Two Girls 1

By Brooklynn__Sage.

I invited my best friend Kimberly over for the weekend. Girls got to have a weekend together, right? I was so excited started texting her: ‘When are you going to get here?

Kimberly: ‘I am getting my stuff together and then leaving the house.’

Are you bringing any ahem… fun stuff?

😉 It IS a girls’ weekend, right?!!

Kimberly and I took the girls’ weekend to the extreme. We knew everything about each other, inside and out, literally!! I have known Kimberly for a few years now, and we can basically predict each other’s next move before the other makes it.

I continued: ‘I hope you don’t mind, but Tyler can’t stay at his apartment.’

This weekend, and is going to chill in the guest room.


I could sense the eye-roll from her pause, but I couldn’t put my boyfriend out on the street for the weekend. No matter what, it was a girl’s weekend. He was just a potential bonus.

I promise he won’t get in the way. You won’t even know he’s there.

Okay, Abby, okay. I just can’t wait to get to see you.

Within a few hours, Kimberly was at my door. As soon as I opened the door, we both screamed at the top of our lungs and hugged one another. I grabbed her cheeks in my hands and planted a soft, gentle kiss on her lips. “I have missed you, lady!” I said to her. Her green eyes gleamed, and she pulled me closer for another hug.

The night was full of food, wine, and catching up. Always the best time to share it with your best friend!

The next morning, Kimberly and I slept in, but I got up first. I wore an oversized long-sleeved shirt to bed, never changed, and began to make coffee. It seemed that I was the only one awake in the house, as I didn’t see any signs that Tyler had gotten up yet. He was very quiet last night, giving us our space. I turned on some country music as I moved around the kitchen, just loud enough to give me some background noise. Before long, I was drinking my coffee, gliding along the kitchen floor, and singing to the music. All of a sudden, I hear, “Psst! Oh my God!” I turned around to find Kimberly giggling and a look of hysterical shock on her face. She was trying to contain herself.

“What?” I started to ask.

But before I could say the full word, she covered my mouth with her hand and said, “Shhhhhh.”

I looked at her, completely confused. She kept her hand over my mouth and guided me down the hallway. We were literally tip-toeing and headed toward Tyler’s room. Before I could even ask any more questions, Kimberly stopped right before his door and turned my head towards his room.

There in front of us was Tyler, standing naked, not knowing that we were watching him. Tyler is 6′ tall, with washboard abs, blue eyes, and dirty blonde hair that makes you want to run your fingers through it. He was standing by his closet, completely naked. Kimberly looked at him and started pointing at his small dick. She looked at me with wide eyes, then started giggling but kept her composure for the moment. I looked at him, seeing how small his dick looked right now, and started giggling too. I didn’t have the best ability to keep my voice down.

Within a few moments, I started giggling louder, and Tyler turned around and saw us. “Oh my God, Abby! Kimberly! What the hell, girls?!” He grabbed a shirt and quickly tried to cover his dick.

“No, no, no,” Kimberly said to him. She stood up and started to walk towards him. “You’re not covering up that poor excuse of a dick that you have.”

Kimberly grabbed the shirt out of his hand, ripping it down from his grip, leaving him standing there, shocked. She looked down at his dick, giggled, and then started to walk a circle around Tyler. He just stood there, unsure what to do at that moment. Tyler then glanced at me, and I just shrugged my shoulders, working hard to hold back my giggling. As Kimberly finished her full circle around him, she knelt in front of him. Tyler’s breathing started to pick up, and his dick was starting to get hard.

“Awwwww, Abby, look!” Kimberly said as she pointed to Tyler’s hardening dick. “It wants to come out and play!”

Kimberly started to giggle. She brought her face closer to that tiny dick of Tyler’s, inspecting every bit of it.

She seemed to pause, looked up directly into Tyler’s eyes then asked, “Is this as big as it gets?” She torqued her head as she asked the question and then pressed on the tip of his dick. It bounced underneath her finger. “Tyler,” Kimberly continued. “How the hell are you pleasing my best friend over there with that minuscule dick of yours?”

Tyler looked embarrassed, looking down at his dick.

“I’m waiting for your answer, Tyler,” Kimberly asked him.

