Our Reader’s SPH Experiences 14

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


One reader discovered that the school wimp was really him…

In our group of friends in high school, there was that one weird guy that hung around us, even though we picked on him lots because we thought he was a wimp. We would always tease him about having a tiny penis and being a fag, something I regret I assure you. One night I threw a party when my parents were out-of-town. After everyone left I went upstairs and started my computer, and undressed as porn began to play. When suddenly, the weird guy appeared in my room. “Hey, are you watching porn? I wanna watch too,” he said.

It was about that time when he looked down and realised I didn’t have pants on and that in my hand was my small erect dick. He said with a grin, “Oh, I didn’t know it was one of those kinda sessions.”

The guy suddenly pulled down his pants and out sprung his fat, flaccid cock. It was much bigger than mine, and it was completely soft. It turned me on so much to see it, I blew a load all over myself. I left the room to clean myself up, leaving the guy stroking himself. When I came back, he was erect and close to nine-inches long. I sat with him and began rubbing my much smaller cock until it was fully erect again (four-inches). It was about this time that guy started slowing down his strokes. “I’m about to cum,” he said.

The funny thing was, I was about to cum too. I came first, sending cum flowing down my shaft and onto my balls. He blew his load in spurts all over the keyboard, then proceeded to dress himself and leave. We agreed to never talk about it. I felt bad having teased him for having a tiny cock when in fact he had a huge one, and it was I who had the tiny cock. Karma caught me eventually, as my next girlfriend turned out to be a bitch and told the whole school that I had terrible premature ejaculation and a very small dick. Pretty soon after that, I became the school wimp, and the weird guy was popular. Still, he never did tell about our mutual masturbation session.


One reader recalls how his friend humiliated him one day in the pool…

I was totally embarrassed about wearing Speedo style, swim trunks because I had very little bulge at all. The first time my best friend and I saw each other’s cocks was at about the age 16 as well. His flaccid penis looked definitely gigantic compared to my tiny two-inch soft cock. Sometime later the same summer, we were using the swimming pool at his house. No one else was home so we went skinny dipping. Both of our dicks would have suffered shrinkage in the cold water, but he was still quite respectable. However, mine had shrunk to the size of a clit, and he actually said I looked like a girl.

In the cabana by the pool, he spotted that his older sister had left her bikini hanging in the change room. He ordered me to put it on, and I did. He then pressed his cock against mine packaged in the pink bikini bottoms. We both got erections as he rubbed against me. He kept repeating like a mantra, “You’re just like a girl, you’re just like a girl!”

He finally pulled the panties down exposing my puny erection (skinny and only 3.5” long) His in comparison looked huge (at a guess he was probably nearly 7-8” and very thick) He grabbed my tiny prick and started masturbating me telling me to do the same to him. I came very quickly in little spurts, and a short time later he blew his much more impressive load. We never repeated that experience together, and by the following summer we were going to different schools. So I rarely ever saw him again.

Years later, I ran into him (and his boyfriend) at a shopping mall. I may have been hetero playing childhood sex games back then, but I guess he discovered (if he didn’t already know) that he was more interested in men. However, the humiliation I felt when he made me his girl is something that has been a strong part of my sex life ever since.


One reader has a hot reunion with his former college friend…

A few years after college, I visited my old roommate in Chicago, as I had done on an annual basis. He was a rather abrasive kind of guy, overly brash and assertive. His argumentative demeanour puts a lot of people off, but we knew each other so well after sharing our impressionable years at college that we managed to get along quite well.

The first night of my visit, we went out drinking, and the discussion turned to relationships and sex. As we had talked about anything in the past, nothing was taboo. He was talking about the movie ‘My Own Private Idaho’, and highly recommended it. He asked if I thought someone could have sex with another man without being gay. I told him I didn’t really see that as an issue. He went on to say he had met a guy at a party a month ago, a gay man, and that he was sort of attracted to him. I replied that society places too much focus on sexuality, and that from a mechanical perspective, it probably mattered little whether someone was with a man or a woman. If you’re getting your cock sucked then why does it matter? I’m pretty open that way, but I had never been with another man.

