—I Got My Wife A Big Cock—

My wife and I had been married about 10 years and had a great sex life. She averaged about 10 orgasms when we made love, many very powerful.

One of our favorite foreplay activities was to read erotic bedtime stories. It was obvious that one of Jean’s favorite story lines was a girl getting fucked by a big cock and that became her favorite fantasy. Again and again she’d get all juiced up reading about a girl having a big one and then she’d jump my bones.

We started talking about the possibility of Jean enjoying her fantasy in real life. We decided it wouldn’t be a good idea to do it with anyone we knew and that I would be present. We got a swinger’s magazine and started looking for guys advertising a big one who didn’t live too far away. Once we got a couple of candidates we started corresponding with them, got pictures and finally we picked Stephen.

He came to our house one afternoon when the kids were at the sitters’. Jean, Stephen and I all went down to the family room, got to know each other and had a couple drinks to loosen up. Jean and I had never done anything like that before. We drank and made small talk for a couple hours. Finally we knew that we had to do something or wait till another time because it would soon be time to get the kids.

We pulled out the sofa bed and all took off our clothes. I’ll never forget my shock at the size of his meat. It was standing at attention, sticking out of his underpants rising above his belly button. We didn’t take a measurement, but if I stood that tall I’d be at least 10″. He wasn’t as big around as a beer can, but I bet he was every bit of 2″ in diameter. He had both the longest and thickest dick I ever saw.

We all laid down on the bed and my wife wasn’t bashful at all. She went right to work on that big pecker and started kissing it. She was breathing hard in excitement. She had to open her mouth as far as she could to take the huge head in, but she sucked on it as best she could. She had both hands around it, one hand on top of the other, and the big head still stuck out. She licked his big dick head and slid her tongue over the crack in his penis. She licked and kissed it all over. She just couldn’t get enough of it. His balls were huge too and she loved kissing, sucking and fondling them.

I started kissing her on her back. I started at her shoulders and slowly went down. Then I went to her feet and worked my way up. I kissed her ass all over. When I got to her pussy, it was absolutely soaked. I think she was the wettest I’ve ever seen her. She was so hot she might have cum while she was blowing him.

I’ve never been gay or bi-sexual, but my wife was so turned on sucking that huge cock that I was thinking about jumping it myself. I’ve never felt that way in my life either before or since.

Jean probably sucked, licked and kissed that monster cock for close to an hour. But the time to pick up the kids was rapidly approaching. So I told them that if he was going to put it in, it was now or never. I didn’t know if Jean would have some trouble taking Stephen’s monster dick or not, and she told me later that she wondered the same thing.

She laid back in the missionary position and Stephen got between her legs. She looked at me and guided his huge dick head between her wet pussy lips. He slowly started working his meat into her, inch by inch. She was so hot and juicy that she didn’t have any trouble at all taking him. It took awhile, but he stretched her pretty good and eventually hit bottom, but I don’t know how much he still had hanging out. In no time at all Jean had one of her wildest orgasms ever. She pulled him into her as far as she could, held him tight and spasmed violently. He fucked her deeper than she’s ever been fucked before and she probably came another time or two. But then she turned over to let Stephen take her from the rear. Her fine hind was sticking up in the air and he stuck his thing between her legs and tried to find her wet pussy. She reached underneath and guided him into her cunt.

From behind is probably Jean’s favorite position because she can rub her clit while she’s being fucked. Its a real turn on for the guy too because she’s got a beautiful ass. Anyway Stephen pumped it in there. His balls slapped against her. She had another wild orgasm and he shot a massive load deep inside her at the same time for a simultaneous orgasm. But it was time for me to get the kids…

Jean and Stephen cleaned up and got things back in order while I got the kids. Jean liked it so much that she invited Stephen to stay for dinner. After dinner we had a little family time, then put the kids to bed. Jean wanted another round.

We went back downstairs and pulled the bed back out. Jean pulled out Stephen’s penis and went back to work. She sucked it, kissed it and played with it. I guess sometimes it’s hard to get those big ones hard. She really had to work at it. She finally got him hard enough to do some good. He kissed her cunt, but she was hot enough already.

