The Pool Party!

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I still can’t believe that it happened; I witnessed my wife of seven years, Judy, being fucked in full view of her co-workers at a summer pool party.

“It wasn’t like I was cheating,” she exclaims, “It just kind of happened and I couldn’t control my natural reactions to his huge cock!”

She offers this reasoning to appease my feelings of being cheated on, it doesn’t really help.

“Besides, Timmy,” she adds, “your actions were rather questionable and even gave the green light for it to happen.”

Earlier that evening………..

It was a pool party that my wife’s boss, Joanne, held for the staff of a nursing department of a local hospital. My wife and I had gotten together with Joanne and Peter, her husband, somewhat regularly and they were both a very attractive couple around 28. My wife was also attractive and we were both 31. My wife was somewhat jealous of Joanne because like I already stated, my wife was attractive but Joanne was extremely hot! It would irritate my wife because she thought I gushed over Joanne too easily and I have to admit that I would find myself putty in her hands.

What really burned her up was that Joanne would often demean me with belittling comments and referred to me as “Timmy” instead of my established name of “Tim”. I would react as my wife would say “as though you were her obedient little puppy dog and maybe I need to leash you before you try to hump her leg.”

I think that my wife subconsciously recognised that Joanne brought out a submissive side to me that would easily fall prone to Joanne’s feminine power. In all there were about 15 attending. The only men who were attending were myself and Peter, who was Joanne’s husband. The rest were the female nurses who ranged in age from 24 to 30 and none were married or didn’t bring their boyfriends. I also have to admit that most were very attractive.

Well after eating some grilled chicken and a couple of beers it was decided that we would relax in lounge chairs around the above ground pool and do some swimming. That’s when we discovered that we forget to put our swimsuits in the car, so Joanne offered to supply some extra suits that they had. Following her into the house she found a bikini for my wife Judy to wear and told me that her
husband Peter wears men’s Speedo bikini brand and if I didn’t mind those there were a pair in a closet of the bathroom where I could change.

I went into the bathroom closet and after some difficulty finally found them and put them on. They felt rather tight on me and something didn’t look right about them, but I had never worn a man’s bikini swimsuit and being slightly buzzed from the beer, just
figured that was the way they must fit.

When I came out to the poolside my wife had already taken a seat next to Joanne (fantastic looking in a bikini) and the only lounge chair left was next to Joanne’s husband Peter. After several more drinks and a couple of joints being passed around everyone was feeling pretty good and some of the girls were openly sharing their favorite sexual experiences they had with their boyfriends.

It seemed to be the consensus among these very attractive women that having a man go down on them topped the list. This was good to hear because I considered myself an excellent performer of cunnilingus and it was a practice my wife asked for often. At this point I looked over at Pete and my mouth must have dropped open in shock. After listening to these attractive bikini clad woman discussing their sexual practices so openly, it had given both Peter and I a raging hard-on.

Because we were both attired in tight bikini swimsuits, our erections were very clearly visible if anyone looked in that area. The reason I was shocked was because Peter had a very large stiff penis that instantly made me feel like an insecure boy. My 4.5 inch hard penis compared to what must have been a very meaty 8 inch cock! It would be like comparing a wiener with a thick Kielbasa, add to that he was very muscular and ripped due to his profession in the construction business.

I am not gay, but I could not pull my eyes away from staring at that cock and feeling jealous that I did not posses such a tool to bring a woman to pleasure. I must have been staring too long because when I glanced up at my wife she evidently saw that I was focused on something and I saw her eyes glance down to where I was looking and lit upon his groin area. She continued looking and seemed to have a confused look on her face until I could tell that she finally comprehended what had first shocked me and now shocked her.

I realized her comprehension because her eyes suddenly widened and her mouth opened and I could actually hear her take in a breath from surprise. Being a virgin when she married me, she had not seen such a magnificent example of manhood. As the women continued praising the work of cunnilingus, Joanne announced very loudly that she disagreed and declared that a good pounding with a man’s cock is by far the best!

She went on to chide the women that the only reason they have men perform oral on their cunts is because they don’t have a man with a big cock to fuck them! Only submissive men with little cocks lick a woman’s cunt to make up for their inadequacy. At that point my wife and I exchanged glances and my initial insecurity increased dramatically for I could see in her eyes she was considering what her boss Joanne had said.

