The Rickshaw Driver’s Wife 1

By spankedboy.

—Part 1—

It took me some time to track Narges down. Finally, I got the name of a village where she is supposedly staying now. Looking it up on the map, I realized it was about half a day’s bus journey away and there was only one bus that went near that village. I would have to take the afternoon bus from Kolkata which would reach a nearby city in the evening. From the bus station there, I would have to be lucky to find a rickshaw to her village — and hopefully her house. And if I was unlucky that she wasn’t there anymore, well, then I would have to find some way back.

One day, after tying up some business in Kolkata, I took the afternoon bus. It was a long and tiring ride, but finally, we reached the city that was closest to Narges’s village. All along I wondered how Narges would look like now. I was now thirty, so she would now be thirty-two. Would she still be chubby and attractive and have a fantastic rack that I had loved to lick? Would she remember me, how she had caught me peeking at her in the shower one afternoon and had proceeded to slap me, before letting me lick and kiss her feet? Would she recall how one day she made me sit on the couch, and then plonked her butt on my face, and forced me to lick her asshole? Would Narges recall how, one day, pleased at my obedience to her, she finally allowed me to suck and fondle her huge set of jugs, before giving me a blowjob that I had dreamed of ever since I started to ogle and stalk her? My cock tingled slightly at my thoughts, and I hastily decided to sleep on the ride.

It was evening when I reached the city. I didn’t have anything on me except an overnight bag with a change of clothes and my laptop, and also a bag containing some gifts for Narges. Immediately I descended and started to look for a rickshaw. There were a couple of empty ones; one driver saw me and approached.

“Sahib, where do you want to go?”

I looked at him; he was an old man, probably fifty or fifty-five. He was short, and thin, with a scraggly white beard; but he looked fit enough to pull the rickshaw. I gave him the name of Narges’s village and a smile appeared on his face.

“Sahib! That’s my village! I live there. It’s only 25 minutes away. Let me take you there. My name is Fateh.”

We negotiated on a price and were off. As he cycled, my thoughts turned to one evening when I was nineteen. Narges had just baked some cookies for guests we were to have later that night, and I had come home early and tried to sneak one out. She had come into the kitchen and caught me, hand in the cookie jar.

“Now, now, darling, what do we have here?” Narges smiled as I froze. She then caught hold of me by the ear and led me away to my room, and closed the door.

Narges quickly stripped off her sari and petticoat and rolled down her panties, so she was naked waist down. She then grabbed my ears and twisted hard.

“So dear,” She said mockingly, “You want cookies, eh? Now you can kiss my big ass and beg for your cookie.”

I crawled around her back and planted several wet kisses on her butt cheeks and asking, “Oh Narges! Can I have a cookie please?”

“Not on my bum, you idiot! Kiss my asshole.” Narges yelled.

I immediately started pecking at Narges’s asshole with my lips as she fingered herself.

“Alright, enough!” Narges commanded. She then pushed me away and sat down on my bed, and parted her legs.

“Lick me, love.”

I meekly obeyed her. My cock was sticking straight out and swaying sideways. Narges knew I was so horny; I would do anything she ordered — which was the usual state of affairs anyway. My only reward was that at the end of it, Narges would allow me to suckle her boobs and give me a blowjob. Throughout my two year affair with Narges, she never allowed me to cum inside her – she had always said she was saving herself for her husband.

Suddenly there was a bump on the road, and my thoughts of my past as the fucktoy of my beautiful maid was broken. Immediately I was brought back to the present.

“Careful!” I ordered the rickshaw driver Fateh. “Go slowly!”

After some time, I asked Fateh, “I am looking for a woman named Narges from your village, do you know where she lives?”

I could see Fateh freeze. “Sahib, what do you need with Narges?”

“Oh, he knows her, perhaps.” I thought. Aloud, I replied, “She used to be a maid in the employment of my father, a long time ago. I have come to see how she is.”

