Summer with Unkie (Gay SPH)

By fantaseeboy.


When my stepmother accepted a job in Europe just after my graduation from high school, I went to live with her brother, my step-uncle. This wasn’t a bad thing. A new city meant a new start. I could use a fresh beginning. I was never popular at all. I hadn’t had a real friend since elementary school. I had no significant other to speak of, just a few men around town who enjoyed the occasional company of a younger gay male with a feminine streak. I suppose I would miss those men to some degree.

My stepmother dropped me off at his home on her way to the airport. He was dressed as he always dressed in khaki’s, a polo shirt, and dress shoes. He stood close to a foot taller than I did, had crystal blue eyes, a full head of dark brown hair and a surprisingly fit body considering he worked a desk job. I was wearing snug-fitting denim shorts that covered me to my knees, a loose-fitting white t-shirt, white ankle socks, and new white trainers.

It had been a few years since I’d seen him and to my surprise, my uncle looked me up and down the whole time he greeted me, barely making eye contact at all. Being familiar with that sort of look, I couldn’t resist pressing my body against his while we embraced. I clung to him longer than a customary uncle-nephew hug. Even after inviting me into his home and following me to the guest room where I’d be living, I caught him checking out my butt whenever I looked back over my shoulder. That encouraged me to put an extra wiggle in my walk.

That whole first day, I don’t think he made eye contact for more than a second or two. His eyes were everywhere else on my body, except where they should have been. It was obvious my step-uncle, who I affectionately began calling ‘Unkie,’ appreciated how I’d grown. No longer was I just a little boy, I’d grown into a delicate young man with almost shoulder-length blonde hair and sparkling green eyes, the fragile type of boy who attracted the attention of a certain type of man. Apparently, Unkie was that sort of man too. It made me giggle just to think about the summer we had ahead of us.

He took me out to dinner that first evening together, and we got to know each other better. The conversation came easy, and by the time the meal was over, I’m sure we both knew we’d get along really well while living together. When we returned to his home, I excused myself to unpack my things. When finished, I changed into a snug-fitting pair of cotton shorts and a t-shirt that left my midriff exposed.

I made my way to the living room and found Unkie watching a movie. Before he realized I was in the room, I pulled my shorts up until they slipped between my cheeks and rolled the hem down to reveal even more of my midriff. The outline of my little penis and pouch of marbles was unmistakable. I tiptoed across the room until I stood between him and the television.

After allowing his eyes time to wander over my body slowly, I grinned and said, “I want you to know that I’m really grateful you’re letting me stay with you for the summer.”

His eyes wandered up and down my body once more before he told me it wasn’t a problem, and he was looking forward to having some company. My hips squirmed from side to side while I grinned and agreed it was going to be nice not to be alone, and I was excited to get to know him better.

Before I moved to take a seat on the couch, I bit my lower lip and said, “This is your home, so if I do anything that’s irritating or if you’d like me to do anything differently, please tell me.” I moved my hands behind my back and laced my fingers together. While rolling my hips from side to side, I asked in my most timid and submissive voice, “Unkie, do you have any rules I need to follow?”

He groaned softly while his eyes remained focused on my squirming hips. “I can’t think of anything at the moment,” he said.

With my chin lowered, I looked up at him and whispered, “If you think of anything, anything at all, just tell me, okay?”

I then giggled, spun around, wiggled my bottom, and sat down on the couch. Positioning myself with my head furthest away from Unkie and my legs parted. He handed me the remote and asked me to choose a movie. I browsed through the selection until I found a romantic drama that I knew had brief flashes of nudity and sexual situations.

Throughout the movie, I caught Unkie checking me out. The combination of his eyes on my body and the graphic nature of the movie was more than enough to make my little penis stiff. After letting him watch my penis throb under my cotton shorts for half the movie, I covered my petite bulge with one hand and stood up. I bit my lower lip and told him I needed to go to bed. With my hips squirming around, I walked close to him, bent at the hips, and kissed him on the lips. Before he could react, I whispered, “Goodnight,” and rushed down the hall to my room.

He would have to pass by my door on the way to his room, and I made sure to leave it wide open. I slept naked that night covered only by a thin sheet. I’d intentionally left the clothes I’d worn on the floor just inside the door. I wanted him to know I was naked. I tried to stay awake. I wanted to pretend I was asleep when he walked by my door. However, the travels of the day got to me, and I soon fell asleep.


