The Irish Curse!

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Okay, I guess to start this story out, I first have to make a confession. It’s hard to do as confessions tend to be, but it’s the truth. Here goes – I have a very small cock. How small you may ask? Well, before we get to actual measurements, I’m guessing many of you have heard of the Irish Curse…

There are a couple of different definitions of the Irish Curse. The first has to do with a man being physically unable to perform after having too much to drink, thus the Curse. The second and more controversial definition is that it means a man who has a small penis. Where do I fall in this regard?

Well I have some Irish ancestry running through my DNA. But I doubt that all Irish men have small cocks. In fact, I’m sure that there is a normal cock size distribution among the Irish. But me, as it turns out, I ended up with the proverbial short end of the stick… I guess pun intended.

I know, I know. At this point you’re saying, enough with the preliminaries, how small is small? Again, it’s hard to confess but when flaccid, my dick is about one inch long. Yeah, one inch. Worse, sometimes when it is cold out or on the mornings after I have sex, my dick actually shrinks, retracting into my body. Left sticking out is just a bit of foreskin and I have to coax it out with my fingers, pulling at it as if it were reluctant to show its head. This never happened when I was young but seems to be happening with more frequency as I get older.

On the other hand, the good news is I have never had a problem working up an erection or enjoying sex. In fact I believe I am hornier than most guys – perhaps even in inverse proportion to my dick size. When really excited my erection grows to almost four inches (3.8 inches to be precise). Now the interesting part is I never really was bothered by the size of my dick when I was growing up.

My family was relatively modest so it’s not like I was exposed to lots of other penises. I went to Catholic schools where one did not change for gym, so again I had no real basis or need for comparison. As far as I was concerned, I used my pecker to pee and it worked fine for that. I met my wife Grace in high school and we were sweethearts through it all. She went to the community college while I commuted and got a four year degree. We were married when we were both twenty-one and when we had sex, it was the first time for both of us.

I pleased her and she pleased me and to tell you the truth, size never even came up. Later on I spent some time in locker rooms and was aware that other guys were bigger than me, but it didn’t seem all that important. I was married and our sex life was fulfilling. Plus Grace wasn’t complaining.

Now a few words about our early sex life. With both of us coming from Catholic backgrounds, we were not too adventurous about sex. We mostly used the missionary position and experimented with only a few others. As our most frequent “other” position, she would get on top sometimes. And when she was very pregnant, we found spooning with me entering her from behind to be most comfortable
for her.

But other than that, we didn’t vary much. I lobbied for oral but Grace believed it was dirty so the answer was no. She did let me please her orally after a long strenuous lobbying effort on my part. And she grew to really enjoy it and occasionally ask for it. I was happy to oblige as it was a great turn on for me. But she simply wouldn’t reciprocate. While reserved and conservative about sex, Grace did have a stern side and liked giving orders. But these were aimed mostly at the children and she maintained a healthy respect for me.

Life went on. Grace and I had three children before we were thirty. Our sex life reflected that to some extent. We still enjoyed each other but with less frequency. Work took up lots of my time and raising three children was exhausting for both of us. But we remained faithful to each other and the size question never really was a question.

At some point in my mid-thirties, an old divorced friend of mine told me about a web site that displayed pictures of naked amateurs. Being a guy, I have to say that even though I was happily married, it drew my attention. But knowing Grace, I knew she would not approve, so my visits to it had to be kept secret. In our house I had a home office since I often did work there. I got into the habit of browsing the site regularly from my office and enjoying the ladies there.

It was something of an eye opener for me because I hadn’t been exposed to things like this. These women were very sexy and posed either naturally or for the camera in very sexy ways, something Grace had never done. It was very exciting for me and given the drop off in the frequency of sex between Grace and me, I more than made up for it masturbating to the many lovely ladies on the site. This went on for quite a while before my curiosity finally led me to look at the guys section of the site.

It was there where I discovered that virtually all the men were not only larger than I was, but significantly larger. To tell you the truth, I was kind of stunned. It made me question my comfort zone and exactly who I was. Before this I had always thought of myself as very good in bed and normally sized. But given the photographic evidence as well as the drop off in sex between Grace and me, I had to question myself.