He put his dick between her pussy lips and slowly started pushing it in as he kissed her deeply. Inch by inch he slid in. Once he was all the way in he really started pounding it into her and she climaxed in no time. Then she turned on her belly and took him from behind one more time. She played with her clit as he pounded his meat into her. His big balls slapped against her ass as he fucked her deeper than she’s ever been fucked, slamming against her cervix. She bucked again in another wild orgasm as his cum exploded deep inside her at the same time.

I let them collect themselves for a moment, but then I pulled Stephen off and climbed on Jean for my turn. Her pussy was dripping wet. Stephen sure opened her up enough for me, but I was so fired up it didn’t take me anytime at all to get my rocks off.

Stephen went home that night and Jean told me how much she liked it. We wanted to get back together, but before we ever could, he moved too far away. We never saw him again.


My first story, “I Got My Wife a Big One” was a true story, as is this one, although they happened over 30 years ago. Our sex life was great and my wife was multi-orgasmic. She had more than 10 orgasms in a session several times. But she couldn’t really cum on just my penis. Her favorite position was probably on her belly with me fucking her from behind while she played with herself. She’d really get heated up reading dirty stories about girls fucking a big cock. She also really liked the 9″ ‘cliteriffic’ jelly vibe I’d fuck her with.

Size-wise we were mismatched like the size descriptions in the Kama Sutra. Jean’s pussy was big, like the elephant, and my pecker was small, like the hare.

I’m a Bronze Member of the Small Dick Club, I could tell that she always wanted more than I could give her. I loved her so much that I wanted her to have that ultimate orgasm. I wanted her to have what I couldn’t give her. Her toys were great and she had many, many orgasms, but it’s not like the real thing.

After Steven, from my first story, moved away we started looking for other “big ones” to pleasure Jean knowing that I just wasn’t big enough to give her that ultimate satisfaction. We used the same technique, looking in a swingers’ magazine for possible candidates who lived reasonably close. This was before the internet. We selected several guys and had threesomes with some, but they were nothing special. They were maybe a little bigger than average, but none were worthy of an encore performance.

Then we came across Ray. He lived about an hour away and claimed to be 9″, documented by the picture he mailed. He looked a little older, but we decided to give him a try. The meeting was arranged at our house in the middle of the day while the kids were in school. Since I could only leave work for a reasonable length of time for “lunch” I told Jean to let Ray in and get the preliminaries out of the way and not call me until they were ready for the main event.

Jean telephoned and I went home to find Jean and Ray waiting patiently. They were both fully clothed, but Ray had his pecker out, standing at attention. He was 9″ as advertised, but not especially big around. They had done as instructed, finished all the small talk and were ready for action.

We all went to the bedroom and I started setting up a video camera since we decided to tape this threesome. When I was ready, Jean laid back on the king-sized bed. Ray lay down and kissed her a couple of times and then she rose up so he could pull her pants down. He slowly pulled them off and she was naked from the waist down. He kissed her lips below her hairy bush and she jumped. He kissed and licked her cunt lips and clit for a few minutes. Then he got up to get out of his clothes and Jean took her top off.

Ray got back down on the bed and kissed Jean’s pussy again. It must have already been pretty wet. Then he fondled her boobs and kissed them for a little while. Next he took his hard dick and rubbed it along her pussy lips. She reached down and grabbed his penis, guiding him to lodge his head between her lips. He really took his time working his way into her. He’d push an inch in, then wait for her to get used to it. She was so wet that he really didn’t need to be so gentle. I had a great view with the camcorder, but I was so hot the viewfinder kept fogging up.

After about 5 minutes he was in to the hilt. He lay down on top of her, kissed her deeply and started a slow in and out motion.

She whispered in Ray’s ear, “I want to get on top.”

She and I had talked about that beforehand. It was one of her favorite positions and I could get a great view of the action with camcorder from behind her.

