She Cuckolded Me With My Dad

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By nostringsfunavl

It was a quiet and boring night at my girlfriend’s apartment. There I sat flipping channels of nothing while she was out screening the latest guy she met online. Yes, you heard correctly. We have a very non-traditional relationship.

I’m a senior in college and she’s an 18 year old high school dropout, living in a cheap studio apartment and waiting tables at a local diner. So, why is a guy like me with her? Because she’s beautiful: Cara is a petite young thing, barely 5 feet tall. Her pale skin is flawless as is her bright red hair, sweet face and lean body. I know she’s only with me because I have money and like to take her out to nice dinners and movies. None of my friends who have met her believes we have sex and we don’t. I’m just an average, skinny and short guy.

Not a great looker either and worst of all, I have a small dick (four inches hard). I met Cara online myself, but our attempts at sex were just that, attempts. Don’t get me wrong, I like her a lot and she does like me, but she made it clear that even though she’s my girlfriend, she has her needs and I need to accept them in order to stay with her. Needless to say, I have not introduced her to my snobby parents who would be appalled that I was dating a promiscuous high school dropout.

I guess it’s that red hair, but Cara does have a temper and when I wasn’t able to perform, she came up with a scenario that I had to accept in order to stay with her: I was to be a cuckold. She could and would have sex with whomever she wanted and I had to watch and be humiliated. At first, it was awful for me, but we’ve had five scenes and I’ve gotten used to it. She still fucks her ex-boyfriend now and then who taunts me while he’s doing my girl. She also did the fiancé of one of her rivals from high school just to piss her off. Then there were two online hookups, guys my age who didn’t seem all that comfortable with the scene, but weren’t about to pass on an opportunity to fuck a girl like Cara.

I was about to drift off when my smart phone rang. “I’m on my way back with him, be ready,” Cara said before hanging up.

The coffee shop was the next block down so I didn’t have much time. I shut off the TV, ditched my clothes, put on my chastity cup and went to the corner where I sat with my hands behind my back. The rules were I had to watch but could not speak, nor could I pleasure myself no matter how much I enjoyed the scene.

I sat in the corner less than five minutes when the door unlocked. Cara came in looking hot in her miniskirt and halter top. “Come on in,” she said and led her stud into her dreary apartment.

I was not allowed to say a word, but OH SHIT is what I thought, as I saw my father entering the apartment. He looked around then, when he saw his naked son sitting in the corner and wearing a see-through chastity cup, he went ballistic.

“What the fuck!” He yelled. “My son’s a damned cuckold!”

Dad rushed over, grabbed my arm and pulled me up to face him. Unlike me, my dad was a real man’s man, but not at all what I would have ever expected Cara to want. He was 65, almost old enough to be her grandfather. Plus, he was bald and had a bit of a spare tire, but otherwise was six foot two and strong.

Cara was quick to intervene. “He’s not allowed to talk. He’s not a man, so you need to teach him.” She was obviously turned on at the thought of having sex with her boyfriend’s father.

Cara then slipped off her top, showing dad her pale white breasts, capped off with two succulent pink nipples. Dad let go of me and turned to feel her breasts as she seductively slid off her skirt to show her underwear-less crotch and bush of fiery red pubic hair. “Come on,” she said to him, “let’s have fun.”

Dad smiled at her, looked back at me and said, “I’m going to show you what it means to be a man. And your mother is not to know about what you’re going to see.” His piercing stares meant business and I nodded as he turned away and removed his clothes.

I hadn’t seen my father naked since I was a kid and didn’t really remember what he looked like in the buff. I was blown away at how fit he was for a 65 year old. Despite his gut, Dad had some decent Pecs, arms and upper legs, but what I couldn’t help but notice was his penis. It was long, thick, capped with a mushroom head and hard as a rock, sticking straight up.

“See this boy,” Dad said, turning around and pointing at his erection. “I’m going to fuck your girlfriend with this. Watch!”

Cara assumed the doggy style position on her bed – ass up and face down. Dad’s erection only intensified as he zeroed in on her bubble butt. He traced his big, mushroomed head up and down her slit before he began to rub it into the space between her legs. “Nice,” he said. “Nice and moist little pussy.”