“Oh!” Fateh resumed pedaling, coughing a sick cough as the road became uphill. “Sahib, Narges is my begum (wife), I am her husband.”

A pang of regret immediately flooded me. If Narges was now married, she would hardly agree to return with me to Kolkata to be my maid, and she would surely want to forget her past. I could see my fantasies of Narges and me, alone in a mansion in Kolkata for days, go up in smoke. I didn’t say anything, as Fateh cycled on and on until we were standing in front of a hut. He was tired and wheezing when he stopped in front of his residence.

It was a small hut, poorly constructed, made of mud and had a thatched straw roof. Inside were probably just two rooms — the main room to receive guests and a bedroom for the couple. A small kitchen was adjacent to the hut. Like all village houses, the bathroom was a little bit of walk away, in a stall by itself.

“Sarun!” Suddenly a shout of delight rang through the air as Narges opened the door and spotted me. She straight away ran past her husband and enveloped me in a bear hug. My face was crushed against her boobs as she held my head in her hands and sloppily kissed my cheeks.

“Oh, Sarun, darling! Smooch! Smooch! It’s really you. Smooch! Smooch! Oh my goodness, I never thought I would see you again. Smooch! Smooch!” She covered my face with wet kisses and pressed my lips to her chest. I drunk in her smell and sweat in ecstasy as I too hugged her back, wrapping my hands around her waist and giving her butts a squeeze.

Mmm! Her boobs smelled lovely. I drew my head back, giving her a big smile, and then kissed her a big sloppy kiss on each of her cheeks, before giving her ass a pinch. She squealed in delight. I noticed that her husband remained standing on the doorsteps, silently watching and saying nothing as I now openly groped his wife.

Narges was the same. Her hair had grayed just a bit, but she retained her firm fat figure, her big butts, and her ample bosom. With age, her face seemed to have become even more beautiful, though Narges still retained the plump squeezable cheeks. Her breasts were still round, sharp and shapely — and of course — huge. Her buttocks seemed to have become even bigger, more fleshy, firmer and absolutely delightful.

She was dressed in a simple cotton sari, worn the way I remembered – loose, clasped to one side exposing her big belly and the navel, with her blouse one size too small, barely able to contain the big melons hiding beneath. Though the pallu of her sari covered her chest, due to their large size, I could see her jugs protruding and juggling beneath her pallu as she bounced about in greeting me.

“Come, come, Sarun, come on inside!” She gave me a little bow and invited me into her house.

“Husband!” Her tone changed to a command one as she turned to her husband. “Get Sarun’s bag and bring it in. Don’t just stand there!”

“Yes, dear.” I noticed her husband meekly respond. Fateh picked up my overnight bag and we followed Narges into her abode. I kept my eyes on her shapely buns and noticed to my delight that her sari had ridden up her ass crack, just like old times.

It was a very simple dwelling. It was clear that Fateh did not make much as a rickshaw driver, and I noticed several gifts from ours to Narges — such as curtains and an old television set — adorning the hut. We sat down on some raised cushions, set on a mat on the floor in the living room. A small partition separated the “bedroom” from the “living room”.

“What are you doing here, darling? Are you staying nearby?” Narges asked as she plonked down next to me.

“I am here for two days,” I replied. “I came to this village to see you actually. I haven’t yet made any arrangements to stay, so I have to still go and do that…”

“Oh, Sarun, stay here! Two days and you want to go to a hotel! Stay here!” Narges pleaded, jumping forward and clasping my hand. “I don’t have much, but I will treat you like a king. Oh, do please say yes, my fuck toy!”

I noticed that Narges hadn’t lost her potty mouth in the intervening years.

“Well, I…” I hesitated. I didn’t really want to stay in this slum, but then I realized Narges, while holding on to my hand, was gently stroking the underneath with a finger. I looked up to her chubby face and saw a smile. And then she winked at me.

“Oh, do stay, Sarun! I promise you two very memorable days! It will be just like old times!”