He climbed off her and rolled over on his back with his rod standing tall. She straddled him kneeling. He rose slightly and pulling forward put his massive head between her hot, wet lips. She rested just above his cock and slowly eased herself down onto it, feeling it slip and slide past her pussy lips and deep inside her. She rose off him and then she slowly lowered herself on him again feeling the ecstasy as his huge cock stretched her pussy hole.

“Oh yeah!” she gasped.

Jean was so lubed up that he slipped right in. She was on her knees bending over and kissing him as her beautiful bottom went up and down. I was behind her and had a great shot with the camcorder of her hairy pussy riding up and down on her big one. I could see every one of the nine inches slip between her cunt lips. The camcorder viewfinder fogged up so bad I couldn’t use it anymore.

In and out, up and down, her pussy was on fire. He hit bottom again and again as his dick head rubbed her cervix. She rode up so only his head was still in her, then sunk down till he was in to the hilt. The sensation was intense. She was completely filled by him, overwhelmed. As she gently rode him, raising and lowering herself on his rigid pole and moving from side to side, thrilling her to the core, sending beautiful, simple waves of pleasure throughout her body. She was on fire.

They continued to roll like this for, I don’t know, who can tell, minutes probably, maybe hours. Jean could sense Ray’s rising excitement and increased the tempo, thrusting harder against him, pulling his cock deeper inside her. She was really humping him, over and over, faster and faster.

She had to quit kissing him because she was breathing so hard. Her humping got faster. As she started to climax, she lowered her body to his, dropping belly to belly, wiggling her butt up and down as a massive cum hit her. Her pussy was sucking and contracting instinctively. Her ass cheeks clenched as her pussy spasmed. She held him tight and ground her cunt onto him as she rode out her release. After a minute she was quiet.

Jean caught her breath as she lay on top of him. After they lay still for a few moments he turned her head around and kissed her. The kisses were very gentle at first, but very gradually got a little more passionate. She started to grind her hips against him and hump him again. They made a wrong move and his cock slipped out for a second. She quickly reached between her legs and slipped him back in her honey pot. She was hot and the intensity just increased until she exploded again. She bucked and moaned loudly as her body writhed against his with her second orgasm.

Again they rested briefly. Then they slowly started some more in and out. Ray rolled them on their sides for a moment and I had a view of his whole rod making the penetration for a couple strokes. It was pretty neat to see almost every inch going in and out of my bride’s hungry pussy. They rolled all the way over into the missionary position, but then she flipped over. Getting screwed from behind just may be Jean’s favorite position. She loves getting her backside pounded while a cock thrusts deep into her pussy. She likes to reach down between her legs and rub her clitty while she gets plowed.

She lay on her belly and Ray got behind her. She felt his manhood between her legs and reached between them and directed the marvelous knob to her private entrance. He gave a little push and the tip popped past her stretched lips into her wet cavern. She reached under herself and rubbed her clit while he did her. Slowly, very slowly, her new lover invaded her and inch by inch she joyfully accepted him, her heartbeat increasing with each advance. Later she told me his cock had felt big the first time but this way it felt enormous!

He pinched her nipples and I thought he was hurting her and thought about making him stop. As he fucked her deep and hard from behind she felt his balls hit her ass cheeks and that just turned her on even more. She just lost it and fucked his peter for all she was worth. I forget how many times she came, it just seemed like one long orgasm.

She was dazed as he placed her legs on his shoulders and positioned the head of his massive organ at her juicy slit. His cock was slick with pre-cum and her twat was soaking wet from her juices. His tool slid in easily, but stretched her wonderfully. She cried out as he thrust into her and had to reassure him that he wasn’t hurting her, “Oh, it feels so good!”

His massive balls were slapping against her tush as he fucked her hard. He began to rapidly jab his prick in and out of her. She wrapped her legs around him and his hips rocked up and down against her heels. Her bottom rose to meet each savage blow as she tried to take his burrowing cock as deep into her pussy as she could. He pumped into her fiercely, grunting with each blow, and she suddenly exploded in the most intense orgasm I’d ever seen. She screamed as her arms and legs spasmodically clamped around his furiously hammering body. Her pussy constricted tightly onto his cock, grabbing and clutching at it, trying to keep it deep inside her. He fucked her hard and fast making sure she felt every stroke.