The next morning, I woke up still covered by the sheet. Looking around the room, I saw the shorts and t-shirt I’d worn the night before had been folded and set on the foot of my bed. He did come in and check on me! I couldn’t help but fantasize about him sneaking a peek of my naked body. It was so deliciously naughty.

Slipping back into those shorts, I made sure to pull them up between my cheeks and roll the hem down, so my hipbones were exposed. I went without a shirt so Unkie could see my hairless chest, the outline of my ribs, my collarbones, and my little pink nipples.

I made my way toward the smell of coffee and found him dressed for work and setting his cup in the sink. I stood in the archway between the kitchen and living room and made a show of stretching my arms above my head. When he turned and saw me, his mouth fell open, and I saw his bulge jump.

I giggled and said, “Good morning, Unkie.”

Then bounced across the room, threw my arms around his neck, and kissed him on the lips. It was an innocent, bunny kiss. Nevertheless, it was enough to make him gasp softly. It took him a few seconds, but he eventually wrapped his arms around my bare waist. With my arms still around his neck and his still around my waist, I asked him how he slept. He told me he’d slept well and before he could ask, I told him I slept really well too!

While telling me he had to go to work, I felt his hands slowly sliding down my back. His fingertips were technically on the tops of my butt cheeks when he told me he’d be home around five o’clock and I should make myself at home. I told him I’d probably be lazy for most of the day, but that I’d take a bath and be ready for him when he got home. He squeezed me against his body and told me he’d get some take-out on his way home from work.

I giggled and rose up on my tiptoes and kissed him again. He glanced at the clock on the wall and realized he was running late. He excused himself from my embrace and quickly left me all alone in my home for the summer.

My first thought had been to lay by his swimming pool, but I decided to snoop around my new home first. I steered clear of his bedroom, I didn’t want to invade his privacy that blatantly. His kitchen, living room, and the bedroom I stayed in held no surprises other than a small collection of soft-core porn DVDs hidden amongst his movie collection. The third bedroom is what captured my attention.

A few years before he had been engaged to a woman half his age, not long after he had proposed, he came home to find her in bed with another man. My uncle threw them both out of the house and never allowed her to return to pick up her belongings. That third bedroom had all that remained of that relationship neatly arranged and looked like a typical guest room at first glance. However, opening the drawers of the dresser, I found a huge selection of lingerie, swimsuits, cute tee’s, little shorts, skinny jeans, and skirts. The closet filled with dresses, pantsuits, jumpers, and a few formal gowns.

There were several boxes on the closet floor. Two of them were overflowing with shoes and another filled with feminine bathroom supplies, shampoo, conditioner, bath bombs, brushes, curling irons, blow dryer, etc. A rather large case that was her collection of make-up, she had it all. Now it was mine to play with! It was a sissy boy’s paradise! I spent the majority of that day playing dress-up, trying on nearly every piece of clothing in the dresser and closet. A few pieces were too small, but most of the clothes fit me surprisingly well.

After I had a late lunch, I moved the box of bathroom supplies from the closet to the bathroom. While the tub was filling, I added a giant lavender bath bomb from the box. The room quickly filled with a distinctly floral scent that I loved. I’d shaved off my body hair the day before, but I was glad to learn the box contained all the shaving supplies I would need. I slipped off my shorts and settled into the tub. My little penis was stiff and throbbing with excitement, but I forced myself to wash it and not play with it.

While I soaked, I considered all the ways I could tease Unkie. I could begin bathing while he was at home and leave the door halfway open. I could continue to walk around in hardly any clothes. I would greet him with kisses and hugs. Several years before, he had bought me a journal for my birthday, and I began writing down naughty fantasies and desires in that book. It was terribly personal and private, but I could leave it out in the open for him to see. My mind ran wild with all the things I could do to turn Unkie on!

When the bath began to cool off, I rose up and dried myself with a fresh towel. I rubbed my body down with the feminine lotion from the box and then brought the manicure kit to the living room. I sat naked on the couch and addressed my finger and toenails. I debated with myself about applying a clear polish and eventually gave in to my desires.

Moments after I’d closed the bottle of polish, my phone rang. I popped up off the couch and made my way to my room while being careful with the wet polish on my toe and fingernails. I couldn’t help but smile when I learned it was Unkie calling. I used the pad of my first finger to connect the call on my cell. I then put it on speakerphone.

