The Little Engine that Couldn’t

By SexGiftFromGod.

“Jewel, I need to ask a very personal question. It’s hard to ask because the answer is scary for a man. But I have gotten myself to a place where I want to know the truth.”

“Dan, if it will help you, I’ll answer whatever you ask.”

“When we have made love… have I ever made you orgasm.”

“Dan, I don’t think it’s good…”

“Please answer the question.”

“Honey, I… know… you… love me…”

“So that’s a no. In the past year of our marriage, I have never made you cum during sex.”

“Dan, why are you asking?”

“Did JoJo make you orgasm during sex?”

“My ex-husband? What does he have to do with this?”

“Did you orgasm when he made love to you?”

“I don’t think JoJo knows what love is. You’re an amazing husband compared to him. You care about my feelings. You text me at work to tell me you’re thinking of me. You do the dishes.”

“Jewel, I want to know, when you two had sex, did you orgasm?”

“Honey… I… yes. OK, yes.”

“I don’t think I ever made Phebe orgasm either.”

“Dan, you and Phebe had a great marriage, and you have two beautiful daughters from your late wife. Where is all this coming from? Why did you ask me this?”

“Was JoJo bigger than me? You know, as a man?”

“Honey, I’ve always been a B-cup. Even after my daughters were born and I was breastfeeding, my boobs have always been small.”

“Jewel, it’s not the same. But JoJo could make you cum. Did he have a bigger penis than me?”

“Dan? What do you want me to say?”

“Just tell me the truth.”

“Dan. Yes.”


“Dan. I love you. Look at me, Dan. I love you.”

“I have always known that I have a small dick. But I always cling to those cliches like it’s the size of the boat.”

“Dan, it’s not like you can change that about yourself. And…”

“How big was JoJo’s?”


“How big was JoJo’s penis?”

“What difference does that…”

“Jewel, please tell me.”

“It’s not something I ever measured.”

“Mine is almost four inches when I’m hard. Was his a lot bigger than mine?”

“No, not a lot. I don’t know.”

“There is a ruler on the nightstand. Look at it and try to remember how big his penis was.”

“Dan, please, I don’t want to remember JoJo’s penis. He left me and the girls and never came back. You’re my husband, and I love you.”


“Are you still mad at me, Jewel?”

“Dan, I wasn’t mad. I want you to know that I’m in love with you and accept you how you are.”

“I just feel like a failure because I’ve never given you an orgasm in bed.”

“Dan, we maybe should have talked about this before, but there are other ways to make a woman orgasm in bed.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Let’s go to the bedroom, and I’ll show you what I have in my mind.”

“Nothing sinful, I hope.”

“Come in here and sit on the bed right there. And watch me as I get undressed.”


“Now, I’m going to sit here and the middle of the bed and have these pillows behind my back. Now, you could lay here facedown and use your mouth and tongue on me. This is the vagina, but here are my labia and my clit. You can run your tongue over these and stimulate my clit to orgasm.”

“You want me to do that?”

“Dan, if you want me to cum in bed, this is a great way to make that happen.”

“Should I get naked too?”

“Why not honey?”

“So I just lay here and stick out my tongue?”

“Yes, now start with your tongue flat and lick from my vaginal opening up to the top here… Oh, that’s good, do that again… Ohhh yea. Oh, Dan, keep doing that a few more times… ohhh…. mmmm… yes.”

“How am I doing?”

“OK, now use your tongue like a pointer and start trying to insert it into my vaginal opening. Yea… yea… oh yes. OK, now do a few flat-tongue licks and a few vaginal pointer licks.”

“Are you enjoying this?”

“Dan, you keep listening to me, and before you know it, you’re going to give me that orgasm you’ve wanted to. Oh, yeah… yeah… yeah… ohhh Dan, you’re doing good. Now the same pointer tongue you’re using on my vaginal opening, you’re going to do that to my clit… Yes, move your tongue to the top there, and yes, that’s the clit. Run your tongue around the clit, first clockwise a few times… oh… oh… ohh, and now switch it up, go counterclockwise… yes, yes… oh yes… that’s it, Dan.”

“Yum, you taste good.”

“OK, now between my vaginal opening and the clit, those are my labia minora or lips. Use your mouth to suck them… oh yes, just like that. Oh… yea, suck a little harder… yes, yes, that’s it. Now again, use these different things and keep switching them.”