Also, although I am definitely not gay, I found these large erections somehow exciting to look at. Based on this, my interest in on-line porn took a turn in the direction of hard core. I searched out men and women having sex is various positions. I read stories about sex and I realized that our sex life was really rather mundane. I knew that much of it was our respective upbringings, but I also attributed some if it to my small size. After giving it considerable thought, I realized that all I could really do about it was to try and be more loving and romantic with Grace and see if I could improve our sex life that way.

To be honest, try as I may, things didn’t really improve for the next couple of years. I continued browsing adult sites and masturbating while our sex life together seemed hung at the same plateau. But then something happened that changed all of that. I came home from a business trip and Grace seemed very quiet and distant.

Try as hard as I could, I couldn’t break her out of this mood. That night when we went to bed I approached her for sex, a ritual that we had always both enjoyed whenever I came home from being away. But Grace was simply not interested. This was very concerning to me but I couldn’t coax an answer out of her as to why. She also seemed angry and snapped at me to take the trash out even though I was already taking care of it. Something was definitely wrong.

The next evening I went into my office and saw that the computer was on, something I never did. I opened up the connection to the internet and right away I could tell that it had been used. Grace had never shown any interest in computers or the internet, but I was certain it was her as the kids never came into my office. Looking through the internet history I saw that she had pretty much gone through most of the sites I frequented. Clicking on some of the pages she had been on, I saw that she had concentrated on the guys, and if I had to judge, guys with extra large penises.

I was horrified, no wonder she had been distant. I was truly puzzled as to how to handle it. A few days went by and nothing changed. But she knew what I knew and I knew what she knew, so to speak. Just neither of us was talking about it. Well, the weekend rolled around and early in the afternoon I was surprised when my mother-in law pulled into the driveway. Meeting her at the door, she told me she had come for the kids.

Apparently Grace and she had arranged for them to spend the night with their grandparents. The kids happily piled out and off they drove. Grace’s parents always spoiled them. After they drove away, Grace looked me in the eye and said, “We need to sit down and talk.”

So this was it.

I swallowed and followed her into the living room. She started by saying that while I was away she had gone onto my computer. She said she was uncomfortable doing it but felt she had to since I was spending so much time on it. I just stared at her. “Bill, I was stunned to see what you have been doing there. Do all those naked people do something for you? Am I not good enough for you? I just don’t understand…”

For a moment I was silent. I just didn’t know where to start. Stumbling over my own words I apologised. I mumbled that it was not instead of her, that I found her just as sexy. It was supplemental, nothing serious. I went on and on but the disappointment in her eyes just made me start murmuring and slowing down. I looked at my own lap and wondered exactly how serious this was.

We sat in silence for a while before she took a deep sigh and began again, right where I was most vulnerable.

“Bill. Besides being shocked, this was also very educational for me.” I looked up.

She continued, “I saw things I had never imagined. Bill…I want you to be honest with me about this. Are all men as big as the men I saw there?”

I flinched. “Ummm, I don’t think all men are.”

“Well you could have fooled me then, based on what I saw,” she went on.

Then the crushing blow came.

“Your dick is just tiny,” she blurted out.

It was all I could do to just nod my head since there was just no hiding it.

“I saw all those women having sex with those guys. At first I thought it would hurt they were so big. But the women seemed so excited to simply be enjoying themselves so much. It started me wondering if it would be better for me if you were, well, normal sized….”

I was crushed.

The worst had happened. Grace was now aware of exactly where I ranked among other men and had started to wonder. But unfortunately it was worse than that. She continued. “Bill I had to know for myself. So there was a place to order a substitute, a dildo on one of the sites. So I did and I had them rush the order. It came the next day, all eight inches of it. I couldn’t wait so I tried it right away and I have to tell you after that, I’m not sure you will ever be able to satisfy me again.”

So there it was. Everything out on the table.

I was not only outed about my internet activities, Grace had gone one step further and now knew just how small my penis was. My only hope at this point was that our marriage would stay together. I didn’t have much to come back to her with. I mumbled more apologies and told her I could satisfy her with my tongue as well as use the dildo on her as much as she wanted. She shrugged and said, “I do like when you lick me but I’m not sure the dildo would be better with you using it instead of me. I guess it’s starting to look like your only outlet will be masturbation.”

