Is it Big Enough?

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By ParkerRhodes (edited)

Both of them are staring at me – Angela with a look that’s half eager, half devious, and Jessie with timid eyes of disbelief.

“Do it, Mullins,” Angela says.

My toes dig into the white Mediterranean sand. I take a breath. And then I slip a finger into the waistband of my swimsuit.

Jessie covers her view with a hand, but she’s clearly peeking through the gaps between her fingers.

They’re both in their bikinis. Angela, with her athletic legs and toned stomach, looks absolutely perfect. Her big boobs spill out of sizable orange triangles. Below she wears a matching string bikini that shows off her stunning physique.

Jessie wears a baby blue top that fully covers her modest B-cups. From the waist down, she’s thick and curvy; her bikini bottoms, baby blue boy-shorts, are stretched to their brink. Thus far she’s been too shy to turn around, but I imagine they do little to contain the bulging backside I’d seen fill out a pair of jeans.

“Take it off,” Angela says playfully, putting a hand on her hip and shifting her weight.

I slip another finger into the other side of my waistband and start to lower.

“Oh my god, Mullins,” Jessie shrieks. “I’m about to see your penis!”



“You know they have nude beaches there,” Angela says, flipping through a brochure.

“No way,” Jessie says.

“It’s Europe,” I say. “Of course they do.”

The three of us are seated at a Starbucks, making travel plans for early August. It’s summer break for all of us; for them, the summer after their first year at UCLA. For me, the summer after my third year teaching high school social studies. Yes, I had been their teacher their last two years of high school – my first two years teaching.

As a young teacher that nearly all of the female students had a crush on, I was careful not to get too close to them, nor to let them know much about the real me.

But there are sometimes exceptions.

I didn’t keep in touch with Jessie and Angela when they went off to college. But they kept in touch with me. As a result, they knew I had just gone through a bad break-up. They decided they needed to cheer me up, to help me move on.

Those were the things we said. In truth, they were both nineteen now and I was no longer their teacher. For the first time I could say freely that they were attractive, that they were unbelievably gorgeous. And for the first time their hot-teacher fantasies had a chance of actually going somewhere.

Yes, all three of us certainly had ulterior motives.

“Would you go to a nude beach?” Angela asks me, poking me in the ribs.

“Oh, yeah,” I say, jokingly. “For some sightseeing.”

“Mullins!” Jessie says.

“What?” I say. “The Mediterranean is supposed to be beautiful.”

Jessie rolls her eyes, grabbing her Frappuccino.

Angela puts the brochure down. “Seriously, Mullins, if we all went to a nude beach, would you show off the goods?”

“Oh my god, Angela,” Jessie says, ostensibly thwarting my response, but I can tell she wants to hear my answer.

I take a sip of my drink. Then I look at Angela. “You just want to see me naked, don’t you?”

Jessie throws her head back and says, “O-M-G.”

Angela looks like she’s been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

“Well?” I say.

Angela laughs, looks me up and down. “Maybe I do want to see what you’re packing.”

At this Jessie’s face flushes red and she throws Angela a bug-eyed look.

Laughing now, Angela says, “I’m kiiiiidddding!”

Even then I didn’t believe her.


Back to the Present…

My swimsuit falls to the sand and Jessie shrieks. Angela’s eyebrows jump to the middle of her forehead. She turns away then turns back, staring directly at my flaccid penis, her face filling with amusement.

Jessie, half turned away, alternates between exclamations of “oh my god” and gasps of laughter. She’s peeking directly at my dangling member now.

“Mullins, your penis,” she manages. She can’t muster the next words; she only raises her hand with her thumb and index finger extended, showing a small measurement.

Angela hoots at this; she keels over laughing, her arms wrapped around her stomach.

I glance down at my exposed appendage. Nervousness had caused it to shrivel to its smallest state. Never large, it only hangs about two inches now. Worst, though, is its lack of girth. Just two inches in circumference, it looks adolescent; certainly it pales in comparison to some of the thick stubs we’d seen making their way along the less secluded areas of the beach.

“Sometimes when I’m nervous it shrinks a little,” I explain.

I swivel my hips, causing it to swing back and forth, hoping a little blood flow will make it more presentable. The girls, though, unsure of my motive, simply burst out in a hysteria of laughter and whispered comments. “Oh my god, Mullins,” Angela says through a fit of glee, now producing her cell phone. “Thank you for this.” She steadies the phone and angles it at me, presumably to take a video. She and Jessie stare at her screen intently as I smile and continue to swing my penis back and forth.

By now most of the shrinkage has gone away, but the result is what I was worried about: I’ve started to become hard. Slowly my penis reaches three inches, gaining marginally in girth. I continue to swing it back and forth, and with each gyration the noise it makes slapping against my inner leg becomes more noticeable.

“Shit, he’s hard,” Angela says, and Jesse’s eyes widen in disbelief.

On those words I go from semi to fully erect, a full five inches standing alert. I continue to gyrate, but my hardness has reduced my range of motion—my penis now only swings halfway to the either side. The result is that it looks like I’m waving a sword at them.

