The Deflowering of Sue: Part 1

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By maxNsue

My wife Sue is drying herself off after her shower. Her belly swollen with child, looks out of place on her petite frame, but her already big breast are bigger still. She is positively glowing knowing that life is growing inside of her and soon she will be what she always wanted to be, a mother. I am so happy for her, but wish the baby was mine. You see, I have a double whammy. I am sterile and have a very small cock. The path that led us to this moment began on the first night of our honeymoon when we were both excited about our first sexual experience together.

My wife was a virgin when we met and intended to stay that way until her wedding night. She called it her special gift, to the man she loves. We had not even seen each other naked as she was afraid that it would lead to other things. I loved her the minute I saw her, a petite 5′ with 36B breasts and a cute little bubble butt. She would get looks from both men and women whenever we went out. I could not put up with the sexual frustration so we ended up getting married 3 months after we met and honeymooned in Las Vegas.

We were both excited to consummate our marriage and see each other naked for the first time. As I came out of the hotel room shower and entered the bedroom of our honeymoon suite, I saw a vision in a while. There was my beautiful wife spread on our bed in a semi-transparent negligee. Instead of getting excited, I got nervous. I did not tell her I was sterile, as I figured that I would play dumb and pretend I did not know. I did not want to lose her. Of more immediate concern was the size of my cock, or shall I say, lack of size. I am 2″ flaccid and 3″ erect. It has been a problem with women all of my adult life.

The only way I could keep a girlfriend was to let them step all over me, buy them lots of gifts and let them have sex with other men. It was not the best arrangement for me, but at least I had a woman to take to family weddings and company affairs. To tell the truth, over time I began to like being submissive to women as I found that embracing my shortcomings was better than feeling bad about it all the time. It worked for a while with the girls until they met someone else and then they moved on. Luckily I had a good paying job, nice car, average to good looks and a nice way with women that made them laugh and feel safe with me.

I had my hotel supplied robe on as I approached her and reached to turn off the light. She stopped me saying that after all this time she wanted to see me naked and asked why I did not want to do the same. I mumbled something about thinking she would prefer the darkness, her first time, but she said I was being silly. I took my robe off and you could see the look of disappointment on her face, but she quickly recovered and smiled at me and said, nice. Nice, I hate that word. It has been used to describe my cock as much as cute was. I knew what it meant by now.

I lay down next to my bride and kissed her. For the first time she allowed me to feel her large breast and that made me feel bolder. I moved down to her pussy and she offered no resistance. She was moaning like crazy and I could feel the wetness through the thin panties she wore under her negligee. She said that she should be naked because I was and removed all of her sexy clothes. Wow, I remember thinking that word. She was more magnificent naked than I imagined. She had a tight body and best of all, never touched by another man. Her nipples were just the way I like them, slightly dark aureoles with pencil eraser sized nipples which were very erect at the moment. What surprised me the most was that her pussy was smooth as a baby’s bottom. She saw me staring at it and said she had a Brazilian as a wedding night surprise for me as all of her friends said that hair was out and bald was in.

We kissed deeply, our tongues fencing inside of her moist mouth. We had kissed before, the only sex she ever gave me, but now it was more urgent. It was teasing me and urging me on to do more. I moved my mouth to her nipples and sucked each one slowly making her gasp. I held them in my hand and felt their firmness and weight. Boy was I going to enjoy them. Then my mouth headed to the prize but she stopped me. She said that if I kissed her there, we could not kiss mouths anymore because she did not want to taster herself. It was a warning not a deal breaker, so I stuck my tongue into the prettiest pussy I ever saw.

It was delicate with just the outer lips showing with a thin line separating them. I immediately bumped into her clit. It was large and very prominent. I always liked a girl with a clit that was easy to find and large enough to play with. With my small penis, I had to rely on oral sex to get me by, but that only lasted so long before they wanted to be fucked hard. I flicked it a few times and she moaned and thrashed about. She then yelled, oh my God, and had her first orgasm; at least with me as she would not admit that she masturbating. Said that was too private to discuss. I think she had lots of practice.

