The New Law

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I Jizzed in My Pants – By Mixedwritings1993 (edited)

I couldn’t remember how it started, but the earliest memory I had was me standing in our college ground along with my other male classmates. We were told to form a line by a strange woman who wore a robe that had a weird symbol embroidered into it. I distinctly remember her shouting, “My name is Alia Stone and I am here to ensure that the latest law, the law number 1404 is being enforced properly throughout the country and I decided to start from this college. Those unaware of the law, let me enlighten them, the law states, ‘All males with manhood less than five-inches when aroused are to be treated as nothing but slaves by everyone else including men and women. Anyone treating such men with equal dignity as men who are larger than five inches when aroused is going to be enslaved as well.'”

The law was ridiculous, but somehow I didn’t think of it as ridiculous when I heard it, as strange as it may sound. I looked around to see how others were reacting to it, but to my surprise they all looked calm as if they already knew. I could hear a few nervous gasps, though, probably from boys who knew they were going to be enslaved. I saw William Becker, a classmate of mine, make a run for it before Miss Alia ran him down and kicked him heavily in his crotch. It was enough to tell shit just got real and no one else tried to run away.

The line moved on fast enough for the procedure was real quick. Miss Alia was ordering one boy after another to lower his pants along with his underwear and stroke himself till he reaches the edge of orgasm so that she could take a look at his junk when completely aroused, people with cocks bigger than five-inches were allowed to go free while the others were instructed to stand behind her. Funny thing even when put in a forced humiliating CFNM scenario like that, not a single boy took more than a minute to reach his edge. Soon my turn came and I remember I was trembling. I was scared since I knew I would become enslaved and I didn’t want to, obviously, who would want to become a slave, other than a masochist and I knew I wasn’t one.

When she realized I was hesitating she slapped me hard on both cheeks, she was strong enough to make me cry just from only two slaps. Helplessly I lowered my pants, allowing her to look at my naked crotch. She smirked as I was stroking and she had seen enough, she gestured me to join those already lining up behind her. For the rest of the time the procedure continued I could barely think of anything, I was just too nervous to gather my thoughts. I had no idea what would happen to me. Finally the procedure ended with a total of 5 boys standing behind her, William, Jack, Simon, Stuart and lastly me. I swear I heard all 5 of us swallow when she dismissed everyone else and turned to face us.

After a brief inspection, she instructed those accompanying her, yeah, she had few people escorting her, to take Jack and Simon away as the rest of us waited. She ordered us to follow her to the principal’s office and despite our immediate obedience she still smacked our asses with a belt that appeared on her hands out of nowhere it seemed. In the office, she said to Professor Caroline, our principal, “Hello, I believe you are the principal of this prestigious college. I am sure you’re well acquainted with the new law, law number 1404? Now, as per the law, there were a total of five students in your college who fall under the slave category. I have sent two of them away for manual labour in the mines, for they looked hardy enough for that. But these three are not fit for such work so I think you can think of appropriate jobs for them. If you are kind to them, then I suppose you know you are going to be enslaved too, is there any doubts?”

To the question the overwhelmed principal shook her head and Miss Alia left us after official formalities. After the ‘law enforcer’ left, Professor Caroline sighed. We were all nervous to see how she would react and to our misfortune she didn’t have the courage to break the law and to make it worse, not one of us managed to kill our erections even after pulling our pants up after Miss Alia inspected us all. She said, “Well boys, I’m really sorry, but I have no choice either. I certainly don’t want to jeopardize my career as well as my life for the sake of three boys who are going to end up as slaves anyways irrespective of my actions towards them but I will assist you three to the best of my ability. But I honestly have no idea what to turn you three into… I mean what sort of jobs I should give to you guys? Wait first of all, why don’t you three get naked? I’m sure boys like you, slaves, are not allowed to wear clothes in this society.”

Knowing we had no choice we all started to strip. Soon the three of us ended up naked before Professor Caroline, trying our best to keep our privates hidden behind our hands. Professor Caroline bit her lips, I could tell she wasn’t enjoying this, to humiliate three young men, around 20 years of age like this but her hands were tied too.

Professor Caroline looked at us, three boys in quite a pitiful state, and said with a sympathetic smile on her lips, “Please boys if you cannot bare yourselves before me, a woman older than your mother, how would you three be able to obey when your classmates or worse your juniors order you to show them your penises?” We had no answers. We were slaves, no one expects slaves to be smart and she didn’t expect an answer from us either anyways. We stood there, heads lowered, hoping the ground would swallow us all inside never to throw us back into the world again. After a few minutes of awkward silence, she came up with a solution.
She suggested us to clean and organize her office for an hour or so, before her and another professor almost as old in the hopes of getting us habituated to being naked before making us work outside before everyone else, everyone including those we know and strangers alike.