Her spasming pussy had an immediate effect on Ray. He began to growl and his thrusts grew even sharper and deeper. Deep inside her, she felt the head of his cock hitting the bottom of her pussy and the pressure drove her wild with passion. Her orgasm flared in intensity and she squealed her delight into his ears. She clung to him as he pounded her.

She came again and he kept on fucking her. His stamina was incredible, it was almost more than she could take. She was spent but she didn’t mind that he kept going. She was his to enjoy.

She felt his cock swell inside her, twitch and then he erupted and filled her as he shot a massive hot load deep inside. It seemed like a geyser exploding, this one filling her pussy and oozing out and down the crack of her ass. It was an awesome, strange sensation as each blast of cum rocketed out of his cock into her clenching pussy. Again and again Ray’s engorged stiffness twitched and pumped inside her, filling her to overflowing with his cum spraying forcefully onto her cervix. Her pussy sucked and pulled at his gushing cock, hungrily ingesting his cum. She was surprised to feel the forceful gush of sperm. Her entire body shuddered as a new wave of orgasmic ecstasy overcame her.

She let herself float off in bliss as wave after wave of orgasm swept over her. Her body shook and trembled under him, even after he fell exhausted onto her, even after his cock shrank and her clutching muscles squeezed him out of her still-spasming pussy and he flopped down beside her. They both lay there, breathing heavily enjoying the afterglow. Her head was swimming. As she regained her composure he rolled her onto her belly and began playing with her ass.

He started kissing her tush all over. He licked up and down her crack. Then he stuck his tongue in her crack. She really got turned on, cause she didn’t expect it at all. He pried her cheeks apart and started probing her rosebud with his tongue. That sure got her going again and I noticed that he straightened right up, too.

I finally got included in the threesome because Jean wanted to try a “sandwich”. She’s always been fascinated by sandwich fucks and the thought of one really turned her on. She really wanted to try it. She climbed back on top of Ray and impaled myself on him. She humped him for a little bit, then lowered her body to his, belly to belly.

I stripped, got myself lubed up and straddled Jean from the rear. I pulled her cheeks apart and started working my well-lubed dick in her little heiny hole. I pushed just a little to get the head in her entrance. I took it real slow, letting her backside get used to me. Of course at the same time her vagina was filled to overflowing with Ray’s massive pecker. I had a hard time getting in cause Ray was taking up so much space inside her. In retrospect we should have had Ray pull out until I got in or the back passage was open, because with him still in her pussy it was awfully tight for me to get in her ass.

Ray stayed still as I slowly and gently worked myself into her. When I was finally all the way in, I just lay still as she got used to me and being absolutely and completely full! Later she said that I seemed so much bigger with the monster already taking up so much room inside her.

I thrust one more time as deep as I could and held myself balls-deep inside her as Ray started humping underneath. Jean was truly in heaven. The sensation of one cock in her vagina and another up her butt at the same time was extraordinary; she said it felt as if they would burst out of her and she would explode into a thousand pieces.

Jean continued to push up and down on Ray’s cock, feeling him throb inside her, while I pounded hard against her ass. In and out, up and down; in and out, up and down; the three of us played out a symbiotic sexual encounter, each dependent on the other. But, something wasn’t right, the angle or something, because I was having a hard time staying in and holding myself up. Anyway, we rolled on our sides.

Jean could feel our two cocks sliding together through the thin membrane separating her cunt from her rectum. She could feel another orgasm coming and worked herself into a passionate fury. The sensations coming from her ass and her clit were more than she could handle and she exploded in a gut wrenching, wet explosion when she came. She could feel Ray’s throbbing cock in her cunt, and my dick way up her butt. She reached behind her, and she felt both of our pairs of balls at once, and the feeling of our balls pressing together really turned her on. She came, her body jerking and writhing all over the place. She came hard, jerking and flopping on the twin poles in her ass and pussy, shrieking in release as the feeling flooded her body.