After a bit of small talk, he asked what I was up to. I giggled, looking down at my naked, smooth body with my stiff little penis, and said, “I just got out of the bath and was giving myself a manicure and pedicure.”

He responded with, “Aren’t you the cutest thing.”

After giggling, I dropped my voice to a whisper and said, “Unkie, I need to tell you something. I did some snooping in your spare bedroom. I’m sorry.”

His voice sounded raspy when he replied, “It’s okay. There is nothing to apologize for.”

Still whispering I said, “Your ex-fiance has some really cute things. She has some really sexy things too. Um, would you mind if I wore some of them?”

He sounded a little confused when he began to say, “Honey, those are girl’s clothes.”

I giggled again, “I know they are girl’s clothes!” I then got serious and whispered, “I need to tell you something else, Unkie. This morning, while you were at work, I already tried on some of her things.”

He tried to stifle a moan, and I knew he’s turned on thinking about me in girl’s clothes.

In my serious voice, I said, “I’m sorry, Unkie. I should have asked your permission first. But I couldn’t resist playing dress-up.”

He groaned before saying, “It’s okay, Honey. You don’t need to apologize. You can wear anything you like in that room. I had planned to throw all those things away. But now I’m glad I held onto them.”

I giggled and thanked him for being so understanding. Unkie then told me he needed to get back to work. I hesitated for a moment while considering what I was about to say. I felt my entire body flush when I said, “I should get dressed. I’ve been naked this whole time we’ve been talking!”

He groaned into the phone, “I am going to love every minute we spend together this summer.”

I made a kissy sound into the phone and told him to get back to work.

After hanging up, I had a strong desire to masturbate. I somehow denied that desire, and after putting away the manicure kit and polish, I went back to the spare room to choose what I’d wear. Browsing through the entire wardrobe, I decided on a tiny, white satin bikini panty and a floral-patterned, silk jumper. The jumper had short sleeves and very short shorts. The leg openings of the jumper were big enough that I could lift them up and completely expose my sides and pantied penis. There were buttons all the way up the front, and the cut of the jumper nipped in at my waist.

I waited until I was completely dressed before looking at myself in the mirror when I first saw my reflection, a shiver of sissy-shame shot through my body. I looked like the sissy boy I’d always dreamed of being. With my soft and gentle facial features, my collar-length hair, and my petite build, I was sure anyone who saw me, would need to question whether I was a girl or a boy.

Until that afternoon, I’d only had access to a few pairs of panties. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d have an entire wardrobe to play with! I couldn’t have hoped for a better person than Unkie to wear them for. Until that moment in front of the mirror, I’d only planned on teasing him. I knew he would never make the first move, it wasn’t in his nature. However, allowing me to wear his ex-fiancé’s clothes and truly be myself that summer made me want to thank him properly. Maybe, if the opportunity arose, Unkie would get lucky before the summer was over.

With those terribly naughty thoughts dancing in my mind, I returned to the bathroom and began to explore my new make-up kit. Having never had the opportunity to use make-up, I experimented with foundation, mascara, blush, lipstick, and so many other beauty items. I spent a few hours watching videos online to learn the proper way to apply some of the things in the case. I applied and washed off my face a dozen times and knew immediately that I’d have a great time making myself up all summer long.

In the end, I kept it simple with a pink-hued lip-gloss, eyeliner, and several spritzes of floral-scented perfume. I played with my hair and was tempted to experiment with the curling iron, but decided to hold off until I learned more about it. I really didn’t want to burn my hair. I brushed it out and teased it, so it fluffed up a little. By that point, I had butterflies in my stomach, and my little penis was feeling extremely neglected.

I tiptoed back to my room and looked at my whole appearance in the mirror on the back of my door. I felt extremely sexy and feminine. The silk jumper and satin panty were so light and airy; it felt like I wasn’t wearing anything at all. However, the jumper looked cute on my thin body. The way it nipped my waist gave me the figure I’d always dreamed of having and my legs looked really long with the help of the tiny shorts.

After admiring myself for far too long, I glanced at the clock and learned Unkie would be home soon. The butterflies in my stomach began to riot, and I got very nervous about him seeing me dressed as I was. I didn’t know how he’d react. I doubt he was expecting me to appear so feminine. After debating about it with myself for a few minutes, I picked up my phone and returned to my place in front of the mirror before calling him.

It rang only once before he picked up, “Hello there, Honey!”

I giggled. “Hello, Unkie! Are you on your way home?”

