Little Penis Pete: The Office Bitch 3

By Minime20. Read Part 1 Here.Read Part 2 Here. ***** Part 3… Monday had arrived. Pete pulled up his suit trousers, fastened his belt, and tried to walk normally out of the bedroom. The thong he was wearing felt so strange. He couldn’t believe how well his penis and balls sat in them and that his discomfort was the back as it went up his ass crack, leaving his whole bottom exposed. Sonya was waiting by the front door, “Here

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Little Brother Huge Cock (Gay SPH)

By Roskey94. (     Huge and I are brothers. He is 18 this year, just finished high school, while I’m 25 in my final year in the university. I have always been bigger than Huge, taller, and have more muscle than he has. I would say I’m buffer and meatier than him. I mean Huge is not fat or anything, he is fit, lean, and has a shredded body. I never saw him shirtless, but I could see his

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