I cuddled her until she calmed down from her massive orgasm. She was still shuddering a little when she recovered, Sue asked me to fuck her to consummate the marriage and take her precious gift of virginity. My cock was hard as a rock and as I prepared to mount her, it started going soft. I could not fuck her like that. She asked what the problem was and I told her that I was so nervous that my penis would not stay hard. She said that was alright and we could try again in the morning as she was spent from her orgasm anyway. I think she was a little afraid of the pain of losing her virginity. Her married girlfriends told her so many stories that she did not know who to believe.

She woke up before me and she woke me by stroking my cock. I got hard for her. She asked if I was ready for the big moment and she was trying to get on top hoping that it would be better for me. Once again, as soon as I felt the warmth of her pussy, I went flaccid again. Now she showed concern and asked if I had a problem with her. Was she not sexy enough or too inexperienced to know how to keep me hard? I figured it was time to tell the truth to the woman I wanted to spend my life with. I explained that it was probably performance anxiety. I told her of my past experiences of girls asking me if I came yet because they could not feel me inside of them.

I told her of the many times my cock would fall out of their pussies when they moved around. I explained that the only way I could keep a girlfriend was to make her happy in non-sexual ways like cleaning their house, performing oral whenever they wanted without them reciprocating and dating other men. My wife looked at me quizzically and asked if I really let my girlfriends date other men. I told her that I had no other choice because they needed to feel a man inside of them and I could not provide that kind of sex.

I told her that my past bad experiences make me so nervous that I cannot stay hard for her. She looked at my little worm and said that she did not want to be a virgin no more. She has looked forward to being deflowered and feeling man thrusting hard inside of her just like in the romance novels she used to read. As she touched my cock, she lamented that she did not think that would ever happen between us and maybe she should have had sex with me before marriage. I was crushed by what she said and she quickly told me that she still loved me and would never leave me as her religion prohibited it and she did not believe in divorce anyway.

She said we could make it work and perhaps if I took Viagra or something it would help. I explained to her that Viagra just makes you stay hard but does not make you bigger and I was afraid that even if I was able to stay hard, my cock would not be long enough to pierce her hymen. Plus Viagra gave me bad headaches the last time I tried it. She started to cry and said that she wanted to be alone as her wedding and life were ruined and not going to be like the stories she read as a girl. I told her that I was going to the casino to give her some space. I got dressed without showering and closed the door behind me. I must have smelled like sex, her sex, but I did not care.


When I hit the casino I played some dollar slots, hoping it would stop me from thinking about my marriage. I won a little but lost a lot more so I headed to the nearest bar. I found a seat at the bar next to a well-built black man, and sat down. The bartender came over to me and said that I looked like I could use a drink and I told him that I certainly could as my bride asked me to leave. He shook his head and went to get my Jack Daniels on the rocks. The black guy next to be turned to face me and asked me if I was OK, if I needed someone to talk to. I thanked him and said that he would not be able to help me. He replied that he overheard what I said to the bartender and he was a sex therapist in Vegas for a convention. He decided to stay a few extra days to gamble a little and have some fun. I found out that his name was Bill and I told him that I was Max.

We talked for an hour and found out that we were both from New York City, born and raised there. He said that in his work, he often had couples with a similar problem. The new bride has expectations of what their first time will be like based on the unrealistic novels they read. I asked him how they fixed their problem. He said that either the woman refused to adopt more realistic expectations, after which divorce usually followed, or they were willing to settle for less which was almost as bad and usually, but not always led to divorce. I told him thanks for cheering me up as I drained my Jack on the rocks. He laughed and said that that all hope was not lost because he discovered a way to save such marriages. It was a little unorthodox, but he has had very positive results. I was intrigued and asked him to tell me more.

Bill went on to explain that what he does is first to find out what the wife really wants and then acts as a surrogate to make her dreams come true exactly as she pictured them. After that it was a matter of pushing the envelope until she realized that what she wanted in her mind was not so good in reality. For example, he said, if a wife wanted to be spanked, he would spank her once a week over the course of a few months until he ended up whipping her so hard that she was begging him to stop and did not want to do that anymore.

At that point, her husband stepped in as her sex partner and she was glad to go back to normal sex. He told me a few stories that curled my hair as I had no idea that women wanted things that I would not think of. One new wife wanted to be chocked until she almost blacked out, another wanted to be used by several men at one time in her wedding dress, stuff like that.