Cara began to breathe heavily as he entered her, gasping as she realized the enormous size of what was invading her. After she came back to reality, she turned her head to me and smiled. “Look over here,” she said. “Look at your daddy fucking me!”

My father, who up until now was someone I had never thought of in a sexual way was taking full control of my girl and fucking her hard. I watched his huge testicles slam against her smooth skin, making that slapping sound as he slid his penis in and out of her. The two of them fucked like wild animals, moaning loudly and talking dirty to each other.

The fucking went on for a while with Dad and Cara both teasing me. Later Cara pulled away from him and told Dad to lie down on the bed. She then went down on him starting with the nipples on his hairy chest and then to his belly, stopping to tongue fuck his belly button while smiling at me. All the while, Dad’s erection stayed at full mast. He had to have been at minimum nine inches, if not more. Cara made her way down there, then began to lick his penis up and down from the shaft up to his throbbing mushroom head and back down again.

“Yeah sweetie,” Dad moaned. “Worship that cock, make this old man feel good.”

Cara obeyed and began to suck his big bulb and darted her tongue in and out of his urethra, smiling at me the whole time. All the guys Cara had sucked and fucked in front of me before were miniscule compared to my father. Cara was enjoying herself, bobbing up and down on my Dad’s manhood. Spit glistening in the cheap light of her room, ran out of her mouth, down his long shaft and into his hairy balls. Now and then, I’d see Dad’s head rise up to moan. He was in heaven.

Cara continued to worship his cock and had loosened up enough to take his entire penis into her throat, all the way down to his testicles. Dad’s legs and toes quivered as he felt her awesome deep-throat skills.

Cara looked at me with a sinister smile, then drew up and whispered something in my father’s ear. He sat up, smiled at me, looked back at her and said: “Oh you naughty girl, yes you can.”

“Watch this!” Cara snapped at me, pushing Dad back down on the bed.

“Yeah boy,” he followed. “You pay attention to your girl. Don’t you wish she enjoyed you like she’s enjoying myself?”

Cara sucked him some more and went down to his testicles for a little teabag action. I wasn’t prepared for what came next as Dad lifted his big legs up towards his chest. Cara went in and began to lick his asshole, something I’d never seen her do and never would have expected – especially to a big hairy older man like my father.

Dad went crazy. “Yeah! Yeah! Oh Cara you’re so nasty!” He breathed heavily and sighed as she rimmed his hairy ass. “Oh boy, you don’t know how good it feels to have your girlfriend licking my ass. Your mother would never do something so naughty.”

Eventually Dad wanted some more of Cara’s pussy and he turned her around, pulling her rear up over his face, forcing her to move her attention from his hole back to his cock which she did with enthusiasm. I couldn’t see him eating her out, but I could hear the slurps and by her moans, I knew she wasn’t faking her orgasms.

This went on for a while, then dad got up on his knees as did Cara. They both began to kiss passionately. Dad laid her down and spread her legs for me to see. Her pink folds glistened with moisture. I only got a glimpse though, as he came around, got on his knees and began to fuck her with her legs in the air. The ball slapping sound returned and I began to throb watching him slide in and out of her.

In all the times I’d seen Cara fuck other guys, I never sensed that she really came but she began to squirt as my father pounded her and her body shook like an earthquake. Dad obviously felt her interior muscles squeeze him because he began to moan and announced that he was going to come. I watched his big ass drop up and down over her body in rapid succession before he rose up, pulled out and jacked his seed all over her chest. He screamed out louder than I had ever heard any guy in a porn movie.

“Thanks,” I heard Cara whisper into his ear after he shot off. “You can leave now.”

Dad rose up, still hard, put on his clothes and left the apartment without saying a word. I sat there looking at Cara’s wide open and now red vagina in front of me.

“Come here!” She ordered while sitting up. Being the good, obedient cuckold I was, I stood up, hands still behind my back, and walked over to her.

“Look at what your daddy did to me,” she said. “Clean it up!”

I was hesitant, but down I went. It was strange to taste not just anyone’s cum, but my own father’s. While licking up the salty, fragrant liquid, I hoped this would not be a one-time thing between my girl and my Dad.

The End.



  • frank

    i wish my dad would fuck my gf infront of me she would love he his hugecpck and i would love to eat his cum out of her.

