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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader gives a guest a full viewing…

Bit of background. My wife is a beautiful girl, just outright perfect looking. Predictably, her BFF is also a very hot girl, super petite, and just has a crazy lean and toned body with a perky ass. They both have shared a lot of cock in the past, so they very casually talk size. On to the story:

My wife’s BFF stayed over a few weeks ago and caught me in the kitchen in the morning in my undies. She acted perfectly casual, and for a bit, I was with my back to her while making coffee. I was honestly trying to become aroused so I could have a chub with no luck. I gave up and turned around to get some stuff and keep making my coffee. I obviously acted super chill while I noted her reactions. We were talking, so when I turned around, she sort of look but not outright. Then she really gave it a look when I was serving myself more coffee. The thing is that there’s nothing to look at because I’m one-inch soft. The undies were new, so they were tight, and you could see the tiny outline.

Not exaggerating, she looked for a while, and when we continued talking, she had a huge smile on her face.

I just kept talking and praying in my head to get just a tiny hard, so I wouldn’t look so pathetic, but no luck. My wife was sound asleep, so BFF and I kept talking for about 20min, the smile never leaving her face. I finally got my courage up and asked her, “OK, OK, so what’s with the smile?”

“Oh, nothing…” she said. “So you were saying…”

“No, hey, come on! What’s up?”

“Well, don’t get weird. But I can see your dick.”

“Ohhhh… Well, sorry about that. I’ll go put on pants,” I said.

“No, dude, chill,” she said. “I already saw it! Moreover, I sorta knew about it anyway. Don’t worry.”

“You knew about it?” I asked. “About… About what precisely? Just come out with it!”

“Jeez! Well, dude, I know that you aren’t packing, but I think [Wife] had been nice in the description. It’s sorta really small, much smaller than I was led to believe. But, hey, it’s cool.”

“Well, it’s being squashed right now! And, well, if you’re gonna see it, then let me give you a full showing,” I said.


I then lowered my underwear, and she just stood there with a huge grin. “Well?” I asked, eventually.

“I mean, how short is that?” she asked.

“At the moment, probably an inch, but t grows to over four when hard.”

She laughs.“Dude, you showed me, so I’ll answer. That’s the smallest dick I’ve ever seen. Like [Wife] said, you’re small, but this…this is a baby dick.”

I pulled up my underwear, and then we talked about my experiences with being small yet handsome how nobody expects it. When my wife woke up, we didn’t say anything about showing her my dick.


This reader has an experience with the night nurse he’ll never forget…

Right after my surgery, I was in the recovery room. The surgery itself took eight hours, so I wasn’t particularly clear in my head, but I did notice that I was wearing some really weird hospital pants that didn’t cover anything really. Therefore, that’s one embarrassing thing already, knowing the staff put me from one bed to another with a pretty much clear view of my cock. I wasn’t worried about that at this point anymore. However, I was glad I got out of surgery as well as I did. After a few hours, I was still weak, and my mind was foggy, but they pushed me to my room with a TV and a nice view over the forest the hospital was in.

Some hours into mindless TV, I had the urge to pee. I tried sitting up in my bed, but I couldn’t even manage that. I’d have probably fainted if I actually got up.

I rang the bell and waited for a nurse to come. It was a young male, a bit older than me, maybe at the end of his 20s. I tried to make it clear that I had to pee as well as I could. Thinking he’d grab me and help me stand up so I could go to the bathroom as well, he pulled a plastic bottle from the side of the bed and told me I should do it in there.

Being in the position I was in, I couldn’t really say no, as much as I wanted to, so with a lot of effort, I managed to pull down my fancy hospital pants enough to reveal myself even more, and the male nurse helped me get on my side. He noticed how weak and shaky I was, so he pulled out his plastic gloves and helped me pee. He held my limp cock with two fingers and held the plastic bottle in position with the other hand. Being incredibly embarrassed, I tried to hold back doing the business, but I couldn’t keep it forever, so I just let it flow.

The careful touch of another male had me somewhat excited and aroused, so my penis grew maybe one or two centimeters, which meant it doubled in size at that point. I don’t think he even noticed, to be honest, but it felt nice. After I was done, he wiped the tip a tiny bit and removed the bottle. I was glad that it was over, but the night came quicker than expected.

At around 2am, I woke up with the extreme urge to pee again. I tried to sit up, but I wasn’t able to do that yet. I rang the bell and expected the same male nurse to come in. His shift obviously ended long ago, but I didn’t think about that at this point.