She knew that I understood that she was considering these matters, how could she not! The evidence was before her very eyes! Peter’s large manhood was there to compare with my stiff little penis. And just as Joanne pronounced, it was true that I was often on my knees between her spread thighs worshipping her sex with my tongue. I now knew why she preferred my tongue to my cock! She had to look away from me because it was a very uncomfortable realization, which we both knew was true.

Joanne’s voice brought me back to attention. “Oh you poor girl Judy,” she said to my wife, “I can see that you are not experiencing a real man’s cock, I bet you keep Timmy’s tongue busy.”

These shocking words caused me to look at Joanne and could clearly see her eyes were fixed on my now obvious small erection on display through the tight swimsuit.

“Shit, Timmy, why did you put on a pair of my panties?” asked Joanne.

I now understood why they felt tight and looked strange to me when I had first put them on in the bathroom earlier. Being that I
had never worn a man’s bikini style swimsuit, I evidently thought that Joanne’s dark panties were the man’s bikini suit!
The women were now visually comparing the two erections of Peter and me. Seeing my diminutive size compared to Peter’s large cock brought a round of giggles to the surrounding women.

My face burning with shame and humiliation, the situation was bringing me a perverse form of sexual excitement because as I was on display wearing a woman’s panties exposing my small penis for all to see, I felt my penis harden further and pulse twice, causing my penis to jump up twice. “Oh my God Judy, your husband is enjoying this.”

My twitching penis and Joanne’s comments to my wife caused more laughter and I could see my panties had a dark spot from leaking pre cum. I saw a look of contempt in my wife’s eyes because her husband was displaying his little penis in a pair of women’s panties next to Joanne’s husband, Peter, with his woman pleasing cock. She must have felt very embarrassed at this and the fact that I seemed to be submitting to Joanne’s open emasculation of me.

“I think it’s time for a swim,” my wife said and turned to escape this humiliating situation and startedto climb up the ladder of the above ground pool.

At the top of the ladder she dipped in her leg and because of the coldness of the water started to back down the ladder when she apparently slipped and fell back, but caught herself at the last moment with one hand. You could clearly see that she was struggling to hold on before she fell straight back and she cried out for help.

I immediately ran over and started to hold her up and stop her from falling backward, but my hold on her was not that good and I was starting to let her slip from my hold. Feeling me starting to drop her, my now panicked wife shrieked out and started to flail her arms and legs to regain her hold to the ladder. Peter came from behind me and quickly pushed me aside and slid his arms under my wife’s torso.

He was holding her in a fireman’s hold and I could also see that his still erect large cock was up against my wife’s pussy and her slight movements while he started to pull her away from the ladder caused a sawing motion of his cock head against her clit. “WAIT PETER”! My wife cried out, “my foot is caught on something.” Sure enough she tangled her foot in the rope of a thermometer that was tied to the ladder to hang in the water.

Peter’s wife Joanne rushed over and started to untangle the rope from my wife’s leg, while I lifted her up from beneath to provide slack on the rope for Joanne to untangle her foot. I also wanted to raise my wife up and away from Peter’s well developed cock I became concerned that she didn’t seem concerned about his cock resting so intimately against her sex. “OK Peter, I freed her up, take her away,” stated Joanne.

At that moment I glanced back down and saw that Peter’s cock was still very erect and noticed a wet spot from my wife’s cunt had
darkened the crotch area of her bikini. I additionally became extremely alarmed that as I raised my wife’s torso away from Peter’s cock I heard a sigh of disappointment escape from her lips. My wife was being seduced by this man’s far superior cock before my very eyes!

As I stood holding her up, Peter started to back away and her now raised bottom slipped from my hands and I dropped her down right on Peter’s cock! His cock slid right between her legs, and the bulbous head of his cock lodged right into the opening of her cunt. Luckily the fabric of the suit allowed only the tip of his cock head to penetrate her vagina opening. A very audible moan came
from my wife and all there clearly recognized it to be a moan of sexual lust.

Peter then looked up at his wife Joanne with questioning eyes and she nodded to him. “Go ahead my dear husband, show Judy what she has been missing.” I felt sick to my stomach knowing that this was now out of control and events were proceeding to my public initiation of becoming a cuckold. Peter carried my wife to a picnic table and laid her down on her back and pulled her legs open, and
tore her bikini bottoms off in one quick motion.

Standing between her spread legs and pulling her ass to edge, he swiftly removed his suit. His immense manhood was now exposed for all to see. It was now even bigger looking than it appeared under his suit, and a vein that ran up the middle was
actually throbbing.