It was the most intense orgasm Jean had ever had in her life. For over a minute the powerful spasms throbbed through her naked body, causing her pussy to contract tightly around Ray’s pounding prick, and making her asshole suck wildly on my driving cock. She said dots of color flashed before her glazed eyes as she hovered on the edge of unconsciousness. Finally the ecstasy of her climax subsided, and she lay still, sandwiched between two panting males.

Ray was so big that there was almost no room for my cock in her ass, her pussy hole was so stretched. She could feel our cock’s thumping against each other as they began to thrust into her in unison. The layer of flesh between our members was being rubbed rhythmically from both sides and it drove her crazy. She lost track of where she was and just enjoyed the wonderfully unique feelings that two men inside her at the same time gave her.

It almost became a game, or maybe a challenge to Ray and me. We kept up our thrusts like there was no tomorrow, we were like machines. Jean orgasmed over and over. She’d cum and then when she was done, one of us would shift our position and she’d get shoved into from a different angle and start cuming all over again.

We kept up their fucking motions for much longer than any of us would have imagined possible. Later she said that if this fuck felt half as good to us as it did to her, she was amazed that we could hold out that long. She must have orgasmed 10 times at least, and she was fast becoming exhausted.

I finally pulled out and she rested, laying still on top of Ray with him still inside her. Jean really wanted to give me a blow job so I got up and went and washed up real good.

I came back and stood at the side of the bed and Jean started to suck me while she was still impaled on Ray. But the angles just weren’t right and I had to lie down on the bed and she climbed off Ray. She lay on her belly and started sucking my thing. It wasn’t hard at first, but she quickly got its attention.

Jean extended her tongue letting her lips fall open, and licked the underside of my prick. She dragged her tongue across the smooth, sensitive skin. Then she pushed forward and took the head of my cock into her mouth. She hollowed her cheeks as she sucked on it. Her lips slid farther down my shaft until about half of it was in her mouth. She rocked her head back and forth, sliding her lips up and down on me.

Ray came around behind her and got between her legs from the rear. The thick, purple head of his mammoth erection parted the lips of her hairy twat with a loud slurp, disappearing completely into her puffy, dark, well-lubed cunt hole with one almighty thrust. He laid on her and pushed the tip of his pecker to her cervix and just held it there, lying still while Jean worked on me.

She sucked my dick, really working her tongue on the underside that’s so sensitive. She worked her mouth down my shaft until she almost gagged. She backed off until just the tip was in her mouth and slowly started taking it all in. She went up and down on my shaft trying to take a little more into her mouth each time. She almost had it all in her mouth as I started hitting the back of her throat. She took her time and got used to it. She played with my nuts as she slowly sucked me. Finally her lips made it to the base of my cock. I was in her mouth to the hilt! As I started fucking her mouth in and out, she reached behind me, found my crack and gently sunk her middle finger into my hiney hole. I was pumping in and out of her mouth and she was really getting excited again.

I guess the excitement was contagious because behind her Ray started moving his giant prick in and out of her well-stretched, well lubed pussy. She pushed her backside back, trying to take every inch of his glorious love pole as he rammed it deep inside her. He plowed into her deeply, ramming his thick, vibrant cock into her wide-spread cunt again and again, pushing the long, hard column of muscle deep into the hot recesses of her tight, clinging fuck hole. The only problem was that she was so excited she didn’t think about her teeth closing on me.

Her body was writhing and pulsing beneath Ray, shoving his cock into her from behind. Involuntarily she bucked harder and harder until finally she exploded! Her pussy was twitching uncontrollably and she let out a loud moan as she rode it out. Later she said that was the best feeling in the world! Suddenly, Ray spurted and blew his load deep into her pussy. He erupted with a huge, hot load deep inside her. Big pumping jets pounded her cervix. Her cunt clamped down on him, continuing to milk him. As her vagina convulsed in orgasm her teeth kept closing on my penis. But, all of a sudden I came and shot into her mouth. She sucked on my throbbing, spurting cock. I throbbed in her mouth and all three of us had blasted off in our final orgasm. The whole bed convulsed in passion.

That was the last time my wife had a big one. Family, religion and cancer have kept my wife from enjoying another ultimate orgasm for over 30 years now.


The End.


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