She had me.

I knew I had to find a way to keep us together because given my tiny size and age, I knew it would be impossible for me to ever find another woman. So I did what any man would have done in my position, I begged. “Grace, please, please, please. I’ll do whatever I have to. I’ll find ways to please you. I’ll cook, clean, yes, I’ll be a slave to you. I’ll do whatever I need to stay with you. We’ve always been in love; please let’s find a way to make this work.”

Grace looked at me with interest. “Hmmmm.” “Maybe we can find a way. But I’m telling you, things will definitely be different. For one, no more computer porn for you. Two, you will do whatever I ask of you from now on. That means washing the floor, watching the kids, whatever. And if we do this, when we are alone I’ll call you whatever I want now that I know just how small you are.”

“Yes, yes,” I mumbled.

“Whatever you want…” “I mean this,” she said. “Any going back and you’re out. Do you hear me?”

I shook my head up and down.

“Oh, and one more thing…. you are going to help me find a real, normal sized man. I won’t live my whole life not knowing what a real cock feels like. Do you understand?”

I looked up and saw that she was very serious. I realized at that moment just how much things had changed and if I ever wanted to be with a woman again, I would have to agree. So right then and there she made me swear and that’s when life completely changed. For the rest of that weekend she made me go around and clean the house naked except for a small apron. I had to scrub the toilets, wash the floors, dust, vacuum, you name it.

Four times she had me orally satisfy her, each time with the dildo in her. Each time I got hard and she told me I was forbidden to ejaculate. Strangely enough, I was excited all weekend and my little dick was hard and dripping virtually the whole time. She finally took some pity on me when her mother called and told her she’d be dropping the kids off in ten minutes. At that point, Grace said to me, “Lie on your back on the kitchen floor and if you can cum and clean it up before they get here, go ahead. Otherwise it’ll be a long time before you do.”

I raced to the kitchen, lay down and given my state of excitement, within seconds had cum all over myself and the kitchen floor. I looked up and saw Grace watching with an amused look on her face. Embarrassed, I reached for the paper towels to wipe up when she started shaking her head. “I don’t think so…. you’re going to have to lick that all up.”

I stared open mouthed at her. “Lick up my own…..”

“I mean it,” she continued. “You always pestered me to suck you off, see how you like it. And you’d better hurry because you wouldn’t want my Mother and the kids seeing you doing that.”

Slowly I started to get up on my hands and knees. I bent over and took a tentative lick. It was slimy. I looked up and Grace indicated that I continue. I started to take another lick when she started. “I hear a car, better hurry up.”

Quickly I started slurping my cum up from the floor. I was disgusted but horrified by the thought of my kids and my mother-in-law seeing me like this. It dripped down my throat and I tried not to think about the taste. The floor was done and I looked up but Grace pointed to my belly and chest. With my fingers I scooped up my cum and brought it to my mouth. How could such a little dick generate so much cum I wondered?

Finally I had it all and I got up off the floor. Grace laughed and said. “They won’t be here for another hour but I figured that was the only way to start your training. Hope you enjoyed it because you’ll be slurping up all of your cum from now on. I’m going to save myself for a worthy cock….”

I was crushed. Maybe this wouldn’t be worth it after all. Grace gave me permission to dress. So I went and showered and was presentable by the time the kids got home. For the next week, things seemed to get back to some level of normalcy. Grace didn’t treat me any differently than before and what had taken place took on a dream-like quality. But as it turned out, Grace was just biding her time. One weeknight after the kids went to bed, Grace brought me into the office. “We need to do some comparison shopping,” she declared.

She opened up the amateur site and clicked on the section with the men. “Now, drop your pants, I want to see how small you are compared with these guys.”

Face red, I lowered my pants. My little dick hid away in my pubic hair, barely surfacing through it. Grace clicked on the first picture set, named 8incher. Pictured was a guy of about 25. He was naked and standing before the camera. His cock was erect and for sure it was truly eight inches. The end was glistening and he had an aroused look on his face. Grace looked closely than glanced down at my lap and smiled.