That did it for me. I liked old times with Narges.

“Oh, why not? Thank you, Narges. I will stay with you.”

“Perfect.” Narges grinned.

I looked around the small place. “But where will I sleep?”

Narges turned around to look at her husband. “Husband! Sarun needs to sleep comfortably. So he and I will sleep on the bed in the bedroom. You will get your stuff and sleep here on the floor in this room. So take his overnight bag and put it in our bedroom, and put your clothes out here.”

Fateh started to say something but one glare from Narges shut him up. Instead, he timidly replied, “Of course dear.”

Wow, I thought, I must be dreaming. Here was Narges informing her husband that he would be sleeping on the floor of his own house, while his buxom wife would be sleeping with me, in his house, on his marital bed, right in the next room, and he was accepting it. And what did Narges have in mind? I looked at the thin straw partition separating the bedroom from this room. The bedroom wasn’t even a different room, just another space behind the partition. There was no door. You would be able to hear everything that went on inside the room.

I felt Narges give my arm another squeeze, and she winked again, before standing up. So did my wiener.

“Husband, where are your manners? You have a guest, we have to give him food and drinks. Get up!” She nudged her husband with a foot, who immediately got up and obediently picked up my bag to place on their bed, before going to the kitchen.

“Darling,” Narges turned to me and beamed me a lascivious smile. “Would you like to change?”

“Yes, I would,” I answered. “I have a set of clothes in this bag.” I stood up too.

“Please go to our room and change your clothes, Sarun. It’s your house now, please feel free. And honey,” Narges slightly bent forward so I could stare down at her ample cleavage. “Feel free to use anything in this house, dear. Anything. All we have here is yours to use.”

As she said “anything” I saw Narges grab her left boob through her blouse and give her the nipple a slight tweak. She stuck out a tongue, winked at me and licked her lips seductively, before disappearing into the kitchen. Damn! Merely ten minutes after meeting Narges, and I already had a huge hard on!

I walked into the bedroom. As I said, it wasn’t really a room, just a bed behind a partition. There was a small wardrobe, an old dressing table whose colors were faded with age, on top of which was placed some simple jewelry. A mirror was taped to the wall on one side of the bed. If you sat down on the bed and looked into the mirror, you could see the partition reflected. I could even see into the kitchen if I looked hard enough into the mirror, where Narges was busy running about.

My bag was on the bed. I opened it and changed into a T-shirt and a pair of soft, silky shorts. Tired from my trip, I sat down on the bed. It creaked! I looked at it in alarm, but it was OK. The noise was merely from old joints and a really old mattress with springs that were past their sell by age. Every move on the bed made the springs creak.

“Did you find everything alright?” I saw Narges standing at the entrance to the room, a spatula in her hand. “I am making some kebabs for you.”

“Yes,” I replied. “Narges, I need to pee. If you can tell me where the bathroom is …”

“I will show you. Give me a minute.” She disappeared into the kitchen, probably to return the spatula to its proper place, and reappeared with a small torch in her hand. “Come,” She grabbed my hand, “let’s go to the bathroom.”

We stepped out from the backdoor. It was now quite dark. It would be a full moon night, but the moon wasn’t out yet. As in any village hut, the latrine was a few yards away from the house. It was just a commode surrounded by four walls, and open to the sky. Narges lit the torch and led the way, my hands clasped in hers.

“Here,” She opened the door and pointed at the toilet. “Sarun, there is no light here, so I will have to stand here with the torch, with the door open. You don’t mind peeing from your wee-wee in front of old me, do you?” She grinned.

“Of course not, Narges.” I gave her a sudden hug, surprising her. Unable to control myself, I started to kiss her cheeks and paw at her breasts.

“Now, now, darling, control yourself.” Narges laughed. “Such a behavior would have definitely NOT gotten you a blowjob in the old days.”

“Oh, I love you, you sexy bitch, you!” I gushed out. “I love the old days …”

“Oh my, calling me a bitch!” Narges raised her eyebrows, before bursting out laughing. “Clearly you need some control, darling!”