We agreed to it and she dialled up the professor to join in. When the other professor came in we let our hands rest on our sides, exposing our penises to Professor Caroline for the first time. William and Stuart were four and a half-inches and four-inches respectively, while I was in the most embarrassing situation, I was only three, even when completely hard! I could barely look up to meet Professor Caroline, or Professor Haley in the eyes. I could look up again only after Professor Caroline embraced my naked body warmly and whispered into my ears that everything was going to be okay.

Professor Haley too pitied us like our principal, though it didn’t make things any better. She said, “I’m sorry boys, but I will be harsh towards you all. But don’t be ashamed in front of me for even if I laugh it will be only to prepare the three of you better. I’m not a sicko to enjoy activities like this. I’m extremely sorry and I wish I didn’t have to do this, but I know how mean can people get towards someone weaker than them and this is purely to help you there. Okay? Now…”

Hearing her words gave us little courage, though only a little, but still it mattered a lot at that moment. We were grateful and were about to tell her so when she handed over to us three razors, one shaving cream tube, and a shaving brush and ordered us to shave everything below our eyebrows before the two of them. She said it was better for us only to shave right than before the two sympathetic women, much older than us, than to shave before a crowd of rowdy students who just got power in their hands.

Helpless and crying if not sobbing, we smeared the shaving cream and brushed it well over our entire body below eyebrows, including armpits, crotches and even our asses. The two of them noticed we were taking too long brushing so Professor Haley ordered in a stern voice, “Boys delaying will only worsen it. Start shaving quickly.”

We swallowed, she saw right through us! We were hoping against all hopes that we could avoid shaving ourselves by delaying the process. Slowly we started shaving with trembling hands, it was only by pure luck that we didn’t cut ourselves. Hands, legs, torso didn’t take much courage to shave even armpits, but when we were left with only crotches and asses to shave we could barely move our hands. All three of us begged and begged the two professors to be excused, but they were adamant to see us as smooth as babies. Eventually we gave up all hopes to escape so we slowly started to shave our crotches by lifting our cocks up and then our asses by spreading our ass-cheeks with one hand and running the razor with the other.

Finally, when we were all done the two women started to laugh. And even though Professor Haley told even if they laugh it would only be to habituate us with being laughed at and not to make fun of us, still hearing them laughing like that made us instantly cover ourselves with our hands and we were all hard and throbbing despite the extreme humiliation, not one of us had any ideas prior to this incident that we possibly could be masochists. However to shame us even more they forcefully removed our hands from our cocks putting us at their mercy yet again.

Professor Caroline said, “Boys however unfortunate this might be still you are now slaves and boys as ‘small’ as you three have hardly anything to hide so I warn you three never to hide yourselves again or else severe punishment will follow, understood?”

To this we all nodded like sheep before the two dominant women. We gasped and yelped when we felt Professor Haley reaching behind us and running her finger along our butt-cracks even under your balls to see if we had done a good job or not. When Professor Haley was done by inspecting our asses she smirked, slapping each of our asses a few times before joining Professor Caroline facing us. Smirking at our erections openly, our cocks throbbed beyond our control and we only wondered if being naked before two women older than our mothers was capable to shame us this much. Just how much worse it would be to be naked before other students, our classmates and our crushes?

As time went by it was getting harder and harder to determine whether Professor Caroline and Professor Haley were really doing that to make us habituated to being humiliated or were they doing that because they loved the idea of breaking in three boys in the disguise of helping them. I mean Professor Haley already had inspected our butt cracks and cocks yet Professor Caroline ordered, “Boys move your little hard-ons a little and let us see the base of your cocks, then lift your ball sacks and let us see under them and then finally turn around and spread your ass cheeks wide to expose the puckered buttholes to us. After all, we don’t want any hair to remain down there so a thorough inspection is needed. Don’t we?”

And Professor Haley didn’t stop her by saying there was no need since she had already checked. We first lifted our ball sacks and waited for their approval. When they did, we move our cocks around a little to expose each and every centimetre of our shafts, even the bases before the two women who were amused despite their claims that they weren’t, I suspect. Finally, each one of us turned around, bent over a little and placed our hands on our ass-cheeks, spreading them wide. We were desperate to get their approval so that we could move on but they were taking their sweet time. After what felt like an eternity, I heard William and Stuart gasp, I had no idea why.

