Dominated By Ebony Tenant

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By eatmebeatmeguy

I thought to myself as I walked up to the door, “I always look forward to making repairs at Jasmine’s apartment.”

She has been my tenant for a decade. She’s a single mother in her 30’s, black, pretty fit, thick sexy ass and a fun personality. She’s always very flirtatious but I’ve never acted on her subtle advances. During the summer she dresses like a 90s rap video girl. A tight skirt that is nowhere close to her knees and tank tops. If she’s not in a skirt, she has tights on. In the winter, it is a skirt over her tights. No matter what, her curves and round bottom is a focal point.

I’m a 50-year-old guy, in good shape and decent looks. Recently remarried, but I don’t get sex as much as I would like, even though it is more than with my previous wife.

As usual, she greeted me at the front door wearing a short skirt, tank top and flip-flops. I asked her to show me where the problem is and I followed behind, watching her big beautiful ass jiggling in front of me. I was in such a trance walking through the apartment looking at her ass that when we got to the bathroom, I didn’t notice that she was watching me in the mirror as I was looking at her ass.

She stopped walking, I almost ran into her, looked up and saw her smiling in the mirror at me.

“It is this sink. It keeps on backing up.”

I got down on my knees, unscrewed the drain and put my head and torso under the sink inside the vanity to check on the plumbing. I wondered if she really caught me looking at her ass and if so, was she offended?

The apartment was hot. There wasn’t AC in the unit and it was in the 90’s outside. This is the time of year that I am the horniest. Women are half-naked and sweaty sex is by far my favourite.

I slid back out from under the sink to grab a wrench and she was standing over top of me. Her feet were on each side of my chest so that I could see up her skirt. It was dark in there, but I could tell she was wearing panties and that they were red.

I continued looking up her skirt for what seemed like an eternity. My cock was fully erect at this point, but it was probably only 15 seconds since I slid out from under the vanity.

She asked, “Do you need any help?”

I stuttered, “Yes, I was going to get a wrench.”

She squatted down over my body with her ass just grazing over my bulge.

She looked me in the eyes, and said, “Looks like your wrench is excited to be working here for me.”

“Yes, it appears so,” I muttered.

She slid her skirt up and revealed the rest of her thighs and her panties. Then she turned around quickly and showed me her ass in a thong. She flexed her ass a few times, showing me her ass bounce as she lowered down, putting her ass as close to my face as possible without touching it.

It smelled like a mix of musk and cocoa butter.

I lifted my head an inch and put my nose to her panties and took a strong sniff.

She put her hands on my thighs, lifted her ass a bit and shook her ass, making it clap. At this point, little beads of sweat were dripping off of her ass and onto my face. She continued booty dancing over the top of me like a stripper would in a private booth. But then she stopped, lowered her ass onto my face and smothered me.

I was in heaven. A big beautiful black ass covering my entire face. I couldn’t breathe, my cock was rock hard and she was overpowering me. Then I felt her hand run under my boxers to my cock.

She asked, “Is this all you’ve got?”

That’s when she grabbed it, squeezed it, bent it to the side and then held it there with force. She lifted her ass and let me catch a few breaths and while I was gaining consciousness, she slipped her underwear off. When she sat back down, her hand wasn’t on my cock.

She was holding my thighs again as she started grinding her ass and pussy in my face. I licked her clit in every direction while she pushed down and applied pressure wherever her hot pussy needed it.

She rode my face for a long time. I was in complete subspace, focused only on her pussy and my erection. When I felt the tension in her body, she let out a loud groan of relief and her pussy was twice as wet as before.

She climbed off of me and told me to stand up. “Take your clothes off,” she said in a stern voice.

I stripped down to my underwear. My bulge was revealed in my boxer-briefs. She grabbed my cock and said, “Take these off too.”

I was then standing totally naked in front of a gorgeous sexy younger black woman as she forcefully grabbed my cock. “If your cock wasn’t so little I’d let you fuck me. Instead, I’m going to own this little thing.”

I looked her in the eyes and simply said, “Yes, ma’am.”

“I’m going to own you, do you hear me?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Do you want to cum?”

“More than ever, ma’am.”

“Then get back under the sink and finish fixing it. I’m going to stroke your cock as you are working. If you can fix this without cumming while I stroke your little cock, then I’ll let you cum on my ass. Otherwise, you’ll receive a punishment that you will not like.”

This was a tough choice. I could cum and be punished or cum on her ass. I decided to focus on the repair and not think about her strong black hand rubbing my little white cock.

“You decide,” she said as she started stroking my cock.

I made the repair pretty quickly without cumming, but I didn’t want the hand job to stop, so I continued fiddling with the drain. She started moving her hand faster and harder and when I felt as if I was going to cum. I yelled, “OK, THE SINK IS FIXED”.

She didn’t stop. She only squeezed harder and jerked it faster. She put her second-hand over my cock and caught my cum load as I exploded. “Ready for your punishment?” She took her cum covered hand and put it over my mouth and nose. “Eat it, you sick little fuck.”

I licked the cum in pure humiliation and obedience and as I finished, I could feel my cock starting to go limp. I laid there for a minute catching my breath and realizing what I had just done. “Your punishment is going to be I’m telling your wife about this, unless you come and paint my bedroom next week. Then maybe you can cum on my ass.”

She stood up and left the bathroom and my cock started to rise again thinking about what had just happened.

The End.

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