“Yep, I just stopped and picked up Chinese for dinner. I’ll be home in about 15 minutes.”

I shivered, and my voice squeaked, “That sounds great. I love Chinese food.” My voice cracked again when I uttered, “Um, Unkie, remember earlier today when you said I could wear anything from the spare room that I wanted?”

That raspy sound returned to his voice when he said, “Yes, I do.”

My little penis was throbbing, and my entire body was tingling as I whispered, “Well, I don’t want you to be surprised when you see me…”

I thought I heard him moan before saying, “Sweetheart, I love surprises. Did you get carried away?”

I whimpered softly, “Maybe a little bit.”

His voice sounded so sexy, “Ever since our talk this morning, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you wearing a dress. Are you wearing a dress?”

The moan that left my mouth was easily loud enough for him to hear, “No, not a dress. But it’s close. Do you want me to change into a dress?”

“No, don’t change. Stay just as you are. I’m sure you look perfectly adorable. I’ll be home soon.”

My voice sounded husky, “I’ll be here waiting for you. Please hurry.”

The next 10 minutes took a lifetime to pass. My heart was pounding in my chest. My penis was throbbing wildly and ran to the bathroom to lower my panties and dab the moisture away with a tissue. I didn’t want Unkie to see me with a moist spot on my jumper!

When I heard his car pull into the driveway, I felt faint for a brief moment, but somehow managed to keep from passing out from nerves and arousal. I listened to his car turn off, and the door open and close. I gave him a few seconds to approach the front door before I opened it to welcome him home. I stood in the doorway in my cute silk jumper, teased-up hair, subtle make-up, and smelling faintly of perfume. I posed for him while he stood just beyond the threshold and let his eyes wander over every inch of my body. He was holding a plastic sack of take-out boxes in one hand, and a tray with two drinks in the other hand.

After several seconds, he groaned, “I was right. You are absolutely adorable.”

I giggled and spun around on my toes. “Do you really think so?”

He nodded his head and didn’t say a word. The look on his face was proof enough that he really, really liked the way I looked. I eventually stepped out of the way and let him enter his home. After closing the door behind him and before he set our food and drinks down, I approached him on my tiptoes and gave him a quick kiss on the lips and then a hug. I was careful not to grind my little penis against him in fear of squirting in my panties. He couldn’t return the hug with his hands so full, but I loved pressing my silk-covered body against him.

While I was still clinging to his body, he became erect, and I could feel his hard cock against my stomach. In that raspy, deep voice, he whispered in my ear, “This is the perfect way to be welcomed home.”

I rose up higher on my tiptoes and let my lips brush against his neck while whispering, “I’m glad to hear that. I’ll be sure to welcome you home like this, every day, all summer long.”

His cock throbbed against me from under his pants, and I had to force myself to end the embrace. As I stepped back away from him, I broke the erotic tension by taking the tray of drinks from his hand. Spinning around, I wiggled my butt as I led the way to the kitchen. I didn’t need to look back to see if he was checking me out, I could feel his eyes on me.

I asked him to sit at the table while I got things situated. After setting the tray of drinks on the table, I went to the cupboard to get plates and silverware. While I ran around, I asked how his day was.

His eyes continued to wander over my body while he spoke, “It was the best day I’ve had in a long time, and it’s all thanks to our conversation this morning. All day long, I’ve been thinking about seeing you dressed just like you are.”

I wiggled my butt while reaching up to get two glasses so we wouldn’t have to drink from paper cups. Without looking back at Unkie, I said, “Are you sure you weren’t thinking about me in a dress? You did ask if I was wearing one.”

He didn’t hesitate to respond, “I thought about you wearing several different things. And yes, there are a few dresses in that closet. I’m sure you’d look really cute wearing.”

While setting a plate, silverware, and glass down in front of him, I said in my most soft, docile voice, “Maybe after dinner, I could give you a little fashion show of your favorite outfits. Would you like that, Unkie?”

His moan was deep, “Yes, I’d like that very much.”

After transferring the drinks from the paper cups into the glasses and dishing the food from the boxes onto plates, I said, “This looks delicious!”

He was staring at me standing beside him when he said, “Yes, it does.”

I giggled as I took my seat. While we ate, I couldn’t resist licking my fork after every bite. And I let my tongue slide around the rim of my glass before taking a sip. I glanced away, bashfully every time we made eye contact. My penis was still perfectly stiff under my satin panties, and my little wrinkled hole was quivering with desire.