He asked me what specifically my problem was and I told him. I told him about my small cock and how I liked to be dominated by women and that was the only way I could stay hard. I also said that I wished that I never had to use my penis to spare myself the humiliation. Bill listened with interest and told me that he thought he could help me, but first would have to have a talk with my wife. He said that since his method was still being refined and was not something sex therapist normally did with their patients, that he would do it for free but only if we both agreed to do exactly as he said. I asked him how long his method would take and he said, as long as it takes.

Bill said that if I was interested we could start today and continue when we got back to NYC. He advised that I talk to my wife and if they both were interested, to give his room a call and he would get the ball rolling. Said he was tired of losing money at the Craps table and could use a diversion. I told him that I would ask my wife, but did not think she would go for me as she did not even let me have sex with her until we got married. Bill chuckled and said that I might be surprised. With that, I paid my tab, thanked Bill for his time and promised to call him if my wife agreed to his unorthodox treatment. I waved goodbye and figured I would never see him again. I caught an elevator and went up to my suite.

I used my key card to open the door and found Sue still looking miserable and crying now and then. I went to her and held her, telling her it will be alright. She asked if we could try again now that I was a little drunk and I figured that I had nothing to lose but doubted that I could even get hard due to all that I drank. We both got naked and she pumped my cock for all she was worth and even took it into her mouth, something I did not expect her to do ever. My cock would not cooperate and she started to cry again that she loved me so much but obviously I do not find her sexy enough to get aroused. I assured her that the problem was me, probably just anxiety about not be able to perform, like what they call choking, in sports. She said that she understood that, but how do we fix it. I said that slumps can last a whole season unless the exact cause of the problem is found.

It was then that I told her about Bill. Instead of the horrified look I expected, Sue said that maybe once she was no longer a virgin, that I would not have performance anxiety anymore. I told her that it was worth a shot and asked if she was sure that she wanted to involve a sex therapist. She said that some of her girlfriends saw a therapist for their life problems and this was just like that but for sex. I reminded her that it may involve having sex with Bill and that he was a very muscular black man.

She said that she needed someone to de-virginize her and it did not matter who because her heart would always be with me and she would endure anything to have a happy marriage. So I called Bill. He asked both of us if we were sure as he did not want to waste his time and that if we quit the program odds were that we would not last long as a married couple. He once again said that his methods were kind of strange and would make us do things that we may not normally want to do. We told Bill that we were in his hands and asked him what is next.

We were instructed to meet him at his private Cabana in an hour and that Sue must wear a bikini in a colour of her choice. We looked at each other and Sue asked if I wanted to give it one last try, but I told her that I was so nervous about failing that I would probably fail and feel even worse. She said it was OK and went digging through a clothes drawer to find a bikini. I took a shower because I was feeling ripe and soon Sue joined me. No pressure she said, just washing each other’s back. I got hard again, but when she guided my little cock towards her pussy, it went soft again.

This time she got mad and started yelling at me and accusing me of deceiving her and understood why I agreed not to have sex with her. Her girlfriends said it was not normal for a guy to not want pre-marital sex but now she knows why. She called my cock useless and no bigger than a child’s. Sue said that although she still loved me, she did not see a good sex life for us and pretty much told me that I was worthless as a husband because I could not do all my husbandly duties.

She said although she would never divorce me, due to her beliefs, she would not come to me for sex unless things changed. My cock got hard instantly and Sue notice. She asked me if this is what it took to make me a man again and I explained to her about how I have been a sexual submissive for most of my adult life and I guess I just got used to it.

Sue shook her head and said that I need a therapist and then laughed and apologized to me stating that is exactly what I was doing and she was only upset because she was nervous about what we were about to embark on. I told her not to worry as all of her desires would be fulfilled. She joked that it did not take much to fill her. I laughed a little and then turned off the water after which we both grabbed a towel and dried each other off. Sue found her only bikini, a very modest one and I put on a pair of swim trunks. Before we left for our meeting with Bill, Sue threw on a cover up so that no one could see her bikini. She is very modest, not even showing her magnificent cleavage when we went dancing or dining.