Tyler cleared his throat and proudly said, “I have my ways.” He then winked at me.

I stood up, my top falling off one of my shoulders, and I could see Tyler grin at me. I looked down at his dick, and it started to harden even more and stand up straighter. I walked towards him and walked the same circle around him that Kimberly did, my finger never leaving his arms or upper body. I could see that his heart was starting to pound. Two women, half-dressed, and him standing there naked. This could be a man’s dream come true. Except…

“Am I turning you on, Tyler?” I asked him. He looked down at his dick and smiled. I continued whispering in his ear, “You want us to help you take care of that hard dick of yours?”

Tyler sighed, “Yes… Yes, please.”

I turned to Kimberly, and she knew exactly what I was thinking. She started in, “Tyler, your dick is too small for us to pleasure you! You do not deserve for us even to touch that carrot dick of yours.”

“Tyler, you know she is right. When your dick is the size of a baby carrot, you do not deserve to be touched by us, nor do you deserve to put that dick in our wet pussies.” I said to him.

Tyler moaned, “But I need release.”

“Oh, you do, baby?” Kimberly asked.

He nodded yes.

Kimberly said, “But baby, small dicks like yours only can be touched by you. Your minuscule dick doesn’t warrant the touch of 2 sexy women.”

Tyler gasped. “But…”

I looked at Kimberly and said, “I think that he needs to be measured. See just how small that dick of his is.”

“Oh my gosh! You are so right!” Kimberly jumped up. “I have exactly what we need!”

With that, she ran out of Tyler’s room and into mine. Tyler looked at me in disbelief, and I grinned at him. Before I had a chance to say anything, Kimberly rushed back into the room with a bag.

“I got it!” she cried out.

Without hesitation, she pulled out a measuring tape and three dildos—2 flesh and a black one. Tyler gasped, but his dick seemed to enjoy the sight, and I could see some liquid form at the tip.

“Mmmmmm, I think that we are turning on his dick-clit, Kimberly!” I smiled.

“Oooooh, we are!!” she said. She brought her eyes closer to that small dick of his. She kept her eyes on that part of him and then looked directly into my eyes. “Four and a half inches.” She pauses. “I think he is four and a half inches long.” Without breaking her eye contact with me, she grabbed the measuring tape, handed it to Tyler, and commanded, “Alright, small boy. Measure it!.”

He looked down at his dick, obviously feeling humiliated, looked at me, and then back to his dick again. He took the tape and measured four and a half inches.

“How the hell were you right?” I shouted to her. I turned to Tyler and said, “I thought you were at least 5 inches?”

Tyler really hadn’t had much time to talk yet, but he said, “I am definitely 5 inches. This can’t be right!” He looked at Kimberly and said, “Make me harder.”

Kimberly laughed, “Oh honey, my mouth and my hands do not wrap around dicks that are smaller than 7 inches!!”

“Seven inches!” Both Tyler and I yelled out.

We looked at each other and then down at his dick again.

Kimberly rolled her eyes at us, “Like this!” She pulled out a 7-inch dildo and then lined it up next to Tyler’s mini dick.

My eyes bulged at the sight. “Fuck Tyler, your dick really is tiny!” I wrapped my hand around the dildo and then brought my hand around his dick. My hand barely fit around the whole dildo, and then I overlapped my fingers when I wrapped it around his dick.

“Ohhhhhhh,” that feels so good, Tyler sighed. His eyes started to close, and I pulled my hand off his dick so quickly. “Wait!”

“Touch it,” Kimberly commanded him. Tyler just looked at her. “Touch that tiny dick of yours. Now.”

Tyler wrapped his hand around his dick, and moved it up and down his shaft once, and then glanced at me for reassurance.

“You have too many fingers on it. You deserve only to use two fingers,” I said and winked at Kimberly.

She nodded in agreement, and Tyler switched to only two fingers. Tyler stood there, naked, two fingers wrapped around his dick, Kimberly and I kneeling in front of him, running his fingers up and down his dick. I looked around at this and couldn’t believe that Tyler was masturbating in front of Kimberly and me, being humiliated about how small his dick was. We were inches away from that baby carrot dick of his, and here he was, having to touch himself.