“Are you going to cum?”

“Dan, you’re getting me really, really close…. ohh… yes… ohhh… don’t forget the clit…. oh, that’s it… Oh, OK… Dan, concentrate on my clit! Yes, the round movements, but also just fast licks… yes, flat tongue. Oh… oh… now, pointer tongue and go back and forth, left to right… yes, oh yes, mmmm…. oh Dan, oh Dan, NOW, NOW, OH DAN, OH DAN… YOU’RE GOING TO DO IT… YES… YES… YES… AHHHHHH AHHHH, DAN YOU DID IT.”

“You came?”

“[heavy breathing] Oh, yes, baby. You made me cum.”

“I did it.”

“You did. Now roll over, and let’s switch spots.”


“Dan, I’m going to give you a blowjob.”

“You’d do that for me?”

“Dan, you’re my husband, and I love you. Yes, I’ll give you a blowjob.”

“I never thought you’d do that for me, so I never asked.”

“Yes, I see we probably should have had this talk a while ago.”

“Oh, Jewel, that feels amazing.”

“OK, just let me know if you need it faster or something.”

“Jewel, I’ve never had this before. WOW. Oh, baby, I’m loving this!… oh… ahh… honey, I’m going to cum… baby, I’m going to cum… JEWEL, I CAN’T HOLD OFF… BABY, I’M CUMMING!… Oh wow, you let me cum in your mouth?”

“[swallowing] Dan, of course, you can cum in my mouth. A loving wife wants her husband’s cum in her.”

“Thank you. That was amazing.”

“Well, Dan, I have something to show you.”


“After JoJo left, I got myself a toy to meet my needs.”

“A toy? You mean a dildo?”

“Kinda. It’s a vibrator.”

“What’s the difference, Jewel?”

“A dildo is a more defined phallic, where here you can see it. This doesn’t look like a penis.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Well, Dan, you could use this on me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Here, get up on your knees like you’re going to make love to me. Now hold this here like it’s your penis.”

“You mean you want me to hump you not using my penis but using this?”

“Yeah, just let me turn it on like this. And now just put it in me like it was your penis.”

“Jewel, does that hurt?”

“No. It’s just a nice filling feeling… oh Dan, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…”

“It’s OK.”

“Oh, yes… now pull back just like you would normally… that’s it, and push it back inside… OH YES, do that again, Dan!”

“Just like that?”


“You’re liking this?”


“Can we try another position?”

“Oh, Dan, I was hoping you’d ask. Here, let me turn over and get on all fours.”


“Jewel, is this really what you want?”

“Dan, I came to your office to get some. I’m naked and spread eagle on your desk. Yes, I really want this.”

“But… you want me to put this in your butthole?”

“A woman’s anus shares a wall with her vagina and is surrounded with nerve endings. Go down on me and start to insert it into my booty.”

“OK, let me know if you change your mind.”

“Oh, yes… ummmm… lick it, baby… OH WOW!”

“Did that hurt?”

“Yeah, a little, but don’t stop. Here, put a little more lube on it… and yeah, go ahead and start putting it in again.”

“OK, let me know if it hurts.”

“Oh… ah… oh, yes. Dan, keep licking me as you do that… uh-ah, uh-ah… oh… um.”

“I think it’s all the way in.”

“OK, so now keep eating me and start to use the plug like you do the vibrator in my pussy.”

“So just in and out.”

“OHHH AHHH, YES!!! YES!!! Just like that, babe… oh, keep licking me. That feels amazing.”

“I would think this would hurt too much.”

“Dan! Please keep pleasuring me orally!”


“Oh, Dan, it feels so wonderful. Keep doing that. Keep going. Oh, don’t stop, don’t stop. AH… UM… AH… OH…. Oh… oh… YES, YESSS, YESSS. You did it, Dan. Oh, that was amazing.”

“You really came from that.”

“Yes, now push it in… yes, just like that. And stand up. Move back.”

“Honey, are you going to give me a blowjob in my office?”

“Dan, you deserve a blowjob after what you just did to me. Pull down your pants.”


“[interior monolog] Dan, you’re not even hard?”


“So, my penis would go inside of it?”

“Yes, and with the straps around your legs and waist, you wouldn’t need to hold the vibrator like your dick.”

