopped at the side of his head and gently cupped against him. Pulling his head to face her, she leaned forward and started kissing again, pleased when his arms automatically went around her to pull them together. She re-positioned so her right arm was under his neck to grip a shoulder and now tightened her hold on him. He responded by getting one arm beneath her waist and pulled her on top of him. She noted that he even moved both hands to squeeze her butt cheeks, causing her to take a deep inward breath and step up her kissing. Her tongue joined the action getting his response of opening his mouth and tongue wrestling.

Again their bodies had been pressed together and humping resumed. Sally did not want him to make any mess in his pants as some guys had before with her. His body was starting to show the strain of a pending eruption down below. She did the one thing needed at this stage to alleviate his stress. With slow, deliberate moves, she kissed his ears and then moved toward his crotch. They were still fully dressed; but his belt, button, and zip proved a little defense to a determined girl. Pulling his erection out from its confinement, she did note that the rumors and taunts had been partly true. He was smaller than normal but certainly much bigger than she expected. He was maybe a bit shy of five inches, but this was enough for her purposes.

Her mouth slowly took him all the way in as her tongue slathered it with attention. Without the worry of hitting her gag reflex, she could give a full-bodied blow job. She knew she was pretty good at it too, having enough experience to know what parts to concentrate on.

For Chris’s part, he was in total heaven. Initially, he had been scared and embarrassed when she undid his pants and extracted his dick. All the foul words that had been sent his way had hit his confidence even though he tried not to let them know he was hurt by them. He was scared she would see that he was tiny and then laugh and ridicule him. He knew if she did anything negative towards him that it would be the last straw. He did not know what he would do, but he knew life would not be worth living around anyone he knew. The last thing he thought before she sucked him into her mouth was a hope that maybe the army would take him if they didn’t laugh at his below-average height.

The blow job did the very thing she had intended, he very quickly blew. Chris even showed how considerate he was, by warning her of his impending eruption. This was a first for her, never before had a guy considered that she would not take his spend in her mouth. This wonderful guy gave her a chance to back off. His words only bolstered her to suck harder and pull him more fully into her mouth, his cum spurting to the back of her throat and she just swallowed the rest as it arrived. His taste was nice too, giving a fruity aftertaste on her tongue. Even his groin smelled nice having obviously been doused with talcum powder after his shower. Overall she was really happy with herself having found a great guy who even smelt and tasted good.

He was oblivious to all her thoughts, having his first orgasm without his hands stroking it to fruition. His fitness came to the fore now as his breathing and heart rate soon returned to normal and Sally returned to stretch out beside him. She was about to leave the bed when Chris put his arms around her and pulled her in for another kiss. Her arms tried to keep their heads apart.

“Chris, wait a moment. I have bad breath from, err, you know. I need to go rinse my mouth.”

She then gave a squeal of delight as his answer was to put a hand to the back of her head and pull her head down as he lifted his so their mouths pressed together. She tried to keep her lips tightly sealed, but his tongue snaked out and separated them. He kissed her more passionately than they had previously done.

‘Oh boy,’ she thought, ‘this guy can really push my buttons. How can he be a virgin!’

It was then she felt that he was still hard, which gave her a thrill. She was starting to feel like she was a virgin as his enthusiasm brushed off on her. Getting naked gave them both a thrill as their slim hard bodies touched. They had the firm skin and muscle of swimmers without unnecessary bulk and minimum body fat.

Chris found her boobs to be so large and firm, way different from anything he expected in his imagination. Many hours of porn films never came close to just these few minutes with a real woman. He bathed the tips with his tongue and feeling the nipple harden, allowing him to suck it. He especially liked her little noises whenever he did something she enjoyed. He loved when her hand found his cock again, barely even cringing as a thought of his too-small prick flashed through his mind.

Sally was underneath when she grabbed his cock to line it to her cunt. He did panic slightly, knowing she had much more experience than him, concern rising that his small dick wouldn’t be enough. At this point, he decided to try some things he had seen on his phone screen. He pushed himself down her body, kissing her flattened-out boobs and abdomen on his way down.

