The Deflowering of Sue: Part 2

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By maxNsue

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Part 2…

We were rudely woken up by our phone ringing. I was disoriented and did not remember where the phone was at first. When I finally answered it, an angry Bill told me that when he calls we are to answer the phone immediately as his time was valuable. I apologised and said we were ready to do as he says. He instructed us to be in his penthouse suite at 1pm sharp for further training and preparation. I asked if we needed to wear anything specific, but he said that it did not matter as we would not be in our clothes most of the time.

With that I heard a click on the other end of the phone and then I hung up. Sue rubbed her sore ass and asked me what Bill said and I told her. We ordered breakfast from room service and speculated on what Bill had in mind for us today. I was glad that we were meeting in his suite rather than in a public place. Sue just looked off into the distance and hinted that I might not like what Bill had in mind for us today as she told him one of her desires and it was not good for me. She begged me not to tell Bill that she even told me that much. I nodded my head and then our food was at the door. After breakfast we had a few hours to kill so Sue suggested that we go to the pool to get some sun on her breasts since everyone saw them and more the day before.

We arrived at the pool and got knowing looks from the staff. No one else seemed to care so we laid down on two chaise lounges and Sue removed her bikini top. I was pleased to see that it no longer bothered her to do something like that. I thought that I was going to like the new Sue but little did I know what the new Sue wanted to be. I was later to find out that it was not to be a docile wife who obeyed her husband in all things, but that is getting ahead of myself.

It was getting close to our meeting with Bill so we headed back up to our room to shower and change our clothes. As we headed to the elevator bank, I asked Sue if she was worried, given how she had lost her anal virginity in such a rough way the night before. She just looked at me and said that she was not worried, but she had a feeling that I should be, and then shut up and looked straight ahead. We walked up to Bill’s door and knocked. We heard a booming voice tell us that it was open and to come in. We opened the door and entered. We were immediately told to strip naked, leave our clothes by the door and go and sit on the couch. The Penthouse suite that Bill occupied was like something I have never seen before. It mad my small suite look like a cheap motel room. The room overlooked the Vegas strip and you could see many of the fantastic Casinos. There was a private pool on his balcony along with a hot tub.

I asked Bill, how could he afford a place like this and he replied that business is very good and he is considered a Whale, a high level gambler, so his room is complimentary, to entice him to stay longer and lose more money. He said that this trip was more business so he limited his gambling to just enough to let him enjoy all the free stuff they were giving him. I asked him why he chose the Venetian and was told that they catered to his sexual tastes and looked the other way. That got me worrying about what was in store for us. Enough small talk, Bill said, sit and keep quiet. Sue and I took a spot on the couch and sat at attention, waiting to hear our faith for the day.

Bill recapped what had happened so far telling Sue that I had explained to him that I was sexually excited by being dominated by women. The worse I was treated, the more sexually aroused I got. He also went on to explain that since my penis was very small and not able to provide sexual satisfaction for women that I preferred not to be put in situations when it had to be used. Rather than go through the humiliation of trying to fuck and failing, my penis would just go soft to avoid all of the coming embarrassment. Then he hit Sue with the bombshell. Sue, you said that you wanted children, as many as possible and that becoming a mother was one of the reasons she got married. Sue nodded her head. However, Max has told me that he is sterile and could never get you pregnant. Sue when ballistic and attacked me, trying to slap my face and head, over and over, yelling that I deceived her and that I am not even a man and she would have done better to marry a woman. Bill pulled her off of me, but not too quickly.

Sue was crying and screaming that I ruined her life and only wanted to get married to get blow jobs from here, but I will never get that because it disgusts her to put my penis in her mouth. The last time she did it, she had to think of other things to prevent herself from vomiting. I was apologising to Sue and telling her that I was afraid that I would lose her if I told her that I was sterile and had a small cock. Sue stared at me and said, you think? Bill stepped in and told us to both shut the fuck up and listen. He went on to tell us that he knew each of our darkest sexual secrets and desires, some of which we may not even be aware of. The test he gave us yesterday and sex he had with Sue last night, gave him high hopes that he could get us to a point where we were accepting of each other’s wants and needs, but it will take a lot more time than he originally thought. Sue asked, how long? Bill just looked at us and said, long, very long.