We reached the lobby and followed the sign to the pool. It was our first time there as Sue does not like showing her body in public. The problem was that I had no idea which Cabana was Bill’s. I saw a pool boy and described Bill and he pointed to one of the larger Cabanas. We walked over to it and I could not help notice the many women with exposed breast. I was sorry that I had not spent more time at the pool. My wife thought it was disgusting to display them in public that way as she felt that was reserved only for their husbands. We arrived at the Cabana and since there was no door to knock on, I called out Bill’s name. In a few seconds, Bill pulled the canvas door to the side and asked us to come in. He pointed to the large bed like chaise lounge opposite the one he was sitting on. I noticed a bar setup and a buffet of various foods. Not a bad way to spend a day.

Bill asked us once again if we were sure and would do whatever he said no matter how we felt about it. We said yes. He also told us that if we stopped the program, that he would be forced to bill us for his time which would run into many thousands of dollars. I objected and reminded him that he said he would do it for free as sort of a beta test. He agreed and said it was true, if we completed his program. Otherwise, he could not use the results and would have spent a lot of time for nothing. Sue and I looked at each other and said, we agree.

He gave us a contract to sign which Sue and I looked over briefly. It consented to him having sex with us, engaging in all sorts of fetishes, as the need arose and basically held him harmless because we were giving him our consent to do what was necessary. We signed it without reading it all, like most people do.

With the formalities out of the way, Bill asked me to leave him alone with Sue for two hours. He said that I already told him about myself and my problems and now he wanted to hear from Sue without me around so that she was not afraid of saying anything that she would not want me to hear. Made sense and I was looking forward to sitting by the pool, looking at all those naked tits. Bill threw a fresh towel to me and reminded me to wait two hours before I returned. I said thanks and found an unoccupied chaise lounge to plop my ass in, and waited.

Two hours seemed like a lot longer and even all the young naked flesh in front of me did not occupy me enough to wonder what Sue was saying and what would follow. I figured at worse I would have to try to have sex with Sue in different ways to see what worked for us. Perhaps Bill would watch and give us instructions. He might even demonstrate by touching Sue and that thought excited me, something that you should not be when sitting in public with a bathing suit on.


Exactly two hours later, I was at the door of Bill’s cabana and asked if it was OK to come in. I heard a manly “yes” and entered. Sue and Bill were sitting where they were when I left them. Sue would not look me in the eyes, but Bill grabbed my attention by telling me to sit down next to Sue and our first session has begun. Sue squirmed nervously and I just had to ask Bill what Sue said. All he would tell me was that she told him her deepest and darkest sexual desires and needs, most of it from reading romance novels. He said that the plan was to give Sue what she wants, but first he had to get her used to being the character she wants to be.

The goal was to take her virginity as she imagined it and then progress from there to fulfil all of her sexual desires so that she could get it out of her system. Bill informed me that due to my small cock, I obviously could not do much more than watch and assist as needed. He asked if I had any problem with him taking my wife’s virginity and having as much sex with her as it took. I had not considered that it would get this intense and that I would play a secondary role, but we did sign on for the program and I could not afford the cancellation fee, so I said that it was alright with me. Bill said that Sue already agreed to put herself in the hands, so to speak and that he wanted to first test us before de-virginizing Sue tonight. He said that he wanted it to be a special night for both of us and that could only happen if we did exactly as he said.

He ordered Sue to stand up, which she did, still looking down at her feet. What in hell did she tell him? Bill asked me to unfasten Sue’s bikini top. I hesitated and Bill’s tone got more demanding, so I did as he ordered. I kind of liked being ordered around by Bill for some reason. My wife’s large and firm breast were now on display, but luckily we were concealed by the cabana. Bill then told Sue to take a slow walk around the pool and when she came back to the cabana, she was too deeply kiss Bill so that everyone could see that he was her sexual partner as her husband stood by and watched. He warned her that if she did not walk slowly, that she would have to do it again but this time without her bottom. I asked Bill if that was allowed in this pool and all he said is that it was if you tipped the right people well.

When I saw Sue standing topless next to Bill, I saw the big difference in sizes. Sue is only 5′ tall and I am 6′ but Bill had to be at least 6’2″ or 6’3″. He was heavily muscled and had previously told me that he had to be in his line of work and then winked. Sue hesitated and kept her gaze on the ground. Bill took off his shorts to revel a thong bathing suit that hardly contained the monster cock and balls within. He looked at me and smiled a little. He ordered Sue to look at his crotch which she slowly did. I could see the shock on her face as she saw what was there. Bill took her hand and put it on his cock and told her that if she wanted him to do all the things she said she wanted, she had to do everything he said no matter how embarrassing it was. He assured her and me, that he would never order us to do something illegal or that could hurt us in any way.