Sally squealed in alarm as the movement caused her to lose grip of his cock, “What are you doing Chris? I need you to be inside me.”

“I want to taste you first.”

This caused a mild panic in Sally, as guys had never gone there before. They had only wanted to get their dicks inside as soon as possible, either in her mouth or vagina. He separated her knees more and faced her crotch, causing, even more, worry to Sally. She had no idea if her pussy was even attractive, having never compared it with others. Chris was going to be the first to see it other than her doctor, and she doesn’t count. Efforts to pull him back up her body were fruitless, and she gave up when a tongue slid up along her slit. Her attempts to remove him from there turned to grab his head to keep him in place. He licked and kissed her all over in an activity that could only be described as a heavy make-out session on her alternative lips. She was loving it, not even realizing that he had no idea what he was doing, but obviously enjoying it himself.

That wet tongue slipped into her opening, giving her a warm, loving sensation. Then, as it moved up, her clit received attention. Moans came freely from her mouth as she loved these new sensations.

Chris loved every moment, just following the close-ups of the camera shots that he had seen plus letting his intuition take over. The noises Sally made were music to his ears, letting him know she was enjoying it. The slow humping of her hips made sure he didn’t miss any spots. As he tried faster moves against her clit, her hip motion became erratic, and the little noises she made rose in pitch and volume. He didn’t notice when she pulled her pillow over her face to stifle the sounds that had grown quite loud.

His mouth and tongue muscles were getting tired and beginning to hurt when his head was squeezed tight between her thighs, and her hands pulled him into her crotch trapping him completely. He became glad of his fitness and large lung capacity as he was suffocated for what felt like hours. Of course, he knew it was only seconds, but it was a while before any pressure was released, allowing breathing to resume. He was pulled back up to be taken by a very emotional and turned on the girl whose kissing was like a frenzied toothless shark attack.

Being so perfectly matched in height, his cock slipped into her vagina without any assistance when she put their lips together. It was then fully by instinct that Chris hunched his back to press his cock fully into her. Her hips had pivoted to just the right angle to meet his thrust. At this, Sally released his lips to let a moan leave her mouth. His cock was hitting her in all the right places inside her. A fleeting thought went through her that she had had larger ones in her, but none had touched in these places. She had been concerned that her cunt would be too big for his lack of size, but this moment of his entry dispelled all worries. Her only thought now was just how perfect he was for her. For once, there was no pain of her being forced open, and no abrasion inside as she was fully lubricated.

It was so good that her climax of a minute ago transformed into a new orgasm, building up to heights she had never before experienced. It was perhaps just as well she was having this orgasm straight away because Chris found he could not hold back at all. The feeling of a warm, moist, and firm vagina around his cock was overloading his senses. His orgasm rushed through him. They both groaned with joy as his cock pulsed his cum into her. Soon the room was totally silent except for two people breathing as though in sleep.

A short while later Sally rolled to her side, pushing Chris onto his back, his soft dick falling from her. She rolled against him to cuddle, nestling her head to his shoulder with a leg and arm thrown over him to snuggle in, his arm securing her to himself. They would have returned to sleeping if a knock on the door hadn’t disturbed them, together with a female voice calling that it was getting late on a school night. The training was on in the morning.

The two on the bed groaned at that reminder, who wants to get up at 4:30 am on a school day just to get in a pool. It was then that Chris jumped as he realized he was naked in a bedroom with an equally naked girl, with her parents in the house as well. Panic set in, until he heard his companion shushing and gently telling him to calm down.

“Don’t worry, they won’t come in. They really are the coolest parents, as long as nobody gets hurt. It’s okay,” and she even giggled when he looked at her in astonishment.



A couple of weeks later and Chris was still floating with the clouds. Sally had become his girlfriend, which gained him some credibility at school and the pool. A few of his main bullies maintained their activities and taunts against him, but it had lost a lot of the effect from before. Most kids now saw him as just another guy. After all, if someone like Sally was interested in him, he can’t be all that bad. Unfortunately, this relationship had a downside, as the self-proclaimed leaders of the school and pool thought that only they could, or should, date the best females let Chris know he was poaching. Chris tried to just ignore them, and Sally blatantly let them know where to go. It got worse when Sally’s friends joined them and snubbed the elitist. For now, though it was all small-time digs at Chris and he hoped they would tire of it soon.