She pointed at the commode, and then commanded in a stern voice, “Sarun, pee!”

I walked into to the toilet and got out off my shorts. Narges moved the torch and shone a beam of my light on my penis, giggling. Holding my soldier in my hand, I aimed and started to pee. The urine came out in a long spurt, splashing against the hole on the ground. Narges smiled as she saw what she had seen many a time before — me standing in front of her, naked, and peeing while she watched. When I was done, Narges showed me where the water was so I cleaned myself and rubbed my hands on a rag that was hanging. I then put on my shorts again.

Narges suddenly shut off the torch. Immediately it was very, very dark. I felt her press against me, pushing me against the wall. Her breasts were on either side on my face as she crushed me hard. Her hands rubbed against my bulge, going inside my shorts and caressing my manhood. She grabbed my balls and gave me a quick squeeze, making me draw my breath. And then she stepped back.


She had slapped me!

It was just like old times. Smack! And then another Smack! I could feel my cheeks stinging, and I blushed deeply in the dark. Smack! Smack!

And just as suddenly, she stepped back and switched on the torch again.

“Come, lover boy, we are getting late for dinner.”

A few minutes later we sat down again on the floor, on top of some mats, for dinner. It was evident that there was not much food in the house. I noticed Fateh was “setting the table”, placing the dishes on the ground on the mats and bringing out the spoons. Dinner was lentils, some bread, and vegetables. For me, Narges made some kebabs, the only meat on the menu.

“The kebabs are for you, Sarun.” She announced. I noticed Fateh made no move for the meat. “I know you like these.”

“Oh thank you, Narges.” I grabbed a couple of the kebabs. “Fateh, why don’t you have some as well?”

I noticed Fateh glance at Narges, who shook her head.

“No, sahib, they are for you.” He smiled nervously and lied, “I don’t eat meat at night.”

“Here,” Narges poured me more lentils. I realized by now that Narges, while commanding her husband around, never took his name, like any respectful Indian wife, instead referring to him as ‘husband’.

“I am sending Husband to the market tomorrow morning for foodstuff,” Narges told me. “Is there anything I should get especially for you?”

Fateh turned to his wife. “But, dear,” He started hesitantly. “I … I … I have to work tomorrow. You know with the debt and all…”

“Husband!” Narges almost hissed at him. “Whether you go to work tomorrow is not for you to decide! My former master is here, and as long as he is here we have to take care of him completely! We have to make his stay COMPLETELY satisfactory! You are to be at sahib’s beck and call from now on.”

“Yes, dear.” Poor Fateh’s week just got harder.

“Enough food for you tonight.” Narges grabbed his plate which still had half a bread on it. “Go get me some pen and paper. I want to make a list.”

“Yes dear.” Fateh stood up, washed his hands in the kitchen while Narges ate his bread. I felt bad for him, as he came back with some pen and paper, while I was finishing off the kebabs.

“Good thing he studied till grade seven,” Narges told me while putting some more bread and lentils on my plate, as Fateh stood to one side like a faithful dog. “At least he can read, and is good for something.”

I hunted in my shorts and found some money. I gave it to Fateh — “for tomorrow”, I told him. His eyes bulged — this was more money than he made in a week. Immediately I noticed his attitude to the whole situation suddenly became less grumpy.

“What a lackey,” I thought. “I am going spend the night with your wife on your bed, and the sight of my pocket change makes you happy.”

Narges made a list, and I added some more items to it, and she gave it to Fateh.

“Sarun and I will probably not go to sleep until late at night,” She informed Fateh, making my dick rise in anticipation as to “what” we would be doing until we went to sleep. “So we may wake up late tomorrow. You are to wake up early, cut the vegetables and onions so we can make our breakfast when we wake up. And then you will go to the market to get this list. Go early so you get the best stuff.”