The rest of the afternoon was spent outlining the program Bill had designed for us. He explained that it was subject to change, and would probably change a lot, as he observed our behaviour to his training. He warned us that much of his program would require us to do things that many of his patients consider extreme, but assured us that all that endured it, moved on to happy marriages. Not so, with the ones who dropped out. Not to mention the financial ruin. What followed next was a recap of what you got out of his talk with Sue and me.

I knew what I told him, but I was curious as to what Sue said. She never talked about sex with me other than to tell me to wait for it. Was she a sex freak or one of those women who only wanted sex to conceive babies and no sex at other times? It was no use speculating as Bill was getting ready to tell us what he had in mind for us. Sue looked nervous, very nervous. My secrets were out so I did not think he could tell Sue anything else that would upset her or me. We both braced for what we were to hear next.

Bill told us to sit still and then began his evaluation of us. He said that Sue was now aware of my problems and that she should not count on me to sexually satisfy her with my penis and if oral sex was not on the table or just a special occasion thing, she would need to find an outlet for her sexual desires. Bill looked at Sue and told her that she must know by now, that I would not be able to provide her the babies, she always wanted so the trick was how to give her those babies without divorcing me, something she said she would never do because of her beliefs and love for me. He explained that it was possible to separate sex from marriage and live a happy life. Sex does not always mean love. Bill turned to me and told me that it would be best if I never had sex with Sue again as it only led to my humiliation, frustration for Sue and friction in our marriage that could tear it apart. Remove the main problem from our marriage, satisfy both partner’s sexual needs and our marriage can thrive. Something we both wanted.

In his examination of Sue’s sexual fantasies, he learned that she wanted to be sexually dominated by a man and made to do things that she would never do on her own. Here is the problem, because both of you want to be submissive to a sexual partner. In these cases, the way to proceed is to provide someone to dominate the wife and teach the wife to dominate the husband. Bill will be the Master to both Sue and I and Sue would be my Mistress. Bill established a chain of command and told us to adhere to it or we would not like the consequences.

We were once again warned that it was not going to be easy for either of us. It is painful to rip a big part of marriage off and keep it separate from it. He wanted to know if we agreed with his evaluation and we both said yes. Bill said in a loud voice, yes what? We replied, yes sir. That is better, and we were told to sit in our room and wait for his next phone call. I asked when we could expect it and he snarled at me saying, whenever he damned well felt like it. We got out of there as quickly as we could. Almost forgot to put our clothes back on, so we grabbed them, but Bill told us to get dressed outside his door. Luckily, there was only a maid behind a cart in the lobby of the penthouse level and she quickly averted her eyes.


It was about 3pm when we got back to our room. We were shell-shocked and now what it was all out in the open, Sue and I felt that we could speak about what we told Bill. Sue said that she always wanted to be like the women in romance novels. He pictured herself turned from an innocent girl to a highly sexual woman, willing to obey any command of her well-built lover whose manhood stretched her pussy to its limits and brought her many orgasms. She envisioned a life where she was constantly sexually satisfied, making up for all the time lost as a virgin. It was sort of reward for waiting for marriage. She looked forward to watching her belly swell with the new life that was being created in it, as a result of the love between her and her husband. This was all new to me, but I saw that it was something she wanted, needed.