He gave Sue a little push and she started her walk of shame. Lots of guys and some girls watched her as she walked around the pool. When she got near the end she ran into the cabana. Bill was stern and told her that she has to obey his orders exactly as he says and for running the last few yards, she now had to take off her bottom and walk around the pool again. Sue begged him not to make her do it, but all that he did was ordering me to remove her bikini bottom. Sue reluctantly stepped out of them and faced Bill with a very red face. He once again told her to walk around the pool and do not rush it or else he will have her do ever increasing embarrassing things until she got it right. Sue begged Bill not to make her do it and all he said is that it was necessary in order to have her experience the wedding night that she dreamed about. With that Sue stepped out into the open.

All eyes went to her as she was the only fully naked person by the pool. The pool boys/girls all turned their backs and disappeared behind a wall where the bar was. Sue’s waxed pussy was reflecting the sun and she was a sight to behold. She walked very slowly this time, avoiding the gazes of the people around her. Some were pointing while others were taking pictures. She made her way slowly to the cabana and started to kiss Bill like the last time, but he told her to also put her hand on his cock. She surprised me by doing it immediately and I saw Bill’s cock grow the more they kissed.

He eventually broke it off and told Sue to look at the crowd who was watching with interest. She was mortified, but held her ground and did not enter the cabana until told to. We all sat down in our assigned places and Bill said that he was generally pleased as it showed that Sue will follow his orders and that I did not object and go ballistic about his handling of Sue. He did mention that Sue will have to work harder in obeying him the first time though.

I wondered what was next as Bill mentioned busting Sue’s cherry that night. Bill said he had one more test for us. He now needed to make sure that I would unquestionably follow his orders. I got nervous immediately. I did not want to walk naked around the pool with my small penis, which was now trying to hide inside my body like a turtle in a shell. Bill asked Sue to take off his thong and Sue obeyed instantly. His cock had to be about 9-10 inches and thick as a wrist. His balls were massive and his whole pubic area was shaved so that everything looked even bigger.

He then told sue to lick his balls and she got on her knees and tentatively flicked her tongue out to touch one. Bill told her that she had to do better than that and told her to take each one in her mouth if she could and swirl her tongue over them. Sue could barely fit them in her mouth, but she managed and when she was done with the second ball, Bill told her that she did a good job. Suddenly Bill announced that he needed a blowjob so that he will not cum so fast tonight. Sue immediately started licking his cock, but Bill pushed her away. He told her to tell me to do it.

Whoa, I did not sign up for this, but was reminded that I did, if I read the small print. I did not have the $500,000 that the contract called for if I did not follow instructions. I should have read the damn thing more carefully. Sue turned to me and shyly asked me to suck Bill’s cock. I got up and walked over to where she held the black snake and got on my knees. I asked both of them if they really wanted me to do this and let them know that I never did this before so did not know how to do it well.

Bill said nothing but stare at Sue, who told me more forcibly to put his cock in my mouth. She reminded me that she had no experience either. She put the tip of Bill’s cock to my lips and said open wide and open wide is what it took to fit it in. I started to gag immediately and Bill told me to breathe through my nose. That did help as he instructed Sue to push my head into his cock. She complied immediately and Bill’s cock was hitting the back of my throat.

I immediately vomited with most of it spilling out of the little gap between his cock and my lips. I swallowed the rest. Bill told me that the quicker I made him cum, the faster this would be over so I moved my mouth and tongue as fast as I could until he told me to slow down. I finally found a rhythm that Bill seemed to like and before long I could feel his cock pulsating so I tried to take my mouth off of it but Bill told me to swallow it all.

I thought about walking in public naked and decided that this humiliation in private was better than that and that I was no stranger to licking cum as my penis often fell out of women’s pussies and squirted all over their thighs and stomach. I waited for it and it came in large amounts. I thought that I was going to choke to death as the volume of his cum was way more than I expected due to only having my penis as an example to go by.

