The Deflowering of Sue: Part 3

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By maxNsue

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Part 3…

As my wife Sue, fell into our own bed, after a rough night with Bill, she asked me why in hell I asked Bill to wait to deflower her when I knew that is what she wanted, why she agreed to this. I took her hand in mine and kissed her cum and vomit covered lips. She tried to pull away, saying it was disgusting, but I told her that nothing about her was disgusting and thrust my tongue into her mouth where she willingly accepted it. I pulled away and explained that I wanted to do more than just watch her be deflowered and if I let Bill do it tonight, I would just be a spectator. I also told her that as long as she was still a virgin, she could annul our marriage, which was allowed by her religion and I wanted to give her that option for as long as I could. Obviously she had not thought about that or the fact that unless I also fucked her, the marriage would not be consummated. How about getting pregnant, I asked?

Sue did not think about that because she always assumed that it would be me that fucked her and she wanted my baby. Now that is not possible and another man will take her virginity first, the issue of getting pregnant needed to be addressed. My wife refused to take birth control of any kind as it was against how she was brought up. Although not overly religious, some aspects such as marriage and sex, were followed by her with no exceptions made. She said that she will ask Bill to wear a condom and that would solve the problem. I agreed but deep inside of me, I somehow knew that Bill would not go for that. I don’t even know if they make a condom big enough for him.

Sue eventually fell asleep and I quickly followed. I had a hard time sleeping because my cock kept trying to get erect in its little cock cage and it was painfully being prevented from doing so. I sleep in spurts and woke up for good when I got morning wood. That was very painful and required a quick trip to the ice machine to ice my balls and cock down as best as I could. When I came back into the room, Sue was awake and asking me what the problem was. I told her and she laughed. She also apologized, but said that Bill told her in no uncertain terms that she was never to let me out of my cage unless for supervised cleaning. He said that he would ask me each day and know if I was lying plus it would be considered a betrayal of our sexual relationship which Bill held as sacred.

I was getting worried thinking about how I was going to live the rest of my life without any orgasms. I told Sue as much, but she said being locked up did not mean that I would not have any orgasms, just not orgasms from your penis. I did not like the sound of that and Sue said to just wait and probably today I would find out what was in store for me. Then she laughed and reminded me of how sore her ass still was and winked. The phone rang, but I had learned my lesson and was sitting right next to it and picked it up on the second ring.

It was Bill as expected. He told us to go to his suite at 10am but to first order room service and eat a leisurely breakfast because we had a long day ahead of us. I thanked him and he said he did not need my thanks and for presuming so, Sue was to sit naked at the table as they brought in the food. She was not to cover herself and I was referring to her as my slut. I thought that we would just fake it, but it was as if Bill could read my mind and reminded me about how bit tippers can find out anything they want. He then hung up.

I told Sue what Bill and I discussed and she turned white and said that she did not think she could do that. I reminded her that it was nothing illegal, just embarrassing and the consequences for not doing so would be much worse and I pointed to her ass. She got the picture and mumbled OK and went to the bed to take off her clothes while I ordered our breakfast. Sue sat down, naked with her back facing the door. She figured that all that the bellmen would see is her naked back and that was not bad. I had not told her about having to refer to her as a slut yet and did not plan to.

There was a knock at the door, room service. I got up and let them in. The guy with the food thanked me and when I went to tip him, he said that Bill had tipped him more than enough and there was more waiting for him after he left our room, and then winked. This guy was going to report back to Bill so I had to make it look good. I followed the food tray into the room and said not to mind the slut in the chair. Sue immediately swung her head around and I pointed to the guy and tried to mouth the words, Bill paid him to watch, but did not know if she got my meaning.

As the food cart was being set up the bellman purposely walked to the other side of the room so that he was looking at my wife from the front. She went to hide her breasts, but I told her not to or Bill will find out. The bellman said that I was right about that. Sue got the message and dropped her hands back to her lap covering her waxed pussy. The Bellman told her that Bill insisted that he see her pussy and promised that I would like what I saw. Bill said she was a paid slut and he could treat her as such. Sue did as she was told, giving the bellman a good view of her naked snatch. I heard a low whistle from the bellman as he walked over to Sue. He cupped her breast and then moved his hands down to her pussy. Sue just sat there taking it all.

I was asked how much did she cost for the night and I told him it was more than he could afford. He laughed and stuck a finger into Sue’s pussy, making her jump off of her seat. The bellman thought that was funny as she should be used to that sort of thing. I told him that she was sore from all the sex we had and thanked him for bringing the food. He said, anytime, and that he would probably have to find a place to jerk off before resuming work. He sniffed his finger as he made his exit.

Sue said nothing and picked at her food. She shot me a nasty look and then stared at her food. Finally, she told me that luckily she knew what was in store for me today and that is the only reason she did not smack me in the face. Now I was doubly worried and ate my breakfast in silence. After we were done eating, Sue led me to the shower and handcuffed my hands behind my back. She had put the key on one of her necklaces that she wore around her neck. She used the key to unlock me and removed all but the ring on the cock cage. She asked me if it hurt anywhere and I told her just a little uncomfortable, but since my cock was so small it was not bad at all. She washed my cock, which got hard instantly.

