Rick Brack’s Mishap (Excerpt)

By Max Swan.

Adele Brack is grinning, breathing hard and covered in sweat.  She’s even moaning faintly with each breath despite the fact the peak of her orgasm had passed minutes ago.  The woman’s reclined on her bed, completely naked with only the long strands of her hair partially covering her body.  A few more tremors shake her luscious body before she feels the last embers of her pleasure finally fading.  ‘Shit, have I become good at that,’ she thought, giggling.  As her body quietens down, Adele glances around satisfied.

Oh, to the power of the clitoris,’ she thought, fully conscious her shrieks of pure lust could’ve awakened her son on the other side of the wall.  Adele lets her fingers tickle her drenched clit a few more times and gasps aloud as some of the cinders of lust come back to life.  The woman has been single for about five years now, and always enjoys a good masturbation session to ease her sexual frustrations.  She isn’t a regular woman, people once called her kind witch, but she comes from a family that’s had specialized knowledge for millennia.  By today’s standards, they’d call her kind scientists.

Anyone gazing at Adele would instantly know she isn’t a regular forty-five-year-old woman with an eighteen-year-old son.  She’s five foot ten, has unnaturally long red hair that falls below her waist, and seems way too thin for her large and firm breasts, the same breasts that move with the wholesome grace that only natural breasts display.  The flare of her hips below her narrow waist would grab the attention of most males, and those long, lean legs were worthy of a supermodel.

Looking at her body, at least the parts of it she can see between her jutting breasts, the woman smiles.  ‘I still look great at my age,’ she thought.  Of course, the ointments and creams her family has developed have a lot to do with her amazing looks.  Over two years, from when she was twenty, Adele applied a special cream to her breasts every single night.  She was sure her breasts are at least two-cup sizes bigger than they would have been naturally.  Now she only had to use that cream five or six times a year to prevent the effect from fading.  Another cream had kept her waist very small even after her first child.  Finally, another one had made her hips and thighs slightly rounder.

Adele gently sits up in bed and remembers the special conditioner she used on her hair every other day.  Even as a small child, she’d had very long hair, but she had keeps it enhanced for years now.  In the mirror in front of her, Adele watches as her breasts bounce around as she ties her mane in a tight bun before getting up.

“Damn.  Am I really forty-five?”

She stares at herself in the mirror, turning this way and that, pleased with her body and her work.  Glancing at her pussy, she remembers years ago she had made a powerful cream and had applied it to her body from the neck down.  Ever since not a single hair has grown.

She blows out the scented candles and goes to her door.  Listening for a moment to make sure her son Rick is still asleep.  Hearing his gentle snoring, she moves into the hallway naked and enjoys the calm and stillness of the night.  She grabs a glass of water before dropping into the huge leather couch in the living room.  The brief cold makes her shiver, but Adele’s still so hot she’s comfortable.  Gazing out at the starry night sky, she relaxes until the sweat vanishes from her body.  Adele then stands in front of the window and stares at the house across from hers.  Thinking about the grumpy old neighbor living there, Adele wonders what he’d say if he happened to look at her nude body right now.

Probably jerk off in front of his window,’ she thought, smiling.

The woman goes back to her room and slips back under her blankets.  When she closes her legs together and feels yet another spark of pleasure, she sighs and smiles.  ‘Shit,’ she thought.  ‘I really need to find a man.’ Her mouth opens as she slips her fingers deep into her well-lubricated cunt again.  ‘I’ll have to be more discreet this time,’ she thought. As she let her fingers work their natural magic, Adele allows herself to think back to her younger days.  She had been wild back then.  Deepthroating before it became more common in porn, lesbian fun, threesomes and foursomes, sex in public places, golden showers, so much anal sex and even that one time when she let a girl with small hands fist her.

God I miss those days,’ she thought, biting her lower lip under so much pleasure.  Ever since she had Rick, her sex life had dwindled dramatically.  ‘I need to do something about this.  Bring back some of that crazy fun,’ she decided, ‘Before I’m too old for anyone to want to have that kind of fun with me.’  With flashes of such naughty memories popping into her head, her body ignites again, and she climaxes.


Nevertheless, as it turns out, Adele wasn’t very discreet.  Across the wall, Rick wakes from the sweet sound of his mother’s moans.  He had already been dreaming one of his frequent sex dreams, but when he hears his mother’s apparent sexual moaning, the faceless woman in his dream turned into his mother.  Rick grabs his cock and pumps his erection.  He strains his ears as much as possible, keeping his breathing utterly silent, and every time Rick hears one of his mom’s moans, his pleasure surges.

Rick wonders what she’s fantasizing about, and sometimes he dares to believe she’s thinking about him.  When he isn’t masturbating, Rick knows that’s impossible.  While it’s one thing for an eighteen-year-old male to fantasize about his sexy mother, it’s quite another for that mom to return those fantasies.  However, right now, Rick’s mind swamps with lust, he imagines his mom moaning his name in her own room.

“Oh, Rick…” she’d say in her little voice.  “Why don’t you come and sleep with me tonight?  Well, yes, I sleep naked.  I’m too sexy to cover my body, you know that silly.”

In his mind, he hears her seductive laugh.

“Of course, you can remain naked too.  It’s 100% natural, and nature can’t be bad, right?  Now, come here, lay that sexy body of yours next to me, and place your head on my breasts…  That’s it, that’s right, come right here, right next to me.  Are you comfortable?”