The Masons had befriended Chris and included him in their family time. Chris even found he had a previously unknown sense of humor, as Sally and her parents were always kidding around with each other. This fun and lighthearted behavior was outside Chris’ experience but found he loved it compared to the serious and proper atmosphere at home.

From having been a total undated, except for the cousin at a wedding but that doesn’t count, a virgin he was now enjoying regular sex. It was still school term, and swimming training had to be attended, but they managed to get together one night during the week and most of the weekends. Homework and life still occurred, putting some limits on their activities. One Saturday night they had even gone out with Sally’s friends, Corrie and Darlene, to a skating rink.

It was fun, and Chris could see that all three were great company and great eye candy. If not for Sally he would have been really happy to be dating either of the pair. They even seemed to flirt with him regardless of whether Sally was there or not. It made Chris feel like a real man having them pay much attention to him, but at the same time, he was cautious that he didn’t flirt too much back to them. He did not want to upset Sally, although she seemed to take this behavior as normal and joined her friends in the flirts towards him.

It even got to a time when they had been resting having a drink at a table, and the attention to Chris was especially risque and sexual. It seemed all three girls had to be touching him while talking and making bodily contact when possible. He noted many times that a hand would touch, then linger on his upper leg. Often it was very high on his leg, almost touching his crotch. This made him extremely uncomfortable, not because of the touching, but because his cock had hardened and made a slight bulge in his pants. He had to tell a little fib about finishing his drink when the others decided to return to the rink. He needed a few minutes to let it soften and disappear from view. He hoped the smirks they gave him as they left the table meant they were not aware of his predicament.

Inevitably his mother worked out that her little boy was seeing a girl, although Chris made every effort to keep the information of who she was from them. He just knew how they would react to who her parents were, and his life would become a living hell as they would want to ingratiate themselves into the Mason’s lives to improve their own social standing. He also knew they would tell all the family and friends about it. He was a very private person from his emotionally isolated upbringing and the treatment of him by his own peers. So everyone hearing of it would mean he would get bombarded with questions from them all, they have to parade with Sally in front of them. He knew that they all considered him too young because of his build and looks, and from the way, his parents belittled him when discussing him.

So he was really dismayed when told that he just had to bring his ‘little friend’ over to meet them as was proper for such things. Best done over the evening meal to allow enough time to get to know her. Chris knew this meant that she had to stay at the table as they interrogated her, checking that her credentials were good enough to be associated with them.

Chris had warned her about his parents being prudes and was relieved, if saddened that he would miss out on seeing parts of her body when she arrived wearing a demure outfit with no cleavage, back or knees showing. Sally was all smiles and put her best foot forward during the meet and greet session in the formal lounge room. As he expected, they did not recognize Sally at all, but after the relevant questions, they certainly recognized her parents’ names. A look passed between his mother and father, followed by his mother leaving the lounge room. It was when they were called to the dining table that Chris realized what the look meant. He had a quiet chuckle at what to him was his parents’ nature.

The table had been set and ready for dinner long before Sally had arrived. Having now learned of her pedigree, mother had removed the basic dinner service and put out that reserved for special honored guests. Even the crystal glassware was to be used, and if he had to guess the wine to be served had changed from the standard wine to the expensive bottled stuff. Chris silently groaned to himself at how obvious they were. Then he had to wonder at how the heck could he be the product of them.

Fortunately for him, Sally was a fantastic person and accepted everything they put to her. To Chris, it was an obvious grilling about her parents with an unmistakable slant on how to include themselves into her family’s circle. For Chris, what felt like a never-ending meal did eventually finish, and the most surprising part was his mother’s insistence he was not needed to clear everything up. He was allowed to just leave the table with this guest, and the parents would see to the dishes, actually just load the dishwasher.