“Oh fuck,” my wife said, “it’s huge!”

He pushed that cock right up my wife’s cunt but stopped about a fourth of the way in due to my wife’s loud scream of pain. “Are you OK Judy?” Joanne asked. “I guess that’s a little bigger than what you’re used to!”

“I don’t know if I can take it Joanne. That kind of hurt,” replied my wife.

“Well Judy, you probably just had your cherry popped,” chuckled Joanne, bringing laughter from the women who were now circled around the spectacle taking place on the picnic table. “Maybe I should have Peter withdraw and have your husband take his place with his little guy,” taunted Joanne.

“Oh please no!” pleaded my wife, “I am already starting to feel like I can take it and have never felt so full and like a woman before,” my wife blurted out.

“OK, Peter I want you to go in but stop half way and you, Timmy, come here and kneel down by your wife’s side!” ordered Joanne.

As if in a trance with butterflies in my stomach, I walked over to the table and dropped to my knees, my head only a foot from the center of the action. I looked directly at my wife’s cunt and could see that pussy was stretched and the vaginal lips clinging tightly around the large girth of his meat stick.

Joanne came from behind and pulled the women’s panties I was wearing down to my knees and my small little erection sprang out and stood straight up dripping pre-cum.

“Are you sure you want to do this Judy? Once Peter puts his cock all the way in you will not ever feel your husband’s cock inside you anymore. I want you to look at your husband’s penis before you decide,” suggested Joanne.

My wife glanced down through lust hazed eyes at me kneeling with the women’s panties at my knees and my stiff little dripping penis in what must have looked very pathetic, now that she had the real deal wedged in her cunt.

“Why is my husband so hard and excited,” said my wife Judy.

“I would say that Timmy understands his place down on his knees and wants to see his wife finally become satisfied in a way he now realizes he can never achieve for her,” answered Joanne. “I would also say that because he offers no protest and seems to enjoy being cuckolded before you and all the girls, that he is making a public confession that he is a submissive little penis cuckold sissy!”

I opened my mouth to say something but nothing would come out, I didn’t even know what to say anyway, was I trying to shout out to stop this or to babble out in affirmation!

“Please Joanne, let Peter fuck me, my husband’s a little penis sissy!” my wife pleaded further.

With that Peter’s intrusion into my wife resumed and he pushed his cock in to the hilt. My wife immediately came in a leg shaking fit and screamed out in total joy in a way I had never seen or My wife’s eyes were now open wide and was in utter disbelief watching her husband eagerly cuckolding himself while kneeling before her as another man’s larger penis was pounding her to
never before experienced orgasm after orgasm.

She found it so very erotic that her husband was now openly masturbating his small penis before all to see! She couldn’t believe Joanne had just received a commitment from her husband to suck the cock of the man who was now fucking her senseless! She was not bothered in the least that Joanne now had total female domination over her willing submissive husband if the consequence was Peter’s amazing manhood bringing her such ecstasy!

As these thoughts were going through her mind another unknown pleasure was now growing between her legs. Peter’s manhood had already brought never before pleasure of vaginal and clitoris orgasm, but now something else was radiating in strength from her pussy. Peter’s large head was poking and rubbing what she later learned was her “G spot”. Her pussy was quivering and exposing
very visible signs that something was about to explode.

“Quick Peter, pull out,” Joanne demanded of her husband, “I think she is going to squirt!”

I had never known about female ejaculation and my attention as well as those who were watching me turned to my wife. With Peter’s cock removed her splayed legs were trembling and a mist of pussy fluid sprayed out as she screamed from the immense pleasure. The spray had come forth with such force that droplets of her pussy juice peppered my face.

“Peter, show Timmy a real man’s load,” Joanne instructed.

Peter turned towards me and pointed his large cock to my face as he stroked himself to ejaculation. Multiple thick ropes of cum arced from his cock and draped across my face and chest as I stroked my penis. My total emasculation now complete I screamed in orgasm.

My ejaculation (unlike Peter’s forceful jets) dribbled out and formed a puddle on the ground. “What a nasty little sissy, you really did make a sissy puddle for us,” Joanne mocked and hysterical laughter erupted from the watching woman.

As my wife’s co-workers now lost interest in me and surrounded my wife and excitedly congratulated her for receiving such pleasure, I fell forward to the ground and instinctively started kissing Joanne’s feet in complete submissive adoration of this Goddess.
The car ride home was much quieter.

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