The phone interrupted our conversation. It was Bill and he told me he was pleased that I answered so quickly this time. He told me to bring Sue and meet back in is suite at 8pm but his time, strip naked outside of his door before knocking. I asked him about the staff seeing us and getting him in trouble but he just laughed and repeated what he said two days ago, about tipping the staff well so that they see and hear nothing. It was Vegas and I understood. I hung up and told Sue our plans for the evening and asked her if she wanted to get something to eat for dinner. She said she was too nervous and excited to eat and I had to agree with her so we sat and watched some TV, waiting for what was ahead of us tonight. We showered and left our room wearing fresh clothes that were easy to remove.


As we stood outside of Bill’s door, we looked around and saw no one, so we stripped naked, dropped our clothes to the floor and knocked. We knocked again and again. Finally, Bill opened the door and asked us to hand him our clothes which we quickly did. He told us to stay where we were as he closed the door. It seemed like we were standing there naked for a long time, but it actually was only 10 minutes before Bill opened the door, handed me an ice bucket and told Sue to order me to get some ice and met us in the room. Sue turned to me and ordered me to fill the bucket with ice and return to the room. Bill took Sue’s hand and led her into his suite, while I went to get ice.

Funny thing about ice machines, they tend to attract people who need ice. When I got to the ice machine, there was a young couple there, getting ice. I quickly put the bucket over my cock and waited my turn. They looked at me and laughed. They were drunk and explained that she had one of the penthouse suites for their honeymoon. I told them that I too was on my honeymoon and we needed ice and I did not think anyone else would be around since there were only four penthouse suites on the floor. The women explained that the ice was not for drinks, but for her pussy because it was very sore and swollen from their frequent and hard sex. I lied and said that is why I need it to. They remarked about how honeymoons are so much fun, got their ice and wished me well. I quickly filled the bucket with ice and ran back to Bill’s room. I knocked and waited for someone to let me in and in short order, Sue opened the door and told me to come in.

Sue quickly told me to sit down and listen to what she had to say. She began by telling me that I already knew that I was low man on the totem pole and make our marriage work so that we both got what we needed sexually, that I had to give myself to her in all areas of our marriage. She was in charge and I had to obey anything she told me she reminded me of what happened when we tried to have sex and felt that it was too much of a risk for us to have sexual relations at this time because it only led to humiliation for me and frustration for her.

She then walked over to the end table, picked up a small black bag and handed it to me. She told me to open it. I unzipped it and found a plastic device inside that had many clear plastic parts. Bill spoke up explaining that it was called a CB6000s, the smallest chastity device that he could find. He had it delivered to his suite before we arrived and that it would prevent me from playing with myself or having sex with other women, not that he thought I would do that but strange things happen to men who never get to experience an orgasm again. He had my full attention and I felt like I was having a panic attack.

Sue told me that Bill showed her how to put it together and that she wanted to put it on me now, but first wanted to give me my last orgasm of our marriage. The thing looked like a cage for my cock with an opening at the end so that I could pee, pee sitting down like a girl. It had various sized rings that fit over my balls and then the cock cage would be connected to the ring and locked. Sue said she would be my key holder and only see would be able to remove my new cock cage. She saw the look on my face and told me that she will let me cum one final time before she locked me up. She turned and looked at Bill, who nodded his head. Sue told me to lay down on the couch. I hesitated and said that I did not know if I could go on without ever having sex again. Bill smiled and told me that I would have plenty of sex, just no more orgasms.

What did he mean by that? Before I could say anything else, I felt Sue’s mouth on my cock. Bill was giving her instructions on how to lick it and take it all into her mouth. Sue was having a hard time keeping herself from gagging. Bill told her that it was OK if she vomited, but she had to keep my cock in her mouth. He laughed and reminded her that if she could not take my puny cock I her mouth, how did she expect to take his. Sue kept at it, but all of a sudden backed off a little and emptied her stomach all over my cock and balls and then Bill pushed her face back down on me and told her to keep going until I came. When she threw up, I got very hard, especially watching her go down on my vomit covered cock. I remember thinking that she was lucky that we did not eat dinner before seeing Bill tonight or it would have been worse.