Normally he had to help his mother with the clear up and dishes as it was considered character building for him. More surprising was that he was actually forced to go to his room with Sally. Sally giggled at his wide-eyed look, especially when she closed his bedroom door behind them. He could only assume his parents needed privacy to discuss what they could do next without Sally overhearing the scheming.

Sally seemed to float towards him as he waited for the mother to rush in to make certain he wasn’t doing anything improper that might hurt their chances at upgrading to new acquaintances. His new girlfriend had her arms around his neck and kissing his lips before he was aware enough to respond. A couple of minutes went by before he had relaxed enough to let his passion for this wonder woman show through. Breaking the lip lock, Sally looked around his room, noting how spartan it was. There wasn’t even a dirty sock on the floor or a magazine by the single bed. If she hadn’t known it was Chris’s room, it could have been in a display home at a new sub-division. He noticed her curious look with dismay.

“Sorry Sal, not much to look at is it. Bedrooms are just for sleeping in, you know.”

“No probs. I sort of wondered what your room would be like,” speaking as she wandered over and opened the wardrobe door, “Wow, even the cupboard is neat.”

At this, Chris became really embarrassed seeing this as a dig against him. Sally was aware of his reactions to things and actually found it cute at times. His heavy sigh made her note that it was time to make him feel better.

“I guess your folks make sure everything is always neat and tidy, huh. So glad I don’t have that to worry about.”

“Yea, I left a drawer partially open and messy one morning when I was running late for school. They took my ‘privileges’ away for a week. It was before I had a smartphone and the only TV is in the family room. I had to stay here in my room at night, no TV and only my homework to keep me company. They even took out my magazines I have to keep in the bedside cupboard,” and at Sally’s smirk, he quickly added, “My approved computer magazines, that is.”

“Shit, that’s harsh,” she consoled and moved back to hug him tight against herself, pleased with feeling his erection digging into her.

“Tell me about it. Not the worst thing that happened, but you sort of getting used to the way they are. Especially with a lifetime of experience,” finishing with a grin.

She was rubbing her hips against his hump, causing him to breathe deeper the more she moved. Once he started thrusting his hips into her, she dropped to her knees and expertly undid and pulled his pants and jocks down. Without any further ado took his cock into her mouth fully without any problems. Chris groaned in pleasure at the suction and tongue bathing he could feel. He was so uptight at being in here in his bedroom with his parents in the house that he forgot to try holding on so his enjoyment could last longer, and quickly had to warn Sally of his pending climax. She actually moaned in happiness as she swallowed his sweet juices after each spurt.

The last squeeze from her lips made sure all was removed from his now deflating cock when there was a knock on the door. He managed to actually get his pants back up and done up, while Sally stood and moved away from him, as the door opened. He wasn’t surprised at mother barging straight in, but her knocking was a first.

“Oh good, there you are,” as though mother had no idea they were in his room, “Father and I were just about to watch some TV. Would you care to join us?”

Chris had to think quick on his feet, as his parents only watched news, political, or economic type programs. Parliament question time was a real winner in this household, and he didn’t want Sally to be inundated with more attempts from his parents to befriend her folks.

“Thanks, mother, but I think I should make sure Sally gets home okay. I will just walk her back.”

“What a sweet thing to do,” mother responded, although sounding miffed at not being able to talk more with Sally, as Chris’ father joined them, “It was great to meet you Sally, and I hope we can see you again, and maybe your parents as well, soon.”

Sally answered as Chris led her from the room, “It was a real pleasure to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter. I am certain my parents would love to meet up with you. Not sure why you have not crossed paths at the swim club very often in the past.”

Chris rushed forward before more could be said, and they were soon walking down the street arm in arm. As soon as he thought they would not be overheard from home, Chris asked.

“Are you trying to get us killed?”

Giggling, Sally responded, “Whatever are you worried about, nobody caught us. I thought you needed a little de-stressing, you seemed so uptight. Besides, I thought it was so hot. I hope you plan to stay at my house for a little while. You do need to make sure I am safe, and sound tucked up in my little bed,” then with a little girl voice, “I might get scared all by myself.”