She laughed and said, it figured and then smacked it very hard and kept doing that until it went flaccid. She locked it back up, looked at me and said that Bill told her that she might have to do that and that it will get worse as the months passed. She unlocked my hands and told me to wash myself as she watched. When I was done, she had me wash her all over and kept my hand on her pussy until she had a nice little orgasm. She remarked that she could not wait to be fucked like she needed to be and told me to get her a towel and then get out of the bathroom and dry myself when she was done. I did as she said and wondered if I was going to like the new Sue and my new life.


We got to Bill’s room a little early so we waited until 10am sharp before gently knocking. After a few minutes, Bill appeared at the door and told us to get our asses in as he was eager to continue our treatments. Sue just smiled while I looked frightened. Bill asked Sue how her throat felt and she said it just was a little sore from his cock fucking it. He said that she will get used to it just as she would get used to being fucked in the ass. Sue began to ask Bill when he would fuck her and deflower her. He cut her off and smacked her hard in the face and told her never to ask him questions like that and that he did not care how long she remained a virgin as we were not paying him for his services, unless we quit the program, in which case we would have to declare bankruptcy. Sue shut up; lesson learned. I almost lunged at Bill when I saw how hard he hit Sue but he stared hard at me and I thought better of it since he could squash me like a bug. After all, we had both agreed to his unusual methods and this was just part of it.

Sue was ordered to the bedroom and told to put on what she found there. The instructions were laying on the bed. After about 5 minutes, Sue emerged from the bedroom wearing what I knew to be a strap on dildo. I had seen them used in porn videos and my anus clenched in fear. I never had anything that big in my ass. Bill complimented on how Sue looked and remarked that it was almost as big as his cock was. It was no coincidence that it too was black with fake veins bulging on it. Sue giggled as she looked down at it and gave me a, I told you so, look. Bill just looked at me and said, well? I knew what was expected of me, but that did not make it any easier. I quickly got undressed and bent over the arm of the couch. After all, Sue had lost her anal virginity to Bill and I would be doing so with my loving wife, a much better situation, no matter how painful it would be. Plus, it was a secret fantasy of mine to be taken in the ass by a woman.

I looked over my shoulder at Sue and told her that I loved her and it was OK for her to fuck my ass. Bill laughed out loud and asked me why I assumed that it would be Sue fucking my ass. Huh? Bill explained that he first had to show her how to fuck an ass and when he was done demonstrating on me, it would be Sues turn and she would have to keep doing it until she did it right. Sue was directed to a table with a large tube of anal lube on it and she fetched it and applied a large amount to my ass as instructed. She then sucked on Bill’s cock until it was wet and hard. Bill pushed her away and told her to watch and learn. As he bends over me he said that he was not going to be gently, like he was with my wife and then plunged the length of his 9″ cock into my ass until his balls were against my ass. I almost fainted from the pain and figured that he must have split me open, pushing it into my virgin ass like that but I had little time to dwell on it as Bill told me to beg him to fuck my ass hard.

I asked him to fuck my ass hard and he slapped my ass and said that I could do much better than that or else we will try again later, but without the lube. I immediately begged him to fuck my ass and fill it with his cum. He said that was better and then proceeded to pound my ass until I felt him empty his balls into my once virgin ass. He held still for a while and then withdrew. I was relieved that it was over until he told me to lick his cock clean. I turned on my knees to face him and then realized that my ass had not been as clean as my wife’s had been when I cleaned his cock after fucking her ass. Nonetheless, I manned up and licked it clean, glad that the lube was cherry flavoured. However, the lube could not mask the smell of my dirty ass on Bill’s cock so I gagged a little, but finished the job I was told to do.

I went to stand up, but Bill told me to bend over, and then called Sue over and told her to fuck my ass like he did and not to stop until I came into my little cock cage. I was glad that I was going to have an orgasm, but afraid of being fucked again with a rubber cock. Sue entered me easily since her rubber cock was smaller than Bill’s and I was wet from the lube and Bill’s cum. She sawed in and out of my abused butt hole. I was waiting for my orgasm, but so far nothing. Sue looked at Bill and he just told her to keep going. All of a sudden, I felt wet on the tip of my penis. My cum was dribbling out of me steadily. Bill told Sue to keep going and as she did, more semen dripped out of me until it was a sizeable amount. After a few minutes of this, nothing came out of me anymore. Sue was told to stop and withdraw from my ass. I was told to lick her rubber cock clean, which was dirtier than Bill’s cock was. When I finished, we were both told that we did a great job, but this was just the beginning stage and what was to come would be a lot harder for us to do. Sue and I looked at each other. She wanted to ask Bill when she would be deflowered, but knew better to ask questions.

