Nerd Strikes Back (Gay SPH)

Size Queer

The comments kept coming, like flies to a very tasty and humiliating pot of honey. The best were from the prettiest girls. I mean, not that I gave a single shit about girls, I was gay as fuck, but their comments were delicious anyway.

“LMAO—what a dork”

“Maybe you should drop the books and hit the gym sometimes Mike lol”

“Do you even lift, brah?”

I scrolled up to the picture on the college confession page: it showed a tiny boy, a fucking manlette, in the showers, wearing only his swimwear: his tiny arms and legs as obvious as it could be. He was wearing long swimming trunks, of course. I would be laughing my ass off even harder if he were to wear speedos. I had taken the photo several hours earlier. I could just imagine the tears on the nerd’s face when he saw the photo.

The best part was, he wouldn’t ever find out it was me. Not that he could do anything about it if he did, anyway. No one would believe him. Submission to the confession page was completely anonymous, to the spite of many ex-girlfriends whose nudes had been leaked. It was a shame I couldn’t catch him naked, though. Maybe I would try to catch him naked next time.


And after a few weeks of failure, I finally found my chance. I knew the damn nerd would always come very early to swim, much earlier than anybody else. I mean, we’re all hungover from previous night’s parties that early in the morning or maybe having some more morning sex but, what could this fucking loser do? He was already in the pool by the time I arrived, though. It was okay. I had all the time in the world. He would get out and shower at some point. I could lift while waiting for him to get out.

I finally got my chance, I really did. After swimming around for half an hour or so, he got out and headed for the showers. I had my phone by my side, in the pocket of my swimwear. Thank God they made these things waterproof, now I could secretly film him without worrying about fucking up my phone. He went into the cubicle at the end of the hall and pulled the shower curtains, as I slowly followed up on him. It was so early in the morning that only the two of us were there. Why would he even walk all the way to the shower at the end, if he had nothing to hide?

I walked slowly, careful not to slip or make any noise louder than the sound of his shower. I finally reached the final cubicle and gently pulled the curtains slightly to the side. I could see him, he had his back turned to me. His butt cheeks were even paler than the rest of him. I started to record, and a few moments later, he slightly turned towards me. He still couldn’t see me: he was busy cleaning his other armpit, but now I could see his dick. And… It was huge.

By huge, I mean it was so large flaccid, I could have sworn he was hard. At first, I was frozen. Then, my phone slipped out of my hands and hit the floor with a loud snap. He instantly and instinctively turned towards the sounds, and that’s when he saw me with my mouth open. I wish I could say I met his eyes at that moment and kept my position as the alpha. I didn’t. My eyes were frozen at his huge cock and I could not shift my gaze from it, no matter how much I tried or wished.

“What… are you doing?” He asked with a demanding tone.

He too now knew that I was no longer the alpha amongst the two of us and that the position was up for grabs. His eyes shifted from mine, too busy looking at his cock, to the phone on the floor, its back facing up. He grabbed it and then asked, as assertively as I once would have spoken to him.

“Were you filming me?”

Pressing the end recording button so he could take a look at the video I was recording. He watched the short video and stopped for a moment. Meanwhile, I was still entranced. My eyes followed his cock as it swayed and swung as he moved.

“Were you the one who posted that pic of me online?” His voice now signaled anger. “Speak when you are spoken to!” He yelled at me.

“I’m sorry, yes, yes, I’m sorry!” I blurted out.

“You piece of stinking shit!” He said.

“I know,” I said. “I’m sorry.”

“And stop looking at my cock!”

“I can’t…” I said.

“Why the fuck is that!”

“I love it. Can I please suck it?”

He was taken aback for a moment. “Are you an actual fucking faggot? Jesus. No wonder you’re stalking guys, you fucking pervert.” Then he hit me across the face. “You will pay for your perversion, you sick bastard. Get on your knees.”

I did as he told me to. I had no other choice. He grabbed me by the hair as soon as my knees touched the floor and smacked my cheeks once again.

“Open your mouth, asshole.”

I did so, without a single moment of hesitation. And then, I was in heaven. Or rather, heaven was in me. He had bestowed upon me his great cock, and I could feel it get hard in between my lips. He was cut, shaven, and at least 8 inches hard, and it got thicker near the bottom. I remember putting both my hands around it, and it still being large enough to suck. And I have large hands. Unlike down below. Speaking of my penis… As I kept on sucking his, my hands inadvertently reached into my own trunks, pulling on my own dick. The difference was, of course, that my penis, while hard, was smaller than his, while flaccid.

“Take off your trunks,” he said to me.