We barely spoke a word while we ate. I did my very best to tease Unkie while he was unable to keep from staring at my body. When we finished, I asked him to stay seated while I cleaned things up. I rinsed the dishes one-by-one and put them in the dishwasher. With my back to him, I bent at the waist with my legs straight while loading each dish into the machine. After all the leftovers put in the refrigerator, I turned to face him and caught him with his hand in his lap.

I bit my lower, glossy lip and asked, “Unkie, are you ready for that fashion show?”

He stood up and tried to hide his long, thick erection behind his hands. In a surprisingly calm, normal voice, he said, “Yes, I am.”

I turned and began to walk down the hall to the spare room. As I did, I said, “Well, come with me and pick out what you’d like me to model!”

Of course, as I walked down the hall, I wiggled my hips, and I could again feel his gaze on my body. It felt so good to be looked at with such desire. Goosebumps were rising and falling all over my body in waves.

When we arrived in that bedroom, I went right to the dresser and opened the top drawer. Stepping to the side, I asked, “Do you have a favorite panty?”

His eyes popped open wide, “You’re not going to model panties for me, are you?”

I stepped in close to him, looked up into his eyes, and said, “I’ll model anything you want me too. You pick it out, and I’ll put it on.”

He stood there for several moments, just looking into my eyes. Then a grin formed on his face. “Well, if you’re sure.” He began going from drawer to drawer, picking out the outfits he liked the most. He chose two different panties, a bright yellow string bikini, a gauzy, white nightie with its own matching panty, and a pair of tiny, denim short-shorts with a white crop-top. We moved to the closet, and he pulled down a bright pink tube dress and a flirty, sleeveless, white summer dress.

When all of the outfits were laid out neatly on the bed, I slithered into his arms and whispered, “Why don’t you wait for me in the living room. I’ll come out to you after I’ve changed.”

His arms circled my waist, and for the first time, I felt his hands on my upper butt cheeks. His cock was throbbing against my stomach, and my little penis was throbbing against his thigh. He leaned down close to my ear and whispered, “I’ll be waiting for you.”

After he’d left the room and I heard him make his way down the hall and sit in his favorite chair, I slid the silk jumper off of my body and wiggled out of the satin bikini panties I’d worn for most of the day. Standing naked in that room with the door wide open and Unkie just down the hall was wildly arousing, my little bald penis was extremely excited about this fashion show.

Unkie turned on the stereo and browsed the stations until he found one that played the current, popular music I loved. I called out to him, “I like that one! Please leave it there!”

I rated the outfits in order of naughtiness. The least naughty was going to be the denim short shorts and crop top. I chose one of the panties Unkie picked out, a neon pink thong. A shiver shot throughout my body while I slipped that thin cotton thong up over my dainty penis. For a brief moment, I considered running down the hall in just that g-string, but I stopped myself. I wanted to make this tease last for as long as possible. I quickly wiggled into the short shorts and pulled the crop top down onto my chest. Taking a quick glance in the mirror, I found out just why he’d chosen that outfit. It looked good on my thin body!

I didn’t hesitate. I couldn’t wait. I called out to Unkie. “I’m coming out!”

As I stepped out of the room into the hallway, I saw Unkie sitting in his chair in the living room. I walked on my tiptoes and wiggled my hips shamelessly. As I left the hall and entered the living room, I found he had moved the coffee table, so the entire room was open for me to pose in. While making my way to the center of the room, right in front of him, I began to dance to the music. While grinding my hips, I lifted my arms above my head and danced around in a circle.

The music was playing soft enough that we could talk in our normal voices. While I continued to dance, I asked, “What do you think Unkie? Do I look okay?”

He watched my every move. I don’t think he was even blinking his eyes. He had his hand resting over the long, thick bulge of his hard cock. I can’t be sure if he was trying to hide it or fondle it. Either way, seeing how he was reacting to my little show made me want to tease him even more.

That familiar deep, raspy voice said, “Sweetheart, you look amazing. I’ve always known you had a cute body. But I didn’t realize just how…”

He never finished that thought. It was probably because I’d slipped my fingers under my shorts and pulled the straps of the thong up over my hip bones. I danced and posed for him a little longer before blowing him a kiss and telling him I was going to change.