Bill told Sue to go back to our room because he wanted to talk to me. After Sue left, Bill told me to kneel down in front of him. He asked me if I accepted him as his master and I replied yes. He asked me if I accepted Sue as my Mistress and I also replied yes. I was told that any order that came from Sue was to be treated like an order from him. Sue’s body belonged to him as long was our treatment program lasted and he did not like to kiss or fuck a hole that another man has defiled. That meant no sex for me. I was asked if that was OK by me and I said yes and explained that in a way it was a relief. I would not have to worry about being able to get hard and stay hard when I fucked a woman. No more disappointed looks and no more feeling that I let my woman down. Now it was all up front that I was useless for sex and a willing cuckold. No more fear about sex. Bill smiled and said that is exactly what he thought and that we have made a significant step forward today.

I was asked to go to the bedroom and wait there for him. An hour later he entered and told me that he just got off the phone with Sue. He informed her of my acceptance of my position with her and gave her some instructions for tonight. Bill needed a night out on the town without having to deal with us. Tonight I would be my wife’s willing submissive husband, something I always knew that I wanted. Then the big question came. Bill once again asked me if I wanted him to take Sue’s virginity and then force her to fuck me, to consummate the marriage. He told me to think hard on this because as long as the marriage was not consummated, Sue could not divorce me and take half of my money. Bill told me that he has seen husbands not able to take being a slave to their wife and knowing that they will never have sex with them like other men did. When they filed for divorce, it was always presented that the husband had pushed her into having sex with other men and wanted to be dominated. Knowing how men are, most judges sided with the weeping wife and lowered the boom on the husband who paid dearly for the rest of his life.

I had to think hard on this. Would I like to be treated like this for the rest of my life? Would Sue find someone who had a big cock or even an average one that could get her pregnant and then leave me? Was it better if Sue stayed as a virgin a little longer so that I could be more certain if this is what I wanted? In the end, I decided to tell Bill that I wanted to wait as long as possible and make the decision sometime after we went back to NYC where I would be back in my element and know better if this is what I want. Bill told me that it was a wise decision and to get back to my Mistress. In fact, he said that from now on I was to refer to her as Mistress and him, Master. If Sue ever reported to him that I disobeyed her, my punishment would be swift and carried out by some of his friends who just love white male butt and mouth. I was told to go to Sue and do as she says.

When I got back to my room, I used the key card to let myself in. Sue was on the phone and waved at me to keep quiet. She occasionally muttered approval and understanding until she finally said she would do as told and hung up. I asked her who she was talking too, although I already knew. She said that it was Bill, who told her some very disturbing news about me not wanting him to deflower me when you know damn well that I want that done badly. It is all that I think of and why I have saved myself all of these years. She wanted to know how I could be so cruel to her just because I did not want to risk losing half of my money if I divorced my sorry cock. I was accused of not trusting her, not loving her, not respecting her wishes and finally told that Bill was right all along and that I had no reason to show you any mercy. From now on I was just her slave and she would treat me as one. Sue said that obviously I did not love her so since she could not divorce me and support herself, she would make my life hell and if I tried to divorce her she would just tell the judge that we consummated the marriage. I was screwed.

Sue told me to kneel in front of her like Bill had me do. I was informed that she would be spending most of tomorrow at the home of a professional Dominatrix, who would teach me what I need to know in order to keep you submissive and under my control. She would also learn about cuckolding and the mind of a submissive so that she could dominate me as best as she could. After she was done with talking to me, she told me to lick the bottom of her shoes. I hesitated because she walks outside with those shoes and the soles were not clean. She kicked me in the balls and I rolled over. She kicked my balls again while I was defenceless. Sue was mad, mad that I had told Bill not to fuck her pussy yet. Mad because I wanted a way out without having to pay him any alimony. Mad because she had to suffer abuse at the hand of Bill and I never once jumped to her defence and seemed to enjoy her suffering. The next kick caught me in the side and almost broke a rib. I quickly got on all fours and begin to lightly lick the sole of her shoes. She said that was not good enough, she wanted them licked clean and hoped I got a disease from whatever was on them.

I cleaned the soles of her shoes as best as I could without getting a scraper to take off the crusted stuff. Sue said I could stop as I was just wasting her time. I got up to go to the bathroom to clean my mouth, but instead, I was ordered not to clean my mouth until tomorrow morning. I protested and got a hard slap to eh side of my face and a warning to never do that again. This was getting serious and maybe more than I could handle. My sweet, virginal wife was in the grip of sexual arousal and feeling betrayed by me. Not one thing about our marriage went the way she imagined it and now she knew that only Bill could fulfil her dreams and thought nothing of me other than a useless appendage that she was stuck with. I hoped that her attitude would change as Bill told me it would. He said that it would get much worse before it got a little better. He then laughed and asked me if my health insurance was paid up. I did not think it funny at the time, but now I know he was genuinely concerned.

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