The second night we went out to a jazz club. We were out past two and had quite a lot to drink. We returned to his place and headed to bed. Both of us were quite restless. Without saying a word, he put his arm around me and kissed me. It was a strange feeling, his stubble against my chin. I was a bit shocked. “I have always wanted to do that,” he said.

I didn’t say a word. This was too strange. He pulled the covers back and lay on top of me, kissing me. I could feel his hard cock through his boxers. Before I knew it, he was straddling me, shoving his hard cock in my face as it poked through his boxers.

“Suck it,” he said. Without saying a word, I complied. “You like that, don’t you?”

His cock was above average thickness, and longer than mine. I was surprised how big he was. He slipped off his boxers, and removed mine, revealing my hard dick. He looked at it for a moment.

“I thought you’d be bigger, judging by all the women you’ve fucked.” He rubbed his cock against mine to emphasize the point. He looked a good seven inches, while mine was only four and a half. “Have any of your girlfriend’s commented on your small dick?” He asked.

“Um… It’s not that small,” I said.

He laughed and rolled his eyes. “If you say so.”

“Aren’t you going to suck my cock?”

“No. I don’t suck cock,” he said, “But you’re a natural at it.”

I started to feel shame, and yet I wanted to please him at the same time. Rather, and without saying another word, he spread my legs, and started rubbing the head of his cock against my asshole. I was scared and getting aroused at the same time. “This is really turning you on,” he said, as he felt my hard cock

He grabbed a condom and some lube from his night stand. The entire situation was surreal. Without saying another word, he slowly penetrated me. What began gently, gradually picked up momentum. The feeling was incredible, like I could do anything. He seemed to last forever. Sometimes he thrust too deeply, causing him perverse pleasure as he studied my reaction. He was very much into fucking me, and could feel my anal orgasms. Eventually I felt his head growing harder, until he violently came. I hadn’t cum, prompting him to suggest, “Why don’t you jack-off your little dick?”

I really didn’t feel like it. I was confused by the entire experience. He pulled his cock out of my ass and went to the bathroom to clean up. I soon followed, and fell into a deep sleep. A few hours later, I was awoken by his hard cock pressing against my ass again. We repeated the earlier activities with him taking me from behind. He told me what a beautiful ass I had and how he had fantasized about this for years. It was definitely a weekend to remember, although we have never talked about it, or fucked each other again.


This reader has a humiliating moment after a game of ice hockey…

My sister-in-law is married to Paul, who is a bit of a jerk at times. I have always gotten along with him, but some members of the family doesn’t know what she sees in him or why they are together. Paul is a mechanic during the day and does well for himself. Paul plays hockey in a men’s league, age’s 25-40 group and is always asking me if I want to play. They play later at night and I work early so I have always declined his invitation, but tonight I decided to accept and play a game with his team as they were really short players.

I met Paul at the rink and was running late, so I was already half-dressed and ready to go. All I had to do was throw my pants and shoulder pads on and skate up. I was the last one on the ice and didn’t know anyone on the team except for Paul, but they all made me feel welcome and I played a good game. As we enter the locker room, I am one of the first to get in and a feeling of nervousness begins to set in. All the guys are starting to come in and Paul introduces the team to me, the guys all ranges from 25-35, most guys are Paul’s age 25, and a few guys my age over 30.

For some reason I am feeling nervous about Paul seeing me naked, I go to the gym regularly, but I guess exposing yourself to someone you know for the first time can be nerve-racking. We start removing our equipment and we are down to just our jock straps and he takes his off and out comes a really big cock. I had always had my suspicions that he was hung, and now I know he is. We are in mid conversation so he is standing there waiting for me so we could hit the showers, so I am left with no choice but to follow him.

I pull off my jock and my cock is exposed and nervous it is shrinking down to a little nub barely sticking out of my body. As I get to the shower room, it is a large open room with about 20 shower heads. Only 2 are available on the other side of the room and just as I enter some jerk yells out, “Hey Mark, he’s even smaller than you! We have a new winner in the small dick club.”