The short shorts and crop top came off my body as soon as I returned to the spare room. I took a deep breath and paused to think about what I was doing. A shiver of shame ran through my body, but it was nowhere near enough to make me reconsider what I was doing. I had never felt so sexy or desirable before. I’d been with a few different men in the past. But none of them looked at me the way Unkie did. Of course, I had never dressed up like this for other men either. Sure, I’d worn panties before, but I’d never fully dressed up for anyone.

Leaving the neon pink thong on, even with its growing moist spot, I pulled the flirty white summer dress onto my thin, smooth body. The dress was sleeveless with buttons all the way up the front. It hung to mid-thigh and flared out horizontally to its high waist if I spun around quickly. Before leaving the room, I went to the box of shoes in the closet. I dug through them and found a cute pair of strappy white heels. However, I knew I’d look like a dork wobbling around in heels, so I picked out a pair of sparkly white, ballet flats.

I didn’t bother announcing myself this time. I strutted out into the hall and felt his eyes devouring my body as I approached him. I played runway model and posed when I stood before him. I turned my back to him and posed again. Glancing over my shoulder, I began to slowly dance for him.

There was no need for me to ask him how I looked at that time. He sat there on the couch, occasionally squeezing his raging erection through his pants, and said, “That dress looks so much better on you than it did on her. You look positively beautiful.”

His words were doing incredible things to my confidence. I continued to slowly dance around for him. Turning my side to him, I reached down and slowly pulled the dress up to expose the strap of the thong I was wearing. In a desperate, breathy-sounding voice, I said, “I really love dressing like this for you, Unkie.”

After releasing the hem of the dress, I danced for him and watched him squeeze his cock before looking up into his eyes. He wanted me. And I wanted him. The erotic tension in the room could’ve been cut with a knife.

I watched him continue to squeeze his long, fat hard-on while said, “Honey, I’m not sure about this. I mean, you’re my nephew. We can’t… I mean, we shouldn’t… You’re my step-nephew, but still…”

After turning to face him, I slipped both hands under my dress and hooked my thumbs under the straps of my thong. While maintaining eye contact, I bent at my hips and slid the panties down my legs. Rising back up, I stepped out of them and bent to pick them up from the floor. I dangled them from my first finger while standing up straight, allowing my very stiff and excited penis to poke against the front of my dress.

In a throaty, sexy voice, I said, “Unkie, let’s not overthink this.” I began dancing again, careful not to let my dress flair out high enough to expose my private parts to him. “Let’s just see what happens. We have the whole summer together. Let’s not ruin it by worrying too much, okay?”

As I uttered that last word, I dropped the g-string I’d been wearing onto his lap. I looked down at it, laying over his hand that was rhythmically squeezing his cock. Looking back into his eyes, I whispered, “I’ll be right back.” I then turned on my toes and strutted from the room.

Once I had returned to the spare room, I leaned against the wall by the door. My breathing was ragged, and my entire body was flushed with arousal. I slowly undid the buttons of the dress until they were all undone, and I let the dress fall from my naked body. I again considered walking out to Unkie completely naked, but I somehow managed to resist that urge.

As quickly as I could, I tied the bright yellow bikini onto my body. Having never tied a bikini on before, it took much longer than I would have liked. I had to tie the bottoms on tightly to keep my anxious penis from poking out the top. Once I had both the bottom and top tied on, I wiggled into the pink tube dress. Just before I was about to step into the hall, I heard my all-time favorite song come on the radio. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling brightly and singing along as I sashayed down the hall. My hips were swinging from side to side while the stretchy dress clung to my body like a second skin. The knots of the bikini I wore beneath it was plainly visible, as were the yellow strings looping around my neck.

When I stepped into my place before Unkie, he groaned, “Sweetheart, there isn’t a girl alive who would look better in that dress than you do.”

My dancing only lasted a few moments; I was beyond any known level of horniness. I was dancing, teasing orgasm on the edge. I turned my back to Unkie and hooked my thumbs under the top of the dress. While swaying my hips from side to side, I began to lower the dress slowly inch-by-inch, it exposed more and more of my bare flesh. When it sat on my hips, I arched my back deeply and danced around to face him. I held my arms above my head while I danced in my yellow bikini top and pink tube dress hugging my body from my hips to my upper thigh.

While squeezing his raging erection, he moaned in a deep, voice, “Please don’t stop now. I’m begging you!”