The mystery got soon solved when I heard Stuart squealing, “Ma’am, please don’t finger my asshole, it’s too much.”

I realized Professor Caroline and Haley must be fingering their assholes. I cursed them in my mind. There was no way they were doing this just to help us! They were doing this because they were loving this! How much of a fool I was to believe in their sweet words earlier! Stuart kept on begging before a strong slap on his ass silenced him for the time being. I was still a little bent over, my hands, keeping my asshole exposed to those two evil bitches when I heard the two boys were instructed to masturbate while their asses were being fingered and from the sound of it, it was obvious that they were not being fingered gently. After a while I heard them groan, followed by the two women giggling, as they high-fived each other. I assumed it was a gesture to indicate ‘Mission accomplished, the boys came.’ I heard their footsteps closing in towards me, my turn, I assumed. Swallowing, I tried my best to ready my mind. But nothing could have prepared me for what came next.

They stood before me, each of them extending one of their hands towards my face. It was then I realized what happened and what they were expecting me to do and to my horror it was worse than my biggest nightmare. They had caught William and Stuart’s cum in their hands and they wanted me to lick it up! I almost retched up even from the idea of me eating two of my friends’ semen. I shook my head and tried to beg with my eyes, but they were merciless. One of them kicked me in my crotch hard enough to make me scream and they both used that opportunity to pour the fluid that they had in their hands into my open mouth before pinching my nose shut, and forcefully make me close my mouth.

I, like a stupid boy, hoped that if I stayed like that long enough, maybe they would let me go before I end up swallowing the mixture of the two boys’ semen. But alas, neither of them were that kind. Professor Caroline pinched my nose shut with the same hand in which she had captured cum of one of the boys, so even though my nose was shut I could still smell it. And since I had not swallowed, the taste of semen got spread throughout my mouth before I finally accepted defeat and swallowed like they were expecting me to. The only reward I received for fighting back was a longer period of giggles, taunts and a few slaps across my face.

They hissed, “Beg us to finger your asshole.”

I could barely speak, “Please, finger my asshole Professor Caroline and Professor Haley.”

They laughed, “Come on bitch boy, you can do better than that. Put some real beg into it.” And they kicked my balls again.

I groaned, “Please Caroline and Haley Ma’am, please finger my asshole.”

The pain was too much, not to mention the shame of being exposed into worse treatment than what Stuart and William had to endure. They still weren’t convinced, “You’re almost there. Come on, do it just a little bit better.”

I let go of the last bit of dignity that I had left and begged, “Please Mistress Caroline and Mistress Haley, please finger my asshole. I don’t even need lubes or anything, just please shove your fingers up my asshole, I cannot live without it.”

This made them giggle harder and I could hear Stuart and William exchanging comments regarding just how shameful it was to be forced into begging. And then the two mean women shoved a finger each inside my dry asshole and started to finger it mercilessly. I reached to stroke my tiny cock, which I thought to be my next task set by them like the other two boys, but they pulled away my hand the moment I reached for my pecker and slapped my ass hard. Helplessly I gasped, letting my hands fall at my sides, while they kept on roughing up my asshole. I could feel both of their middle fingers pushing in and out of my dry virgin asshole at the same time and it kept on happening for a long time, longer than I dreaded, without tiniest break. Eventually I ended up losing my erection completely and pissing myself like a toddler with no control over my bladder. Even that didn’t make them stop from abusing my sore asshole, it only encouraged them since they started to finger it with more gusto than before.

Finally, when they stopped I was sobbing like a little boy despite being 20 years old. They let go of me, and I fall down on the floor totally ignoring the fact that I just sat on my own pool of urine. They smirked, and made me lie on the floor on my back. Each of them grabbed a foot of mine and raised them, making me arch inwards, so that my dick could point at my face. I started to sob even harder when I realized what was happening, but I had no choice. When they ordered me to cum in my mouth I started to stroke myself, hoping the sooner I cum, the sooner I would be free. But ever since I pissed I couldn’t get myself hard. They took advantage of the situation and figured out a way to humiliate me even more, “Hey, while you are at it, why don’t you hum ‘I am a loser, with a tiny ass pecker’ with a tune?”

As I was in no position to fight or refuse I did what they asked of me while stroking myself as fast as I could. And finally I started to shoot inside my own mouth. I could smell as well as taste my own semen! It was the most disgusting thing I thought possible.

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