After five minutes, nobody came, so I rang the bell again. It wasn’t until after the hospital visit I’d realize that the nurses were heavily understaffed. Another five minutes passed, and holding it back really got difficult. I rang again. Around ten minutes and several attempts to stand, I couldn’t hold it back anymore, no matter what I tried, so the inevitable happened. The relief quickly drowned in the panic I got into when I peed myself.

I rang the bell again. A few minutes passed when a nurse finally came in. Much to my surprise, it was a pretty woman, maybe 30, she didn’t have any makeup on, but since it was the night shift, I suppose there was no real need for that. She still looked pretty, had this kind of natural beauty on her. Her Russian accent was the first thing I noticed when she asked if I was all right.

With one hand, I pointed at my crotch. The nurse couldn’t see I already did my business since I had my blanket over myself. She thought I just had to go to the bathroom, so she asked if I could hold it for another minute since she had to find a male nurse to help me. Before I could answer, she was already out of the room to get another nurse. It wasn’t too long until she came back, telling me there was no male nurse at this station, so she asked if it was okay with me if she helped.

Being more embarrassed than ever, I nodded (due to the surgery, I couldn’t really talk), and she went up to my bed. The blood rushed to my head, and my heart rate went up like crazy. She put on her plastic gloves and grabbed the plastic bottle as if that would’ve helped at this point. She removed my blanket and saw what has happened there. The white pants were completely see-through. Now they were wet, so she was yet another girl that had seen my small penis there. She said it was okay that it happened, and she apologized she couldn’t have been there on time. It seemed to be a stressful night.

She kept her cool, but something tells me that her thoughts weren’t so professional when she saw me like that. The nurse, Larisa, was her name, left the room and came back with wet towels to clean up the mess, which didn’t really help since the bed was ruined. Larisa said she’d have to wash me if that was okay with me, and I couldn’t really say no to that.

She helped me stand, removed my gown, and gave me a fresh one. For a brief moment, I was more or less naked in front of her Russian beauty, but she tried not to look. When I had the fresh gown on me, we went to the shower rooms. I was still pretty shaky and weak, so I kept grabbing her arm to be able to stand up. Finally, at the showers, I could hold on to two handles. She asked if it was okay if she undressed me to wash me, and I had to consent.

Larisa removed my gown and my little hospital underwear. I stood there in the cold bathroom, completely naked, completely soft and tiny. She turned on the shower, and it took some time for the water to have a nice temperature, which didn’t really help with my little problem.

The nurse worse plastic gloves and a little loofah. She put soap on her hand and started with my stomach. That alone got me extremely excited already, and I had to focus on not getting a hard-on. Being the man that I am, I can’t control it (who really can). I felt her hand going further down south, and the combination of the warm water and her beauty just made my cock ‘grow’ to an unbelievable 11cm (4.3 inches).

She wasn’t particularly thorough, considering I’m uncut. She didn’t pull the skin back or anything, but she didn’t have to. Just going from the shaft to the tip of my hard penis made me actually ejaculate in front of her. It was such a sudden orgasm that not even I saw it coming (pun intended).

When I noticed there’s no going back, I turned around, but there’s no way she missed that. Her hand got away from me quickly when she realized it, and I suppose she didn’t expect that either, but again she was very professional. She washed my back for a bit while I was pumping out my load. You cannot imagine what I felt at that moment, I just wished I’d disappear forever, and I couldn’t look at Larisa at all anymore.

She took her time with my back, knowing what had just happened. Maybe she took it as a compliment, and I don’t know. She told me to turn around again. I was limp again, but some cum was still hanging down my tip. She went over it with her loofah one last time and turned the shower off. She helped me get into my fresh underwear and threw the gown over me.

I went back to a new bed with her help, and she did anything to get out of that room as soon as possible. She didn’t really look at my face like before either. I’ll probably never know what she was thinking during those moments, and maybe that’s for the better. That was the story of my first time getting touched by a woman and ejaculating in front of her face at the same time.


This reader gets his first cuckold experience…

I just recently got my GF into SPH. She has taken a liking to it. I think, or at the very least, she enjoys doing it for me. Last night, we were going at it, making out and whatnot. It gets hot and heavy, and she takes her panties off. I take my underwear off, but she tells me no. She doesn’t want my little dick anywhere near her. She tells me to get her dildo. She has a big blue eight-inch dildo she uses to play with herself. She’s moaning, her body’s heaving up and down in pleasure. She’s saying stuff like, “It’s so big,” and, “Much bigger than yours,” and, “Oh, Daniel” (her ex).

I’m so turned on, I start to play with myself, but she grabs my hand, tells me little dicks don’t get to cum, just make big ones cum.