“Faster!” I shouted. I could see his dick hardening and more liquid forming at the tip. “Your mini-dick only deserves to be touched by you, not by anyone else. It doesn’t get to release its tension inside a wet dripping pussy. Just inside your hand.”

Humiliation wiped across Tyler’s face.

“Don’t worry honey, we will show you what kind of dick deserves pussies like ours,” Kimberly told Tyler. I turned to face her with a look of confusion.

“Abby, on your hands and knees, now,” Kimberly said.

Without hesitation, I assumed the position. I was good at following orders, and damn, I was a little frightened by Kimberly being demanding. As I was kneeling, I could hear Kimberly moving around the dildos she had just taken out of the bag. Then she said slyly, “This one should work.” Directing her attention to Tyler, she said, “Okay, Tyler, how big is this bad boy?”

Tyler looked at her and hesitatingly answered, “Six inches?”

Kimberly just laughed, “Oh honey! This black cock here is eight inches long. And you are going to watch your girlfriend take all of it.”

At that statement, I turned my head to see what the hell she was talking about, but Kimberly glared at me, so I turned back around, looking straight in front of me. I could hear Tyler gulp in reaction to Kimberly’s dildo that she had just shown him.

“All…of…it?” he managed to respond slowly.

“All—Of—It!” Kimberly exclaimed. “Now, I can’t guarantee she will feel your pathetic tiny dick after she takes this big one, but that is just the chance we are going to have to take. Now, won’t we?”

“Ummmmmm…” Tyler started to talk. Kimberly looked at him, deep into his eyes, and he continued, “Yes, Ma’am. She will take all of it.”

“Now that’s more like it, Tyler!” Kimberly exclaimed. “Do not take your eyes off her pussy. I want you right here next to me, watching me stretch her out.”

Soon, I felt Kimberly’s hands on the inside of my thighs, spreading my legs apart leaving me completely exposed to the two of them. I felt her long thin finger enter my pussy, “Oh my God!”

I felt myself moan. I could just feel myself getting wetter by the instant. In and out, Kimberly’s finger moved, and then she added another, and then another. Soon, she had three fingers inside my pussy, hitting up against the walls, non-stop movement.

I could hear her moaning a bit under her breath, “Mmmmmmm. This feels so good, doesn’t it? You’re so tight, Abby. Just wait.”

Listening to her turned me on, and I could feel my clit swelling. As quickly as her fingers had been inserted inside of me, they were gone. And in their place, I could start to feel some pressure- the massive black dildo.

“You see this, Tyler,” Kimberly explained. “This. This is a real cock. An eight-inch girthy black cock. You watch closely.”

Kimberly was just putting pressure on the opening of my pussy, and my reaction was to press back because I felt so needy, so ready to feel it inside of me.

“Patience, Abby. Patience. We are doing this a little at a time,” Kimberly whispered. “You’ll enjoy it more.”

I could sense the smile on her face as she was talking. My pussy was so wet already, I felt her push that dildo further in me, and then pull back, then push a little more, and pull back. Over and over. Ever so slowly. It was torturous. I just wanted it all in me already. Every bit!

“Oh wow,” Tyler muttered from behind me. “Damn! That whole thing is going to fit?”

Single responses, over and over, he kept saying, as she kept working that dildo into my dripping wet pussy.

“This feels so good, doesn’t it, Abby?” Kimberly asked me as she continued with the torturous movement of the dildo in and out of my pussy.

“Fuck Kimberly. This is amazing!” I responded, “Please, more. I need more!”

I was moaning, groaning, and that damn dildo felt like the best thing that had ever been inside of me. I could feel the walls of my pussy stretching with every pass that it made in and out of me. Oh, that feeling was nothing I had ever felt before and every time she took it out of me, I was just craving to have it put back in.

“More!” I shouted. “Faster, please!”

Tyler gasped at my response to the dildo moving in and out of me. I don’t think he realized how good it would make me feel. Directing his question towards Kimberly but never removing his eyes from my dildo-filled pussy, he asked, “Is she going to feel me after this? Like…ever?”