“Yes dear,” Fateh promised her. “I would go very early.”

“Good, now clear these dishes. Sahib,” Narges giggled as she called me by what her husband called me, “Come this way and you can wash up.”

Soon, I was ready for bed. I saw Fateh in the bedroom and followed him there. He was picking up a blanket from the cupboard and then his pillow.

“How will I sleep without a pillow?” I told him. “There will only be one pillow left. Surely you don’t want me to share the pillow with your wife?” I asked him with a grin.

“Of course not, sahib.” He croaked, dropping the pillow back on the bed that I would soon be sharing with his wife. “I will find some clothes to pack into a ‘pillow’ for me.”

“Fateh,” I instructed him as he was about to leave. “Why don’t you get my overnight bag. There’s a packet there. I have some gifts for your wife. Be careful not to scratch the laptop.”

Dutifully Fateh took out a polythene packet from my bag.

“Why don’t you take the items out and put it on the bed?” I told him. “It’s a few items I picked up for your spouse.”

“Yes, of course, sahib.” He was the ever dutiful servant and host.

I continued to watch, laughing silently. Fateh hesitated as he picked out a white brassiere from the bag and put it on the bed. Then he brought out satin lingerie and it too went on the bed. He continued to empty another couple of bras and then a few panties on the bed from the bag.

“What do you think?” I picked up one of the bras and held it out. “Do you think it will fit her?”

“I… I… I think so.” Fateh stammered, looking extremely uncomfortable.

I stretched out the bra, “Do you think it’s too large, Fateh? No … I don’t think so. Your wife does have large boobs, right?”

“I… I.. yes, sahib.”

I enjoyed his discomfort and picked up a panty.

“What about this Fateh? Do you think her butts will fit into these?”

“Y… yes, sahib.” Fateh was now sweating. I noticed he had developed a bulge in his lungi.

So my guess was right — he was a pervert who enjoyed the thought of his wife with another man. Or at least another man talking about his wife’s big boobs and butts.

“Hmm,” I picked up another bra. “This should go well in contrast with her skin complexion, what do you think? She is a little dark around the nipple…”

What Fateh thought I wouldn’t know, as he was saved from answering by Narges squealing in delight as she entered the room and saw the expensive underwears.

“Oh, Sarun! These are for me, oh thank you! Smooch! Smooch!” Narges hugged and kissed my cheeks. “These look great!” She dropped her pallu and her sari soon fell on the floor, so she was just dressed in a blouse and petticoat, her belly and navel exposed for all to see. Fateh gulped as Narges picked up the bra and held it on top of her blouse.

“Oh, it fits perfectly! Thank you, darling!” She kissed me again, and then, with her arms around me, turned to chastise her husband.

“Learn from him, husband! He knows how to give proper gifts to a woman! When was the last time you bought me something nice like this?”

“I am sorry dear…” Fateh started to say something, but Narges would not hear it.

“Get out!” She ordered her husband out of their bedroom. “Your sahib and I want to sleep now. Go!”

Fateh left the room to make his bed on the other side of the partition. Narges turned to me. “Sarun, do you want me to wear one of these?” She pointed at my gifts.

I bit my tongue. What was I to say? Let me explain.

For the longest time, I wanted to fuck Narges. She was a constant presence in my wet dreams and many times I had jacked off to her. Yet, while she had been our maid, and we continued to have our sexual trysts, she clearly wore the pants in that affair. I was used strictly for her pleasure. What I got out of that relationship was seeing a beautiful goddess like her in the nude, and having the good fortune to suck on her titties and kiss her gigantic ass, and, when she allowed me to, paw her breasts. She always permitted me to cum, and sometimes, when she was in a good mood, even gave me a blowjob, but it was always after I had managed to satisfy her.