It was very primal. I felt the urge to obey his every demand and wish. If he told me to get on my knees, I would. If he told me to bend over, I would. If he told me to cut my dicklet off and serve it to him roasted, I would. I would to anything he wanted me to do. It was the least I could do. He was now my alpha, my master, my daddy. After I got my trunks off, we heard people approaching, talking loudly.

“Get in,” he said and pulled me inside the cubicle. “What the fuck is this? A dick for ants? Did you not grow in puberty, fucker?” He said as he looked at my dick with disgust. “No surprise you ended up a faggot.”

For comparison, he put his cock next to mine and the difference was baffling. He was more than twice the size of mine. Mine did look like the willy of a kid, and truth is told, it really hadn’t grown much throughout puberty. I went down on my knees, willingly, and then I took his cock in my mouth again. I sucked its head like a baby would suckle tits. I licked alongside the long shaft, kissed it all over.

Then I did my favorite, the deepthroat. I didn’t manage to fit all of his lengths inside me, though. It was much larger than I was used to. I was, honestly, quite a size queen, or a size queer if you wish, but damn. He was still too big for me. He grabbed my hair as I was halfway through his cock and started fucking my head. He was too harsh, and after a while, I couldn’t breathe and I needed to breathe, I needed to breathe so much but he would not let go. I looked up at him desperately, and he let me off his cock. I breathed deep breaths and filled my lungs as quickly and as much as possible.

He was still holding my hair firmly. With his free hand, he smacked by cheeks, both of them, once again. He wasn’t very strong, but I did not expect to be hit again, and it hurt. He pulled my head towards his cock and I half-heartedly wanted to protest, I was still badly out of breath, but as it approached, I gladly opened my mouth. He didn’t make me deepthroat him this time, just kept me around the head, and so I sucked and licked and kissed. I used my hands to simulate his godsend gift.

We did this for so long, I lost track of time, and could no longer guess how long he had been fucking my face. It might have been ten, twenty minutes, maybe even more. He occasionally switched from making me deep throat him to giving me partial control to letting me suck and please him as I wished. My knees hurt, and so did my mouth, my jaw, my throat. My cheeks stung where he had hit me. But it wasn’t enough for him.

“Get up and move over to the wall,” he said. “With your back turned, obviously.”

I did so and he got closer to me. The water kept raining down upon our naked bodies. I could feel his breath on my lower neck. I could feel one hand grabbing hold of my abdomen and the other guiding his cock. I could feel his cock touching, almost tickling my asshole, sliding and moving ever so slightly and slowly between my butt cheeks.

“Take a deep breath,” he said, and then entered me raw.

No protection, and no lube except the water from the shower. He was slow and gentle at first and gave me time to get used to his size. Inch by inch, he moved it inside me. I felt it prickle inside my intestines. It hurt, but the joy, the ecstasy, the delight of it, that was beyond words. I felt my tiny dick move as he went in and out of me, shaking my whole body. Any gay bottom would know: it’s hard to be, well, hard when you’re being fucked in the ass, but it wasn’t difficult this time. My dick was as hard as diamonds, and dribbling pre-cum all the way to the floor.

“Touch it,” he whispered to me. “Touch your tiny dick.”

I did as my master asked me to, I played with my dick. It takes only two fingers and a thumb for me, that’s how I masturbate. I came pretty much instantly, and my cum splattered onto the wet floor.

“I did not say you could cum, bitch.”

“I’m sorry, daddy.”

“What the fuck? I’m not your daddy, asshole, leave me out of your shitty fetish.”

And with that, he went all in, down to the balls, and came in me. “Thank you,” I moaned, as he pulled his semi-hard dick out.

“We’re not done yet,” he said, smirking.


The comments kept coming, like flies to a very tasty and humiliating pot of honey. The best were from the prettiest girls. “Tell them your name, sissy,” I heard him snarl. He had just pressed the record button.

“It’s Jim, daddy, my name is Jim,”

I had said, between moans. He was fucking me in the ass, his large cock filling me, all of me, then removing it slowly, and reinserting it just as slowly. Taking great care.

“What do you want, slut?”

“I want you to fuck me hard, daddy, come in my tiny asshole. I need you in me, daddy, please fuck me hard and fast,” I was moaning on the video that was the new featured post on the confession page. “Please breed me, daddy.”

It was obvious that it was me, that it was my room, later in the day, but daddy was hidden behind my submissive and orgasmic face. Thankfully, my tiny dicklette was also hidden, but it was still obvious I was being fucked beyond pleasure. And I was grateful daddy had posted the video. I would now be able to find many more real cocks to satisfy my lust. The comments kept coming, and so did I, thanks to daddy.


The End.


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