Rick is masturbating faster and faster, his imagination overwhelming him with pleasure.  He pushes the fantasy even further.

“Oops…” his mother laughs.  “What is that?  You wanna suckle my nipples.  Of course, you can, my dear son.  Oh.  Shit.  You’re good with that tongue of yours.”

Right at that moment, he hears his mother’s real moan through the wall, and Rick knows he’s about to climax.  In his mind, his mother suddenly straddles him and takes his entire length inside her without pause or any problem at all.  Engulfing his cock in velvety wetness, the softness is so sublime against his hardness.  Rick’ climax explodes and feels the first rope of sperm landing right on his face.  In his mind, the scene has instantly switched, and he sees his mother’s face covered with his jizz.  Rick’s body arches upward as globs of sperm pool between his Pecs and on his washboard belly.


In her room, Adele climaxes at the same time as her son without knowing.  She bites her lower lip and thinks she succeeds in remaining quiet.  However, while Rick has been thinking about her as he orgasmed, Adele wasn’t thinking about the teen male next door.  In fact, that time, she had been picturing a shemale between her legs with a massive cock pumping in and out of her cunt.  Adele can imagine her pussy splayed apart by the giant FUTA cock and even the feeling of so much jizz overflowing from her pussy lips afterward.

As her body settles back down from a second powerful climax in less than thirty minutes, Adele remembers that one time, years and years ago, where she dared to use forbidden knowledge to make a real cock grow between her legs.  She found the recipe in a book in her mother’s attic for ‘female genitalia’ cream.  The redhead was extremely nervous about the whole thing but gasped in shock and pleasure as she watched her genitals transform into a big cock and balls.  Even though a penis-induced orgasm was fantastic and profoundly different from her female climaxes, Adele vowed never to try it again.  While she had that cock, it made her sexually aggressive and dominant, nasty even.

When Adele takes a deep breath after her climax, Adele realizes her pussy and inner thighs are drenched with juices.  She rises silently and goes to the bathroom.  The redhead is still hazy with pleasure and doesn’t notice the lights turned on before she opens the door.  In the bathroom, standing with his back to her is her son—naked.

When Rick hears the door open, he turns his head around instantly and cries, “MOM…

Adele’s startled; she gasps and quickly closes the door, mumbling an apology.


After closing the bathroom door, Adele scurries back to her room visibly sweating with muddied thoughts.  She puts on a bathrobe and waits to hear her son go back to his room.  When he does, Adele goes to the bathroom for a shower.  After a while, she smiled and thought about her friend Lilly, who is also a single mother living with a son.  Kyle is actually a friend of Ricks.

Adele remembers one time, years ago, while Lilly was roaring drunk after a man dumped her, she confided she found her son hot.  Adele, also drunk at the time, had agreed laughingly that Kyle is indeed fuckable.

“Oh, if only he weren’t my son…” Lilly added with a wink.  “What about you, Adele?  Ever think about Rick like this?”

Adele hasn’t.  Even after learning her friend lusted after her son, Adele had never felt those peculiar incestuous sensations.  She watched her son grow into a handsome young man, and seeing Rick naked from behind only confirms it.  His strong legs, firm ass and nicely muscled back will please any woman or man he chooses to with sexually.  Adele surprises herself by squeezing one of her nipples to feel the buzz of arousal.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?” she whispers into shower water.  “I really do need to find a man.”

She finishes her shower and reaffirms she doesn’t harbor any sexual feelings for Rick.  He’s handsome and sexy, yet is still her son.  ‘If there were another person in that body, now that would be different,’ Adele thought.  However, not even the Brack coven can do that.

“What’s wrong with you, Adele, you dirty bitch,” she whispers.

The redhead feels disgusted she thought of fucking her son’s body with another person’s mind inhabiting it.

“There goes my ‘Mother of the Year’ award,” she said, rolling her eyes.


When Adele surprised Rick in the bathroom, he fled and returned to his bedroom not long after she did.  He only saw her naked body for a second, but the image seared into his mind forever.  Rick knows his mother is sexy, even his friends call her a MILF, yet his sexual attraction isn’t just an Oedipus thing.  Then again, seeing her naked like that, for the very first time didn’t help.  Despite his recent orgasm, Rick knows the next time he jerks off; he’ll have this very vivid image of his mom to think about.

Rick knows his mom uses specialized knowledge to enhance her appearance, the Brack family have had these abilities for a very long time.  However, given he had seen her unexpectedly; the teen’s now convinced it isn’t an illusion.  Those creams, potions, lotions, ointments, and tinctures that have been in their family for millennia really do work.  He’d always been skeptical of the family stories, but seeing his forty-five-year-old mother like that had made him instantly changed his mind.

Shit, mom has the body of a twenty-year-old,’ he thought.  ‘I guess those creams really work.’  Gazing at his two-inch flaccid cock as he sits on his bed, Rick grins.  ‘It really works,’ he thought.

Taking a deep breath, Rick knows he’s doubly lucky.  Not only has he seen his mother naked, but also, he had his back to her at the time.  ‘At least she didn’t see how under-endowed I am,’ thought Rick with a deep sigh.  ‘I wish I could use some of those potions on my small dick.’  He gasps.  The teen stares at his face as the thought takes hold, a smile breaks out on his handsome face.


This is an excerpt from the 15,000+ word story called Rick Brack’s Mishap.  Buy the story to read it in full.


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