I managed to swallow it all, well, most of it. Bill told me to hold it in my mouth until it went soft and then had me lick it clean. When done, I asked him why he did not have Sue lick him, as it’s something a woman normally does. He replied that he did not want to give her a taste of his cock until she had given herself to him completely and was begging him to fuck her and make her a woman. OK, I said. Bill told us we did very well and to get ready for his visit to our room at about 8 pm. We were to both be naked when he arrived so that we got comfortable with our nudity.

I thought that was good because that was something both Sue and I needed to learn. Maybe there was a method to Bill’s madness. He told me to make sure I gargled and cleaned my mouth before I kissed Sue as he did not want her to taste his cum until he was ready for her to do so. I nodded my agreement and Sue and I left a little dazed by what we both did. We looked at each other like saying, what the hell did we get ourselves into.


Once back in our room, I ordered room service even though we were both too nervous to eat. We showered separately, afraid to look each other in the eye and then waited for our meal to be delivered. We picked at our steaks without saying anything until I finally got the courage to ask Sue what she told Bill. She reminded me that she was not to tell me, but would say that he asked about all of her sexual fantasies and what she expected of a husband on her wedding night and thereafter.

She said he told her not to worry and if we both followed his orders, she would get everything she wanted and some things that she did not know she wanted. That is all Sue would say. We finished eating close to 8pm so we rushed to push the cart into the hallway and strip off our clothes.

Right on the button, we hear a knock on the door exactly at 8. I like a punctual person because I am one too. We let Bill in and he looked at our nudity approvingly. He immediately told Sue to get on the bed and lay on her back. He asked me to undress him and when done, go sit in a chair and stay there until he called for me. I had a good view of the bed and was apprehensive as to what was to happen. Was he going to break my new wife’s hymen tonight? Time would tell.

He got into bed and laid down next to my wife. He kissed her hard on the lips until she was gasping for air. He then kissed his way down to her breast and gave them some love bites which elicited a moan and a cry from Sue. He took each nipple into his mouth and applied as much suction as he could. Sue was trying to lift her body to minimize the stretching.

All of a sudden, Bill thrust his hand into my wife’s pussy. Sue was startled and tried to get away. Bill barked at her to sit still and take anything he gave her. Sue quieted down and laid still taking Bill’s rough handling. I noticed that Bill was careful not to penetrate her deep enough to pop her cherry. Sue began to respond to his rough treatment and was moaning in pleasure. She started telling him to fuck her and fuck her hard. She begged Bill to make her a woman an destroy her cherry. What happened next surprise both Sue and me.

Bill flipped Sue over and held her face down. He told me to look in his pants pockets and grab the bottle of lube he had there. I found it after trying both front pockets. I went to hand it to him, but he said no, he wanted me to apply it to his cock but first I had to suck him to get him hard. I did not balk this time because I knew that I would not have to swallow his cum this time, although I was not sure of that. I sucked on his cock after playing with his balls and then lubed it up. I was expecting him to flip Sue on her back again and take her virginity. Instead, Bill asked me to place the tip of his cock at the entrance to Sue’s ass.

When Sue heard that she screamed that she did not want that and it would hurt her. She was screaming all sorts of stuff like only whores and sluts did that. Bill ignored her protest and kept pushing deeper and deeper, ignoring Sues cries of pain. He did not get it all in and commented that it will take a few times to stretch her enough, but proceeded to fuck her ass with about half of his cock. He told Sue to play with her clit as he ass fucked her and she did as she was told.

It was not long that her cries of pain turned to pleasure as she came hard. Bill kept still until she calmed down and then gently withdrew his cock from her ass. He then called me over and told me to blow him and swallow as before. His cock was in my wife’s ass and I was hoping that it was clean as I put in into my mouth. This time Bill came very fast and it seemed to shoot twice the load that he had down earlier in the day.

After I licked him clean, he ordered us not to have sex with each other and that he would call us in the morning and we were to wait for his instructions. My wife was upset that she was still a virgin and said so. Bill just glared at her and said that she was not ready to be taken as she described to him. He wanted it to be exactly as she pictured it and in a condition to enjoy it. Then he left and we just looked at each other. I asked Sue if her ass was sore and she replied, “What do you think?” And “Thanks a lot for nothing”. She said she was going to take a shower and that Bill told her to tell me not to wash out my mouth before going to bed. We both slept well that night, even though we were nervous about what tomorrow held.

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