She would find the slightest excuse to call me names or ridicule me. Whenever my parents were out and we were alone in the house, I knew she would call me to her room. And slap me. Or command me to lick her cunt. Or kiss her feet. I was never, never, never to fuck her. And after she humiliated me and made me lick her or finger her to an orgasm, that’s when she would show mercy on me. If I asked, she would stroke me and make me cum in a condom, or gift me a blowjob. But those were rare and it never got further.

A few times while we were in the house, I had gotten bold and had pawed her breasts and hugged and kissed her — like I did tonight in the bathroom — but all those times I got punished and slapped — just like today. So now, the situation seemed uncanny.

Here was Narges, seemingly eager to please me, offering to put on some sexy lingerie. What would I say?

Seeing my silence, Narges grinned. “Oh, don’t worry loverboy. We have two nights together. I can wear these tomorrow.”

Saying that she gathered my gifts, walked over to the cupboard and placed them there. Then she turned off the light. The room was suddenly dark, but not completely. The moon had risen now, and cast a soft white glow inside the room. I could clearly see and make out objects close to me.

I jumped into the bed on one side and waited. Narges plugged in a night lamp. It cast a small soft blue glow, enabling me to see Narges’s beautiful plump figure as she sashayed to the bed and climbed in. We both lay facing each other, smiling.

“You look beautiful,” I told her, and moved forward and kissed her on her lips. I waited for a resounding slap, but it didn’t come, so I kissed her again and stepped back.

“Thank you,” Narges beamed. “You look great too. You have grown tall, kept in shape, and are now a handsome young man!”

We kissed again, this time hugging each other tightly and I felt her tongue probe deep inside me.

“Narges,” I whispered, as we came up for air, “What about Fateh? He is right next door, and can hear everything!” I spoke softly so as not to be overheard.

“Oh, don’t worry about him,” Narges informed me, as her hands gently stroked my cheek. “Pretend he is not here in this house. My husband will not dare set foot in this room now, sahib.”

This was said quite loudly, and I am sure Fateh heard it. I looked at Narges’s body, now bathed in the moonlight. Her hair was loose, and lying across her breasts. Her face was a little sweaty from the work she had done in the kitchen, and she hadn’t taken a bath before lying down for the night. The pallu had gone to one side and her right breast was protruding from under her white blouse. I stared at her tits and her round figure. Her smell was intoxicating me.

“Oh my maid, my sexy goddess, I want to make love to you,” I told her.

“Sarun,” She replied. “Don’t make love to me. FUCK me.”

That did it. I pulled away her pallu, unhooked the blouse, and pushed her white bra up to expose her large round breasts, the big black areolas standing erect. I played with the right breast, squeezing and pinching it, rotating the nipple between my thumb and fingers, then sucked on it.

“Mmm…mmmm…” Narges began to moan loudly.

I threw my arms around her and again kissed her deeply; she responded by hugging me around my neck and offering me her tongue to suck. Her unwashed body smelt sweaty and was highly intoxicating. I had to fight to control myself to not cum. I kissed and licked her face, eyes, lips, nose, nibbling her earlobes and biting her neck. I unclipped her bra completely and freed her heavy breasts, pinching, biting and sucking on them.

Narges was now moaning loudly, completely lost in throes of passion. As I sucked her boob, a movement in the mirror caught my eye. I grinned. There was a small hole in the partition, and I could see Fateh hiding himself in the shadows, watching me enjoy his wife, with his pecker out. Wanker! I decided we should put on a show for his benefit.

“You,” I decided to be bold and took a chance. In a commanding voice, I ordered Narges, “Stand up and lift up your petticoat and show me what color panties you are wearing.”

The bed creaked as Narges got off and lifted her petticoat to her waist, revealing her smooth chubby dark brown thighs and black panty, which had a damp wet patch on the front. I asked her to turn around and kneel on the floor and lower the panty over her bottom, with the petticoat rucked up over her back.