A few seconds later Angela lowers the phone, smiling. “Nice boner.”

“Still small?” I say, looking at Jessie.

A wrinkle forms on her forehead, which clearly means: Are you sure you want me to answer that? The truth is her unimpressed look is turning me on, and at this point I wouldn’t mind if she vocalised her honesty. Angela takes a step closer and leans in to examine me. “How many inches is it?” she asks, placing her thumb and forefinger a few inches away. She roughly measures my length.

“What do you think?” I ask.

“It’s cute,” Angela says, holding up her fingers and smirking at the modest measurement.

Jessie approaches now, for the first time taking a close look at my midsection. She then says my name, drawing out the last syllable, coating it with disappointment: “Mullinnnsss.”

“She was hoping you had a big dick,” Angela says.

“Hey,” Jessie says with little conviction, “That’s not true.”

I’m intrigued at this development. Angela, bold and outspoken, often looked at me with the mischievous eyes of a girl who knows how to get what she wants. If I had to peg a size queen, I would have chosen her. Yet here was Jessie – sweet, polite, modest Jessie – outwardly dissatisfied at my lack of size.

“It’s four and a half inches,” I say.

“So that’s what,” Jessie asks, “Below average?”

“A bit below average, yes,” I say.

“Hmm,” she says.

She plants her hands on her hips, those curvy, beautiful hips. Her eyes stay locked on my penis. Her lips are pursed. She’s judging it, imagining what it would feel like. “Just grab it already,” Angela says. She plants a hand around Jessie’s wrist and steers her arm toward my penis. I’m rock hard as Jessie’s hand approaches. She looks at me nervously and I smile and nod. Then she places her hand on my penis. She’s gentle, curling her fingers softly around the shaft. Her hand engulfs most of it; only the head protrudes from her grasp. She looks down at it, studying the way it feels. I flex it and she smiles. Her grip tightens. “Can I?” she says.

I nod and she moves her hand up the shaft, engulfing the head, and then slides it back down. She strokes up and down a few times, then she looks at me and smirks. “I like your package,” she says. She leans in and whispers in my ear. “Even if it is… small.”

She lets her grip go, and then, without another word, she reaches behind her back and unfastened her top. It loosens and falls to the sand. She’s topless now, her perky B-cups out and free. “Wow,” I say.

Angela’s reaction is more animated. “Damn, girl!” she says. “Look at those ta-tas!”

She dances around, hardly believing the brazenness of her oft-conservative friend. Jessie doesn’t stop there, though. She rotates in the sand, letting me see for the first time her big, bulging booty, and then she shimmies out of her boy-shorts. She’s naked. Beautiful and curvy and naked. Her vagina is shaved and smooth. I only get a glimpse though; she crosses her legs, hiding her treasure but at the same time accentuating the curves of her body. “Damn,” I say.

“Holy fuck,” Angela says.

Jessie’s not done yet. She kneels in front of me, her face just inches from my throbbing erection. “I’ve imagined this so many times,” she says.

She leans forward and licks the tip of my penis. Then she kisses it, wrapping her lips around the head. Slowly she slides her mouth forward, and inch by inch she takes my cock until all five inches are in her mouth. She looks up at me and smiles. I almost lose it. For the next minute she bobs her head forward and back, taking in most of my shaft each time. Angela, positioned behind Jessie now, holds her hair back and encourages her with shouts of: “Suck it like a champ! Make that dick disappear!”

Bobbing faster now, Jessie reaches up with her right hand and grabs a hold of my testicles. She grips them, massaging them with her fingers. I groan with pleasure. “Work those nuts!” Angela shouts.

I’m getting closer to the verge when Angela undoes her top. As it falls to the ground, her boobs – big round D-cups – bounce gingerly. Still holding Jessie’s hair, she pulls her left arm across them, cupping her right boob in her hand. She jiggles it, watching me as my mouth opens, as my body becomes rigid. She smirks and works her hand over her boob, massaging it, playing with it, bouncing it. Jessie gurgles as she now sucks me with more fervour than before. She can sense that I’m close. I watch her head bob forward and back, forward and back. Her eyes are closed, her expression focused.

She groans softly and I lose it. Every muscle in my body tenses and my cock flexes. I explode into her mouth. Her lips clamp around my cock. I shoot again and she groans. Semen drips out of her mouth. I cum again, and again. She’s smiling as I cum once more as she slides her mouth off of my cock. Cum runs down her chin as she looks at me open-jawed. She swallows once and then spits the rest into the sand. Jessie cleans herself off with a towel and puts her bathing suit back on. Angela likewise puts her top back on. It’s all a blur though. I’m dazed, spent, hardly able to stand. Jessie is smiling, though, this much is certain. She’s standing and she’s smiling at me. She’s so beautiful. She’s so perfect.

She turns to Angela and she says, “Well, it seems small dicks ARE good for sucking.”

The End.


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