Everyone looks over to me and claps and laughs. So now I have all eyes on me as I walk with everyone checking me out, and the fellow called Mark thanks me. He too was very small, but I was smaller by a ways. I get to the shower finally, and Paul is beside me telling me not to worry about the other guys, they’re just teasing. I laugh it off and play it cool like it does not bother me, I take a few minutes to relax and am facing the wall, giving me a chance to compose myself and fluff my cock a bit to get it to its normal soft size.

Paul is on my right and I take every opportunity to check him out and think no wonder Candace stuck with this cocky S.O.B. all this time. All the guys are talking and not wanting to be rude, I turn around and join the conversation exposing my small cock again to the entire room. All the guys were displaying big cocks, all but a few anyways who were smaller, but not like me. I heard a couple of guys comment to each other that they guess they know who the man of the family is.

Paul and I, and a few other guys, were talking and I just wanted to get out of there and get home, but I was stuck. To make it worse, I was right beside Paul and everyone could see the difference in our cock size. Finally, we all left the shower room and back to the change area and we got dressed. Paul and a few other guys spent as much time as they could talk about stuff and he seemed to enjoy being naked and I couldn’t help but check him out as much as I could.

Before leaving, I was told it was my job to get the beers for the next game as I was now considered team runt. Mark came up to me and thanked me with a laugh, and I knew exactly what it all meant. Paul told me he preferred Coors light.

Later, when I was at home Candace called looking for my wife and when I answered she told me she heard I was the new team runt. I felt utterly humiliated that my sister-in-law knows what happened. The thing is I’m extremely turned on as well with the whole situation and can’t wait for the next game.


One reader can’t decide if he has match made in heaven or hell…

While vacationing with my girlfriend at couples resort, we went to the beach that was popular for its party’s and for its nudity. My girlfriend had quite a few of the killer cocktails being served. I was down by the water when I heard the loud voice of my tipsy lover yell out her private pet name for me, “Hey, Dinklet, get over here and give me a kiss.”

My embarrassment was instant, as laughter and eyes all focused on me. It was clear she was talking to me! My baby dick unable to hang above my small balls, was the smallest on the beach. I had to endure the giggling, the stares, and being compared to the 10-year-old boy who walked next to me. He easily won. I was mortified as my beautiful companion made sure that all could hear laughter at my tiny endowment being smaller than a kid. Since then, my girlfriend continues to tease me in front of her friends.

I asked her why she stays with such a babydick like me, and she told me that it turns her on to humiliate me in front of people. I don’t know if I’m lucky, or I should run.


This reader shares an experience from his younger days…

As I recall it now, this is where the story gets a little harder for me to believe, being twenty years older. But here goes. I was with some friends one night hanging out at home. We discussed our evening without any weirdness. Then we all agreed to have a moonlight swim. It was only about 75 feet from our front door to the start of the small beach, but we had to cross the street. We did it wearing nothing but large beach towels.

Once at the water’s edge we shed our towels and ran into the water. The water was colder than we had anticipated, causing a couple of shrieks and laughs on the way in. We were soon in deep enough water to hide our lack of clothing. We jumped and swam like a bunch of kids. The girls` breasts looked great when they were out of the water, their nipples were so erect and they had shiny beads of water all over them.

A car past on the street and that made the girls want to call our swim short. So Greg ran out of the water, put on his towel and walked into the water holding the towels for the girls. I lingered behind them getting a good look at the girl’s butts when they walked to him and their towels. Jan had a cute tan line that I hadn’t noticed except in the moonlight, Rachel`s looked rounder while it shined with water. I got away with gawking at them, except Greg saw me. So, with Rachel leaving the water last he turned with her carrying my towel and they ran toward the street.

I cautiously called out to them not to alert any neighbours, but they were laughing as they ran. I delayed thinking they were just fooling around, but they weren’t. They were all the way in our front yard looking back, waving me towards them teasingly. I could hear them as I made my way towards them, thinking they were going to get the neighbours to look out and see me. I ran through the sand it seemed to take forever, especially with them watching me. Once out of the sand I was able to run more freely, only 75 feet I thought, I held my breath, crossing the street, hoping another car wouldn`t be coming. I made it to them as they were walking into the house, forcing me to go all the way into the house naked.