I marveled at Narges’s voluptuous buttocks and told her to pull her cheeks apart and show me her black hairy cunt and anus. She looked back at me, smiling. My dreams were being realized, finally! Here was the object of my fantasy, the wife of another man, revealing her innermost secrets to me, ready to submit to me the ultimate submission, and completely enjoying herself while being so wanton. I told her to stand again as I stripped her, pulling off the petticoat, blouse, and black panty. Narges now stood in front of me completely naked and vulnerable; I embraced her pushing my crotch against her naked vagina, caressing and squeezing her arse cheeks.

I undressed completely. Living in the US I had made it a habit of going to the gym regularly, and Narges squealed as I revealed my muscular body to her. I was proud of my big dick, and I was now rock hard, with veins in protuberance and my massive balls waiting to hammer against her milky white thighs. Narges’s eyes followed my body down until she stopped at my crotch – and a big smile enveloped her lips.

My former maid laid down on the bed on her back as I began licking her hairy pussy, making her shiver and tremble as she experienced her cunt being expertly sucked for the first time in many, many years. Her eyes were closed and she was purring as I squeezed her breasts. Narges arched her back to allow me easier access to pull and twist her nipples, making her wince with pleasure.

I pulled her thighs apart and positioned the thick bulbous head of my cock over her labia. I put the tip of my penis into her, then slowly pressed in a few inches, pulled out then pushed back in a bit further, pulled out again before finally penetrating her fully in one push up to my balls, causing Narges to gasp as the air was pumped out of her body, stretching her cunt fully.

Narges was now mumbling, “Oh sahib! I am a married woman. You have now shamed me. You have taken a married woman on her marital bed. You have taken away my honor. My husband was not man enough to stop you.”

I could see Fateh in the shadows, stroking his small wiener faster and faster as his wife called him names while being pounded by my monster cock.

Narges was now sweating profusely, screaming and grunting loudly in time to my pounding. We were now copulating forcefully; my cock fully buried inside her. I was fucking a married woman, on her marital bed, that too in front of her husband. I slammed into Fateh’s wife, causing the old bed springs to squeak and groan noisily in rhythm to our hammering.

“Narges, I am going to cum inside you,” I told Narges as I humped her.

“Oh, Sarun, it will be an honor and pleasure.” Narges murmured. “I want your sperm in me. Fill me, Sarun!”

I grunted as I ejaculated, filling up her vagina with my semen till it overflowed, staining the bed sheets. Narges grasped my balls, squeezing out as much juice as possible. I bit her neck and kept ejaculating for quite some time before finally collapsing with my full weight on her. I remained inside her for almost ten minutes, making sure my seed soaked in. We caressed and kissed before I finally rolled off her, my cock semi erect and still dripping cum.

I looked at my freshly fucked former maid and the object of my wettest dreams, covered in sweat and love bites on her breasts, neck, and thighs, my semen oozing out of her vagina down her arse, the room reeking with the aroma of sweat and sex.

“Wow, wow.” Was what Narges repeated loudly, several times. “Wow. Now that’s what I call a fucking. My husband never fucks me like that, sahib. You know how to satisfy a woman. If I knew you fucked like that I would have let you fuck me a long time ago.”

I could only grin at the compliment. Narges’s legs were still spread out, and a full ten minutes later cum was still oozing out of her pussy. Narges moved so that she now faced me again, the cum making slosh noises as it dribbled down her thighs.

“Sarun, why did you really come here?” She asked. “Did you really just come to visit me?”

“Oh yes, Narges.” I took her face in my arms and kissed her cheeks. “Actually, I have a job offer for you.”


“Yes, Narges. You see, I am now a very rich man. I have a business in the USA. I also do some import work from India, so I have a mansion in Kolkata. My family lives in the USA, but I come every month to Kolkata for ten to twelve days. I need a maid to work for me there, and rather than any maid, I thought of you, my originalkamwaali bai.”

There was a pause as Narges digested this. Seeing a little hesitation, I kissed her gently on her eyes, took her hand and placed it on my now erect again cock.

“And I am always ready to be your bitch, Narges.”