Bill saw that we were getting nowhere so he barked at Sue to squeeze my balls harder. Sue tried, but she seemed to be afraid of hurting me. Bill saw this too and told her to squeeze them until I cried out in pain. Her hand tightened and cry out in pain, I did. It hurt so much that my cock went limp at once. Bill saw this and told her to remove her mouth from my cock and slap my face hard. Surprisingly, Sue did just that. I think she was growing frustrated with me at this point. Her slaps got harder and harder, but my cock would still not cooperate. Bill chided Sue on, telling her that obviously she was not hurting and humiliating me enough and perhaps she should punch my face instead of slapping me because she was so petite that her slaps were not doing the job. She started to curse at me and calling me a wimp and a poor excuse of a man. She made fun of my cock, which she kept on saying, was useless to her and any woman in the world. She was doing womankind a favour by staying married to me and locking up my cock so that I could no longer make other women experience what she was experiencing.

Her first punch caught me on my left cheek and hurt, but not much. Bill told her to punch me harder and Sue did just that. The rest of her blows to my face had me seeing stars. My face hurt and I could not think straight. In the back of my mind, I was thinking about how I would explain the bruises on my face, but the next punch pushed all thoughts out of my head. Bill told Sue to look how hard she got me and to finish me off with a hard punch to my balls. Before I could register what he said, I felt intense pain in my balls and my cock squirting all over my stomach. Sue laughed and Bill reminded her that he told her what would work for me, that I did not desire sex, but rather pain and humiliation and that we were just getting started.

As I lay on the couch in pain and pleasure, Bill took Sue by the hand and led her into his bedroom. I did not even care what they would do because the pain between my legs had all of my attention. I heard Bill call and instruct me to bring the ice and my new cock cage and be quick about it. I had problems walking, but I managed to do as I was told. His bedroom was as opulent as the rest of his suite, but I did not have much time to look around because Sue was taking the bucket and cock cage from men and telling me to stand straight up and put my hands behind me.

I did as I was told and then saw the handcuffs that Sue had taken from the night table. She fumbled with them at first, but managed to lock my hands behind my back. She looked over her shoulder at Bill, who nodded to her, and then told me that from now I would never be allowed to touch my cock. I had to keep it locked up 24/7 with supervised showers each day to clean it out and examine my cock for any problems. She asked me if I enjoyed my last orgasm from her and I had to admit that I did, even though my balls were swollen to almost twice their size. Sue looked at me lovingly and whispered that she thought this was going to work. I was not as sure as she was though.

Sue fumbled with the cock cage and ended up pinching my skin a few times, but eventually got it on. I thought that the ring she picked was a little too tight, but she said that Bill told her to use the smallest ring that she could get on the mean, if my balls turned blue later on, she could put the next largest ring on. That alleviates my fears about being castrated, not that I had a use for my cock anyway. Sue next un-cuffed me and told me to go and make them some Mojitos and bring them back to the room. Bill said that they wanted to get a buzz on before they consummated our marriage. I did as I was told and relieved to find the recipe for making Mojitos on the bar counter.

I made the drinks, even putting in the mint leaves, put them on a tray and brought them into the bedroom. Sue and Bill were lightly kissing and fondling each other. I put the drinks down on each of their night tables and sat down to watch the show. Sue was fascinated by Bill’s well-defined muscles. It must have reminded her of the pictures that grace her romance novels. She ran her hands all over his body, tracing each muscle and cooing her pleasure. Bill started to call her his bitch and made her admit that she was indeed, his bitch and that her body belonged only to him. Where did this come from? They must have talked when I was out of the room.

Bill ordered Sue to lick his balls until he told her to stop. Sue obeyed immediately and I saw her excitement was building. Her pussy was glistening from her wetness. As his balls were being made love to, Bill told me that I was a cuckold and asked if I knew what that meant. I told him that all of my girlfriends had cuckolded me so I was used to it and it did not bother me. I was just happy to see my wife being sexually satisfied. Bill laughed and said that she has not been satisfied yet, unless I considered the rape of her ass as qualifying.