I answered in a squeaky voice, “Alright, but only because you used the magic word.” I bit my lower lip while arching my back. I never thought I’d hear a grown man beg me to strip for him. I was out of my mind with desire when Unkie spoke those words. Hooking my thumbs under the dress again, I rose up on my tiptoes and whispered, “Are you ready?” He didn’t answer. He stared at me with his mouth hanging open while squeezing his cock over his pants.

Excruciatingly slowly, I wiggled my hips and slid the dress down my body until it fell around my ankles. I was standing before Unkie wearing a little yellow string bikini. My dainty, very stiff penis was poking against fabric. I danced and posed for him in that little bikini, and he never said a word. His eyes were devouring my body, and I loved every second of it.

I danced myself close to him, so close he could reach out and touch me. He held the g-string I’d been wearing in the same hand he was squeezing his cock with. Biting my lip again, I whispered, “I only have one more outfit to model for you.”

He groaned softly, “The nightie.”

I arched my back and whispered, “Yes, the nightie. Unkie, that nightie is so gauzy you’ll be able to see through it. You’re going to see my naked body.”

When he didn’t respond and never let his eyes stop from wandering over my bikini-clad body, I had an idea I couldn’t resist acting upon. I turned my back to him and squatted down. Looking back at him, I asked, “Unkie, would you please untie this for me?”

He moaned aloud and reached to untie the strings around my neck. That was the first time I got a look at his bulge without his hands in the way. I saw a large moist spot on his pants at the very end of his long, fat cock. It was so big! Not only was it long, but that lump under his pants was thick. I saw it jump when it throbbed and knew he’d done that for my benefit.

He took a string in either hand and slowly pulled until the knot came undone. Before it fell loose, I held it against my chest with one arm. He then untied the second set of strings that held my top on. I kept it clung to my body. Rising up, I turned my side to him and stood right between his spread knees. Nodding down at my hips, I whispered, “This one too.”

I reached down with my free hand and cupped it over my throbbing penis. Unkie slowly pulled on the strings, and when the bow came loose, the back of my bikini fell away. The side of my butt cheek exposed to him for the first time.

He groaned, “You have got the most perfect little ass I’ve ever seen.”

Spinning around, so my butt faced him, I kept going until my other hip presented. He didn’t need prompting this time. He reached up, took the ends of the strings in his hands, and pulled until the entire back of my bikini fell away. I parted my legs just enough to let it fall between them. I had one arm holding the top of the bikini to my chest, and my other hand was holding the bottom against my little erection.

Turning back to face him, I moaned, “The nightie.”

He glanced up into my eyes, grinned, and repeated, “The nightie.”

Strutting from the room, I left the dress lying on the floor. When I had turned down the hallway, I let the bikini top, bottom fall away from my body, and held them in opposite hands. From the living room, I heard Unkie groan something.

My little penis was drooling with excitement when I turned into the room. I can’t be sure if Unkie got a quick glance at my stiff penis from the side, I hoped he did. He obviously wanted to see me, and I was desperate for him to see me!

I tossed both pieces of the bikini on the bed and picked up the gauzy white panties that matched the nightie. I wiggled them up my legs and made sure they kept my very stiff and drooling, pink penis covered. I then raised the nightie up and over my head. It fell over my body and felt like I was wearing a warm breeze. It had thin lacey straps over my shoulders and had no real waist at all. It hung loosely over my body and ended just below my panties. I shivered with excitement when I saw my reflection in the mirror.

The nightie and panties were completely transparent. They left nothing hidden. It somehow felt like I’m even more exposed than when I was naked. I had to take my eyes away from the mirror and hold my hands up high. I was so close to cumming, I needed to calm down before I made my way back out to Unkie. I stood there with my eyes closed, taking deep breaths until I felt my arousal calm to a manageable level.

Opening my eyes, I turned and walked out into the hall. I held my arms at my sides with my elbows bent. I made sure to keep my palms facing down with my wrists bent in an exaggerated sissy style. I sashayed my way into the room while Unkie watched my every move. When I stood before him, I kept my arms up with my wrists bent and slowly turned around in circles in time to the music.

After slow dancing for his pleasure for several moments, I stood facing him, let my hands fall behind my back, and laced my fingers together. In my softest, sexiest voice, I whispered, “What do you think, Unkie?”

His eyes never stopped wandering up and down my body when he answered in that deep voice of his, “Honey, you’re the first boy I’ve ever been attracted to.”

I unlaced my fingers and began fiddling with the hem of my nightie. With my chin lowered, looking up into his eyes, I asked, “So you’ve never been with a boy before?”