Narges mulled over something for some time, then told me softly so only I could hear, “We will discuss this later, darling. I have to talk with my husband. He is my husband you know.”

“It’s all right,” I told her. “You can let me know later.”

“Actually,” Narges continued, this time raising her voice so that Fateh could hear. “My husband has a huge debt. He is a useless man, really. He gambled and lost and gambled again and lost. Now day and night we work hard to be a little less poor. He is really not a man. He lied to my parents by pretending to be well off when he was always borrowing money and always in debt, and he could never satisfy me in bed, darling.”

This was said quite loudly, and I could imagine Fateh in the next room flushing in humiliation.

I responded by placing my hands between her legs, rubbing her clit.

“Sarun,” Narges commanded. “Take me again. Fuck me. Enjoy me. Play with me.”

“My pleasure, you sexy randi,” I told her, ready to mount her again. “You are such a whore!”

It was a bad night for Fateh. He had to sleep in the hall listening to the bed springs creaking all night and his Narges’s constant moans and groans. All night he felt helpless and tried to stop himself from watching as I molested and mauled his vivacious wife.

What must have been surprising to him, and he knew it, was that instead of feeling anger he got an erection. He must have known that’s why Narges never respected him; she always suspected he was not a complete man. Narges rubbed it in, as she cried out, again and again, “Thank you for the fuck, Sarun. I will do whatever you ask me to please you. Please fuck me again, Sarun. I can never get enough of you.”

I must have woken him up several times. In my wildest dreams, I had never imagined Narges to be so playful, and so submissive, and I took full advantage. Once, Fateh peeked and saw me slapping his wife’s butts, spanking them hard and watching her rump quiver in the moonlight. The spanks left bright red marks on Narges’s butts as I called her a bitch, a slut, a whore, and she purred in delight at the insults. Other times he would wake up to the sounds of her screaming my name so loudly that Fateh felt the whole neighborhood would hear it, as I drilled my manhood deep inside her.

Throughout the night, I could see Fateh repeatedly jerking off to the sight of his wife completely nude in front of another man, eagerly taking my cock in. Much later on, Narges told me that though Fateh was always a submissive man, and Narges enjoyed dominating him, as she enjoyed dominating anyone, she had never cuckolded him openly. They did talk in bed about another man violating Narges, but that was always said to spice things up. Sometimes, during sex between Fateh and Narges, she would take another man’s name, either one of Fateh’s friends or the guy who lent him money, and pretend she was submitting to him rather than Fateh. It always made Fateh shoot his load in a hurry.

When I had shown up, Narges’s long dormant passions rose up radically, and this time she knew she would give in to her desires and finally cuckold her wimp of a husband. When Narges told Fateh she was going to share the bed with me, and Fateh was to sleep in the next room, she was testing the waters. Narges must never have imagined that her having sex with another man would turn Fateh on so much that he would agree to it so meekly.

“Oh YESSS!! Ahhh! AHHH!! OH Yes!” Narges cried as the bed began hitting the wall. I was fucking her once again. The bedsprings began squeaking furiously as she received my thrusts.

“Oooohhh, slow …slow…please! Mmmm. Ahhhhh. Nehi!!” The bed began hitting the wall hard and the springs sounded as if they were going to break. Narges was grunting in short bursts as I groped her breasts, calling her a randi and kutti. Her breasts were smacking back and forth as I pushed myself in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out.

Narges let out a tremendous noise as she climaxed on my glistening, thrusting pole. For what was probably the fifth time of the night I was squirting a good quantity of semen into Fateh’s wife. Narges let out a long sigh as her orgasm subsided.

Fateh let out his pole, hardest in life, but now it was only a few drops of semen that hit the hardwood floor. He listened as we fell silent. He knew though, it would not be long before we were at it again. With a groan, he realized Narges had wanted him to wake up early. As the bed springs began to creak once again, Fateh tried to shut out the noise and get some sleep. For me, the night would continue long into dawn as I enjoyed his lovely wife.


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