“And this one here on the screen is the one you want?”

“Yeah, as I’ve looked at them, I like this one.”

“Jewel, my penis isn’t even four inches when I’m hard, and this thing is seven and a half. It’s almost twice me.”

“Well, it looks nice.”

“Honey, it looks uncircumcised.”

“I know, that’s what I like best about it.”

“You want an uncircumcised dick?”

“Well, you know, God made men uncircumcised. So it’s natural and nice.”

“You think it looks better?”

“Dan, it’s not like you chose to be circumcised.”

“You don’t like the way my penis looks?”

“Again, Dan, it’s not like you can do anything about it. This is a way for me to have it the way I want it.”

“An uncircumcised penis that big reminds me of an elephant’s trunk.”

“I think it looks nice, and if you read the description, the top part moves back and forth to simulate actual foreskin.”

“But what if it’s too big and makes it so you can’t feel me in your pussy again?”

“… Dan. I’ll always be ready in a heartbeat to give you a blowjob. Plus, this doesn’t require you to be erect.”


“OH, WOW! Look in the mirror, Dan. You have a nice big dick.”

“I do like how it makes me look. I hope the straps don’t start chafing my skin.”

“I love it. My husband has a big cock that he is about to use to satisfy me completely.”


“Oh, Dan, keep going. Oh yes. That big cock feels so good. Oh, almost… oh almost… oh Dan… OH DAN, OH, OH, YES! YES! Oh, you did it.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Take your big cock off and lay down. It’s time for my man to get some oral attention.”

“Jewel, can we try anal again?”

“Sure, honey, if you think it will work. How do you want to do it?”

“Bend over the corner of the bed, and I’ll put some lube on you.”

“Like this?”

“Yea, and I’ll put some on my little penis.”

“Dan, don’t call it that.”

“Sorry, on my penis… and OK, I’m going to push it in.”

“You’re doing good. Keep trying.”

“Can you relax your butt?”

“I’m trying, baby.”

“OK there, did that hurt?”

“No, it’s OK. I’m ready.”

“Oops. Slipped out… OK, there, did that hurt?”

“No, it’s good.”

“OK, going to push it all the way in now. Let me know if it hurts.”

“Maybe a little more lube, please.”

“There you go. OK, I’m going back in. Can you relax your butt again?”

“I think I’m relaxed.”

“Oh, you shifted a little. I can’t. It’s not long enough. Can you slide back a little?”

“Like this?”

“OK, there. OK, it’s in again. Does it hurt?”

“No baby, it’s good.”

“Oh, oops. Slipped out again.”

“What if I lay on my side?”

“If you want.”

“Yeah, OK, Dan. Go ahead.”

“It’s a little hard. My hand is trying to guide it in, but then I can’t see because my hand covers it up. There is it in?”

“Yes. Go ahead.”

“Does it hurt at all?”

“No honey, it’s good. Go ahead.”

“Oh, yeah… does that feel good?”


“I’m getting closer, Jewel. Let me know if it hurts or if I need to stop.”

“Keep going, Dan, it’s fine.”

“Oh, now. Oh, now. Oh, you feel that? I just blew my load in your bootyhole. I bet you’re glad I’m not very big since I like to do you, you know, anally.”

“Dan, don’t run yourself down like that. Your penis is fine.”


“Dan, I know you’re in the shower, but I need to poop after you come in my butt.”


“Sorry honey, but I can’t hold it.”

“No, it’s not that.”

“What is it, Dan?”

“Do you really not like my circumcision?”


“You had us buy the cock extension that was uncircumcised, and you said that you like uncircumcised better.”

“Dan, please don’t think that I don’t like your circumcision. It’s that I don’t like the look of circumcised penises at all.”

“I didn’t choose to be circumcised. They had it done when I was just a baby.”

“I know, dear, I know you didn’t choose. But I think God made a baby inside the womb to have foreskin covering his head, and that circumcision was only a temporary part of His plan. Now that circumcision isn’t part of God’s plan, I don’t think any humans should keep doing it. A natural-looking penis is perfect the way God designed it.”

“Jewel, I’m sorry I have a small penis, and we need to use that toy to satisfy you.”

“Dan, I love you, and I accept your body the way it is. The cock extension just feels so good and…”

“And gives you orgasms.”