He shook his head slowly and groaned, “No, never.”

My back arched and I slowly lifted the front of the gauzy nightie above my panties. My voice cracked when I uttered, “But you want to be with me, don’t you Unkie?”

“Dear Lord, yes, I do.”

Swaying my hips from side to side while raising the nightie above my nipples, I asked, “Unkie, I want to be with you too. I want to feel you deep inside of me. I want you to make love to me as if I were a girl.”

He groaned deeply and moved to undo his belt. But I quickly yelped, “No! Not tonight!” He looked up at me with big puppy eyes. I softly said, “Tonight I just want you to look. I want you to see all of me. And I want you to dream about me tonight and fantasize about me tomorrow while you’re at work.” As I finished that sentence, I slowly lifted the nightie off my body and let it float to the floor by my side. This left me standing before Unkie in only gauzy, transparent panties.

He moved his hands away from his belt and went back to squeezing himself. He almost sounded whiney when he asked, “Sweetheart, will you please take off your panties too?”

I squeaked, “There is that magic word again! Of course, I’ll take them off for you.” Hooking my thumbs under the sides of the panties, I first pulled them out and away from my desperate penis and then began to lower them to the floor slowly. After stepping out of them, I turned my back to Unkie, kept my legs straight, and bent at my hips to pick them up off the floor. Before standing back up, I looked back at him from beside my shin.

“Unkie, can you see my little wrinkled hole?”

He whimpered in that same whiney tone. “Yes.”

I moved one arm back so I could gently touch my quivering balloon knot of a hole. In an innocent voice, I said, “I’m going to my room now. And when I’m lying in bed, I’m going to be fantasizing about your long, fat, Unkie cock inside of me right here.”

With those last two words, I pressed the tip of my finger inside of me.

After letting his eyes devour me for several moments, I withdrew my finger from inside of me, picked up my panties from the floor, stood up, and turned to face him. His eyes saw me in all my naked glory for the first time. I posed a few different times for him. My poor little penis was so anxious, it was leaking on his carpet!

On a whim, I slipped the finger I’d had in my bottom into my mouth. Unkie looked like he was going to faint. I then approached him, dropped the panties I’d been wearing onto his lap to join the other pair I’d left earlier. I then leaned down and kissed him gently. Glancing to his lap, I lowered my hand to move the two panties aside before I lightly brushed my fingertips back and forth over the massive bulge in his pants. In my sweetest voice, I whispered, “Promise you’ll dream about me?”

He moaned, “I promise.”

Leaning back down, I kissed him again. This time I slipped my tongue beyond his lips for a short time. Brushing my lips against his, I whispered, “Goodnight Unkie.”

Standing up straight, I let him look at me for a bit longer before turning around and crossing the room to an end table. I picked up a box of tissues and returned to Unkie. I set the box beside him and whispered, “I think you’re going to need these.”

Reached down, I pulled out five tissues and stood up straight in front of him again. In my sexiest whisper, “I’m going to need them too.”

Before turning away from him, I looked down and saw he’d moved my panties back over his cock and was jacking himself off over his pants. I stood and watched him pleasure himself for only a few seconds before I had to leave. I didn’t want this to go all the way our first night together. It had already gone much farther than I ever thought it would. I couldn’t let it go on anymore.

Wiggling my bare bottom as I made my way down the hall, the only thing I had with me were five tissues. I’d left the living room littered with the clothes I’d tried on for him. That wasn’t planned, but I hoped it made Unkie want me all the more.

When I arrived in my room, I left the door wide open and climbed up on the bed. I laid on my back with my legs spread wide. A part of me hoped Unkie would walk into the room and have his way with me. Another part of me wanted him to stand in the doorway and watch me touch myself. But the largest part of myself wanted the tease to last. When I didn’t hear footsteps coming down the hall, I was happy Unkie was doing as I asked of him. He had seen me naked and extremely aroused. He could fantasize and dream about me all he wanted. But for tonight, that was all he was going to get.

My hand was shaking when I looped my first finger and thumb around my short, thin penis. It was slippery with my excitement and throbbing wildly. It took all of two strokes before the most powerful orgasm erupted from deep inside my body. Every muscle in my body went perfectly taut, and a high-pitched squeak left my lips. Just before my penis squirted for the first time, I squealed loud enough for Unkie to hear, “I’m cumming, Unkie!”

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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