“Hmm, no comparison I guess. How did you ever pass that off as a real cock with me all these years? I mean, I simply never knew.”

She started scrolling through other pictures of men. They all displayed various sizes but they all had one thing in common, even the smallest was much larger than me. She was really enjoying herself. She moved onto pictures of couples and there were many lovemaking shots, some very close up. These had an arousing effect on me and soon my dick stiffened and emerged from its hiding place among my pubic hair.

Grace glanced at it and chuckled. “Gee, it’s almost as big now as guys on here who aren’t even hard.”

All I could do is give an embarrassed nod. Then she opened the drawer and pulled out her dildo. She parted her robe and was naked underneath it. Making eye contact she took the dildo and moistened it in her mouth. Then slowly she took it and placed it between her lips and inserted it with a moan. “Oh god! I can’t believe how good that feels. Mmmmmmmmm. I finally know what it’s like to be filled. Lick my clit.” She ordered.

Obediently I bent at the waist and started mouthing her pussy. She started pumping the dildo in and out. Heedless of my face, she pounded it in and out, at times mashing it into my face. The whole time she scrolled through pictures of well hung guys either posing, jerking off or fucking someone else. Her moans grew louder as I concentrated on her clit and soon she was shrieking and pumping juice into my face.

It was clearly more intense than the orgasms she had been having with me. After a few minutes to compose herself, she looked down at my hard little cock. Smiling she bent over and planted a kiss on its head. I almost came on the spot. But she lifted her head and informed me that I would not be cumming until she had experienced a real cock. All I could do was moan. I reached down to my dick and she simply slapped my hand away. “Not on your life! You better listen to what I say mister tiny dick.” She eyed me closely. “On the other hand, I have some good news for you. I’ve contacted one of the real men on here, a gentleman named Simon and he’s agreed to meet me and help me with this problem. Next Saturday he’ll be joining us at the Marriott when I can experience a real cock – he’s
nine inches long. You’ll be allowed to watch as long as you don’t cause any problems. And if I have a good enough time, I’ll let you masturbate when we’re done.”

Short of ending our marriage, there was little I could do but agree to her plan. The following Saturday my mother-in-law picked the kids up around noon. Grace had explained to her that we needed a weekend together and her Mom had happily come through. She loved being a grandmother. Grace and I immediately left and checked into a suite at the Marriott. She instructed me to disrobe and wait in the bedroom. While I took my clothes off, I heard her dial the phone and talk for a few of minutes in a quiet voice.

Five minutes later there was a sharp knock on the door and I heard Grace let someone in. I heard a deep voice and knew that it must be Simon. I peeked into the main room and saw a large black man standing face to face with my Grace. Grace had dressed in just a robe and Simon, who must have been about 6’2”, was smiling down at her. Slowly Grace opened the robe and let it slide off her shoulders. She stood there naked while Simon leered at her. I listened and heard her say, ”Let’s see that monster dick of yours… Like I told you when we spoke, I’ve suffered for years with my husband’s little boy dick and I’m dying to feel a real man inside me.”

Simon quickly slipped out of his clothes and I had to gasp when I saw his organ. Not even fully erect, it was massive. But what happened next shocked me even more. Grace dropped to her knees, took his cock by the hand and drew him into her mouth. Open mouthed I watched my wife suck a man she had just met when she had never sucked me in our whole marriage. And inexplicably I had an erection! Simon placed his hands on either side of her head and started drawing his cock and out of her mouth. At first only about half of his length went in.

But soon he had tipped her head back and was thrusting his whole length into her throat. I could hear her gasping for air between thrusts and spit was drooling down her chin and onto her breasts. Simon was grunting with each thrust. This went on for quite a
while as apparently Simon had a lot of staying power. Then after a bit, abruptly he withdrew and took Grace by the shoulders. Turning her around, he pushed her down onto her hands and knees. Grace begged him for face to face but Simon laughed and said, “The first time you need to feel it from behind. This way you’ll know just how a real cock feels deep inside.”