  • vici

    very nice and hot story… as a cuckold i would def love this

  • John Michael

    My mother was 15 years older than my Dad. They were always madly in love but when it came to sex there were very, very tolerant. From a young age my mother was very open with me and so I knew that Dad had shared her with other men and that in turn she had always been looking for women and girls who had the “hots” for my Dad and were willing to spread their ass-checks for his substantial dick. My mother early one told me once that there would come a time when she as woman would no longer be able to keep up with my Dad and that she was afraid that he would then look elsewhere. So she kissed me on my lips and held me in her embrace which made me feel warm, safe and loved and said that when I got married I had to find a girl that would be my wife and at the same “look after” Dad. She asked if I would do that? Without fully understanding what it meant I said that yes. It would be great to help Dad in that way and also my mother and as young boy I thought that this way I could make sure that they would always stay together.

    That thought never left me and with all my girlfriends I always secretely gauged if they would be willing to accept such an arrangement. These were my most intimate fantasies and I knew there were the fulfilment of my sexual destiny.

    At the age of 24 I was sent to Peru to work for 3 years and my father was 55 then and my mother in her 70ies. Shortly afterwards I met my wfie, fell in love. From the very first day we were totally open and it wa easy to tell us our secrets and hidden wishes. About a year later we decided to get married and it was then one night that I confessed my hidden desire induced by my Mum. When I was finished my future wife smiled and said, “I would like to get to know your Dad first. But if that is what you want and your mother also fully agrees then I see no problem. Quite on the contrary it will be my pleasure.

    One monthe later my parents visited Peru and my wife and my Dad fell head over heels in love with each other. We did a short week long vacation at one of the beautiful beaches in the North and it was there that I shared a room with my mother and my wife stayed with my Dad.

    Everyday after breakfast my wife returned to our bed and re-assured my of our sexual love and excited me with her lustful stories and what a wonderful lover my Dad was.

    She also said that after our wedding in two weeks time she would come off the pill and would then be a fertile wife who wanted to be bred. You must understand that I will leave it up to nature who will be the bilogical father of our children. Whenever you want me my vagina will be ready for you and whenever your Dad wants me I will also be ready for him. I feel so horny and all the converations with your mother and her ideas are making me even hornier.

    The wedding was great success. My mother loved the attention she received from the father of the bride. My mother-in-law was furious but was successfully “consoled” by my eldest brother and my mother made a wedding video featuring my bride and her father-in-law (my father).

    My mother told me how proud she was of me and what wonderful son I am that I have kept my promise. She was a happy woman and my father was a happy man.

    Soon we were a real family and now 30 years later we are looking back at a fulfilling and eventful life and with the confidence and wonderful feeling to have brought happiness to our family and to our parents.

    • James

      John Michael, that’s definitely an interesting situation with your wife and your father. Do you ever get to watch them have sex?

  • James

    What a cruel but hot story. The poor chap telling this story is just pathetic: he’s with a trashy girl who uses him and shows him no gratitude or respect. His father isn’t much better, but what kind of older man wouldn’t jump at the chance to have hot steamy sex with a 18 year old hottie – even in such an awkward situation? It’s not like his weak, sissy son would dare tell his mom! Oh what joy that old man must have felt having his dick worshipped by this naughty little exhibitionist and not to mention fucking her bareback. Oh what humiliation the storyteller must have felt watching his girlfriend suck, rim and fuck his cruel father, only to receive the ultimate humiliation of having to clean up his father’s cum at the end. Like I said, cruel but hot!

  • sluthunter

    What a bunch of crap! This slut girl friend will be history asap and that skunk father will be divorced very soon when i tell mother his escapade and with whom! So wats the problem?

  • bambiegirl

    Love this story. My dad also would fuck my wife since I couldn’t satisfy her sexually due to my little 2.5 in erection. Dad is over 8 inches. She loved having him visit.
    She also loved watching me clean up his cock with my mouth.

  • Sissylalalans420

    My dad fucked my chick all through covid. I walked In on them having hot sex and my dad gave me a spanking.
    I was 40 years old.
    She broke up with me for him
    It doesn’t help that she is a size queen N I’m 2 inches.
    Dad is 10 inches.

    • LeoSmall

      You should be thankful for your dad. He sounds like a god, hope he fucks your ex real nice. Have fun fapping to them, you’re living the dream


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