I told him that I did not and he said, damn right. Sue was next instructed to lick his shaft until it grew to its full length. That did not take long and Sue was really getting into it and not gagging like she did when she sucked my cock. I guess it is different when you do it when you are not aroused as that is how I experienced it when I sucked Bill’s cock. Sue was into this and kept trying to take Bill’s now hard cock into her mouth. She was told to wait until ordered to do so like a good obedient bitch. She looked disappointed, but went back to her licking as Bill continued to talk to me.

Bill asked me if I wanted this night to be the night that my wife would lose her virginity or if I preferred to take it slow and wait one more night so that Sue would do anything to be fucked, anything. I thought about it and since we had another week of our honeymoon left, I figured that we might as well wait, as I was curious to see the heights that Sue could be brought to. Sue moaned her disappointment and Bill quickly told her to shut her mouth and keep licking his cock when the men spoke. I was getting a little concerned about how Bill was treating Sue. She was my loving wife after all and she was being treated like a slut. I figured no harm done as it was just words and I knew the effect that the right words had on my cock.

When Bill’s cock was as hard and long as it could get when he ordered Sue to lay down on her back with her head lying over the edge of the bed. Sue readily complied. She was ordered to keep her hands at her side and not to move her head. Bill said that he was going to fuck her mouth and would hold her head still as he fucked it. Poor Sue was about to be fucked again and still leave a virgin. Bill positioned himself standing over Sue, facing her legs. He called me over and like before, told me to guide his cock into my wife’s open mouth and then sit down again. I did as I was told and watched in fascination as he inched his long and very thick cock into my wife’s mouth and then throat.

His cock was a beauty. His veins were pushing against the shiny black skin of the thing that was going to fuck Sue’s mouth. Sue started to gag as she had when blowing me, but Bill told her to relax her throat and breathe slowing through her nose. Sue complied and seemed more comfortable taking his cock and it was obvious that she was sexually aroused unlike when she took my cock into her. I was proud of Sue as she took more and more of his cock until Bill sensed that she was in distress, so he pulled it out and told her that she was doing very well. He asked her if she wanted him to keep on going and Sue nodded her agreement. He said that was not good enough and that she had to beg for it. Sue did just that. She begged him to fuck her mouth and cum down her throat.

She said that she never had a real man’s cock in her mouth and had fantasized about having a strong, well hung man fuck her mouth this way. I heard lots of pleases and statements that she was his slut to do what he pleased with her. Then, the cock re-entered her mouth, but this time went deeper than before. Sue learns fast and before long, she had the whole length of his cock inside of her mouth. You could see where it was pushing against her throat and that picture made my cock try to grow inside of its prison but did not have enough room to do so.

When he came, he pushed his cock as deeply as he could into my wife’s now stretched mouth. I could see his cock pumping his load deep into my wife’s stomach. She could not contain it all and some came out of her nose, causing her to choke and yet, Bill kept it in her mouth and then finally withdrew it when she thought Sue may pass out from lack of air. It was strange why I did not intervene, but apparently this is what Sue wanted or needed. Sue ran to the bathroom where I heard her vomiting. Bill only laughed and said that she will get used to it and even beg for it. I did not doubt him.

While Sue was busy vomiting Bill’s sperm, Bill took a hard look at me. She told me that I was quite passive and that usually the husbands object to how he treats their wives by now. I simply replied that Sue never told me that she had limits and all I have to do is watch and suck his cock once in a while. Bill shook his head and told me that I did not understand that this was just a warm up and that my training had not even begun yet and it may prove harder than what Sue has to undergo. My throat tightened up after hearing that and I asked him what he had in mind. His answer was one word, “everything”, and then he asked us to leave and wait for his call in the morning.


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