I watched him bend over, spread her pussy lips with his hand and place his huge cock at the entrance to my wife. He then drew back a little and plunged forward burying his cock deep inside her. Grace was shoved forward but I saw the ecstasy in her eyes as she pushed her hips backwards straining for all of him. Simon then began a rhythmic pounding of Grace’s pussy. Holding her hips he punished her pussy with his cock. From my vantage point I could see his huge back cock sliding in and out of her pale pink pussy and his balls slapping against her with each thrust.

Grace was so wet there was moisture dripping down her legs. Simon leaned forward and took her breasts in his hands and pulled her even closer to him, crushing her breasts as he pounded. Moments later Grace orgasmed, grunting loudly with the effort. This didn’t slow Simon down in the least. He picked her up roughly, turned her to face him and impaled her on his erection. Standing there he then lifted and dropped her on his cock while she squealed happily. Moments later she came again so loudly that I worried that people in other rooms would hear her.

This went on for the next two hours. Simon took her in position after position and Grace must have orgasmed at least six times. Her pussy was swollen red from the pounding. Eventually Simon had her back in a doggie position when he warned her that he was about to cum. I saw alarm in Grace’s eyes as she tried to pull away. But Simon was too strong for her and he pulled her ass to him tightly as he ejaculated.

When he was finished, he slowly withdrew from her and Grace lay on the floor moaning. Moving around her, Simon brought his cock to her face and instructed Grace to suck it. Grace opened her mouth and pulled him in, milking his cock with her mouth. She sucked him non-stop for a good twenty minutes when Simon grabbed the back of her head, held her to him and came again. His huge balls spasm as he spewed cum into her.

I watched Grace try to cope with the volume but some of it oozed out from her lips while most went directly down her throat. At that point Simon was finished and without so much as a thank you he dressed and left. Grace lay there for a while and then finally called me in.

“Now that Mr. tiny dick was a real man. It was wonderful. I’m going to have make up for all the time I lost with your minuscule little penis. There are lots of Simons out there and I intend to take full advantage. But now, we have a problem. He left a deposit in me that needs to be cleaned out.”

She shifted and spread her legs widely. Her swollen, red pussy was still open and cum oozed from between her lips. I stared at it not understanding her meaning for a moment when it suddenly dawned on me that she wanted me to eat her.

“Come on!” she ordered. “If you want to cum, you have some cleaning to do first.”

I pleaded and begged her not to make me. I have to admit I whined about it but she was adamant. So eventually I knelt between her legs, bent over and started licking her pussy. First I was tentative licking around her lips and avoiding any contact with the results of her coupling with Simon. But after a minute or two of that, Grace grabbed my head and placed it firmly between her lips. I had no choice. Simon’s cum was pressed into my face smearing against my lips cheeks and nose.

I came up for air and Grace looked at my face and just laughed. So although disgusted, I bent to the task in an attempt to get it over with quickly. After a bit Grace raised her legs higher and shifted her hips. She was spread more open and taking my head in her hands she moved me lower. Thinking some had dribbled down I was puzzled to find none. Then suddenly my tongue was all the way to her asshole.

“Lick it you lying tiny dicked wus. Lick unto I say you are finished. I want to feel your tongue all over me and inside.”

So with my eyes at the same level as her red swollen pussy I started licking her asshole with my tongue. After covering the circular opening thoroughly I pressed my tongue against the opening. I pushed into the tight opening and felt her squeeze my tongue with her muscle. Then while pushing my tongue in and out of her anus, Grace reached down and right in front of my eyes started rubbing her clit. My little cock was rock hard and soon after she came again pouring juice into my face.

Her asshole had contracted down painfully on my tongue as she spasmed but I endured it hoping she would allow me a release. She lay back and closed her eyes at last fully spent. It seemed like she was going to drift off to sleep and I was starting to panic as my little cock was painfully hard and swollen.

I was desperate for some release. She lifted her head and briefly looked up.

“Oh go ahead and jerk off, she murmured. “I guess you’ve earned it.”

Then reaching up to a table she pulled down a glass and told me to cum in the glass because she was sure I wouldn’t want to miss a drop when I was finished. Obediently I came in the glass and as she watched drank it down.

Grace smiled and said, “I think my sex life is going to be MUCH better from now on.”

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