They both laughed at her comments before stopping at the edge of the road to give each other a deep kiss. As they separated, Sally got all giggly and wriggled out of his arms before dashing off down the road, calling out that last one home is a loser. Chris was quickly chasing her, but seeing her body action while running, he never quite caught up. The view was too good to pass up and well worth being a loser. She got the idea he was purposefully trailing behind and gave a little extra hip wriggle as she was opening the front door to her house. He did catch up and grabbed her from behind, and they went inside together, laughing for no reason except being happy together.

Her parents were in the front lounge quietly reading and looked up, smiling, at the merry pair. June asked her daughter how the night went, and as Sally filled them in, Chris excused himself to visit the toilet. He did overhear their laughter when she said Chris had to make sure she made it safely to bed, and a groan arose at his parents wanting to get together with them. Fortunately for Chris, they did not hold him accountable for what his parents were like. The Masons had met the older Carpenters at the swimming club and had made sure they had minimal contact.

Now they were resigned to being more involved with them, and not just at club events. Unknown to Chris and Sally he had been the topic of June and Peter’s discussions and they were both amazed at how normal Chris seemed to be despite his parentage. Having been made aware of, and witnessed, his treatment by his peers they were really awed at how he coped. They also noticed that Sally was quite a bit calmer and less flighty than before as well. It was obvious they were good for each other.

Chris found himself herded to Sally’s bedroom with her commenting that she needed her hero to protect her till she was safely tucked in. Their exit was followed by laughter from her parents. Reaching the room, she closed her door, settled him on the bed, and dashed to her bathroom to ease some liquid pressure. Returning, she found her boyfriend stretched out with his head on a pillow. He had removed his shoes before lying down, making it easy for her to undo and remove his pants, followed quickly by his other clothes. The erection already available was quickly taken into her mouth, followed by a happy groan from Chris.

The groan was soon cut off as his mouth was accosted by a very moist inflamed pussy. He felt her groan through his cock as he let his tongue explore her slit and passage. Having already blown a load tonight he managed to ensure her climax well before he was anywhere near his. Disengaging from the sixty-nine, he positioned her bent over the edge of the bed and thrust inside from behind while standing beside the bed. They had found that this gave his smallish prick greater penetration with his body strength behind it.

What mostly surprised Sally since being with Chris, was that her orgasms were much more easily raised, were greater and extremely more enjoyable than the few she was able to get from other bigger cocked boys. She had given it all a lot of thought since they started together and was happy her little experiment had produced the best results. They had not been together long, but she could never go back to other guys as Chris always gave her the best sex, ensuring she had orgasms every time. Others with normal or larger than normal cocks seemed to rely on the cock to do the work without any thought that it took more than friction to get a girl off. She had even had one guy who was so big it hurt when he entered having not taken any care to get her ready. Needless to say, he never got another chance, in fact, that one chance was shortened and she finished him off with a hand.

She never wanted Chris to leave her side, staying as girlfriend and boyfriend forever. She even started thinking longer-term with him, but her imagination only ventured so far from reality. They were, after all, only eighteen and in the early stages of their final year of high school. Her newfound happiness had been noticed by others at the school and swim club. To her chagrin, other girls had become aware of her continual smile and her affection toward Chris and put two and two together.

He might be totally unaware, but those girls were starting to flirt with him, and she was concerned that someone might steal him away. To her mind, he was so worth fighting for. His parents were, to be kind, weird, and over-controlling, amongst other negative adjectives. But Chris was so loving and giving, always putting her happiness and comfort before his own. He even listened to her talk about her favorite music without flinching. She couldn’t help it if she still liked girlie songs and boy bands.

Now she just had to come up with something to keep him interested in staying with her, or perhaps more to the point, how to orchestrate what she had originally thought about before her initial approach. She thought it best to talk to her best girlfriends before saying anything to Chris. She just hoped they would all go along with her. For now, though she had a wonderful guy to cuddle on her bed. They had both come and now were hugging each other to regain their breathing. She snuggled some more into him as he held her a bit tighter. Two minds drifting with happy thoughts.

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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