Bull In The Shower Room (Gay SPH)

By tazsis1. I swim at a pool near my home twice a week. I like the exercise, and I’m a decent swimmer. I tend to swim late in the evening because the pool is quieter. Last week, I was in the shower washing off the chlorine after a hard, long swim. There was one man in the pool apart from me. He was a huge bull of a man – looked like a retired heavyweight boxer gone to seed. He

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Small and Hairy (Gay SPH)

By smallhairydick. Chapter 1: Locker Room Woes I walk into the men’s gym locker room, more nervous than usual. I just finished my morning workout and needed to take a quick shower before heading into the office. I usually worked out after work, but since I needed to stay after work a little later to attend an important meeting, I decided to try going to the gym in the morning. The workout itself was great, but I never had to

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Our Readers SPH Experiences 70

By Our Readers     Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.   This Reader makes his mom laugh…. Mom: How come a handsome young man like you doesn’t have a girlfriend? Me [half jokingly, half not]: Maybe it’s because I have a small penis? Mom: Oh, it can’t be that small! How big is it? Me: gesture my size with my fingers Mom: Haha! Now I know you’re kidding. No penis is that small!   While this

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Locker Room Speedos Humiliation (Gay SPH)

By swimfan2. My name is Simon and I’m a senior in college. I’d say I was a pretty good looking dude – cute, short blonde hair, 6’ tall and with a smooth, slim swimmer’s build. I’ve never had any trouble getting girls, but keeping them was often a problem… Since I don’t like to change in front of the other guys, I’d arrived early at the locker rooms for the first swim team practice of the new semester. But this

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