Sprung by the Boss!

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While attending a summer employee picnic at a local beach park, I used a shower to rinse off sand from the beach. The facility showers were nice because each shower was a small separate cube for one person with the entrance directly from outside. I removed my swim trunks to shower and soon started to masturbate my penis while thinking of my female co-workers who were adorned in bikinis.

While sliding my thumb and finger furiously up and down my stiff four inches the unlocked door (lock must have broken) opened to reveal my actions to my young female boss Tracy and a female coworker. As they stood in the doorway holding the door open, the look on their faces went from shock to amusement as they stared directly at my little stiff penis pulsing between my fingers.

“Wow, you’re really small!” my female boss Tracy blurted out.

My face turned crimson red and I felt my face and ears burning in hot shame. Yet somehow I was finding the experience very erotic and felt myself hardening like I never had before.

“Keep going, little sissy boy!” my female boss Tracy commanded me and I resumed jacking off for the two young and beautiful females.

My female co-worker then started giggling and holding her hand to her mouth in disbelief as my female boss called me a “loser” and “little girl”. I do not know why but I found the humiliation sexually exciting and I stroked myself to their amusement. I could feel my knees weaken and I stooped slightly towards them displaying my submission as a man to them.

I then started to uncontrollably thrust my hips back and forth pounding my little penis into my hand. This lewd and very debasing display caused them to both laugh hysterically and they now opened the door wide open and stood to the side to expose me to those walking by outside.

Through my half closed sex hazed eyes I could see several other female co-workers watching.

“You have very small penis, don’t you Timmy”? my female boss asked using my name.

“Yesssss,” I hissed back. my answer in utter sexual shame and lust.

“Tell us you have a small penis, Timmy,” she urged me.

“Oh, Tracy, I have a small penis. I have a small penis,” I shouted out.

That totally debasing profession and self-realization that I was publicly declaring my lack of manhood
to these woman brought me over the edge.

As these young women watched with looks of triumph on their faces, I ejaculated multiple strings of cum and found myself unconsciously sinking to my knees in a sign of submission to their superiority. I heard a high pitched scream and realized that it came from me as my penis spasm-ed the last strings and my testicles felt as though they were imploding into themselves.

I had never cum so hard before in my life. They let the door shut as they turned and left leaving me in my post cum state to
contemplate what I had just displayed to my female boss and co-workers.

Now at work the female employees give me knowing looks with smirks on their faces. I have even had one female co-worker give me the small penis sign by holding her pinky up and sliding her thumb and finger up and down it. Although I feel embarrassed and ashamed I kind of want it to happen again.

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