She finishes and then starts grinding against me. I’m so hard now. Then she stops. I’m ready to do anything to cum, and she holds out the dildo and tells me to suck it. I do. I think I sucked it for like a good 2 or 3 min. She mimicked a guy cumming and pretended like I had made the dildo cum (it was quite funny, actually, lol). She told me I did a good job and that I’d get rewarded in the morning. Then she rolled over and went to sleep. It took me a long while to fall asleep. Nevertheless, when we got up, she told me to jerk it, and I came in less than a minute. It was a great night, an even better morning.


While this readers wife has him tied in knots…

My wife makes the occasional comment about the size of my dick, usually in innocuous situations such as we might be talking about something completely mundane. If I say something like, “It’s only a small one” (e.g., about a mark on the carpet).

Then she’ll say something like, “You’d know all about small things, wouldn’t you,” and smile in the direction of my crotch.

At first, I felt put out and responded with the usual retorts, but soon realized I liked it. Now I don’t know what to say…


Another reader’s fleshlight asked, ‘Is it in yet?’…

Several years ago (I was still living with my parents at the time), I decided to buy a fleshlight. Now, my sister was still at school, and my parents were working. I decided to take the day off work because I knew I would have the house all to myself. Therefore, I did it. I got on my knees, stuck my fleshlight between my mattresses, and went to town. For good measure, I had some porn going to increase the experience.

With my little pecker between thumb and index finger, I took aim and shoved my hips forward to put it in. To my dismay, my dick didn’t sink in very deep. My shaft barely made it past the lips of the fake vagina. When I moved a little bit back, my dick fell out. I used to tell myself that I was maybe a little bit on the smaller side. Now, there was no way around it anymore. I was actually struggling to hump a toy pussy.

This time, I tried pushing in as far as I could, and it sort of worked. My little dick tip now at least opened the lips a little bit. Instead of thrusting, I had to make a conscious effort to wiggle my hips back and forth, just to not fall out. I must’ve lost track of time because I was in heaven. I just kept humping when I heard a giggle behind me. I turned around and saw my sister. She had a good view of my exposed penis and said something about me being too short. (I don’t remember what exactly she said.)

I remember screaming at her and telling her to leave, which she eventually did. When she closed the door behind her, I could hear her burst into laughter.

Well, she found it hilarious. At the time, she was already dating guys and having a sex life. I, however, despite being 2 years older than her, wasn’t very popular with the ladies. Every time we had an argument, she would bring up, I was too small to hump a toy even. At the time, I wasn’t into SPH, and these comments mortified me.

The funny thing is that years later, she apologized for being so mean to me, which was the time when I realized how hot this was. Great, now that I’m into SPH, and she stops teasing me.


This reader found the frankness of their doctors assessment a turn on…

I’m a transgender woman and have always had a pretty small dick. I’d been on hormones for about half a year and was due to have a review with my local doctor about how it had been, how I was doing, and to take measurements (weight, height, muscle mass – that kinda thing). Being a transgender woman in a generally accepting country, I’m always given a female doctor, and this time was no exception.

I sat in the waiting area for my appointment when the doctor walks out of her room. She was of average height (maybe 5’7-5’10) and had long dyed-blonde hair in a messy ponytail. She was tanned and wearing a lot of foundation with a darker red lipstick. She was maybe mid-30s.

She called my name, and I went into the room to take my sizes. She took the standard sizes (muscle measures, height, weight, blood pressure, etc.). Then she told me there was one measurement that she had to take, my penis. As when on hormones, penises tend to shrink in size, and it can be quite a lot or quite a little. She pulls a curtain for me to stand behind and remove clothing.

I remove my dress and take my panties off. I let the doctor know that I’ve done, and she slides the curtain back around. She measures my flaccid dick. She tells me that my penis is 1.5 inches flaccid and that she will also need to measure erect also, so I get erect, and she takes another measurement. She tells me I’m 3 and 3/4 inches erect.

I get dressed and sit with her to discuss the results. She talks about the other tests before coming onto the penis length/girth testing. The rest is verbatim:

Doctor: “So, your penis is 1.5 inches flaccid and 3 and 3/4 inches erect. Now it’s normal to lose some length from hormones. Do you know what you were before you started taking them?”

Me: “Nearly 5 inches erect, but not quite.”

Doctor: “Oh, so it was small, to begin with.”

I stutter, slightly taken aback by the comment.

Doctor: “Sorry, what I meant was below average. Hormones will likely continue shrinking your penis a bit more so in about a year or two, except maybe 3 inches when fully erect. So you can probably expect your penis to become really tiny.”

I was so turned on that she told me that I was small. I don’t know if similar has happened to anyone else, but this was an awesome, real-life SPH experience.

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