“You give me orgasms when you wear it. Dan, I love that you make love to me, and it is a tool that you use to give me pleasure.”


“So, this is a book about different positions or ways we can have sex?”

“Yeah, Dan. It’s got a few different sections like man-on-top, woman-on-top, from behind, and non-traditional. I think this will be a good thing for us.”

“Are there any you want to start with?”

“Look at this one in the section on, on-your-side. We face each other, and you put it in me.”

“Jewel, the description says that the man has to have a long penis. Mine is way too small.”

“Dan, you’ll, of course, need your cock on over your penis.”

“You’ve never called the extension toy my cock before.”

“I want to think of it as your real cock and not as a toy. Go get it and put it on.”


“See, look in the mirror, Dan. Don’t see a penis extension that we had to buy. See that you have a nice, big, thick cock.”

“I do like the way it makes me feel more of a man.”

“You look more of a man.”

“Do you want to do it?”

“No. I want you to take me with your big cock.”

“You want me to take you with my big manly cock?”

“I want you to give your wife the pleasure a woman needs, and only a real man can give.”

“Here, let me rub some lube on it.”

“Babe, feel me.”

“Oh wow. You’re so wet.”

“Dan, a big cock turns a woman on like nothing else. Give it to me.”

“OK, lift your leg a little.”

“Oh yes, Dan! I love that big dick of yours. Oh, um, yes. Oh, do me.”

“Wow, this is an easy position.”

“Oh, and it feels so good and deep, too.”

“I’m going to do my wife like she deserves!”

“Oh yes. Oh, baby. Oh, oh, oh, that’s good, oh, just like that, ah, ah.”

“Wow, you are horny today.”

“Dan, big dicks make women very horny.”

“Something my little penis could never do?”

“No… I’m sorry… Dan, it’s not about your little penis, you’re using your big cock on me and I’m loving it!”

“So size does matter?”

“Dan, just keep going. You keep doing this, and I’m going to cum.”

“What if I stopped until you admit that size matters?”

“Dan, please. Keep going, I need…”

“Just admit it.”

“Ugg. Dan, you make me so mad. I love you, now love me.”

“Jewel, I just want you to say that size matters.”

“Fine. Size matters… oh yes, keep going, oh yes.”

“See. I knew it. I just wanted to hear it. My penis is small and can’t give you satisfaction.”

“Oh, don’t stop… I’m almost there… oh Dan, oh… ummm, BABY YES! YES! Oh, I came. You made me cum with your big cock.”

“Bigger is better, isn’t it?”

“If you take it off, I’ll suck your small penis now.”

“Jewel, can I do you in the butt again? Please hand me the book.”

“You don’t want a blowjob again?”

“Here, I saw this position and thought, I could do that with you if I’m in you anally.”

“Yeah, we can do that. Here, I’ll roll over.”

“Some lube here on you… and some lube here on me, too. Now let me know if it hurts.”

“No, it’s OK.”

“Honey, I’m balls deep inside your butt and it doesn’t hurt?”

“No. It’s good. You can start going hard.”

“It’s because my small penis can’t hurt even in the butt, isn’t it?”



“Just please, make love to me in my bum. Your small penis is a good asset for anal sex.”

“Jewel, that’s the third time that you’ve called my penis small or little. I like that you’re finally saying it.”

“Dan, obviously, your penis is small. But I still love you. I don’t want it to be all about size. Right now, you’re in my bootyhole, and no, it doesn’t hurt. I like it. For the last time, you have a small penis. Now use it!”

“Oh, honey… OH, OH, OH… I just came.”


“Oh Dan, don’t stop… don’t stop! Dan! Please don’t stop, I’m almost there.”

“Jewels, I’m sorry I need this thing over my penis to pleasure you.”

“Dan, please keep going. You’re being an amazing husband by using your big cock on me and giving me so much pleasure. Please keep going.”

“You really like this big thing, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, Dan, do me. It’s not a thing, it’s your big dick, and you’re using it to make your wife so happy. Please keep going.”

“Do you want to ride it?”

“Dan, please keep humping me NOW! I’m so very close… yes… that’s it baby… just like that… oh yes, Dan, you’re amazing… oh… oh… yeah… YEAH… YEAH!!! YOU DID IT. I’M CUMING.”

“Oh, I love to hear that from you.”

“OK, let’s take it off, and I’ll suck you off.”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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