Jan grabbed the towel from Greg and was heading for me, saying, “You poor thing, you must be cold.”

Greg and Rachel laughed, I instinctively covered myself, noticing I was showing the effects of the cold water, I was down to almost just a mushroom cap. Jan quickly said, “That`s not what she meant, she meant that I was still so wet.”

Greg said, “Yeah, sure.” He removed his towel and tossed it to me, saying, “Here, you really need to warm up.”

With that I looked his way and noticed he must be semi erect, it was already larger than mine ever gets. Rachel countered by saying, “Jan must have drained you so much, it needed rest.”

Jan looked at her and said, “No, he couldn’t get it hard.”

Rachel looked at me curiously, and asked, “Is that true?”

I said, “Yes.”

At that point Greg was prancing like a peacock, it seemed to give him pleasure to know he was the only one that had fucked them. I was feeling so flushed and embarrassed, like I was weird or something, when all of a sudden, I realized I was aroused. Of all the times, I thought.

Rachel suddenly pulled the towel off me, revealing my cock. She said, “There it is now.”

Jan came over to see in the well-lit kitchen, I could have died. The girls were touching it, and saying that it must have been shy earlier. Feeling left out, Greg came over asking, “Has the little guy finally woken?”

With that, he poked his now erect huge cock right next to mine, facing me. His head was nearly at my body, while my head barely reached half way up his. The girls took this opportunity to compare them first hand, as it were. Greg was eating it up, as they noted the fact that his dick was at least a full four-inches longer than mine. They were handling both making a case for my girth, but Greg won that easily too.

They also added that because I was a big guy, 6`2″ and 200 pounds it made my cock look smaller. On the other hand, Greg was much shorter and thin and that made his cock look so much bigger. They both agreed mine was suckable, I know they meant it as a compliment, but it was back-handed at best.

As embarrassed as I was, I was so turned on. My cock had pre cum oozing out of the head. Jan smeared it in with her thumb. Of course Greg jumped on their suckable comment, saying if I’m suckable then his dick must be fuckable. I thought I was going to cum when both girls agreed with him.

Greg grabbed the deck of cards from the kitchen table and said to the girls that they cut the cards and high card fucked him, low card sucked me. They were telling him “You’re nuts,” but they laughed.

Then Jan said, “Fuck it,” and cut the cards.

She drew the nine of diamonds. Rachel looked at her and she coaxed her to try it, she cut the cards and drew the Jack of hearts. Greg said, “Look, you won,” and took her by the hand and they went over to the couch.

He plopped down and pulled her onto his lap. Both Jan and I watched for a minute to see what happened. They started to make out. Jan said, “Well, let me take my second place prize.”

She sat me in the chair across from the sofa. She got on her knees and started to suck on my hard cock, it felt good. I was afraid I might finish too quickly. I tried to think of something else, anything else. Every time I looked forward I saw Rachel riding Greg’s long cock. If I looked down, I saw a gorgeous blonde sucking my little cock. I tried to look at the ceiling, but the sight of Rachel bouncing up and down was too hot to ignore. I was so hot, so ready, Jan got up off of me and sat Rachel too.

She was holding my cock. The way she kept touching it made me feel small, it`s hard to explain, but sometimes it was with two fingers, sometimes it was measuring me against the length of her fingers. She asked if I was enjoying watching Greg fuck Rachel. All I could do was moan in reply. I was trying not to look at Rachel and Greg, but the moans were intoxicating. I was trying to kiss Jan`s neck, but she was not letting me.

She was telling me it wasn’t her that had me hard, it was the thought of Rachel getting fucked by a big cock, and how she responded to it. She said, “Don’t worry, Greg has a huge cock, and really knows how to fill a woman.”

With that I lost it, I started to cum. Jan just laughed, she leaned in to my ear and said, “Small dick guys are so pathetic.” With that, she walked toward the couch saying it was time to switch.


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