Kimberly just laughed in response to his question. She looked at him, down at his dick, which was rock hard and dripping from watching her fuck me with a dildo, and back at him again. Kimberly worked that dildo into my dripping wet pussy, little by little, and I could feel it stretching me out. I kept trying to push back onto the dildo to take it all in, but anytime I did that, Kimberly would pull it back again.

When Kimberly got the whole dildo inside my pussy, she turned to Tyler and said, “Look at this! She took it all!”

Kimberly was really proud. I felt so damn full inside of me. But as quick as it was that I felt full, I felt that pressure taken away.

“Wait!” I yelled out. “But…”

Kimberly said, “Shhhhhh.”

I stopped immediately. I could feel the dildo sitting at the entrance of my pussy, just sitting there, building up the tension, and I was trying so hard not to push back onto it. I started to moan impatiently. I could feel Tyler’s eyes on my pussy, and that turned me on even more.

“Are you ready to watch this, Tyler?” Kimberly asked him.

“Ummmmm, yes?” he questionably answered.

“Do not take your eyes off her pussy. You hear me?” Kimberly responded.

Tyler shook his head in agreement.

Kimberly quickly stuffed the entire dildo into the depths of my warm wet pussy, hitting my G-spot, causing me to scream, “Holy fuck!” And then it was gone again. “Oh my God!” I replied. “I want more.”

I could feel one of Kimberly’s hands now resting on my ass, the other hand holding the dildo at my completely exposed, soaking-wet pussy. She repeated the process of slamming that dildo into my G-spot and then moving it to the edge of my pussy. I could feel my body quiver in building sexual anticipation. There was no timing that Kimberly was using, but she was edging my G-spot with the dildo. The anticipation between every thrust of the dildo just made me drip more, made me crave the next thrust, and surprised me every damn time.

With each thrust, I would moan or scream out “Fuck!” or “Oh my God.”

She was relentless because she would just pause between the thrusts. The waiting was keeping me on edge, and every time I thought I would climax, there was a pause. I could feel my insides quivering, feel my clit swelling, feel my pussy warm and so sensitive, just waiting for the dildo to arrive again. As if Hayley knew when the edging was at its peak, she began relentlessly thrusting that dildo in and out of me repeatedly, non-stop, hitting my G-spot! She steadied me with her hand on my ass, and the movement of the dildo moving inside of me was starting to send me over the edge.

I screamed out! “Oh—My—God!”

That was it. It was all my body could handle. My clit began throbbing, my pelvis thrusting uncontrollably. Moaning. Groaning. “Holy fucks” and “Oh my God’s” were flying out of my mouth more times than I ever have before. I was cumming so hard and so uncontrollably.

“Grab her!” Kimberly yelled to Tyler, yet she never stopped thrusting that dildo inside my pussy.

I could feel Tyler put his arms underneath my belly so I wouldn’t fall, but I couldn’t stop myself from orgasming repeatedly. The more she hit that G-spot with the dildo, the harder and harder I came. My entire body was trembling uncontrollably, and cum was dripping down the dildo and Kimberly’s hand. When she didn’t think I could take it anymore, she stopped, and I collapsed down onto Tyler’s arms.

Kimberly directed her attention to him, “Do you see Tyler? That is what a big girthy cock can do to a woman.” She continued, “Your dick is tiny. It’s miniscule. Now that you watched me make her cum, I want to watch you cum. Now stroke that dick-clit of yours and cum for me.”

Tyler didn’t hesitate. He was so turned on by watching Kimberly fuck me with that eight-inch dildo that he grabbed that teenie weenie of his and started stroking it as fast as he could. It was already dripping, and in less than a minute, he was moaning. His dick swelled, throbbed, and spewed cum onto the floor in front of us.

“That’s all you got, Tyler?” Kimberly retorted.

Tyler just looked at her, but he was relieved from all the built-up sexual tension. “Yes, ma’am,” he finally replied.

“I can’t wait to find out later if Abby can feel that turtle dick of yours,” Kimberly stated as she gathered the toys up, stood up, and brought them back to my room.

Tyler looked at me. “Later? More?”

I smiled at him and said, “Well, I gotta know if I can feel that apple banana between your legs, Tyler!”

I walked toward the door, winked, and went to my room. I desperately needed a nap and needed to build up energy for later.


To Be Continued…?


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